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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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west. we are not out of the woods just yet at least until sunning down. coming up we will take a closer look where these storms are at the moment but here's what to expect through the remained other have this early evening. scatter showers and storms. storms are producing brief heavy downpours and that is your biggest threat on the roads. we have gusty wind inn treat for some small hail with that cold air aloft. small hail is usually a possibility. please be safe if you are outside on the road this evening. again later on we will look closer at where these storms are. we have another chance for scatter showers and storms in the day tomorrow and i'll break down that threat for you, coming up, as well as cool down in the forecast, jessica, back over to you. we will check in a bit. when severe weather strikes stay ahead of the storm with our cbs philly weather app available for now for freon itunes and google play. we are in election central as new jersey decides in campaign 2016. primary voters are heading to the polls to select party
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nominee for president, congress and many local offices. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in collinswood to show you why voters were eager to cast their ballots today. cleve? report report ukee, i'm here in the grand ballroom in collinswood where there are four districts where voters are turning out and we seen throughout the day i hear from one pol stores that things are going slow but steady, we are hoping to see more people show up here as they get out of work, and new jersians get political. this years new jersey primary, seem to have one clear focus. >> vote for hillary. >> i like bernie. >> reporter: first time in as long as many people remember garden state voters would play a key role in choosing a presidential nominee. for weeks race between democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton was looking like it would come down to the wire. just as polls were to open, hillary clinton has enough delegates to clinch. >> very depressing. we supposedly everyone's vote counts but when you are in new
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jersey, and you are voting june 7th, it seems as though it doesn't count that much. >> reporter: some say clinton's presumed nomination changed their vote. >> i would really like to vote for bernie. but, i am going to vote for hillary because i at this point i know bernie will not make it. >> reporter: while sanders a and clinton dominated conversations at the polls, republicans say don't forget about us, they don't want trump train to lose steam heading in the november election, because he wrapped up his nomination first. >> he is more straightforward and i really don't like hillary, at all. >> reporter: is there more at stake today then just white house, all 12 congressional districts are up for vote in new jersey, including the first district where representative donald norcross is fending off a challenger. numerous county freeholder seats can be decided a and that can impact day today decisions. >> decision from his what parks to improve, what investment to make in our community. that is at a local level n some ways it is just as if not more important to participate
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in the local level as the national level. >> reporter: polls are opened until 8:00 o'clock. is there still plenty of time to come out and vote. reporting live from collinswood, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cleve. as you know he new jersey governor chris christie took time to vote this morning. 's arrived at his polling place in morris county and greeted fellow voters thereafter casting his vote, christie continued to support for donald trump and gave his thoughts about recent comments trump made regarding the judge involve in the trump university case, in which trump claimed that the conflict of interest with the mexican american judge, because of his heritage. >> there will always be conflicts recording civil lawsuits. those are donald's opinions. he has a right to express them. same way anybody else has a right to express any of their views regarding how they are treated in the civil or criminal courts in this country. >> meanwhile house speaker paul ryan made it clear he does not support trump's comments regarding the judge. >> i just fund. ly disagree with that.
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i think it is wrong. the way i look at this is, if you say something... >> ryan added he is focusing moving forward, to keep the republican party unified, later today, donald trump is expect to be at trump national golf course in west chester, new york to deliver post election remarks. now on to the democratic side, hillary clinton is just hours away from celebrating her historic victory. she is holding a rally a the brooklyn navy yard in new york tonight. it is just blocks from her campaign headquarters. although clinton is now presumptive democratic nominee she's urging her supporters to vote, today. meanwhile bernie sanders continues to campaign in california. he had breakfast at a popular dining spot in san francisco. sanders hopes his get out the vote operation can help him pull a big upset over clinton. now a reminder polls close in new jersey tonight at 8:00 p.m. along with the presidential primary, there are also congressional and freeholders primaries today, as well. and keep it right here on
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cbs-3 for continuing coverage, throughout the day, and see the results coming in on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, and cbs jessica, back to you. ukee, thank you. a a pizza delivery driver survives a vicious attack in southwest philadelphia he was kidnaped, robbed and shot in the head last night and now police are searching for his two a tackers. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live outside southwest detectives with the latest on this investigation, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, victim's family tells me this is the man who worked hard but really didn't have a lot. when police say only thing he could give the suspect was a $60 in his pocket, they say the two shot him execution style. it started out as a routine shift for delivery man sirha but ended in pure terror. >> you could hear whoever it was, they were in pain because it was constant screaming. >> reporter: philadelphia police say monday night two suspects placed an order from
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chillin pizza on 66th and elmwood. the 34 year-old delivery man arrived at 67th and beaumont street and turn his back to grab the feeted food. the suspect took him a few blocks away where they rob him. victim's cousin say sirha pleaded with the two. >> he said why, he said no. i am convinced. i don't know what to do. that is when they shot him. >> reporter: officers found victim's car on the 1700 block of south 57th street, it was park but still running. fellow delivery drivers, mohammad, says that he has been struggling to understand, why the robbery took such a violent turn. >> i mean, y'all got the car, y'all got money why do you shoot him. >> reporter: family members of the victim tell us he is from west africa and does not have. what he does, he send back to his family.
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>> unaudible. >> reporter: only description police have of the two suspects is two light skinned, black maleness their mid 20's, one wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, the other wearing a black hooded sweat shirt and blue jeans. police say victim is still in stable condition at penn presbyterian hospital. reporting from southwest detectives, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel, thank you. stray bullets tore through a chester home, striking a five-year eld boy just inches from his parents. this happened last night on the 400 block of winnington place. that little will boy was rush to the hospital where doctors found a bullet lodged near his shoulder. coming up at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden will have more on how that child is doing tonight and also the police investigation. a change in direction for saint charles borromeo seminary was announced by the archdiocese of philadelphia originally there were plans for seminar toy consolidate
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its upper campus in lower merion selling or leasing buildings that were not being used. but those plans have been halted. seminary new plans to form a partnership with the local catholic college or university and relocate to newly constructed building. northeast philadelphia man is behind bars, tonight accused of trying to rape a woman in the wood, last night, investigators say 44 year-old felix ramos attack the victim near 9400 block of street road in torresdale. she was able to fight him off and call police, ramos is now facing several charges including attempt sexual assault, unlawful restraint and related offences. mourn's waiting to pay their final respects to muhammad ali are beginning to arrive in louisville, kentucky. that city is welcoming boxing fans from around the world for boxing legend, funeral and today organizers announced steps to make sure that funeral is opened to people from all walks of life. larry ferguson knew he had no time to wait when he heard
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free tickets would be handed out this morning for thursday's islamic prayer service honoring muhammad ali. >> just jumped in there, jumped in the truck and drove up here. >> reporter: his overnight trek from north carolina paid off. >> i'm here. >> reporter: ferguson will be with about 14,000ali fans in louisville's freedom hall, all looking to say a final farewell to the boxing legend, who was out spoken, in and out of the ring. >> don't be surprised at nothing do i. >> reporter: ken says he a actually met ali when he was a young boy. he was at louisville exhibition match in 1978 when ali asked him to come in the ring. >> he pick me up, put his fist against my jaw and telling me how great he was. it was incredible. it is something at the time i will never forget. >> reporter: he and other fans will share another special moment friday, when they attend a 19-mile procession with ali's body through city street ahead of the public
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memorial. as marcia boss plans to be there too. >> i get to give my last wave into him. my last good bye. >> reporter: it is part of the grand farewell for a hometown hero. free tickets for friday's funeral at it i's downtown arena will be handed out tomorrow morning. philadelphia mayor jim kenney want to do something no other major american city has done, passed a so-called soda tax. >> it would help fund universal prek and other programs and city council will vote on it tomorrow. that brings us to tonight's good question. if the so-called soda tax passes what exactly will he tax? >> i don't know. >> it is a all sugar beverages. it will affect too many people that cannot afford to do it. >> reporter: if the tax passes, who will bear the brunt of the cost? our nicole brewer found out. she has answer for you tonight at 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question. or tweet us, using the #,
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cbs-3 good question. a young history buff spots something unusual inside al capone's cell at eastern state penitentiary, coming up what he saw and what changes were made the to the exhibit because of it. also a head a final farewell to the four legged hero, by the death of this doggies closing an important chapter in american history. and should someone warn this guy, he is crouching up on him this story has a happy but surprising ending, you're watching "eyewitness news"
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the transportation security administration, says that it has significantly reduced the wait times at u.s. airports. tsa chief peter testified before a senate committee today and says adding more lanes and staff enabled 99 percent of airport passengers to get through security lines in less than a half an hour over the memorial day weekend. >> i think there is more work to be done. we need to look and keep our eye on the insider population.
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if you have a trusted population you need to continuously verify that trust and you need to do it the in a way that is designed to deter, detect, and ideally disrupt. >> before the additional manpower thousands of passengers missed their flights because it took as long as two hours, to get through security. the last known surviving search and rescue dog from the 9/11 attack will be laid to rest in the the houston area brittany, was a 16 year-old golden retriever and in declining health. she served in the cypress text us volunteer fire department. brittany has been in service since the year 2,000 and her captain says before it the any had a great career. >> she served our country by deploying to the world trade center 9/11 disaster, she dereplied to hurricane katrina, receipt, several other deployments, and when she retired, she then moved on to serve her community here. >> handlers say brittany spent final years of her life, bee friending the first graders at a nearby elementary school and helping them read.
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national transportation safety board is leading a new mission to recover data a recorders from elfaro. cargo vip went down, killing all 33 people on board. search will get underway off the florida coast in early july. the el faro was built in chester in 1975. tropical storm colin is now considered a post tropical cyclone with you caused significant damage before being down graded. storm brought rain, blistering wind and widespread flooding through northern florida. at least one possible tornado was spot i had knee near jacksonville. >> i heard a freight train sound. i said getaway from the window right now it left behind numerous down trees, damaged cars, even toppled trucks like this one. part of the state experienced more than 6 inches of rain and wind gusts of nearly 65 miles an hour. kate is here now, and at the top of the broadcast you were watching some weather
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activity around our area. >> we have some showers and storms out there at the moment. they are starting to die down and certainly once we lose sun and heating of the day those storms will fizzle but if youn are outside right now or waiting for someone to come home, expect it will take longer then normal if you are in south jersey where the storms are stronges at the moment. we will start off with a look at the shore where things have cleared out well here in the past half an hour or so. still a few people running around in ocean city, if you know those people would i tell them to get off the beach right now because showers and storms are heading that way. it looks like they are heed ago this advice and heating off the beach at the moment. we are seeing some rain right new in our live neighborhood network camera in margate, rain is coming down on the camera there just a few minutes ago people were still sitting outside on the beach, and it gets dark quickly and rain drops falling at the moment. even chance for small hail with any of these storms as we go through the course of this evening. storm scan three shows the scattered nature of these thunderstorms. there are a few back to the west but strongest line that came through philadelphia
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about a half an hour to an hour ago is pushing through the shore. let's zoom in and take a look what we are dealing with at the moment. as we head to the atlantic city area, a atlantic county, egg harbor township we are seeing some pretty heavy rain at the moment right along the atlantic city expressway slowing down commutes there. this kind office lining up to see one strong storm just moving toward ocean city, avalon, stone harbor, you will get rain in just about five minutes or so, if not less and heading for southern cape may county as well. back to the west we're still tracking a a few pop up showers and storms in fact, one right over my hometown of phoenixville at the moment. a few of these could start to move through the city as well. not out of the woods yet but anything we will see should be generally isolated in nature. you can see how temperatures have plumeted in the wake of these showers and storms. we were in the mid 80's a couple hours ago in philadelphia now sitting at 71. millville at 68. the atlantic city which just 82 degrees a couple minutes ago, now 67 degrees with the heavy rain moving through.
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wildwood 81 degrees that number will drop, significantly within the next ten or 15 minutes. and lets talk about the humidity in the air right now, it is around 60 degrees, still humid, that puts us on the humid range of our comfort even decks but as we head through the rest of the week once we get showers and storms out of here, one round today and another early tomorrow we are talking about dew points not even on the chart here. thirty's and 40's, those would be the dew points heading in to your thursday. we are headed for awesome weather. but first we have to get through rest of this evening and another round of the scattered showers and storms tomorrow. so these storm pushing off the coast at 6:00. still a stray one but by eight or 9:00 these showers and storms are out of the pictures, clearing and cooler night. dry overnight but late morning in the midday hours, another line of showers, passing through, and generally right around the lunch hour. it will be fast moving and should be off the coast by 2:00 o'clock. then we will clear out. wind will pick up and temperatures will drop considerably heading in to the day on wednesday. in fact, temperatures today got in the 80es just been
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where, high today 83 in philadelphia. eighty-seven in salisbury, maryland. thirty-eight in new york city. but as that front comes through we will tap in those cool wind from the northwest, tomorrow's high look a whole lot different, new york may not make it out of the 60's. we will hit a a high of 73 in philadelphia and 72 town in salisbury. so big difference, a drop in the mercury on the way behind the front that passes through tomorrow. overnight partly cloud which a stray shower 68. for your wednesday, mostly sunny and isolated storm, generally through the midday hours right around your lunch hour. you're witness weather three day forecast, once we get that front out of here we will clear it tomorrow evening. the rest of the week looks beautiful. those late maydays we never got we are getting them thursday and friday, 75 and 79 respectively. >> better late then never. >> i'm so excited. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. take a look at this you might be tempt todd tell this man to run as a black panter slowly sneaks up on him but it is okay, they are close friend. even close enough to share
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some kisses. the big black the cat is one of the others saved by eduardo and housed in this sang war any mexico. video of this playful encounter has gotten nearly 9 million views on facebook. >> little scar there i for a minute. >> yes good but they are tight >> a couple playmates. traveling back in town there is an app for that coming up on "eyewitness news". plus... cash for key, i'll explain what south jersey property owners are going to remove tenants who simply won't leave. arguablably the best player on the eagles is back on the field, fletcher cox is practicing and he speaks, sort of, sports up
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welcome back. eagles open up their day mini camp, 87 guys working out helmets but no pads this week is mandatory unlike the previous sessions.
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all pro defensive tackle fletcher cox was there with running back darren sproles, both guys participating in the off season work outs for the first time. cox is looking for a new contract. doug pederson never asked fletcher why he missed the voluntary work outs. >> we didn't even get into it quite honestly. i was happy, he was back, i visited with him yesterday and told him how excited he was. i understand voluntary process, the whole off season but we're exited to get him here this week. >> fletcher did not talk to the media but did issue a statement through eagles pr, i'm happy to be back in philadelphia to get back to work with my teammates and coaches. i'm excited for this upcoming season and i can't wait to get the on the field for mini camp this week, learn our new defense and do whatever i can to help our team win. any discussion about my absence from the off season program or my contract will be handled privately between me, my agent and the eagles organizations. moving on, opening ceremonies for united soccer championship is at abraham lincoln high school in
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northeast philadelphia. fourth annual event spearheaded by special olympics, pennsylvania, philadelphia practice, nine philly schools from across the city participating in the tournament. going for the chip. >> i like it too. beautiful. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. when we come back heart stopping video just ahead. >> watch as a lion charges a little will boy while he is standing in front of the glass at the zoo. we will have more after the break, plus. i'm john mcdevitt in eastern state penitentiary in fairmount where historical accuracy of a lavishly decorated cell is challenge by a seventh grader on a field trip, stay tuned to find out what
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well, some may call them squatters but tenants refuse to leave a property do have rights, the length some new jersey homers are going
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through to get those unwelcome guests out of their home. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in haddonfield to tell us more about these problems and how landlord are dealing with them, alex. >> reporter: well, what if somebody is a squat error someone whose lease is no longer, the law is complicated. it has led to south jersey homeowners to resort to go essentially what is paying a ransom for their own homes. >> so this lock is been replaced. it has been replaced twice. >> reporter: taken a lot for realtor brad to be able to show this cherry hill condo to potential buyers. >> it has been on the market, you know, over the last month and a half since i moved out. >> reporter: issue is a former tenant who for about three months just would not budge. >> i actually had a cape on and one had a cape and his underwear and showed up at the door with his cape and underwear on.
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>> reporter: as amusing as a home held hostage could be. new jersey residential leasing laws are notoriously tenant friendly. >> when landlords are easy to evict they become more burdens on the state to have to deal with people in finding housing. >> reporter: haddonfield attorney brian reagan sites new jersey 1974 anti eviction act that confront buyers who purchase a seemingly vacant property from a bank. >> it looks vacant, and then they go to go in the house and is there someone there and person pulls out a lease and say i have a lease. >> reporter: whether that is true or not, it can spark a lengthy expensive court battle to avoid that some owners are according to cash for keys. >> this was a lot of money they offered him. and, he didn't take it. >> reporter: essentially a missed court date led to an eviction ruling. this settlement now in the market for $55,000, cape wearing tenant in the included this guy was a nightmare. >> reporter: still trying to wrap my head around the cape and underwear.
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attorney brian reagan says anyone who owns a property needs to treat it like a business f a renter is ten day late on paying their rent it should be made clear that the eviction process will start. reporting live from haddonfield, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". septa police are looking for eyewitnesses to a confrontation between one of their officers and a man in handcuffs. the video showing this posted saturday on facebook. while it is unclear exactly when and where this happened, or what preceded the man being placed in the handcuffs the officer is seen taking him to the ground. septa's internal affairs is investigating the incident but police chief is going a step further. he asked anyone who has more video or who witnessed this incident to give them a call. >> reporter: former as tro naughties facing murder charges after a crash that left two young girls dead. james, junior was driving in alabama when he hit a car carrying the girls monday morning. a preliminary investigation indicates that alcohol and, speed may have been factors in the crash.
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he is free, on bail, he flew on five different shuttle missions between 1994 and 2,000. o.j. simpson has been behind bars for eight years now, and nevada department of corrections is showing us what he looks like today. thinks a new mug shot of the 68 year-old. simpson is currently serving a prison sentence forearmed robbery. he is eligible for parole, next year. meanwhile a former police officer and friend of the simpson's dropped a bomb shell. ron ship told new york daily news that a murder confession is looming. ship believes that simpson will confess to the murders of the nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman once he is released from jail. grill exhibit is opened again at cincinnati zoo for the first time, since the little boy got into that exhibit and was dragged by a gorilla. of course, that incident said zoo officials are fos todd kill the animal. cbs news reporter jamie you kiss takes us inside the updated exhibit. >> reporter: stream of people came flooding through gorilla
5:34 pm
world to see ten remaining gorillas at cincinnati zoo. >> the gorilla exhibit is one of the favorites so we had to come down and check it out. >> reporter: last month a three-year old boy fell in the exhibit, and into the grip of a 400-pound gorilla named harambe. zoo officials shot and killed the gorilla after he showed no signs of letting the the boy go. >> it was a tragedy what happened, but you know, children will be children. >> reporter: exhibit opens with new safety features including three security cameras and a new fence. >> we felt a new bigger barrier helps reassure our visitors and guests and redoubles our efforts to make sure our animals are safe and that our visitors are as well. >> reporter: old barrier did meet federal requirements but after this incident they were reenforced with higher wood beams and rope netting. reopening comes one day after county prosecutors announced child's mother will not face any criminal charges. he a said by all witness accounts she was being attentive and had briefly turned her focus to another child. >> if you don't believe a
5:35 pm
three-year old can scamper away so quickly, you have never had kid. they just do that sometimes. >> reporter: family of the young boy says it is pleased with the decision. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now take a look at this, this little boy was waving at a line during his visit to a japanese zoo but the moment, little guy turn his back, yeah, the lion lunged at him, scarring the little guy. >> but very good thing that very thick blast was there, the partition. >> reporter: japanese boy found six days after he was abandoned in a forest by his parents as punishment waved to onlookers as he was released from the hospital today. seven year-old told reporters he is could go just fine and that he initially told police that the little boy disappeared when they were collecting plants in the forest. so far no charges have been filed against the parents. it has been there for two years but that will soon change. >> coming up we will take you to the job fair at the new
5:36 pm
show boat atlantic city and tell what you changes are in store for the resort when it opens up next month. plus a special honor for a local museum, there is only a few museums in the country can claim, the rare artifacts, kate. a drop in the mercury for the end of the week as temperatures head below average, finally, some of that may weather we never had, how long the nice stretch stick around, i'll have the answer to that coming up when we check eyewitness
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grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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well, show boat atlantic city reopens next month and they are looking to hire aloft people for a host of new positions. >> a job fair was held at boardwalk resort this afternoon and people line up for a chance to interview for several hotel and restaurant positions, including managers, front desk agents, housekeepers and servicer. those who make the cut can start as early as next week. >> throughout the summer we will continue to fill in any open positions and right now our substance is getting these folks on board, hotel opened and getting business coming back to the show boat. >> property had been closed to the public for nearly two years, show boat only plans to open the resorts hotel rooms in early july but not the casino. wilmington waterfront area will get a new attraction this summer this is site where
5:41 pm
constitution yard will be set up and it will be 20,000 square foot seasonal outdoor beer garden. it is expect to offer everything from craft beer to frozen cocktails, barbecue, and beer, cheese fries, hello, plus games. opening day is set for some time between june 15th and june between the second. >> hello. >> yes. selling wine in larger glasses may encourage people to drink more wine then usual even if the glassies not filled all the way. this is according to a new study from the university of cambridge. researchers believe larger glasses can change perceptions and lead to people drinking faster. well, if you have ever wanted to travel back in time, apparently all you need is a smart phone. coming up we will show you a virtual reality travel app giving you a a front seat to history.
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a large scale chess tournament today at drexel university, and all of the players were young women. >> you got the to love. that event was part of the cities after school activities partnership, and it is typically a male dominated sport but females only, girls changing from kind garden to high school competed for award
5:45 pm
and in the only did they have fun playing but it also helps their schoolwork. >> teachers see it right away. their kid are able to pay attention closer. it makes things and thinks thinks through and all of the critical thinking skills they develop playing chess as well as the ability to focus. >> chess club is always looking for new members and recruiting for the first annual philly girl summer chess camp, that is happening this august. so proud of them, that is great. very special day for students graduating from mastery charter school. they took part in the college signing today. each of the 726 graduates will be moving on to new opportunities including two and four year universities, military work force or job training programs. another note, collectively these students have earn more than $28,000 in scholarship funds. wonderful. >> um-hmm. oklahoma family sees a tornado while on educational trip to venice, italy. the family snapped these
5:46 pm
photos, they were inside a glass factory when a funnel cloud appeared on a marina nearby and quickly formed in the the waterspout. the family says, that there were no sirens or warnings like back in the united states, fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. yeah. >> that is scary. interesting without the infrastructure of the warnings that we have here. we're so used to that. >> just pops up. >> yes. >> it makes you think about people back in the days before they had the warning, how dangerous that would have been in tornado alley. >> no question. >> well, no tornadoes here thank goodness. not even any severe weather. we have had just pop up showers and storms. now they are moving down towards the coast and clearing out this evening. that is good news. as we move through rest of tonight we are talking about clearing, cooling conditions and that doesn't mean showers are finish this week. another round coming through tomorrow. we will time those out in a moment. lets start out with a look outside, take you to the roof campaign show you this loosen tirely different then it did a half an hour ago. we had dark cloud, storms
5:47 pm
moving through, they came through very quickly, and now just cleared, and it is cooler, humidity starting to drop and just a beautiful evening. here in philadelphia with blue skies and just a few patchy cloud. only down the shore right now that we're seeing wet weather the lets check with our eyewitness heather watchers always keep an eye on this weather when things get active and they are checking in with temperatures. i want to show you photos that our eyewitness weather watchers have sent in. look at these cloud formation is a as storms push towards the area from charles weinstein, a mean looking cloud, what it looks like right before, the downpour. something you don't want to see stuck outside, not a good looking cloud there greg mccoy, storm cloud building, 2:30 p.m., those are towering cumulus clouds building in the atmosphere as these storms develop. you can see it here. blue skies but when you see that on the horizon even if they are white cloud to begin with and don't that have dark gray looking to them, things are starting to bubble up in the atmosphere and storms are
5:48 pm
approaching. that one from ed heaton. it has been an active day across the region. our eyewitness weather watchers showing temperatures cooler then they were earlier today. right no in this house 66 degrees. allen says quick moving system, clearing skies now in delran. that is the case all across the region. the lets look outside, storm scan three, which shows these showers and storms quickly losing steam now. there are still a few scattered showers back in the central pennsylvania but notice those have started to diminish as well. as you can see anything else this evening it is nothing more than an isolated sprinkle for most of the area but we have to get through the storms down the shore. the lets zoom in and you can see still activity, just now pushing off the coast. everything will clear out rapidly unless in sussex county delaware. delaware beaches will pick up a few more thunderstorms in the the next 20 minutes or so and that will clear out as well. we have seen showers and storms pushing off the coast of the new jersey shore from atlantic city right down through stone harbor, avalon, and we are still seeing chance for couple showers, cape may can pick up a shower here as that moves in from the bay and
5:49 pm
down in sussex county delaware a few showers and storms as well. those are fizzling. the lets talk about post tropical cyclone colin, colin again now post tropical, with 60 miles an hour, gusts to 70. it is almost a little stronger win wise then it was at this time yesterday. could reform into a tropical storm heading out to sea but this will be a fish storm for duration. it is not going to kick up any problems for us. maybe just slightly higher then normallal surf at new jersey shore during the day tomorrow but then that is out to sea and should not impact us. coming up at 6:00 we will talk about this early start to the hurricane season where we're already in the c's and what that could mean for the rest of the hurricane season this year. right now though 71 degrees in philadelphia 73 allentown. we are at 69 in trenton. much cooler then it was earlier today. you can see that cool air over the great lakes, and temperatures only in the 60's in chicago,alpena and cleveland and that cool air is moving in tomorrow. so couple of showers especially during hi midday hours. tomorrow a breezy afternoon. thursday, sunny, breezy,
5:50 pm
beautiful almost feeling like a september day with temperatures in the mid 70's and friday looks great, high pressure is in control. lots of sun and highs in the upper 07's a. the it does get warm they are coming weekend. lets talk about where you are tomorrow here in the city 73 degrees is the high. partly sun which those midday showers, moving in around 111 or noon. down the shore cooler, spotty showers especially early in the afternoon. clearing out late in the poconos. cool with some sun and a stray shower. highs only in the 60's. and you're witness weather seven day forecast, thursday and friday looking fabulous and weekend, not bad at all, saturday and sunday most of the day saturday should be dry, storm in the evening or at night, shower possible on sunday and sunday into monday as well. it looks like a seasonal pattern moving right into next week. we will send it back to you at the desk kate, thank you. nation's obesity epidemic continues to grow, led by an alarming increase among women. for the first time more than 40 percent of u.s. women are obese according to new government health statistics.
5:51 pm
that is compared to 35 percent of men. obesity rates for men and women in the u.s. has been roughly the a same for about a decade but in recent years rates for women have surged. new app lets people transform their smart phones in the time machine. time loop are gives you front row seat to history, you can look back at time in other cities. correspondent hena daniels shows you how it works. >> reporter: it is like a virtual time machine, giving you a glimpse of the past. >> so cool. >> reporter: while standing in the presence. >> really cool. >> i swear. >> reporter: new app called time looper gives you a 360-degree view of key moments in history. the 1931 construction of the empire state building, phone can be used by itself or inside cardboard virtual reality goggles for 360-degree view and it knows if you are in the same place as the historic video. we took to it times square
5:52 pm
where we knew they were transported back to august 1945 when new yorkers celebrated the end of the world war two. >> what was your favorite part. >> the kiss. >> the kiss at the even. >> i remember seeing that. >> she helped create the app. >> this was my childhood dream. >> reporter: new york is not the only city where you can have this time travel experience. users can experience london during world war two, where villagers were living in 1255. there was a 360-degree view of london's great fire of 1666. >> i teach history. that would be awesome tool to use. >> reporter: after the computer generated imagery helped create these historic moments that come to life before your eyes. in new york, hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wow. >> that is a macing. >> that is. >> the view finder we had back in the 60's have come a long way. >> yes. >> they look crisper now.
5:53 pm
>> they look amazing. a philadelphia boy certainly knows his history. >> he was touring the eastern state penitentiary when he noticed something wrong inside al capone's cell, what he discovered and how penitentiary officials reacted discovered and how penitentiary officials reacted when we come at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.
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and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a long standing doylestown museum received a special designation, the museum is now an affiliate of the smithsonian. designation makes the museum one of the more than 200 smithsonian affiliates in the country. it allows the institution to share knowledge, artifacts and exhibitions. the concrete museum was built in 1916 at more than 65,000 people tour it each year. well, the sharp eye of the teenage antique expert, leads to changes at eastern state penitentiary. >> it turns out al capone exhibit was not historically accurate until today that is. john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio explains how the teen made
5:57 pm
that discovery, and how he helped fix the mistake. >> reporter: in 1929, al capone was arrested for carrying a loaded gun in philadelphia he spent eight months in eastern state penitentiary in this cell, capone was allegedly given special treatment living on what inmates called park avenue. >> reporters wrote about him all the time, he clearly got some kind of special attention, maybe not as much as we have heard over the years but he was a world famous celebrity when he was in philadelphia. everyone in philadelphia knew he was here. >> reporter: his cell reportedly had oriental rugs, fine furniture and cabinet radio where it was said wow listen to waltz music. it was that antique radio on display in the recreated exhibit that caught eye of 13 year-old joey warcough of northeast philadelphia on a field trip with his school. >> i looked in here ape saw that was 1940's, ad361. i realized i have the similar kind. i knew that was from the 40's.
5:58 pm
so, i saw it on the sign that said al capone was incarcerated from 1929 to 1930. i knew we had to get a radio that want a pope eighth for the cell. >> reporter: he knows a things about antique radios he collects them. they listened and challenged him, they gave him a 400-dollar budget to find a suitable radio for period and he found this. a low bow 64 there 1929. joey got it on e bay, for $300. radios were switched out and old one was given to joey by eastern state. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we were like, what. >> joey. >> wow. >> how do you know that. >> a philco, whatever. >> nicely done. >> great. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 he was supposed to be safe, in his home and tonight this five-year oldies in the hospital, struck by a bullet after a drive by shooting in chester. we are hearing from his outraged family about this, senseless violence.
5:59 pm
and primary day in new jersey, and several other big states, this is as we may be getting a clearer picture in the race for the presidency. plus police need your help tracking down the man in this sketch, what they say he did on a busy highway in our area to take. also beer has been in bars for quite sometimes but you could start selling suds selling outside, the spots beer and wine could soon be hitting shelves in pennsylvania. i'm on my way to the hospital. my boy got shot. and, you know, that is their grandmother. >> anger and outrage after a young boy is shot, in the safety of his own home. tonight, as that boy recovers police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. good evening, i'm ukee
6:00 pm
washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at chester police department and joe, you spoke with this child's family. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, the family is very upset and as for police right now they have no suspects, they have no met i have, there is no indication why this happened, except for the fact that police say that it is a case of mistaken identity, one that nearly killed a five-year old boy. >> i can't figure it out. >> reporter: mark andrews junior is recovering in the hospital from a gunshot wound to his shoulder. chester police say somebody drove wye, and shot up his home. >> me and my kids hit the floor. wasn't nothing else we could do. >> reporter: chester police captain called it a scene from war. detectives say from as many as 30 shots were fired outside in the 400 block of winnington place on monday night. le to be a said she just came home from work and was cooking. mark was hit while he and his family crouched on the floor trying to take cover. >> he said mom, i


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