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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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humid, certainly as it was over the weekend. you may have felt humidity surge before those storms rolled through yesterday, well, now in the wake of the storms humidity has drop and it will drop even further through end of the week. we have a nice cool down. temperatures heading below average for a couple of days here. been a while since we had a stretch like. that lets look at storm scan three. even though it is sunny and beautiful, notice some showers and a few thunder showers popping up, off to our west over central pennsylvania. there is a a chance one or two could drift over us tonight, mainly a stray shower just no big deal. most will not see much of anything at all. then we have to talk about tropical moisture. as we zoom to the south heavy rain over south carolina and florida associated with tropical storm colin and see circulation just off the western coast of the florida, tropical storm colin will, exit into the atlantic heading into tomorrow and wednesday we will make a close pass to our area we will see if we will feel direct impact there that tropical system. in the meantime, again enjoying beautiful evening, 85 n
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philadelphia, above average, used to the warm weather. eighty-four in reading. eighty-four in wilmington. nice and warm 85 in atlantic city another beautiful beach day underway. dew points more comfortable then they were over the weekend. we have dew points in the 60's and 07's now we're talking about dew points in the 40's and 50's. closer to 6o it is not dry, dry air we are feeling but it certainly is dryer, then later this week we will talk about dew points in the 40's, and also a hint of fall in the a air, as we head through late thursday into friday. we will show thaw coming up. i will show you future weather, couple showers could pop up through this evening and tonight. i don't expect much. mainly off to the north and west through the overnight hours, could see a rumble of thunder or rain drops hitting roof top overnight, you see at 1:00 a.m. through poconos and lehigh valley. tomorrow chance for shower or thunderstorm as well. latest on tropical storm colin, trajectory of that storm will pass south of our area but coming up in a few minutes when i join you inside
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we will see if we will feel indirect impact from his that tropical storm as it moves in the atlantic and tell but cool down on the the way for the even of the week. for now back inside to you. >> florida's governor declared a state of emergency in 34 counties as tropical storm colin churns closer to the sunshine state. people living in those area, filling sand was for what is to come. this storm is expect, to bring heavy rain to much of the central and northern florida today before heading up the coast, into georgia. delaware county police are calling him a cold, hearted killer. they put out an arrest warrant for a suspect in the shooting death of the man in yeadon last june. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us from delaware county courthouse to show you who they are looking for, joe. >> reporter: ukee, beginning. we are just about a year to the day that thomas childs was viciously murdered, police say it was a botched robbery. now a very clear picture of the man who allegedly did it is coming to light.
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prosecutors say that the scuffle that ended thomas child life was a robbery gone bad at the hands of this man. >> obviously he is dangerous, he is a murderer. >> reporter: delaware county prosecutors on moneyed filed the man as rodney shelton, a 37 year-old from north carolina he rummaged through his pockets he we know that his pocket was turn inside out, his phone was missing, a small amount of money was missing this was all over a few dollars. he was killed for probably less than 20 collars. >> reporter: tom childs from aston was a delivery map for ridgeway industries in yeadon. police say shelton on june 9th last year confronted child on the loading dock for money a and cell phone. new information from prosecutors today alleged that shelton confess to the girlfriend in north carolina that he killed thomas childs, man described as a loving, care brother, father and grandfather. >> just two months ago we found out that he admitted to this woman that he confided in
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that he killed mr. childs, during this robbery. >> reporter: police say they were able to track shelton's movement, using cell phone technology. the it is claimed shelton took a bus from virginia to philadelphia a few days before the homicide and left the day after the killing. the d.a. reached out directly to shelton at a news conference with these words. >> know this, we are coming for you, we will find you, and you will be brought to face justice. it doesn't matter where you are, there is really no where you can hide. >> reporter: now the feds and prosecutors believe that shelton may be an easy spot, because of an spider tattoo that covers his entire head. now, police believe that frequented and georgia and virginia you are asked to call police, and not approach him. live from media joe holden for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> joe, thank you. back to the top story, image has gone veial as people try to identified the man
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accused of throwing a bottle at ryan howard. while no arrests have been made the man singled out by internet solutes say accusations is impacting his life. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live outside ballpark in south philadelphia to explain, anita. >> reporter: fan outrage, continues to grow after someone allegedly threw a beer bottle at ryan howard after saturday's game begins the brewers. many now taking still, and trying to track down the person responsible but problem is they may be identifying the wrong man. >> runner goes, pitch is back off the glove. >> reporter: as ryan howard made final out with the brewers on saturday things took an ugly turn. >> this guy, chucks his beer at howard's feet and then that caught ryan's attention and he was not happy and the guy immediately after hopped over the row behind him and took off. >> reporter: before monday's game howard opened up about what happened. >> i don't care how bad, somebody thinks i'm playing, that is just uncalled for. you shouldn't do it.
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you shouldn't do it period. nobody deserves. that it is not warranted. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: phillies confirmed this is the man they are looking for and photo is going viral across social media. >> we want to win but never disrespect a players like that. >> reporter: some object line of identified the man in the picture as joseph bennet of aston, the problem. >> it is not me, thinks totally wrong, what is going on. i'm getting harassed. >> reporter: bennet tells "eyewitness news" he was playing in the softball game more than 30 miles away from citizens bank park at the time. what is going through your mine. >> right now i am's just you know, i have a job. i have job independently, i have a family. i have a mother. brothers and sisters. i got friends. it is just an embarrassing. >> reporter: philadelphia police are adamant that they don't yet have a name and say they are working with the phillies to track down video of the incident. >> we don't have a name and
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again, at the most, person is looking at summary citation for misconduct. it is not worth people getting involved and posting anyone's name out there. >> police say while they understand that fans are upset, let them work, all tips and fur to south detectives, and don't post any information, addresses or names on line especially when that information has not been confirmed. live from citizens bank park i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. memorial services have been announced for me mow who died on friday. tens of thousands of people are expected to attend two public services. which will honor the boxing legend and humanitarian. >> everybody knew muhammad ali. >> reporter: jimmy smith is teaching his young son about muhammad ali, smith planned to stop at ali center while on i family there from atlanta as we were coming down the past couple of days, sadly we heard
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the news he was passed away and it was just tragic timing would i get. >> reporter: ali a's death has been met with an outpouring of love and memories from fans all around the world. his life and legacy will be honored during two inter faith memorial services, 18,000 are expect to attend an islamic prayer program on thursday, at louisville's freedom hall, another 15,000 will be allowed into a public service, friday a at the young center. >> he was larger, then the muslim community, larger than the african-american community. >> reporter: smith says while he will be able to attend services he is glad he achieved his life long goal of visiting the ali center. he said it is appropriate for ali to philadelphian arena one last time, it is expect to be a farewell worthy of the greatest. >> for him to be able to allow other aspects to it, that is his style. i wouldn't expect anything less. >> reporter: ali's family says he helped plan his memorial inn gave his approval before
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he died. former president bill clinton will ab machining those delivering a eulogy, laylaali says the family plans to continue to work for causes her father championed including parkinson's research. today marks a somber anniversary 72 years since the d-day invasion of france during world war two. more than 150,000 allied troops stormed 50-mile stretch of beach along french coast fighting the germanness normandy. thousands of ships and planes took part in the mission. nearly 10,000 allied troops were killed or wounded during the pivotal fight which helped forces move a cross europe. turning to campaign 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are wrapping up their campaigns in california, with dueling concerts tonight. clinton will rally supporters were performed answers by cristina aguilara and stevey wonder. senator sanders will feature the dave matthews band. he vowed to pull off an upset
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when voters head to the polls in california tomorrow. clinton has her sights set on donald trump. >> the turnout is very high, i think we will win by big numbers. >> anyone who supported me, anyone who supported senator sanders have a lot at stake in this election in preventing donald trump from being our president. >> meantime donald trump does not have any planned appearances a head of tomorrow's five state primary. the republican presidential nominee is going in the race unopposed. voters will cast their ballots in new jersey, polls open up at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. when it comes time to cast a ballot in november, many voters will have a tough choice decide to go who vote for. >> nantz friday aston says what should voters do if they dislike the presidential nominees. >> what if you don't like candidates. >> lesser of two evils. >> i should have ran for president myself, i think i would be better candidate then the two candidates that we
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have. >> reporter: even if you don't like either candidate your vote will still count on election day, of course, our nicole brewer explains why you should go ahead and push that button tonight at is 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or tweet us using #cbs-3 good question. well, is there a new way for college graduates to wipe out thousands of dollars in college loan debt, we will show you how when we come back. also ahead parents of the little boy who fell in the gorilla enclosure learn whether they will face child endangerment charges. a new miss u.s.a. has been crowned but last night's pageant had fair share of controversy, including something that made audience member, boo the stage. and thieves target hundreds of graves in south injuries what i they are stealing from the final resting place of our military veterans. you're watching
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there will be no charges against the mother of a three-year old boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. county prosecutor made the announcement to day. mother has faced wittering criticism on than line from people angry that an
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endangered gorilla was killed in favor of her child. prosecutors say mother was an attentive parent watching three additional children and turn they are back for just a moment. >> i've gotten dozens if not hundreds of e-mails about this case and if anyone doesn't believe that a three-year old can run off very quickly, they have never had kids because they can and they do. >> he also said he is glad that the zoo installed a new fence to prevent another incident. former president bill clinton's half brother, roger clinton, was arrested in southern california on suspicion of driving under the influence. the police said someone called 911 to report the 59 year-old was driving erratically on the pacific coast highway. he was release after posting $50,000 bail. numbers are staggering, seven out of ten college graduates have outstanding student loans and 25 percent have of borrowers have fallen behind on payments. in today's three on your side
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report, jim donovan looks at a program that could help by erasing thousands of dollars in debt. >> reporter: lea berk wrapped up $140,000 in student loan debt by the time she finished grad school. >> i figured would it always be juggling and balancing and trying to make end meet every month while making these loan payments. >> reporter: making payments became harder when she switched to a lower paid job at a non-profit college but it turns out that career move was a smart one. berk learned about the public service loan forgiveness program. it wipes away college debt for educators, soldiers, fire fighters and many others in public service after they have made ten years of payments. >> after paying your loans on time for ten years, you you are qualifying repayment plan remaining balance of those loans get forgiven. >> reporter: kim rodgers is with clarify, region's largest non-profit credit agency. >> there has been a lot of misinformation about the program. you want to make sure you are working for a qualifying employer.
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number two, make sure you are working or a programming repayment plan. number three, make sure that you have a qualifying loan. >> reporter: first loans will be start to be forgiven in october 2017, at which point you can submit an application. until then you can start the ball rolling by filling out this employment certification form, which will document your eligibility as you work. berk estimates she will be forgiven 20 to $30,000 of debt. >> i think that this is one piece of the puzzle, maybe figuring out how to take that burden away. >> reporter: not all student loan qualify for the forgiveness program. it applies to federal direct loans, not private loans. if you have a perkins loan or a federal family education loan, those can be consolidated in to a direct loan so that you can apply for the program. i posted links with all the of the information on cbs and facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. you have probably seen many robberies captured on videotape but not likely you have seen a heist like this
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one. >> this one is unique and fury. video captured a monk any eastern india opening up a door on the jewelry store and it hops behind the counter, grabs a bundle of cash, and then they secure with its teeth, when an employee tried to persuade money to take fruit instead of the cash, it made a quick getaway with the money. >> it knew exactly what it wanted. it is almost as if someone trained that monk toy do that. >> yes. >> wild. >> yes, some of the best segment. i'll take that. thank you. >> peace out. >> kate joins us now with a beautiful day to day, young lady. >> beautiful day. weekend was humid, steamy, yesterday the storms came through in the evening and some caused damage. they tend todd weaken as they moved through philadelphia in our area which is good news and shore got slammed hard yesterday evening, but now. >> wow. >> beautiful.ning, but now. >> yes. >> nice pleas, humidity has begun to drop and this is phase one of the humidity reductions program we have set into motion this week.
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temperatures will be dropping as well and by end of the week we're talking about very low dew points and possibly low temperatures below average for first time in quite sometime. when talking about a sun filled nice day. speaking of the sunny nice day we have a few cloud drifting in the shore points at the moment but it is not keeping people off the boardwalk in ocean city, it looks hazy but boardwalk is pack. we have had really nice beach days down there through the weekend and today as well. tomorrow looks just as nice, just a few more included and maybe a shower we have to talk about possibly some clouds associated with the moisture from tropical storm colin. as we go up to the pocono reason pleasant valley, looking really nice as well. blue skies, a few puffy cumulus clouds. the breeze is blowing trees up there breeze has pick up this afternoon. but all and all things are looking good. storm scan three shows a couple showers popping up, in central pennsylvania, and it could impact portions of our area through the course of tonight. here's latest on colin, exiting brushing by the out are banks and then heading out to sea, it will make a close
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enough pass where moisture can move in southern delaware, probably with the shower and clouds there but for the most part this system will head out to sea and will not impact us but will leave behind over three or 4 inches of rain in portions of northern florida, southern georgia, right around orlando, sarasota some spots over a half foot have of rain before this moisture works its way out and not a direct impact for us. speaking of moisture we have cut it down since yesterday. we have drops in dew points, it is 11 degrees lower in philadelphia then this time yesterday. we had dew points in the upper 60's in the oppressive range. now we are in the comfortable range. still a little humid but nothing like yesterday was. and tomorrow, another nice day, with temperatures in the 80's, isolated thunder shower, wednesday that is when the storm moves by to the north with a big cold puddle of air witt. a few pop up showers here and there, gusty breeze and it will turn cooler and then we will settle into nice weather, breeze from the north and west, very low humidity and highs in the 70's, thursday
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may have a little bit of the fall-like feel to the air. how it will feel over next few days, pleasant tonight, between humid a and pleasant lets say, tomorrow more pleasant and awesome with low dew points in the 40's in many spots, wednesday, and on thursday. overnight partly cloudy, just a stray shower, 68 your low. tomorrow a lot like today, mostly sunny, nice and warm 83 . the not too humid but we have a chance for isolated shower or thunderstorm and you're witness weather three day forecast look at those highs on wednesday and thursday, we should be right around 80. we will get to the mid 70's on wednesday and thursday, kind of that weather we missed out on in the end of the the may and it didn't feel like spring and jumped in the summer. >> people love that. >> yes. >> where were those days. >> here they come. >> they will love that. >> yes. classes coming to than a end for summer. >> some area students are getting a chance to fly an airplane, still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will take you on their unusual class
5:22 pm
project, don. phillies get a do over against the cubs and we will try to keep up with the joneses, we will introduce to you a local kid who will hear his name called, this weekend in the mlb he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too.
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not so hardy welcome for john lesser, he dominated the phillies two weeks ago in chicago,'s loud two runs in six plus innings. this time they will face him at citizens bank park. the first pitch 7:05. miguel franco had a busy morning, he hung out with 1,803rd and fourth graders at samuel powell street in philadelphia a they played, field activities, it was all part of the new balance sparks start fitness challenge. whole idea to get kids engaged in activities in trusting their progress over the course of six week. >> it the is beautiful thing. like i say, for me, i'm glad to do that. i'm exited to make it. i want to help the kids.
5:26 pm
>> good stuff. all eyes on noland jones, senior short stop for wholly ghost prep in bensalem who is expected to be a first round pick thursday in the draft. scouts have been filling stands at his games all season long. it is something that he was well prepared for. >> for me i just try to have fun playing baseball. my main goal, this season, coming in i knew people would come and watch me play and i wanted to make sure that this was the most funny ever had playing baseball and enjoying my senior year because professional baseball isn't the option, i am going to the university of virginia. i am in a win/win situation. >> that is a well composed young man. >> good job. >> twenty years ago when you talk to guy as a media member they are just like so-so. he is ready to roll. >> he knows what he wants to do. >> nicely done. >> our new miss u.s.a. makes history. >> that is coming up in the next half an hour. so is this.
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>> also, is there a new treatment for most common form of the skin cancer and it doesn't involve major surgery. we will show you how doctors are using a non-invasive lays tore wipe out the disease. week ago on memorial will day maybe you planted a flag by a loved ones grave. are you sure that the holder is still there. i'm cleve bryan, coming up why officials are saying cemeteries are being targeted for thieves. then new a at 6:00, 72 years after d-day a local man looks back on the invasion that cost countless lives that helped turn the tide of t
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a very big problem is popping up at veteran cemeteries in south jersey,
5:31 pm
the thieves are targeting grave markers for precious medals to make a quick buck. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 with jessica dean. >> aim i'm ukee washington o your cleve bryan is live outside a veterans cemetery in burlington, new jersey where grave marker theft are a costly issue, cleve. >> this being just a week after memorial day cemeteries throughout the u.s. are filled with frogs, and here in burlington county they like to put those flags in heavy duty brass markers. but right now, they cannot put new ones like this out anymore. >> i'm just a proud american and proud of my hubby. >> reporter: standing among flag roses, at this cemetery in burlington county she can the not help notice shine on the world war two grave markers in front of the head stone of her late husband dick. it is yet another, replacement after these stolen previous two markers. >> i cried, a lot. i just can't even fathom what would be the reason. >> reporter: answer is metal theft. >> it is stalking here in the
5:32 pm
middle of the night, they steel the veterans grave, steel up the markers, brave them off leave the marker and steel the brass rod to take to it sell. >> reporter: over last few years burlington county veterans services has had to replace thousands of stolen grave markers because of metal thieves. here's in odd fellows more than 200 just this year. >> it is just terrible, as many as we order, we have to keep buying more and more every year and it is killing the budget but more importantly it is killing the pride of the veterans. >> reporter: joseph morey who maintains veterans graves a at 96 cemeteries say these take the whole brass marker or just brad rod and leave markers because it is less obvious to the scrap yard that they are stolen. counties had to resort to replacing them with cheaper material. >> it is just sad when we cannot give the kind of tribute we would like to our veterans. people gave their lives. >> reporter: veterans officials say police are aware of the issue but they need everyone to be on alert so those like ann devinny can
5:33 pm
vice tonight peace. >> you would think that which is so important to my husband is gone, it breaks your heart. >> honestly makes me want to check my own grandfather's grave. in new jersey, they have required scrap metal yard to keep record whenever somebody sells more than $50 worth or hundred pound. legislature tried to change that in 2013 to require all record for purchases but it was vetoed n burlington township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> heart breaking cleve. thanks very much. the sentencing term of annex stanford swimmer has sparked outrage, a judge sentenced 20 year-old brook turn tore six months in county jail and three years probation. this is a after he was quick of assaulting an unconscious women on campus after they attended a fraternity party. many are angry at that event isensing saying it is far too lenient and dos not fit the crime. store has received national attention after victim statement was read at
5:34 pm
sentencing and went viral. judge has said he felt a longer sentence would have a severe impact on turner. in australia, it is like something out of the movies, shark hunters might try to find and kill a great white shark that killed a 60 year-old woman on sunday. doreen collins was mauled, at a popular dive spot that she visited often. her partner was in the water with her when she was kill. he was rescued by three fisherman in a boat nearby. >> the man said that he felt something go past him and he turned around and he didn't see the shark at that stage but he felt it at the surface. when he surfaced he saw a commotion in the the water. >> swimmers death came a week after surfer was fatally mauled just south of that area. there has been a new shark scare of our own in orange county, california, a sheriff's helicopter crew spotted several large sharks on sunday, estimated size 8 feet long and 150-yard from shore. as a precaution authorities closed the beach until this
5:35 pm
afternoon, just last week a shark attacked a swimmer about 15 miles away and she's expect to recover. growing concerns over water safety in bucks and montgomery counties have prompted calls for a congressional investigation. congressman brendon boyle is requesting a hearing and wants officials to investigate groundwater contamination surrounding hundreds of defense department installations. three of those are in our region. officials have now shut down a dozen municipal wells, and 80 private wells. well, a teacher from west philadelphia is helping students sore. >> as kyw news radio cherry greg shows us, he means that literally. >> reporter: it was an unusual field trip, afternoon begins with the class on flight safety. >> there are three things that you need to fly safely. >> reporter: tour of this four seater piper aircraft. >> we're just walking around checking general condition of the plane. >> reporter: followed by rare chance to not just fly but to actually fly. >> it is cool until they gave
5:36 pm
me like let me control it, i was like, i was scared a little bit. >> reporter: keon holman is one of the two high school rugby players expected to experience flight. ben franklin senior and all-star athlete got a full scholarship to play rugby in vermont and this experience is a reward for hard work. >> i like doing this, i love to see the kid up in the plane. >> reporter: teacher larry conlin is brain behind the flight experience. he founded the district's north philadelphia nomads rugby team four years ago and it has opened doors for kids like keon and now it is giving liens. >> it is exciting. >> reporter: paul robeson junior, and others say he never dreamed of being a pilot but now. >> i really want to do this. i want to try to do this. >> reporter: he is hoping that this trip will grow into an aviation program in the schools. >> we want to see them increase their attendance, do
5:37 pm
better grades, work harder, in school, and then of have a program that they can become a pilot the. >> reporter: broaden horizons so kids know that skies the limit. in northeast airport, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so happy to hear about that. >> that is wonderful. >> is there a new treatment for skin cancer, that does not include major surgery. we have got that coming up on "eyewitness news". also putting a stop some something we all hate, robo calls, we will tell but a new push to stop those annoying calls even the ones you get on your smart phone. it was surreal. it was honestly something that should never happen. >> kanye's concert chaos and a mob of frustrated fans, why his show ended, before he even had a chance to take the stage, kate. a warm, sunny start to the weekend will be turning even more comfortable as we head through the weekend, we will tell you when temperatures drop and humidity drops more and when we can track showers and off this week, when we
5:38 pm
come right back.
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well, federal reserve chair janet yellin was in philadelphia speaking to the world affairs council. >> she was also in university city to meet with members of the west philadelphia skills initiative. they spoke about some of the struggles finding employment in today's economy. yellin says federal reservists working to improve the job outlook. >> the maximum employment, and we want to do our very best to create an economy where people can find jobs. >> while he or she also indicated that the u.s. economy is indicating and improving but with many uncertainty is it is unclear when fed should raise interest rates. you know the drill, your phone rings, you pick it up, it is a robo call. now a new york senator wants to force phone companies to help their customers cut off robo calls. years ago do not call registry was supposed to stop this but many telemarketers went comply and rarely punishment even
5:43 pm
when calls are from scammers freezing people. >> robo calls are speeding their way through our land lines, our cell phones, our iphones and everything else. and they now in the old days they wouldn't do it on cell phones, now they do it on cell phones more than they do it on landlines. >> we know about that. schumer's bill would force cell phone companies to provide anti robo call technology for free. schumer says technology already exists and it works. a father is being called dad of the year for an ad he placed on craigs list. coming up why he is punish his son by selling his truck, we
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
a craigs list ad to sell a used truck is giving a florida man a lot of attention. >> so much so some people are calling him father of the year. allen geyser says he is selling his 18 year-old son's ford explorer because teen got caught smoking pot with friends. ad quickly went viral, mostly from people offering their support for his parenting decision. >> most of it, one night, woke up next morning seen a few shares and didn't really think a whole lot of it. next morning i woke up, which was this morning, i had over 60 messages.
5:47 pm
>> father also said that this lesson is a bump in the road for his son and that the teenager is remorseful. it was speaksed to be a surprise performance by kanye west but it quickly turned into concert chaos the streets of new york early this morning. following an than line announcement the grammy winner would perform an unexpected show at webster hall, fans then flooded the area, climbing on cars, dumpsters and scaffolding, and essentially shutting down the streets. that led to the event being cancelled, and venue tweeted there would be no show just before 2:00 a.m. citizens bank park is place to be tonight. this is a awesome baseball weather. >> meteorologist justin drabick is inside with what looks like a winning forecast and hoping phillies can follow suit, j.d. >> they will need home runs, playing the cubs, best team in baseball so far. the beautiful night. big change in our weather pattern. tickets to come out anytime this week, really nice weather on tap. you see cubs are out here taking batting practice.
5:48 pm
fans are starting to fill in the stadium. it will be jammed packed because it is good series. people want to see cubs. of course, phillies coming off a big win yesterday. lets see if they can start a new winning streak. lets talk about why we are dealing with this pleasant weather. big change to the dew point temperature, over weekend dew points running so high, very humid. very pleasant. current 57 degrees. so again we will call that in the pleasant category and over next few days, it is going to feel down right awesome. the wait until you see this forecast. whole reason is a drop in the jet stream. it is moving wet to the south. we don't see this a whole lot this time of the year but it will allow wind to bring in the cooler dryer air mass from canada temperatures will go back below average over later in the week. lets talk with that phillies forecast tonight, if you know someone going to the ballpark or heading out, here's game time temperature of 83 at 7:05. partly cloudy skies, halfway through 80 degrees. the toward the even of the game 10:00 o'clock still in the upper 07's and we have
5:49 pm
plenty more nice days ahead, and really great to be outside no matter what you are doing. so if you are coming out to the ballpark and you have to check this forecast out as kate has the seven day. new back over to you, kate. what a great night to be out at the ball washing, justin has a good assignment, nice night, not a lot of humidity and our eyewitness weather watchers loving this weather. lets check with a few. i want to take to you photos, they send us great photos and love these ed connor sending sunrise photo from this morning wayne hunter and his family heading down the shore for some fun, check the forecast first and likes it, still sending gorgeous photos of flowers booming and rose at morris arboretum. let's check with another one my pictures are not showing up but i will try to get that on line, cute picture that noel sent in from her puppy. eighty-nine off to the north. we are looking at kyle higgins news hatboro. 89 degrees. sun peeking through clouds there we are at 48 in south jersey as we check with our
5:50 pm
weather watchers. the lets see who this is, thinks lynn in cherry hill. 48 degrees and -- 48 degrees and feeling -- owe 84 degrees and feeling good. everybody is loving, this weather, 82 degrees as we check with chuck in, perkasie, 82 degrees, lots of sunshine. he says dew points around 60. that is not too humid but it is not like what we will have later in the week when it will feel almost like autumnal humidity by thursday and friday as justin mentioned. lets talk more about. that we will go out to the kutztown area middle school where patchy cumulus clouds overhead, we have blue skies, everything pretty quiet, but as we go out to storm scan three you can see something is changing. a few showers starting to pop up. they are weakening. one shower thunderstorm here over central pennsylvania and a few sprinkles trying to make their way in berks county but they are falling apart as they do so. it doesn't look like much, if anything, tonight just a stray shower and, the greatest likelihood off to the north and west. the lets look at moisture.
5:51 pm
this is associated with tropical storm colin, who is here over the gulf of mexico. very disorganized looking system but has wind near 07 miles an hour and producing very heavy tropical rainfall over florida next couple of days and right along the coast of the carolinas as well but should not be a direct threat to us. watch colin's rainfall as we head through the next few days and note that is mainly stays off shore, heading in to your tuesday afternoon tomorrow, just a few pop up showers and thunderstorms, same story on wednesday as cold pocket air in the upper atmosphere dies southward. high pressure is lurking for thursday and friday but you can see we are in between systems. colin moving off to the north, high pressure from the west, we will get breezy day that cold bubble loft, couple pop up showers or a thunderstorm possible on wednesday afternoon. it will be a windy day as temperatures start to drop down as that colder air moves in. but we will bee moaning the lack ovulate spring weather when we had 80's near 90 degrees in late may.
5:52 pm
this will feel like that weather we missed out on. your shore forecast, beautiful day tomorrow, isolated thunder shower, wednesday, windy, cooler at 73. then thursday it will feel like fall or earlier spring with temperatures in the lower 70's and low humidity. other night tonight partly cloudy, stray shower at 68. tomorrow looks good a lot like today, mostly sun which an isolated shower or storm and you're witness weather seven day forecast take a look at thursday and friday. temperatures in the 70's. humidity dew point levels in the 30's and 40's in some spots. it will feel great outside, over weekend we will see some sunshine highs in the lower 80's with a chance for shower or thunderstorm, ukee or jessica, back to you. when doctors suspect skin cancer they often have to slice in the skin to find out what they are dealing with. now some doctors are using a non-invasive laser, called optical coherence, infrared light to provide clear, deep images, similar to the ultrasound but it can
5:53 pm
diagnosis basil cell carcinoma most common type of skin cancer. it is approved by f.d.a. but it is expensive for doctors to buy and tool is not covered by insurance. history is made at the miss u.s.a. pageant. >> still a head why the winner can definitely prove that women are as tough as men that and more on the other
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
our new miss u.s.a. is here and there is already controversy. >> insider's kelce knight joins us from los angeles with more, kelce. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, you know how they say you should never talk about religion or politics, clearly miss u.s.a. pageant didn't get the memo. >> and, donald trump or hillary clinton for president. >> reporter: the audience reacted with boos. >> now, miss u.s.a. judge and harper's bizarre executive editor laura brownies under
5:57 pm
fire for putting miss hawaii on the spot with a political question, but she has her reasons. >> it is all great, but i think they have a brain. >> we need a president to push for what is right, and push what america really needs report report while the 24 year-old give a pointed answer some viewers were outraged by the perceived softball questions the tonight's winner miss dv desean a barber a member of the military. >> the pentagon recently made decision to open up all combat jobs to women. >> being integrated in all branches of the military something that directly affects me. i knew exactly how i felt about that topic. >> district of columbia. >> reporter: controversy is a side miss district of columbia was crowned looking especially beautiful while taking a break from wearing camo. >> i keep telling people i'm waiting for somebody to pin much me and wake me up. i'm so shock. i cannot believe thinks
5:58 pm
happening. i'm so honored to be miss u.s.a. >> more tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. you can catch the insider weeknights at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> search is now on for a man accused of brutally beating and killing an elderly man in his southwest philadelphia home. i'm rahel solomon coming up where police say the suspect may have seen the victim before. also, a new video, showing the moment a woman walked away with the baby from the king of prussia mall and the frightening time line of events, leading up to the kidnapping. >> seventy-two years agricultural identify troops stormed the beach necessary normandy, france, d dave, today hear from the solder born in philadelphia, living in delaware, who experienced that life changing battle. and, wake up yesterday, storms today have have turned out beautiful, low humidity, a nice breeze and lots of sunshine and there is more where this came from, i'm going to tell but a sun
5:59 pm
stretch and temperatures dropping all next right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. it is 6:00 o'clock. here's is what happening. philadelphia police say they know the person responsible for a gruesome murder in southwest philadelphia, a teenager wanted in the death of a 78 year-old man. victim was found beaten to death and is own home last week. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. rahel solomon is live at police headquarters, rahel, what do you know tonight. >> reporter: philadelphia police tell me that they believe the suspect actually tried to rob victim just a few days before. he came back for more but victim for the back and he lost his life because of it. but now, for some after monday philadelphia police announced after recovering the victim's vehicle on thursday they have identified a suspect in the murder of 78 year-old joseph
6:00 pm
daily. >> we actually found his van up in the northeast. the as a result of that we saw a door getting out of the van. >> reporter: police believe this is the man, clark, who has friend and family in the northeast they say he is from southwest. the same neighborhood as the victim who was found dead tuesday, inside of his home, on 59300 block of theodore street. >> he was seen getting out of the victim's van. we had a couple people coming forward and put him inside the house at the time of the murder. >> reporter: officers discovered the victim a contractor lying beside a pool of food after his family requested a welfare check. back windows were broken and police believe it was robbery. neighbors say the news mom comes as a release, they will feel more comfortable when clark is in custody. >> we need help. >> at least they are moving in the right direction. that helps a lot. it gives everybody at least some sense of something


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