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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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greg? >> reporter: rahel, this is an incredible story of survival, two best friend they were inside club pulse, one of those friend actually originally from wildwood, new jersey. they were wrapping up a night of dancing and drinking and that is when the gun man burst in and started opening fire. saturday night, that is the place to be at. >> reporter: two best friend out for a night in orlando when omar mateen burstness armed and firing. >> all i hear was the shotgun. one after the other. people yelling for help. >> we both fell. >> unfortunately i was shot three times in my leg. >> i started running toward the exit, guy just kept shooting at us. >> reporter: jason gone soles from wildwood, new jersey kept running not realizing his friend angel cologne was on the ground bleeding. >> once i got the to the doorway people had fallen down and all in front of the doorway, they were stuck in
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there. they were stuck in the doorway. >> reporter: he got outside and feared his friend was dead until his phone rang. >> i get a face time, and it is angel on the ground. he is crying, he is scared, he told me he got shot. >> reporter: police officers rushed angel to orlando regional medical center where doctors saved his life. >> if it wasn't for you guys, i definitely would not be here. every morning, in the middle will of the night, you guys are always there and i appreciate that. >> reporter: jason says he is so grateful his friend is still here, while he is grieving so many others were lost. >> girl sitting, laying down next to angel he shot her in the head and he went to do the same thing to angel but god protect him and he shot him in the hand. god is so powerful. he was with angel this whole time. >> reporter: that sorrow felt for those killed in where found foreman investigators say is responsible. >> i just hope that guy is
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rotting in hell, over and over and over again. he can feel the pain people are going through right now. >> reporter: strong word there as you heard angel and 43 other victims were rushed to orlando regional medical center where trauma team there started to work on survivors. coming up tonight at 6:00 hear more from jason, more from angel and also from the trauma team. we are live from orlando i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, greg. in wildwood, jason gonzales's mother watched that news conference as it happened and as you can imagine she's beyond grateful that her sonnies alive. >> it was the worst feeling in my life. thinking that, my son could have been one of those, you know, people on the floor, that person killed. >> reporter: you will hear more from his mother coming up new at 5:30. today we also heard from a second survivor with local
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ties, patience carter was in the bathroom with the gunman, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in the sat center with her story and gift that she now feels. >> good evening. we heard step by step heart pounding details of how this rampage unfolded. patient carter a 20 year-old college student from philadelphia told us what happened as she huddled in the bathroom floor of pulse nightclub. patience carter a 20 year-old from philadelphia, this is the brave face of the survivor. >> i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> reporter: she lived to tell about the shooting rampage inside pulse nightclub, patience murray a graduate from west catholic and another friend were out for a night on the town. they had google popular nightclubs and they found pulse. they danced for a couple hours and then this. >> at first we didn't know, that there were gunshots. i didn't know, i was so
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confused i was like wow, a club would do all this just to get people to leave their club, they would have bee bee guns, i thought it was a bee-bee gun. >> reporter: police say it was omar mateen heavily arm. patience say she and akyra scrambled on the floor and made it outside, but turned around, realizing their friend was still inside. >> we got trapped inside there. so we saw tea ara but everybody rushing in the bathroom. >> reporter: for three hours horrifying ordeal that is hard to understand. she would hear mateen tell 911 operators. >> he wasn't going to stop killing people until he was killed, until he felt like his message got out there. >> reporter: this was first night ofvation for patience and akyra, and now both were fight to go live. she was already shot in the leg, as police neared, mateen she said was emboldened. >> he said, hey, you, pick someone on the floor inside the bathroom and shot them, shot another person and shot another person, who happened to be directly behind me.
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>> reporter: patience was rescued by police, they dragged her out, her wound only becoming clearer once in the hands of medic. >> they cut my clothes off in the ambulance and told me you have another bullet wound under your left thigh, so i'm still here. >> reporter: patience has a shattered feel inner one leg and a wound in another and as you heard she's still here. now as for her cousin akyra murray we know now that akyra did not make it out. at akyra's basketball members are grieving with what is described in a huge loss. live from the sat center, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, joe, thank you. fbi is working to see who shooter omar mateen had contact with and if anyone had knowledge of his plans. sources tell cbs news mateen's wife had been interviewed at least twice and that she took a polygraph test. they are looking into whether the couple recently visited
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the night club's tack n an address over national security president obama offered his well wishes to the orlando massacre victims and their families, and then challenge congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban. >> i'm talking about being tough on terrorism. actually be tough on terrorism and stop making it easy as possible to buy assault wep opposite. reinstate at salt weapons ban, make it harder for terrorist to use these weapons to kill us. otherwise... >> the president will travel to orlando on thursday to pay his respects to those victims. also today the president reacted to donald trump's accusations he is not tough night in fighting terrorist groups. remarks fall on primary day in washington d.c., a race that is essentially meaningless when it comes to determine the presidential nominees. but a meeting between the democratic nominees could be
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telling. weijia jiang reports from the white house. >> when does this stop. >> reporter: president obama held nothing back in a piece by piece take down of donald trump's criticism of his handling the war on terror. trump suggest the president has motives for not using the term radical islam. >> i cannot define it. nobody knows what is going on. nobody knows why he doesn't have more anger. >> reporter: the president said that would come as news to the terrorist killed around the world on his watch. and he rejects trump's notion calling them a certain name has any impact. >> there is no magic to the phrase radical is lamb. it is a political talking point. it is not a strategy. >> reporter: at a campaign event in pittsburgh, pennsylvania hillary clinton called out trump's views on gun control. >> he won't stand up to the gun lobby. the terrorist who killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in orlando did it with two guns. >> reporter: clinton is
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heading here to washington this evening. she's scheduled to meet with bernie sanders. vermont senator has not formally dropped out of the democratic presidential race but it is clear he is ready to work with, not against clinton. >> we are going to fight as hard as we can to create a democratic party which represents the working families and the low income people in this country. >> reporter: sanders has promised to to whatever he can to prevent trump from winning the presidency. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now, philadelphia police are investigating a mysterious death a woman is found stabbed and handcuffed in fairmount park, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with what investigators are saying about the disturbing discovery, trang? >> reporter: well, rahel police have not yet identified would the man but they believe they are close to it. meanwhile the person who committed this brutal act is still balking the streets. a young couple on their way to
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work driving through fairmount park made a horrifying discovery just after 8:00 a.m. >> we found an unidentified black female who was handcuffed with her hands to the front. she had been stabbed multiple times and she was shot one time in the back of the head. >> reporter: investigators believe would the man was killed elsewhere and then dumped in the grass area some 10 feet from georges hill drive behind the man music center. >> young woman handcuffed, stabbed, it is scary. very scary. we don't know what to make of it. >> reporter: victim is described in her late 20's, 5-foot five, with a medium complex. she was wearing a white top and multi colored skirt. captain james clark had defensive wounds to indicate she for the back. he does not believe she was sexually assaulted. >> i believe she was in a fight for her life and unfortunately she lost. >> reporter: for people frequenting the park the news was unsettling. >> it is horrific. we have a nut running around
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handcuffing women. a lot to think about when you have a family ape kids, you know, scars the hell out of you. >> reporter: captain clark says woman has three distinctive tattoos that should help identify her. she had loyal across her chest. cash spelled with the k and dollar sign on her right wrist and she has a tattoo on her right side. we are live, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, thank you. police need public's help to find driver responsible for a deadly hit and run, 17 year-old marcola jackson was killed crossing the boulevard at adams avenue late last night. during a press conference today, police said they are searching for a light colored, silver minivan, with a shattered front windshield and front end damage. anyone with any information should contact them. a giant american flag accidentally falls on spectators at independent mall today. a sky diver was carrying that flag as part of the scheduled stunt over the site.
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a few people had to be treated for minor injuries at the scene. there is one food you can add to your diet tonight that can help you live longer. that is coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". plus a cruise ship has to return to port after a man is injured on board. patty labelle just one of the recipient of the merion anderson award, coming up why this will be different from the past. and just so beautiful outside, hard to believe we're talking about rain on the way but coming up we will tell you when wet weather could get in and how quickly it gets out, whether it clears in time for fathers day weekend, coming up when we come
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well, right now, a three-year old girl in texas is in the the hospital after, falling 15 feet on a carnival cruise ship. it happened as she and her family were taking pictures of the 14th deck monday, she somehow slipped through the rail and fell to the 12th deck. the ship returned to port in galveston so she could be taken to the hospital. there is no word on how badly
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she's hurt but carnival says she was alert when put in the ambulance. lil wayne is in the hospital after suffering from what his publicist called two minor seizures. he was heading from milwaukee to california when the first one happened. plane diverted to omaha, and then he had another seizure. he was taken to the hospital where he will spend the night and the at last check he was in stable condition. each year, the marion anderson award goes to a artist whose leadership benefits humanity and today mayor kenney announced who will be the next recipient. as alexandria hoff tells thus years announcement was a little bit unusual. >> reporter: for the first time since 2008, this years marion anderson award will go to multiple recipients. >> his thrill for me to say that kenney gamble and leon hoff, the famous gamble and hoff, sound of philadelphia, a personal favorite of mine, license object ordinary. >> reporter: prolific producing duo behind the sound
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of philadelphia put this city on the musical map. >> we again, we bring their songs to light and is there just no other choice. >> reporter: so-called god mother of soul herself, patty labelle, three artists who under the name of fellow philadelphian marion anderson will be celebrated not only for artistic greatness but for community contributions which brings us here. >> patty labelle dedicated towards children's issues advocating for cancer, diabetes research and was early supporter of hiv aid activism. an impact still felt in philadelphia a. >> to have someone like her to take it on and actually not just talk bit but to raise money, all of the fund raised for these organizations is just tremendous. >> reporter: gamble and hoff dedicated their vision to the revitalization of south philadelphia. mission of the reward is to honor power of artists to change the world and these are
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people that have change the world, they have changed philadelphia. >> reporter: for the first time at ward has partnered with the kimmel center, a gala celebrating 39 recipients will be held november 15th. reporting from center city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good day. >> kate is joining us. little cool tore day. >> this morning was chilly because we had clearer skies but now it is just a beautiful, beautiful late spring day, if only we could bottle these kind of days. >> that is it. >> never will happen.days. >> but i like to dream. >> yes, exactly. >> beautiful day outside, if only, they could and we have last few days of spring, and in toward summer, which starts, and, how this late spring and afternoon is looking and beautiful day to be down the shore. a lot of folks are out and about on the area beach these afternoon. you can still see folks venturing in the water there as people playing in the surf with the life guard moving off the beach people stay in those
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golden hours in the evening, and i'll tell you this is my favorite time on the beach, right in the late afternoon hours when everything is less crowded but today still going. these are our longest daylight hours of the year leading up toward the summer solstice which is the longest daylight have of the year on monday. sky scam three looking good, as we look towards the western suburbs, you can see things look great there as well. we have blue skies, sunshine, 78 degrees at the moment. storm scan three shows really no problems in our region. we have high pressure overhead, clear skies, throughout the entire north east, it is just a beautiful day and as we head back to the west you can see some changes. we have got a line of showers and cloud moving across portions of the midwest. this will be lifting in as we head through tomorrow but showers stay away, we will see increasing in cloud cover during the day tomorrow and then showers creep in, by thursday. enjoy what we have got outside right now, 78 degrees here in philadelphia. seventy-eight in allentown. also in wilmington.
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atlantic city at 78. ocean water temperature getting better, at 66 degrees now. we are seeing those numbers rise as we head toward the end of june. dew point wise, still so comfortable. 41 degrees current dew point, measures the moisture content in the air and we have this is been on the scales past few days. over weekend we saw humidity shoot up in the 60's and 07's we have been below 50 in the awesome or extra awesome range, today a practically perfect day. we are checking all boxes, we had sunny skies, warm temperatures, not too warm upper 70's, lower humidity and night lies breathe through the afternoon. future weather shows some changes on the way. we will stay clear overnight. wake up tomorrow morning to full sunshine. it will look like today. another beautiful start to our day on wednesday but you can see this bank of clouds lurking off to the west. this will start to build in through the course of the afternoon and a stray shower south and west of philadelphia clouds increase. we will watch the clouds move in. cloud win battle by tomorrow night and you can see on
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thursday, scattered showers at anytime. not a total wash out on thursday but downpours are possible, more scattered showers through the course of the day as that rain starts to push to the south. overnight tonight, still very comfortable, good night for sleeping. maybe leaves window cracked. we are at 61 for overnight low. your wednesday, sunshine giving way to increasing clouds, seasonal day, most of the day should than rain free, with a high right around 80. you're witness weather three day forecast looks great for tomorrow, and then on thursday, showers, possibly even a thunderstorm and little cooler but it is more humid, so you may want the air conditioning for the end of the week because of the increase in humidity. friday, it is iffy, everything may try to dive to the south i'm optimistic we will clear out in the afternoon. is there a chance clouds and shower hang on early. but we will have that seven day looking better for weekend coming up. >> okay. pets can certainly provide comfort, but exactly what a special team of dog will be doing in orlando. >> coming up meet the caring k-9's going to florida to help
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in the healing process, don. arguablably biggest day in his life and it went horribly wrong how joyous occasion turned sour for rookie zach
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not a great start. >> no, we all feel for him. >> yes. >> it is tough. >> all right. okay. we will talk bit. 1927, that year charles lindberg became first person to fly from new york to paris, solo. a transatlantic journey on the flight, from st. louis, is there a lesson. it is last time phillies pitcher made a debut like we saw today, phillies visiting blue jays, 22-year old zach efflynn, his family made trip to toronto. third inning phillies town three to nothing. he greets him with the two run shot. phillies down five to love.
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still in the third josh donaldson i grand slam. he gives up nine runs in less than three innings, it is worst debut for phillies pitcher since 1927, that transatlantic flight. phillies get hammered 11-three. >> i feel for him. >> we all do. >> sixers in the community and serving up some fun, 32 camden area fourth and fifth graders got a treat today. students from camden forward school having a blast in pitman, new jersey. sixers academy wrapping up series of three clinics held throughout the 2016 season. they queened basketball with coaching and mentoring to help young people, learn positive values, and develop life skills. sixers and virtua have reached more than 200 local students. >> get to talk to him when they are young and develop them and to get a chance to change them. for the rest of their lives. >> check this out, anyone who
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wants to be like you, impersonator? this is suzuki on the left of your screen, he plays for miami marlins. is there a fan in the stands who obviously is a very big itchro fan, he just sprints in and he gets hits, he is just like yeah, i did that. >> yeah, that is right. >> that is how i roll. >> yes. >> okay. >> yeah. >> look at that, with the gloves on, he takes it off, when he gets the bag. >> let me ask you this, if that guy in the stand was eight that might be cute. as an adult. >> not so much. >> little strange. >> you are rough today. you are rough today. i like it. >> so you are saying as an adult maybe not. >> i'm just saying.
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>> thanks, don. coming up in our next half an hour a crime caught on cameras take a look these men are clearly wearing construction clothes but police say they are not construction workers. how they are breaking the law and what nearby residents need to know, plus. a tragedy hundreds of miles away, hits close to home, coming up hear from a wildwood family trying to support their loved ones who narrowly escaped the mass at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye.
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♪ i'm just grateful to be alive because after skiing what occurred, i don't even know how i'm alive today. >> speaking from his hospital bed another orlando nightclub victim shares his story of survival and the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history.
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"eyewitness news" continues now 59:30 with the very latest on the orlando nightclub massacre. >> we have told but jason gonzales of wildwood, new jersey at the beginning of the broadcast and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was with gonzales mother as she watched her son describe how he narrowly escaped. >> i love you. >> reporter: words orlando shooting survivor jason gonzales never thought wow say again to his niece julian a in the pulse nightclub when omar mateen had been firing. >> it has been a tough morning. it is just so crazy. i'm exhausted. >> reporter: alycia shares tears with her older wrote the shore says it is hard being so farrah part. she has been in wildwood where they grew up, he is in orlando where he has been making a home in the gay community. sunday morning he scrambled past fallen victims to escape pulse, right now he is in the hospital with his best friend angel who suffered multiple gunshot wounds.
5:32 pm
>> just the voice of my brother, it is very sad. never heard him like that. to me my brother is a big guy, tough guy. no matter what he is. >> reporter: emotionally scared, she is thankful that her son survived physically okay. >> it was the worst feeling in my life, thinking my son could have been one of those, you know, people on the floor that person killed. >> reporter: a few tender moments with his niece are just sort of the mental relief and reconnects with family that jason needs. >> i just want my brother to be owe kay. >> reporter: jason gonzales tells me here in new jersey in the philadelphia region we can support orlando, he says people can definitely use words of encourage. and prayers and if you are able to do financial contributions people like his friend angel that were injured could be facing heavy medical bills in the weeks and months to come n wildwood, cleve
5:33 pm
bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight we're also learning more about the shooter omar mateen and who else may have known about his deadly plan. >> terry cobb is live from orlando to bring us up to date with the latest from this very active, investigation and terry, word that the gunman could have been casing out disney world. >> reporter: well, i can tell you that the focus of the investigation has clearly now taken a new task and it appears omar mateen's wife, nora salmon is in the cross hairs of investigators. we have learned that she has taken a polygraph exam and spoken continue on investigators and we are learning that she did know about her husband's plan, but did not do anything to stop them. that, of course, could open her up to potential criminal charges, in this case, very serious criminal charges as you can imagine. now we have also learned that mateen apparently cased disney world visiting there twice,
5:34 pm
recently once in april and then again just a few days ago. also, we have learned that mateen apparently cased this pulse nightclub on several occasions and, in fact, we have learned that he was outside the night club for some time either saturday night, into sunday morning before actually going in to the club and carrying out his murder us rampage here on saturday morning. now as for what we saw today, from a chopper up above we were able to see investigators still scouring the ground around the pulse nightclub, focusing on evidence markers in the parking lot which, of course, delineated where all those bullets were fired outside of the nightclub. we saw them loading items on to several large trucks and mobile command unit or two and just within the last hour or so, the mobile command unit said blanketed this street here orange avenue since early sunday morning, left. one last note we should pass
5:35 pm
along, cbs news is report ago this despite the investigation into omar mateen's life, no additional arrests every imminent at this point. live from orlando, terry cobb for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". scott pulle is in orlando tonight and will have very latest on the survivors and investigation coming upright after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. french officials say a man with known terror ties is responsible for the death of the police commander and his wife. the two were stabbed to death at their home in the suburb of paris last night. french official says 25 year-old larisa posted a two minute facebook video about the attack. he was killed during a standoff with police. a philadelphia police officer had todd fire his weapon at a dog in the cities fair hill section. officials say officer was in the process offhanded cuffing a suspect related to a robbery investigation, when a pit bull in the home charged at the officer. the officer discharge his service weapon twice killing the animal, there were no
5:36 pm
injuries to police. police need help identifying potential burglary suspects seen in this video. officials say on june 32nd men dressed as maintenance workers knock on the door of the home on the 4500 block of pilings street in the frankford section. after realizing no one was there, they entered through a window and stole several items. anyone with any information should contact the philadelphia police. if you recognize this man you are also asked to contact the police, on june 6th, he was captured taking a package from the front porch of the home on the 4700 block of montour street. he got in the car driven wye an unknown person. that package had just been delivered by amazon and contained infant medication and clothing. tomorrow, jury deliberations begin in the federal racketeering trial of pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. today defense wrapped up two days of closing arguments. the 11 term democrat ace accused of arranging an illegal campaign loan and paid back part with federal grand
5:37 pm
money and charitable donations. fattah denies charges. four co-defendants are also on trial with the congressman, two others have pleaded guilty. you have heard how important it is to replace batteries in your smoke detector but how about the smoke detector itself? coming up we will share some crucial safety information for you and your family, kate? there is another gorgeous day and nice weather will be with us through tonight and into much of the day tomorrow but some change is on the way. we will track threat for rain later this week and time out best chance for wet weather and whether the sun will return for the weekend,
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well, the riveria hotel casino in las vegas came down during an implosion this morning. sixty year-old property famous for mobster past closed last year. this is first of two scheduled implosions for the another a land will be used as extra space for the vegas convention center. the phoenix cargo spacecraft pulled away from the international space station this morning, and marks completion of the mission to deliver over 7500-pound of cargo, and that cargo includes supplies for astronauts to use for scientific experiments, and in about a week it is expect to
5:45 pm
reenter earth's atmosphere and burn up over the pacific ocean. well to day is flag day. >> and philadelphia is celebrating the stars and stripes along independent mall. troops past and present took part in the patriotic parade. dave arch from the national constitutioner to independent mall, as part of the stars and stripes festival, hundreds gathered to watch. the parade was then followed by a flag raising ceremony, absolutely beautiful, and what a beautiful day for such a ceremony and to be out at independent mall. kate joins us now with the forecast. >> yes, just a gorgeous day. we have been putting together a nice string. >> i like it. >> of beautiful days. we have had sunshine, we have had ups and down temperatures wise, but humidity has been low since sunday afternoon. >> balancing out after that month of nothing but rain. >> yes. may was a rough one. this one we're turning it around. june has been beautiful so far and this last week of spring is, kind of living up to what we think of as perfect spring
5:46 pm
or even early summer weather. but there is always some rain somewhere in the forecast, rare to get a whole stretch of the seven day without wet weather and we have rain to tell but. this time around. we will take a look what is going on right now, enjoy this day while we have it. it is a deep brilliant blue sky right now does not get much better than that. if you can be out and about this evening i would highly recommend it. maybe take the dog for a nice long walk after dinner. just get outside and enjoy this day. sun does not set until after 8:30 tonight. these are the longest, daylight hours, of the year, as we head toward the summer solstice of summer and then that is of course longest day of the year but looking good out there right now. lots of hours to enjoy. take a look at our live neighborhood network sites here you can see at junior/senior school this bernville looking beautiful in the poconos. 76 degrees a loft people outside on the beach here, live look from beach patrol headquarters looking good this afternoon.
5:47 pm
just updated a bunch of people on the beach and that is where would i like to be right about now. coming up we will have your full shore forecast, three day, coming up at 6:00 but we will look closer at tomorrow as well in just a moment. lets look at what is heading our way. we have this next system moving in from the west and here it is, you can see how it lines up this batch of clouds and it is pushing east towards our region as we get in the day tomorrow. it will start off with just some cloud cover but as we go through the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night that is when showers and thunderstorms will arrive, late tomorrow night, into the day on thursday, and we will time them out in just a moment. future weather showing that first deck of clouds starting to move in at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, we will start to see clouds increase to the south and west and that is an indication that our next system is on the way. in the meantime before the cloud get here lets check with our weather watchers and take a peak what they are seeing, temperature wise, on a beautiful, afternoon, we are at 87 degrees as we check with ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey. he has full sunshine,
5:48 pm
beautiful afternoon, calm, bright, warm, low humidity, just perfect. would i agree. 78 degrees at barn are barbara lane's house in willow grove. seventy-eight relative humidity 28 percent. dew points are insanely low. we are seeing dew pointness 309's and 40's. steve johnson is at 89. full sunshine, another great day wishing everyone got out to enjoy it. i hope everybody found at least a moment to get outside and bask in the sunshine today. you can see photos, sandor is showing us a shot of him swimming in his beautiful pool and we have ducks enjoying or fun bid even drive from carolyn, and ducks out enjoying sunshine today. as we said, cloud approach tomorrow. lets take a look at that future weather picture as we head in the day on thursday, that is when change's live. notice showers just lurking off to the west. this is tomorrow at this time. we will watch clouds increase, certainly won't be that brilliant blue sky out there at this time tomorrow that we have seen today. as we head into thursday here
5:49 pm
comes the showers. it is not a total wash out. we are not talking heavy flooding rain, mostly seeing a half inch but you can see showers moving in thursday morning and we have scattered showers, rumble of thunder thursday afternoon as well this model takes this next piece of energy on friday and dig is it to the south. that is optimistic solution here. there is a chance that this moisture stays south of us. note is what happens to our area then friday if that is the case, we see clouds clear out f this all shifts further north like some guidance is still suggesting it might that means we will start friday with more cloud cover, possibly a few showers especially from the shore points on southward, early friday and then clearing out in the afternoon. i'm optimistic this will clear out on friday but you have to plan for friday, to not be quite as nice as this picture turned out to be f it stays south that is bonus but we will put in for a morning showers. rain chances over next four days here tomorrow just a
5:50 pm
5 percent chance, mainly a stray sprinkle here or there as clouds come in. then before midnight a shower could pop up. 60 percent chance of rain thursday, the scattered, not everybody will see rain thursday and it is not a wash out but scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. friday a 10 percent chance of the morning shower mainly south of the city, saturday full sunshine, 0 percent chance of rain, it looks beautiful this weekend. so how will it feel tonight? we are in the awesome range tomorrow. humidity creeps up, still pleasant and then back to humid conditions on the thursday as that system moves through. we will feel steamy out there friday, back to pleasant and then this weekend we are talking low humidity and comfortable temperatures once again. wednesday down the shore just a few clouds in the afternoon but great beach day. 82 degrees. water temperature 66. uv index tomorrow will be with eight a low risk of rip currents. overnight mainly clear, comfortable down to 61 for your overnight low. tomorrow sun giving way to increasing cloud in the afternoon but nice day, seasonal with a high right around 80. here is the eyewitness weather
5:51 pm
seven day forecast thursday we could pick up a shower or thunderstorm. we will clear it the out in the afternoon on friday and then, it is a blue star weekend, blue metal weekend, gold star, use that father days icon is sunday. monday first day of summer and it will be a stunning start to the new season. rahel and jessica, back to you. welcome witt opened arms, thanks, kate. national aquarium in washington makes plans to move bottle nose dolphins out of their current exhibit and into a more natural environment. plans should be complete by the end of 2020. aquarium officials say even close another will provide dolphins with a protect year round refuge along with continuing care from staff. you may want to add more brand serial tour shopping cart it could cut your risk of premature death. harvard researchers studied 800,000 people and found that those who eat whole grains three or four times a day may be less likely to die from heart disease and cancer.
5:52 pm
we know it is important, it is a important to change your batteries in smoke alarms but you may not know smoke alarm itself has to be replaced. cbs news correspondent susan copon tells us how often that need to be done. >> put it right in the corner. >> reporter: with the help of chief mark stone in beaver falls, pennsylvania fire department, we wanted to show what happens in a house with a working smoke alarm. >> right now smoke is starting to roll up stairs. >> reporter: we set this chair on fire. it is easy to see the flames, the smoke, as the alarmist going off. >> difference between life and death in the fire does it come down to. >> working smoke alarms. >> absolutely. >> reporter: but is there something about smoke alarms you may not know. >> just because is there a smoke alarm on the wall doesn't mean it will go off fit is not maintained. >> reporter: he is not talking about fresh batteries. >> according to a survey by national fire protection association nine out of ten
5:53 pm
consumers are unaware that they need to replace their smoke alarms every ten years. we found this 20 year-old smoke alarm in the home of patty fredrick. >> we check it every year to make sure battery is okay but was ant wear that it could malfunction. >> reporter: after ten years the sensors in smoke alarms can start to fail. so you have old smoke alarms in your house. >> yes. >> reporter: you can find the age of your alarms by checking date they were manufactured on the back. experts recommend replacing old alarms with new smoke alarms that come with ten year battery. they will chirp when the entire unit needs to be replaced. susan copon for cbs news, beaver falls, pennsylvania. >> still to come tonight the orlando community is going through the healing process. and tonight a special teams is heading to florida to help we will introduce you to the dog who will bring comfort to the city, how they will help these victims and first responders when we come right
5:54 pm
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tonight a team of comfort dogs, is in orlando to help the community, heel. twelve golden retriever will be visiting the victims still in the hospital, and comforting first responders too. lutheran charity comfort dogs and handlers left chicago this morning but working through a local church with a lb gt outreach program. during their visit they will help community heel by simply just listening. >> you pet the dogs, they've motions of people petting and
5:58 pm
same way talking to people and hearing their stories, you just feel for them. >> and the team will be in orlando through monday but they may stay longer, if needed. back here in pennsylvania, a memorial for the victims of the orlando shooting, state capitol is being lit up in rainbow colors this week. it will stay that way through thursday. flags at state government buildings are being flown at half staff this week in memory of those victims. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> i just hope that guy rots in hell over and over and over again. >> wildwood native, his best friend wounded in the massacre in orlando. his emotional account of the shooting inside of pulse nightclub. it is just one of the local stories of survival we are hearing tonight. >> as we hear those stories the investigation continues, what the shooter was allegedly doing leading up to the attack and whom police were giving a
5:59 pm
holy graph exam to today. woman found handcuffed and stabbed near a popular philadelphia music center, tonight details into that disturbing discovery. new information, in a deadly hit and run we're learning victim's identity and information about the vehicle that hit her. he said, hey you, and someone on the floor, inside the bathroom and shot them. shot another person, and then shot another person, who happened to be directly behind me. >> tails of terror, just too much to take. sometimes fighting tears, local survivors of the massacre in orlando, share their stories of survival and recount terrifying moments inside pulse nightclub. tonight we are also hearing from former teammates of the 18 year-old akyra murray the west catholic graduate killed in the a tack. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm rahel solomon.
6:00 pm
ukee washington is off tonight. we have team three coverage, live, our greg argos is live in orlando but lets start with joe holden in the cbs-3 sat center with emotional sound from a philadelphia survival of the orlando massacre, joe. >> reporter: survivor speak in vivid detail, they recount moment by moment from memory, how a man shattered a party-like atmosphere with bullets and held them hostage n1 sense they are grateful to have survived, but feel guilty all the same. on the bloody floor of a nightclub bathroom. >> we laid there, for hours, and hours, hoping that someone came and got us and hoping that the police would come through at that point in time and save us all. >> reporter: patience carter was praying, she had already been shot, beside her in the pool of blood was her cousin akyra murray. she was barely breathing, this was supposed to be the start of an incredible vacation. >> we were having a time of our lives, akyra was the life of the party,


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