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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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time. it's a good time for all of us to reflect on how we treat each other and to insist on respect and equality for every human being. we have to end discrimination and violence against our brothers and sisters who are in the lgbt community. here at home and around the world. especially in countries where they are routinely prosecuted. we have to challenge the oppression of women wherever it occurs -- here or overseas. there is only us, americans. here in orlando, the men and women taken from us, those who love them, we see some of the true characterñi of this countr,
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the best of humanity coming roaring back, the love and the combags and the fierce resolve -- compassion andñi fiee resolve that will carry us not just through this atrocity but through whatever difficult times may confront us. it's our pluralism and our respect for each other, including a young man who said to a friend, he was super proud to be latino. so love of country, the patriotism of an army reservist who was known as an amazing officer. it's our unity, the outpouring of love that so many across our country have shown to our fellow americans who are lgbt, a display of solidarity that might have been unimaginable even a few years ago. out of this darkest of moments, that gives us hope. seeing people reflect. seeing people's best instincts
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come out. maybe in some cases, minds and hearts changed. it is our strength and our resilience, the same determination of a man who died here who traveled the world mindful of the risks as a gay man but who spoke for all of us when he said, we cannot be afraid, we are not going to be afraid. may we all find that same strength in our own lives. may we all find that same wisdom in how we treat one another. may god bless all who we lost here in orlando, may he comfort their families, may he heal thei wounded, may he bring some
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solace to those whose hearts have been broken, may he give us resolve to do what's necessary to reduce the hatred of this world, to curb the violence, may he watch over this country that we call home. thank you very much, everybody. >> pelley: president obama with vice president joe biden in orlando late today. there will be more about this story on your late local news on this cbs station and on our 24-hour streaming news service cbsn. we'll have the latest on the investigation right here on the "cbs evening news." until then, this is cbs news in new york.
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this is the first step, in finding the resources and revenue that we need to give our kids prek education and happen that i we will be on board to do what we need to do for our kids in the neighborhood. >> philadelphia makes history with a 13-four vote city council passes 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sugar and diet beverages. the passage makes fill at first major u.s. city to approve a sugary drink tax, good afternoon, everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown in for ukee today. alexandria hoff is live in center city with more on what this new tax means for consumers, and when it goes into effect, alex. >> well, those are both really two interesting questions because this is not a point of sales tax, this does not apply to the customer when they get to the register for example.
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this applies to manufacturers and distributors, so the timing of impact all comes down to when they feel, that they must pass along this cost to their buyers. >> majority passes. >> thirteen-four, city council gave their final approval to philadelphia becoming the first major city in the united states to tax sweetened beverages. starting january 1st, distributors will be charged an a digsal 1.5 cents per ounce of sugar and diet beverages sold in the city. >> this is beginning of the process of changing, the narrative of poverty, in our city. >> reporter: major first term victory for mayor jim kenney intend to go raise more than 90 million-dollar per year to benefit expanded prek and community programs. >> we will start to see ramp up of prek. it will happen over next couple years but we are thrilled about what will happen for our city. this is a big win for our city. >> reporter: not so much for those in the soda, labor
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industries hoff opposed the measure. >> with the increased price, it is jobs that will be lost. >> reporter: opposition is tax discriminatory. >> we have to go to the next step and we will do what we have to do to protect our members. >> reporter: meaning taking this issue to court, challenging the cities authority to implement such a tax. we are told legal battle will enter the drafting phase tonight. come up mayor kenney responds to the possibility of the legal battle and still some questions over compactly where this money raised will be going. we will cover that in an hour. live from city hall, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also, a bucks county home owner, catches a suspect thief in action, it takes matters in his own hand and much of it is captured on surveillance video. the as the suspect jumped into another car, and fled, the home owner quickly followed, coming up at 6:00 how car chase ended with a crash, and who opened fire.
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plus, why the robbery victim could be in hot water. a judge meantime grants jerry sandusky a new date for his appeals hearing. former penn state coach is seeking to overturn his child molestation. he is serving 30 years prison sentence right now just, the judge ruled in favor of the petition by sandusky for a hearing on a number of claims pertaining to ineffective council. they whether defense lawyers should have called sandusky to testify. the hearings are scheduled for august, we will have much more on this from "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. you may have seen cbs special report minutes ago, president obama and vice-president biden are visiting orlando in the wake of the terror attack in that city. they are meeting with survivors and the family members of those kill, in the nightclub massacre. meanwhile, federal agents are stepping up, their investigation in the shooter. they say is there a possibility family members helped him plan the massacre, and we will get latest from
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cbs news correspondent craig boswell. >> reporter: president obama and vice-president biden arrived in orlando to console survivors and families of those killed and injured in sunday's nightclub shooting. >> it just means a lot. another way to bring our community together and know our community is more than just orlando, florida. >> reporter: forty-nine people were killed when omar mateen opened fire in i gay tonight club, mateen died in the shoot-out with police and now investigators are working to see if anyone helped plan the attack. cbs news has learned that multiple family members, including mateen's wife are being investigated. funerals and visitations have we gun for victims but many in the city are simply coming to memorials like this to grief. comfort dogs are helping some residents deal with the tragedy. >> i understand people being able to touch our dogs until everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: more than a cost even specially trained dogs are here to snug he will and spend time with people who could use cheering up. is there a miniature therapy horsing to go hospitals to comfort survivors. patty frost, used social media
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to gather names of people around the world to show support for the orlando community. >> i will be glad when we don't have these anymore. >> reporter: frost received messages from the uk, finland, south africa. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up at 5:30 a look at impact the orlando massacre has had on the gun control debate, with what many americans demanding change one senator took a strong stand, find out how his actions could lead to new legislation. also this evening a jury has yet to reach verdict in the federal racketeering trial of the pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. this is new video of the congressman leaving court, this afternoon. fattah is accused of arranging an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan, and then paying back part of it with federal grant money and charitable donations. his lawyers complain blamed two consultant. jury deliberations continue tomorrow.
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with birth defects caused by sick a birth defect from his zika were found in another three pregnant sees that have ended. none of those cases that happened in new jersey and camden county is hoping to keep that it way at least within its boundary. justin u do from our sister station kyw news radio shows us the way they are keeping tabs on the mosquito population in that area. >> reporter: carmen rodriguez say zika, which cantransmitted sexually or through mosquitoes is found in the caribbean. they want people traveling to that area to be aware of its dangers and make sure they do not bring zika infested mosquitoes back to the states in the luggage or clothing. >> there needs to be an increased awareness about the potential hazards of the zika virus and entering into your community and the fact that it is a very real possibility that it can be brought into our community. >> reporter: rodriguez say virus and symptoms are hard to spot. >> it really is a mild type of flu, it works its way out of the system, within about seven
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days. we will have the flu like symptoms and then gone. >> reporter: rodriguez say zika's long lasting effects can be spotted in babies of woman who are pregnant because infants can be born with microcephaly a birth defect to cause them to have short heads and life expectancy. they are not just telling people how to contract zika and symptoms but they are testing mosquitoes throughout camden county to make sure they are not carrying the virus. >> thinks where they get them from. they are big screen things, eye light bulb and mosquitoes and other bugs attracted to it and then collects in a jar and so we just go in and blast it three times a week, sort them, and then identify mosquitoes. just another form of surveillance. >> reporter: officialness camden county say as of right now mosquitoes are zika free. justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" disney make changes in the resorts in the wake of the deadly alligator attack in florida. we are hearing from a man who says he was attacked by i gator there 30 years ago.
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they are pills without a punch, medical reporter stephanie stahl explains the placebo e
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at welcome back. animal welfare officers execute a search warrant on a frankford home and uncover serious case of animal abuse. >> spca officials pulled dozens of cats and kittens
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from the home on the 4400 block of griscom street today. authorities say first floor of that home was in deplorable conditions, 17 living cats, and two ted cats were found there, and 16 additional cats were removed from a third floor tenant. >> we found cats on the first floor which is where we executed the search warrant. we have also had the third floor residents, willingly surrender her cats to us as well. >> spca officials say tip through their cruelty hot line led them to the home, owner has not yet been identified and unclear if that person will face any charges. now on to the cbs-3 healthwatch placebo effect with fake medicine works. being used for a growing number of conditions. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain how it works, stephanie. >> reporter: there are a couple of explanations for this, one is the power of persuasion, if doctors says that you are getting a therapy that works and then patients feel better and new is there evidence that placebos can
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trigger release of brain chemicals that mimic the effects of real drugs and treatments it looks like any ordinary pill, but it is actually fake medications, that the doctors say can cure some of the most common medical conditions. >> i felt fantastic. i never felt better in my life. >> reporter: linda has irritable bowel syndrome and signed up to test a new treatment. >> i was happy about it. >> reporter: she was shock when doctors tell told her she would not get real medicine but placebo instead. >> we said very clear don't believe in it, just do it. it is a crazy idea. >> i was so disappointed, placebo, sugar pill are you kidding me. that is not going to work. >> reporter: dit work, her symptoms disappeared. >> i have to worry about anything, i got my life back. >> reporter: another study migraine sufferers were also told they were given a placebo and their pain level was reduced by 30 percent. >> it is an amazing thing. >> reporter: harrison straight inner says there may be something else at work here.
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>> i believe there is a little part of you saying um, i wand fur this really ace placebo, maybe it is just telling me that. >> reporter: placebos can activate same neurotransmitters, as many powerful drugs. >> body has an internal pharmacy to certain kinds of conditions. >> however, there are limits to the placebo effect. >> we're not going to shrink a tumor with a placebo pill. >> reporter: while placebo treatments don't work for treating cancers, doctors say they can be very helpful and effective in relieving nausea and pain, for some cancer patients. what an interesting thing about how and why it works. >> strange, isn't it. >> it is for some people. >> stephanie, thanks. >> thanks, stephanie. >> kate, so dreary. >> i know, i know. >> i try to see the glass half full on this one. >> rest of the week has been beautiful. the weekend is beautiful. today is only day, that is your glass half full, and you don't to have water your
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flowers when you get home. >> good thing. >> bring on the rain. >> i'm always here to help. >> we have a couple showers out there right now. the here's another operation mystic way to look at today's weather severe weather over portions of the western pennsylvania that delayed and eventually cancelled u.s. open south that is missing us and it is mostly thanks to the cloud and showers that have stabilized air in place over our region. lets look outside right now and you can see it is dreary, glummy, down the shore but that is not stopping folks from being out on the boardwalk. ocean city boardwalk is pack, good day to head to the boards, do some shopping, duck in few shops and one of those rainy days down the shore f this was your week down the shore one day of wet dreary weather isn't too bad, you good it to do a all those things if you were sitting out on the beach. tomorrow will be a decent beach day but may take a while in the afternoon. the lets check out one other spots, this is close to the shore cape may courthouse, of course, inland over bridge there and we have got some clouds in place, a little bit
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of clearing coming to portions of the area this evening but we will stay pretty gray through the rest of tonight. that may be a good thing. here's why. lets look at storm scan three which is showing not a whole lot happening in our region and indications that the cloud cover is trying to break up or thin out a little bit, especially off to the south and east of philadelphia. the problem, lies back to the west where we have severe thunderstorm watch in effect for areas just off to the west and when i go back for a minute to the radar and show you why that is look at this disturbance. it is blowing up now still across the southwestern corner of pennsylvania, and very strong thunderstorm plow gressing east and even these here of a few severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings associated with them. these are all diving south and east. these are severe thunderstorm warnings, further north and still tornado warning right along i-95 here off to our south. so that is missing us to the south and west because that is where instability is. there is more sunshine in that part of the region today.
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you cane best threat for severe weather lies over virginia and maryland. we are just on the edge but looks like strong storms will miss us, mainly thanks to the fact that it has been cloudy, cool and been drizzly all day. temperatures are only in the 60's, so these storms are diving down toward the heat and toward the energy. while we cannot rule out va shower tonight worst of it misses us to the south and west. it is moving over maryland, most of that should stay south into tomorrow morning and eventually, from north to south, we will clear it the out through tomorrow and things will turn a lot nicer in the afternoon. the cant rule out isolated shower in the morning. morning clouds as well in philadelphia, otherwise sun returning at 79, and down the shore, spotty morning showers, and then clouds give way to sun. poconos could pick up a stray afternoon shower, just thanks to some cooler air moving in aloft. you're witness weather three day forecast here's good news once we get rid of the showers and gray conditions tomorrow the sun returns and it is a perfect weekend, last weekend of spring, fathers day, low to
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mid 80's, not too humid, sunshine both days. >> yes, thanks katy was down with the glummy weather. >> thanks. >> stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news", that blank space next to taylor swift isn't blank anymore. >> k swift has a new guy, up and come inner hollywood and said to be in the running to be the next james bond. we will tell you more about the mystery man coming up. >> ahh, do tell. no mystery in south philadelphia, fletcher cox is the man, 100 million-dollar man, hear from the eagle on his brand new deal and walk off win in washington, it is what happened afterward that has everyone talking about former philly jason werth, sports comin
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this guy is apparently pretty good. >> that is what i'm thinking. >> right, yeah. >> he must be better than decent. >> better than average.
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>> 130 million-dollar over the course of six years that is how much they are set to pay fletcher cox. earlier the pro bowl defensive tack he'll greed to terms on the new deal because, it is 103 million, like why wouldn't you. today fletcher talk about it. >> this time, i looked at it as i continue to humble myself and just keep working towards, just keep working every day at practice and being a lead their this team is expecting me to be and show up every day, and to work. it is just that and dealing with that much, that much money, it is really mind blowing. i'm really excited about it. >> i mean, yeah, it is mind blowing. good stuff. >> passion still burns for jason werth, former philly still delivered a game winning hit for nationals last night. but walk off win against the cubs, and afterwards, the 37 year-old let loose in an interview. >> talk about people chris icing your age coming into this season and you said you have little bit left in the
5:26 pm
tank you are convinced of that, how do you feel about the way you are swinging it and wharf been able to accomplish over these four days. >> those people can kiss me bleep. >> thank you, jason. >> back to you. >> how do you really feel. >> yes. >> by the way, i love the hip store beard he has been rocking that for years. >> a lot of hair. >> his beard has his own twitter account. >> of course, it does. >> oh, 2016. >> don, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> coming up in the next half an hour a big change coming to the broadway hit hamilton. disney debates changes to its resorts a day after a little boy's body is found after being snatched by an alligator we will have a full report coming up, plus this. i'm john mcdevitt we will take you/a hard hat tour of the museum of the revolution in olde city. we will tell you
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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well, autopsy results of been released for the toddler killed by an alligator at walt disney world resort in florida. good evening i'm natasha brown. report revealed two-year old lane graves died as a result of the drowning and traumatic injury. >> i'm jessica dean. child's parents have yet to speak publicly about the incident but as marley hall reports the tragedy is on the mind of many disney park visitors. >> very tragic and very sad. >> reporter: earl, kept a close eye on his grandchildren while they visited disney world. >> we were in the swimming pools so we were safe. alligator are quick and sneaky. you have to be super careful. >> reporter: late tuesday an alligator dragged lane graves from shallow water in seven seas lah goon in the grand floridaian resorts. his father tried to save him but could.
5:31 pm
divers found the body 16 hours later. there are no swimming signs at the hotel but you nothing warning of the gators. kiss knee spokesperson says a review is currently underway, to determine if signs posted near the water need to be changed. >> it is not easy to forget. >> reporter: paul santa maria said when he was eight an alligator attacked him while vacations at family at fort wilderness resort in 1986. >> i was feeding some ducks and there was an alligator submerge under water where you could not see it and it came, up out of the water and hit me and knock me to the ground. >> it just started, throwing me around trying to pull me in the water. >> reporter: he managed to break free in the jaw but suffered extensive injuries to his leg, even after this second attack, he says he will consider taking his family to disney world next year. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". console inner chief, a
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short time ago president obama spoke to the nation after meeting with survivors and family members of those killed in it or land owe massacre. the president said it is time for congress to act on a gun control bill. >> of those who were killed or injured here or gunned down by a single killer, with a powerful assault weapon. the motive of this killer may have been different then the mass shooters in aurora or newtown, but the instruments of death were so similar and now, another 49 innocent people are dead. >> the president also says that the gun control debate, needs to change. congress has once again taken up that debate over gun control measures after the orlando shooter successfully bought the guns to carry out his attack even though he has twice been on the fbi terror
5:33 pm
watch list. cbs news correspondent adam may is on capitol hill with a look at the efforts and resistance to changing gun laws. >> i wish i could say i'm surprised we are hearing about it but sadly i'm not. >> reporter: tina mines says she knows firsthand what the people of orlando are going through. her father damei an was a victim of the terrorist shooting in san bernardino, california. she joins senate democrats in calling on congress to pass legislation to prevent terrorist from purchasing firearms. >> i cannot wrap my mind around anyone in congress find this acceptable. >> reporter: connecticut senator chris murphy stood on the senate floor for nearly 15 hours wednesday pushing for a vote on two amendments, first would stop people on the no fly list and fbi terror watch list from buying guns. the second would expand background checks to include sales on the internet, and at gun shows. majority leader mitch mcconnell called the filibuster a stunt. >> we don't need more campaign talking points, preventing us
5:34 pm
from voting. >> reporter: richard blumenthal say more attacks will happen. >> we know that terrorist are enlisting people here to kill people. we need to stop those people from buying weapons. >> reporter: but republicans say terrorism is not about gun control. >> it is going after second amendment how you stop terrorism, no. that is not how you stop terrorism. >> you don't defeat terrorism by taking away our guns you defeat terrorism by using our guns. >> reporter: a vote is expected neck week. adam may for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". politicians aren't the only ones addressing their frustration about the country's current gun regulations. celebrities like oprah winfrey are expressing their concerns as well. >> people kill people. that is true. but are we a country that really believes that assault weapons should be made available to anybody. they are assault weapon necessary? i just say, i'm numb.
5:35 pm
>> singer/song writer elton john took time to express his deepest sympathies for all of the victims in it or land owe massacre. he also said that the response from around the world has been uplifting. >> what i find extraordinary about really gives me strength and hope is the medicinally behind that devastation came a different wave, a rainbow colored wave of love and bravery. >> he said wave of support for lb gt community in the wake of the attack proves that we're winning the war against prejudice. taking a look at campaign 2016 in the race for president, a new cbs news poll shows hillary clinton maintaining her lead overdone old trump after clinching the democratic nomination. clinton lead presumptive republican nominee 43-37 percent. that is the same margin that she led trump by a month ago. this poll is among registered
5:36 pm
voters who plan to vote in november's general election, meantime chair of the democratic national convention says philadelphia is ready to welcome the delegates. >> when they have left the convention they will go back to the cities and their towns and work their hearts out for our candidate. so they are important. it doesn't matter hot united states or the delegates from idaho, you are important to us, and that is how we want to make people feel when they come here. >> we will show you more of our interview and preparations for the dnc, in philadelphia, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. donald trump will rally supporters in dallas, tonight. while in town trump is expect to attend a private fundraiser. this afternoon trump sent out an e-mail to supporters noting that he kick off his campaign, one year ago today. house speaker paul ryan says he is still backing trump ahead of the republican national convention in cleveland next month. senate republicans are angry that trump's habit of making controversial remarks has overshadowed their campaign
5:37 pm
agenda. ryan announced latest piece of that agenda, it includes working to limit the president's use of executive orders. philadelphia is considered the nation's birthplace and now the city will give birth to a new attraction which will ultimately pay tribute to our country's earliest day. >> john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio takes a look at the future at the museum of the american revolution. >> reporter: going on a tour of the museum, hard hats are required, this one is yours, let's go. we meet up with doctor art scott stevenson, vice-president, of the exhibitions of programming. he is our guide on this active construction site of the museum of the american revolution. >> come on in. >> reporter: building under construction since spring of 2014 has 118,000 total quarter feet with things like a lobby, grand staircase, exhibit galleries and even event space with a view. one of the amazing parts will be theater styled venue housing behind glass the very tent that george washington state in during revolutionary
5:38 pm
war, that comes with some special bells and whistles to keep the treasure safe and sound. it will be one of the first museum with a fire suspension system that involving a vortex. >> it uses a small amount of water in a forced air to create essentially a fog, equivalent of the gallon of water, be put out, and a room this size. we hope we will never have to test tonight person but it gives us more confidence that this is a object that will survive for future generations. >> reporter: philanthropist jerry lenfest is responsible forgiving millions of dollars to make the museum a reality. on april 19th, 1775 a shot rang out, in concord massachusetts igniting the revolutionary war. >> museum of the american revolution opens april 19th, anniversary of when the shot was heard around the world. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" forget traditional summer camp, we will tell you why more and
5:39 pm
more parents are sending their children to self-defense classes. plus this. >> what we need is a revolution. >> a middle schooler channels his inner presidential candidates during his graduation address, and it is not just bernie sanders, he i am person nates, kate. well, it has been a dreary thursday and still wet weather on the radar picture outside but how quickly will this clear out? and what to expect as we head toward start of the summer, next week, temperatures heading for more summer-like at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that.
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well, it is not what you want to hear as we hit the busy summer travel season. >> yes, not at all. shortage of air traffic controller could mean even more delays for you, at the airport. congress heard from controller official whose said delays are getting worse and worse,
5:43 pm
because there is just not enough trained controllers. the number of the air traffic controller is at a 27 year low, part of the problem stems from the 2013 hiring freeze due to the congressional budget battle. add to that it takes up to four years to fully train new hires. the shortage plus long security lines means you should pack your patients in this summer and expect really long lines. >> and waiting on the tarmac, i was flying not too long ago 12th and 13th in line for departure and it stretches out your trip a little bit. yes. >> coming up why more and more parents are sending their
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then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. while parent are send are that he kids to camp some are signing them up for more classes but not talking about reading or writing or anything hike. that these kids are taking self-defense classes. >> go. >> reporter: self-defense teacher jared arthur her young students are some of her best. you can teach confidence to a five-year old. teach using your word and setting boundaries to a five-year old and they totally get it. >> reporter: she has seen more parents enroll at a very early age.
5:47 pm
>> five, four, three, two, one. >> excellent. >> arthur believes it is critical for children to learn how to defend themselves and teaching them to speak up if there is something wrong is paramount. >> what is really important is for kids to learn how to communicate effectively, how to set effective boundaries and stand up for themselves. >> reporter: here's one the national center for missing and exploited children says that 11,000 attempted abductions of children have been reported in the past decade. and girls are targeted more than boys. cell phones and internet are making it easier for on line predators to reach kids. she urges parents to encourage their children to speak up when they feel uncomfortable with strangers or even people that they know. >> have conversation, and your stomach and you know something is wrong. >> mom cart i cart wants her daughters to know what to do if they run into trouble. >> if you are not speak to your children about it you are doing them a disservice. >> experts say a couple simple tools could be the key to keeping kid safe.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: a chicago student has become quite the internet sensation after his middle school graduation speech went viral. jack, delivered the speech while impersonating the presidential candidates. he started off as donald trump >> unaudible. >> let me just tell you thinks such a great school. quite frankly it is the best. >> jack had the crowd laughing with his spot on trump impressions there and speech also got better when he channeled hillary clinton. >> thanks to our teachers we have all of the tools we need to proceed in the best time of our lives and we should give them a big round of applause. >> jack wrapped up his speech with a fantastic rendition of bernie sanders at the podium. >> hello, thank you for allowing me to speak to you to
5:49 pm
day. let me start with the lunches. >> that is so awesome. jack's parents say 14 year-old has been doing impressions since he was a little boy. he used the opportunity to combine two of his favorite interests comedy and politics. >> my goodness. >> he wins the day. >> yes. >> that is so awesome. >> he was spot on with that. >> he is just going to get better. >> his bernie was especially good. >> yes. >> all right kate, what are we looking at in terms of weather. >> not too bad. >> especially good. >> the weekend it will be especially good. it will be nicest weekend i can remember in quite a while. we have lots of sunshine, comfortable temperatures on the way and low humidity but first we have to get through rest of tonight, still gray out there, some spots are seeing sun, peak through clouds or at least a few breaks of blue sky but mostly still gray and dreary but we have dodge a bullet as severe storms missed us to the west. looking outside in the northwestern suburbs this evening up in bethlehem in the
5:50 pm
lehigh valley and you can see looking live on main street we have been seeing cloud cover, gray but generally cry, most of the rain has moved on out, just a few sprinkles are possible as we go through next couple of hours, and through tonight, best chance for any showers will be off to our south. so, even though it is not sunny at least it is not pouring rain right now in northampton county. palmyra cove nature park in new jersey showing sky line in philadelphia, maybe a little brightening in the sky there, still gray, there, and, the stability in the atmosphere that the clouds and showers have really given to us day kept us protected from the severe weather has been impacting western pennsylvania, western virginia and virginia and maryland. see big complex of rain and thunder moving through western pennsylvania moving quickly, delayed play at u.s. open. this is moving to the south and to the east, is there a chance that some parts of our area get clipped with this later tonight. you can see it moving. best chance will be over delaware but it all depend on how far north this area of
5:51 pm
thunderstorms moves as we go through overnight hours. we cannot rule out threat for showers tonight and even tomorrow morning. if it misses us to the south we may not see much of anything but this is a very powerful system, and it could try to clip at least portions of our area later tonight. in the meantime evening is pretty quiet. we are looking at temperatures in the 60's, warmer in allentown now 72. trenton at 70. 68 degrees in wilmington. sixty-eight in dover. rain cooled air, dew points around 60. feeling a little sticky outside as well humidity has listen. but looking at this map it could be worse. it is 69 here in philadelphia take a look at raleigh-durham 92. it is 97 in nashville and in st. louis. little bit of the warmth will work its way in but not until early next week when it finally starts to feel like summer, fittingly because summer begins on monday. notice strongest thunderstorms diving to the south and east. we have got to watch this overnight because imagine if this shifts 50 to hundred miles to the north we will be waking up tomorrow morning to some rain. portions of southern delaware may see it.
5:52 pm
then through the day it pushes further south and your friday looking good-bye afternoon with some sun peeking out, sat kay, beautiful we will see sunshine with high pressure overhead and temperatures on their way back up with cool with the clouds and rain, tomorrow upper 70's and back to the 80's saturday and sunday and possibly looking at 90's next week. scattered thunder showers off to the south, 61 will be your overnight low, gradual clearing with the isolated morning shower possible friday but most of the day will turnout nice, high of 79. fast forward to fathers day what a beautiful day 84 degrees, if you are outside on the golf course, out fishing or sitting out in the backyard fathers day looks great and we will heat up next week high could hit 90 next tuesday. we will have your shore three day as well at 6:00. kate, thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" big announcement about the hottest show on broadway big change coming to hamilton up next. taylor swift isn't wasting anytime she has moved on from calvin harris to a big time movie star, find out who,
5:53 pm
coming up
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5:56 pm
just days avenues california clean up at tone a ward lynn manual minder ace leaving hamilton in the coming weeks. >> his last performance as part of the show will be july 9th, up next he has a lead role with emily blount in a film sequel of mary poppins. he will be playing a role and turning another one of his musicals in the film. on sunday hamilton which miranda a created and starred in won 11 tony award,
5:57 pm
including best new musical. and just call them, taylor swift, the romance is heating up. >> insider debbie's, has the five insider fact you need to know for, taylor's latest man. >> ♪ >> what people are saying is, that was fast. just two weeks after announcing her split to dj calvin harris here is tar low's silent statement, and. >> of course, we have to reexamine their first viral moment, when the two, danced at met gala last month, and the first thing you need to know, she was the one to ask him to dance. >> i sat next to her at the dinner at the met gala in new york and it was fun.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: number two, the 35 year-old britain is a beast on the dance floor. >> i could it organize flailing. >> reporter: number three, thinks a big plus for, tar low, and her fur baby meredith, he loves cats. while everyone knows taylor is a girl squad commander number four fact about tom he has a bromance with t hor himself chris hemsworth but we have save the best for last because number five, he is a very cheeky man. >> boxers or brief. >> boxers. >> reporter: or nothing at all. and as tom bear dairy air can be seen throughout his various bodies of work. >> come, come to england for rolling hills and a piece for tourism. >> we will have much more on the insider, back to you. there it is, news you can use. >> yes, yes. >> thank you. >> get all your hollywood news tonight and every week night the at 7:30 on the insider
5:59 pm
right the here on cbs-3. >> yes. >> who is that guy again? thor. >> yes, yes. >> well, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 philadelphia is the first major city in america to pass a tax on sugary drinks. find out when the tax will take effect and is what next for the beverage industry which for the so hard against it. and convicted child molester jerry sandusky wins an appeals hearing and judge has some strong words for the legal team that represented the former football coach during his trial back in 2012. also the printer that handles more than just ink find out what this device is churning out and why it could be big for modern medicine. right now on "eyewitness news", a history making vote, philadelphia becoming first major city in the nation to tax sugary drinks. good evening everyone i'm
6:00 pm
jessica keen. i'm natasha brown in for ukee today. city council passed the tax by a vote of 13 -four, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was inside city hall when it happened and joins us live outside to tell us now what is next for the beverage industry, that for the this measure tooth and nail, very divisive issue, alex. >> reporter: fight is not over but we will not have it look like what we have seen over past couple of months, with horns blaring and mega phones. we are told this fight will take shape of an immediate lawsuit. one and a half sent, a seemingly small price but apply that per ounce and it is launched a hefty battle and now historic win for mayor jim kenney. >> out of the 13, no are four, majority member of the council vote yes. >> reporter: in a 13-four vote city council gave their final approval to philadelphia becoming the first major city in the united states, to tax sweetened beverages. >> this is the first s


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