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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 6, 2016 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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heard gets even uglier as new photos of bloodied and bruised amber surface. we look at johnny's history of violence. >> he is constantly swearing and pushing and shoving and punching. then -- >> men get me in trouble. >> taylor and calvin behind the breakup. what went wrong and what calvin is saying about the split. plus bachelorette jojo is here. we're grilling her about the new season. >> you are good! >> and we've assembled a panel of former bachelorettes to pull back the curtain. ali, andy and desiree kell "e.t." what really happened behind scenes. then our oprah onset exclusive. how she really feels about returning to tv. >> do you get a little anxious? plus, simon cowell, new back street dad nick carter, and hgtv's number one couple chip and joanna gains. >> he is ten times crazier in
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real life. >> okay, you win! now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for being with us this weekend. it's been a busy few days. a lot going on in the news. >> indeed. let's get you caught up on what has been fueling headlines all this week. nischelle turner joins us with the full wrap-up. >> cam and samantha, we begin with johnny depp and amber heard's divorce. it's getting even uglier. here is the latest. >> depp was seen in stockholm, his arm around a fan, looking unfazed by the divorce drama. it was the same story on stage. johnny appeared to be having a good time touring with his band, the hollywood vampires in denmark. witnesses reportedly saw him drinking and smoking, and they claim he was the last one to leave the hotel bar at 4:00 a.m. meanwhile, back in the states, while we've seen these photo, "people" magazine revealed pictures taken by amber's friend from another alleged incident with johnny last december when the actor's quote truly fear mid life was in danger. they appear to show a bloody lip
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and bruising under her right eye. we reached out to johnny's reps and did not hear back by our deadline, but death penalty's lawyer claim amber has previously made abuse allegations to get money in the split. >> there may be video that exists of a fight between amber and johnny. some report that johnny's substance and alcohol abuse may have been a factor in their split. and johnny has spoken to "e.t." in the past about his history with alcohol. >> poison myself on a regular basis, you know, with alcohol. it wasn't anything that anybody else could cure, whether i had a girlfriend at the time or not. >> since his days on "21 jump street" the star has had a history of violence. >> worried about the impact it could have had in your career? >> 1989, arrested but not convicted for assaulting a security guard. >> and he was constantly swearing and pushing and shoving and punching. >> but he sat on you, knee you'd in the groin? >> yeah. >> 1994, depp was handcuff and
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taken away in cuffs after an alleged fight with then girlfriend kate moss. he trashed a room causing nearly $10,000 in damages here in new york's mark hotel. then in 1999, johnny was arrested for a confrontation with paparazzi outside a london restaurant. depp threatened them with a wooden plank. now to another couple makes news this week, calvin and taylor. yep, it's over. ♪ say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset ♪ >> what is the best gift you have ever received? >> my boyfriend planted a -- an olive tree in my yard for christmas. ♪ some day when you leave me, i'll bet these memories follow you around ♪ >> taylor and calvin shared one last memory, this kiss after a vacation two weeks ago. a quiet moment after a 14-month romance. >> for the first time i had the
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most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out. and when the crowds were all gone. so i want to thank my boyfriend for that. >> on thursday afternoon, calvin tweeted "the only truth here is that a relationship came to an end. and what remainsis a huge amount of love and respect." a few minutes later taylor retweeted the post. now everyone is asking what went wrong. >> i think it first started around may 2nd when taylor didn't bring calvin with her to the met ball. and then calvin got in his car crash on may 20th. and "e.t." has learned that taylor was there for hims and supporting him. it wasn't a dramatic split. it was just two people who really felt that it was their time to move on and go their separate ways. >> and there was so much scrutiny. here is their romance rewind. the paps went absolutely crazy for the couple at their first public date last april, a concert in west hollywood. >> taylor! >> a milestone in march. and they seemed so happy.
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posting video of this homemade anniversary cake. >> we got a one-year cake. >> taylor sealed their love in the sand with calvin's real initials, a.w. for adam wild. they hugged at the iheartradio music awards and she danced along to his set with rihanna at coachella. ♪ so what is next? ♪ we fell in love >> calvin is still djing. he is expected in las vegas this weekend and taylor is getting love from her bestie. childhood friend abigail anderson posted this on instagram and wrote there are few things more significant or valuable than a friendship that will withstand the test of time. ♪ shake it off >> and i'll be back a little later in the show to run down even more of the headlines. but for johnny depp and amber heard, she has only a temporary restraining order against him. and on june 17th, the court is set to decide whether or not to extend it. cameron, samantha? >> all right, nichelle, thank
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you very much. let's move on to talk about the bachelorette, jojo fletcher. i will say this with confidence, has her hands full this season. >> oh, she does. and she is set to dish with nancy o'dell about everything, starting with the crazy first impressions that keeps getting more and more cringe-worthy. >> i got to get right to the juicy stuff. >> okay. >> watching those fellows arrive. the first impressions that you must have had. because you had a unicorn, you had a kilt, you even had santa claus. >> i like the guys took a risk. >> santa! >> jojo! >> it wasn't tv at all? it doesn't give you a bad impression? >> oh, it's cheesy. you got to embrace the cheese on a night like this. it's so stressful. >> speaking of first impression, somebody who didn't do something outlandish is jordan. he definitely gave you the best impression you gave him the rose. >> yeah, i did there. >> are rumors out you knew him beforehand before the bachelorette process started.
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there any truths? >> i saw that. there is zero truth to that. the only thing i knew about him was he was potentially going to be part of the cast. >> you went on and on about his butt a little bit. his derriere. >> he's got a good butt. what can you say? >> my goodness. his butt, his butt. >> if i'm a kid, my hand might have accidentally slipped. it was very firm. and then i thought maybe i start to start doing squats if i'm going keep up with this. >> are you dating? >> i can't answer these. >> wow. this is really good. jojo, you're very good. they did good with training. you look fantastic, by the way. obviously the guys were goo goo gaga. did they give you a beauty team? did they give you wardrobe? >> yeah. we have a really great stylist shown to. before the show we do fittings. aget to pick out the things i love the most. and we have great makeup artist. they help me out every single day. for the most part during the
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season, i did my own hair. >> do you think you really can find true love on reality tv? >> i found love with ben not thinking it was going to be possible. >> so you're completely over ben? >> definitely over it. and got to a place where i was ready to find that special someone again. >> yeah. did you find him? >> you'll have to tune in to see! >> one last try. you can always try. >> jojo revealed to us that she has never dumped a guy before. you think about it, she going to have to do this 25 times to get her man. >> she goes in real good at it real fast. >> she sure will. coming up, what really goes on behind the scenes of "the bachelorette." three former ladies give up secrets. uncovered skrerkts sex and sins hiding in a memphis church. it will premier on her own network later this month. and mark winfrey's return to acting on tv, which she and nancy o'dell talked all about it when they got together on the set.
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>> oh, my gosh, it's so good. >> this time, brother you're going to hell. >> it's her first recurring tv role since 1990's "brewster place." she has a potty mouth. >> i didn't know didley do about blues. didley do or squat about blues. >> didley do kind of sounds blueish. >> and she has a bar and had a drinking problem. you know, she uses [ bleep ] a couple times. circumstances that hard for you? >> not really. i think it's fun. >> i used it once and stedman said i'm not going to stand here and listen to that kind of language. i wasn't even talking to him. >> believe it or not, acting makes oprah nervous, i don't act enough to really feel comfortable with it. it's almost like oh, god, i got to do that thing. >> the church did that to them. that's what i'm trying to say. >> and as an executive producer, she gets to call the shots too. >> i love the casting process. i love getting the little clips of the people in their
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auditioning. >> you just like being involved. >> i like being involved. >> the own series is centered around the scandals and sins of the less than virtue louis greenly family and their memphis megachurch. >> any time you do something about religious there is controversy that will spur. any worries? >> i am never going to be disrespectful to the church. i will tell you that. i am never going to be disrespectful because it is the rock and the foundation of who i am. now, would i use it as a basis for telling stories about people who are flawed? yeah. but i'm not going to do anything to disrespect the church. no. >> how come you've been so hard to get ahold of lately? >> of course, oprah is an oscar nominated actress. but believe it or not, putting out those emotions on screen is a tough job for her. sometimes we think oprah is not human. you do everything perfect no. >> right? don't we? >> we'll have to try and see. >> not fun.
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and a perk of being the ep, she chose regina king to direct an episode of "greenly". >> i guess i should say action on this one? >> yes, you should. it has given great, great empathy for people who do this every single day. i'm not cut out for it, i got to tell you. i like the ability to be able to fire myself if i need to. >> oprah's network has another new series. it starts in the fall. it's called "queen sugar." it's a scripted drama that also takes place in the south. winfrey is one of the producers along with eva duvernay. coming up, we're at home with bachelor no more
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♪ simon cowell is back to his
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old tricks on nbc's "america's got talent." kevin frazier talked to him and he had a lot to say about one job that he wants nothing to do with. >> you guest hosted with kelly ripka before. would you do it again? >> god, no! i'll tell you what, that was one of the most traumatic things i've ever done. it was just a horrible, horrible moment. i was talking about recipes or something. i was literally making the whole thing up on the spot. kelly is hysterical. and i got there late, as usual. so i had no briefing. i had no idea what was going on. and i was thinking this is a total nightmare. and it's live. but just manage it. >> it is good? >> yeah, it's delicious. >> i've never watched it back, and i never will, to be honest with you. >> soy guess that means it will never be live with kelly and simon. but you know what? that's okay. worth a reported $550 million, he's got his hands full. his company produces 77 shows
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worldwide. he still manages one direction, and then there is his little man, eric, who is 2. >> how has fatherhood been treating you? how good is that? >> the first eight, nine months i was kind of thinking i don't think he likes me very much. he does remind me of me when i was younger. because he knows how to try it on, how to get away with things. so i said to him the other day what does daddy do for work? you press buttons. >> you press buttons? >> i do press buttons. >> yeah, he does. and simon is back on tv here in the u.s. with "america's got talent". so who is the judge he clashes with the most? >> heidi took me a couple of days to understand what she is like. and then i realized she is kind of insane. really unpredictable, funny, goofy. it does remind me of me and paula, to be honest with you. this is not why i came back to america. >> simon took over the spot once
12:21 am
held by howard stern. >> howard stern, when he left "america's got talent" he said he hated every minute. did that surprise you? >> no, he didn't say that. >> he hated every minute of being on the show. >> how many years was he on it? three or four years. >> what do you think? >> i have no idea. he loved it. it was his call every year whether he came back or not that was the deal we had with him. it was his decision. he kept coming back every year so he must have not hated it. >> simon is maxed out with work. in addition he does two shows in the uk, x factor and britain's got talent. and apparently according to him three shows a year is enough. >> oh, is it now? good to know. straight ahead we are at home with another new dad, backstreet boy nick carter. see what happens when james franco gets ahold of a cult classic "mother may i sleep with danger". >> it's like this really cool, edgy vampire lesbian movie. the cast of "the hills" ten
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years later. where are they now? >> everybody won from me being awful. >> the stories you heard, who at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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welcome back, everybody. we're going to take you way back now to 1996. tori spelling had a tv movie that became one of the most epic camp classics ever, "mother may i sleep with danger". >> how can you beat that title? no, you can't. but what you can do is make a new version that is even crazier than the original. just bring back tori spelling and put executive producer james franco in charge. >> i guess i'll have to kill you. >> plus, this version is not exactly a remake. more like a revamp. >> it's very, very different than the first one. it's like this really cool, edgy vampire lesbian movie. >> what? >> i want the change a little bit. we twist things quite a bit. >> the blood-suck lifetime version airs june 18th. but the original tv movie was a
12:25 am
cult classic, and of course "e.t." was on the set 20 years ago. >> we have great chemistry. and he is fun to kiss. so hey. >> on her summer break from "beverly hills 90210" tori plays a coed who falls for ivan. it turns out he was an obsessive psycho killer. >> i just told you to shut up! >> he is a little crazy. and she just starting to see this come out in him. >> in my opinion, he's got some unstability there. and things like anger and jealous really trigger them. >> their final showdown in this kind of cheesy thriller was shot on a freezing canadian lake. >> i like to do my own stuff. so watch for that. >> let go! let go! >> woo, that must have been cold. in the 2016 edition, tori is now the mom who doesn't want her daughter to sleep with danger in the form of a female vampire, while ivan is a professor.
12:26 am
>> that makes vampires metaphorically sexual creatures. >> it was like the craziest thing but coolest thing. really? yeah. okay. >> that's a lot of blood. >> i can't believe that that movie came out 20 years ago. we were like 10, right? >> yes! >> my math isn't so good. >> ish. >> however, it was ten years ago this week that mtv's laguna beach spin-off "the hills" pr premi premiered. all drama all the time. >> everyone loved lauren conrad. in honor of their ten-year anniversary, we tracked down the entire cast to find out where they are now. >> i didn't realize at the time that it was going to turn into this potentially soap opera. it was a wild, crazy time. but it was fun. >> beautiful people and their delicious drama. millions of viewers couldn't get enough. >> you know why i'm mad at you? >> why. >> you know what you did.
12:27 am
>> what did i do? >> heidi montag and spencer pratt earned street cred on the hills. the couple married in 2009, but spencer never lived down his rep for amping up the crazy. >> you know it and you're going to burn for it. >> stop it! >> the show was getting pulled after season one. they needed a bad guy. so everybody won from me being awful. >> so where are they now? >> lauren has parlayed her fame into a reported $25 million fashion and lifestyle empire and just published her ninth book. >> especially a week like this where i'm doing book signings everywhere. i am so fortunate. >> kristin is a mom of three and married to jay cutler. we knew she was destined to hit it big in the world of fashion with her own shoe and jewelry line. >> here we are my third fashion show of the day. >> and the rest of the cast? audrina met fiance corey bowen
12:28 am
on the hills. >> i'm pregnant. so this is probably the biggest change for me. and being engaged, planning a wedding. it's like i'm all grown up. now. >> and justin bobby is all about his band, bobby rocks. >> what was your like like after the showing? what did you do? >> i went to nicaragua. surfed my brains out. ate a lot of good food and opened up a salon down there. >> but fame hasn't been as kind to steam spidey. >> we did celebrity big brother. and that took care of many years of not having to worry about working. and now keep doing television shows. and thankfully, we don't have rent to worry about, you know. >> so this is? >> this is my parents' rental house that we are house property managers of. so we've been managing the property for six years. i mean, we don't go buy designer clothes anymore. and you know, buy fancy cars. and go to fancy restaurants. we just eat tacos and walk dogs.
12:29 am
you can pretty much survive on reality television. >> it hasn't been an easy road for jason waller either. lauren's ex was known for his partying ways. he is almost six years sober now and running a post rehab home. >> attempting suicide. and somebody helped me. and that's why i'm still here today. and very grateful for that. >> do you think that what happened was inevitable, or do you think being on a reality show? >> i do not blame tv at all for my addiction. >> who do you keep in touch with? >> i talk to kristin a lot. i talk to heidi and audrina all the time. >> justin bobby. >> justin bobby is the biggest rock star i communicate with. >> if you guys could go back, would you do it all over again? >> i absolutely would do "the hills" all over again. >> i would do it so much better. >> i was 17, 18. i don't care. i was young. i was stupid. i was having fun.
12:30 am
it was what it was. and it's made me who i am today. doing the show really forced me to look inside and really figure out who i was. because i knew the girl on the show wasn't who i wanted to be. so it made me grow up. for that i'm very thankful. >> there is talk there could be a hills reunion show on netflix. up next, the bachelorette. we are revealing secrets as three former bachelorettes tell all. >> that's who she thinks she is going to end up with. hosting next weekend's tonys. how he plans to blow those cliche award shows out of the water. >> you're watching essentially a group of millionaires give each other gold statue. >> i think he'll do a good job with this one. i'm so excited for the tonys. that's on the way. closed captioning provided by --
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harambe, the gorilla. >> 911. >> my son fell in the zoo. my son fell in with the gorilla there is a male gorilla standing over him. >> okay, okay. >> that's mother michelle gregg on with 911. you can hear her yelling to her 3-year-old son trapped in the gorilla's enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. >> be calm, be calm! be calm, be calm! he is dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> the boy was later rescued after harambe was shot and killed. kelly cuoco instagramed, quote, another senseless horrendous animal being killed over people not using their brain. people are looking into possible charges against the boy's parents. >> i bet my life that the child, whether he lost his life or had been severely injured. i'd bet my life on it. number four, is "big bang" over? >> that's outrageous. >> the comments at london comic-con freaked out fans this week.
12:35 am
tv's number one comedy returns to cbs in the fall. he later clarified saying he wants a long run. >> if it were up to me, i would love to do the show as long as you guys find it funny. number three, prince. the singer's autopsy revealed. the cause of death, an accidental overdose of the opioid fentanyl, and the superstar weighed only 112 pounds. prince reportedly struggled with a long-term addiction to the opioid painkiller percocet. he reportedly used the drug for pain from hip and ankle injuries. number two. taylor and calvin call it quits. ♪ say you'll remember me >> everyone is asking, what went wrong? >> first started around may 2 when taylor didn't bring calvin with her to the met ball. and then calvin got into the car crash on may 20th. and "e.t." has learned taylor was there supporting him and mending him back to recovery. from what we know so far, nothing dramatic happened. no one cheated.
12:36 am
it wasn't a dramatic split. it was just two people that really felt that it was their time to move on and go their separate ways. and the number one story this week, johnny depp and amber heard's new divorce drama. a bloody lip, bruising under her right eye. "people" magazine has newly revealed pictures taken by amber's friend from another alleged incident last december when the actress, quote, truly feared my life was in danger. we reached out to johnny's reps and did not hear back by our deadline. but depp's lawyer previously claimed amber has made abuse allegations to get money in the split. >> "e.t." has learned that there may be video that exists of a fight between amber and johnny. now some reports claim that johnny's substance and alcohol abuse may be a factor. johnny has spoken to "e.t." in the past about his alcohol use. >> poisoned myself on a regular basis with alcohol. >> go to for the latest. nischelle turner is back
12:37 am
with me with more news. we're talking about the tonys. >> i feel like i should be doing this with jazz hands. >> do it! >> the tonys are next sunday. i was with host james corden at a promo shoot. james does have a tony himself. that's really cool. but i found out how he plans to shake things up as the emcee. >> you look a little like james bond or daniel craig. >> james bond if he was wearing spanks, i mean spanx, from an inch below here to my ankles. >> corden, james corden. shooting a promo for the awards. >> live? what? i didn't know it was live. wow. >> most awards shows are not that interesting. you're watching essentially a group of millionaires give each other gold statues. where as the tony awards, there is more talented people in that room than any other room in the world i think. >> one of those talented people was james himself in 2012, winning a tony for best actor in
12:38 am
a play. >> that is just a night that will be ingrained in me for the rest of my life. the best times of my life i've spent working in broadway. >> and since we know james is obsessed with 16-time nominated "hamilton", it's no surprise he picked the show's star and creator lynn manuel miranda to join him for a broadway themed karaoke. >> we're not often at the cool kids table. and it's really exciting that broadway music and theater music is being recognized. >> i'm not throwing away my shot! >> taking a ride monday night on the late, late show jesse tyler ferguson. and despite his own time spent on the stage, james admits he is dealing with some nerves. >> i just don't want to mess it up. i don't want people to say ah, it would have been great if it wasn't for that british bloke? what if it ends up with me crying. i should never have, i'm so sorry and apologize to my family who has flown out to watch it.
12:39 am
i'll leave the theater and you'll never see me again. spotted once in nebraska. >> in nebraska. >> in a supermarket. >> so dramatic. but james doesn't have to worry. he'll be surrounded by some major star power. presenters include oprah winfrey, cate blanchett and barbra streisand who is making her first appearance on the tony stage in 46 years. >> do you know james corden has never been back to the theater where he won four years ago? coming up sunday it's going to be that full circle moment for him. you know he is going to return back to the stage where he con. >> he deserves that. he is at a point in his career where he deserves to come back. >> i love him. >> we all love him over here. thank you, nichelle. on the way, what really happens behind the scenes of "the bachelorette"? ali, and i and desiree give us the scoop. >> how much of it is the producers' idea. and we're on the set of the show chris harrison does not want you to watch. >> sorry! >> how this scripted series is
12:40 am
12:41 am
my crew is going to mutiny. who is in charge here? >> i am. >> i don't know about you, but i cannot wait until season two of "unreal" the highly addictive scripted lifetime drama that goes behind the scenes of bachelor-like dating show. >> find out what the new and real on "unreal". >> just cue our morons. >> ladies, welcome back.
12:42 am
to everlasting! >> it's a show "the bachelor" host called really terrible. but in one season "unreal" has earned a huge following that says otherwise. >> it pulled back the veil. we see how the reality show are a little bit manipulated. >> i totally watch them. i still love them. it's definitely entertainment. but you watch it now seeing a little more of the craft and the artwork that goes into putting them together. >> i think we should put this entire thing in the cut at least to the part where she calls her a [ bleep ]. >> "unreal" was created by a former "the bachelor" producer. sheri appleby adds a conflicted bachelor. she'll do anything to create drama for ratings. >> this morning, he is in the icu. he is okay. i just need you to stay for elimination ceremony. >> the elimination ceremony? my dad could be dying. >> there is this clause in your contract.
12:43 am
>> and her twin is even more ruthless. >> chantal, our sad sack of a dead fiancee. and close up on rachel. that's her name. >> how much of a reality tv fan were you before you started watching "unreal"? >> not at all. i could only watch one episode there was a hot air balloon. there was like a weird tantric sex thing. they did everything we did on our show. how is this happening? >> what can we expect on season two? >> it's so much wilder, crazier, it's so much bigger. it's blowing my mind shooting. it can't believe i'm standing and it's only week three, if that is any indication for what is in store for the audience, the actresses are about to follow. >> to get more specific, expect more sexy scenes. >> we're going to spice i up. rachel is getting everyone. rachel has been sort of a borderline slut.
12:44 am
so she is still there. >> what is it like shooting those? >> this time we'll rehearse in the trailer beforehand. the real key is to shoot it as quickly as possible. you come in and know what you're doing, the cameras can turn on and get it over with. we'll have a little pregame sex in my trailer. >> ladies, i urge you, open your hearts to your suitor, darius beck! >> i love the fact that we're finally getting an african american suitor. >> i know. something that "the bachelor" has never done. >> you said it. i'm just saying it. i don't know why it took so long. but we're telling that story. >> to help tell that story, leanne aguilera was on set. she had a pivotal role in the premier playing what else, a reporter. >> it's done. >> an amazing, great job. i'm very proud of you. >> oh, gosh. >> killed it. >> you're killing it. >> and how about this? the show has actually led to a real-life match. last year's bachelor adam just gotten gauged to co-star joanna
12:45 am
bratty who played the lady who got his final rose. >> i was so excited to hear that congrats to you guys. earlier we heard from the real bachelorette, jojo. and she is not really at liberty to say too much about what is going on behind the scenes of her show. but we want dirt! right? we got a group of former bachelorettes together. ali fedotowski, and i dorfman and desiree hartsock. >> are there any times where you do a makeout scene and they go oh, wait, we missed that. can you do it again? >> that never happened. >> i think they just make sure they get it. >> so no make-out redos. but another bachelorette rumor we heard, that there is someone called a tear wrangler there is a producer paid to get the girls to cry. >> the producers, you trust them so much. you're encouraged to open up to them. and you totally do. so i can understand why people
12:46 am
would call that the tear wrangler. but that's not like their sole job. maybe it is their sole job and we don't know there. >> are so many tears on the show. >> it just happens. >> and you know all those limo exits? a guy in a cupcake? guy in a unicorn, hot shirtless guy with tats? producers help come up with those too. how much is the producers' idea? >> the producer is not forcing you to get a unicorn. but i'm pretty sure the guy did not show up to l.a. with the unicorn there is a little bit of both. >> you could mention the dumbest idea and that's the greatest idea! >> and how about all that drinking. >> what is the early time the drinking starts? at 8:00 a.m.? >> any time. it never ends. >> people always wonder why do people get so drunk. it's the first night. not everyone realize has that first night goes from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. so there is a good 12 hours of drinking. and just really downtime. because a lot of times you're just sitting around being bored. you start drinking, don't realize. when you see people passed out,
12:47 am
they're not necessarily drunk, they're tired. >> auditions for the bachelorette is intense there is a psych evaluation, and contestants are asked are you on birth control? and do you have a sex tape. >> i think they asked are there nude photos online of me. no! seriously? 300 questions. it's a huge pact, like a psych test. people always say to me, oh, is it so they make sure you're not crazy? or make sure you are crazy. >> of course being the bachelorette has perks. and i has a new book, it's not only okay. desiree wrote my fairy tale wedding. ali has a blog and both ali and desiree are expecting. >> i'm 33 weeks. so i'm due in seven weeks here. >> chris's baby who you met on the bachelorette. >> yes, yes. i'm due in october. >> there are rumors that you're dating chris harrison. >> i like how you start with pregnancy and go to chris harrison. >> sorry about that, and i. >> no, definitely not.
12:48 am
>> he is cute. >> i don't think chris will ever date somebody within the bachelor family. he doesn't cross that line. >> i love getting all the backstage gossip. thanks, nancy, and thanks to the ladies for coming on our show too. still at heem, yes at home with backstreet boy nick carter, his wife and his 6-week-old baby ♪ and the wind from the sea, the white lilies sway ♪ >> their shocking home birth. >> 30-hour labor. then cameron is getting down and dirty with hgtv's most adorable couple, at home with chip and joanna gaines. why they're just like us, except for one thing. >> you wonder why people are staring at me? they say head. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar winner once appeared in a meatloaf video? is it charlize so you have 10 years of experience? i do but no phd... i do have a masters in early childhood development you don't mind if i record this, do you?
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12:52 am
tell me about the significance of that beautiful name. >> we've been watching the show "vikings" a lot. and odin is very powerful name. >> odin rain carter. >> i wouldn't have wanted to name him nick jr. he would have been made fun of. >> from this adorable photo bombing pug to a horse and seven chickens, it's a sweet home life for this backstreet dad and wife lauren. but don't expect to hear any nursery rhymes before bed. nick sings and reads lullabies from a 1200 page lord of the rings book. >> and he sang elvin songs. ♪ and the winds from the sea and the white lilies sway slow. >> geez, it's nice for you to start easy. some people do like "good night moon." >> to make sure he is an a intelligent child. >> i love that. changing the diapers. you're feeding him and you're
12:53 am
loving it. >> i do not mind at all changing diaper. >> he likes to pee all over the place when he changes it. and then it's all over the place. ♪ i want it that way >> a lot has changed since the backstreet boys' first album 20 years ago. after finishing second on season 1 of "dancing with the stars," it looks like the 36-year-old beat his drug and alcohol demons. but then this in january and nick's arrest for misdemeanor battery. >> it's our baby moon. she is go out and have some fun. do what everybody else does. obviously i couldn't do what everybody else does. and for me, especially having a child now and it was an awakening moment for me. ♪ >> soon nick may have to balance fatherhood with life on the road. the backstreet boys tell us they are preparing for a world tour, and nick says there is also a vegas residency in the works. until then, expect lots of
12:54 am
father-son bonding with little odin. >> i'll put him on my chest sometimes and he'll try to crawl over and get my nipple. this is getting awkward! take him! >> they're going back to nick's slip-up in january, everybody makes mistakes. but really, the most important thing is to learn from them. nick plans to go back to key west next month to raise money for a cancer foundation and a woman's shelter. it's important for nick to transform a negative situation. >> making lemonade. >> we're proud of you, nick. good work. you also went home with another couple. chip and joanna gaines from hgtv's hugely popular show "fixer upper". >> more than 8 million viewers per week and regularly been basic cable's number one show. i thought i would meet the couple behind the phenomenon. >> hey, guys. >> oh, oh, what? >> what you see is what you get with the gaines. they are the most down home real people you'll ever meet. they laugh, argue, and he is always kidding around.
12:55 am
i mean, is he like this at home? >> oh my goodness, what you see on tv is censored. he is ten times more crazier in real life. and i get to put up with it. i'm a lucky lady. >> you're not very bright. >> see? >> we take the worst house in the best neighborhood, and we turn it into our clients' dream home. >> for me it's a dream come true. because at the end of the day, what we're passionate about is creating homes for families. >> whoever thought we would be successful. >> never, never a tv show, never on this national platform. >> based in waco, texas, their company has remodelled over 100 homes and counting. they're becoming an empire. they run a home goods website, a bed and breakfast, a real estate company, and the retail store magnolia market gets more than 25,000 visitors a week. >> we get to transform these houses for a beautiful family on the other side. so that always stays fresh and fun for us. >> they invited me along on one of their makeover jobs.
12:56 am
this couple never stoyrnps. >> i love these doors. >> you can't even walk around waco without people cosming up to you and getting bombarded by autographs and photographs. what is that like? >> just going out to the grocery, you forget. and why are people staring at me? we're not used to it yet. the kids are the most important thing to us. so anything that we do, whether it be work or whatever decisions we make on travel, we always go back to that and say how is this going to affect our family unit, our kids. and we always have to keep it there so that this doesn't get bigger than what is our biggest priority, which is our family. >> home is this 113-year-old farmhouse where they're raising their four kids. but they have to watch "fixer upper" at a friend's house because they don't own a tv. >> so we always joke when we go on vacation or we're traveling for the show. >> we make up for it. >> we will sit in the hotel room. instead of exploring the amazing city, oh my goodness, look what son tv! >> binge watch.
12:57 am
>> who needs tv when you live on your own picture-perfect 48-acre farm. >> here they come! >> all the kiddos. >> we're the prototypical american family. hard working, but not really the silver spoon. >> and longhorn cattle that chip herds. >> it's almost the american dream. >> and i couldn't leave waco without getting my hands dirty. chip challenged me to a demolition derby. >> three, two, one! >> now you're getting it. >> boom! >> first head through the wall win. >> did i win? >> no. >> where are you? where are you? >> you win. >> nice way to use your head there. >> i will say that chip literally used his head to break through the sheetrock. that's how he got through. he won that competition hands down. >> heads down. >> heads down. look out for this one that renovation that you saw there is
12:58 am
part of next season's "fixer upper." it will start airing later this year. chip and joanna's autobiography, the magnolia story, that will be out in october. >> they have a tremendously large empire.
12:59 am
promotional consideration provided by -- lots of stars with birthdays this weekend. russell brand is 41. mark wahlberg is celebrating turning 45. kenny g., 60. take a look at your choices. which oscar winner once appeared in a meatloaf video? that is angelina jolie who is 41 this week. angelina was in meatloaf's rock 'n roll dreams come true. monday, i'm on the set of
1:00 am
the new addition miniseries. the band, over 30 years later reliving their rocky road to fame. >> i have to hold back tire, we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website, >> but before we go, check out the video from tegan and sarah for their song "boyfriend". >> it's the first single off their album "love you to death." the sisters are identical twins and they interrupted "girl interrupted" star claire duval to direct. >> super fun. enjoy the rest of your weekend. bye. ♪ ♪ you turn me on like i was your boyfriend, but i don't want to be your friend any more ♪
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so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. ♪ [theme] >> shad: hey, what's up? i'm shad and this is q. on the show today: bruce dickinson, the legendary singer of iron maiden. he talks about the band's excellent new album, the book of souls and what he's learned from his recent fight with cancer. >> bruce dickinson: you know, you'd go around and you'd sorta go, "wow, hmm, cute girls. mm, yeah, mm pubs. mm, yeah yeah, ok." and then the next thing, you know, you're diagnosed with
1:03 am
cancer and you think, "ah, church, graveyard, hospital, church, graveyard, hospital." you know, and i actually caught myself doing it. i was just like, "what is wrong with you? stop it!" >> shad: also colm feore, from house of cards to macbeth and pierre trudeau. he's all about playing powerful men. colm feore sheds some light on the theatre of politics. >> colm feore: actors become politicians. >> shad: schwarzenegger. >> colm: schwarzenegger, reagan. you know? 'cause it's not a far leap. >> shad: and old man luedecke, a banjo player who can break your heart by singing a song about grabbing the groceries. he's here to perform off his new album, domestic eccentric live in studio. i'm shad and this is q. ♪ [theme] >> bruce: ♪ run to the hills ♪ run for your life >> shad: he's a licenced pilot, a near olympic-level fencer. he's a broadcaster. he brews his own beer.
1:04 am
oh yeah, and he's the lead singer of iron maiden. bruce dickinson, a true renaissance man. he dropped by studio q to talk about iron maiden's latest album, book of souls, and also about his recent battle with cancer. bruce dickinson in studio q. own as a renaissance man. a pilot, a writer, a broadcaster, a close-to-olympic-level fencer. you grew your own- >> bruce: glad you said, "close to." [shad chuckles] >> bruce: and it was a long time ago. [bruce chuckles] >> shad: journalistic accuracy here. >> bruce: yeah. >> shad: uh, you brew your own premium ale. um, i've asked this of, of guests that similarly have a broad range of interests. in your own assessment, is there something that you feel you are first and foremost among those things? >> bruce: uh, yeah. ma- mm- entertainer. you know? >> shad: entertainer first and foremost. >> bruce: yeah. um, and, and, and entertainer in sort of a very broad sense. but uh, um... >> shad: that's your passion first and foremost. >> bruce: yeah. i like um... yeah, i, i, i, um...
1:05 am
i like e- i like entertaining people. uh, a-- and to me that's not- [bruce clears throat] >> bruce: kind of necessarily a frivolous thing. ve years since your last maiden record. and from "speed of light" to "tears of a clown" to "empire of the clouds," you cover a lot of ground. what were you interested in saying this time around? lf and steve. so if steve has... generally, if steve uh, you know co-writes a song he tends to write the lyrics, unless he writes the song with me, in which case i'll probably write the lyrics. or we may write between it or whatever. >> shad: mm hmm. >> bruce: but um, you know so- [bruce clears throat] >> bruce: if four out of the- put it 10 or 11 songs, you know. four out of them are my lyrics and the rest of them are steve's. you know his lyrics have uh, have changed over the years. and ob


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