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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, breaking news. five people are shot in
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wilmington, delaware. chopper three is over that scene on elm street and south van bury streets. we're told all five victims are now in stable condition and right now police are asking anyone with information to call them. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as this story continues to develop tonight. also this evening, songs and bears for the victims of the orlando massacre. vigils are held near the scene of the horrific attack and here at home, where the shooting has impacted so many. this as we're hearing the heartbreaking stories from those who escaped the nightclub alive. >> all i could do was lay down while everyone was running on top of me trying to get to where they had to be. >> the guilt of being a life is heavy. tonight the powerful words from survivors with ties to our area. good evening, everyone, omega's dean. ukee washington has the night off. here is the very latest on the investigation into the massacre. sources tell cbs news nora
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solomon the wife of shooter omar mateen tried to prevent her husband from carrying out the attack. the fbi has interviewed her twice and given her a polygraph test. the news comes as the fbi continues to investigate whether mateen had been a regular at pulse nightclub. his wife also told investigators the couple had visited there before. we've learned evidence from the shooter's cell phone and computer revealed he was inspired by radical islamist ideology. federal investigators are working with that date to piece together mateen's movements in the days and weeks before the massacre. also tonight, we're hearing incredible stories of survival in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in orlando tonight where he spoke with a local man about how he made it out of that club alive. greg? >> reporter: jessica, i did speak with jason gonzales originally from wildwood, new
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jersey. he and his best friend were inside club pulse when this massacre began. jessica as you can imagine both men ran but jason was able to escape without serious injury. his best friend, though, seriously wounded and tonight jason tells me it is only by the grace of god he was able to get out alive. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds gathered tuesday night at the first baptist church in orlando. >> and you will find peace for your souls report roar this community continues to pray and grieve their bonds stronger day by day. >> it's going take me a really long time to heal and to overcome this. >> reporter: victims who were somehow spared from almost certain death are still coming to grips with why they survived. >> all i could hear was the shotguns. one after another and people screaming, people yelling for help. >> angel and i both fell. >> unfortunately i was shot thee
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times in my leg. >> i started running towards the skit and the guy kept shooting at the us. >> angel cologne and his best friend jason gonzalez finishing up a night of dancing and drinking at club pulse. >> saturday night that's the club to be at. >> when hoe march mateen bursts in spraying death jason originally from wildwood, new jersey, somehow manage manages to escape and doesn't even realize angel isn't behind him. >> once i got to the doorway, people had fallen down, um, on the doorway they were stuck in there. they were stuck in the doorway. >> he gets outside and fears his friend is dead until his phone rings. >> i get a face time and it's angel on the ground. he's crying. he's scared. he told me he got shot. >> reporter: fortunately police officers rush angel to orlando regional medical center where doctors save his life. >> if it wasn't for you guys, i definitely would not be here.
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i'd be mourning in the middle of the night. you guys are always there and i really appreciate that. >> reporter: now both men thanking god for their second chance. >> how do you think you were able to survive? how did you not get shot? >> i'm here by the grace of god. he really had a shield over me and over angel. >> reporter: and here at the philip center in central orlando a beautiful sight this was the scene of that organized vigil yesterday. thousands of people were here yesterday. but tonight a spontaneous gathering. all afternoon, all evening, dozen and dozens of people coming by with cards, with flowers, with memories of the innocent 49 men and women who lost their lives early sunday morning. we're live here in downtown orlando, i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, quite a site and thank you for the powerful stories over the last few days.
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wee we appreciate it. back here at home, we spoke with jason gonzales' mother and sister and they said they're counting their blessings. >> i just want my brother and everyone to be okay. it's not going to be like that. >> the worst feeling of my life. thinking that my son could have been one of those, you know, people on the floor, that person killed. >> gonzales lived in orlando about a decade making a home in the gay community there. we also heard from young woman from philadelphia who was shot inside the club. patience carter went to pulse that fateful night with her friends akyra murray and tiara parker. she and murray fled the club but went back when they realized parker was still inside. the three of them huddled in the bathroom. all were shot. murray died from her injuries. and today carter told her story. >> i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness
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something so tragic. looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killer's machine gun throughout my right peripheral, looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces. the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. >> sitting in a wheelchair hospital bracelets still on her arm, patience carter used her own poetry to tell her story of survival. in the early hours of sunday morning, carter and her friends huddled in the bathroom at pulse nightclub where they were surrounded by blood, bodies and the shooter. >> at that important i was just like, i really don't think i'm going to get out of here. you know, and i made peace with godwin myself i said, you know, god if this is time, this is my time to go, this is how i have to go, just please take me like
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i don't want any more, like, shots. >> she heard the gunman on the phone. >> everybody could hear who was in the bathroom who survived could hear him talking to 911 saying that the reason why he's doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country and from that conversation from 911 he pledged his allegiance to isis. >> as police closed in, the shooter continued his rampage. >> he said hey, you to someone on the floor inside the bathroom and shot them. shot another person and then shot another person who happened to be directly behind me who i'm told through the eyes of tiara that shielded me with their own body to make sure i wasn't hit. and i don't know who that person is. i don't know the name of that person but if i could -- if they're somewhere watching -- thank you, thank you. >> just heart wrenching memories there. and philadelphia friends are remembering a carry at a murray
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west catholic basketball stand out graduated last week and he headed to mercy hertz this fall on a basketball scholarship. she recently netted a thousand points. her future was undoubtedly bright. now, her family and friends are devastated. >> she kept everybody's heart into the game. even if we were losing, she was -- would have our spirits up all the time. >> a family friend warns criminals are setting up bogus gofundme pages to scam those who would like to help the family. if you would like to help, akyra murray's family set up legitimate account at citizens bank. all of the victims are being remembered tonight in south jersey vigil was held in collingswood, camden county. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is there live tonight. she talk with those who gathered together. rahel? >> reporter: jessica, collingswood actually has one of the largest lgbt communities in south jersey. and today hundreds of people
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showed up as you can see the candles still behind me. they showed up here not only to remember the victims in orlando, but to support one another right here in collingswood. >> juan chavez martinez, 25 years old. >> reporter: they are names most here in collingswood is only associate with the orlando massacre. >> amanda, 25 years old. >> the thought of those terrifying moments for a club full of people over the weekend the same weekend many cities were celebrating gay pride enough to bring some to tears, others still in shock. >> tuesday hundreds gathered at haddon and woodlawn avenue to remember the 49 innocent people gunned down and killed. >> i love everybody. i feel so much for their famil families and their friends. this outpouring support is beautiful. >> authorities believe the shooter targeted the orlando nightclub pulse because it was a popular gay club. kim desimone part of the national lgbt activism group
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says orlando highlights the need for more understanding. >> i think we have no choice tout to stand up for equal rights. we're all human beings. we all deserve the dignity, the respect the love, we're all the same underneath. >> reporter: as vigil all 49 names were read. names and faces that many here personally do not know but say sharing of share in the struggle for tolerance. a struggle they say that transcends city lines, goes beyond state borders. >> it's tragic that something like this would happen in this country in this day and age. you know, just sad. >> reporter: and we know the night of the shooting was latin night at pulse. some of the people i spoke to tell me they have latino friends who are gay in orlando. they physical me they were frantically trying to reach them just as soon as they heard of the shooting. they now know they're okay as you can imagine so many people
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telling me part of what makes what happened in orlando so scary is the thought that it could have happened anywhere. reporting in collingswood, rahel solomon, cbs3 ooh witness news. rahel, thank you. today president obama spoke again about the massacre and said investigators have no information to suggest a foreign terror group director the atta attack. >> it is increasingly clear, however, that the killer took in extremist information and propaganda over the internet. he appears to have been an ang angry, disturbed unstable young man who became radicalized. >> the president sharply criticized donald trump over his proposal to ban muslims if elected president. he warned that kind of rhetoric fuels hate. if we fall into the trap of paining all muslims with broad brush and imply that we are at war with an inn tyre live john then we are doing the terrorist work for them.
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>> trump responded to the president's remarks saying he was quote more angry with me than he was at the shooter. hillary clinton called out trump's view on gun control saying he won't stand up to the gun lobby and bernie sanders slammed trauma many for blame an entire religion for the cause of that massacre rather than just the gunman. meantime, clinton defeated sanders in the nation's final primary tonight in washington, d.c. she then met with the vermont senator this evening. a hit-and-run on the rows vessel boulevard leaves a 17-year-old girl dead and still ahead tonight, her father's message to the driver who killed his daughter. plus, thieves break into philly native kevin hart's california home. we'll tell you will just how much they took from the comedi comedian. kate? and it's been beautiful stretch of weather but we're tracking showers moving in from the west coming up i'll tell when you the rain arrives and whether it will stick around into the father's day weekend ♪ (vo) you can check on them.
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>> desperate plea from the family hit-and-run victim. the search is on for the driver who fatally hit a teenager on the roosevelt boulevard and did not stop. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at the scene in lawn crest with details. trang? >> reporter: jessica, the accident happened right here at
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adams avenue and roosevelt boulevard. police say mikayla did everything right crossing here at the crosswalk and with the signal. but this car turned right here, hit her at a very high rate of speed and kept going. >> come forward. just come forward. i can't really speak right now. i'm at a loss of words. i want the person who hit my daughter to come forward. >> reporter: fathers plea to the person who struck and killed his 17-year-old daughter march kayla jackson. the popular senior at excel academy was set to graduate high school next week. >> kind, gentle. always willing to do something to help somebody. >> reporter: police say march kayla was crossing adams avenue around 11:30 monday night when a car turning on to adams avenue from roosevelt boulevard hit her and just kept going. she was sent through the air about 160 feet which indicates that she was hit at a fairly high speed. >> reporter: eldest of six, she was a model child. >> you can imagine the hurt of a
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father losing a daughter. i mean, beautiful spirit. kind, humble. everything you would want in daughter. >> reporter: her family now turning to their faith for comfort. >> we're praying for the person that struck her that they will have a change of heart and do the right thing and turn themselves in. >> reporter: based on witness descriptions police are looking for an older model mini van possibly silver with a cracked windshield and front end damage. but for now we're live in lawn crest, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> trang, thank you. philadelphia police continue their search for whoever killed a woman and then dumped her body in fairmount park. the body was discovered behind the man music center around 8:00 o'clock this morning. authorities say the woman had defensive wounds indicating she fought back against her attack attacker. police are now trying to identify that victim who is was in her 20's. she had several distinctive tattoos including the word loyal across her chest, cash spelled
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with a k and arose on her right thigh. comedian and philly native kevin hart is the victim of a home burglary. authorities say thieves broke 92 kevin hart's los angeles area home this weekend and stole more than $500,000 worth of items including jewelry and clothing. no one was home when that break in happened. the burglary comes just before his latest film central intelligence premieres in theaters on friday. honorees the prestigious marian anderson award have been announced and each year an artist is recognized for their talent in addition to his or her contribution to humanity. this year multiple recipients chosen and they are philadelphia's own patti labelle, as well as prolific producers kenneth gamble and leon huff. gala celebrating the three recipients will be held novemb november 15th. kate bilo joins us now. kate, you've had great news to be telling us over the last couple of days including today's weather which was gorgeous. >> gorgeous. it's been a really great stretch.
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june has been pretty good to us so far and you know what the rest of the week not bad either. we just have one little stumbling block and that day is thursday. that's the day we're tracking a few showers. it doesn't look like a total wash out. and not every place is going to get poured on thursday but we will be tracking a better chance for some rain. the good news though you may not have to water the flowers or the grass that day and could use a little bit of rain outside. so in the meantime, we're still sitting pretty tonight. let's take look outside take you out to center city where skies are clear. and temperatures are dropping it will be a nice cool night down to the low 60s ooh eventually in the city and urban heat island effect working for us tends to stay milder in the city than outlying suburbs temperatures will be in the 50's. take look at the time lapse from today you can see folks down the shore love this day margate started off the day with sunshine and all day long it was beautiful at the beach. everyone planting their chairs and their blankets on the sand and taking a dip in that ocean which is about 66 degrees that's the owing water temperature off the jersey shore at the moment. tomorrow looks like another nice
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beach day. storm scan3 shows just a few showers drifting through portions of new england. we are quiet for now, but again notice we've got some clouds moving into portions of ohio right now and this is the next system that will be impacting us as we head into especially thursday but we'll start to see the clouds roll in by tomorrow afternoon. this big cloud bank will be approaching. so tomorrow not quiet the brilliant blue sky day we had today at least not from start to finish most of the day looking pretty great. temperatures right now 71 in philadelphia. 61 in millville. looking at 66 in allentown and 54 in mount pocono. so it's a comfortable cool, pleasant evening with low humidity once again. tomorrow again you can see those clouds starting to work their way in. here's 4:00 p.m. it does end up mostly loud dee. there may be a stray sprinkle when the clouds move but not a big deal. thursday brings a better chance for rain. overnight into thursday morning. and then on and off through the day thursday, scattered showers will be impacting the area especially through the first half of the day we want to watch
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this next little piece of energy for friday. friday could end up being a nice day seasides spite a chowed dee start. we have to watch and see how quickly it clears out. thursday we're talking lots of clouds, higher humidity, scattered showers and yes, the chance for thunderstorm mainly through the mid afternoon hours. overnight tonight, comfy, 61 degrees will be our low. for your wednesday, a mix of sun and clouds right around 80. down the shore things looking good. at least for tomorrow then thursday we've got some showers returning to the shore optimistic we'll clear it out on friday both in the city and at the shore. and that will set the stage for a beautiful father's day weekend with temperatures in the 80s and lots of sunshine. i'm getting choked up here. talking about this beautiful forecast. >> it will be great for all the dads out there. >> for sure. >> all right, kate thanks so much don is here. what's coming up next in sports. >> man, this is an interesting story. every phillies sports fans notice who dick mahoney is if you open if you don't know it.
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>> it's been said many pale in comparison to making your major league debut. a rough one for 22-year-old zach phils visiting blue jays. zach making his first career start his family made the trip toronto. phils down three by in the third inning. today rare rah greets him with two run shot to right. phils down five-zero. donaldson piling it on. a grand slam. he gives up nine runs in less than three innings the worst debut for phillies pitcher since
11:26 pm
1927. the phils get hammered 11-three. now, he will likely get a chance to bounce back sunday when they host arizona. the rookie thinks highly of the kid. i went to catch up with matt. we a little walk and talk a couple dudes talking baseball i asked him about ryan howard in p how he leads the team in homerun with 10 but batting just 153. how will it end for one of the greatest phillies of all times? >> got a world series trophy in our trophy case largely because of him, and he's won an mvp, rookie of the year he's done just about everything he could possible dollar for this franchise and that's why i said on the radio the other day he deserves to -- this is going to be his last year in philadelph philadelphia, he deserves for that to be a positive experien experience. >> all right. softball league here in philadelphia a player by the name of dick mahoney him teammates knew very little about him only he crushed homeruns and wouldn't park his porsche near
11:27 pm
the field. so what does he do for a living the answer a little bit of this arc little bit of that. here's the picture of of the softball team. several employees of our sister station queue radio are on the team. in that circle is dick mahoney who they've now come to realize was eagles safety walter thurman he disguised himself with a jerry curl wig and los angeles dodgers hat. here's reaction from his former teammates. >> honestly i never had clue. got -- his name is mahoney. i wouldn't have give peg as dick mahoney. >> it was really cool playing next an athlete and watching somebody like that and knowing he was a decent down to earth guy. >> it was all in good fun. he just wanted to come out and play ball. they fooled us well. >> since then he left the eagles and actually has retired but he started all the game for them last year as one of the two
11:28 pm
safeties. >> i like how he park his porsche far away. >> that's right. >> the jerry curl like easy e circle like 88. >> thanks top. um next great food for
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>> some of the biggest names in the food world were in philadelphia tonight for the great chefs event. the vetri foundation for children and alex lemonade stand foundation hosted the premier culinary event.
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sell out crowd was on hand at urban outfitters headquarters at the philadelphia navy yard. guests were able to sample dozens of different dishes and watch the top chefs in action. ♪
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don ukee who is off and everyone i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c it late show with stephen colbert is neck. thanks for watching. have a great night and we will see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> stephen: hi! before we start the show, i just want to say happy birthday to my close personal friend, donald trump. donald is turning 70 today although he doesn't like a day over... 70'sa about right. i wanted to give donald something very special. after all, as a late night host, he's given me so much. donald, first, i'm giving you an itunes gift card. it's the exact same thing you give anyone you don't really know. then, it's going to get chilly in the winter in washington, so i got you a pair of gloves. these might be a little big. you can have them taken in. ( cheers and applause ) and i also got you this scented candle. i even put it in the bag for you. i don't want to tell you


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