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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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three at 4:30. have a good captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is thursday, june 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." senate democrat end a nearly 15-hour filibuster overnight in a push for stricter gun laws. senator chris murphy took control of the floor, and he will join us. the president and vice president will meet families of the orlando attack victims today. we are learning new details about how the shooter's wife may have been involved. new questions after the death of a 2-year-old at disney world. why didn't the park post warnings about alligators in the water? we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. is what happened in orlando not enough?
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>> this epidemic of slaughter. >> we can do something about it. >> washington battle over gun control. >> 100,000 people gunned down in america last decade. 23,000 people a year take a firearm and put it to their head and blow their brains out. the fbi is watching you, and if are you too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun. >> the terror watch list and no-fly list, i'll be talking to the nra about that and starting a real dialogue. president obama and vice president pieden will be in orlando meeting with survivors and the victims' families. egyptian officials say wreckage of flight 804 has been located, spotted at the sea bottom of the mediterranean. in orlando, police recovered the body of a 2-year-old boy after he was attacked by an alligator. >> the family was distraught but also somewh dwhat relieved that was located.
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a wildfire and mandatory evacuations in effect. two steps forward and one step back for spacex. the rocket failed to make a successful landing. all that -- >> in china, a middle schooler gave a presidential speech featuring presidential candidates. >> what we need is cinnamon roll revolution! and all that matter -- >> it is being reported that the democratic national committee was hacked by the russians. hey, maybe the russians know where hillary's emails are. [ laughter ] on "cbs this morning." >> this sounds like a shucky-ducky kind of crowd on a shucky-ducky kind of day here to support an aw superstorm sand - kind of candidate. >> shucky-ducky sounds like a text that someone had auto correct on.
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♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." pressure's growing on congress to act against gun violence after america's deadliest mass shooting. page one of this morning's "boston globe" demands "make it stop." the images and ar-15 rifle similar to the weapon used in many mass shootings. that demand for action is schradshared by many after a gunman killed 49 people in an orlando nightclub. in washington democrats showed their anger with a surprise filibuster on the senate floor. its ringleader, senator chris murphy, used to represent the district where 20 children were murdered at the sandy hook elementary school. first, nancy cordes is on capitol hill where the filibuster lasted into the early morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he finally wrapped up at around 2:00 a.m. after pushing for gun
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votes for nearly 15 hours. murphy is a first-term senator from connecticut who was elected just one month after the newtown shooting in his home state left 20 children and six adults dead. he has been pushing for gun votes ever since. >> i've had enough of the ongoing slaughter of innocents, and i've had enough of inaction in this body. >> reporter: senator murphy took fellow democrats by surprise when he went to the floor at 11:00 a.m. and announced he wasn't leaving. >> we're asking for two votes on what could be consensus measures. >> reporter: the first would block those on terrorist wash list was buying a -- watch lists from buying a gun. those could demand background checks for firearms sold at gun shows. 59% of americans support stricter gun laws. >> people have been waiting for action. >> reporter: nearly every senate democrat showed up at some point to support murphy whose
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constituents lost children in the sandy hook massacre. >> why would a terrorist or potential terrorist be allowed to have a firearm? >> we ought to be able to reflect the will of the american people. >> reporter: senate rules required murphy to stand on the senate floor the entire time to keep control. new jersey senator cory booker stood, too, in solidarity. >> when you attack one american, you attack us all! >> reporter: republicans have their own measure to block groin purchases by potential terrorists, but it would require police to go through the courts, an extra step they say would ensure no one with a right to a gun gets denied. >> nobody want terrorists to have firearms. we're open to suggestions. >> reporter: after nearly 15 hours, murphy said he had gotten signals that his two measures would get a vote. he wrapped up with this -- >> it takes courage to look to the eye of a shooter instead of
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running, wrapping your arms around a 6-year-old boy. what can you do to ensure that orlando or sandy hook never, ever happens again? >> reporter: murphy's office says it got 10,000 calls from constituents during the filibuster. it was a trending topic on twitter. even if he does get those gun votes, there is no guarantee that the two measures will pass. they have both failed before. the best shot is that democrats and republicans will be able to figure out a way to combine their two bills to keep guns out of the hands of would-be terrorists. charlie, so far negotiations haven't gone anywhere. >> thanks. connecticut senator chris murphy is with us from washington. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> we're pleased to have you, sir. tell us if you think those signals that you say you have received to hold these two votes to put them forward will result in a commitment from the senate majority leader to do just that.
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>> well, i've been up for about an hour after sleeping for two hours, and we're going to work today make sure that we have that commitment to bring the votes before the body. as your reported noted, it would be better to get a bipartisan agreement on this issue of keeping guns away from terrorists. at the least, we have to have a vote vote. vote. senator feinstein has modified her proposal to address concerns that republicans have. it may be that if we put this measure on the floor for a vote either at the end of this week or beginning of next week we may be able to draw enough support to get it passed. the american public agrees with us that if you're on the terrorist watch list and you are not allowed to fly on a plane, you certainly shouldn't be able to buy a dangerous assault weapon. that's our ask, to get a vote on that proposition and an expansion of breackground check. we're hopeful that we'll get
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that this week or next week. >> does your political instincts tell you the republicans are moving on those two issues? >> my instincts certainly tell me they're moving. if you listened over the course of the day yesterday, there were a number of republicans madly scrambling to find some synchronground. -- some common ground. one of the reasons senator feinstein wasn't able to join us on the floor is because she was trying to work out those compromises. our filibuster made a difference. let's be honest, the senate had no plans to talk about ending gun violence this week on the floor of the senate. at the end of our filibuster, i think we made incredible progress to get the items back on the agenda in the senate this week. >> you sent out a tweet yesterday in the morning that said "i'm prepared to stand on the senate floor and talk about the need to prevent gun violence for as long as i can. i've had #enough." what was the tipping point for you? >> listen, there's been so many tipping points for me. i think i've taken the floor
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about 40 different times to scream and yell about the fact that since sandy hook congress has done nothing, hasn't passed a single law to try to reduce the slaughter that's happening on our streets. when i came back to washington and saw that in the wake of the worst mass shooting in this country's history that the republican leadership hadn't scheduled any debate this week on measures to end this epidemic, i just couldn't stand it any longer. and what's so hardwarming to me is that i decided to do this essentially that morning, and over the course of the day organically, almost every single democratic senator came to join me. we had a dozen senators sitting on the floor at 11:00, 11:30 last night. i think it shows the power of this issue at least in our caucus. >> would any of the legislation that you're supporting have prevented the shooter in orlando, the shooter in san bernardino, or the shooter in newtown from purchasing a gun? >> so it's certainly a question as to whether this may have been
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impactful in orlando. what this legislation senator feinstein would allow is for the fbi to put individuals on the list of those who can't buy weapons if they suspect that they are linked to terrorist organizations. >> but as you know, if someone is currently on a terror watch list and goes to buy a gun, the fbi director said they are notified. there is an alert sent. >> there's an alert sent, but there's no prohibition on an individual walking out with a weapon. in this case the time between the purchase of the weapon and attack was fairly short. if we have made a decision that the people on these lists can't get on a plane, and we've made that decision, republicans and democrats, why don't we also make a decision that they can't get a wea a quest thiplac mightn impactful in orlando? it might have been. that's why it's worthy to go forward. >> many people applauding you
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for raising the issue again. thank you very much, senator murphy, for joining us this morning. >> thank you. the gun issue is bringing some bipartisan agreement to the presidential race. donald trump tweeted yesterday that he would meet with the national rifle association to discuss how to stop people from the terrorist watch list to stop buying guns. hillary clinton said, "welcome to the cause. this is something i've been talking about for a long time." chip reid is in dallas where trump will hold a rally tonight. good morning. >> reporter: it appears there might be some common ground between trump and clinton on the issue of guns, but that's not stopping them from taking aim at each other. >> i'm going to be talking to the nra about that and starting a real dialogue. >> reporter: donald trump said wednesday he's opening to limiting firearm access to people on fbi terror watch lists. >> number of people have brought this to my attention, and i % understand why we should be discussing it. >> reporter: a rare point of agreement between trump and hillary clinton. >> if are you too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too
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dangerous to buy a gun. >> reporter: a new poll says voters think clinton would better handle terrorism and national security, but they're divided on which candidate would do a better job on gun policy. >> the people that head up the nra are great people. >> reporter: in atlanta, trump ramped up his warnings, electing clinton, she'd, could destroy america -- >> hillary clinton essentially wants to abolish the second amendment. we are having the blood sucked out of our country. if we don't solve it, it's going to eat our country alive. >> reporter: clinton hit back during a round table discussion in virginia. >> not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. >> reporter: both candidates have unfavorable ratings over 50%, just 30% of voters feel trump is prepared to be president. that includes an increasing number of members of his own party. trump offered this advice to his republican critics -- >> either stick together, or let me do it by myself. i'll do very well.
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i'm going do very well, okay. >> reporter: the nra says it's happy to talk to trump about guns, but that does not mean it's changing its hard-line position. in a tweet to its members yesterday, the nra urged its members to contact their lawmakers and oppose any new gun control measures. >> the nra met with trump on tuesday, and that the terror watch list was not discussed at all. president obama and vice president biden will travel to florida to meet with the families of thousands killed at the pulse nightclub. they will try to comfort the grieving community. jamie yuccas is at a memorial for the victims at the dr. phillips center for the performing arts in orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today president obama will meet with victims' families, survivors of the shooting, and medical professionals who heroically saved dozens of lives here in orlando. this is where the public has been coming to mourn. and i can tell you orlando is still in so much pain four days
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after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. yesterday was the first funeral for the 49 victims killed in sunday's massacre. family and friends remembered 40-year-old javier jorge reyes. those who knew him called him a fun and free spirit. dozens gathered across the street to show their support. one held a sign that says "orlando loves you." i can tell you that is the sentiment here, as well. there are so many signs like there one i picked up that say "you are loved. #lovewins #orlandostrong." i talked to one young man last night who survived. his friend died inside that nightclub that night. he shook the entire time he told me that story and told me the pain is getting worse even four days later. >> thanks. we're learning new details about the gunman, omar mateen, and his wife.
7:15 am
the fbi has uncovered information it his behavior that raised concern -- information about his behavior that raised concern about his behavior long before the shooting. jeff pegues in washington with how investigators are also trying to figure out if he had help with the attack. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with the help of a grand jury, investigators are stepping up their search for evidence that omar mateen's wife may have played a role in the planning of the attack. cbs news has learned that other family members are being looked at by investigators, as well. >> did you know your husband was going do this? >> reporter: law enforcement sources say noor salman purchased ammunition with her husband. they believe she was with him as he cased the pulse nightclub. if it is determined that she had prior knowledge of the attack, she could face criminal charges. investigators believe omar mateen was radicalized in recent years, and they point to the facebook message the killer posted before the massacre as evidence. "you kill innocent women and children by doing u.s. air strikes. now taste the islamic state
7:16 am
vengeance." the message was a precursor for what was to come inside the pulse nightclub. the fbi continues to dig into his background. what they are uncovering is the 29-year-old's erratic behavior. the st. lucie county sheriff's office has confirmed that it wanted mateen transferred out of a florida courthouse in 2013 after they say he made inflammatory remarks about women and jews and then praised the ft. hood shooter. mateen worked for g4s as an armed guard. they say his armed security license was renewed four times, requiring a criminal background and fbi check. records show he had extensive firearms training and of a good shot. >> he was just a very agitated type of individual. >> reporter: david gilroy worked with mateen but quit when he says he felt harassed by him. >> he was on the verge of
7:17 am
violence all the time. >> reporter: members of congress have been told that on the day of the shooting, mateen did internet searches for pulse orlando and shooting. last night, the senate homeland security committee sent this letter to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg asking the company to help with the investigation into mateen's use of the site. gayle? >> thank you very much. disney world faces new questions this morning about why the park did not warn about alligators in the lagoon. an autopsy is planed for 2-year-old lane graves. he was killed by an alligator. his body was recovered yesterday from about six feet of water. mark strassman is outside disney world where wildlife officials are trying to identify the reptile that killed that little boy. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the graves family are still here at disney. they're waiting for the medical examiner to finish his work so they can take the little boy's body back to nebraska. they were three days into their disney vacation when disaster struck.
7:18 am
16 hours into their search, dive teams found the body of the 2-year-old boy on wednesday in the general area of murky water where an alligator snatched him. >> there's likely no question in my mind that the child was drowned by the alligator. >> reporter: lane graves had been wading in about a foot of water at the floridian hotel and spa. the alligator dragged him under despite his father's desperate efforts to save him. >> the family is distraught but somewhat relieved that we were able to find their son with his body intact. >> reporter: disney closed all the park's beaches while search teams scoured the lagoon. it's manmade and sprawling, covering about 200 acres. parts of the lagoon are 14-feet deep and feed into a series of canals that wind through the disney property. >> there's a lot of canals, ponds, and lakes that interconnect through the property.
7:19 am
it wouldn't be unusual at all for alligators to be moving from one body of water to the next. this is one of the most aggressive times of year from now until august. >> reporter: we found signs inside the park warning visitors against feeding the alligators. at the lagoon are lane graves was killed, there are no swimming signs but no warnings about alligators. despite the fact disney has had to remove gators from the property in the past. in a statement, disney said, "we are devastated and heartbroken by this tragic accident and are doing what we can to help the family during this difficult time." wildlife officials are now examining the bite marks of five alligators they have captured and euthanized to see if they've caught the one responsible for killing the little boy. >> we're going to make certain that we have the alligator that was involved and that we remove it from the lake. >> reporter: many members of the search teams, parents themselves, have told us the circumstances of the boy's death are unthinkable. gayle? >> unthinkable is the word.
7:20 am
it is without a doubt one of the most horrible stories we've ever heard. >> yeah. awful nightmare. >> thank you very much. ahead, we go inside an alligator sanctuary to understand the reptile behind this terrible deadly attack at
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ahead, see how quickly a cbs news producer was able to buy a rifle similar to the one used in orlando.
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good morning, i'm brooke thomas. the philadelphia could become the first major american city with a tax on sugary drinks, after a city council vote today. critics say 1.5 cents per ounce tax would drive businesses out of the city, mayor jim kenney says money will pay for school programs, soda industry is expected to sue if the tax passes. lets get a check of the the eyewitness forecast with meteorologist kate i fehlinger. >> good morning brooke. we are tracking wet weather, scattered in nature but where we have rain is coming by steadily across the i-95 corridor and thunderstorms going into new castle county in the next 20 minutes if not already hearing some of that thunder. this will be our, what we will deal with today, and it
7:27 am
becomes more scattered in nature as day progresses, brunt is happening new but regardless would i keep wet weather gear at the ready. tomorrow we will start to transition in a much nicer pattern by week end too meisha. >> thanks, very much. still looking very wet outside, very busy, you guys, take a look at schuylkill taillights moving in the westbound direction at boulevard, and you can certainly give yourself extra time, dairy say at least 30 minutes or so. admiral wilson boulevard we have construction two right lanes blocked and down tree roosevelt boulevard between brat street, over to you, brooke. our next update 7:55. up next, the process of legally purchasing an assault rifle, i'm brooke thomas, good
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♪ jennifer! >> to the families -- >> that is beyonce's emotional tribute to the families of the orlando shooting victims during a concert in detroit on tuesday. she dedicated her performance of "halo" to all of them. she closes her song with -- closes the show with her song "halo." a very emotion performance even without the tragedy. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the firepower required by massacres. you may be surprised how it only takes a few minutes to make a legal purchase.
7:31 am
we'll take a closer look at the behavior of alligators. we'll learn what makes the reptile behind the death of a young boy at a deadly resort so dangerous. ahead, a victim who survived an attack describes her scary encounter. time to show some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "wall street journal" reports on new findings about the zika virus. researchers studied women in colombia ineffected during the third trimester of pregnancy. they found babies may not develop birth defects linked to zika. 82% were born at term with normal birth weights. the authors say the results are preliminary. "the new york times" says the agency that monitors doping in olympic sports failed to investigate a case of russian doping. in 2012, the world anti-doping agency did not act even after a russian discus thrower confessed to using banned drugs in the london games. instead the agency turned over allegations by the athlete to russian sports officials. some officials with the agency defended their actions saying their power to fight doping was
7:32 am
limited. >> the "boston globe" reports on the federal reserve decision to leave interest rates unchanged. the central bank yesterday said rates need to stay low due to risk in the job market. fed chair janet yellen said the american economy is basically sound, but she sees too many uncertainties to increase rates. "the guardian" of britain reports on a dramatic courtroom demonstration by oscar pistorius in his murder case. the south african athlete removed his artificial legs to show his vulnerability without them. pistorius claims he heard an intrude or the night he killed his girlfriend. he could face at least 15 years in prison when he's sentenced next month. the hill reports on a watchdog report that criticized the accuracy of the fbi's facial recognition data base. it has more than 411 million photos. this is thought to be the first look at the scope of the program. the photos are taken primarily from government data bases
7:33 am
including driver's license and passpo passpo passports. it is used to identify people in criminal investigations. in response, the justice department said the system is used to provide leads, not positive identification. and "usa today" says president obama has ordered flags to fly at half staff more than any other president. since 2009, he has issued 60 since proclamations. his tenure has seen a spate of tragedies from the ft. hood shooting to the orlando massacre. on sunday the president ordered all flags at half staff to honor the orlando victims. a solid majority of americans favor stricter gun laws, according to a new cbs news poll. 89% support background checks on all gun buyers. this is backed by 92% of republicans. kris jennchrikris van kleave is, virginia. like florida, that state does not have a waiting period for rifle sales. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:34 am
the orlando nightclub shootings have restarted the debate on guns, particularly the ar-15-style rifle. you often hear them referred to as an assault rifle. in virginia, the law to buy one is pretty straightforward. you have it pass an often very quick background check and pay for your purchase. in virginia where the virginia tech shootings killed 32 people, there is no waiting period for a firearm. even a so-called assault rifle similar to those used in orlando and san bernardino. we sent a cbs news producer into a gun store in alexandria just outside of washington, d.c. >> i would like to buy an ar hi -15. >> reporter: she proved a driver's license and voice recorder i.d. card to prove state residency as well as a passport to prove u.s. citizenship. she filled out federal and state forms requiring her name, date of birth, social security number, and a few basic questions about any past criminal activity or current restraining orders. she passed a brief electronic background check. >> does d this go through?
7:35 am
>> it did. you've been approved. >> reporter: all told it took 38 minutes and $1,-030 for her -- $1,030 for her to walk out of the store with this legal rifle. 100 rounds of ammunition and a 30-round magazine. >> in america you can go into a store and buy an ar live--- ar-15 like you would buy coffee at starbucks. >> reporter: four states and washington, d.c., impose a waiting period on all firearm ranging from ten days in california and d.c. to 24 hours for long guns in illinois. minnesota requires a week-long wait for handguns and assault weapons. four other states including florida only require a waiting period for handguns. >> generally handguns are subject to more extensive commercial sale restrictions because those are the weapons of choice for most criminals. handguns are used far more often to commit crimes. our patchwork quilt of gun laws is destined to be ineffective.
7:36 am
>> reporter: at a rally outside the nra tuesday, gun control supporters renewed their calls for stricter gun laws. 40% of americans still disagree with that. even after omar mateen opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in orlando murdering 49 people. >> what would be much more productive than waiting periods, background checks, would be to get rid of the gun-free zones where this dirt bag operated in orlando. >> reporter: larry pratt from gun owners of america wants fewer laws restricting ownership. >> we need to make it so the good guys can react immediately when a bad guy strikes. to have to call the police and wait five, ten minutes is to wait to die. >> reporter: it's a debate that's not going away any time soon. as for the rifle, we legally purchased it and transferred it to a federally licensed firearm dealer and weapons instructor in virginia following state law within hours of us purchasing the weapon.
7:37 am
norah? >> all right. thank you very much. vice president joe biden says america's gun safety policy "borders on the irrational." biden spoke at a fundraiser for sandy hook promise, a group that's trying to prevent gun violence. was founded by parents and spouses of those killed in the 2012 school massacre. biden ed he admired the -- biden said he admired the families' courage. >> after my wife and child were killed, i got a phone call saying they were dead. i was on a committee in the united states senate that had to did with highway safety. they were killed when they were broadsided by a tractor-trailer. christmas shopping. there were thing that i could have suspecten to had i the -- had i the courage that mark and others had that probably would have made things safer on the highways, but i didn't have the nerve because all of you know
7:38 am
that every time no matter how long it's been, every time you talk about it, you relive it as if you got that phone call five minutes ago. >> biden said president obama told him the sandy hook shooting was maybe the saddest day of our administration. i've heard the president say that. >> i've heard it, too. >> i talked to a sandy hook parent yesterday that said when they heard about the orlando shooting, it makes you numb and sad and angry all over again. >> at that time we thought maybe there would be a change. >> yes. >> it didn't happen. >> you thought if it doesn't happen with the little children slaughtered in their classrooms with their baby teeth, what is it going to take. i don't understand how high the death toll has to go. maybe, just maybe there will be a change. accident investigators know where the wreckage of egyptair flight 804 is located. the paris-to-cairo flight crashed last month killing all 66 on board. egypt said yesterday that a
7:39 am
specialized search ship found peas of the jet in the mediterranean. investigators will begin mapping the wreckage on the sea floor. they hope to recover the black boxes. the cause of the crash remain a mystery. did you know that alligators can wait silently for hours before lunging at their prey? in the wake of the disney attack, we'll take you inside a sanctuary to learn how these reptiles are able to sneak occupy humans undetected -- sneak up on humans undetected so quickly. if you're heading out, you can watch us live with the cbs all-access app on your digital device. don't want to miss a resurgence of rowing on water and land. we'll be right back.
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a little boy killed by an alligator at disney world is one of at least 15 deadly gator attacks in florida since 1997. we'll take a closer look this morning at these powerful and deadly animals and what might prompt them to kill in the first
7:44 am
place. omar villafranca spoke at wildlife official in grand saline, texas. >> reporter: good morning. there are signs this all around the gator farm warning people to use common sense but also to watch for their children. that's because experts say these animals have the unique combination of power and strength. there's an alligator to the right, he's about five-feet long. he may look calm, but they can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour on land and in water in an instant. that powerful tail can thrust almost the entire body out of the water. >> in the wild, alligators will eat once every three five days. here we feed them twice a day every day. >> reporter: charlie harris takes care of 41 alligators at his east texas gator ranch. all of the reptiles swimming in this pond were caught living too close to humans, including this
7:45 am
13-foot giant. harris says some alligators are migrating from swamps to the city. >> they come over on the rivers, and then they go up the creeks. the creeks go to the lakes. >> reporter: the u.s. geological survey says american alligators live in waters all along the gulf coast, from texas to florida. each even in oklahoma and arkansas, and as far north as north carolina. last month police captured this gator lurking near a dallas middle school. in suburban houston, cops had to lasso this nearly 7-foot-long gator found in the road. >> it rolled me around under the water. i had no idea how long it would keep me under water. >> reporter: rachel lillian knows the terror alligator unleash on people. she lost her arm in an alligator attack last year while swimming in the river it 02 -- river 20 miles north of orlando. she was rescued by two people in a kayak. >> i thought, i'm free, then i
7:46 am
realized i only had one arm. it was devastating. >> they do most of their feeding at night. >> reporter: harris says alligators are dangerous because of the way they hide and hunt. how well do these things hide in water? >> oh, they can appear and disappear like a ghost. they're opportunists. they will lay in wait for hours and hours until something comes along close enough that they can snatch it up. >> reporter: in florida since 1948, there have been 384 unprovoked alligator attacks. deaths are rare. there have only been 24 fatality from those attacks. norah? >> it is rare to be killed by an alligator. >> until it's not. if it happens in your family, you think it's not so rare. i read if it happens, punch them in the nose or the eyes. may we never have to use that information. but i did think that was something interesting to know. >> good to know. >> scary stuff. >> thank you for the reporting. ahead, we'll talk to john dickerson about the senate showdown over guns and what it
7:47 am
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7:52 am
>> we'll try again. >> other ideas. members of led zeppelin are due back in court today in a case that could threaten their rock and roll legacy. ahead, why the band might have information on stealing an iconic song. we'll be right back. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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good morning, i'm nicole brewer. jury deliberations continue today in the federal racketeering trial of congressman chaka fattah. case against the 11 term representative largely focuses on his efforts to repay an illegal million-dollar campaign loan, and fattah says he is not guilty. as soon as is there a verdict we will let you know on "eyewitness news". lets check with katie and how is that rain shaping up. >> it is still out there, nicole coming through scattered in nature but where you've got it, you have possibility to end up with steady rain, 63 with a modest breeze at least outside palmyra cove nature park overlooking center city from a distance but having a tough time with visibility making out city sky landscape. you can see rain on storm scan, some heavily coming down especially in new castle
7:57 am
county and delaware but this will be a theme for us the rest of the day, bull it does become more sparks on the radar as time progresses. the starting clear out on friday but weekend shapes up to be gorgeous, and we will kick start summer on a very warm, and sunny note, more than. indeed, thanks very much, katie. very busy outside, you guys, delaware county is a place 95 north at 452, you are looking very slow moving there vine street, take a look, both moving in the west and eastbound direction, 95 southbound on ramp from route 37 that ram is closed because of an accident. back over to you. meisha, thanks. 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning one of the original olympic sports, and, and have a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
i. it is thursday, june 16th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including an old-fashioned filibuster over gun control. both presidential candidates agree in one area it seems. we'll ask john dickerson if congress is ready to act. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> wrapped up at around 2:00 a.m. after pushing for gun votes for nearly 15 hours. what was the tipping point for you? >> when i came back to washington and saw this in the wake of the worst mass shooting in this country's history that the republican leadership hadn't scheduled any debate, i couldn't stand it any longer. there might be some common ground between trump and clinton on guns, but that's not stopping
8:01 am
them from taking aim at each other. president obama will meet with victims' families. this is where the public has been coming to mourning -- to mourn. orlando is still in pain. stepping up the search for evidence that omar mateen's wife may have played a role in the planning of the attack. the graves family are still here. they were three days into their disney vacation when disaster struck. >> experts say these animals have the unique combination of power and strength. he may look calm now, but the power tail can thrust almost the entire body out of the water. in virginia recently, a computer crash wiped out a decade's worth of u.s. military data. however, the chinese government called and said no problem, we backed it up. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the orlando terror attack pushed one senator to stand up for action on gun control.
8:02 am
democrat chris murphy held a filibuster lasting nearly 15 hours. he demanded votes on two amendments. one would stop anyone on a no-fly list or terrorist watch list from getting a gun. the other called for background checks to buy guns on line and at gun shows. >> the connecticut senator got a surprise at one point. >> my oldest little bit on just showed up in the gallery. and a, you're supposed to be in bed. [ laughter ] b, i'm sorry that missed pizza night. and c, i hope that you'll understand someday why we're doing this. why we have sfwatanding -- why have been standing here for eight hours in a fight to make our country a safer and better place. >> murphy's democratic colleagues quickly rallied
8:03 am
behind him. >> you see there's a privilege in this country that is a dangerous type of privilege. it is the type of privilege that says if something is not happening to me personally, if a problem is not happening to me personally, it's not a problem. that's contrary to what we say about ourselves as a country. the spirit of this country has always been we are all in this together. this idea that if something's going on wrong in connecticut, the tragedy happens there, if children are murdered there, that that's not connecticut's problem. that's all of our problem. >> murphy ended the filibuster after 2:00 a.m. when party leaders agreed to vote on the two amendments. political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> news of the day, donald trump will meet with the nra. he surprised the nra yesterday by tweeting that he would support a ban on those who are
8:04 am
on the no-fly list or terror watch list from buying a gun. what does this mean? >> i think that he's said that before. he said he would look into. his positions have a lot of cartilage in them. they can move a lot. i think he obviously wants to try to do something, but i think the nra will make the case that even the aclu has made, that the no-fly list so fuzzy that you don't want to use that. so his position will likely shift after the conversation. >> clinton says, listen, i've been talking about this for a long time. welcome to the cause. does this mean they're on the same page about this particular issue? >> in the most vague possible ways. but no, donald trump's not going to let her fuzz this up. so i think that they may number a ballpark here if he wants to doing something to have those who have been on a terror watch
8:05 am
list. >> someone told me donald trump is in a free fall. >> if you look at his negative ratings, they are getting higher and worse. when you have the leaders and the house speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell, leader in the senate, saying the things about him that they are, that feels like free fall. he has offered a series of solutions to the orlando shooting, and no republican has rushed behind him to say, yes, we agree with you. >> she'd to the leaders -- he said to the leaders, please be quiet, i can win on my own. i don't need you. >> yes. to extent that they're being quiet, they're ducking questions about donald trump because they're worried what he's doing -- >> he was asking them to be quiet. >> i know. some iran for sure. to the extent -- some are not for sure. to the extent he is, he's becoming more radioactive toward republicans. we've seen polls that have the dance between -- distance between trump and hillary clinton growing. >> can he do it alone? >> no, he can't do it alone.
8:06 am
remember, he can't do it alone if they are speaking out regularly against the policies he's putting forward. two of his main plank on the -- the temporary muslim ban and deportation of 11 million, you have leaders of the republican party saying those are bad ideas. his response to the orlando shooting, republicans saying we don't agree with that. and so when you've got that kind of pressure again you, you can't do it alone. >> let me ask you, too, about trump's relationship with the republican national committee and republican officials who said they would help him fund-raise, gave him ideas, call big fundraisers, he didn't do that. he's angered many. does that suggest a rocky convention in five weeks? >> probably because donald trump has a lot of things going. on he's working on a lot of things. you can't plan your own -- you can't do it alone in a convention and do it alone in a campaign. he needs a lot of what the rnc snouf place. so yes, they've got to come to some accommodation or he's going
8:07 am
to be doing it on the fly. and convention says done on the fly -- do you remember when clint eastwood gave a speech and everybody scratched their head, that's what a convention on the fly looks like. that's not something donald trump wants to see. >> clinton and his chair -- >> the confusion sowed in america. >> thanks. this weekend john will talk with the executive vice president and ceo of the national rifle association. that is sunday right here cbs. were some of the most notes in rock history ripped off? ahead, how led zeppelin and founder jimmy page answered accusations in court that he stole the iconic guitar rif for
8:08 am
i frjs before college football or basketball teams competed, there were college rowing competitions. ahead, how the sport is enjoying a comeback on and off the water. even if you left school long ago. you're watching "cbs this
8:09 am
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in our "morning rounds," the
8:13 am
resurgence of rowing. yep, rowing. it was one of the original sport in the modern olympic games. in the 1920s and '30s, collegiate crew got the same kind of press coverage as baseball. after decades of languishing, jericka duncan shows us how rowing is one again racing ahead. >> reporter: the sport of rowing has been called a symphony in motion. it's easy to see why when you watch a team like yale's. eight touring oarsmen rowing in unison against the resistance of water and wind. all while balancing on a two-foot-wide boat. hubert travinsky is the bulldogs's captain. >> to sync up everyone and work as a unit and work as one piece together. >> reporter: rowing is the oldest contested college sport. first race was the harvard-yale regatta in 1852.
8:14 am
many schools still take it very seriously which is why the sport is growing. the top tier membership rose 27% in 2015. partly because student athletes see it as a way to set themselves apart in the college admissions process. rowing's renaissance is also happening on land. at boutique fitness clubs like row house in new york. >> here we go. >> reporter: the crew may row to a different beat, but they're still getting the same physical benefits as those in the boat as i learned personally. >> three more -- >> reporter: that was intense. >> yeah. it's an intense workout. >> reporter: row house owners eric and debra frolich saw an opportunity with the ergometer, also known as the erb. >> it's such an effective full-body workout that it didn't make sense that tlesht their weren't rows like treadmills. >> we found people with history of rowing and loved it.
8:15 am
>> reporter: what's the common misconception? >> right off the top, it's not upper body workout. it's 60% legs, 30% give or take more core, and about 10% arms. so it's really just the opposite of what you would think it is. >> long and strong. >> reporter: regulars say part of the attraction is being able to get that intense workout at any age and in any condition. >> my back was bad. my knees were bad. at 54, there's always something going with my body. with rowing i think it helped my back. my knees were never an issue. >> rowing and crew is no joke. >> reporter: jordan is a sports minutes physician. >> if you're doing a -- sports medicine physician. >> if you're doing a hard run or same amount of calories. if your joint become arthritic, running can be painful. rowing is less loading force on your joints. >> what is this? >> reporter: even the netflix hit "house of cards" can't resist the erg.
8:16 am
the rith men and women sounds of frank joornd -- rhythmic sounds of frank's movement represent the politician constantly moving but going nowhere. every time underweek takes a stroke, water rower, the company that makes his erg, gets a bump in sales. the factory here in warren, rhode island, has tripled production in last five years to more than 1,000 machines a week. >> the most addictive quality is when you hear all the fly wheels spin up at the same second. >> reporter: while there are plenty of people who like to go at it solo, frolich says whether you're on the water or dry land, the real benefits can only be hood when you're rowing with a crew. >> rowing with a large group breathing together, it almost becomes a meditative powerful breath. >> reporter: you go so much further than you would over your own. >> reporter: for "cbs this
8:17 am
morning," new york. >> i know what i want for christmas and my birthday. >> yes. >> what do you want? rowing machine? >> yes, i do. >> do you really? >> yes, i really do. now i have to figure out where to put it. that's the thing -- >> on the other side of the bed. >> it's effective in the bedroom. >> next to the bed. it's about eight-feet long. >> i know, but i like my bed. >> why not -- >> not on your bed. >> i know. but it doesn't look good in a bedroom. i want one. >> a spare bedroom. create a gym. >> they could do. listen, eric van froelich, i learned something today. the arms are the least of it. >> i know. >> i didn't know that. learned something. >> i'm with you. >> do you have one? >> yes. >> in your apartment? >> no, no. in my country house. >> oh. >> i was going to say, didn't notice at the apartment when i was there. >> which one of your houses do you have it in? >> we have to go. >> okay. led zeppelin, guitarist
8:18 am
jimmy page, deny ever hearing a song the band is accused of stealing. the court battle over "stairway to heaven." we'll play both songs involved so you can judge for yourself. gayle will be weighing in. >> interesting. >> and john is humoring us. >> john peck is mad. hcalluses and bunions ymake them unbearable?s, introducing dr. scholl's cushions with advanced duragel technology. they provide a thin, flexible layer
8:19 am
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8:22 am
members of led zeppelin are due back in court to fight accusations they stole the opening rif of "stairway to heaven" from another band. carter evans is outside the los angeles studio where that song was recorded. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jimmy page testified that when he recorded "stairway" here at sunset sound, he'd actually never heard of the song "taurus." he's accused of stealing it. "stairway" has generated an estimated $550 million over the years. at stake, a piece of that pie and perhaps a rock and roll legacy. ♪ >> reporter: the opening notes of led zeppelin's "stair way to heaven" are among rock music's most recognizable. ♪ >> reporter: some say they recognize the similarity to this song -- ♪
8:23 am
>> reporter: that's "taurus" by the band spirit. the guitarist, known as randy california, who died in 1997, claimed led zeppelin ripped off his now-iconic rif, but he never sued. now 45 years after "stairway's" release, led zeppelin's robert plant and jimmy page are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the late guitarist's estate. >> this is a big trial because it takes on one of the most iconic songs in all of rock history, "stairway to heaven." >> reporter: it came out in 1971. a surviving member of spirit testified they played their song "taurus" at a 1968 concert. weather led zeppelin was the opening act. on the stand, page said he heard "taurus" for the first time just recently. something like that would stick in my mind, he testified. it was totally alien to me. >> he said on the stand that he had not heard the song until two
8:24 am
years ago. >> reporter: you saying he's lying? >> that's for the jury to decide. he's conveniently misremembering that many facts. but perhaps he doesn't remember those things that happened. i think the jury might feel different. ♪ >> reporter: the lines have been blurred in music copyright law since the judgment against robin thicke and pharrell williams after ripping off marvin gaye's "give it up." still proving in court that "stairway to heaven" was stolen might be an uphill climb. ♪ >> because there's so few notes and a limited number of genres, it's almost impossible to create something that is entirely new. >> reporter: randy california's estate took advantage of a court decision that allowed new copyright lawsuits when a work
8:25 am
is reissued like "stairway to good morning i'm brooke thomas. philadelphia police hope surveillance video will help them fine driver who hit and killed a 17 year-old girl on roosevelt boulevard. they are looking for that silver minivan in the middle of the scream. markayla jackson was crossing the boulevard near adams avenue late monday night when she was hit and then killed. police are looking for an early 2,000 model chevy venture that they say should have heavy front end damage and shattered windshield. >> now with the eyewitness weather forecast meteorologist katie fehlinger is in the weather certainty. >> we are tracking soaking rain depending on your location, everything scattered and would i not call this wash out of the day but when you look we have a couple pockets of steady rain and if we zero in right here specifically, we will zoom it out here, if we
8:26 am
can, having some trouble with the maps, we will zoom ate long here but what we are fining is heavy rain across portions of i-95 and that is going to be an issue for us throughout the rest of the morning drive here. everything the scattered but we have showers, steady rain, couple thunderstorms that have been present, bottom line is slow, travel, and i know that is messing with the traffic cameras this morning, meisha but eventually, much nicer weather by week even. >> yeah katie, you nailed it, still looking very slow, very damp in area, blue route headlights moving northbound past macdade boulevard, look at this you guys, very, very slow moving still, even at 8:30 in the morning. you can bet just at home right now you can wait longer, give yourself some extra time leaving new but overall blue route looking slow, same story here 95 south at cottman people waiting to get the tail end of the rush but it is still very busy. down wires in hammington new jersey route 206 is closed, at comly road. local detour 59 south between
8:27 am
academy and cottman i will be tweeting out, brooke, over to you. >> next update 8:55. up ahead, challenging of parenting a teenager after high school graduation. i'm brooke thomas, have a g
8:29 am
8:30 am
a lot of dogs are having fun. one in this video is overly calm or socially awkward? he's in a pool at a doggy daycare facility in virginia while the other dogs jump and swim and play with tennis balls. just sits there staring at the camera. he had zero, no interest at all in playing with those other dogs. >> look at his legs -- >> i love this video. >> does the person have a treat in their hand? >> no. no, no, no. >> he's drugged -- >> he sees somebody he likes. >> i don't think so. i think that dog is like me. i don't want to get my hair wet. i want to be in the pool, but don't let me get my hair wet. a lot of drama. i think this is hilarious. >> i want to know what he's looking at. >> that's when we need the camera to quickly pan.
8:31 am
>> he's looking at the owner saying, take me out of here. >> you get away. >> i don't want to play with these kids. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i thought that was great fun. coming up in this half hour, high school graduation should be one of the happiest times for the teenagers and their parents. so why is there so much stress? that's the question today. psychologist lisa demoore is in our toyota green room with how you can defuse tensions at home before the big good-bye. plus, the golden state warriors tonight, gayle will be watching, could win the championship. few are greater warriors than sportscaster craig sager. see how competition is being put aside as he covers the biggest game of his life. >> we are certainly pulling for craig. >> sports jacket. a remarkable court side reporter. >> yes. >> what are you picking tonight? did you say? >> no. >> you don't? >> no. >> oh. >> okay. >> you're not going to say who you're rooting for? >> no.
8:32 am
>> okay. >> gayle? >> warriors. if lebron and the cleveland guys will be, that will be great, too. i want a good game. >> i hope cleveland wins tonight. time to show some of the headlines. the "los angeles times" reports on new support for part of einstein's general relativity theory. scientists detected gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes. it's the second such recording from deep space. a century ago einstein protected the existence of these waves. he theorized they bend space and time. "variety" reports on the first parenthood way show to be live streamed. the tony-winning music at "she loves me "will be broadcast on broadway h.d. it's for the june 30th performance. nonsubscribers will pay $9.99. let's hope this trend catches on. "the palm beach post" reports on a $6 bottle of wine sold at walmart named one of the best wines in the world. the red wine from chile won the platinum best in show at the
8:33 am
decanter world wine awards. it beat out more than 16,000 entries. the wine is described as having freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yogurt, and pepper spice. >> mm. >> could you say that again? freshly crushed -- >> fruit. creamy vanilla yogurt, and pepper spice. >> sounds good. >> all right. >> we'll put that in a mix shake. >> we'll drink to that. "the new york times" features psychologist lisa demoore's column called "the teenager with one foot out the door." it tackles mixed emotion that's parents and children feel as their teenagers transition to life on their own. she writes, "high school graduation can give way to an easy season in the raising of your teenager." damour is also the author of "untangled: guiding teenage girls into the seven transitions of welcome back to the table. can you talk about orlando for a second? what do you think is the best conversation for parents to be having with kids of all ages in their house? >> this is so hard.
8:34 am
>> it is. >> so hard on families. i think a lot of parents feel like they don't want to let their kid out of their sight after things like this happen. i think that the useful thing we can do is we can say at the end of the day nothing matters like safety. and i as your parent do everything i can to keep you safe. and when you're not with me, i need you to do everything you can to keep yourself safe. with teenagers that becomes a conversation about how you drink, how you drive, all of the risky things teens interact with. there are things we can't control. there are a lot of things teenagers can control. these can become moments when we return to those and the important of safety. >> important information. and at there time, too, when many teens are leaving home. even if they're going to camps or jobs or leaving to go to college. how do you deal with the one foot out the door, as you say in your column? >> it's such a tough moment. it's hard for people to be on the same page. the parent is often thinking about loss.
8:35 am
they may be excited for their teenager, but they're thinking about what they're losing. the teenager is anxious. really excited. you know, everybody's going in different directions. and the parent often want to connect, and the teenager often doesn't want to connect so much. >> you said they start to withdraw, but you shouldn't take it personal. it's hard ton take it personal, though. >> it is. >> when your door is closed. >> teenagers move out psychologically before they move out physically. >> i love that. >> they start doing this young. they're doing this -- >> they're gone before they're gone. >> and they're practicing leaving. i think the parent is thinking, we only have a couple of month together, let's enjoy it. and the kid is thinking, i'm pretending that i've already left so that when i at least's easier. >> lisa, i've talked it your book so many times with girlfriends, other mothers about how we look at our teenagers' behaviors, even our girls' behavior. say, angti inacting annoying. you're trying to say the behaviors for independence should be embraced as they're trying to become their own person. like rejiggering our mind as
8:36 am
parents. >> i think the hardest part of having a teenager, what gayle said, it feels so personal. their job to move away. their job is to become independent. as parents, we want to stay connected. we want to be in their lives. especially as they get more and more something, they know more stuff, they're more fun to be with. >> as they get more interesting. >> they find interesting team spend other time. they want to know what's going on. >> true. >> i remember what president obama was asked to speak at the graduation of his daughter who was going away for her gap year. he said, are you kidding? i'm going to be there with dark glasses crying my heart out. >> absolutely. it's really tough for parents. i think their wishes for that moment are very hard to gratify. you know, they want more time, they want to be connected. i think what we see is teenagers want to be with their friends. they are sure they're going to get to see their parents at thanksgiving, they're not sure what's happening with their friends. >> when does that start? when they are more interested in their friends than home? >> usually by sixth or seventh grade. >> i was thinking 12, 13, yeah.
8:37 am
>> the other thing we see, as teenagers are getting ready to leave home, if they think about their friends or romances, they don't have to think about saying good-bye to their family. >> it's hard for them, too. >> so hard. i think what looks like misbehavior or detachment or being uninterested is actually a stressed teenager trying to manage big feelings about leaving. >> what can parents do to make the transition easier? >> i think the first thing, don't take it personally. i think the next is to remember high school graduation changes parenting. it doesn't end parenting. >> yeah. >> i think a lot of parents feel like this is how we're ending? that's not a good place to be. i think then if they can bear with it and, you know, say the thing they need to say, not have long lectures on the way out the door, that's not going work well, i -- >> let them know we're going to talk and keep it short. >> keep it short. there are things i want you to know. the parent may have an idea that we'll have long heart-to-heart talks before college. that is often not where teenager are. parents often look ford
8:38 am
thanksgiving. there's a next chapter in the story. this is not the end of the story. if parents can relax and say this is a moment in my life as a parent, this is a moment in my adolescent's life, there will be many moment after this. >> it does get better. >> it does. along with every phase. thank you very much. >> gayle's such a good mom, too. >> i don't know about that, but i do -- i love it so much. every single phase. it gets better. thank you, lisa. sideline reporter could steal some of the show at tonight's nba finals. ahead, we'll take you to cleveland for the court side courage of craig sa
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
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for more than a quarter century, craig sager has been part of the fabric of the nba. two years ago after being diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, the basketball world rallied around him. >> and that continues tonight when the veteran sideline reporter who often dresses with flair gets to work his first championship game for a [ bleep ] other network. we have more from inside quicken loans arena in cleveland with a moving collaboration. dana, can't wait to see this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. he is a unique reporter getting a unique opportunity. craig sager may best be known for those outrageous outfits
8:43 am
that he wears. the veteran turner sports reporter over the last year plus has been a lesson in perseverance, criss-crossing the country, covering games, all while battling for his life. the only difference tonight, the network that you'll see him on. >> the chance that i could do a game was like, wow, of course i'll jump at it. i had the eight days of chemo after the conference finals, and the only game i could do would be game six. and the series started out, 3-1 golden state. i go, there may not be a game six. i was sitting there, and of course being a journalist, we're not supposed to have rooting interests. >> reporter: yeah, right. >> hell with that. come on, cavs. come on, cavs. when they won game five and had game six, way to go, lebron. >> reporter: the longtime nba on tnt sideline reporter will sport his loud fashion choices for
8:44 am
espn on abc. >> all of a sudden i get this call, and they go, you know, want to do the finals? i go, yeah, i've never done the finals. especially per somebody who's done as many thousands of games as i have. takes you one step further. >> you take this and burn it. >> reporter: i can't keep it -- >> nothing. >> reporter: did that come from? the outfits? >> i'm always lively. don't want to be plain. >> reporter: i can't imagine how long it took you to pick out the outfit for game six. >> my closet of pretty barren. i had run the gamut in the conference finals. i said, i got to come one something new. i went shopping. got some flowers, a little life to it. >> you're here, back with us. welcome back. >> reporter: after an 11-month absence, sager returned to the sidelines at the end of last
8:45 am
year still fighting acute myeloid leukemia, a rare blood and bone marrow cancer. >> it's not about me. it's what i represent. somebody who refuses -- >> reporter: i think it is you, too. >> it's not. it's bigger than me. >> reporter: five kids, stacy at home, also your wife. why keep working the way you have? >> it keeps me going, it inspires me, it's therapeutic. gives me something to look forward to. sports are in my soul. that's what drives me. >> seeing you doing what you're doing, we got no -- >> reporter: when stacy first found out, we held each other. and i could feel the trembling and her tears. she'd say stuff like, don't leave plea. -- don't leave me. we can fight this together. don't leave me. i'm like, god, i'm not going to leave you. i'm going fight. [ applause ] >> reporter: next month at espn'si ieespy awards, the 64-year-old will accept the
8:46 am
jimmy v. perseverance award named for jim valvano who in 1993 while battling cancer gave this impassioned speech. >> cancer can take away all my physical abilities. it can not touch my mind. it cannot touch my heart. it cannot touch my soul. >> reporter: he died later that year. pretty high standards to meet. >> it's hard to beat that. i always had the speech. when i was in the hospital for dark moments, i would get on my money and play his speech -- get on my phone and play his speech a lot. >> reporter: can anything keep you down? >> mentally no. i don't think so. physically, yeah. there have been times where it's knocked me on my ass. mentally, no. i'm determined to win this battle. >> reporter: as for sager's treatment right now, he is part of a clinical trial. he told me yesterday he's hoping that will either rid him of the cancer or at least get him ready
8:47 am
for a third bone marrow transplant. one more thing, his next big assignment -- look for him at the olympic s in rio. >> wow. >> we're pulling for you. >> yes. he's a really, really, really good man. can't wait to see what he wears tonight. >> we will be watching. >> that's right. beautiful interview. somebody we know is honored in the name of a cbs news legend. >> who could that be? >> i don't know. >> someone at the table? >> maybe someone at the table. >> wasn't me. was it you? >> it wasn't me. >> moi? >> we'll share some of that next on "cbs this morning." >> you!
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
if you think about the combination of the work he's done at cbs and the work he's done in his own program, it's a body of work like none other.
8:51 am
i can't imagine anybody would ever be able to put together that collection that he has of interviewing whoever you can imagine from every single line of work. here's what i think is most remarkable about it -- we have a news organization, we support people, we -- our job as the executives or senior producers is to help people get on the air and be better. there's an army of people that do that. charlie built his entire thing alone with yvette. i think that and of itself is an achievement worthy of this fred friendly award. i'm so proud of you. congratulations. means the world to all of us, as well. [ applause ] >> that was a great speech by "60 minutes'" producer jeff fager. charlie received the
8:52 am
quinnipiac's fred friendly award. he was the producer of edward r. murrow's "see it now" and longtime champion of freedom of speech. charlie shared what the legacy mean to him. >> journalism in anrapher where every day men and women go out to tell stories that inform us and help us define what we are at this time in our nation, in our own lives. it's a battle to tell the story of those who are fighting in battlegrounds around the world. >> it was a great speech, charlie. >> bravo. bravo. >> thank you. thanks to you guys. >> i love what jeff said. i never thought about it until he said it, that you built that empire alone, you and yvette. >> i do say and i believe in it without making more of it than i should, i've been surrounded by strong women, including right here today. throughout my life, beginning with my mother -- >> your mom. >> with yvette, with my wife, mary and amanda.
8:53 am
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good morning everyone i'm nicole brewer. experts say that the soda industry may sue if philadelphia city council passes its tax on sugary drinks later today. mayor jim kenney and supporters say 1.5 cents per ounce tax will fund free kindergarten programs, community schools and rec centers. critics say it will drive businesses out of the city. only other city in the u.s. with the similar tax on sugar drinks is berkley, california. now lets check that forecast with katie. >> nicole we are tracking some pretty decent pockets of steady rain and couple thunderstorms or light rain. some may not see anything right new but where you've got that it rain is coming down steadily, so southeastern quarter of our area for the most part right now you can see fresh bubbles, fresh round
8:56 am
of rain bubbling up back through berks county. as we go throughout the day this will start to taper off a bit any activity becomes sparse but we do still regardless sit in the middle of the marginal risk for small are thunderstorms through southwest corner on have the area heavy downpours, gusty win, as well as frequent lightening we have seen that with thunderstorms firing up out there. next couple days, it is aggressively getting nice are and nicer. weekend looks awesome for fathers day planned by monday, well, first official day of summer and sure will feel like it. not a bad excuse to find a pool near you with 87 and sunshine. >> absolutely, katie yes, gorgeous weekend. well, both side still busy schuylkill eastbound off ramp to 2021 lane is still blocked there you cane cars going by, construction here 95 south between academy road and cottman avenue that left lane is closed starting at 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. for bridge inspections. that will slow you down. for those travel by fright today 44 minute delays for
8:57 am
departures at the airport so make sure to check your schedules on line, seven on the schuylkill, 15 on i-95, 20 on the vine and 19 on the blue route heading in the northbound direction. thanks very much. that is "eyewitness news" for now you join us for "eyewitness news" at noon i'm nicole brewer have a
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>> it is throwback thursday. announcer: dr. lisa andsday. dr. sears are back. tackling the latest hot topics. >> i'm ready. announcer: from public prostate exams to your kids being taught fast food is healthy. the soccer mom changing bible study forever. >> tell me this is a saturday live skit, right. >> it's awesome. announcer: on "the doctors." [cheers and applause] >> welcome to "the doctors." you know what it is today? it is throwback thursday! [cheers and applause] >> we're throwing it way back today in a very special way. because we have both dr. lisa and dr. sears in the house. [cheers and applause] ♪


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