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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we were all pretty bad and at that point we knew this wasn't, a game but this was very real. >> we are hearing more from orlando shooting survivor patients carter and others about their ordeal inside the pulse nightclub sunday night. we will tell but plans to honor graduate akyra murray. we are following breaking news heart breaking news alligator drags a child into a lake at disney resort in orlando, we will have the latest on efforts to rescue the two-year old boy. five people were shot in wilmington hear from the neighbor who described the panic when bullets went flying. today is wednesday, june 15th, good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm nicole brewer. jim donovan is off. we are starting with rebel and
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traffic, good morning. >> good morning, happy wednesday, it is going to be a tough day in news but i can tell you the road are looking okay but just a lot of construction. >> same story in terms of weather. things are off to a quiet start. we can expect high pressure to keep control for yet another day. we will see ther so slight up tic in humidity but still will feel comfortable. tough to top yesterday's humidity. storm scan three, you can see this green not much to worry about them. we are staying dry, eventually some cloud build in from southwest to northeast, really generally speaking this is going to be a pleasant day. fifty-four current temperature at the airport. cooler by comparison throughout lining suburbs, wilmington in the 50's at this hour and still in the 40's much like yesterday in mount pocono. especially if you go in the outlying suburbs you will want to grab a fleece, jacket as you hit the road but in the mid to low 60's up and down
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the area shore points. the around the region we will go and we're talking low 80's, region wide heading in the mountains it will be ever so slightly cooler then that. starting with full sunshine so promises to be a beautiful sunrise, eventually giving way to a few more clouds. that is a sign of things to come. our next system will move in by tomorrow and coming up later in the show we will time out next round of rain. >> thank you so much for that. we will be on the look out for rain indeed, good morning, just waking up, look at that we are dealing with some construction. before we talk about the pennsylvania construction, vine is completely closed between schuylkill and broad. we are used to that at the this point but just know moving in the east and westbound side vine is closed right now. ninety-five north off ramp to cottman is also closed right now. then we are looking here at schuylkill eastbound between pennsylvania turnpike and gulph mills we have a moving crew in the right lane. not slowing down too much yet but we know moving crew it can because it is moving around causing problems for us.
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just make note that is on the schuylkill. also more construction street road westbound blocked between stump road and second street pike, use an alternate bustleton pike is your best bet. the street road eastbound between kutcher road and gravel hill road make note of that and we have gas main repairs route 38 eastbound between 130 and route 702 lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. saturday, brooke, over to you. there is new information on the massacre in orlando, owner of another gay club said gunman in the pulse nightclub shooting sent a facebook friend request last week. that owner reject it. sources tell cbs news nora salmon the wife of the omar mateen tried to prevent her husband from carrying out the attack. fbi has interviewed her twice and given her a polygraph test. they are investigating whether mateen was a regular at the night club. his wife said they had been there before. evidence the from the cell phone and computer said he was inspired by radical islam is
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and idealology. they are working together to peace together his movement in the day and week before the massacre. survivors are sharing their stories what it was lake to be inside that night club. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is in orlando as he talk to a south jersey native about how they got out a live. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds fathered tuesday night at first baptist church in orlando. >> we will find peace for your souls. >> reporter: as this community continues to pray and grief, they are growing stronger day by day. >> it will take me a really long time to heel, and overcome this. >> reporter: victims who were somehow spared from almost certain death are still coming to grips with why they survived. >> all i could hear was the shotguns. one after another. people screaming, yelling for help. >> angel and i both fell. >> unfortunately i was struck three times in my leg.
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>> i started running toward the exit and guy kept shooting at us. >> reporter: angel clean and jay on gonzales were finishing up a night of dancing and drinking. when omar mateen bursts in spraying death, jason from wildwood, new jersey escaped and doesn't realize angel isn't behind him. >> once i got to the doorway people had fallen down, on the doorway, there was stuck in there, they were stuck in the doorway. >> reporter: he gets outside and fear his friend is dead, until his phone rings. >> i get a face time and it is angel on the ground. he is crying, he is scared, he told me he got shot. >> reporter: fortunately police officers rushed angel to orlando regional medical center where doctors saved his life. >> if it wasn't for you guys i never would not be -- i would be in the morning, in the
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middle of the night, always there and i really appreciate that. >> reporter: now both men thanking god for their second chance. how do you think you were able to survive? how did you not get shot? >> i'm here by the grace of god. he had a shield over me and over angel. >> reporter: here at the doctor phillips center, dozens of people spontaneously, gathering with candles, card, with flowers, memorializing the 49 innocent victims, killed in the deadliest massacre in u.s. history. reporting here from orlando i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". listen to them is so powerful. these people are so strong. ben franklin bridge will be lit in rainbow colors tonight in tribute to the victims of the orlando attacks. this morning we are hearing from a third victim with ties from philadelphia. akyra murray and patients
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carter initially made it out of the pulse nightclub but they ran back in when they realized their friend tiara parker was still inside. they huddled together in the bathroom where they were all shot. murray died from her wound, parker said mateen's ar15 rifle jammed so they used a hand gun to shoot them. >> me, my cousin and patients we were the first people he seen so we took the first set of bullet. >> we went from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives all within a matter of minutes. >> a vigil will be held it in at west catholic for akyra murray. we have learn there are several bogus go fund me pages set up in their name. family says there is one legitimate account at citizens bank. more horrible news out of orlando this morning. the authorities are in a up scale disney resort searching for a toddler who was drag in the lake by a alligator this happened near grand floridaan
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resort around 9:00 last night. child was waiting in the water in area where no swimming signs are posted. his father was nearby when alligator attack and the father tried to wrestle his child away. >> the father at some point struggled to try to get his son and was not successful and then alerted others to assist him in the process. >> reporter: father has been from nebraska and staying at that resort on vacation. police are using sonar equipment to search that lake for the child and they have no record that this has ever happened before. new this morning hazmat teams are on the scene of the fire in lansdale, montgomery county. "eyewitness news" viewer phil raino shot this on his cell phone as fire fighters got there. the hazmat teams are on site as a precaution, fire broke out at uniform rental just before 11:30 last night. building was evacuated and so far there are in reports of anyone hurt. police are investigating
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five people shot, in wilmington delaware. >> yeah this happened shortly after 9:00 last night in the area of elm street and south var by even street. all five people are in stable condition. nearby resident said he was with his family and they took cover when they heard those gunshots. >> he was doing karaoke, having a good time and next thing you know, you know, you hear a bunch of shots, constantly. i put the my family to the ground to make sure they were okay and they didn't get hit. >> there is no word on any arrests this morning. still ahead, we will tell you why one of the atlantic city's new resort is not reopening today. also hear a father's message to the driver who killed his 17 year-old daughter, the latest on the deadly hit and run on the roosevelt boulevard, when we come right back, stay with
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alliance chapel. memorial services are scheduled for 8:00 o'clock that night. 22-year old evesham township native was shot and killed signing autographs after a show in orlando, florida. the search continues for a driver who hit and killed a teenager, on roosevelt boulevard and did not stop. the accident happened late monday night at adams avenue intersection, police say marcola jackson used a crosswalk and waited for a proper signal but a car hit her and just kept going. >> just come forward, come forward, it is overwhelming. i cannot even speak. i'm at a loss for words. i just want to you come forward. >> jackson was a senior at excel academy and set to graduate next week. police are looking for an older model light colored silver minivan with the cracked windshield and front end damage. awful story. >> really is. 4:42. >> katie has another check of your forecast. >> good morning, to you both. at least we can bank on quiet weather in our area. we are still expecting high
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pressure to continue to roll role in and will bring with it very nice weather as we overlook ocean city, ferris wheel and light of the the day starting to pop on the horizon. a very please apartment looking view to kick start our morning in ocean city and every where else. this is at the point of the year where clock is ticking to the point that we are ever closer to the day of the most daylight, that would be june 20th when summer solstice hits a couple days away but even right now we are clocking about 15 hours of daylight, every single day. we have a nice long day. we have nice weather to enjoy like this why not enjoy it while you can, right. storm scan is tame here at the local level. a bit of the moisture moving in through southwestern pennsylvania, and western maryland. that will be lifting in as a front initially, pretty heavy thunderstorms moving through great lakes region but we are likely to only end up primarily tomorrow with some scattered showers, and thunderstorms. there could be a few showers overnight already and then this particular model is
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trying to pick up what we see west of philadelphia a quick shower this afternoon but more than anything it looks like it will be primarily a thursday event, where these round of showers, maybe heavy rain, few thunderstorms too rumble on through here and this could happen through anytime in the early morning and mid-morning, and this model as well trying to make this go away, by the time we will get to the second half thursday but generally speaking keep umbrella on hand and i'm allowing for a shower into friday morning before skies do clear out nicely and we will end up with some sunshine before friday is all said and done because we have such long days right now. odd are good for that. meanwhile as day progresses today we will start with sun, cloud rebuild with time but we will stay dry, 82 daytime high. very seasonal day. dropping down to 64 tonight with the scattered showers beginning to move in and then tomorrow is wet day thaw will want to have umbrella ready to go. looking ahead to fathers day weekend it looks like a beauty right the now low to mid 80's
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and sunshine for saturday and sunday, in the bad at all. >> not bad at all, thanks, katie. good morning to you. looking at a map is what going on outside i-95 northbound ramp to cottman avenue that ramp is closed. good news is vine is all open both moving in the east and westbound direction, we're closed between broad and schuylkill. was closed overnight. now vine all opened. ninety-five like i said ramps, are closed right now, another one for you here construction schuylkill eastbound between pennsylvania turnpike and gulph mills is there a moving crew in the right lane. we will push deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour. make note it is out there for a lot of people hitting the roadways. the also street road westbound is blocked between stump road and second street pike, you will to have use an alternate off the pike, and also street road eastbound between kutcher road and gravel hill road. make note for those in and around that area then we have gas main repains we were dealing with yesterday, route 38 eastbound between route 130
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ape route 70, two lanes are block and they will be block until 6:00 a a.m. saturday. admiral wilson boulevard eastbound two right lanes are block right now, nicole and brooke, over to you. vigil will be held at west catholic for akyra murray, 18 year-old basketball stand out was killed in sunday's massacre in orlando this morning federal investigators are focusing their attention on omar mateen's wife. officials say, she admitted she and her husband visited the club before. they say she also says that she tried to stop mateen from carrying out the shooting rampage that left 49 club goers dead. a salmon could face criminal charges herself. family outing in disney world turns tragic, police say a alligator dragged a two-year old boy in the seven seas lah goon near the grand floridaan resort and spa in orlando. so far that child has not been found. hazmat teams are on the scene of the two alarm fire in montgomery county. flames broke out just before 11:30 at clemens uniform rental in lansdale.
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so far there are no reports of any injuries. we have another food recall to tell but this morning, still ahead we will tell you which products are impact. also ahead we will tell you why revel resort in atlantic city will not reopen today, details on that when we
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if you are heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast our on sister station kyw news radio 106o jury deliberations are expect to begin in the political corruption trial of chaka fattah. opponents say a pennsylvania bill increasing fines for possession of small amount of marijuana is a step in the wrong direction. hundreds of the students had a second chance to graduate from high school. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. inspections and permits will prevent revel casino from reopening this morning. revel was shut down in september 2014 and new owner glenn straub bought it for
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about 5 cents on the dollar in bankruptcy court. straub plans to launch a new revel today but city says it will not issue a certificate of occupancy until tomorrow at the earliest. it is 4:50. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. more americans opened up their wallets last month. what does that mean for our economy. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. americans spent more in may even though hiring slowed drastically. commerce department says retail sales rose .5 percent last month, restaurants and clothing sales were particularly, strong. it is the second straight month of increases. >> pretty sure i contributed to that as well. hena, another companies issuing a recall over a peanut contamination, what do you know about this? >> we have been hearing a lot about this lately, kelloggs is latest company to recall some of its snacks because they could contain traces of peanuts, included in the recall, some special k
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brownies and famous a.m.os cookies. frito lay and host is his recalled several snacks because they are made with flower from the same supplier. brooke and nicole. >> so important to know about these things. >> thanks, hena. welshing coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> katie tells us when we may see showers and thunderstorms,
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light of day began to pop over the horizon that sun coming up very early these days as we approach the summer solstice and as we do so we are looking at essentially 15 hours of daylight throughout the day for the next couple of days which is lovely news when we have really comfortable, quiet conditions like we do right now. outside pleasant valley middle and high school in broadheadsville we can see a nice clear sky and storm scan reflect ago this now. what is that that waits over western maryland portions of virginias? that is the beginning of the next frontal boundary that will be lifting in bringing
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witt a couple scattered showers, primary later tonight, some models trying to bring a quick shower to the far western corner of our region at some point but overall we are dry throughout the day look what happens to the pollen levels, they will significantly drop and that means we will have wet weather to tiehl w we will be dodging scattered, granted but some showers, locally steady rain as well as some thunderstorms embedded within that. temperatures held back to the mid 70's but humidity will be noticeable tomorrow. it is clearing out of here by friday which bodes very well for our upcoming fathers day weekend, low to mid 80's where those temperatures should be for mid to late june and with full sunshine, great excuse to throw dad a picnic, something like that, whatever you do, do so outdoors and we have great weather to even eye. >> fathers day looks awesome. thanks very much. good morning, happy wednesday, looking at 95 here looking good both directions by the way the vine was closed overnight, vine is all cleared, so for those taking east or westbound vine between
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broad and schuylkill it is looking good here. 202 southbound at route 30 that left lane compromised you can see crews where we have some active construction. not slowing you down too much. we don't have any vehicles out there yet, yet is keyword f this doesn't get moved out of the way that can slow you down but right new we are looking okay. thinks where we have more construction schuylkill eastbound between pennsylvania turnpike and gulph mills we have a moving crew in the right lane. that will slow you down getting caught behind it. make note they are out there. give yourself a couple extra minutes. construction here street road westbound is blocked between stump road and second street pike, you will testify use an alternate, bustleton pike is your best bet. also street the road eastbound between kutcher road and gravel hill road. we have a gas main repair which we will cover in a bit but i will update from you yesterday, route 38 between route 130 and 70, two lanes block, until 6:00 a.m. saturday. also admiral wilson boulevard, eastbound two right lanes are block a lot of construction this morning. good news no accidents to
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report as of yet, nicole and brooke, over to you. well, great chefs take part in the great cause in philadelphia. >> the vetri foundation for children and alex lemonade stand foundation hosted philadelphia's premiere culinary event last night. a sellout crowd was on happened at urban outfitters headquarters at the philadelphia navy yard. guests sampled dozens of dishes and watched some of the top chefs in action. >> this had to be good food. >> i know, so cool. >> i love it. >> you may not know that about me. >> you love food. >> you are in good company. >> yes. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will have the latest on the frantic search for a boy snatched by a alligator. and why this crash could have been much worse. and kevin hart was victimized by thieves, we will tell but valuable items they stole from the philadelphia native's house. we will be back at the
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i made peace with god and myself i said god, if this is my time to go, this is how i have to go, just please take me, i don't want anymore shots. >> heart breaking stories of survival are coming from the orlando shooting massacre. hear survivors with ties to philadelphia share their stories. >> plus more breaking news in orlando this morning an alligator drags a young boy in the lake in the disney resort. how his father tried to stop that attack and frantic effort to find the boy this morning. also new this morning, flames shoot-out of the montgomery county building sending in the hazmat team rushing to the scene. we will let you know what was inside that caused so much concern. today is wednesday, june 15th, good morning i'm brooke
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thomas. >> i'm nicole brewer. jim's off today, katie and meisha are joining us keeping an eye out this morning. >> good morning, a lot of construction, no accident to report, roadways nice and dry. things are looking okay. >> definitely in the weather department for sure as well. we expect to see a nice sunrise and eventually some cloud do start to rebuild for our area but this is overall a nice start to the day. eventually wet weather will return to the forecast f we can take the graphic, we will head out to storm scan and thankfully reporting not much happening at this hour. we are watching a frontal boundary lift in. that is where those cloud are starting to move in but regardless, it starts off as a decent day in the area and for the most part we are looking at a decent day. we have some showers that dot at your use radar some models suggesting late this afternoon, it is our far western suburbs, just a chance right now but it is on the way. tomorrow looking like the weather day of the forecast. looking at area


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