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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 saying goodbye to arising star.
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family and friends gather at a public memorial for christina grimmie the heart wrenching moments when the sun singer' parents address the crowd. and changes at disneyworld. what the resort is doing following the deadly alligator attack at the grand floridian want guests will soon be seeing around the resort. but first -- >> just i don't know. just an instinct. >> a woman's phone call to authorities leads to a disturbing discovery inside a bucks county home. tonight, 12 girls are now safe and the man who lives there is facing serious charges. good evening, everyone, omega's dean. ukee washington has the night off. a 51-year-old man is facing sex assault charges. police say he fathered two of the children with a teenaged girl. this story is unfolding in the 400 block of old street road in feasterville and our joel holden is there live with the story of how one woman's gut feeling
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convinced her to call authorities. joe? >> reporter: jessica, that is absolutely right. and this home was owned by leonardo dicaprio plan. tonight it is surrounded by crime scene tape. police calling it a crime scene after those 12 girls were pulled out of here yesterday, and we spoke to neighbors along this block. some had no idea what was allegedly unfolding inside that home. some women describing little faces at the window, but it was one mother whose sixth sense kick in. jenn bets tells us it's what she saw stone's throw away from her home that prompted her to call pennsylvania's child line. >> noticed these little girls, only little girls outside very sporadic klee very rarely you'd see one or two. >> reporter: this mother's complaint uncovered deeply disturbing case. police on thursday removed 12 girls including an infant, they say were living in this house in the 400 block of old street road. they had no birth certificates and weren't enrolled in any school. it's alleged this man leonardo dicaprio plan was gifted the
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oldest of the girls by her own parents who live in pennsylvania's amish country. today she is 18. they say kaplan began a sexual relationship with her starting when she was 14. police say she gave birth to two of kaplan's children. >> mr. cap man had her living there as some kind of repayment for financial situation. >> news of the charges and allegations sent shock waves through this community. >> just amazed to go on right under our notices. >> i thought they were just part of his family. >> 12 children. >> my gosh. >> i never saw that. police also charged the couple believed to be the biological mother and father to 10 of the girls. arrest papers revealed david and sylvia, new their daughters starting at 14 years old was engaged in sexual relationship with kaplan. neighbors tell us they were often curious about living arrangements inside the home. >> sometimes there are kids that looking at me and how many kids he has? >> reporter: somewhat jenn bets the hero this story.
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she says it was just her mothe motherly instincts. >> i just made the call. i just -- i don't know just an instinct. i wasn't going through other summer where everybody should be outside kind of thing and not see those little girls again. >> reporter: tonight the couple and kaplan are each in jail on $1 million bail as for the home it's unclear if any of the the other girls were subjected to possible abuse or what the living conditions were inside. police characterize their investigation at this point as on going. that is the latest life in feasterville, joe holden, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. she was south jersey's rising star. family and friends say goodbye to christina grimmie at a memorial service in medford burlington county. natasha brown shows us how her hometown remembered the singer tonight. ♪ >> reporter: christina grimmie may not have been physically
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present but her voice, her images, her spirit filled the room at fellowship alliance chapel in medford, new jersey. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds gathered for a public memorial honoring the 22-year-old singing sensation who was shot to death last week as she signed autographs after a show in orlando. >> she was never a star to my family. she was always that cute innocent little cousin daughter, niece, nephew, everything. >> reporter: family members -- >> i looked up my last text message from christina. it was "aunt cathedral send more ginger bread cookies". >> one by one, memories of a young woman whose life was cut far too short came rushing back on those who knew her best. like childhood friends sarah and lauren describing christina as a person grounded in her faith. >> she shared deeply she loved whole marchedly. >> we a part of each other, we were like one person and she's
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my best friend, and she's my sister and i really just couldn't be more blessed by the time that we've had together. >> heart wrenching moments from her brother marcus who was there when she was killed and reportedly jumped on the gunman to detain him after shooting. >> when the gunman came he was very quick, it happened so fast but her arms were open and she saw jesus next. so her arms were open for him and that's how she treated everyone she knew her arms were open at all times. so thanks for comin coming out . i love you christina. you're the best. >> reporter: finally her heart broken parents addressed the crowd. her mother kissing her daughter's picture inconsolable in her grief still asking the question why? >> the last time i saw my daughter was on my birthday.
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may 25th. i told her i loved her. i always told her -- when christina went home to be with the lord she said i'm not mad. i'm not mad. i'm not mad but i want to know why. >> reporter: that is certainly a question that still haunts christina grimmie's family members and even authorities as there has been no motive uncovered for this shooting public memorial followed the burial held on thursday. we're live in the sat center natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. funeral plans have yet to be announced for 18-year-old philadelphia woman killed in the orlando nightclub shooting. akyra murray was a recent west catholic high school graduate and visiting florida to celebrate her achievements. the teen was set to attend mercy hertz university in the fall on a full basketball scholarship. ton night investigators are pouring over surveillance video from inside pulse nightclub in orlando.
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this as chilling new details have emerged about what the shooter stopped to do during his rampage. massacre at pulse nightclub was captured on surveillance video which has not been release the. it shows the horror gunman omar mateen inflicted when he killed 49 people inside the gay club and wounded more than 50 others. law enforcement officials say mateen and his wife texted during the rampage. where are you she asked him? do you see what's happening he replied? no, she said. finally he wrote, i love you, babe. mateen's wife is now being investigated and could face charges. >> you have to go back and find out where she has been. how often she was with her husband, and what they were doing. >> reporter: amanda carol says her close friend is one of the six survivors in critical condition at the hospital. and seeing the memorial set up outside orlando regional medical center gives her hope. >> with all the prayers and all the positivity i know she'll make it. >> dr. joshua, still has victims blood on his shoes.
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he says he'll continue to wear them until the last patient is discharged. >> i don't know who -- who's blood this is. it kind of symbolizes all the good we did that night. >> reporter: and there are symbols of healing across the city. investigators say the gunman posted to facebook during the shooting and made several calls including one to 911. and to a television station. changes are culling to disney resort beaches in orlando following an alligator attack that killed a nebraska toddler. the company is putting up these signs warning of wildlife and other dangers in beach areas. disney is adding temporary barriers around waterways on its resort properties. the move comes after an alligator snatched two-year-old lane graves into the lagoon at the grand floridian resort tuesday night. search crews recovered the child's body the following day. 34-year-old brandon carter of wynnewood facing self charges
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in connection to a hit-and-run that injured two teenagers in spring garden. police say carter was driving under the influence when he slammed into a pair of 16-year-olding ride and on one bike. one boy remains in extremely critical condition tonight. the other suffered leg injuries. police arrested carter a few blocks from the crash scene. parents are outraged after a fight broke out at the philip randolph high school graduation ceremony in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" cameras were rolling at the independence seaport museum on penn's landing much the fire commissioner was preparing to speak when several adults began fighting. the commissioner was seen comforting a young boy who witnessed the melee. parents tell us that fight may have been over seats. >> ridiculous. it's ridiculous adults can't behave themselves in a proper manner. >> my first born's graduation and here people were fighting like animals. i felt very embarrassed.
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>> police did not make any arrests at graduation went on as schedule. jurors in the trial of pennsylvania congressman shack at a fattah started deliberations from scratch because the judge removed juror from the panel for undisclosed reason. that person was replaced with an alternate. the judge then instructed the jury to start over with its deliberations. they did not reach a verdict today. fattah faces a prison term if convicted on racketeering and other charges. a state of emergency thousands of acres are burning in southern california and still ahead tonight at 11:00 why authorities say this fire is spreading so quickly. plus, that cup of morning coffee helps wake us up or does it? why coffee might not be giving you the boost you're looking for. lauren. >> humidity dropped off and skies cleared out making for a nice friday evening. but will the comfortable and clear conditions stick around through our father's day weekend? i'll have the answer in your eyewitness forecast coming up. and these kids are celebrating a very special prom
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night. why these teenagers red carpet treatment when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" wildfire continues to burn out of control through the coast am canyons near san bernardino california. fire scorched 4,000 acres and only 5% couldn't tape. it's spreading quickly due oh strong winds. several communities in the path of the raging inferno had to be evacuated. weekend heat wave will hamper fire fighting efforts firefighters are concern. are you is a's track and field athletes barred from competing in the oh limb he pick games this supper. russian president vladimir putin is couldn't dipping the decision calling it unfair. the international amateur athletic federation voted today to extend a ban resulting from allegations of state sponsor doping. russia claims fulfilled all the requirements for reinstatement. the olympic committee will discuss the discussion further. on the health watch tonight, it's part of so many people's morning routines.
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cup of coffee to get the day started but if you're counting on that morning joe to give you a boost, it may not be enough. new study from the sleep research society and the american academy of sleep medicine shows that after three nights of poor sleep, coffee has little to no benefit. researchers say it only provide thed boost for the first two nights but it lost its kick after the third. permit issues are holding up the reopening of the former revel casino. owner glenn straub bought the building in bankruptcy court several years ago and set june 15th as a soft reopening date. the city has not received the necessary paper work to schedule key inspections for temporary certificate of occupancy. >> electrical, plumbing, building, fire and so forth. so that has not been received yet. i've been assured by the attorney that will be here tod today. >> revel also faces challenges at the state level. gaming officials say straub needs a new license and cannot simply use the license held by which ever operator he chooses
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to run the cass soon know. atlantic city officials say a certificate of occupancy could be granted as soon as next week. it is the end of an era. the very first wawa store in folsom delaware county closed its doors today. wawa one opened in 1964 at mcdade boulevard and swarthmore avenue. after the final customer was served antique wawa milk truck led a par raised customers to the new wawa one just a half mile up on mcdade. this store is a super wawa and has gas service. the philadelphia police department recognized several police officers for their longevity on the job today. 19th police district held its annual awards ceremony in west philadelphia. officers who worked for 20, 25 and 30 years were honored. a total of 14 officers received awards. the captain of the 19th district says the department also recognized the officers familiars. >> they don't the support of the family behind them that makes their job 10 times as hard.
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so it's important not only we recognizing the officers, but part of that recognition goes to their families as well. we would be remiss to heave that out. >> a big congratulations to all of the award recipients. it was a special night for some local kids fighting cancer. "eyewitness news" at the ritz carlton in center city where the philadelphia chapter of a prom to remember hell its first event tonight. organizers say this event gives the teens who would otherwise miss prom a chance oh celebrate and by the looks of this they were making the moat of it no doubt about it. a great time on the dance floor and tonight's theme was rocky. that alliance with the fighting spirit of these teens to beat cancer. what a great even. >> lauren is joining us now a lot of your eyes are to the weekend what will it look like, father's day. how is it shaping up. >> beautiful. our last official weekend of spring, and spring is going out on really sunny note. >> nice. >> everyone will like it if you have outdoor plans which i'm sure you do. it's father's day going down to the shore, going up to the
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mountains beautiful conditions across the region and the city as well we'll have a lot of sunshine. after starting the day off kind of cloudy but now mostly clear skies prevailing across center city philadelphia. getting a live look right now on skycam3. temperatures comfortable. 67 degrees. winds out of the southeast they are light around 5 miles per hour. and no heat index at this time. temperatures across the region we have a little bit of a gradient cooler down the shore 59 degrees in av. we're at 71 degrees in reading and cool in the poconos at 54 degrees. and checking in live on your neighborhood network ac airport at 63 degrees. novacare complex the eagles 66 degrees. point pleasant beach at 64 winds are cal tom light. mainly out of the east across much of the area and dew points they have been dropping off that air feels so much more comfortable when you step outside even versus this morning dew points are down about 10 to 15 degrees. and as we head into tomorrow we'll keep the humidity levels on the comfortable side, dew points they tells about that sticky factor the moisture
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couldn't at the present time at the surface when dew points are down into the 40s as they are in philly and points northward it feels nice and comfortable. certainly by june standards and how it will feel as we head into the up coming weekend, awesome. saturday and sunday the dew points do start to climb as we head into monday a bit and into tuesday. dew points climbing into that kind of humid and steamy category and may feel steamier by 90-degree temperatures in store as we head into tuesday. but for right now, just dealing with dry conditions storm scan3 no problems and as we pan out no problems really anywhere up and down the i november corridor. we do have high pressure that is building in across the area for most of the stable air and clear sky conditions and our june skies are doing better certainly than our may skies. remember we had 13 cloudy days in may. so far in june, up to yesterday we only had four cloudy days, 11 partlpartly cloudy days and oney sunny day. overnight tonight clear sky conditions down to 58 degrees. cooler, winds and light and variable heading not day tomorrow temperatures right around average for us.
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82 degrees. nice and warm but still feeling comfortable. tons of sunshine. we might rank in another mostly sunny day on the charts there. as we head into sunday, sunshine as well. beautiful conditions. 84 degrees the high temperature. for dads day maybe you have to travel about to go see dad or grand dad northeast travel show you future weather the next couple of days and really no problems in store. maybe apachi fog sunday morning. keep that in mind if you are hitting the roads early sunday morning. otherwise as we roll through time, nothing going on really up and down across the mid atlantic and into the northeast as well and at the shore, beautiful conditions. check out father's day bright sunshine, 78 degrees. a great beach day for dad little bit warmer if you have an extended weekend sunshine and 82 degrees as we head into monday and forecast highs will be the warmest north and west of the city tomorrow. climbing into the mid to upper 80s. cooler down the shore compliments of a sea breeze with highs in the middle 70s and you do notice that warming trend as we head into next week.
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87 marking the official start to the summer season. then there's that 90-degree reading on tuesday. that's our next rain chance with some scattered storms developing as we head into the afternoon. >> 90 -- >> 90 and steamy. lauren thanks so much. >> what's going on in sports. >> sixers go out to dinner find out why that is actually some pretty big news. plus, the final score of the phillies game a lot to a little but in favor of who? sports coming up next.
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>> don is here now and you're talking about contagion you haven't take taken stephanie stahl's place as medical reporter. >> it seems that way. we're talking about the philli phillies. it's been rough. i love this team and right now they're struggling mightily. recently i spoke with phils
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manager pete mackanin a simple question for him if good hitting is contagious what about bad h hitting or bad pitching, is that contagious as well. he setter absolutely. if that's the case the phils better see a doctor whatever ails them is spreading fast. they lost 20 out of 26 heading to night. four game series against diamonds backs and this is the first gape. check out this fan making two handehanded catch fowl ball. you know what, that seems to be going on at the ballpark as well. everybody making pretty good plays in terms of the fans. cameron rough in the first. fly wall to right centerfield off the wall it goes. in comes cody asche and tommy joseph. two runs are in on a rupp trip triple. to the second, two on, and the grounder to hernandez and that is no buono. hernandez second error of the inning we go to the fifth now, arizona with the lead. and pete o'brien doing heavy lifting. gone. a three run shot.
11:26 pm
it's now six-two. next batter, tomas fly ball. is it going to stay fare? is it hooking fowl? it is a fair ba ball. his second of the game. arizona tied a franchise record with six homeruns. the phils fall 10-two. >> we were a good team the first two months. pitching was a big reason for it. our pitching has been -- hasn't been as good lately, and we've always had the issue with our offense, um, but we're getting to a point where we need to regroup. we just got to keep working with these guys and keep their heads up. >> all right. face to face with the future. sixers had a meeting with ben simmons last night in cleveland before game six of the nba finals sixers had the number one pick in thursday's draft. lsu forward is the presumptive topic. meanwhile, a meeting of the basketball minds sat down with
11:27 pm
sonny hill st. joe's phil martelli and keep pompeii. we watched game film and scouted ben simmons and bran ingram whom should the sixers take. we talked about that. but mostly we had good time. >> maury cheeks one of the greats of all tile and taking that lonesome shot. >> before your time. >> exactly. (laughter). >> you young. >> oh, boy. catch our rounder table sunday night in the sports zone. i haven't hemorrhage fun debating sports in a long time. you don't want to miss this. >> that looks great. >> so much fun with those guys. >> learned a lot, too. >> don thanks so much. up next the early father's day gift. one man's not going to
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a dad receives his father's day gift little early. he unexpectedly helped bring his newborn son into the world. meet everett asher. eight pounder caught his parents off guard early yesterday morning. his mother woke up and told her husband she was in labor. the couple and their other three children packed into the car for the 40 minute drive to the hospital. well, five minutes into that journey and he realized they were not going to make it. >> i said he's crowning and he's like no and put his down there. oh my god. >> that was probably -- >> up to the nose out already.
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>> the neck thing i know i was pushing and he was pulling him out and my kids were in the back seat like this is so cool. >> well, mom, baby -- don is speechless in his jaw is on the ground mom, baby and the entire family are doing well. very cute baby. >> what? >> i know. ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider,♪ ♪yeaaahh...
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(mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. our morning team is back from 5:00 to 7:00. for lauren, don and everyone here i'm jessica dean. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next and stay tuned for the late late show with
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james core depth. thanks for watching and have a captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: all right, alan, let's see what we've got for tonight's show. ba-ba-bum. donald trump reaffirms he wants to ban muslims from the u.s.a. is it me or is that guy worse than a bunch of squirrelses dressed luke a mailman? i'd hide my face, too, that's not working. ening these troubled times americans need to come together and leave food on the floor. ( laughter ) no, it doesn't really have punch. what else have you got here? burdz are outside the window. that is not okay. alan, what is this? ( laughter ) bad writer. bad writer! ( laughter ) alan turns out to be a dog. oh! that's not bad.


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