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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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is richard simmons living his life as a woman? >> richard simmons doesn't copy people. excuse me. >> our time with the star and what we know about the new reports that he's transitioning. then -- >> get out of your mom's basement. >> the ghostbusters ladies take on the online haters as they reunite with the original cast. plus, the bachelorette's horror movie moment as chad gets kicked off and comes back to haunt the house. are producers playing with fire? and we get some real mariah carey wedding dish from our secret weapon. sharon osbourne. >> was it love at first sight? >> two divas, one big "e.t." exclusive. >> the diamonds are blinding me. >> they're my best friends. i had to bring them. now, for june 8th, 2016,
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this is "entertainment ton richard simmons is now a woman. that is according to a cover of a tabloid hitting newsstands across the country. >> it is an explosive headline that has everybody buzzing. networks have been calling us all day long to see what exactly we know. >> we have him off the r about transition rumors surrounding the flamboyant fitness icon. >> here's the headline, richard simmons, he's now a woman. they cite a source suggesting richard has reeeived breast implants and goes by the name fion but what is really going on? we dug a little deeper. it's not exactly a revelation that simmons has had a lot of fun cross-dressing. >> this interview is over. >> in fact, during his l "e.t." sitdown, richard dressed up in a pink wig to promote his music video "hairdo."
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♪ >> i like to make people laugh. you know what? i don't care if they're laughing with me or at me. >> it's also important to point out that it's a popular misconception that because a man dresses like a woman he wants to have sex reassignment surgery. we reached out to richard's reps about the story. they told us, quote, he is not transitioning into a woman. this is such nonsense. here's what's baffling though. why is richard simmons in hiding? >> where did richard simmons go? >> there are strong fears for the safety and well being of the star. >> his last public appearance was in january of 2014. in a phone interview with "e.t." in march, richard denied rumors he was ill and hiding or being held captive. >> it was time for me to take time to be by my i've just really been taking it
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easy. no one should be worried about me. >> richard has always been such a great friend of our show. he's such sweet man. we certainly wish him all the happiness in the world. now back from partying at elle women in comedy. >> happy ghossbusters day. guys it's today! >> who you going to call. >> on this day back in 1984, the original was released. last night, the new female crew was honored at the elle ev and the original ray and winston showed up to turn their guns on all the haters ut there. >> i know. i know that. >> who you going to call when your movie gets slammed on social media? aykroyd. >> she brings home. she delivers this film. wow. >> the original ghostbuster was camera bombing, busting up interviews, and on the defense. >> did you love the movie? >> absolutely. >> that's saying a lot. >> some people out on on social
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media -- >> who on social media? these are people that can't believe there's a supreme court justice that's a woman. come on. >> yeah! >> always like, oh, please go get some friends. get out of your mom's basement. go get a job. and make some friends and you won't be so pent up. i can't wait for all those people to see the movie. >> they'll be like, oh, my bad. >> actually, they won't. they'll be like, i don't know. >> she delivers in this film. they all do. >> after reportedly being hospitalized over the weekend for stomach pain, dan was fighting shape to stick up for the new movie stars. and he wasn't the only one. >> what was your take on the reboot? >> i thought, well, that's not how i would do it. i got to tell you, the ladies they chose are very, very funny. i saw a screening of the movie. it is hilarious. they're funny and i'm so proud. >> joined by hollywood's funny
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including carol cain and valerie harper. a rare sighting since the brain cancer survivor's collapse last summer. they landed their own cover. for elle's magazine first women in comedy issue. i had to ask, who's the funniest. >> kate. every breath she takes is hilarious. >> they said you breathe fun you should know that. >> there was that funny? >> comedy everywhere around that woman. you saw the original cast of ghostbusters and the new cast get together a little bit last night. tonight, as part of ghostbusters day, they'll be having a big celebration on jimmy kimmel tonight and bill murray will even be there. >> that's going to be awesome. girl power also ruled the night at the glamour u.k. women of the year awards e liz beth bank made headlines.
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good for her. well, even the most well meaning moms can't be perfect all the time. ♪ that i'm really, really sorry, buddy, that i'm missing your graduation tomorrow. i know that this awar eventually is going to remind me of the great year i had and the $289 million that pitch perfect 2 made and it's not going to remind me that i'm a [ bleep ] terrible [ bleep ] mother. >> ouch. it was a bittersweet win for the mom of two who told the audience she didn't realize she would miss her 5-year-old son's preschool graduation. we strappy dress, elizabeth took home hardware for filmmaker of the year and words of comfort from susan sarandon. >> elizabeth, felix will not forgive you. he will talk to his shrink and a number of people about this incident. but since he's in your family, i'm sure he will become an artist and use it in some way
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later. >> while accepting the inspiration award, the 69-year-old also took the opportunity to address fans who get her confused with weaver. >> seriously, we are not the same person. she has very generously signed my name a number of times, and i have taken credit for alien. >> she was named glamour icon but admitted to not feeling so glamorous. >> i really wanted to take some scissors and cut out big holes in my dresses because i feel like i cut too much material. >> she looked elegant, by the way. >> amazing. obviously that was a reference to all the women who showed up at the event scantily clad. including kourtney kardashian. who wore thilow, low, i mean low cut pencil dress. let's just call that dress the keeping up with the cleavage dress. keeping up with the reality show theme, let's talk about sarah palin and her family.
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there's a surprising turn that we have to tell you about. "e.t." brea news tonight. daughter bristol is offici married to the man she dumped last year, practically alter. >> we have the exclusive photos of the newly married couple on their honeymoon. statement only to "e.t." they say, quote, life is of ups and downs. but in the end, you'll end up where you're supposed to be. we are so happy to share the wonderful news that we got married. dakota's wedding band is all black. >> it's definitely challenging. that's just part o mother hood. >> it's been a contentious year for the 25-year-old mother of two. they were engaged for two months last year until bristol called it off just days before the wedding. did your our interview with sarah palin, she suggested daughter was bouncing back. >> she's doing great with the babies and working full time.
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>> the couple has been hinting about their reconciliation on social media recently. "e.t." can confirm bristol and dakota are asking the court to add his surname to their 5-month-old daughter. up next, the bachelorette chad behind the violence. is the show to blame for bringing out his dark side? and later, new book revelations from a woman who turned fat shaming into viral video fame. >> i'm fat. and i found my life purpose. plus, the real life of mariah carey. >> when was the last time you went grocery shopping? >> sharon osbourne finds out just how real it is. >> how can you ask me that question. closed captioning provided by --
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ]
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. chad, i don't want somebody that threatens other people, who can't get along with other people. violence isn't a way to solve things. so with that said, alex, please accept this rose. >> oh, hooray for jojo. she made the bachelorette a safer place for everybody last night when she made bad boy chad hit the road. or did she? just like a scary movie sequel, she's back. previews for the next episode
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show chad returning to the house even though jojo finally had enough. good-bye doesn't seem to be in chad's vocabulary. >> you think i can't find you. you think i won't go out of my way to come to your house. >> he seems to be mor comfortable with threats. >> do you want to go outside right now? >> chad really likes to present himself as this alpha but he also very much reveals that he considers himself a victim. in a way to fight against that, he compensates by being violent and volatile. >> just being on the bachelorette might have increased chad's potential for violence. >> if they feel humiliated, that can trigger an intense rage and acting out. they can be obsessional.
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if they obsess on feeli humiliated, they can engage in stalker like behavior. >> fellow contestant alex was up close and personal with chad in last night's two on one date. >> all of us had to experience this guy 24/7. most of us were hypersensitive to him and wanted nothing to do with him. >> a little scary watching chad on the bachelorette. the family doesn't seem to mind the publicity. in fact, chad's sister tiffany posted a message about her brother and late mother. she said, quote, mom would be thrilled to see her son on "entertainment tonight." there you have it. still ahead, secret agent sharon osbourne gets the real scoop on mariah carey's i dos. >> i'm in a bridal gown. then, glamorous and beyonce's on stage moment that had us saying, yeah, she's definitely human. plus, a fearless plus-sized the inspiring way she's embracing her 370-pound body.
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♪ now, are these stars glam or us? beyonce proving she's just like us with an on stage sneeze. on night one her new york city "formation" tour. very glam when an entire basketball stadium yelled bless you. but that's why she is the queen. adele caught slipping. we can definitely relate to adele in a comfy dress. wearing her hotel slippers outside. so very us. what's so glam? walkinggby your own poster while taking a stroll. next up, chrissy teigen's dessert break. like us, chrissy loves to snack and she got here eyes cream sandwich fix in new york city yesterday. only chrissy could look this glam in crop top while chowing down. finally, cameron diaz's dog day after non.
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at an l.a. pet store yesterday. stocking up on supplies for her four-legged friends. she was looking super casual in baggy jeans and sneakers, no makeup, yep. that is so us. one star who says you're never going to catch her shopping like that is mariah carey. it is work not fit for a music diva. besides, she has so much on her plate right now. a wedding, her vegas residency, a reality show. wanted to hear all about her glam life. we sat mariah down with our favorite daytime diva, sharon osbourne. [ laughter ] >> i'm a gown. >> okay, o so do you think that you've got time this y to actually -- >> do that? that's the goal. but -- >> i know. was it love at first sight? >> he was doing his stuff.
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i wasn't like on the prowl, you meet people. oh, this guy's really fun. it was nice. >> we all know she likes to call the shots, but will she when she gets married to billionaire businessman james packer. >> you're doing what you're doing, he does what he does, is he going to w the trousers? >> of course he'll wear his trousers. and i'll wear whatever i'm going to wear. [ laughter ] ♪ >> you're in amazing shape. >> likewise to you. but i've been working hard. >> you look amazing. >> you know, the funny thing, with me, i would always be like, oh, i gained weight. because i'm muscular. sometimes i don't even notice it.
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now i've been pretty consistent with this diet that i'm on. so i'm like, okay. ♪ >> that diet is working. she's never looked better. she's back at ceasar's palace with her "number one to infinity" residency. that continues through the summer. >> at first, i was like, three shows a week? like iter other night or something. but really -- >> you've got to rest that voice. >> what will never rest is always looking fab from head to toe. >> if i would have got the note about bringing sunglasses because these diamonds are like blinding me. >> they're my best friends. i had to bring them. >> the curtain will be pulled back. her docu series airs on e later this year. >> it's the most important event that's ever happened. >> it's really been kind of fun because i had an interesting yet great time on tour.
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so that's documented for me for the rest of my life. >> just how real is mariah's world. >> when is the last time you went grocery shopping? >> last time i went to a real grocery store? [ laughter ] grocery shopping. very bad lighting in the grocery store. have you not noticed it's fluorescent lighting? tell me you go to the grocery store. >> [ bleep ] no. >> exactly. so why [ bleep ] should i? >> that is exactly what i expected from a sitdown with sharon osborne and mariah carey. i'll go to the grocery store for both of y'all. we have so much more for you tomorrow. mariah takes us on a backstage tour of her vegas show. sh s opens up about taking her twins on the road. right now, michelle turner joins us with a woman guaranteed to make you smile because her videos are absolutely irresistible. >> so is she, by the way. we're talking about whitney thore. she tuuned fat shame into viral
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fame. that led to her own reality show that returns for a third season tonight. and a brand-new book with, i have to say, the best title of the year. ♪ >> where did you get the title for the book? >> obviously it's a suggestive title. it really is a perfect symbolic way to describe like my transition through life, you know, between being ashamed and living in the dark and finally not being afraid to be seen, for all of me to i do it all with the lights on. >> is it better? >> yes. >> unapologetic, calling herself fat instead of plus-sizedd in her book and her life, 370-pound whitney shares the courage to just be herself. >> at this point, it was like, what is so subversive or special or whatever about a fat woman dancing on the internet. ♪ for so long in my life, i've
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been complacent. i'm fat, fat is bad, that's it. all of a sudden, it's like a new world was opened up to me. and i found my life's purpose. >> after gaining more than 100 pounds, struggling an eating disorder, that purpose is helping others help themselves. >> you are turning it and >> i thhnk that everybody has an obligation to love their body right now in this moment. and it's not just the absence of body shame. it's a radical way to think that will change your life. >> werk, whitney. she does have a fella in her life. they've been dating nearly a year. my body, i'd like to use it. >> i like her. you go, gir
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>> it's all on travel consideration provided by -- before we go, we want to make sure you tune into skin wars tonight. our own samantha harris joins >> to see how brave they are, take the stage and stand there
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virtually naked, it is a tremendous thing for them to do. >> we all have to paint super fast today. >> the body paint brings out this strength that we s sometimes and fight to find. and then when we do, we stand up tall and we march on. >> she does a really good job at making that. >> couldn't believe how well she got me. it blew me away. >> you look amazing. >> that is amazing. >> bye, everybody.
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. summer done rite... beaches, parks, and roller coasters. unless, you never get there! so save time by shopping for everything you need at rite aid. like tide, pantene, bounty and crest. save big at your local rite aid today and save more time for sunshine. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news toda number one, bobby brown's explosive interview about whitney and bobbi kristina. >> what was the drug use at its height? >> the last few years of our marriage, it was terrible. >> why their marriage really
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ended. we're investigating all of bobby's bombshell c >> he spit onme. >> that never happened. then maria sharapova banned for doping. >> i did fail the test and i take full responsibility for it. >> how will this affect her $195 million empire? and number three, th honor prince on what would have been his 58th birthday. >> i just need your body baby from dusk 'til dawn. ♪ plus, our "insider" bonus. >> michelle collins is not returning to "the view." how do you feel about that? >> candace cameron bure sounds off. >> it's been quite a rotating panel of co-hosts. now, hollywood from the inside ou it's "the insider" together with yahoo! bobby brown's bombshell revelations last night to robin roberts.


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