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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 14, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, unity rises from the pain. thousands gather in orlando, florida to support the victims and survivors of the deadly mass shooting in u.s. history. tears and hugs filled the courtyard outside city hall. we know one of the 50 people killed was a recent his school graduate from philadelphia. her father tells us about the phone call he received from his daughter inside the nightclub.
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plus new details are emerging about the gunman omar mateen. what investigators are now saying about his past and the popular tourist destination he may have scoped out before the nightclub massacre. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. let's take look now at the latest from that massacre in orlando. orlando sentinel reports the shooter mateen may have visited pulse nightclub on several occasions before the massacre. this news comes as federal officials reveal it appears he'd been radicalized through the internet. late tonight, the white house said president obama will travel to orlando on thursday to pay respects to the victims. authorities have now identified all 50 people including the gunman who died in the massacre. of the 53 other who's were hurt, 34 remain hospitalized tonight. and new at 11:00, snap chat video captured the party early sunday morning at that orlando
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nightclub. and the moment it all changed. >> (gunfire). >> those were the last moments of 25-year-old amanda allovers live she one of the forty nine people killed when i that gunm gunman. we also now know a local teenager was among those killed in the nightclub shooting. she has been identified as 18-year-old akyra murray. a recent graduate of west catholic high school. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside city hall tonight where earlier this evening murray along with other who's were killed and injured were remembered at a vigil the there. trang. >> reporter: right, jess. self members of the murray's family close friends and even her former west catholic basketball teammates were here today. this vigil started at 6:30 you can see there's self people here reflecting monday the dozens candles still it will here. the crowd grew so large tonight police had to event eventually shut down jfk boulevard to
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traffic. many people held one another and wiped away tears. mayor kenney got choked up remembering the local victim kyra murray. >> thousands of lgbt philadelphians and their allies gathered outside of city hall to spread a message of love and tolerance in memory of those killed inside pulse nightclub in orlando. >> we stand together united. there's no fear. >> what the united states is about right here these beautiful diverse faces we are saying we're here, we are love, we're unapologetic who we are. >> speaker nicky lopez read each victim's name individually. >> reporter: none cut us deeply as akyra murray. >> myhr of her mother natalie had a front row seat. >> she's going to be missed. she had a full scholarship.
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some shell not be able to use. really going to be missed. her mother is going to need all of your prayers. she's going to need to be held up right now. >> reporter: mayor kenney grew emotional speak bowing the young basketball star gunned down as her life was just beginning. >> i can't tell you how devastating it is that she was in that club. so, um, make sure grab a hold of each other, hold on to each other and we'll get through this together. >> the crowd turned to song. >> ♪ >> reporter: eventual al march around city hall led by murray's west catholic basketball teammates. >> ♪ >> reporter: and akyra murray's parents remain in orlando at the bedside of her cousin also shot but is
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recovering. meantime, patience carter a friend of both girls also from philadelphia was shot and is expected to be okay. for now we're live from city hall, trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> quite a growing memorial there, trang, thanks so much. akyra murray's father spoke to kyw news radio cherry greg by phone today about the heart wrenching call he received from his daughter inside the club. >> she was screaming and said daddy, i'm bleeding. i've been shot. come get me. we were on the expressway about 30 minutes away we was on the road. rushing, flying, doing about 90, 100 like i said cops must have gone to the scene in that area from different counties or whatever we pretty much followed the cop down. >> murray also played three seasons with summer basketball team in philadelphia. and that league held a game tonight in her honor at the eastwick rec center. in orlando tonight thousands of people gathered to remember the victims in emotional vigil there. our greg argos is in orlando and
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has been covering this story for us all day and into the night. greg? >> reporter: good evening jessica. orlando has many nicknames though tonight it should be known as orlando strong like you mentioned thousands of people gathered just about a mile and a half from where 49 people died at a community center. thousands cried, thousands hugged, thousands remember the men and women loft. through tears and hugs, orlando pulse was beating strong monday night as thousands gathered near miles from the club where 49 innocent people lost their liv lives. >> i knew people that were affected. >> reporter: some folks bike live in orlando and were drawn to the vigil to honor those go gone. >> it was important for me to bring my kids out here so they could see how -- a little bit of love this world would be a better place. >> reporter: others like nick came from hundred if not thousands of miles away.
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drawn to the see which means so much for them. >> i actual wall in chicago sunday morning woke up to this and without knowing what was going on i got on plane and came down here. the silver lining is that's correct you know, even in these hateful situations the hope that's provided through others. >> reporter: many people gathered here have deep personal connections to those loft. >> i was the photographer at pulse for several years. >> reporter: these photos eric babcock snapped from years past during help year times at the club. he was supposed to be there saturday night for his birthday celebration. >> ended up drinking too much in a different bar, so i just didn't make it to that one. it was supposed to be a bar hopping birthday weekend. >> reporter: the last four friends in the shooting and spending the days after what was supposed to be a celebration in deep mourning. >> you look around here and you see thousands and thousands of people coming together different backgrounds, different religio religions. different walks of life. and you see them hugging and
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celebrating live here. how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel good that there's, you know, everyone doesn't matter gays, straight, that doesn't even matter. everyone is just here for one another to show their support and how much they love one another. >> reporter: jessica in just the past 90 minutes the city of orlando announcing all 49 victims in this tragic shooting have been identified. the families beginning the mourning process. >> obviously that vigil just a beautiful show of unity there but i'm curious you've been there now for nearly 24 hours. what it's like to be walking the streets of orlando right now. is it calm? is it chaotic? >> reporter: it's actually very calm right now. of course, this is well after this horrific mass shooting took place. right now here on the street there real sal sense of unity. there are local businesses that are helping out first responders with food and water. all of the businesses all of the
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folks here are coming together really as you saw with a thousands that gathered and they're really focusing on memorializing the victims. >> yeah. really beautiful way to memorialize them by coming together, greg, thanks so much. ♪ (tolls and back in our area, bells toll in honor of the orlando shooting victims. "eyewitness news" at saint tim moth's church in roxborough. the bells rank for each person killed in the attack. sources tell cbs news 29-year-old omar mateen was active on social media and on the internet. the fbi found evidence he may have researched disneyworld as a possible target before choosing the pulse nightclub. he had been on the fbi radar in the past back if in 2013 co-workers claim he was boasting
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family connections to al-qaida and he was a member of hezboll hezbollah. mateen was ultimately cleared. in an interview with cbs news, his father says he does not know if his son was a follow we are of isis. >> i wasn't aware of what he d did. i wish he was alive i would ask why did he do that. that's not the way i allow my son to behave that way. >> he says what his son did was an act of terrorism but he does not believe his son was a terrorist. massacre in orlando has reignited the fierce debate over national security and gun control. earlier today, president obama cautioned against putting politics before policy. >> counter extreme i but he have we have to make sure that it is not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons. >> meantime presidential candidates hillary clinton and
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donald trump made their first public appearances in the wake of the attack. the presumptive presidential nominee called out clinton in a speech on national security in manchester, new hampshire. >> hillary clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring islamic extremists to country and suppress women, gays and anyone else who doesn't share their views or values. >> at a campaign event in cleveland, ohio this afternoon clinton called on americans to stand together in unity. show said weekend massacre shows isis cannot be contained but must be defeated. >> the orlando terrorist may be dead, but the virus that poisoned his mind remains very much alive. and we must attack it with clear eyes, steady hands, unwaiverring determination and pride in our
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country and our values. bernie sanders has condemned the attack and called for a ban on automatic weapons. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news"es were more details unfol unsurrounding the investigation into the orlando massacre. of course you can find updates any time at another tragic story from orlando hitting close to home. singer christina grimmie gunned down after a concert there and tonight hundreds from her hometown in new jersey gathered to remember her. still ahead, the pop star who's offering to pay for grimmie's funeral services. plus, the phillies fan accused of throwing a bottle at ryan howard turns himself inform the pup initiate many he now faces. kate? and it was beautiful day today. clouds have moved in a bit over the city tonight and we've got another chance for rain in the forecast coming up i'll tell which you days this week you'll need to grab the sunglasses and which days you may need to grab
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the rain gear. >> don. >> more money than one can counsel. the eagles signed fletcher cox to mega deal. find out how much the all pro will get. that's later in sports. ♪
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back on "eyewitness news" now with a tribute to the young singer christina grimmie killed this week weekend at a performing at a concert in florida. tonight there was a vigil for her in evesham township where she grew up. and "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us with that story. rahel. >> jessica, so many people came out for that vigil hundreds i would say. many who tell me they personally new christina. other who's say they didn't but they watch closely her rise to fame on the voice and so when she was killed on friday night they tell me they feel like they lost a friend, too. >> ♪ >> reporter: it was a voice that could silence a room. it was the life that those who loved her struggle put in words.
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♪ >> it just means a lot. >> at the memorial sports complex in evesham, friends and family me met for candlelight vl to remember 22-year-old christina grimmie kill after performance friday night in orlando. >> i didn't think it was true. shocking. like i didn't think that it could be possible that she was dead. >> authorities say 27-year-old kevin went to the venue inten intending to kill grimmie but had on him two hand guns, two loaded magazines an hunting 95. christina' brother marcus tackle the gunman before the shooter killed himself. police are calling marcus a hero he says he was just being christinas' older brother. >> arms open wide. she had no idea and she treated everybody the same. >> bone best for her voice but by those who knew her best, for herself lessness and faith. ♪
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>> reporter: and singer adam levine on the voice has offered to pay for all of christina' funeral expenses. meantime authorities in florida say they cannot understand why the shooter was motivated to kill christina. it does not appear he and the singer had any personal connection. reporting in evesham township, rahel solomon cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> quite a loss. rahel, thank you closing arguments will continue tomorrow in the federal racketeering trial of pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. he's accused of a ranging illegal campaign loan then paying back part of it with federal grant money and charitable donations. fattah's defense lawyers say his former political consultants are responsible. four co-defendants are also on trial with fattah would two others have pleaded guilty. philadelphia police have identified a university of delaware student as the man suspected of throwing a beer bottle at ryan howard. 21-year-old sidney smith of wilmington turned himself in to detectives earlier today.
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he was issued a citation for disorderly curt conduct and scheduled to appear before a judge tomorrow. the offense could result in a fine you have up to thee hundred dollars. kate bilo joins you now. we had nice sunny today which was refreshing to have a little sunshine on a day that's been full of such sad news. nice to see the sun. >> it is. >> yeah. >> weather has not been an issue which is good news. and tomorrow look looks like another great day as well so that's good news as we head into our tuesday. we're looking at temperatures generally seasonal right in the low 80s. little bit of a breeze low humidity another great late spring day. but it can't always be this nice. we do have the chance for some rain later in the week. let's time that out for you start off with a look right now outside a live look down 16th street from our studios here in center steam you can see a few clouds in the sky but it's dry out there. and while we can't rule out a stay sprinkle overnight most of us are rain free. on stor storm scan3 just a batcf clouds moving through the region
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at the moment producing a few spring coals nothing more than maybe a few raindrops hitting the windshield. you may need to flick the wipers once or twice late tonight or early tomorrow morning but this is all going to push south so much and skies will clear and tomorrow looks like a really great day. you can see showers over portions of new england those are missing us in the next two days are looking quite and pretty calm. temperatures right now 54 in mount pocono. 66 in allentown. still nice and warm in the city, 74 degrees and 72 down in dover. let's time this out and take a peek how the next few days look. so tomorrow definitely grab the shades, sunny beautiful day. 8:00 a.m. any clouds from overnight are moving by to the south we're looking at lots of sunshine all day long. wednesday looks like a pretty nice day as well but notice there's this bank of clouds that does try to creep in by late afternoon so 2:00 p.m. you can see the clouds starting to creep in. it's still nice down the shore still nice to the north. but by wednesday evening around 8:00 o'clock it's cloudy. a few of these showers will be
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moving in overnight and into thursday. thursday looks like a wet day especially the first half of the day into the early afternoon. periods of rain on and off could be steady at times here 8am and you can see scattered showers through the midday hours it looks like thursday into friday much this moisture will try to push to the south. there are still a few of the models trying to keep some rain in here friday morning especially down the shore. that's something we have to watch and also we've got to keep annoy on the weekend potential trouble for the coast. maybe some more clouds and showers down the shore on sunday but as of now, looks like this is going to clear out and leave us in a pretty good position as we head into the father's day weekend. tomorrow 0% chance of rain if we see anything on wednesday it's at night. thursday and friday look like our best shots are for rain. thursday certainly when things will get interesting with steady rain that kim pack the morning commute. just a passing sprinkle overnight. tomorrow no problems. mostly sunny with low humidity down the shore the next two days looking great. but it will be a wet one on thursday.
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showers maybe a rumble of thunder and same story for the city. thursday is the day you need the rain gear possibly lingering showers friday morning. and as of right now, the weekend looks fabulous. low 80s with sunshine still watching that threat chance of a coastal system down the shore but too soon to say. >> cross or fingers on that. looking good. kate, thanks so much. don is here to talk about dollars. >> lots of dollars. >> whole lot of cash. fat new deal for fletcher cox. how fat? record-breaking and ryan howard leaves the country and leaves the yard. phillies and blue jays highlights next in sports.
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>> the eagles may need a dump truck to unload all that loot they just gave fletcher cox. the all pro defensive tackle just signed one of the rich chest deals in nfl history. cox and the birds agreed to six-year extension which runs through 2022. espn adam, is reporting the deal is worth 103 million. 63 of it is a guaranteed that's
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the largest payout of guaranteed money to non-quarterback in the history of the nfl. cox was drafted 12th overall bite birds back in 2012. last season he had a career high nine and a half sacks. that cheddar, though. on to baseball, flat out don't like it that's what manager mackanin said about having to sit ryan howard. he hates the stuff decision ethos make you know how much ryan how war went to the phillies organization. not much to door night in toronto american league city. how war is the designated hitter. so we pick it up in the top of the their. no score. herrara to right field so low shot his sixth of the season the phils on top one to nothing. let's keep the good times going. fast forward to the seventh. rhino, howie, rips solo shot. phils now up two to nothing on the day. same inning herrara again not a homerun but rib by to center. he'll plate a run four to nothing. not pictured is i can off gave
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up three hits and six scoreless innings. phils win it seven-zero. >> duke forward bran top ingram is sick foot nine but only weighs 195 pounds. he knows to you to chuck and can do it well. he's the number two pick in the draft today he work out for the sick sorry at pcom. a bunch of current six hers there will there to watch him play. >> he shot 20% from free point land as a freshman. bran top not too concerned about were he's picked. >> this is my life long dream. wherever i end up i'll be happy. >> i think brandon is everything we he was. on one-on-one work out you're not going to learn everything about a player. he that's why we scout add lot of basketball game. watched a lot of tape much he's verse till forward that can handle the ball and shoot the ball. and i referred to him as a silky
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smooth small forward. deck a lot. >> check this out. broncos defensive coordinator wayne phillips can't get any respect. his ring had the wrong name on it. check this out. the ring has 212 diamonds. >> but no name? >> but no flame. >> at least not the right name. the company that made the rings said you'll have new one within a week. come on, he operates one of the best defenses in the history of the super bowl. >> can't get the respect. >> no respect for wade phillips. >> all the diamond in the world but you got to have the right name. >> what she said. >> is he who
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performed their biggest hits with corden singing behind the wheel, of course. you don't want to miss it late late show with james corden tonight it comes on right after the late show with steven colu
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our morning team is back
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