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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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with suffocating her two children. have you ever known her to snap. >> no, nice, calm, person. nothing. >> reporter: broward county investigators say sophia heinz on wednesday smothered her three-year old little girl and seven month-old baby son saint lou owe heinz. both were pronounced dead where sophia was staying. police asked us not to identify 39 year-old since investigators have not located her father. anthony singleton is saint leo's father. >> she called me every five minutes, how is baby doing, how are kids doing. this is the, obviously, last thing would i expect her to do. i still don't believe it. >> reporter: sophia who is originally from jamaica was described as a devoted mother. family says they are puzzled and distraught over what happened. >> we just don't understand why. everything was just, boom, like we were accepting to the family and everything. we don't see any real problems where this could have happened. >> reporter: meanwhile anthony admits he was unaware of
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sophia's travel arrangements over last few weeks. >> she told me she was in new york, you know, i could not track her so i thought she was in new york. she was telling me she was in new york. i come to find out she was in florida. >> reporter: we have some brand new information, police telling our assignment desk that the three-year old in this case has been positively identified, after police were able to reach her father, she's identified as three-year old aerial heinz. now coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a strong message from anthony tonight, about how he forgives his wife, even after all of this, you will want to see that part of the story in an hour. the reporting live from the frankford section of the city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. it is official, president obama has endorsed presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton and before that announcement he had a meeting with the runner up bernie sanders but sanders is not stepping out of the race just yet. weijia jiang reports now from the white house. >> i am with her.
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>> reporter: president obama endorsed hillary clinton on thursday. >> i know how you hard this job can be, and that is why i know hillary will be so good at it. >> reporter: clinton campaign released this video less than two hours after president obama met with bernie sanders at the white house. two talked about sanders a progressive agenda that he has campaigned on throughout the election. >> these are the issues that we will take to the democratic national convention in philadelphia at the end of july. >> reporter: sanders promised to meet with clinton and talk about how to defeat donald trump in the general election, but he has yet to endorse clinton, himself. >> donald trump responded to the president's endorsement a tweet saying obama just endorsed crooked hillary he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. >> mr. trump, will you talk to us. >> reporter: trump spent part of the afternoon meeting with donors and republican leaders to discuss how to build a fund raising operation. >> how much do you think you
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need to beat clinton? >> the not as much as people think. >> reporter: through end of april clinton has raised trump by 150 million-dollar, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we're now just 46 days, from the start of the democratic national convention, here in philadelphia, and for more on the preparations, leading up to the convention, go to cbs those who are against the sugary drink tax in philadelphia say fight is not over. city council is fearing up for a final vote on a 1.5 cents per ounce tax, now. that is half of what mayor jim kenney proposed initially. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is at city hall with more information, alex? >> reporter: ukee, smaller cities have had similar measures but does so for health purposes but philadelphia has been made clear that the goal, it has been education and community improvements, but what has not been made clear is the plan. into the sixth month of the first term mayor jim kenney is pleased with the green light
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given to his plan that would make philadelphia the first major city in the u.s. with a tax on sweetened drinks. >> it came down to a compromise that i think is workable for everyone. >> reporter: at 1.5 cents a ounce the taxis half of what kenney thought but inclusion of the diet beverages brings projected revenue close to the goal of 95 million-dollar a year. why do you think that this hasn't worked in other major it is is. >> it wasn't tied to initiatives people could understand. >> reporter: not everyone does understand how enhancement to prek, parks, recreation centers and libraries will work. >> i'm concerned that we are rushing to get this done. >> reporter: city councilman david oh voted against the tax. >> i was asking even this morning does anybody know exactly what -- where money will be spent. >> reporter: late in the battle it was revealed that a portion of the sweetened beverage tax revenue will be diverted from prek and community projects to the cities fund balance. >> is there only 4 percent of the entire money that is expected to be raised so it didn't seem like it rose to
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the level of any type of, any type of discussion until soda companies raised it. >> reporter: but both sides of the argument have agreed that the causes noble. kenney told cbs news his prek plan will enroll eight to 10,000 children over the next four years. council will give their final vote this time next week, i'm told that the opposition could bring the total issue to court challenging the cities authorities in implementing such a tax. reporting from city hall, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. philadelphia police are looking for person who shot and critically injured a man in frankford this happened just before 1:00 in the 5300 block of charles street. police say they have found a 20 year-old man shot once in the head and once in the stomach, and neighbors said that she just got end home from work when she heard the shots and she saw police rushing to help him. >> they were saying stay with us, stay with us.
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he was just like that. he could not talk. it was really bad. >> the man was taken by police to aria torresdale hospital in critical condition, and in weapon has been found. the search is on for cause of the house fire that claim the life of a world war two veteran in point breeze, investigators say house was fully engulfed when fire fighters arrived on the 1700 block of taylor street this morning. they were unable to rescue the elderly man reportedly trapped on the first floor. neighbors identified the victim as benjamin boone, they called him bb and he lived in the house for decades. >> every time i get in the car, i parked the car in front of the door and my husband just said, you are not parking the car right? i said do you want to park the car. bb said you better park that car right. he was nice to him. >> officials say one key part of their investigation will focus on whether or not the home had working smoke alarms. the search is on for vandal caught on camera targeting the philadelphia
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district attorney's office in center city. police say suspect threw an object and shattered it off a window, at three south pen square earlier tuesday morning. if you recognize this suspect you are asked to contact the police. pennsylvania lawmakers joined families of the drunk driving victims to discussion act 33, that is the state's new ignition interlock law. here's how it works. first time offenders will be required to have an interlock system on their car for 12 months. if they want their driving privileges restored during a suspension period. the device permits the car from starting if the driver has chill on their breath. state senator john rafferty co sponsored the bill which was signed into law may 25th. >> it will keep our roadways safe, to make sure that if they are driving in their car they are sober, and people on the roadways will have a opportunity to meet their destinations, without someone, hurting them, or killing them.
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>> reporter: lawmakers say it will take a year for full implementation of the device which cost about a hundred dollars a month. thousands of fans gathered to day for a muslim prayer service in honor of the late muhammad ali, as kenneth craig shows us both celebrities and general public came together to say good bye. >> reporter: pallbearers escorted muhammad ali's casket into freedom hall for a muslim prayer service. his family sat in the viewing area while thousands strained to see as prayers and tributes were offered. >> i needed to normal ice this country, and then perhaps any other muslim in the history of the united states. >> reporter: she came with her entire family to be part of the event. >> i really wanted to see him when he was alive, i could not do that. i wanted to come here and pay my respects. >> reporter: others traveled to jerusalem, to pay his respects. >> he did so much in his life, to give love. >> reporter: today's service wasn't just for muslims but opened for people from all faiths and all walks of life
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just as ali wanted it. >> the whole atmosphere was peace and love and it was unity. >> reporter: more tributes are planned for friday in lieu louisville, thousands will line the streets, where the ali will be buried. public service follows. final farewell for a man admired by millions, around the world. in louisville, kentucky, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 it has been called a rare alert, f.d.a. comes under the health and human services but there is an investigation that may put the public at risk. another baltimore police officer, goes on trial, charged in the death of freddie gray, what prosecutors say on the first day of that trial. vittoria? we are teamwork, making the dream work here in ocean city, perhaps, lemonade stand, and we have to collect this money, here we go get that money all for alex lemonade
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stand, up next torey down the shore alex lemonade stand, tell them what time it is. >> break time. >> see you next.
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it is a really big day
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here at cbs-3, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of our alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon. it was alex scott's dream to raise money so one day no children would have to suffer with cancer and we are keeping it alive, jessica is in our great hall with volunteers and they are waiting for your call, jessica. >> ukee, thanks very much. this is what hope, looks like, the families who are here today, the volunteers here for day, energy is amazing and you can be part of it. 844-977 cbs-3. lets get those phones ringing. i want to introduce to you one of our favorite heroes here, mario carpino, his mom and their friender contact you have a whole new friend going. >> thank you. >> mario has stable brain tumors right now, how are you feeling right now. >> good. >> yeah, what is life like >> good. .
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>> your armies okay. you broke tonight gym. >> yes you are going to school. you are living a normal life, right. >> yes. >> and for you guys, to see him glowing up like a normal kid, you know, just break his arm in gym what is that like for you. >> it is great, i'm happy to see him achieve his goals and everything that he does, and he is stable. >> you guys have been a huge part of the alex lemonade stand foundation for years, you had a pretty big deal lemonade stand of your own. who stopped by. >> john bon jovi. >> john bon jovi, my friend, are you could go it this year. >> we are. >> tell us plans for that. >> our sixth annual lemonade stand is saturday june 11th at woolwich fire department in woolwich, new jersey. >> that is great. >> what do you have to say to people who don't know whether they should call or not, who are on the fence what do you say to them, look in that camera. >> make the call because people need to pay attention more to the sick and they need
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to get to help some kid. >> they need to help some kid. all of the heroes. >> yes. >> mario, thanks very much. thanks for being here. don. >> thank you. i love the hair due, that is pretty g keep the phones ringing, of course, number is 844-977-cbs-3. it takes a lot to put this tell-a-thon on and we need big time sponsors and we have them here. this one is ashley furniture, this is ron jones from ashley furniture. you guys, support this, year in and year out, why? >> well, ashley furniture we love giving back to the community. that is what this was. we have eight locations throughout the eastern, pennsylvania, south jersey, our new location, opening next week, don, next week, roosevelt boulevard, northeast philadelphia. >> yes. >> and we're excited about that. >> we have a new location, we're excited to have you here and we appreciate all of the support that you give for this event. also i want to ask you this, all right.
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i want to ask you about a little incentive you have for viewers at home, what would that be. >> we are giving away five, $100 gift card to the viewers at home, those who call in. so call into win gift card. >> and then go to that new location in northeast philadelphia as well. >> yes. >> ron jones, joining us here on the tell-a-thon. also, vittoria woodill is down the shore, ocean city, she always has something good for us, vittoria, what do you have. >> reporter: all good stuff here, don. all day long we have been here at rita's ninth street on the ocean city boardwalk with our team, our team here, this is brady, his sister unfortunately is, battling childhood cancer. his family all came out, and a lot of what we are doing today is, within partnership with the dan here, dan has been continuing to alex lemonade stand tradition here at rita's at ninth street. this is your third year to do it. why do you continue every year. >> this is such a great cause and i'm so happy to be part of
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it. it is amaze to go help these kid and the organization. >> yes. >> hasn't it been so awesome seeing these people running up wanting to help. >> it is wonderful. such a good feeling. >> we have been getting people contributing all day and it is really kid, friend, families of all ages that have been continuing to support the cause, alex lemonade stan. we are just feeling the love here, on the ocean city boardwalk. you will find people like kevin, you are dan's son helping out today what does this mean for to you be supporting this cause. >> it is really great that a lot of people came out to help support this cause. a lot of people donated. we have done well this year. >> we are doing great this year. good segway. i like how you did that, kevin because that brings us to how much so far have we raised, even within these past few hours. >> about half an hour ago it was about $656. >> $656. give me some up top for that. really give me some. it has been a great day so far
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here on the ocean city boardwalk, we're still collecting money. meet us down here and i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks very much. we will add that 650 and add it all to the grand total later on tonight. down the shore, sunny and breezy. >> a little breezy. there is one negative about today it is the wind but you cannot really complain about that today. >> no. >> temperature wise it is feeling fantastic. humidity wise feeling fantastic as well. dew points are well below what we expect to see in june and july, and that is just making it feel almost like fall outside, today, more of that on the way, at least until we heat up again starting this weekend. heat brings an increased chance for thunderstorms. lets get to the forecast, we will start off in bethlehem, bright, yellow sports car driving by, maybe they are in the alex lemonade stand spirit as well. live look, at main street from the hotel bethlehem looking beautiful in northampton county. that blue sky no problems
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outside, taking a quick look down the shore margate looks great, life guard boat rocking in the breeze there, windy day on the beach, a few people out on the beach, right now they have chairs down by the water, feeling nice, wind off the water makes you feel cooler, and rest of us, dealing with a northwesterly wind and that is keeping things on the cool side. notice storm scan three completely clear, nothing going on. we don't have any showers or thunderstorms to worry about. this next system will dive to the south. we have to wait until weekend when this system gets its act together a warm front could bring thunderstorms on saturday and that would be mainly in the afternoon. weekend all together looks pretty good but it will heat up. so if this is your kind of weather, this is my kind of weather, 70's with sunshine and low humidity, doesn't get much better. seventy-six in philadelphia we are at 77 in millville. cooler in wildwood at 73. allentown 72. mount pocono is in the 60's. you can see these wind, current wind sustained at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia, that is a gusty
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breeze. wind gusting up to 25 or 30 at times, so definitely not the best hair day out there walking around but that is only negative we have got. can't complain about that. lets look at this dew point measuring moisture content and what you want to look at verse relative humidity to find out what it feels like outside. so important at this time of the year. thirty-seven is dew point. notice our scale in the summer it starts in the 50's. when you get below 50, 50 is awesome, 40's is super awesome and 30's is just incredible, it feels fantastic outside right now. we will continue to feel that way heading in the day tomorrow. with very low dew point for friday. that will change. we are back in the humid range saturday and sunday before humidity gets cut again early next week. here's what it looks like tonight quiet, tomorrow quiet as well. wind do die down which goodies news. tomorrow is like today but even nicer, and this warm front will approach touring the day saturday. the mostly quiet but by four or 5:00 this line of showers and storms will move through and could be locally strong
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storms i'll talk more about that next half an hour. overnight clear cool less wind 53 degrees. friday looks great, sunny nice with low humidity. 79 degrees. again less wind then today, tomorrow is a stunner. not going to tell you today the day off or call in sick but if you have a personal day heading your way tomorrow wouldn't be a bad choice is all i'm saying. weekend looks good mid 80's. watch for that thunderstorm on saturday. warm and windy again. we will keep warming up or cool back down? that is the question in the seven day. we will be right back. >> kate bilo, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a beiber brawl caught on tape. >> the pop superstar allegedly started throwing punches and details behind the mala, don. okay. this is last day we will see eagles until late july, latest from mini camp and philly fanatic, verse donald trump, a political fight but potentially brewing here in pennsylvania, sports after
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don bell joins us now. we are getting so involved in all of these spats. >> that is what we do we stockpile picks. >> we're all about good young talent in this city and hopefully these guys turnout to be something, that is what it is all about. philadelphia's draft town. eagles had number two pick in the nfl draft, sixers will select first in two weeks but tonight, phillies have number one overall pick in the mlb draft. full coverage tonight at 11:00. meanwhile phillies fanatic may take his talent to washington d.c. pole powe conducted by public policy polling asked pennsylvanians who would you rather lead the country between donald trump or the philly fanatic. the fanatic with 46 percent of the vote, to trump's, 40 percent. we have reached out to the phillies and fanatic for comment, they said in comment, but the results, speak for themselves. i'm not saying just saying. last day of summer school
5:25 pm
for the phillies or should i say eagles, phillies are on my mind. this is final day before training camp starts in late july. players will scatter about the country and get ready foresees on, doug peterson had a message for his bird. >> just to get away, enjoy their families, enjoy time off, rejuvenate and recharge their batteries and come ready for a tough, physical training camp. >> oh, yeah. >> he is bringing tackling back to training camp. with chip it was a lighter, gentle will approach, we are going back to the andy reid school of football. >> that is right. >> it will be grueling. >> i love it all right. >> thanks, buddy. >> appreciate it. coming up next on "eyewitness news" huge progress fighting a debilitating illness. >> detecting a devastating disease, coming up a break through at rowan university in the fight against alzheimer's. plus, recall worries, the reason f.d.a. is under the microscope the way it the may be putting the public in
5:26 pm
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blood tests could detect early stages of alzheimer's disease, researchers develop the test, right here in our area. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30, hi everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. the south jersey's rowan university is making international headlines with their medical break through. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is on rowan's stratford campus with more details, cleve? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, so many people affected by alzheimer's and its progressive disease which means longer you go without a diagnosis the less the treatment helps.
5:30 pm
well, here at rowan researchers say their discovery for early detection can change lives and all it takes is a single drop of blood. >> neurons are dying in the brain, they generate debris. >> reporter: while trying to better understand alzheimer's effects on the brain researchers at rowan university school of osteopathic medicine may have created one of the most reliable methods for detecting the disease in the infancy. >> brain shrinks and you lose your memory and all of your ability to think. when the cell die, they, of course, generate the brain. >> reporter: by identifying which antibodies your body produce toss clean up diseased cells they found they can detect the disease presence way before symptoms start to show. in the case of alzheimer's up to ten years before memory loss. >> we got the idea then that we should be able to by sampling the blood, we should be able to detect them, detect brain antibodies. >> reporter: in the study of 236 subjects they were using micro bio markers on the glass side to detect 50 who have
5:31 pm
proven cases of alzheimer's with 100 percent accuracy. >> they glow green. >> reporter: others developed blood tests to detect alzheimer's but rowan's use of auto antibodies is unique as it could be used to detect other kidneys. >> kidney debris create kidney debris, cancers generate cancer debris. so we should be able to use this strategy to detect all of those diseases. >> reporter: the doctor says the discovery is truly revolutionary and could improve millions of lives. his own father died with alzheimer's and his mother-in-law suffers. pretty farrah long with alzheimer's too. so, we have to beat it, right? >> reporter: now that rowan has proven results on a relatively small scale they have to replicate tonight a much bigger sample size, with new subjects, and if they are successful there, they could be on the road to f.d.a. approval and marketing this test, within 18 months. now, of course, getting more funding for their research could speed up the process.
5:32 pm
in stratford i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. new report says f.d.a. is falling down on one of its most critical jobs: food safety. as ana warner reports a governmental auditor is a ineffective food recall procedures are putting americans at risk of illness and or death. >> i'm very concerned. >> reporter: auditors are reviewing 30 food recalls, between october 2012 and may 2015 but in the alert, layout two cases where they say consumers remained at risk of illness or death for several weeks after f.d.a. knew of potentially hazardous food. george netter is leading the audit. >> i think time that these recalls took were problematic, absolutely. >> reporter: the alert says in a salmonella out break in 2014 linked to nut butter investigators found it took 165 days from the date the problem product was identified to the date of the firm's voluntary recall. there were 14 illnesses in 11 states. during a listeria out break later that same year linked to
5:33 pm
cheese products, auditors determined a series of recalls took 81 days to complete. the at least nine people became ill including an infant who died and two pregnant woman lost their fetuses. >> if you are f.d.a. and you know as you say eight people are already ill are or have gotten ill, how many days would you expect? how many days would america expect them to take to figure out and get this product off the shelf? >> i think that we have traditionally done a very good job. >> reporter: the f.d.a. doctor steven osoff says thousands of recalls are handled successfully each year. >> for us to be able to do the trace facts and be able to identify how this all comes together, it takes a fair amount of time in some instances. >> reporter: f.d.a. is already maki in response to the inspector general's probe, setting up a high level internal review group, that can push for quicker action on recalls, when needed, and they told us that it is only third
5:34 pm
time he ace wear of in 27 years where investigators felt the need to issue such an alert. ana warner cbs news, silver spring, maryland. trial begins for the baltimore police office shore drove the police van transporting freddie gray. prosecutors say caesar goodson broke gray's neck by giving him a rough ride after being arrested and handcuffed. gray died from the injury a week later. the defense say gray's death was an accident. goodson chose a bench trial meaning a judge not jury will decide his fate. six officers were charged in connection with the case. goodson faces most serious charge, second degree murder. israelis leaving no stone unturned in the wake of the deadly shooting spree inside a tel aviv cafe. surveillance video captured people scrambling at two palestinian gunman opened fear yesterday. the attack left four israelis dead, police killed one shooter. the other is under arrest, along with the relative suspect of collaborating with the attacks. philadelphia rapper freeway, hoist known for hits
5:35 pm
with jay-z and others, spent the last nine months battling kidney failure but he is not letting that slow him down. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio caught up with the artist as he mentor the next generation of musicians. >> reporter: on sunday, this was where you could find freeway. >> ♪ >> reporter: opening for beyonce in front of the 50,000 fans, at the link. >> it was amazing, 50,000 people, screaming, every where, for your record. >> reporter: days later, freeway. >> this is a special day. >> reporter: went right back to where you find his heart. the north philadelphia bread rapper spent an evening, mentoring young musicians as part of the greater love productions music program in southwest philadelphia. he gave tips, listened, and coached, young performers. >> it is a drum, it makes you link it. >> reporter: because he knows what it is like to have a
5:36 pm
dream. >> i was a kid from l.a. and music was my passion worth worth freeway rose up on philly streets and was interest tuesdayed to jay-z where his career took off but last year he nearly lost it all with diabetes led to kidney failure. >> i'm not ashamed of it, you know, i just came from dialysis a few hours ago today. >> reporter: freeway has transformed lemons into lemonade and in the past six months he has been lauded for his patient advocacy work and release aid new album all while he waits for a new kidney. >> other people outing there go through what i'm going through, going through kidney failure or any element that is affecting you, it is not the end of the world. >> reporter: inspiring the next generation. >> ♪ >> reporter: to keep on going, and dream big. in southwest philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep it up. pop star justin beiber got in the fist fight in cleveland
5:37 pm
and it is all caught on cell phone video. ninety-second clip posted by tmz. you can see singer standing face-to-face with the man much bigger then he is. it is unclear who swung first but fight ended with beiber and other people on the ground. this whole dust up happened last night at a downtown cleveland hotel, according to tmz beiber was in town for game three of the nba finals between cavilers and warriors. veterans are getting a helping hand in delaware county today. dozens came out to learn more about benefits and services available to them. "eyewitness news" at east lansdowne boro hall. financial, housing and health organizations taking time to assist vets. it was hosted by margot davidson. >> it is not just for veterans but also for veterans and their families. their families are welcomed to come here and get information that may help a veteran in their life. >> in many cases veterans were able to apply for services, at the fair. still to come on
5:38 pm
"eyewitness news" tonight, is that smart phone affecting your job? it might not come as a surprise but the answer is different depending on who you ask. the new survey about the distractions in the work place. >> lets take a live look now, this is our great hall volunteers hard at work raising money to fight childhood cancer. more special guests from our tenth annual alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon.
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
so are smart phones good or bad for business. >> it turns out bosses and workers have different answers when it comes to this question. the thousands oz have people on both sides, were surveyed by career builder and 75 percent of employers say they lose two hours of productivity, per worker, per day, due to distractions. bosses say top distraction is,
5:42 pm
a smart phone. >> when i check facebook message that is from work i then find myself checking other facebook messaging. i'm ratting myself out. >> two hours can go in the blink of an eye when you checkup dates and see what people are up to. >> that boss changed the rules to limit use of smart phones, the survey found most workers 90 percent believe smart phones do not decrease their productivity. singer/song writer ed sheeran is being sued for 20 million-dollar over a photograph. two composers say photographs sound awfully similar to their song called amazing, recorded by matt cardle. composers claim two songs are nearly identical in pitch, tempo and structure. >> i like photograph. >> listen to them both. >> still to come our special day here continues. >> we need phones to ring in our great hall as we are taking donations to help fight childhood cancer, more from our tenth annual alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon when we come right
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today we are standing for
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hope, raising money for alex lemonade stand foundation. alex scott wanted to hold lemonade stand to raise money for her doctors, so one day, there would be no childhood cancer. today, we hold a stand, in her honor and we need your help. ukee is live in the great hall where volunteers are waiting for your call, ukee? >> jessica, absolutely right, we are fighting childhood cancer. we are in it to win it. but we want you to be on our team to help us, win this fight. some of you may be just coming home, might be coming home from school, take a moment, pick up your phone and give us a call, give us a call. you know the numbers very easy, 1.844.977.cbs3. we have lot of people on the phones waiting for your call right now. lets take a look at them we want to thank everybody who is here. we want to thank volunteers on the phone, ashley furniture, northwestern mutual, five below, souderton high school, red alert students from tv production staff, everybody, everybody, thank you so much. but i see your hands clapping
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i want -- there is a phone, we need you to pick up the phone and hopefully we will get a call very, very soon. thanks so much for what you do. let's bring it back over here. so many students get involved, with the project, students and schools from around the tri-state area, delaware valley. i'm with a group of great students along with jay, and deslynn long you are the representative from j hampton moore elementary. give it up for jay hampton moore in the the house. >> wow, wow. >> and this is all about thank you letters, tell us about what you all did. >> we all wrote letters to mr. t how we were going to help fight childhood cancer. and we raised a lot of money at our fundraiser that we had in our school yard. >> what was your letter. >> my letter was about how my
5:47 pm
family has been affect buy a lot. my mom, aunt had it and stuff, i just wanted to find a cure for it. >> don't we all. >> you have the letters in your hand. this must have moved to you no end. i saw a couple. this is a nation. >> it is amazing. i visited this school. somebody who is a reporter here went to this school, pat gallen, and these kid are great, amazing, and i had a great time there. >> if you have a check down there. >> yes. >> tell me about that. what do you have. >> we have raised $2,600. >> wow, wow. >> jay hampton nicely done, over $2,000. how are you doing in school, d. >> i'm good, very good. >> i heard that. talk to me, man. that is very good. thank you very much. on behalf of the entire foundation student, everyone, teachers, than very much. give us love when we come back. my man, don, over to you. >> my man. ukee, thank you. of course it takes great sponsors to make something
5:48 pm
like this happen. we are joined by good people at tri state toyota dealers association, and he has been with this thing from the very beginning. why are you so dedicated to this cause. >> look at these kid, how could you not be. we all live and work in this area. i was raised here. kid, grand kid, you look at these kids you cannot not get involved and we're thrilled to do it. we are absolutely excited about doing this every year. anything we can do to help we're more than happy. >> this man is very passionate about this, we were talking about it off camera. you have incentives for viewers at home what sit. >> we do. we have four club level seats to the philadelphia union, we have an autographed bat signed by phillies odubel herrera, flyers poster signed by the captain and starting line up of the philadelphia flyers, what you need to do call in, get some of this stuff, spend some money. >> going heavy with the sports, right in my heart, i love it. >> good stuff, paul muhler joining us here. the numbers don't forget
5:49 pm
1.844.977.cbs3. now we will go over to jessica and kate. >> all right, don, very good. hopefully those phones will keep, ricking. the in the meantime let's get the forecast with katie. >> what a beautiful day it turned out to be. we have had iffy weather sometimes for stand for hope but today, perfect. >> um-hmm. >> lets take you outside to what it looks like in the city. been a beautiful day. breezy. but look at that deep blue sky, you cannot beat a day like today. again hair might get blown around, we cannot complain about a day like. that put it up in the pony tail and head outside. enjoy low humidity while we have it. we are checking back with our weather watchers and i have a weather watcher in the studio, nine year-old reese, who is here and she wants to be a meteorologist. she's here for a tour. i asked her to help me with the weather watcher. tap that screen. all right pick a weather watchers. >> all right. >> 75 degrees. that is greg mccoy, 75, sunny,
5:50 pm
beautiful. close that one, pick someone else for me. >> there we go, she's good at this. seventy-three, david mitchell in norristown lets see what david has to say. clear, wonderful weather. david enjoying alex lemonade as well. let's pick one more. that is i good number. 80 degrees. this is walt inner newark delaware. eighty with sunshine. do you like weather like this. >> yes. >> you sure do. the lets look at is what willing on, thank you to my friend for helping me out. we will take you down the beach patrol headquarters in margate, looks great, cape may courthouse looking beautiful as well. there we go loaded up, blue skies across the region. look at storm scan three across nation and you can see everything is fantastic out there. high pressure in control. big heat wave happening across the midsection but we're on the eastern edge of that and everything is looking g we have got sunshine, low humidity, comfortable temperatures, our next storm is way back to the west, that
5:51 pm
is not going to impact us until saturday, so in the meantime we have cool, comfortable, delightful weather on the way, through tonight and into the day tomorrow. when you wake up tomorrow in the lower 50's 50 in allentown 567893 morning low in philadelphia 41 in mount pocono. 52 degrees over in reading. another morning where you will want to put sweat shirt on. my kid were fighting me on the sweat shirts this morning but you need it when you step outside. temperatures in the 50's, sometimes 40's in the afternoon. make sure you have a secondary layer because it will be nice and warm. temperatures in the upper 70's to near 80 but with that very low humidity. then saturday is when this warm front will be draped across the region. it will have enough uplift, more humidity to produce afternoon thunderstorms, sunday we will clear that out, once this front comes through in the afternoon we will feel wind pick up, sunday still warm but cool air moves back in starting on monday. we will talk about the severe threat on saturday, yellow shaded area does include philadelphia and many suburbs. shore is in a marginal risk
5:52 pm
for yellow indicating a slight risk of severe weather. better than average risk, hit or miss thunderstorms. they won't be every where. we are looking at 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. time frame from north to south. strong gusty wind with anyone of these storms and hail is possible as well. so saturday is a day people will be outside at the pool, temperatures in the 80's, maybe little league games. we still have make up games forever but keep an eye to the sky if you are outside. clear cool, less wind 53 degrees. and for tomorrow doesn't get much better on a june friday then this. seventy-nine, sunny and nice with low humidity. here's the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, all and all it is looking fantastic. saturday afternoon storms warm, windy on sunday and windy on monday as well but humidity will drop again. friday and monday kind of bookending warmer more humid weekend. tuesday, sunny comfortable in the as windy chance for thunderstorm wednesday but notice no major heat in the forecast and beside thunder
5:53 pm
storms saturday we are dry right through the middle of next week, ukee and jessica back to you. good job. >> excellent work. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will continue to ask for your help in the fight against childhood cancer. >> another live look from our great hall where volunteers are had at work for tenth annual alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon, phone lines opening right now. make a donation by calling 1.844.977.cbs3. 1.844.977.cbs3. >> we will be right
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
well come back to our tenth annual stand for hope, tell-a-thon, i have the best job, here because i get to stand in front of the very large check with some very good looking people and we're joined by jen, from five below and how about this, look at what you are carrying. >> unbelievable, almost 50 heavy to carry right now but you we're so happy to announce this year five below has raised over $780,000 for childhood cancer research. >> that is absolutely, outstanding, raise this upright here so we can see it for camera, 780 plus thousand dollars, that is ridiculous and tremendously love this. want to remind you, you can get on the phones and make a donation, number is 1.844.977.cbs3 and also, you can texan automatic 10-dollar donation lemonade cbs to
5:58 pm
85944, message rates may apply. so there we are making some money all good stuff, jen. back to you in the studio. >> that is great. thanks, don. >> i like them working the phones. >> yes. >> always a good sign. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a road rage suspect taken in custody and eyewitness pews was there as state police brought him n what troopers are saying about that incident tonight. there are new developments about contaminated water in montgomery county and how governor tom wolf is now getting involved. and our tenth annual alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon is underway we're talking with heroes who battled childhood cancer, and the families whose lives were forever changed and right now on
5:59 pm
"eyewitness news" a man is in custody in connection with the road rage shooting, that happened on i-95 in philadelphia. hello, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica keen. that shooting happened tuesday and suspect was brought in by state police earl ter day. greg argos joins us from belmont state police barracks in wynfield heights with more, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica and ukee. state police making the arrest this morning as you mentioned two days after that alleged road rage incident on i-95 north bound and investigators say this all started because of a tip that came in through crime stoppers. >> we took him in cuss todd toy day. >> reporter: pennsylvania state the police arrested three three-year old anthony thomas gilbert on thursday. man wanted in connection with the road rage incident, which could have turned deadly. >> someone was driving 95 northbound in the left lane of travel just north of the girard point bridge. at that time, the suspect vehicle approached him from the rear at a high rate of speed. victim heard what he said was
6:00 pm
a gunshot. as soon as he heard gunshot he felt something, that was striking his vehicle will, and we believe a bullet, struck and struck the right rear, area. >> reporter: sergeant james hen again says the victim provided a description of the suspect and car. that led to a tip which led to gilbert's arrest. >> through a sketch and through vehicle description this person was possibly involved in another incident that the person called in a tip about. >> reporter: state police are looking into whether or not gilbert is tied to another incident while asking stressed drivers to use common sense, while dealing with problems on the roadways. >> this is a dangerous situation, people are getting upset, by the way someone else is driving, way to handle it is not full auto gone. >> state the police say they have turned over the case to the district attorney's office. the right now charges still pending. we are live from wynfield heights, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. developing right now a septa bus s


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