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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> hollywood says good-bye to the greatest. >> we lived the perfect exam of how a human being is supposed to live a life. >> will smith a pallbearer. billy crystal's emotional eulogy. >> then j.lo breaking baby news. >> do you think you want to have more >> plus what made rihanna bar at her own body guard and how is brad pitt still this h >> looking at my booy and then going to go whoa, whoa, whoa. >> now for june 10th, 2016 th is entertainment tonight.
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it is says muhammad ali was the most famous man in the entire world and today the world said good-bye to the legend. >> thousands turned out in louisville to pay their final respects to the greatest. >> what does it mean to be here today to celebrate the champ's life. >> absolutely beautiful. the outpouring of love. i learned a really valuable lesson about the moment at the end of the life illuminates how it was lived. >> will smith was serious and respectful as he carried ali's casket during the hearse but later he was smiling calling today a celebration of ali's life. he spoke with me just before
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today's service. >> we lived the perfect example of how a human being is s to live their life. >> will played the champ in the oscar nominated ali. at the movie's premiere he told us about ali's impact. >> we found that every place in the world that we went all you have to do is say muhammad ali's name and you're doing something for or with ali and people are excited. >> what does this evening mean to you? >> she said when she watched you in ali there were times she forgot she was watchin she thought she was watching her dad. what is a compliment like that? >> it's humbling to be here with the family. we all sat around and for about an hour we all just told the stories. >> will and his wife jada were by other celebrities paying their respect. reba mcintyre, spike lee and
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whoopi goldberg. he's expected to tell mourners about his bond that goes back decades. only e.t.'s cameras were behind the scene at the rehearsal of a tv schedule celebrating his 50th birthday party. he was famous for his impersonations of the champ. >> i am now muhammad ali. >> he was a tremendous hero for all of us because he stood up to what he believed in. >> the greatest means nothing mister if you cannot be free. >> he always believed in being who he was and that is a great lesson for anyone in life. >> the things illuminated today was his love and his heart and love for people of all race and
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c ittwas beautiful. >> he was the greate we'll have so much more tonight on muhammad ali. we sit down with laila for childhood memories of the champ and how he really felt about little girl ecoming a boxer. >> the emmy nominations will be here before you know it on july 14th and time to start right now. >> drive down hollywood boulevard and see all the billboards asking for emmy consideration and i was with
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jennifer lopez last night as sh shined light on her tv series shades of blue. jennifer sizzled in pink. she jetted to l.a. straight fro her vegas residency to talk shades of blue. >> we start filming the first episode of season 2 next wednesday. so i know stuff that's going to happen. it's so intense already. i'm like vegas. it's a lot. >> and they just go hand in hand. hot primetime series, sold out performances, sexy love life and pdorable twins >> you always have something going on. it's so true. are you going to take a break this summer? maybe vacation plans? >> no, that's over. right after idol wrapped i had like two or three weeks a little vacation already for the year. >> so just one vacation a year but what about more kids? >> max and emmy are getting so
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big. >> they are. they are so big and so amazi and happy. >> as they grow up, does it make you think you want to have more? >> yeah. i wish i could have a lot more. i wish -- i don't know if it's in the cards for me but it's something that i would love to do. >> don't think j.lo is slowing down any ti she will be spending a lot of her time on stage and continuing her residency in vegas at planet hollywood. if you haven't seen that show you want to check it out. >> time to get you up to speed. firss up in tonight's know and tell. >> yesterday at lax the 62-year-old is looking fine and in nearly all white and even they have noticed. fred just wrapped shooting a movie and seems carefree arriving from his other home new orleans but his guard is n down. 1, 3, 4, 5 guys protecting pit. next rihanna versus her body guard. >> you look good. >> last night she left dinner in
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santa monica in this super expensive floral kimona and maintained her cool. her body guard frank stepped right in. come on, man. away from the car please so frank is overprotective but we were shocked at her response. >> frank, calm down. he's not beating me. >> not exactly something we thought we would hear seven years after the chris brown incident and speaking of broon was detained today in amsterdam after taking his motorcycle out for a spin without a license plate. he was fined $500 and released and shared it all on instagram. >> didn't go to jail. that's ama >> now to chrissy teigen's bedroom battle. she captured this. she has to use the bathr john legend is fast asleep on her. she goes super stelth moving his arm. get sleep when you can. finally is kate middl
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staging the queen? horns, candles, helicopters, london went all out today for her majesty's 90th birthday celebration and the dutchess didn't disappoint. she rocked baby blue with prince william kicking off three days of belated birthday festivities. but who wore the color better? camila was also in a similar hue. either way kate loved her blue. she killed it last night showing shoulder in this jewel tone with a royal price tag. >> all right. now let's move on to something bii headed to theaters. jack houston stars in the reimaging. so i travelled all the way too rome italy to see how they're upping the ante with this new version starting with an amazing
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reimmging of that race. >> it's like when people say respect the sea. you have to be very aware of it. >> it took jack houston two seconds to realize racing with up to 32 horses at 40 miles per hour was seriously dangerous. >> xplain what it feels like to race a chair yot? -p>> nothing has no suspension. everything hits. you feel everyt the whole thing is shaking like crazy. >> there's only so much you can do with horses. they're such incredibly detailed to pastes. it's obviously very diffi sooas much as possible we're trying to keep it real. >> to capture the scene where he battles it out for his freedom microphones were attached to record the sound of pounding hoves and cameras in the sand. >> by the time the movie comes out this will be four stories high.
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it will be full of 100,000 screaming people. we are ready to race. >> but it's not just the action scenes. authenticity was constructed with care. >> this is the tent and that i morgan free dam'' character. he's the man that teaches him how to race chair yots. it is a real moroccan tent and made of camel hair. i wish you could be here to get a whiff. >> as far as animal sme there's been a lot of foul smelling animals around us. >> the camel smell in here is pretty -- >> strong. >> that camel smell wassbrutal but do you know who lives the life on the set? the horses. there were 600handelers for the 80 horses and for every chairiot team they had 12 in the mix in case they got tired or anybody needed a rest. how do i get that deal? >> up next kevin heart and
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dewayne johnson. >> you know this voice i can do it right now. >> then belting out tunes with barbara streisand. inside her studio with anne hathaway and daisy riddley. >> the fifth indiana jones movie prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store.
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are the next big comedy teem. >> you used to be fat. >> never going to get it. never going to get it. >> in central intelligence dewayne's chubby cia agent teamed up at their high school
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reunion, to what else? save the world. >> are you ready? let's go. >> i said no. >> who was more popular in high school in real life? >> 100%. the most popular kid. >> a cool guy. >> true story. look it up. >> i can't argue with that. he was funny in high school and cool in high school. here's the truth. i was more popular. >> it's 200 pounds. >> six hours a day every day for the last 20 years straight. >> this is an important question, who is thinner? >> let's talk about it. he gets up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. he's crazy. he's a maniac.
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but here's the thing, when it comes to working >> i'm very much -- looking at my body it's something that you look at and go whoa, whoawhoa. >> i want that. >> it's what people think. >> yeah. >> what are you talking about? >> we are in the process. >> what they didn't say is that they're already shooting a remake of the robin williams movie jumanji and that sho out next year. >> our new interview with lala ali, a daughter says her last good-bye. >> getting through it right n >> plus barbara streisand's new music project. teaming up with movie stars.
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and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. we have more from muhammad ali's funeral. i'm talking to his daughter. how does he feel about her not following his muslim faith? my next stop is new york city and the tony awards. barbara streisand will be there for the first time in 46 years. i said 46 years. but she is in a broadway state
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of mind. ♪ >> yes that's ray from star wars sharing the mike with barbara. >> i said can we sing and she said yeah i can sing. >> also singing the classic from a chorus line a very pregnant anne hathaway. ♪ >> when anne came into the studio i was so happy to looking radiant and glowing. no make up. it was the beauty of a woman about to give birth to a child. >> the song is on the upcoming album recorded at a malibu studio. >> i wanted to work with women. so i have to have good actresses
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that can sing. ♪ >> to be recording wiih barbara streisand is pretty insane. >> barbara being barbara. she directed the session to make sure that everything is perfect. >> i don't want to see you smiling. >> okay. ♪ >> beautiful. thing of beauty. >> i was as nervous being directed by her as i was singing with her but she was great because everything she was saying i knew exactly what she wanted. i went from being like oh i can't do it so oh yeah, and it
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works out. >> i don't know what to say. they dade maizing together. hugh jackman, jamie foxx and melissa m we showed you all the stars that showed up for muhammad ali's funeral. i sat down with his daughter that said she would have used to the fact that she would share her father with all of his celebrity friends. >> i mean one of the things that i found so kind of heartwarming and endearing is to hear from all the a list celebrities how they were reduced when they would interact with your father. >> i'm not surprised. i don't think my father is surprised at the love for him.
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it's always been there. my father was so much more than just an athlete. he was not only the greatest boxer in the world but one of the greatest men in the world. everything he did came from courage and love and peace and those are the things that as humans we strive to be. >> for so many people he was a hero, he was a mentor. he was all of these things. how do you share him with all of us? >> well, you have no choice. when it comes to my father and sharing him i have been doing it since i was a young child. people have told me how much they love my father and they have been sad about him having parkinson's but he never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him and he still got out and he did his humanitarian work and touched
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people the way he always ha even without words. >> one of the things that sticks out most to me is the picture you posted of you when you were a baby and hi when you look at that picture and you look at that little girl, what do you say to her? >> i know that my father and i have a special connection. we all had a connection with our father but mine unlike any other because we both did the same thing. we both have opinion hit upside the hit and hit some people upside the head. it's a whole different thing. i'm coming behind him. none of his kids box and here i come. the last one, right? and he didn't want me to embarrass him which i diin't and he didn't want me to get hurt which i didn't. he was very proud. >> that has to be peaceful for you now knowing that he was very proud of what you did and you were paying homage to him by
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following in his footsteps. >> i would say my father would be most proud of me because i do what's in my heart just like i did. even though i chose at a young age, i don't want to be a muslim. that was a big problem. that's everything that he stood for. i don't want to be a muslim. but he respected me for that because that's what he did. and that's what we want all be people to do. we're going to miss him but, you know, it's time to say good-bye. >> you'll always remember this that muhammad ali said, he who is not brave enough to take a risk will accomplish nothing in life. he accomplished so much. >> the greatest. he will never be forgotten. we'll be right back.
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store for the next super hero movie. >> plus justin bieber shares
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another selfie after his fight. after seeing this post. >> it's all at e.t. >> travel consideration provided by. >> celebrating an e.t. birthday faith evans is 43, elizabeth hurry is 41 and kate upton is 24. >> have a great weekend everybody. >> bye bye. >> monday on e.t. we're at the tony awards with host james corden. the backstage moments you didn't see. that's monday.
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sir, this alien life form at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> the insider tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, thousands gather in kentucky to say good-bye to muhammad ali and the me every angle covered. >> it's almost like one of those blowout things.
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>> inside the network insanity as we flash back to our time in louisville with the champ. >> then we're in new york with music's heavy hitter who was inducted into this year's song writers hall of fame. >> this is everything. this is the real award. >> and number three, oprah, streisand, gordon, what t expect from the biggest tony awards ever. >> i hope it's going to be good. i hope i don't let the whole thing down. >> plus our insider bonus. #bring back nashville. >> it's that roller coaster. >> juliet rayna and deacon are coming back. we have the off screen drama. >> even though it's not the highest rated drama it has a loyal fan base. >> hollywood from the inside


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