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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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sweaters, we can ditch that this weekend? >> looks like we will bring back typical heat for the start of early summer, actually, will feel more like july really later this after none. >> fast forward? >> crank it up, close to 09 degrees, but humidity creeps up, as women, so not used to that, short lived, tomorrow will feel whole lot bert. a lot of changes coming up quickly in our forecast, happens a lot this time of year around the delaware vale. overall, the week sends not bad. don't cancel your outdoor plans, but will talk about the shower and storm chances later today. not right now though. very comfortable still. low humidity at this point. sixty-two at the airport, nice shot there, center city, looks pretty cool with the color and the clouds there. no threat of rain this morning, light breeze out of the south 3 miles per hour, look at the temperature spread, low 50's, still up in allentown, 51 degrees, 55 millville, 06 in wilmington, quakertown still chilling down upper 40's at this hour, some people may have opened up their windows, knock off the ac. different story tonight though. a lot of humidity around, it will be muggy through the
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overnight hours. quiet for the most part now on storm scan3, just some clouds starting to stream in. couple of showers across western and central pennsylvania. looks like any rain chance really should hold off until early afternoon, really mid late afternoon our best shot to see a shower or storm. areas in yell oh, the best shot to see potential severe thunderstorm this afternoon, slight risk, 15%, mainly wilmington on northward, less of a chance to the south. so, through today, warmer, more humid, scattered, strong, maybe severe thunderstorm, best chance between 3:00 and 7:00 today. if it is severe watch out for strong wind gusts up to 06 miles per hour, main threat from the storms. it is hot, up to 88 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. not bad beach day. most of the showers and storms hold off until the evening hours, poconos, 78, with the shower storm chance little earlier in the day. we talk about that second half of the weekend, check out the full forecast in a few minute, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning, a young talented singer from south jersey has been shot and killed after a concert in florida. now police are trying to
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discover the motive behind the death of christina grimme. alexandria hoff live in the cbs-3 news center more, good morning, alex. >> reporter: hi, christina grimme hailed from marlton, went to cherokee high school. 292 year old earned herself a massive following with a incredible 375 million youtube views. christina grimie career in music began at 15 when her dazzling pop song cover earned her millions of views on youtube. >> ♪ >> five years later in 2014, she broaden her fan base as contestant on the sixth season of the voice n march the marlton native perform in philadelphia, hours before a concert in florida posted this video. >> hey guys what's up? we're in orlando today. >> she had performed with the band before you exit at the plaza live theater. the concert had wrapped up around 10:35, police say she
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was selling merchandise and signing autographs with a small group of fans. >> we know that the suspect walked up and shot christina. at that point we know that her brother, tackled the suspect, and that's when the suspect shot himself. >> christina was returned to the hospital where she later died. her brother is being called a hero, for stopping the suspect from possibly hurting other. >> i've been crying. this is horrible. >> police are unclear of motive at this time. and are unsure how a weapon made it into the event. >> it was just casual event. we know everyone was just kind of hanging out. >> ♪ >> christina grimmie was just 22. >> police have not released the identity of the gunman, the voice did send out a tweet early this morning that began, quote, there are no words. reporting from the news center, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, alex, thank you. >> a man has been found shot to death in a car in
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philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. and police are investigating it as a murder. officers found the car on the 100 block of herman street early this morning, and so far, no suspects, and no motive. >> philadelphia police are also investigating why a tractor-trailer hit an utility pole in port richmond. it happened at aramingo avenue, wreath chief lane. police say the crash knocked out power in the neighborhood. a car fire on i9 the a has sent one man to the hospital. it happened in the northbound lanes near the broad street exit in south philadelphia. >> this is video from our traffic camera, just before firefighters arrived on the scene. the 24 year old victim now at hahnemann hospital being treated for second agree burns. well, philadelphia police are investigating accusations of sexual assault against an eagles player. while investigators are not identifying anyone, sources tell "eyewitness news", that wide receiver nelson agholor is the one under investigation. police have not filed any charges as of yet, but, as "eyewitness news" reporter
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greg argos tells us, the accusation comes from a dancer at a south philadelphia gentleman's club. >> friday afternoon philadelphia police detective and during cheerleaders gentleman's club in south philadelphia. one day after nelson agholor accused of sexually accused of assaulting a dance their. >> actively investigating that incident, that report, that far alleged incident which would include interviewing witnesses, looking for any type every video surveillance, or anything that far nature. >> philadelphia police say the dance is her 27 years old. the alleged sexual assault happened around 3:00 thursday afternoon, right now, police are not formally naming 23 year old agholor, a person every interest. >> not releasing a name of any individual from the eagles organization. we cannot do that simply because no one has been charged with anything. >> how much, sources tell cbs-3, eagles wide receiver nelson agholor and at least one other player were at the club, but only agholor is
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being investigated. in a statement, the eagles organization also indicates agholor is at the center of this alleged sexual assault. quote, we are aware of the police investigation involving nelson agholor, the organization has been in contact with nelson and with the proper authorities in philadelphia because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment. >> wait for offering come out. >> eagles nation buzzing about the allegations. but many fans say it is too early to make any judgement about what may have happened. >> feel like the investigation happened and developed before anything really happened. >> i just think that a person is innocent until found guilty. >> i think it is a good idea to hear both sides of the story. and i feel like you never know but the more fact the better. >> now, agholor has retained philadelphia attorney perry, jr. i spoke with him, he's out of the country but says in this statement, quote, nelson has not been involved in any
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criminal conduct whatsoever. the investigation still ongoing. reporting here in south philadelphia, i'm greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". police make arrest after a vicious attack on a schuylkill river trail in philadelphia. twenty-nine year old isiah cheeseborough of elmwood facing ago vaulted assault and other charges for the thursday afternoon attack. investigators say he slashed a 24 year old woman, across her forehead with a sharp object. she was treated for a three-inch long cut at a local hospital. >> a pizza delivery man shot in the head during a robbery is now out of the hospital, and recounting those horrifying moments. and some are calling his recovery, miraculous. >> kidnapped, robbed, shot, and left to die. it is perhaps hard to believe, now up and about, and smiling. >> told me, i'm miracle guy. >> police say the violent robbery happened monday night in southwest, after two men place add fake order luring the pizza delivery driver out
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to 67th and bo month streets, when he could only give them the $60 in his pocket, he was shot a short distance away. >> i was on the grounds, screaming, crying. >> the two suspect drove off, and he went in search of help. >> she took my shirt and then put my shirt on where i'm bleeding and she called the cops. >> no arrests have been made, bye tells "eyewitness news" two have since tried to her his debit card. now trying to obtain the surveillance. the victim's cousin said he is confident they'll be caught. >> i have 100% confidence they will catch him. >> he said he, too, is sure his attackers will be brought to justice, meantime he says he'll continue to smile because he has every reason to. >> i will be so -- he is just god. >> his speedy recovery perhaps
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already, a sign of triumph over his attackers. >> and says despite his smile happen overall appearance, he is still in a lot of pain. he's been advise today take it easy for at least a month. he tells me though he has not yet decided if he can return to his previous job as a pizza delivery driver. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, wildwood is looking for a few volunteers today to help clean up the beach. the incentive you could get for pitching in a hand. >> also ahead, a solar powered on historic journey has left the lehigh valley. tell about its final stop on whirlwinds flight. and we'll also have this. >> people are scooping up ice cream that contain ingredients like beer and even sausage, i'm carina mitchell. i'll tell you
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>> new in morning, solar impulse two soared over the statue of liberty, landed at new york jfk international airport. late yesterday, the swiss made plane left lehigh valley international airport, where it had been since may 25th. the voyage began in march of last year, and the united arab emirates. long ways away. happening today, wildwood is holding it beach clean up day. eyewitness cam video shows the mess that was left behind, after memorial day weekend, and now, officials are asking for the public's help. check in at 11:30 at the
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convention center, and the event runs from noon to 4:00. now, those who helped will have a chance to win passes for the advanced screening of finding dorey, who does not love finding doory? well, if you are still looking for a summer job, atlantic city hiring lifeguards. excepting last minute applications today. antiriots are tomorrow morning at 9:00. here are some of the rules. you have to be 16. you must also be able to make a 500-meter swim in the ocean, and run a half mile in less than three minutes and 45 seconds. justin joining us now with the weather watchers. i don't think that would you qualify, sore. >> i what? i was just going say i just signed you up for that. >> keep your day job, okay, forecasting the wetter. >> three: forty-five, you can do that. yes, actually, good beach day today. most of these showers and storms should hold off toward the evening hours. so, see some sunshine mixed when some clouds. so hit it up, jersey shore, delaware beaches should be in good shape today. let's check in with weather watchers, this morning still
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comfortable, jacket weather in spots, waking to up low 50's at this hour. check it out, medford, andrew at 49 degrees, the coolest spot this morning, so very pleasant for now, enjoy it, because things change this afternoon. fifty-four at this hour in newark, al dolores' house, ed in chesterfield, mid 50's, now in cherry hill at lynn's house, up in allentown comfortable 52 at julia's house, nice sunrise chesterfield, ed showing me sunrise coming up, good color there, mixed with the clouds, clouds actually sign of the warmer air moving in, as warmfront approaches. shot probably from yet, saying good day to work outside, dad. new wood chipper, there is the supervising, good work there, dad, me probably in a few years when my son gets a little older. >> this morning, nice conditions outside there is afternoon, if you don't like humidity, may want to head indoors. to the shore, good start to the day. some sunshine, mixed with clouds, live look at atlantic
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city, beaches beaches pretty quiet at this hour, and the ocean conditions, very calm with this weather pattern, trend through the weekends, so good god safe swimming conditions, make sure the lifeguards are on duty but the ocean on the chilly side. temperatures, certainly are rebounding. nice stretch of weather this past few days, go back to wednesday, actually little chilly. made it to 73, at one point, in the 50's, as those showers and storms rolled through. and then, each day, little warmer, then today we surge into the upper 80s. some spots could hit 90. average high this time of year coming in 82 degrees, dew point temperatures still on the low side, that's why it does feel comfortable, currently at 53 degrees, you don't see that whole lot this time of year. so still in the pleasant zone. but this afternoon, probably creep back to the mid 60s, stowe will feel steamy late today, into the overnight hours. here's what's happening, warmfront going to be tracking through the delaware valley through this morning into the afternoon. see clouds streaming in from the west. couple of showers, in western
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central pennsylvania, probably won't impact us, but see more showers fire up later this afternoon with the building heat and people you had at this. your jersey shore forecast, 83 degrees, late day storm system, conditions in delaware, as well, ocean water chilly at 61 degrees, rip risk remains low, southwest winds kick up 15 miles per hour, if you are hitting the beach past several days, water has been chilly. notice deeper reds here, the gulfstream, where the warm water s but our flow has just been off shore, out of the west northwest winds. that's actually trying to push some of that warmer top surface water back taught sea. look at the numbers off atlantic city, 61 degrees, ocean city maryland only coming in at 64, so need the winds to lighten up little bit or turn around, more out of the east, to get warmer water back. today's high inland in the air near 90 degrees. watch out for late day soar and storm, combed front comes through tomorrow morning, pushes out humidity, temperatures slowly start dropping. mid 80s tomorrow, maybe the upper 70s, that's it for
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monday's high temperature. slight risk for severe storms later this afternoon, in the areas in yellow, 15% chance, basically, from wilmington, on northward, scattered storms, again, not everyone sees it, likely, just some downpours and gusty winds, mainly from the storms. into the afternoon, not much happening. just partly sunny skies, making a spring nel some points. 4:00 start to see the showers and storms developing. move from northwest to southeast. so around the city would say 5:00 or so moving into south jersey after that then off shore by 89:00. so, fast moving storms, tomorrow, dry, some sunshine. winds kicking up little bit out of the southwest, that's bringing in the heat and humiditiment then they start shifting out of the west to northwest, later on sunday, so that dries us out little bit. nice little dip in the jet stream early next week, so talking about another cool down, high temperatures back below average. and today, though, certainly above average with a high of 88. humidity, sticks around tonight, clearing skies, after early storms, still warm, 72, pick up the ac.
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and then tomorrow, 86, warm, but less humid. seventy-eight for the high monday. nice dry stretch next week. highs in the low to mid 80s, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, going to be hot today. maybe you might want somites cream. our seasonal food and drinks all the rage right now, and ice cream even getting in on the act. carina mitchell report. >> this ice cream shop in brooklyn, new york is called odd fellows, and the odd part is the selection of flavors. >> i got the tai east crude with coconut. >> other unique choices including last bay sorbet with pepper corn, for meat lovers there is an ice cream with sausage, and vegetarians consideration try mytak. >> what's that? >> mushroom. >> regulars, like melissa, can't get enough. >> couldn't decide, so one is the sorbet, i think ciliary with ricins and peanut butter chips. >> craft ice cream is part of a rising trend in artisanal
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food and beverages, turning up in stores and creameries across the country. >> domestic sales of ice cream topped 11 billion last year. and recent survey ranks artisanal ice cream as 2016's biggest dessert trends. >> every year, just up and up and up. trajectory has been amazing. >> odd fellow chef and co-owner sam mason said people are fired up on craft food and enjoying different ingredients. >> tried a long time to make this an experience, try to figure out how to do that along with craft ice cream. >> get to go try all the different flavors is part of the experience. >> very good glenn joying your final choice is the cherry on top. carina mitchell, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> don't knock it until you try t well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", ukee washington takes you behind the scenes of the latest spy/magic thriller, to hit the big screen. now you see me two is sequel
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with new new trips in store. we're coming right back.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", three years after world-wide growth of over $300 million, and people's choice awards for favorite movie thriller, the magic is back. now, you see me two in theatres right now, and as ukee washington tells us, word on the street has the sequel conjuring up an ether greater experience. >> people see the horse man as noble robinhood. but i believe that first was just a set up.
6:23 am
>> you have to see the first one to get the vibe. >> hey, better to see the first. >> i don't think you have to, but. >> here is quick recap. one year after robbing the rich, giving to the poor, the master magicians re-appear, a different casino of summer block buster, and, with a new member of the cast, and much different than the fisher character in the first movie. >> who do you like more? >> yours. >> i think these days, you can go to the movies, and see a big superhero thing, and don't get me wrong, those are very, very impressive films. but sometimes, you want something a little different. >> these four hope to show audience cents a good mix of magic and mystery, with the help, once again, of special agent dillan road, but an old adversary finds his way out of jail after being framed for the previous crimes of the horse men, and his plan for them involves pulling more than just a rabbit out of his hat. >> are you listening?
6:24 am
you will get what's coming to you in ways you can't expect. >> accompanied with flashes of mind-boggling magic. >> we're not professional magicians, and certain things we can't do, so we need for certain -- >> oh, for sure, sure. >> but we want to do as much as we could, i think good amount in there. >> i kind of feel like if we had a million years of practice. >> common! >> we could do it. >> the real imagine sick performed by director, john chew, and his crew. >> his camera work, choreography, so complex, and interesting, and completely original. i mean, when he puts a camera sometimes, i'm baffled. >> baffeling, that's the goal of the illusions and the plots that's full of surprising twists. so much so, woody haron sole finds himself working twice as hard, but you'll are to see it to believe iter. >> we ' going out with the show. people will never forget. >> thanks for having us. >> but wait, it wizardry will take a key turn it, might be
6:25 am
authorities believe, harry. >> penal are no doubt bet ago lot of benjamin's that hamilton will be a big winner at the tony awards sunday on cbs-3. the hip hop musical received 16 nominations, that's more than any broadway show ever. stars competing for best actor, miranda, leslie oath em. the show such a smash hit, nearly impossible to get a ticket unless of course you pay pay stub hub thousands of dollars. late show james corden hoses the tony awards at 8:00 here on cbs-3. still much more ahead on "eyewitness news". justin is tracking storms, when you'll need to keep an eye to the sky. and we'll also have this. >> emotional farewell from people all over the world. i'm kenneth craig in louisville, kentucky, coming up the if final send off for
6:26 am
hue ham add ali. >> the a boy wow, plans to put their cultural heritage on display even though they're in
6:27 am
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good morning, thanks for being with us, last few days felt like spring, now feeling like summer. justin out on the cbs-3 skydeck. absolutely beautiful behind you. >> it is going get hot. right now, time to get outside, enjoy these pleasant conditions, still comfortable temperatures cool, 50's, 60s, low humidity, but as we head to that mid afternoon, humidity starts cranking up. and will bring back some shower and storm chances but pretty much mostly sunny skies right now, clouds have built in through the morning though. temperature wise, we have decent spread anywhere from the upper 40's, into the mountains, to the mid 60s, down toward wildwood where it is 64 degrees inbetween, 62 in philadelphia, and 60 in wilmington at this hour. fifty-one tots pottstown, doylestown, some areas needed jacket, sun now up, quickly going to work, thicker clouds moving in from the north and west, eventually see some showers, and few thunderstorms popping up, but the mid
6:30 am
afternoon daytime heating, some of these storms could be strong, to severe, so this morning, it is dry, sunny, pleasant, 50's, 60s there is afternoon, humidity start increasing, watch out for the late afternoon scattered shower, thunderstorm, most of the area under slight risk for severe storms, basically, from wilmington, delaware on northward up through the poconos, that's 15% chance, that's the main threat strong gusty winds, best chance 3:00 to 7:00 today. on our way up to 88 degrees cooler weather for next week, check it out in a few minute, back over to you. >> new this morning, gained following on line, then competed in a bet work tv singing contest this morning, fans are mourning the death of south jersey native christina, who was shot after a concert. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live in the cbs-3 news center, alex, you've been following this all morning, how are you doing? >> gosh, just such shocking news, rahel. twenty-two year old christina grimmie was marlton native and
6:31 am
went to cherokee high school. just finished up her performance in orlando last night when unknown gunman opened fire. >> hey guys, what's up? we're in orlando. >> grimmie post that video to her facebook telling fans to join her and the ban before you exit at the plaza live theatre in orlando. following that concert, police say, the youtube sensation and contestant on season six of the voice was selling merchandise, and signing autographs, for small group of fans, when she was suddenly shot multiple times. christina was lushed to the hospital where she later died. >> we know the suspect walked up, shot christine a we know her brother tackled the suspect and that's when the suspect shot himself. >> the brother is being called a hero from stopping the gunman from possibly hurting other. police have not released the identity of the gunman or possible motive.
6:32 am
alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. now getting a look at the tense moments leading to up a shooting at love field airport in dallas. police say it all began with a domestic disturbance between a couple outside the baggage terminal, man seen using traffic conan rocks, damaged a car parked there, soon when police arrived they had their weapons drawn. investigators say the man advanced toward an officer with a large rock, and that's when he was shot. his condition is unknown tonight, no one else was hurt. the incident is under investigation. >> well, thousands bid farewell to the greatest, they jammed the street of louisville with love for the late muhammad ali. he died last friday of course after battling parkinson's disease. kenneth craig was there for the tribute. >> let me tell you a story about a man. >> for three hours, family, friends, told their stories of muhammad ally moving a crowd of thousands in louisville, to laughter, anteriores.
6:33 am
>> brass, defiance, pioneering, joyful. >> he had swagger before he knew what swagger was. >> he was funny, he was beautiful, he was the mow perfect athlete you ever saw and those were his own words. >> we meet again in the light of understanding. >> the late boxer picked the speakers at his interfaith service, among them, a comedian, a president, and a volunteer from the ali center. >> it is the choices that muhammad ali made that have brought us all here today. >> ali's widow, lonnie, said her husband triumph over adversity. >> he wanted us to use his life and his death as a teaching moment for young people, for his country, and for the world. >> the family gathered for a private reception here at the ali center. a physical symbol of the hometown champ's chitment to his community and the people everywhere. earlier fans lined the street of the city throwing flowers
6:34 am
at the hurst caring ali's body on the 19-mile journey home. >> the world showed him just how much in a grand farewell. >> fly butterfly fly. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> funeral arrangements are underway for the sports legend known as mr. hockey, woody how. hall every famer died yesterday. he had been under hospice care. he holds 2nnl records, place 326 games 32 seasons, 801 goals ranked only second to wayne gretzky. he helped the detroit red wings win four stanley cups, did not retire until he was 52 years old, his son, mark, played for the flyers. woody how was 88. documents soon to be unsealed, could shed light on how much was known at penn state about the child sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. "eyewitness news" reporter joe hole end picks up the story.
6:35 am
>> a philadelphia judge late friday ruled insurance settlements between jerry sandusky victims in penn state will be made public. what's expected in these documents, legal expert say they could provide a detailed snapshot of how long penn state hire-ups including legendary coach joe paterno, allegedly new of improper contact and sexual abuse of children by sandusky. >> challenge to unseal after allegation leaked out last month where it was claimed student complains in the 197's to coach paterno of inapropriate contact by sandusky. >> the only way to move the university forward is to put this matter behind the university attorney tom kline decline forcefully spoke out against this move. >> the victims are the ones who are caught in the middle. the victims are the ones who become the focus. >> courts have say mid release of information will not release victim's name. late coach's son scott paterno took to twitter writing about
6:36 am
the un vetted allegations, quote, claims, un corroborated, unsubstantiated claimsment let's see what they said under oath. kline said the release of the information is another unnecessary placement of the microscope. >> there is an unending interest in finding out every last detail for the sake of finding out every last detail. >> full picture could emerge, other say it could be one heck of a mess, possible puzzle, just more speculation, all of this expected to be seen in public in a month. >> joe hole end, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> donald trump is planning a campaign stop near pit burying this afternoon. he is holding rally in moon township. both supporters and protesters greeted the presumptive gop nominee in richmond, virginia, while presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton launched attack on trump, the businessmen denied accusations that he is a racist. >> just so you know, i am the
6:37 am
lease racist person, the least racist person that you have ever seen, the least. i mean, give me a break. >> donald trump would take us in the wrong direction on so many issues, economic justice, workers right, civil rights, human rights, the environment, all of that on the line in this election. >> and the new york times is report that bernie sanders is meeting with key supporters of vermont tomorrow will report educationally discuss the state of the presidential race. >> first daughter malea obama is now a high school graduate. graduated from syd well friends in northwest dc. after the ceremony the obama family went to lunch. no media coverage of the graduation, but you might remember earlier this year the president predicted he would be sitting there with dark glasses sobbing. malea will take a gap year before enrolling at harvard in the fall of 2017.
6:38 am
big congratulations. in london celebrating queen elizabeth birthday again. celebrations were held when she turned 90 in april, and in addition, three days of public event are held in june by royal tradition. on friday, a carriage took her to st. paul's cathedral with service with family and dignitaries. later this weekend street party for 10,000 people. small intimate affair. local church is working to provide a retreat like setting for veterans having tough time after returning home from the war zone, amazing grace ministries just purchased 267-acre plot of lands along a lake in franklinville, gloucester county. pastor and veteran, don't i davis, said this could provide just the peaceful setting vets need to get their lives back together. >> one thing they have a good day, pat them on the back, but too many i know in gloucester county need a place to stay that are homeless. >> 300 square foot house, provides all of the basics you need, kitchen, living room, bedroom, so on.
6:39 am
>> the church hopes to build 60 houses by the end of 2018. >> a local tribal nation will be celebrating its heritage with the community this weekend there is, comes, as members fight for their future. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the story from salem county. >> this weekend, the tribal nation will let the outside world into their own. with their annual boy wow. >> boy wow are set up so we can teach our way of life. >> chief mark gould heads the 12,000 strong nation centered in the delaware valley. his daughter lea is in charge of the pawlowski wow says people are all surprised how many of their neighbors have ancestory. >> you're not needed, you don't live out on the reservation and we are here, this is a way to let people know in our community we are here. >> for the next two days, fairgrounds will host not only natives from throughout the world. >> you will see dancing,
6:40 am
drumming, all of the lovely class. >> need to be recognition they are fighting for their future, ongoing lawsuit alleges new jersey officially representing the american indian tribe for fear of indian casinos. the attorney general's office denies such claims but selling available craft with the label. said they are losing several benefit from the federal government. >> don't even realize they are gone until, well, what happened to the diabetes program. >> still they say they want to share their lives, especially at the pawlowski wow. >> you get to experience great culture, actually get out to come and dance with us, point, where we welcome the spectators out. >> they say the pow wow open, gate open both days, $5 to get in. in woodstown, cleve bryan, "eyewitness news". >> coming up next on "eyewitness news": it is the creative way to catch a thief.
6:41 am
the cowboy who knew just what to do when a thief tries to take off with someone's bike. and, let's hear it for the boys. vittoria woodill tells us about renounded program happening today and the amazing opportunity it offers the dancers. and, after a beautiful friday, things are changing for the weekends. justin is tracking storms, and he'll have the latest timing on when we could even see some severe weather. stay with us.
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>> a special evening with billie jean king, in villanova where the tennis champion headlined the assistance and healthcare benefit. charity is dedicated to helping offset the cost of cancer treatment for patients and their families, fundraiser included a live and silent auction in addition to dinner and a conversation with king. eyewitness morning show, anchors, jim donovan and brooke thomas, emcee the event. looking good there. a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason, anita join us live, good morning. >> hey, rahel, good morning, coming up the day's headlines,
6:45 am
plus, 1400 officers, 200 horses, and one legendary queen. we take you to the official 90 birthday party being held right now for britain's queen elizabeth. >> plus, might be how one multi-millionaire is a professional sports, already has the arena. >> waitress up for tony tomorrow night. we talked to sarah, about taking her pop sound of broadway. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, and music from philly's own kurt vial, in our saturday session, just ahead, on cbs this morning. saturday. >> lots to look for the to, only all of our birthdays were like the queen every glands? >> i know, we had the same discussion. >> peter lick that this year only about a month. >> hails in comparison. >> you make it to 90, okay. >> thank you, look forward to
6:46 am
watching. >> he is being canned the lone ranger, kristin speaks with man on horseback who went outdoor suspected bike thief, then lassoed the guy in. >> pretty good with a rope i guess. >> most day roping cattle -- >> take care every cattle, that's it. >> but his unusual routine took a turn when he went to pick up dog food at the local wal-mart. >> i hear lady screaming, stop him, he stole my bike, he stole my bike. >> the champion bull rider could tell the man was getting away, so he got back up. >> out of the trailer and went for him. >> rob was landscaping at the big box store when it happened. snapping these pictures of the cowboy hero in action. >> and he did it so well, you know, i thought, man, he must nab rodeo or something, perfect. >> roped him in the rope, went down around his feet, i just road off like i would if i roped a cow or something. >> he held the man until the police arrived and then headed
6:47 am
back to the farm to tends to his horses, while his kids are surely proud to call him pappa >> superhero, he says he was just doing the right thing. >> i don't know corks have been our only transportation. >> so i figure get hick stopped. >> that was kristin reporting, now, we send it over to justin with weather watchers, justin, so beautiful behind on the skydeck, where are the water watchers. >> same deal, very pleasant conditions, some people saying it is jacket weather early this morning, that's right, we still have low humidity right now, some clouds starting to build on in, but there will be some changes later this morning into the afternoon. the humidity levels really going shoot up, warmfront moves through, will help fuel some scattered late day showers and potential severe thunderstorms across the region, but still real nice outside right now from our weather watchers backyard, still in the 50's, even upper 40's, as we head out toward medford, some of the cooler spots this morning, starting the day off 49 degrees at
6:48 am
andrew's house here, in medford, new jersey, little warmer though as you get toward the city mid 60s now in philadelphia. we head up, barbara lane checks out at five a degrees under mostly sunny skies little cooler further north and west go, we check jerry's house blue bell, little fog at 53 degrees at this hour down south into delaware, not a bad start to the morning. as dolores lee in newark checks in at 54 degrees under partly cloudy skies, and everybody knows change is on the way today bring back the heat and humidity. at the shore, that's good place to be today. looks like most of these storms should hold off until eeks hours, live look at margate at this hour, every now and then see somebody walk by the beach, good morning to jog on the beach, nice calm conditions out in the ocean with the or shove winds, pretty safe low threat for rip current throughout today and tomorrow. make sure the lifeguards are on duty so noticeably humid today though, especially this afternoon and tonight.
6:49 am
you were able to knock off the air-conditioning the past several nights, probably not tonight. going to stay muggy, temperatures really remain in the 70s over night. talk about those thunderstorm chances later today. another cool cool down next week, quiet right now, just some clouds, starting to stream in, warmfront tracking through the delaware valley right now, once p punches through the humidity really going to sky rocket by mid afternoon cold front still well to the north and west, see showers, storms firing up along the front as it runs into the warmer and humid air mass, especially during the afternoon hours. >> typical summer like day quiet in the morning, you see some showers and storms popping up in the afternoon. it felt awesome for the past several days as far as the humidity goes, today, not so much. later today, steamy side, even lower humidity early next week, monday, tuesday, will be back to feeling awesome. you don't get that, too often this time he year, so enjoy
6:50 am
it,. >> good day to hit the pool being backyard being neighborhood pool, hot, more humid, watch out for the showers and storm, if you hear rumbling, you want to head inside, if you hear thunder close enough to be struck by lightning, uv index remains hi, 88 degrees, just relax, enjoy the day with cool drink so warmfront moves on in, hot, humid this afternoon, start to see some showers and storms firing up. then actual cold front comes through tomorrow morning, it should come through dry, just winds kick up, but it will push out the humidity, and then, sunday night into monday, nights refreshing air mass starts to build in, and then we lock into dry pattern, through much of next week, but the area of high pressure in control. so this afternoon, see the area in yellow here, that's slight risk for severe thunderstorms, that will be the highest threat across the mid-atlantic basically wilmington, delaware on northward into southern new england, scattered showers and storms, not everybody sees it, looks like whipped damage, main threat for symptoms, and obviously some heavy rain, so
6:51 am
could be some brief downpours as the storms move through. fast movers. 4:00 start to see heavier showers, storms, fire up. around the city 5:00, 5:30, move into south jersey, delaware, so the shore around 6:30 then off shore. again little bit of curve there in some of the radar signature means potential for strong winds, sunday looks good with the sunshine. today hot, stays warm tonight in the 70s, tomorrow little cooler still warm but less humid. so partly sunny late day shower or storm today, 88 degrees, tonight warm, muggy, shower storm early at 72 warm sunday, comfortable monday, high of 78, low eight a's through next week. if you love watching the weather be featured in our newscast by becoming a weather watch err sign up now at back to you. >> thank you.
6:52 am
>> shows us these guys were keeping her on her toast. >> a dream they only wish to land on. >> help point few boys in the right direction. >> every child benefits from classical training of any sort. >> dancers, owen and kyle, say the scholarship allowed them to tap into their passion. >> grade thing to participate in a program where there is a lot of community, people, you know, very supportive of each other. obviously i love perform that aspect really great to be involved in. >> really nice like being around like a room full every guys, where we have male teachers things like, that and all of the teach remembers acquitted foremen and know how to teach men and things like, that that's real a great experience. >> and full ride filled with all boy master classes, taught by true master men of the arts. >> i think it is a great way for them to be excited and to
6:53 am
actually come into a world that has been misunderstood about ac male dancer. >> think of auditioning here are a few tips. >> , have a good time, as long as you show interest, and put in the effort, you'll make it. >> i wanted to quit, my mother forced me into it, i hated her for it, but now doing it for five years, like one of the greatest things i've ever done with my life. vittoria woodill, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, we will be back in a moment.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> past couple of days, 70s, not today, it was nice little breakment back to the upper 80s today. humidity will increase through the afternoon, as well, then a chance for scattered strong or even severe thunderstorm in some parts. not everyone sees t don't cancel outdoor plans, have your eyes to the sky, 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., best chance to see the storms, mover in from the northwest, track to the south and east, get to the shore around 6:30 or so. and then tomorrow, looking much better. it will be warm, dry through the day, but less humid. back to 86 degrees, but warm for this time of year. but look at machine day, couldn't affordable 78 degrees, then the dry stretch continues through much of next week. we creep back into the mid 80s, but still, humidity levels are on the low side. and enjoy it now, we are just talking about summer officially arriving, week from monday, but starting to feel like it today. >> it is okay, i'll take it. thanks, justin. that's cbs-3 eyewitness neutral for now. we may be signing off on tv, but we are always on line
6:57 am cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekends.
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. >> good morning. it's june 11th, 2016, welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. a shock murder of a rising talent. the singer gunned down while signing autographs. plus more violence outside a trump rally as words between the two leading candidates become increasingly tense. >> saying goodbye toot champ. luminaries and leaders gather for a memorial for the late muhammad ali. around the world on the wings of the sun. the pilots of the polar impulse 2 join us to discuss


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