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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  June 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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"eyewitness news" starts with breaking news, the fire at a west philadelphia apartment building goes to three alarms, putting 100 people out of their homes. another act of of violence in orlando one night after someone killed a rising star from south jersey, someone else opened fire in a nightclub. and, mother nature is, giving us a break and the rest of the week looks pretty good, even better. well to day is sunday june u i'm rahel solomon. let's send it over to justin drabick. we see it will be looking better, feeling good. how will it feel? >> well, if you liked humidity, you are not going to like the forecast coming up. it will feel comfortable. especially tomorrow. more like spring with below average temperatures. still this morning we are muggy. >> it was warm this morning when i walk in. >> it will be a warm day. 86 degrees. not as humid as yesterday. that is good news there.
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and we can maybe knock off ac tonight, and open up those windows again because we will get a break from all of the mugginess across the region this morning still we're waking up to mid 70's in spots. kutztown, nice sunrise there, we have high level cloud, 76 degrees, current wind, light out of the west northwest at 4 miles an hour, that will increase throughout the day. it will be gusty into the afternoon. sixty-nine in horsham and wilmington. seventy-eight still, this hour in camden, but, temperatures, they will level off, really over the next few hours, so we will make it up to about the mid 80's for most locations, and this morning, it will be sunny, warm, temperatures mainly in the 70's, this afternoon, less humid but wind kicks up a little bit but more west northwesterly win. that is coming off mountains and land. that helps keep the temperatures heated backup in the mid 80's. the that is why we will still be above average even though we are having a cold front moving through. check it out, philadelphia's high 86 degrees in the sunshine. even the at the shore a good beach day westerly breeze off
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the land. that will not bring in that chilly air off the ocean. eighty-four for new jersey shore, delaware beaches and in the poconos much cooler temperatures there in the upper 60's, with some sunshine. we will talk about even cooler temperatures on the way for the start of the workweek, we will check that out in the seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. thank you. well, breaking news overnight a gunman has opened fire inside a nightclub in orlando, florida and there is late word that the suspect is dead. shooting happened around 2:00 this morning at the pulse orlando dance club, police are now calling it a mass casualty situation, pulse orlando earlier posted on its own facebook page everybody get out of pulse and keep running. officers also advised people to stay away from the area. well, incident in orlando happened one night after murder of the singer cristina grimmie. the marlton native had just wrapped up her performance and was signing autographs at plaza live theater in orlando when she was shot friday night. police say kevin james loibl
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fired the shots, and then killed himself only after grimmie's brother tackled him to the ground. investigators believe loibl went to the show intend to go kill cristina but they do not know why. police continue their investigation, a south jersey man who knew cristina speaks with "eyewitness news" about the friend that he lost. trang do has the tv exclusive. >> ♪ >> reporter: at just 22 years old cristina grimmie rose to become marlton, new jersey brightest young star. she gained internet fame as a teen through pop covers and original songs that she posted to her you tube channel. her voice and musical talent undeniable. >> ♪ >> reporter: pete inroto met cristina at marlton middle school. they attended cherokee high school bonding over a shared love of music. >> very sad to see somebody like this go.
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i'm at a loss for word. >> reporter: he says that the loss of his close friend is immeasurable. >> she just treasured the important things in life. she didn't let music, and all of this success and fame get in the way of what really mattered. >> reporter: long time evesham township mayor randy brown says as grimmie rose to fame she never forgot where she came from. >> she was truly a rock star. she was someone who came and did our fourth of july event, you know, in front of the 30,000 people, a couple of years ago, and she didn't to have do it. she didn't get a penny for it. it was something that she felt she had to to do and give back to the community and we're going to dearly miss her. >> ♪ >> reporter: trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a voice. well, fans and other singers
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are expressing their grief on social media, cherokee high school tweeting quote a tragedy, it business heavy hearts our cherokee family extend sincere condolences to the family of cristina grimmie, always a chief. at one time the #pray for cristina was trending on line. south jersey community is also mourning loss of the singer, a memorial for cristina grimmie continues to grow at cherokee high school in her hometown of marlton burlington county. our coverage continues on line, you can get latest on the story at cbs we have some breaking news in our area this time in west philadelphia, fire fighters on the scene of a four a alarm fire that ripped through an apartment building. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live on the scene. cherri, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. this is still a very active scene, scores of fire fighters are still working right now, and emergency officials are
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still here taking final steps to deal with the fire that fire commissioner adam thiel called one of the most incredible fires he has ever seen. he just spoke with reporters moments ago and said that the call came in just before 5:00 a.m. fire officials arrived to find smoke and flames from this four story structure at forty-third and chestnut streets. this building is actually six buildings, four stories, he says that fire officials went in, and it was dark, it was smokey, but they work hard and they were able to contain the fire. more than one dozen vehicles, and dozens of fire fighters and emergency officials here, this fire was a three alarm fire but their hard work prevented injuries but fire officials, they work through low vision, a partial collapse, and they were able to contain the fire to one building on a one floor, of course, this did not keep 100 residents from being displaced, here's what
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neighbors had to say this house is on fire. i mean it was flaming. you could see the flames going out about 30 feet in the air. so the house was actually on fire. >> i saw billows of smoke. my first concern was to the people that are living there, you know, hoping that everybody got out. nobody lost any major possessions or anything. >> reporter: as you can see, you can look at some of the windows and see some people possessions, and fire commissioner had good news and again they were able to contain the fire to one floor and one building, so, a lot of possessions, were saved. there were absolutely no injuries in this three alarm fire, thanks to quick action by fire fighters, who were able to contain the fire despite partial collapse, despite smokey conditions, and again, no injuries. all of the residents who had
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been evacuated had been moved to a safe shelter near forty-fourth and sansom street and red cross had been notified and will be on the scene shortly. live from west philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you. police are investigating a homicide in the grays ferry neighborhood. officers tell thaws two men were shot around 11:00 o'clock last night. bullet casings, then littered the streets near 18th and tasker. one man died at the scene, other was shot in the stomach. he is in critical condition. investigators tell us that the rick tim that died had heroin and thousands of dollars in carbon him. they believe it was a robbery gone bad. police are also investigating a double stabbing, this time in center city. officers tell thaws two women got in the fight near 13th and locust streets. both were rushed to the hospital with stab wonderful to the face and chest, and both victims are in stable condition. police are investigating after two men were found shot one fatally in the the cities
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wissonoming section. it happened around 10:30 near ditman and devereaux street. one man was found dead inside of a car with a gunshot wound to the back of his head, another was found around the corner, shot multiple times, he is in critical condition. an 11 year-old boy is recovering this morning after he was struck by a car in north philadelphia. crash happened yesterday afternoon at 19th and lehigh, and investigators say that the 28 year-old driver of a volkswagen struck a nissan, his vehicle left the road, hit the boy and then hit a building. five two-year old woman driving the nissan is hospitalized in critical condition. >> i'm coming from this way, i said you go to hit that little boy, you are about to hit that little boy, one got out of the way and the other one hit him, right into the wall. >> and the child is in stable condition, the driver of the volkswagen suffered minor injuries. the causes under investigation a car hit five people in las vegas and then kept going.
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police say car ran a red light, hit another car, lost control and then hit two adults and three children. two of the children are in critical condition, police did say they found the driver less than 2 miles away, and he has been taken into custody. well, donald trump is calling for a united republican party, during a rally last night near pittsburgh, and he tore into g.o.p. members hoff been not backing him. democrat hillary clinton has no events scheduled. while bernie sanders is meeting with chief supporters and advisors. as brian web reports, this is the first weekend both parties have presumptive presidential nominees. >> i have the least racist person you have ever met, believe me. >> reporter: donald trump defended himself while taking shots at his own party including former candidate mitt romney who accused trum of trickle down racism. >> he choked, like a dog he choke, and now it is time for somebody else. >> reporter: trump went after his usual suspects on saturday, during stops in florida, and pennsylvania. in tampa he hit president
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obama and hillary clinton in the same sentence. >> we have no leadership. we have a president that as far as i'm concerned is incompetent and now he will be campaigning for crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton took the day off after a big week grabbing the democratic nomination, getting the president's endorsement and going after trump on women's health. >> we have to ask ourselves and we have to ask everyone that you come in contact with, do we want to put our health, our lives, our futures in donald trump's hands. >> clinton met the with massachusetts senator and trum april tack dog elizabeth warren this week adding to speculation that she's being considered as a possible running mate. brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and senator bernie sanders will appear this morning on face the nation with john dickerson, also scheduled to appear are house speaker paul ryan and donald trump campaign
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manager corry lewandowski, this morning at 10:30 on cbs-3 . police have had to break up soccer riots at 2016 tournament in the southern french city. fistfights between supporters of the england and russia spilled in the street before yesterday's match and then again after it ended. it is third straight day of violence at the tournament. police have made several arrests. this rocket launch from cape canaveral florida. >> we have main engine ignition, two, one and lift off... >> well, this rocket is supposedly carrying a national reconnaissance office, eve dropping satellite. incredible 2.1 million-pound of thrust for lift off, launch was delayed for two days because of bad weather. happening right now, hundreds of cyclist are gearing up for the forty-fourth annual bike-a-thon. cyclist are riding from
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philadelphia to the shore to raise money for the american cancer society. the race begins at the foot of the ben franklin bridge around 6:30 this morning. it has already begun and bridge will be closed for an hour while they make their way acrosses. the race will conclude in atlantic city, new jersey. and still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", a rail line discovers what caused this train to jump the track and catch fire, and what they are checking for on the track. truly this is fit for a queen, how the country helped elizabeth the second turn 90. and if you need to cool off, the shore is an ideal place, justin drabick's eyewitness weather is coming up in a few minutes, stay with
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junior. shot outside love field airport. investigators say sean diamond struck his former girlfriend and battered her car with a traffic cone and landscaping rocks near the terminal. police say ab officer shot diamond after he went after them, with rocks in his hands. he is in stable condition. union pacific says a broken boat caused last weekend's fiery drain derailment on the oregon/washington border. it was moving crude oil through the columbia river gorge on june 3rd, now no one was hurt but derailment did cause the evacuation of the small town. union pacific is in the process of checking similar bolts in curve sections on the 32,000 miles, on tracks, in 23
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states. and there will be a public funeral for nhl legend gary howe that includes a visitation tuesday at joe lou ace reen, home of the, detroit red wings where howe played for most of his career. his funeral is in detroit. howe known as mr. hockey, died friday at the age of 88. it has been a weekend of celebrating in britain as queen elizabeth and her family marked her official 90th birthday. it included a parade, colorful military ceremony, jonathan vigliotti was in london for all of the pageantry. >> reporter: if there is one thing a party fit for a queen must be, it is grand, and the country showed up to celebrate the oldest and longest reigning monarch in the land. queen emerged dressed in the mess vibrant shade of green. you could say at 90 she knows a thing or two about commanding an audience.
7:18 am
husband prince philip, who just turned 95 donned his bear skin hat. the fairy tail festivities were led by duchess kate, prince, harry and his stepmother camilla, prince williams and prince charles followed on horse back. >> trooping the colors is equal parts birthday parade and military pageant, it is century's old throw back, carrying or trooping the colors of the regimen on the battle field and allows the queen to meet her guards. the queen is really showing no signs of slowing down, last year, she made nearly 400 public appearances, this year her schedule is expect to be just as crazy. four generations, gathered at buckingham palace to celebrate one women, but at 90, the queen looked more than happy to share spotlight with prince george, and sister charlotte, who made her balcony debut. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right.
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justin joining us now with the weather watchers, i walked in this morning, it was so warm what do you see out there. >> reporting temperatures in the 70's, pretty much every where. warm, muggy start to our sun toews but humidity will increasingly drop as we progress in the morning and afternoon. unlike yesterday it is the opposite. humidity got worse heading in the afternoon. not a bad beach day, we still solve clouds i few people enjoying the nice start to the day. ocean is a little bit choppy but we will have a westerly wind that will clean up the waves a little bit here. so maybe waist high waves if you surf, could be some conditions, and best day through the next several as the way our weather pattern is. we will see more sunshine returning, for the shore into the afternoon as this cold front moves off shore and then humidity just drops. it will be windy. westerly wind will heat the temperature up. not as hot as yesterday. we got up to 92 degrees officially at philadelphia international. that makes it hottest day of the season so far. average high this time of the year is 82 degrees. we will bring these temperatures back where we should be in the lower 80's for the next several days and
7:20 am
then tomorrow, it will be below average. so for today, breezy, less humid, especially tonight. we will notice that difference. that is the trend into the start of the workweek and then we will get to keep temperatures on the cooler side, in the 50's by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and a nice dry stretch in our forecast as well. if you have outdoor activities for next several days it is looking g overall we will call it a pleasant week as we move through the last week of the official spring season, average high is 82 degrees, we will above that today though but we will take it southward for monday, temperatures there in the upper 70's, maybe near 80 on tuesday, and then by the middle part of the week we will creep back to where we should this be time of the year and we will bring back a few rain chances as we head toward the second half of the workweek. we will talk about that in a little bit. how will it feel? today, it is humid. this afternoon it starts to feel more pleasant. and then we will call it awesome for monday and tuesday. so kind of like how it was late last week, very comfortable. and then wednesday, back to pleasant conditions, with a
7:21 am
slow increase in humidity but nothing out of control. we can certainly handle it. summer does arrive a week from tomorrow. monday june 20th at 6:34 in the morning. that is when sun reaches its farthest point to the north tropic of cancer and that is most amount of daylight we have through the entire year. sunset tonight at 8:30. then june 21st day of summer, it sets at 8:33. then we will start to lose the day time, daylight. july 31st starts to set a little bit earlier at 8:15. right now we're gaining 30 seconds of daylight each day as we approach the summer solstice and that number shrinks down a few seconds as we hit the day. summer solstice that is an older graphic but it does reach the farthest point northward in the northern hemisphere, tilted toward the sun, that is why we get the direct sun rays and we have the hot temperatures this time of the year. today the at the shore, sunny 84 degrees with that westerly breeze, uv index running high, and wear that sun block.
7:22 am
forecast high in the shore 86 degrees but less humid as we move in the afternoon hours. tonight, it is comfortable, mostly clear, still on the breezy side. sixty for center city. fifty's out in the suburbs. nice start to our monday morning. and then monday afternoon 78 degrees, a few clouds will build but we will keep i dry into tuesday. 80 degrees. still pleasant. warm on wednesday. humidity levels stay on the low side as we head toward thursday, we will bring back a few rain chances and we will dry out for friday in the upcoming weekend. nice stretch as we head toward the official start of the summer season rahel. >> i like it. >> justin, thank you. 7:22. time to see how traffic is moving, ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann. >> good morning, rahel. ben franklin bridge is opened for business, rahel, american cancer society's annual charity bike event has passed through and we are good to go there. it is open. admiral wilson boulevard is opened, between ben franklin bridge and airport circle. 676 northbound is over between nickel boulevard and ben
7:23 am
franklin bridge. is what closed or what has delays, along it, bicyclist are passing through the atlantic city expressway. right now it is closed on the expressway eastbound between exit four absecon and atlantic avenue for the bike-a-thon. we will move the traffic cam to market street at forty-third street and, of course, market street still shut down at forty-third street. fire is out. fire ladder is there. but, again, we still have a closure because we just did have have a major fire in this part of the town. so, the forty-second street is shut down, on market street is shut down, excuse me at forty-third street. again, fire is under control but emergency equipment is still on the scene. that is the very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now, rahel, back to you. ann, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news", find out how soon you can book a flight. and a farm that is just a dream drive away, meisha johnson shows us how she's getting up close to horses. we will tell you where in the
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dream drive segment coming up in the next half
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. philadelphia's kimmel center is celebrating its sixth annual organ day, star of the show was fred, the largest mechanical pipe organ in a concert venue in the united states. that is fred. they discovered different ways the instrument can bring joy to the community and how it connects to all of us. beautiful. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" atlantic
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good morning, today is june 12th, i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for being with us. the rots of breaking news this morning, we will start first in west philadelphia where fire fighters are on the scene of the three alarm fire in the 4300 block of chestnut street. tray graham from our sister station, kyw news -- cherri gregg is live from the scene, cherri, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, i can tell you that it took more than 100 fire fighters and nearly three dozen fire and emergency vehicles to put out, the flames, here at the netherland apartment building. it is actually six apartment buildings, all on this block here at forty-third and chestnut streets. four stories. fire commissioner adam thiel spoke to reporters just a little while ago and he said that the call came in just before 5:00 a.m. fire officials arrived on the scene to find smoke, flames from this four story
7:31 am
7:32 am
all right. that was a special cbs news report after that night club shooting in orlando. now it looks like we will send it back to cherri out on the scene of the fire in west philadelphia, forty-third and chestnut. cherri, lets get back to you. what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. this is still a very activity scene. it took more than a hundred fire fighters and nearly three dozen fire and emergency vehicle tolls put out this three alarm fire at the netherland apartment complex, at forty-third and chestnut. fire commissioner adam thiel just spoke with reporters moments ago and he said that the call came in just before 5:00 a.m. fire officials arrived to find smoke and flames from this four story structure which includes six buildings, here. officials say smoke was coming from the windows of the apartment building, fourth floor, the fire continued causing fire emergency
7:33 am
officials to call in three a alarms. fire fighters had to deal with low vision, partial collapses but were able to contain the fire to one building, and on one floor. of course, this did not keep 100 residents from being displaced but fire commissioner adam thiel says that this was a amazing work by the fire department. >> this was one of the most incredible fire stops i have ever seen. so far we have had no injuries. there have no fatalities, no injuries to our fire fighters. just an incredible job by all of our philadelphia department fire fighters and paramedics. we have a lot of folks out here right now taking care of the approximately 100 displaced building occupants. >> now, of course, there are still a couple of hot spots which means fire fighters will be working the rest of the day here at forty-third and chestnut and there will be some road closures, but all of
7:34 am
the displaced residents have been removed and taken to forty-fourth and sansom street where red cross officials are helping them and hopefully, the fire commissioner says that some of the rest of the resident will be able to return to their apartment at some point in the near future. live from west philadelphia, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much for the update. authorities in florida are still trying to figure out why a gunman shot and killed a rising star. cristina grimmie a marlton native was signing autographs after her performance friday night in orlando when she was shot and killed. police say 27 year-old kevin james loibl fired the shots and was tackled to the ground by grimmie's brother. low le then turn the gun on himself. grimmie's friends are now speaking out about the friend that they lost. >> i think she's somebody that we can look up to that is why it is striking the nation to this great extent because people realized what kind of a person that she was. i mean she was a phenomenal
7:35 am
person. nobody will come out, and, you know, put all these tweeting out, musicians put tweeting out, they respect her. they respected her. >> investigators believe loibl went to the show intend to go kill cristina but they do not know is why. well, closing arguments in the federal racketeering trial on congressman chaka fattah are supposed to begin tomorrow. the pennsylvania demies accused of arranging a one million-dollar campaign loan and paid back part of witt federal grant money and charitable donations. defense claims political operatives close to fattah were behind the scheme and the congressman had no idea. happening today, atlantic city is putting out the help wanted sign for life guards. resort is holding tryouts at 9:00 at south carolina avenue beach. there are certain requirements, of course, you have to be 16, you must also be able to make a 500-meter swim in the ocean, and be able to run a half mile in less
7:36 am
than three minutes and 45 seconds. well, for the first time in over 50 years there will be scheduled flights to cuba and some of them will fly out in philadelphia frontier airline will operate between philadelphia and a sea side resort 90 miles east of had van a other airlines going to cuba include american, jet blue and southwest. flights are supposed to start this fall. air carriers plan to start selling tickets in the next few weeks. and septa's plan to make tokens obsolete start tomorrow. they are making key cards available for 10,000 riders for free, you do however have to buy a weekly or monthly transpass, you cannery load the cards with cash, credit cards, or even tokens and you can even reload on line or over the phone. well, carrying on alex scott's dream one cup of lemonade at a time. this is the stand that started it all the original alex lemonade stand. "eyewitness news" at pen wynn
7:37 am
elementary school. alex's friend and family continue to honor her dream, holding a family fun event at her school every june. just like other alex lemonade stands this will also raise machine toy help fight childhood cancer. another lemonade stand was in woolwich township gloucester county this was hosted by ten year-old mario carpino who has been battling an inoperable brain tumor since 2007. thinks his sixth annual lemonade stand and this year he hopes to raise $50,000. >> not only are we doing this found a cure for man are ohio but for every child hoist battling the toughest battle that they were handed to them. >> take a listen to listen to the past six years they have raised over 307 you this dollars for alex lemonade stand. >> good moves there. children's hospital hosted a family block party in south philadelphia, organizers welcomed neighbors to the new
7:38 am
south philadelphia community health ape literacy center. block party at broad and morris, featured ride, games, face painting and entertainment. it is as a result of the partnership between chop, city of philadelphia and free library of philadelphia. pope francis is celebrating mass this morning in st. peters square for the sick and disable. it is all part of the jubilee of mercy. yesterday the holy father held a audience with hundreds of people attending a disability congress in rome. during the speech by the pope, a child with down syndrome was invited on the stage. francis hug the girl and asked her to sit down near him and he praised her for her bravery. pope answered questions about fighting discrimination and he described it as the worst thing that there is among them. hundreds marched in the fifth annual philadelphia disability pride parade on market street. parade began at constitution center and ended with speeches and live performances at city hall. event was organized by mayor's commission on people with
7:39 am
difficulties built. looks like fun. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" it is strawberry season. meisha johnson goes on the road to find a place you can pick them yourself in the dream drive. early start for phillies and toughened for the phillies, in "eyewitness sports". day is looking good, and feeling good later, meteorologist justin drabick has the eyewitness weather forecast, coming
7:40 am
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7:42 am
meisha johnson joins us to go berry picking. it is this weeks addition of dream drive. my drive took me to burlington county, new jersey and small community of jobs town, to enjoy, the farm life. >> i'm talking about hey rides, strawberry picking and whole lot offhanded fulls. >> johnson's locust farm historic property, back to the 1600s. now this one is 320 acres. so once you drive up that driveway you are in the bubble. >> reporter: if it looks familiar it should. it is run by same family behind the popular johnson's corner farm. shoppers can pick up things like fruit preserves and apple cider doughnut or they can head out to the field. >> right now we have strawberries, this is first crop we have had. >> we will take you out to the
7:43 am
farm and go around. >> reporter: at the tractor wheel is wes johnson of the johnson family. >> what is your favorite fruit. >> strawberries. >> i love working here. >> i'm from the city. so everything is great on the farm. >> it is relaxing. it is natural. >> so sweet, there is such a big difference then when you go to the grocery store. >> there is, because these are ripe, red ready to go. >> do you ever come back to the house and say i cannot eat anymore strawberries. >> yeah, sometimes. >> these are good. we take it just like this. the kid, they break it off. goes down the pipe. >> that is cute. >> then they have a party down there. >> there you go. >> they do like their food. >> these are sheep too.
7:44 am
>> your eyes go right away to tiny babies. >> she's a new born. she was actually born last week. >> we're in the pen right now with them but when kids are here they have to feed them through the pipes outside the fence. >> absolutely for safety reasons. >> yes. >> this is penelope. >> how oldies penelope. >> he is about 12 years old. we let the kids pet and ride. >> i see they have their own stylist. >> yes. >> meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i love that little goat. >> all right. for those getting dressed, heading out the door this morning, it will be nice today. >> it will be nice, compared to yesterday we got up to 92. really humid. still muggy know and you can feel that in your hair. i don't know what that is all about. >> you cannot bring it up, only i can bring that up.
7:45 am
>> humidity does drop throughout the day. a nice refresh air mass for the start of the workweek. the there is something to look forward to if you don't like the typical midsummer like stuff we had yesterday and we made out nicely yesterday. we didn't get that severe thunderstorm, threat, that was in our forecast, as well, as we could not get the trigger going for these showers and thunderstorms. but it is a warm start to our sunday morning, and then temperatures, they are going to level off. we have a cold front moving through right now, that will drop the humidity as it passes on by, and nice refreshing breeze, kicks off out on the west. seventy-five in buena vista township at margot simmons house. south jersey feeling warmth. pete inner lawrenceville checks in with 80 degrees at this hour. cherry hill jenny at 78. eighty-one at lynn's house in cherry hill, new jersey. and levittown, warm start as well 81 at williamstown, san towing, michael riley close to that 80-degree mark. similar numbers, every where, mullica, chesterfield, barbara
7:46 am
in willow grove 79 degrees, would be of the cooler spots 74 for now at medford at andrew's house. enjoy that number because we are going to climb backup in the mid 80's this afternoon. but it will be more comfortable especially by mid afternoon. certainly tonight, we may be able to open up those windows living dangerously as refreshing air mass build back in. temperatures in the 50's. sun tour area middle school nice 78 degrees at this hour. west southwest wind at ten, 11 . that will increase this afternoon. we will get gusts up to 35 miles an hour, as this front passes on by. but noticeably less humid throughout the day-to-day on the breezy side and then i'll call it a cool start. that is starting tomorrow and jacket weather in some spots and high temperature will be below average. we're setting up for a nice dry stretch. good car wash weather. do it today and enjoy it next several days. nothing will mess it up. pleasant week. eighty-two is our high. 10 degrees above that.
7:47 am
there is a drop happening, monday and tuesday we will go below average, talking upper 70's to 80 degrees. the and then we will level back off to near average by wednesday and thursday and friday, and bring back some more clouds and rain chances, so still humid right new this morning but it will be more pleasant this afternoon and then awesome for monday, tuesday and back to pleasant conditions on wednesday, so this is when you factor in humidity. we will not have that typical midsummer like stuff happening. summer is around the corner, astronomical summer, it happens a week from mob, june 20th at 6:34 in the morning when the sun reaches farther point north. that is longest amount of daylight we will get during the year. shore forecast, good beach day, today, mostly sunny skies, warm, breezy that off shore wind, gets the temperature up to 84 degrees. ocean still chilly at 63. wear the sun block, uv index running high, west wind at 20, could blow sand around. then we will have have a drop in the jet stream for early this coming week, and
7:48 am
especially tomorrow into tuesday and that cooler air is able to filter into the delaware valley. so that is why our highs, will go below average. for today noticeably less humid, breezy, still on the warm side. we will above average. 86 degrees, for the afternoon temperatures. but no threat of any rain. so outdoor plans, certainly a go. very comfortable tonight. mostly clear, still breezy, we will drop down to 60 for the city and the suburbs will be waking up to the 50's, maybe even lower 50's, in some of the cooler spots, the extended forecast, looking good next several days, enjoy, we will go from 86 and 78, a few more cloud around tomorrow, still breezy, back to 80 on tuesday, pleasant, low humidity, the low humidity sticks around on wednesday, even though it is warmer and then is there our next shower chance, really on thursday, right now it is at a low chance. we will watch that. and then drying out. next weekend friday and saturday highs where we should be no complaints from that forecast. >> no, better to complain about your hair. >> extra gel in today.
7:49 am
>> justin, thanks. time right now 7:48. let's go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> a lot of breaking news, events, causing some closures. >> a lot of events, today, rahel. the good news is ben franklin bridge is back opened for business, market cancer society, has passed on through and with it admiral wilson boulevard opened, 676 northbound is opened but the atlantic city expressway eastbound feeling the brunt. bicyclist are on that, between exit number four absecon and atlantic avenue. we have one long line of cars. big jam up there on the atlantic city expressway as by sickle list pass through there we will keep you posted as they pass through the parkway. we will move the traffic cam here, here we go, and this is to ben franklin parkway, and we do have closures on this, the parkway, it is opened but art myself circle is closed for odyssey half marathon. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans now back to you, rahel. it is time to check your
7:50 am
kitchen cabinets a popular snack is within of the items in this weeks three on your side recall round up. "eyewitness news" consumer reporter jim donovan has this weeks list. >> reporter: first up, kitty craft concerns, crazy jewel gem creations is recalling some jewelry making kit. it contains lead and it is tax fix ingested by young children. recall involves shimmer and sparkle, and my look ultimate gem machines as well as one refill product. kits were sold at toys-r-us, wal-mart and target stores from august 2015 through this past april. keep these products way from small children and contact the manufacturer for a refund. next up, bunk bed dangers. hills dale furniture is recalling 20,000 bunk beds because mattress support rails can break posing a fall risk. so far they have had 650 reports of the rails breaking and eight children have been
7:51 am
injured. these bunk beds were sold exclusively at bob's discount furniture nationwide. stop using these beds and immediately contact hillsdale for having them repaired. and finally pretzel problems, they are recalling select packages of rolled goal tiny twist, thins, sticks and honey wheat braided pretzels. they may contain peanut residue which could be harmful for people with peanut allergies. the products have guarantied fresh dates ranging from june 28th of 2016, through august 23rd of 2016, on the front of the package. you can return the pretzels to the store of purchase for a full refund or contact the company customer relations. i have posted more information on cbs and on my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. well, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", a photo finish as the final race of horse rags's triple crown, we will have the outcome in "eyewitness
7:53 am
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early game for phillies and nasa the 12:05. phillies offense looked like they need aid couple more hours of sleep. second inning in the game phillies with the man on second and third, nobody out but nationals cameron roar gets himself out of the jam. he strikes out three in a row. that would be closest fill boys get to some runs. bottom of the inning, he would help his own cause, dropping
7:55 am
down a bunt on the safety squeeze here and phillies just cannot make the play. nationals will take a two to nothing lead. we then of more trouble in the second inning bryce harper with the rbi single that would be the nationals fourth run of the inning. aaron nola only lasting three and two thirds yesterday. and then check out that grab by anthony rendone at third. it was that kind of the day for phillies. they lose in washington, eight to nothing the final. a2 philadelphia soul in action yesterday afternoon in trenton against l.a. kings. dan raudabaugh going deep for a 37-yard touchdown. they are up by eight. third quarter we have raudabaugh again finding jeremy richardson. the nice move. good block. he scores from 20 yards out. soul go up by 30. not much contest, soul win 73-37. stanley cup playoffs will resume in san jose, sharks kept that series alive with the four-two win thursday night. san jose looking to be the second team in stanley cup
7:56 am
history to come back from a three-one deficit in the finals to win the cup. >> here they come in the far outside, creator coming town. it is destined and creator, and lonnie on the outside. destined and creator, these two, head down to the line together, too close to call. >> what a finish, only the fourth time in the history of the belmont that race was decided by a nose. the winner, creator but look at how close that was, preakness winner exaggerator finished 11th. u.s. taking on parquay in the copa america 27th minute, clint dempsey scores to put u.s. by one. u.s. will play mess of the second half with ten men after a red card, and then thank god necessary for the goalie making two saves in the eighty-second minute. united states wins one to nothing and they advance to the first copa quarter finals since 1995 and second time ever. a beautiful day for golf,
7:57 am
in philadelphia cricket club yesterday, around 3:00 of the senior players championship 11th hard, bryant with the approach shot and from his body lack wage he doesn't look like he likes the shot, he may want to rethink that, the ball, hits the green, rolls rolls in the for the eagle, bernard l anger is leader at two under par. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have the at 8:00. the country is waking up to horrific news of the deadly mass shooting a ate nightclub in florida. twenty people are dead, dozens are injured. we will have the latest from police coming up. also ahead, here we're live on the scene of the apartment fire in west philadelphia, that forced 100 people from their themes. a live report is straight ahead. and a muggy saturday, justin is back with what we can expect for your sunday, stay with
7:58 am
camden wasn't an easy place to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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police say 20 people were shot and killed in the nightclub. latest from police coming up. also this morning 100 resident our of their homes after an apartment building also up in flames. we are live from west philadelphia as fire officials search for a cause. and well, good morning to you, it is sunday june 12th i'm rahel solomon. the lots of news to get to but first, justin drabick. pleasant day, that would be nice. >> yes, it will still be warm for some, mid 80's but humidity gets better. >> that always feels better. >> still humid now, and, hey that guy is lying it is pretty nasty out but you'll note that


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