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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the scene of another shocking tragedy, this one, involving an alligator that snatched a two year old boy. the boy's father jumped into the water with that alligator, trying to save his young son. good afternoon, thank for joining us, i'm nicole brewer in for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, disney vacation turned to horror for family from nebraska. don champion joins us from
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lake buena vista florida where search crews are scouring the lagoon near the grand floridian resorts for any signs of the toddler, don. >> brooke, nicole, it has been such a desperate search for that missing boy, all morning long, we've seen helicopters hovering above the area where he disappeared last night more than 12 hours after that alligator attacked, authorities maintain, this is still a search and rescue operation. >> crews is her clinic for the missing two year old snatched into a lake by an alligator has meant time is not on their side. >> every hour, still holding out hope, even if it is small. >> the boy has not been seen since 9:20 tuesday night when he was playing in shallow water at the seven cease lagoon at the grand floridian resort and spa. the parents and another young sibling were there when the horror unfolded. >> the father was standing nearby when the alligator attacked the child. the father then went into the
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water and tried to wrestle the small child from the grip of the alligator. >> do not swim signs are posted in the area, disney has closed all resort beaches out of abundance of caution. >> already taken four alligators, and determined right now we couldn't find any evidence that they were involved. >> the family from nebraska had been staying at the luxury resort for a few days, spokesman for disney said the resort is devastated, and doing what it can for the families. the timing of the tragedy has left the orlando community reeling. >> i can't comprehends what any of this would be like as a parent, losing my child, my 20 year old, or my two year old. >> search officials say there has never been an alligator attack like this at disney. >> such a nightmare. now the lake where the incident happened is man-made. it feeds other canals that winds through the entire disney property.
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now, while the resort has closed all of it beaches, as a precaution, it is reassuring all of it guests that alligator attacks like this are very, very rare. brooke? >> don, wow, do we have an update as far as the plan for the search moving forward at this point? >> yes, we are expecting to get an update from authorities any minute now. but, from what we've seen, they are still going strong with helicopters, love erring above the area. we do know they brought in extra sonar equipment, that they're use to go scan the water, as well, but we do expect an update actually, within just the next few seconds. but, at last check, they were still going to stay with the same game plan. >> thanks a lot, don. and now, to an update on the night club shooting massacre, we're learning more about the shooter's past. and what his actions were earlier, in the day. before he opened fire, killing 49 people ... correspondent kenneth craig, excuse me, sore bye that, we're going back to orlando with that update from investigators.
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right now. >> good afternoon to all of you, thank for being here. we want to share some update with you about this particular operation. this is a tough situation. i want all of to you think about this for a moment. for those every with you children or grandchildren or what have you, i just happen to have a two year old grandson, and so for me this is a very human experience that we're talking about where we are dealing with this family now who there is no question will lose a two year old child. it has been now about 15 hours since the child was taken into the water by the alligator. so we know that we are working on recovering the body of the child at this point. and so on behalf of everyone that is engage in the this effort, our ultimate goal is
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to try to bring some closure to the family by recovering their loved one. we have in excess of 50 personnel from the orange county sheriff's office alone that is working on this recovery effort. we're going to be here throughout, but we also in turn are doing this investigation along with fwc. their executive director has traveled here from tallahassee , mr. nick while i is here, he will be speaking to you momentarily. i have received phonecalls from the governor of the state of florida rick scott about this effort, the mayor of our county, and we've also spoken with various disney executives. i would tell you that disney is doing everything that they can to make the family comfortable during this ordeal. as we have been dealing with this tragedy, for the last few hours, i would tell you that it is somewhat of a
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complicated operation that we have going because this is a man-made body of water. it is a sizeable body of water. and it has certain systems built in the waterway. my divers have been in the water today, and at appropriate time they may be back in the water. we have our marine unit out on the lake, they're using sonar equipment to see if they can locate the body, as well. in addition to that, i'm going to ask again executive director for fwc to come up and share with you some of the things that they're doing with this operation. mr. nick whiley. >> thank up, sheriff. first let me say that in cooperation and support from the orange county sheriff's department, it has been amazing, they've been here and
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really doing everything in their power. we have provided support. we have vessels on the scene, people out on the water, we have about dozen officers and we also have brought in some experienced alligator trappers who know how to go out and finds alligators. again i think you know that there is no real update on what we found so far. we're still going as hard as we can, and we're still hopeful that we'll be able to help this family finds closure, and again, our thoughts and prayers are with this family. also, governor called me this morning to express his concerns and express his sympathy for the family, as well, and he's very much engaged in the process as we go forward. >> what i can tell you is that disney has operated here for 45 years, and they've never had this type of thing happen before. remember this it is florida,
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and alligators are indigenous to this region of the country, but i want to reiterate that disney has a wildlife management system that's in place and they have worked diligently to ensure that their guests are not unduly exposed to wildlife here in this area. >> and we just heard from officials there in lake buena vista, obviously, giving up blast up and an update of that terrible tragedy, and we know it was a sizeable man-made body of water. >> plan made body of water. you can tell everyone there lots and lots of questions still coming in. >> so many questions, and we know that they have a marine unit actively using sonar equipment to recover the body of that baby. >> still a sad situation all around. our own greg argos is in florida and will have the latest on this tragedy on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. >> all right, right now we get back to that story i started telling but earlier, more on the night club shooting
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massacre. we are learning more about the shooter's past, and what his actions were, earlier in the day, before he opened fire killing 49 people. correspondent kenneth craig has the very latest and what the shooter's wife is now telling investigators. >> investigators say, she new her husband omar mateen wanted to commit a terror act, and investigators said say she told them she wendt to the pulse night club with her husband on at least one occasion and tried to convince him not to go through with the attack. cbs news has learned, mateen went to work as a security guard in a gated community on the day of the shooting. as he gunned down innocent victims at the gay bar, they say, mateen not only called 911, he also went on facebook declaring his allegiance to isis, and he called a local tv station. >> morning. >> morning, do you have a badge? >> documentary footage shows mateen working as a security guard in 2010, the material from the 2012 documentary the big fix, about the deep water
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horizon oil spill in the gulf of mexico. prosecutors are considering whether to charge mateen's wife. so far there is no evidence he called police to warn them about her husband's plan here. officials in orlando set up a family assistance center for victims and their loved ones. >> you can come in, and then go to the places where you think you might need either legal help or counselling help or help with travel or help with funeral arrangements. >> many of the wounded remain hospitalized. patience and her friends were head hostage in a bathroom. >> i could see piles of bodies laying over the toilet seat and slumped over in the bottom of the toilet, which is covered with hands print and blood. >> she and one of her friends survived. their friend, 18 year old akira murray, did not. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". there are several tributes to the orlando shooting victims around our area tonight. the ben franklin bridge will be lit in rainbow colors starting tonight through saturday.
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>> in delaware county, a vigil starts at 5:30 tonight. people will gather in front of the delaware county courthouse in media. they will read the names of the 49 victims and push for tighter gun control laws. and, there is another candlelight remembrance at the intersection of state and main streets in doylestown. the orkneys ers say you should bring a candle and a friend, starting at 8:00 tonight. >> in campaign 2016, both presumptive presidential nominees are on the move today, with republican donald trump hosting a rally any minute. now, trump's rally at the fox theater peachtree street started at noon today. columnist and radio hot herman n kane is opening the event right now. earlier, trump said he would meet with the national rifle association to discuss ways to block people on terrorism fly list from buying guns. >> day after her meeting with rival bernie sanders, presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton will hold a closed discussion on national security this afternoon in hampton virginia, clinton will meet with veterans, military
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families and members of the defense communities at the meeting is not open to the public. clinton won the washington dc primary yesterday, the last event on the primary calendar. >> today's sunshine will give way to clouds. first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger, liver on the cbs-3 skydeck, hey, katy? >> hey there, brooke. already gun in fact to see some of the clouds roll in here, to center city philadelphia, where our station is headquartered, but, that said, no signs of life on the radar here, so we can't say that everywhere. let's go ahead, take a quick peak at storm scan3, at this point, showing few light showers, rolling through portions of southern most new castle, as well as portions every kent county, delaware, southern most branch of cape may county might be seeing sprinkle, certainly seeing more clouds out there. here's what you can expect as far as the wet weather goes. everything out there will be pretty scat nerds nature, primarily in central delaware, and really only going to have to deal with this for another couple of hours, just the leading edge of the next system moving our way. currently in the upper 70s at philadelphia international airport, flirting with 80, or
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actually already there in most other locations, as the day progresses low 80s at best, frankly, where we should be. par for the course in terms of temperature value, but we are tracking this next system, moving into our region, so that's in part where some of the showers are coming from right now on the radar, and there is more on i the way. time out the wet weather as we in the day of transition, guys, we send it back into you. >> katie, thank so much. expect delays on the new jersey turnpike this noon after truck crashes and causes a fire. chopper three over the scene within the past hour. one northbound lane is getting by now, just south of exit 7a, i-95, told one person suffered minor injury, from that crash, it is unclear what caused the accident at this time. another truck fire in i95 in philadelphia, caused mess in major delays around rush hour. chopper three over the scene just north of girard avenue. authorities say the fell off the tractor-trailer causing large fuel spill. hazmat crews were on scene this morning, we now know all
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lanes have reopened, so good news there, and there are no reports of any injuries. and coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jury prepares to get the case today, in the federal racketeering trial of pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah.
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>> robbed frank for 7-eleven, the suspect walked into the store the 5200 block of harbison avenue about 4:30 in the morning, and pulled a
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handgun, he got away with cash and some lottery tickets, fortunately, no injuries, but if you recognize the suspect, please call police. >> a vigil took place on monday night, to honor the slain singer. this friday, a viewing will take place at 3:00 p.m. at fellowship alliance chapel, and a memorial service is scheduled for 8:00 that night. the 22 year old evesham township native shot and killed last week while signing autographs after a show in florida. >> injury coy get the case today in the federal racketeering trial of trial of chaka fattah. defense wrapped up two days every closing argument yesterday, today just is instructing the jury. accused of arranging illegal campaign loan, parting back with federal grant money and charitable donations, 11 term congressman denies those charges. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", mission to space. >> successful rocket launch at cape canaveral, the way its
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cargo will help people throughout asia watch it. >> v in their homes is coming up. katy? >> brooke, looking ahead to little downhill drop in term of our weather forecast. we will be tossing out wet weather to wrap up our work week, but how does the fathers day w
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>> its mission to place a pair of commercial communication satellites into orbit. space x will attempt to lands the first stage of the rocket on a ship in the atlantic ocean. >> pretty impressive stuff.
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>> the weather has been nice. >> it has been it, will take little bit of downhill turn here at least for now but i promise you much nicer weather to come. looking fantastic, yes, just wait for it, right now, though, starting to see the clouds builds in here kay every transition, not actually looking to be too terrible of an afternoon, specially if you are further to the northeast, you have actually got more sun than anything. let me take you outside, show you what we are talking about here first and for most, a shot of the beautiful blue sky overlooking hotel bethlehem, moravian college, beautiful shot here northampton county and bet him on "skycam 3", so, that's one of the spots where you still got more sun than anything we switch gears, go next to the live neighborhood network not bad beach afternoon, outside the headquarters in margate certainly cup old of folks out here, lifeguards doing his thing, but you can tell that there is bit more of a gray sky out there seeing the first
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sign of the latest system nudging in at the moment. see this little bands, honestly, storm scan frankly looks worse than it actually; very light showers pushing through specially kent county, southern new castle even portions of southern most cape may county but his is all just the beginning again of larger system, that is going to be brink withing it additional rain to our area. you can see pretty well defined center of circulation, back over the canadian border, that is what is going to move into our area here, in the next day and a half, so what we ends one here, in the, jumping all the way to 10:00 p.m. tonight. this afternoon shower situation is going to fizzle with time. and then the main action starts to pick up. so through the late night, overnight, round of not just showers, but probably thunderstorm and obviously here the potential for some heavy rain, as well, and by the time we're on the show early in the morning tomorrow morning, at 4:30, likely have some decent rainfall to track here on "eyewitness news", now looks as though parkway, high
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time for traffic, could be pretty dicey out there, but that's the brunt of this. may still be shower lingering into the afternoon tomorrow. meantime dew points, there is definitely discrepancy here, moisture starting to lift into dover, as well as wildwood, currently low 50's in philly still feels pretty good outside sunday gorgeous, full sunshine, beautiful for fathers day. stay there, coming right
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>> you know if you have a dog at home they eat things that they're not supposed tonight their dog decided to snack on bottle of gorilla glue. >> pretty scary, what a veterinarian had to fish out of the stomach of the dog, the glue expanded when it touched the water in the doling's stomach. the fortunately went well, and the dog is recovering, believe it or not, vets say a dog's like the taste of gorilla glue. so something you have to watch. >> so true, ridiculous what a dog would eat. , all right, let's wrap this up, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm nicole brewer. follow us on line at the young and the rest
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