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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now at 11:00, remembering a stand out student.
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to night a philadelphia high school gathers to mourn the loss of 18-year-old akyra murray kill in the orlando nightclub massacre. meantime new details surrounding the investigation. what authorities say the gunman's wife is now telling them. and the search for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run intensifies. police released this surveillance video. the damage left behind on the van that authorities hope will lead them to an arrest. but first tonight, we now have a picture of the two-year-old boy killed by an alligator at a disneyworld hot hotel. his body was recovered late this afternoon. why authorities say they're not finished searching the water. good evening i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. the family was supposed to be on a dream vacation. but then the unthinkable happened. tonight search crews are still looking for the alligator that dragged that toddler into the water. natasha brown is in the sat center with more details on this investigation.
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natasha? >> the child' body was actually discovered at about 3:30 this afternoon 18 hours or so after the attack. meantime disney has now closed its beaches at all of its properties in florida as they assess this tragic incident. >> we're dealing with this family now who there's no question will lose a two-year-old child. >> reporter: a family vacation leads to an imageable tragedy. two-year-old lane graves and his family visiting disne disneyworm nebraska when a alligator snatched the child from shallow waterwaters lake at grand flori. he suffered lacerations to his hand trying to save his child. >> there were eyewitnesses here who certainly saw the child taken under the water. >> after an ex haws seive search of the shore line and disney property the child's body was finally recovered wednesday afternoon. not far from where he was last
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seen wading in ankle deep water. no swimming signs were posted in the area where the attack happened. >> of course the family was distraught, but also i believe somewhat relieved that we were able to find their son with his body intact. >> wildlife experts say alligators are part of the eco system in florida while this tragedy is disturbing and unusual, michelle, of adventure aquarium in camden says they usually don't target humans. >> the natural food of a alligator they will eat a small ma'am hal large enough for them that eat. they could eat animals like raccoons or possums. they'll eat fish, small reptil reptiles. turtles. they can even eat on the alligator. >> the search for the alligator will continue. several have already been rounded up and euthanized. >> there's a good chance we already have the alligator. we'll go through the process and forensics and make certain. if we can get a certain match we'll continue to go out and look for alligators.
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>> as a result of just thinking about it. so that family -- interceding and praying for that family. >> i can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> prayers from strangers hoping to bring solace doing an inconsolable time. >> they do appreciate all of the prayers that have gone forward. >> reporter: in a statement disney said "we are devastated and heart broken by this tragic accident and are doing what we can to help the family during this difficult time. on behalf of of one at disney, we offer our deepest sympathies "sheriffs officials say in the 45 year history of the resort, this is the first such attack. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. president obama will travel to orlando tomorrow to pay his respects to the victims of the nightclub massacre there. right now the investigation into the terror tack is focusing on the gunman's wife noor salman a grand jury has been called to determine if she should face criminal charges. cbs news reports salman is
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telling the fbi she tried to stop her husband from committing the attack. but there's no evidence she ever called police to warn them. 50 people include the gunman were killed and at least 53 others were wounded in that attack on the pulse nightclub early sunday morning. here at home, tonight the delaware river port authority lit you the ben franklin bridge in rainbow colors to honor the victims. chopper three head there. the cirrus center also paying tribute with colorful display. these are two of the many landmark around the world glowing in remembrance of those killed and wounded. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at west catholic prep where tonight there was a tribute to young philadelphia woman killed in the attack. trang? >> reporter: jess, this was private service for family and friends. it last bowed an hour but it made a huge impact. many people were seen leaving the school visibly emotio emoti. >> you ever look at the dictionary and look up the name
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love you'll see akyra murray. >> and loved she was. hundreds of members of the west catholic prep family came together for a private memorial service to remember a scholar, an athlete taken before her ti time. >> she just did everything right way. that's how she lived. she stood out. >> service was especially emotional for akyra' basketball teammates they describe her not only a stand out player, scoring 1,000 points in her high school career but a stand out friend. >> i can't even fine the right words to say how great she was as person. she was a very great person. >> her final actions show that. akyra, her friend patience carter and cousin tiara parker went to pulse nightclub together that fateful night. when gunfire erupted akyra and patience made it out side safely but went back in to find tiara who was missing. i was three were shot and akyra died from her injuries. >> she was there with us. i believe in my heart she was there with us tonight. >> reporter: her aunt nile logan says the moving tribute was the perfect way to honor her
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niece who was bright light to all who knew her. >> i don't think want to be send off no other way. around bunch of people that love and care for her. i know she's happy. >> reporter: and logan says that akyra's funeral will likely be held next week. in the meantime the family has set up a memorial fund at citizens bank to help pay for funeral expenses. we're live in west philadelphia i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, trang, thank you. a vigil was also held tonight outside the delaware county courthouse in media. "eyewitness news" was there as participants paused to remember the victim who's were killed. they then staged a dye in representing the exact number of lives taken in orlando. this past weekend. in the wake of that massacre people all over the country are lining up to donate blood but one group is being turned away and that has sparked calls for change. federal regulations prevent men who have sexual contact with other men in the past 12 months
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from donating blood. before last year there was lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men. the fda implement that policy back in the '80s during the beginning of the aids epidemic. many we spoke to today say the times and screening technology have changed for the better. >> science is advanced enough they can protect the blood supplies without stigmatizes a portion of pop laying and cutting them out and saying your blood is automatically at the same timed because uruguay. >> pennsylvania senator bob casey wants the tda to revise its current policy saying "fda has made progress on this issue over the years, but it frankly hasn't been enough. on issues these like our policies should be based on science, not stereotypes avenue whole group of people ". an explosion at the viola steam plant shook homes in south philadelphia's grays ferry neighborhood this afternoon. investigator is that so it say a safety system on a boiler blew out at 26 path and christian around 3:00 o'clock. that blast broke a window in the
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building and injured an mow had was treated at the scene. the fire department says one woman was hurt by glass saturday shattering in her home. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> the explosion was so loud i thought my chest was just -- my heart was just -- just beating so hard. it was very very frightening. >> firefighters check all of the home near the plant for gas and carbon monoxide then gave the all clear. viola steam provides steam to the city. neighbors in one wilmington want ants from law enforcement after a rush of gun violence this we week. latest incident happened last night. four children under the age of 16 were shot. one of those children is now in critical condition. no word on any arrests to night. some neighbors have questioned the safety of their community and they wouldn't what will be done to address their concerns? >> we have a violence in the city that can be stopped in a certain way. you have to have police in neighborhoods.
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we need police dedicated to this neighborhood who can stay here and interact with people and get to know them and we've got to find something for these young people to do. >> wilmington mayor dennis williams told "eyewitness news" the police department is working to tackle gun violence by increasing its community policing efforts. tonight we are getting a look at the mini van hit and killed 17-year-old mikayla jackson and drove away. the teenager was hit monday night while crossing roosevelt boulevard near adams avenue that. mini van describe as a silver early 2,000 model chef venture. investigators say should have heavy front end damage and shattered windshield. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. and one year ago a hit-and-run left a new jersey teenager badly injured. this week, he received his high school dip moment ma. still ahead at 11:00 the two very important people who join him on his graduation day. >> plus, flag controversy. a special exhibit at the pennsylvania capital building
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draws criticism. why governor wolf ordered one of those flags to be removed. >> been a great stretch of weather. we're tracking rain moving in right now on storm scan3. coming up i'll tell you how long the wet weather will be around. whether we could see a thunderstorm and when it moves out. that's coming up in weather. also, a shocking taste of animal -- case of animal abuse. someone shot this cat with an arrow. the one thing that saved its life. >> carson wentz gets locked up but you'll never guess how. hear how the eagles rookie quarterback -- quarterback make a rookie mistake much that's
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tomorrow city council will vote on a 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sugary and diet drinks. if that vote passes, philadelphia would become the first major u.s. city to implement such attacks. the money will go toward funding early childhood education and other programs. a portion of the revenue will also be diverted into the city's general fund. critics call that legislation
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unconstitutional. they are expected to challenge the law in court if it's adopt adopted. in campaign 2016 the presumptive presidential nominees are clashing on the issue of national security tonight. in virginia, democratic hillary clinton continued to frame republican donald trump as unfit to be commander in chief because of his call for temporary ban on muslim immigrants. meanwhile, in atlanta trump called on authorities to respectfully conduct surveillance on mosques in the wake of the orlando attack. both candidates blasted each other today. >> if hillary clinton gets in you will,ville a supreme court that will destroy our country as we know it. just remember that. >> after all the twitter rants and conspiracy theories we've been hearing recently, it's time for substantive discussions about how we protect our count country. >> the candidates also weighed if on gun control. trump tweeted he wants to meet with the nra to discuss a bill
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aimed at keeping people on the fbi's terror watch list from buying guns. clinton is calling on congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban. >> hillary clinton with six-point lead over donald trump among registered voter who plan to vote in notify's general election. prince william appears on the cover of the latest issue of leading british gay magazine attitude. this mark the first time a british royal has been photographed for a gay publication. the magazine's cover will highlight an article on the duke of cambridge condemning the bullying of lgbt people. on tuesday, the duke and dutchess of came brinn signed console lense book for the victims. terror attack in orlando. the couldn' couldn't federal flg controversy comes to pennsylvania. governor wolf ored the removal of the couldn't federal flag at the state capital in harrisburg it was one of 50 flags on sis play as part of the hanover historical flag day exhibit. he ordered the flags removing
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after state representatives from philadelphia complained the couldn't federal plaque is a symbol of hate. they disagree with the governor's move. >> it is part of history, the good, the bad the indifferent it's all part of history. >> the confederate flag is a symbol of racism and hatred and he doesn't think it should be on dismay in state building. >> it reaches 50 recreated flags. it runs through july. a shocking case of animal abuse. the search is now on for suspect who shot a cat were an arrow in delanco, burlington county. family members found their cat nicknamed b with an arrow lodged through her torso. doctors say the cat is lucky to be alive. experts showed that arrow just missed bee's chest cavity and did not hit any arteries. investigators think that arrow came from a cross bow. >> loaded weapon with 450 feet of a structure.
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it's unlawful to possess and of course discharges a weapon. so little concerning that domesticated cat was shot. >> the family is relieved bee is okay but furious about that attack. it was a special graduation for a hit-and-run survivor in salem county. one year after crash that left 18-year-old kyle, in a coma, he walk across the stage to receive his high school diploma and he does it with the help of two pennsville officers who rushed to his aid after he was hit. >> to see him take that step, really just goes to show that you're not a victim of your circumstances. >> really it comes down you have two options. you can give up or be kyle. >> he continues to recover from his injuries his spirits remain high he look forward to being able to attend college in the future. way to go. >> inspiration. >> yeah. kate is here now with a look at the the forecast. how are things looking? we're getting towards the end of the work week now. >> we are and the father's day weekend looms ahead and your dad
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is anything like mine they like to go out and play golf, go fishing gosh to the beach the weather looks great for father's day weekend but we have a stumbling block to hit first. that's moving right now. we're tracking a few showers just starting to creep into the region from the west. they'll be with us through tonight and into tomorrow as well before we try to clear the out in time for that weekend. let's start off with a look outside take you out to our roof cam the clouds moved in. no rain just yet in philadelphia but getting close maybe a stray shower not anything heavy enough to see on the camera here but things have kind of gone downhill through the day. the clouds moved in late this afternoon after what started out as a really nice day. let's take a quick look at a time lapse. you can see we had blue skies through much of the day into the afternoon though the clouds start to move on in. and temperatures still above average today. we got into the 80s but now we dropped back to the 70s it's starting to moisten up outside as well if you step outside you can feel that increase in humidity and that will be notable tomorrow as well. you can see the rain just
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starting to creep on in here. some showers especially in our western suburbs. diving down over portions of the north jersey or northern delaware i should say and south jersey. the shore will get some rain as we head through the overnight. you can see a few rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning reporreported in western pennsylvania. can't rule out rumble of thunder overnight here. mainly just talking about some rain. temperatures right now, still warm at 71 degrees here in philly. 69 in wilmington. we're sitting at 71 in reading. current ocean water temperature at 66 degrees. and here comes the rain. let's take look at the timing of this as we head through the next hour or so. you can see that batch of showers that we're tranging off to the west that will be moving on through. could be a rumble of thunder with this. again it's not heavy flooding rain anything like that it's more just scattered showers and that's what we'll see tomorrow around 5am. you'll wake up to clouds and possibly some slow downs during the morning commute. 7:00 a.m. again scatter the showers around the region not everyone will get rained on tomorrow morning. if you step outside and it's dry
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grab the umbrella a shower may follow to you work or school tomorrow and you can see as we head into the midday hours, the showers become a little bit more isolated. show what to expect for your thursday look for lots of clouds, higher humidity as well. dew points in the 60s. scattered showers, a thunderstorm is possible especially overnight and into your thursday morning. but here's some good news as we head into thursday afternoon we wide didn't out here notice it does start to dry out. i wouldn't be shocked if we see some breaks of sunshine and a few parts of the area late thursdathursday afternoon thursy evening. these are the wrong guest daylight hours of the year here the sun is still shining 8:00 o'clock. weren't may see breaks of late in the day. this next piece of evidence here this is going to be kind of driven to the south as we get into friday morning so friday starts out with clouds but as the day progresses this rain pushes south and i can't rule out a stay instability shower most of usie return late friday more improve many as we head into the weekend. rain chances 50% chance tomorrow.
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scattered showers maybe not everyone gets them. friday 5% chance and zero saturday and sunday. scattered showers overnight it is pretty steamy out there with higher dew points. tomorrow cloudy and humid showers around especially early down the shore store a couple of showers, late day breaks of sun. friday some clearing down the shore, 72. saturday is beautiful down the shore, in the city, the in the poconos it is a great great weekend around here. the last weekend of spring. and it's actually going to feel like it temperatures are seasonal low 80s. sunshine, great weather for dad and we start summer on monday with a high of 96 and lots of sunshine. >> welcome, summer. >> oh, yeah. >> don, we're talking baseball. >> yes, we are talking about the fightin' phils. the phils searching for home field advantage against the x-rays. the sixers hope dario sergeant is not in the 1%. we'll explain next in sports.
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all right. don a lot of people hoping for a phillies win today. >> yeah, it's a new day. >> you can hope for those things. >> witnesses same results. >> okay, well. >> then there's that. >> then there's that. >> the phillies back home tonight hosting the blue jays fightings hoping for home cooking they can use it overall they lost 18 out of 24 games. now the phanatic just didn't know how to multi task. we love you but clapping and eating popcorn tame, kind of don't mix. this dude taking a selfie. clutch. another rough night for the fightings. second inning we go. edward encarnacion i don't know. upper deck gone. one to nothing blue jays. let's fast forward to the eighth phils down four-two. make it five-two. donaldson had grand slam yesterday. still blasting phillies pitching.
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fightings lose seven-two your final score. is a suki making it happen. all the cameras there to see him. first inning as he plays for the miami marlins. first inning the infield single now if you add his hits from japan and his hits in the majo majors, that is 4,256 which ties pete rows' record for the most hits ever. ever, ever. he would double later in the game. next milestone for him 3,000 hits in major league baseball. he's 21 hits shy. the philadelphia union looking to win the us open cup after coming up shorts short in back to back it finals tonight they started their run in chester against city i atlantics fc. they win it three-two. croatia newspaper reportedly says there's 99% dario sergeant will play for the sixers this upcoming season. headline was not written in english as you would expect so the report make lost in translation. earlier this week, sixers boss brian cole angelo neutral on
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whether sergeant will play neck season the forward has played in turkey since being damaged in 2014. the sixers had the number one overall pick and next week's nba draft. oh boy, here we go this may be the story of the night, jessica dean. eagles rookie quarterback carson wentz had himself quite this d day. tweeted this... >> listen, when you get stuck you need the garden shears and the leg kick. >> as always. listen, he's a rookie. >> yeah. >> on a big league club. >> yeah. >> the eagle, and do you think he might get -- >> do you think he'll hear about that. >> get hazed -- not hazed. >> ripped. >> ribboning. training camp it's coming kid. >> we'll remember that one. thanks don. >> up next a sure sign of summer where farmers market popped up today in the
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♪ a pop up farmers mark was up and running at philadelphia dilworth park today. local farm brought out their best summer veggies and plants for purchase. philly bread and olney bakery took part in the event offed a host of freshly baked items. the pop up farmers mark at
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dilworth park will take place every wednesday throughout the summer. ♪
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don and everyone her i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next the late show with stephen colbert with liam hemsworth much thanks for watching. have a great night and we will see you tomorrow. ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: well, yesterday was the very last primary so the primary season is officially over. looks like i won't be needing this anymore. mmm. ( laughter ) or my liquor. ( laughter ) or my meds. or my trusty airplane glue. gone, friend. nope, now it's on to the general election. now it's time to bring up on the the psychedelic toads. whoooo! >> tonight, stephen welcomes liam hemsworth. ana gasteyer.


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