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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 11, 2016 2:07am-2:36am EDT

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. right now at 11:00, the world says good-bye to the greatest. from the streets of louisville kentucky to a pack arena. how to to say pay their respects to muhammad ali. tonight, hear from philadelphia native will smith. what he remembers about the boxing legend. it's been a beautiful friday but things change for the weekend. we're tracking storms for your
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saturday and some could be severe. i'll tell you about the timing and ingredients of the storms we'll be watching tomorrow. first, accusations of sexual assault against eagles wide receiver nelson agholor. centered around a south philadelphia gentlemen's club. charges have not been filed yet in this case, tonight we're hearing from agholor's attorney. what police are saying about this investigation. good evening, greg. >> reporter: ukee, right now, the police department special victims unit is investigating allegations of a sexual assault, which allegedly took place here in south philly at the cheerleaders gentlemen's club involving a philadelphia eagles player. >> friday afternoon, philadelphia police detectives entering cheerleaders gentlemen's club in south philadelphia. one day after eagles wide receiver nelson agholor is
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accused of sexual assaulting a dancer. >> our special victim unit is investigating that alleged incident which includes interviewing witnesses, looking for video surveillance or anything of that nature. >> reporter: police say the dancer is 27 years old. the alleged sexual assault happened around 3:00 thursday. police are not formally naming 23-year-old agholor a pepper of interest. >> we're not releasing a name of any individual from the eagles organization. we cannot do that simply because no one has been charged with anything. >> reporter: however, sources tell cbs3 eagles wide receiver nelson agholor and at least one other player were at the club. but only agholor is being investigated. in statement the eagles organization also indicates agholor is at the center ofs this alleged sexual assault. quote, we are aware of the police investigation involving nelson agholor. the organization has been in contact with nelson and with the proper authorities in philadelphia because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment.
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>> we have to wait for everything to come out. >> reporter: eagles nation buzzing about the allegations. many fans say it's too early to make judgment about what may have happened. >> let the investigation happen and develop before anything happens. >> i think that a person is innocent until found guilty. >> it's a good idea to hear both sides of the story. i feel like you never know. but the more facts, the better. >> reporter: agholor has retained philadelphia attorney fortunato perry junior. i spoke with him and he states nelson has not been involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever. this case still ongoing. we're live in south philadelphia, greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you for that. here's what's happening not far from you on northbound i95 a massive car fire is tying up traffic near the broad street exit. this is video from the traffic
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camera before firefighters got to the scene. you can see drivers are carefully making their way around those flames. so far, no injuries have been reported. saying good-bye to the greatest. family, friends and fans pay tribute to muhammad ali during a moraled service in his hometown of louisville kentucky. natasha brown has the story of those who eulogize having the gathering of thousands laughing and crying. >> ali, ali. >> reporter: muhammad ali was considered american royalty. fitting hearsay traveling along a never ending bed of rose pedals. it was a scene fit for all a king. thousands tossing roses for a final touch of the man who touched so man lives. >> it is far more difficult to sacrifice oneself in the name of peace than to take up arms and pursuit of violence. >> reporter: reporters from hollywood celebrates and world
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leaders to hometown fans packed the service to honor the boxing legend. his wife lonny addressing the crowd. >> even in death muhammad has something to say. >> reporter: they talked to will smith on his way into the service. >> the outpouring of love. i learned a valuable lesson about how the moment, end of a life illuminates how it was lived. >> reporter: will smith played the boxing great in the oscar nominated film ali and served as a paul bearer at the funeral. >> he lived a perfect example of how a human being is supposed to live. >> reporter: bill clinton affectionally reflected on the boxing championship, humanitarian and close friend. >> i will always think of muhammad as a truly free man of faith. it is the choices that muhammad
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ali made that have brought us all here today. >> reporter: it spiraled along the 23 mile journey from the funeral home to the cemetery where he was buried in a private service. we're live in the stat center, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you for that. and another sports legend has pass on, hockey fans are mourning the loss of mr. hockey, negotiated howe, the hall of famer had been under hospice care. he holds nfl records for games played and seasons in the league, his 801 goals second to within a. his son mark you remember played for the flyers. negotiated howe was 88. the heat and humidity are about to make a come back and with that, the chance of severe weather. kate bilo is tracking storms as we head to the weekend. . today was beautiful and it's a shame we can't keep this weather but we're tracking a
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line of strong storms that are moving through the great lakes tonight and may impact us for our saturday. you can see right now skies are clear. it is a beautiful night outside. as we zoom up towards the great lakes you can see where the storms are. thankfully they have weaken add bit in the past several hours. we're not seeing real watches or warnings. you can see this line of storms over portions of michigan and into wisconsin and this is the same system that will be impacting us through tomorrow. temperatures are still in the mid 60's in philadelphia. 66 in wilmington and 59 degrees in reading. we're going to head toward 90 tomorrow and after a stray morning shower, the time frame to watch out for, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., a awake that down by region coming up. tell you what to expect with these storms and what to expect for the rest of the weekend as well. ukee? >> records unsealed, now never before seen documents could shed light on how much was known about the child sexual abuse allegations against jerry is
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sandusky. joe holden is at city hall right now with new information. joe? >> reporter: good evening the whole point of all of this is to try get a better scope of a timeline for this scandal. it is claimed it could reach back to the 70's. newspapers across the commonwealth just about a month ago filed for a judge to unseal all of this. i can tell you tonight there's some stiff opposition to that happening. >> a philadelphia judge late friday ruled insurance settlements between jerry sandusky's victims and penn state will be made public. what's expected in these documents? legal experts say they could provide a detailed snapshot of how long penn state higher ups including joe paterno allegedly knew of improper conduct. newspapers across the state challenge the courts to unseal the records after an allegation leaked out last month where it was claimed a student complained in the 1970s to coach paterno of inappropriate contact by sandusky. >> the only way to move the university forward is to put
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this matter behind the university. >> tom klein who represented one of sandusky's victims forcefully spoke out against this move. >> the victim are the ones who are caught in the middle. the victims are the ones who become the focus. >> reporter: the courts have said any release of information will not include victims' names. the late coach's son scott paterno took to twitter writing about the unvetted allegations, quote, claims uncorroborated, unsubstantiated claims. let's see what they said under oath. klein said the release of the information is another unnecessary placement of the microphone. >> there is an unending interest in finding out every last detail for the sake of finding out every last detail. >> of course, the full picture yet to emerge is unknown. some legal analysts say it could be a mess of a puzzle. others say it could just be pure speculation trying to tie one
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end to the other. this is due out. reportering outside city hall joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." last night we told you about a vicious attack on the schuylkill river trail in philadelphia. tonight, police have made an arrest. 29-year-old i as any cheeseboro of elmwood is facing aggravated assault for thursday afternoon attack. he/add 24-year-old woman across her forehead with a sharp object. she was treated for three inch long cut at a local hospital. a pizza delivery man shot execution style during a robbery in southwest philadelphia is out of the hospital tonight. he was shot in the back of the head near 59th and beaumont streets on monday. two suspects took the victim's wallet and got away in his car before leaving the car, a few blocks away. amazingly. even after being shot, the 34-year-old had enough strength to search for help. >> lady took my shed's put my
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shirt where i'm bleeding and stopped some other car before the cop got there. >> those two suspects are still on the loose tonight. tense moments at a busy u.s. airport caught on camera. still ahead what led police to open fire outside a baggage claim. helping veterans when they return from the war. how one local group plans to crews nature to help them transition back to every day life. and the date is set when the new revel will open its doors and why you don't have access to the entire resort. kate is busy tracking a line of storms, she'll t
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. give you detain on the developing story, a car fire on northbound i95. you can see the fire department. gathered around chopper 3 is live. traffic is stopped in both
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directions near the broad street exit. earlier the vehicle was engulfed in flames. drivers have to carefully make their way around those huge flames that were there earlier. so far, no injuries have been reported. but the fire department is on the scene and seem to have that under control right now but traffic in that area, if you know anyone coming from that area, hit them up on the cell phone let them know it's going to be a very slow go. tonight, we are getting a look at the tense moments leading up to a shooting at love field airport in dallas. police say it began with a domestic disturbance between a couple outside the baggage terminal. a man was seen using a traffic cone and rocks to damage a car parked there. soon police arrived with weapons drawn. of investigators say the man advanced toward an officer with a large rock when he was shot. his condition is unknown tonight. no one else was hurt. the incident remains under investigation. gawker media has filed for bankruptcy protection following a very costly legal battle in march a jury ordered the website
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to pay pro where he isler hulk hogan $140 million in damages in an invasion of privacy lawsuit. last month, it was revealed that silicon valley billionaire peter teal funded hogan civil suit in apparent retribution for publishing a story about his sexual oration. the company agreed to put itself up for sale. democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump are clashing on the campaign trail in the nation's capitol tonight. clinton spoke about abortion rights at the national concentration of planned parenthood. she says trump would roll back options for women. meanwhile trump spoke to at a gather of evangelical christians. criticized her domestic and foreign policy. they're attacking each other as the general election takes center stage. >> donald trump would take us in the wrong direction on so many issues we care about. economic justice, workers writes, civil rights, human rights, the environment. of all of that is on the line in this election.
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>> hillary clinton has totally jeopardied national security by putting her e-mails on a private server all to hide her corrupt dealings. this is the reason she did it, folks. >> bernie sanders is home in vermont and did not hold events today. he has voweled to stay in the democratic race right into the convention here in philadelphia next month. first daughter melee obama is a high school graduate. she graduated in northwest dc. after today's ceremony the obama family went oh lunch. there was no media coverage of the graduation. earlier the president predicted he would be sitting there with dark glasses sobbing. malia will take a gap year before enrolling a the harvard in the fall of 2017. in london queen elizabeth's birthday were held when she turned 90 in april. in addition, three days of public events are held in june by royal tradition.
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today, a car itch took her to st. paul's cathedral for service with family and dignitaries. there will be a street party for some 10,000 people. a local church is working to provide a retreat like setting for veterans having a tough time after returning home from the war zone. amazing grace ministry is just purchased a 267 acre plot of land along a lake in franklinville gloucester county. they plan to build cabin size houses for veterans. pastor and veteran donnie davis said this could provide the peace full setting they need. >> there's sue many guys in gloucester county that need a place to stay. at 300 square foot house. provides all the basics, kitchenette, living room, bedroom. >> they hope to build 60 houses by the end of 2018. revel part will reopen next
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week. they will be open on screen 15th. they will be occupied mostly by guests of a company he is hiring to operai want the casino. he bought the 2.4 billion dollar resort last year for $82 million. kate bilo joins us for the weekend. it's heading our way and going to get here tomorrow. there are limiting factors that means it may not be quite as strong for us as it has been over the great lakes today. that's good news, it's definitely one of those days where you have to keep an eye to the sky. a lot making outdoor plans, barbecue plan, heading out on the golf course heading to the pull, shore. of definitely make sure you keep an eye on the sky an eye on the radar preferably on our ap. you just want to know when these are moving through. let's take a look how today looked outside down the shore and what a perfect beach day, perfect day in the city. it was just a perfect day. you don't really get much better than today on a june friday.
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you can see people just enjoying the entirety of this friday in margate but changes on the way. stormscan 3 shows nothing happening locally right now but as we head toward the great lakes, you can see a line of thunderstorms impacting portions of michigan and wisconsin all day long we had a few tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings as well earlier. nothing like that out there right now. which is good news. everything has weaken ad-lib but this is the same area of storms that will be impacting us late tomorrow. temperatures meantime cool comfortable, 65 in philly. 55 in millville. 60 in atlantic city. little bit more humid than it was earlier with due points in the 30's. you can see how the due points rise. when we start to see due points in the 60's tomorrow that's when it starts to feel more humid and by afternoon, due points are in the 70's. some oppressive humidity as these storms comes through. it will stay humid through saturday and sunday we're back to dry air. enough humidity tomorrow to feed into this line of storms moving
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through. we'll start the morning with clouds. maybe a stray shower early. notice between about 3:00 and 7:00 is when we start to see scattered storms move through. they're not everywhere. many spots will get out of this without a thunderstorm at all but the areas that do pick them up could be severe thunderstorms. it will clear out 7:00, 7:30. tomorrow night. let's break down the timing. of we'll break it down. 9:00 to 11:00 clouds maybe had a light shower in the morning between about 11:00 and 3:00 we'll get enough sunshine out. if we do get enough sun and becomes humid, that provides fuel these thunderstorms need. isolated strong storms push from the northwest to southeast between 3:00 and 7:00. after 7:00 p.m. you'll start to see that clearing, warm and humid. these storms could produce downpours. hail and tornado risks not 0 but very low. i think straight line winds probably the biggest threat with
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any storm. take away, be safe. don't cancel your plans, keep an eye to the sky. if you see those clouds building find a place to head inside. overnight, mainly clear, pleasant down to 60 in the city. 50's across the suburb, tomorrow much hotter, humid, 88 with those scattered locally strong storms in the afternoon. the wind picks up sunday and with it, the humidity blows away. it's going to feel a lot nicer sunday afternoon. monday is nice. few more clouds tuesday. look at that stretch next week. low 80's with sunshine. perfect june weather. >> that's good. >> i'm ok with that. >> stamp of approval. >> critic on the weather. >> you are. >> we're talking sports football in particular, a kid prodigy is ready for can his close-up for usa soccer, billy soccer talks about ali and the phillies put up a bunch of
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. welcome back, phillies lost ten out of 13. is losing more about them or who they're playing? tonight they faced the nationals and steven stroudsburg has been ridiculous. won 12 straight decisions dating back to last year, that's the longest streak in dc baseball since 1924. top on the second runners on the corner, safety squeeze by the phils expertly done. freddy galvis scores. one runner on for tommy joseph
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and making it count. phils jump out to a 4-0 lead. fourth inning, 4-3, steven drew off of jeremy hellickson. gave up to back homers. daniel murphy been wearing out all season long. nationals scored nine unanswered one. 50,000 tickets sold for tomorrow's game between the united states at lincoln financial field. it's a homecoming for christian a hershey pennsylvania native is -- no one received this much hype since freddy adue. christian is wise beyond his years. >> young player that watches all the experienced guys and learning every day and every training session that kind of takes him forward, and he has a surprising element because he's -- he doesn't have any fear.
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>> ukee, your favorite. senior players championship at the philadelphia club. beautiful pro shot. >> nice. >> am i saying it right? he's one under par a stroke behind the leader. getting back to the emotional day in louisville, muhammad ali was celebrated royally during his funeral. it was a who's who from around the world. the champ touched so many people in his years. one of those people comedian billy crystal. >> everyone was an aura of super bowl. he did things nobody would do. he predicted the round he would knock somebody out in and he were do it. he was funny. he was beautiful. he was the most perfect athlete you ever saw and those were his own words. >> how about it? how about it? ? i met the champ walking home in fifth grade with kevin hooks
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who's a director in los angeles. we saw him come out of the restaurant. >> got the autograph. whipped it off. got his name written on it. never forget it. billy jean king
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. new at 11:00, a special evening with philadelphia freedom's owner billy jean king. "eyewitness news" in villanova where the champion headlined the
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charity is dedicated to helping offset the cost of cancer treatment for patients and families. the fund-raiser included a live and silent auction in addition to dinner and conversation with billy jean king. "eyewitness news" morning joe anchors jim donovan and
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. morning team is back from 5:00 to 7:00.


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