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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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cross the boulevard overnight. what police know about the car that took off after that crash. >> good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i can't believe that keeps happening, i'm brooke thomas, also, the latest on the massacre in orlando and the role the shooting played on the cam pail train. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> ♪ >> deadly hit-and-run in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. >> this was extremely powerful crash. police say once this victim was hit, she actually road the striking vehicle's hood for 200 feet. before falling to the grounds. >> bruising and broken bones. >> four people in the hospital after a driver apparently hit a group of people on the 300 block every south street. >> well, the feds are now labeling the gunman who shot 49 people to death inside orlando night club a home-grown extremist.
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>> philadelphia among many places where people gathered to remember the victims. >> a so jersey community remembers singer christina grimmie, the marlton native killed friday after concert in florida. >> deep to right field. going back, and it is gone. >> a two-run lead for the phils. >> phillies shut out the blue jays seven-zip,. >> to zip you say. let's zip right outside, to katie on the skydeck, how are things feeling, katy? >> you know, cool enough i felt like i needed the extra layer, but overall very, very comfortable. let alone sunday, common, this is looking to be just phenominal day. because we keep the sunshine, we keep that comfortable humidity. also keep the warmth we lose
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the wind. so it is basically perfection today. i hope you get a chance to make your way out and enjoy for at least couple of minutes, great mornings to zip coffee on your porch. let's go ahead, take a look what's happening on storm scan, at the moment, not heck of a lot frankly. not going to see much take place here on storm scan in the days ahead at least for today and even into tomorrow. however, right now, temperatures, yes, depending where you are, actually dairy say somewhat chilly up in the poconos, only in the 40's right now, bit march of color err sky for you through the overnight, now see that wind sim what noticeable, will continue to drop with time. the win values that is. so as we see that wind taper off with time, looking ahead to fantastic day. we of course it is flag day, all sort of different events going on around independence hall, national constitution center, pat gallen with more later in the show, regards legs, your forecast in philly today guys. sunny, nice, 08 degrees, i don't think much better than that, enjoy it with the
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gorgeous weather today, only so much time before the next front nudges north, that's when the humidity and rain will return coming up when you need to the to break out the umbrella. don't need it today, meisha, a just pair of shoots. >> -- shades. >> gorgeous already. >> roadways looking pretty good, too, but see here, look at the skewing, taillights, conshohocken curve. you can see how busy it is out there already. so busy tuesday indeed. we woke up with a lot of construction, good news we didn't have any accident until right now, 95 at girard, look at that sun glare. for those moving in the northbound section, eastbound, get it right through the win shield, make sure it pack the sunglasses, blue route, baltimore pike, i don't even need to linger on that one, looking good. where we have an accident in gilbert ville, motorcycle accident, involving injuries. route 100 southbound, at county line road.
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this is the season where we really have to look out for our friends on bikes, so just make note, that this is a motorcycle accident, with injuries, and good remind tear take it easy out there and look for like i said our friends on bikes. construction here pa turn peak westbound between valley forge and downingtown, right lane block. and also, some gas line repairs in pennsauken, i'll be get to go this? just couple of minutes, nicole, brooke, over to you. >> now, update on the deadly hit-and-run in lawncrest, we've been following all morning. police are is her clinic for the driver they say hit and killed a young woman while she was crossing the boulevard at adams avenue late last night. police say the victim walking in the crosswalk with the green light when she was hit. officers is remember chipping for while or silver mini-van. >> gunman in the orlando massacre seems to be home-grown extremist. investigators seo march mateen opened fire inside the pulse night club, killing 49 people, injuring dozen more. mateen died in in a shoot-out with police. the fbi says it had him on the
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radar twice, due to alleged terror sympathies. >> working hard to understand the killer and his motives and his sources of inspiration. >> but we are highly confident that this killer was radicalized, and at least in some part through the internet. >> last night, orlando held vigil for the victims of the shooting. president owe bamm al will travel to orlando to stands in solidarity with the community. >> local teenager shot to death in the pulse night club shooting. eighteen year old, akyra murray recent graduate of west catholic high school. her father spoke to "kyw news radio" cherri gregg by phone about the heart breaking call he got from his daughter inside the club. >> she was screaming and said daddy i'm bleeding, i've been shot. she said come get me. we on the vest way, rushing,
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flying, doing 90, 100, cop must have been going to the scene in that area from different counties, so pretty much followed the cop down. >> that's awful. murray also played three seasons with the summer basketball team here in philadelphia, last night the league held a game in her memory at the eastwick rec center. >> murray and the other victims were remembered at vigil outside city hall last night. thousands were there, prompting philadelphia police to shut down jfk boulevard to traffic. mayor jim kenney even got emotional when he talk about murray. >> i can't tell you how devastating it was that she was in that club. so make sure we grab each other, hole onto each other, we'll get through this altogether. >> members of murray's west catholic high school basketball team held a vigil around city hall. >> the center in university city lighting up to show support for the orlando massacre buildings, one of many victims across the world
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beaming in rainbow colors all to stand in solidarity with the 49 victims of this horrific tragedy. and from philadelphia to the state capitol, people all across our region are showing their support you can see here the capitol building also displaying rainbow colors to honor those lost in the massacre. >> orlando shooting put gun control in the spotlight of 2016. >> hena daniels reports, the candidates row response cents to the massacre could not have been more different. >> democratic vote letters head to the polls today. same day party rivals, bernie san ers, and hillary clinton, plan to mother face-to-face in a private meeting. on the campaign trail, the candidates are weighing in on the orlando massacre, during stop in cleveland, ohio, clinton said it was in the a day for politics, but, spoke about policy change. >> if the fbi is warning you
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for suspected terrorist link, you shouldn't be able to just go buy a gun with no questions asked. >> clinton also warned, de monday rising all muslims will play into the hands of terrorist. >> it is no coincidence that hate crimes against american muslims and mosks have tripled after paris and san bernardino. that's wrong, and it is also dangerous. >> in new hampshire, donald trump present add drastically different view. >> the only reason the killer was in america in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. >> the presumptive gop nominee argued the nation's survival depends on banning muslim immigrants from entering the country. >> if we don't get tough around if we don't get smart and fast, we're not going to have our country any more. >> trump heads to north carolina today where he'll hold a rally in greensboro. hena daniels, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". the gunman legally purchased both guns used in this mass murder. owner of the gun shop said he passed fullback ground check and bought long gun and handgun on separate days. >> an evil person came in here and i will legally purchased two firearms from us. and if he hadn't purchased them from us, i'm sure woe have gotten them from another local gun store in the area. this man held multiple security licenses. he had an armed and unarmed license. >> the owner is a former new york city police detective. he said his store was closed temporarily yesterday so the atf could conduct an annual compliance review. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is in orlando right now where he is following the latest development on the night club massacre, will have live report throughout the day here on cbs-3. closing arguments will continue today in the federal racketeering trial of pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah. the 11 term democrat is accused of arranging illegal
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campaign loan then paying back part of it with federal grant money and charitable donations. fattah's defense lawyers say his political former consultants are responsible, four co-defendants are also on trial with fattah, two others have pleaded guilty. >> the man accused of throwing a beer bottle at phillies first baseman, ryan howard; scheduled to appear before a judge today. philadelphia police say 21 year old sydney smith of wilmington surrendered to detective on friday, for the june fourth incident, the university of delaware student was issued citation for disorderly conduct. the summary offense could result in a fine of up to $300. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be out of the offers for a few days after he has an outpatient procedure today related to his battle against cancer. the governor disclosed his prostate cancer diagnosis in february. governor wolf says it is a mild form of the disease, which requires treatment, but not chemotherapy. he is expected to remain home until thursday. >> it is 5:40 right now. some important news for
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parent. >> the world is changing for car thieves, how long kids need to stay in rear facing seats and the penalties parent face for breaking this law. hey, pat? >> good morning, brooke. today june 14th is flag day here in the united state of america. and what a better place to be than the betsy ross house, and to learn about a symbol of freedom. we'll learn from betsy ross, right here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i wish coy sing like here, ain't it fun? katie will show you how long the sun sticks around, this week, before the rain returns, i hope she says november. >> that would be nice! >> ♪ >> ♪
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one. eagles best young players isn't going anywhere. that's because, fletcher cox, just signed a record breaking contract. here's sport director don bell with your morning sports. >> eagles may need a dump truck. the all tree defense ever tackle just signed one of richest deals in nfl history, cox and the birds, have agreed six year extension, which runs
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through 2022. espn adam shelf reporting deal worth 103 million, 663 of it guarantees, the largest pay out of guaranteed money to a non-quarterback, in the history of the nfl. cox's drafted 12th overall by the birds back in 2012 lazio last season career nine and a half sacks. >> ill fu east, taking on the blue jot, top of the third we go, no score, herrera, going solo sixth of the year, phils up one-nothing. >> ryan howard, in as designated hitter learn american league city, phils now up two-nothing. same inning. herrera again. it is not homerun, but he is driving in a run goes to centerfield, hey, jar the, not pictured, gave up three hits in six scoreless innings, and the phils win it seven to nothing. that's all for sport, i'm don bell have, a great day. >> thanks, don. record setting performance
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kept the cleveland cavaliers alive in the nba finals. last night in oakland calves 41-point fry irving and labron james, beat the golden state warriors on their own home court 112 to 97. it is the first time teammates have ever scored 40-point in the same finals game. the warriors still lead the series three games to two, and they have another chance to win the title thursday night in clever lan, i think this is because so many people were wearing steph curry's shoes. >> and from shoes to sunglasses, katie, it is going to be another bright and beautiful day, right? >> katie checking in with the weather err watchers, sunglasses the key, hello, wide zoom. good morning, if that didn't wake you up, i think this weather forecast will, looking ahead, friends, to but the full day, key weather accessary you will want is a pair of shades. couple of spots where you may want to think about having extra layer ready to go,
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fleece perhaps cardigan, walking out the door, zero in around the trenton area, surrounding that region here, we check in first here in new jersey, seeing couple of clouds in willingboro, 06 degrees, i love his comment, it will be awesome day, don't ways it, do something great with it. what a great way to start your morning off. think about all of the great things you could do today. lucky enough to have off, too, spend some of that time outside. >> full sunshine richboro, notice kennel had couple of clouds, nothing but nice clear sky, sent us this photo just beautiful. pastel sunrise, absolutely gorgeous sky this morning, thanks for that. go back across the river check in with ed, i love this, he said i'll actually just have another cup of coffee, so comfortable outside, beautiful, said i'll head on back out with his dog casey and take another walk. why not? such beautiful beginning to the morning.
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we've got more of that, too, to enjoy rest of the day. we're already seeing a lot of activity, not surprised my here at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. look closely, might be little tough to tell, but there are flags outside boardwalk plaza, in the breeze, out of the north northeast at rehoboth 15 miles per hour but generally speak the wind tapering time, most every us evening out calm weather here today. high pressure to thank for. that will next disturbance beginning to show signs of life here pretty heavy duty thunderstorms, system eventually moving in. no time soon. shore forecast looks great today, tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms moving in very quickly, i want to show you the seven day. thursday is the day you need the umbrella once more as the next system moves through. you could see scattered showers or storms pretty much any time thursday. >> good to know. i'm so glad today will be nice later hitting the roads with a dream drive. take a look at this shot. this is the platt bridge. toward philly.
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look how absolutely gorgeous that sun looks, see the vehicles down there, plenty out there already, pushing toward the 6:00. but, i just had to show you that sun. man is that gorgeous. vine toward the schuylkill, kind of slow crawl right there. but overall things are actually looking pretty good there on the vine, schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction, this is at girard, see what it looks like, everyone still traveling at posted speeds just as they should. hopefully keep you there. this is where we have an accident, gilbertsville, motorcycle accident involving injuries, route 100 southbound, at county line road, i can let you know tis the sees ton start looking for our friends on bikes, have to slow it down make sure we're making icon tact, overall where we have the accident again involving injuries at route 100 southbound there. also, construction near gas line repairs in pennsauken route 38 eastbound between route 130, route 70, two lanes block until 6:00 a.m. than will go on until saturday,
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admiral wilson boulevard right lane also blocked. brooke and nicole, back to you. >> meisha, thanks so much. well, it is national flag day. and of course, the city every philadelphia has a special and historic connection to the stars and stripes. in hodge or of 239th birthday, pat gallen live at the betsy ross house in old city with a preview of today's celebration. >> good morning, brooke, nicole, 239, getting old, aren't we? no better place to be than the betsy ross house than to celebrate a symbol of our freedom, symbol of our nation. arch street, to talk about the festivities happening this morning, this is lisa acker molder the director of the betsy ross house, good morning. >> good morning. it is a big day, celebrating flag day at the betsy ross house since 1891. 125th flag day celebration. we're kick being off the day with a flag raising in the courtyard, then at 1:00 have
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the philadelphia flag day association naturalization ceremony, so 13 people will take the oath of citizenship here in our courtyard, as always, you can meet betsy ross in her shop. >> how much to get in? >> $5 a person, if you want the tour, two bucks. >> seven bucks total get down here do, it. let's meet our friends here, just met this lovely lady. her name is betsy ross. >> good morning to thee, young man, i apologize i am trying to get some early work done today. >> gentlemen. >> just this being flag day, the flags must get done. >> busy day from you. >> it is certainly. but notice the colors of the flag. >> sure. >> and friends come, they know the flag red, white and blue, but officially congress never said what the symbolism of those colors would mean. nevertheless, we shall commonly consider that the color red shall be for bravery, courage, and certainly the color every white for purity.
5:52 am
>> sure. >> innocence, and blue, perseverance, honor, loyalty. most important for us to understand that the colors of the flag are not just colors, they should symbolize ourselves. they should symbolize our own character. remember that, young man. >> ill, ill. you can't say it much better than, that betsy, such pleasure to meet you. i will let you get back to your work. >> thank you, so much. >> thank you, betsy. >> in a resolution will be red later today. >> it will be red, yes, come on down here, read the resolution, come on down, celebrate america at the betsy ross house on arch street in philadelphia. brooke, nicole, back into you. >> thank you. >> i still can't deal with the fact that we have betsy ross and ben franklin walking around, and pat talking to them like it is no big thing. hey, betsy, good tuesday morning. >> thanks, pat. enjoy. all right, coming up: see the dramatic rescue after driver get stranded by flood waters. >> we'll be right bac
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>> rules for kids riding in carseats just got little stricter in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf signed a bill forcing par don't pull children under two years old into a rear facing carseat. a rear facing carseat reduces a child's risk of getting seriously hurt or killed in a crash. pennsylvania's new law takes
5:56 am
effect in two months, police will give verbal warning for the first year after that, drivers can be fined $125. well, huge flames and smoke, offers building near down ton los angeles, one person dead, three others had to be rescued from this huge fire, in this two story building here. nearly 150 firefighters were on hand, battling the heavy flames last night. while the builds something technically vacant, people were still inside. >> check this out. woman was stranded under an overpass, in the town every midvale, utah, after she drove into high water. of course, that's never a good idea. a police officer carried her through the waist deep water to dry land, about 70 people were forced to evacuate in nearby apartment complex, after several days of heavy rain caused the flooding. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news". these comfort dogs are headed to orlando, their first stop on a mission to help those affected by the night club massacre. >> really nice. and how much sleep should your kids be getting every night?
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new guidelines sorted out by age, and also give parents few tips on how to make a whole bed time ritual a lot easier. i'm list edge, that's coming up next. stay with us.
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happening right now, the search for hit-and-run driver, police say, a young woman, was hit with such force, she rolled on to the hood of the car and was knocked out of her shoes. live with a description of the car police are looking for. also new this morning, car jumps a cushion south street hurting people on the sidewalk and smashing through the front window of a popular sandwich shop. find out what police are saying about the driver who caused all of this damage in a bit. >> and emotional vigils are being held across the nation, to remember the victims of the massacre in orlando. see how people in our area are standing in solidarity. >> today is tuesday, june the 14th, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer in for jim donovan. >> i'm meisha a. >> good morning, hammy tuesday, so just starting to heat up now, a loft sunshine, not that we're ever complaining about that, but pack those sunglasses. >> yes, especially when facing it head on, because just, i mean, smack you in the forehead. >> we're not


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