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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  June 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> a time to heal. >> today is sunday, june 19th, happy fathers day to all of the dads out there. i'm rahel solomon. we send it over to one every our favorite dade here at cbs-3, justin drabick, happy fathers day. >> thank you. >> you served up a nice forecast for the dads? >> i d little on the warm side but hey june, headed toward the summer season, expect it. 90 degrees, humidity stays low, sunshine, outdoor activities with dad, no problem today. the trends the next few days, as well. gets little more humid as we progress, start of the work week. but this morning, not quite as pleasant as yesterday morning, yesterday waking up to 40's, 50's, today little milder, mid 60s at this hour. but we have the sunshine going for us. 66 degrees currently at the airport, light breeds out of the south, 3 miles per hour, humidity still on the lower side. but, trends, the warmer temperatures, so compared to 24 hours ago, we are about four to 11 degrees warmer, across the region. so that warmer air continues to build, eastward, across the
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delaware valley. six a now up in allentown, up to 61 in the poconos, upper 60s in millville, new jersey, everybody else, now, into the 60s, 63 degrees in quakertown, 65 in pottstown. so, storm scan3, stays nice and quiet. that's great news. if you have plans to head outside today, even tomorrow, and pretty much tuesday, now, looking little bit better, as well, but will be some rain chances, but until then, temperatures do heat up. maybe take dad to the ballpark today, diamond backs in town, first pitch at 1:35, and the sun, 87 degrees little more humid, inland, 90 degrees. we will finds relief from the heat at the shore, nice sea breeze develops, upper 70s, jersey shore, delaware beaches and lower 80s up in the poconos, humidity does increase, but it doesn't last too long. i'll show you the seven day forecast coming up in a few more minutes. >> fitting way to start summer. thanks, justin. >> new this morning, authority have pulled a mini-van from the delaware river, in south
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philadelphia, and now the search is on for the people inside. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" is live along columbus boulevard, where cherry, marine units, divers, were involved in the search? >> you can see they're still working, using the boats, in and out of the water since about 5:00. so, women before 5:00 this morning, now, we spoke with captain mark overwise from the thirds police district, and what he told us is that they got the call two witnesses saw cars speed g down the boulevard, ripped through the gate here at the shipyard, then crashed, with a huge splash, into the delaware river. the witnesses dialed 911, and
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police fire, officials and the marine unit came to the scene, and within about ten minutes, they pulled what they discovered, what looks to be a silver suv, in the merky water, the front of the vehicle when they pulled it out just around 5:30 this morning, the vehicle, really severely damaged, front bumper ripped off, and the whole entire front hood was smashed, three tires missing flying by, not sure of the model, comes flying by, so not paying attention, i heard a crash, i think it crashed into another car. i look forward. i see the gate meg, then i herds a splash, so i told my friend in the car like joe, somebody just went into the water. we pulled over immediately and just called the cops right up.
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>> now, as you can see, those marine units, are busy working, and what we were told by police is that a person could have very well been ejected from the vehicle. the front windshield had been smashed. there were keys in the car, so someone or someone could very well have been inside these marine units, will continue to work, and they'll search the merky water here, the delaware river, right near the corner of oregon avenue and south columbus boulevard. and of course we'll keep you updated to see if someone is located. live in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you, still a loft questions this morning. well, we are hearing from the police who have been inside the bucks county home, war dozen girls were rescued last week. our anita oh, shows us the homeowner faces charges and so do the parent everyone of the girls. >> they were living down in
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the basement, they were hiding in the chicken coops. >> that's the living conditions investigators found 12 young children living in inside this feasterville road. police have not bound birth certificate for any of the children. >> you look at the house, one, boarded up, the other, windows closed, little strange. >> homeowner 51 year old lee kaplan faces multitude of charges including sexual assault after police say he fathered two of the children with the eldest girl who is only 14 years old when she first conceived. she is now 18. >> mr. kaplan had her living there as some casino of repayment for a financial situation. >> authorities say the girls parents daniel and his wife were part of the amish community in lancaster county admitted gifting their child in exchange for helping them out every financial ruin, and they thought it was legal after research on line. >> kaplan's neighbors still in shock. >> makes me feel terrible. two doors away and i didn't know this was going on.
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>> inside the home investigators found elaborate train set worth tens every thousands of dollars along with homework, musical instruments. >> apparently wanted to be self-sufficient. there are cases every cans food in the basement, he had chicken coup with a loft chicken? it. >> and though the investigation is far from over, neighbors say, they're relieved the children are safe. >> this is it. finally. enough, like catch this guy. >> and because there were no birth certificates found inside the home, not clear who the ten other children, are and whether they are related. meantime kaplan and the girls two parent remain in county jail on $1 million bail each. in feasterville, anita o cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow this investigation, we'll bring you new updates on tv and on line any time new this morning, neighbors in port richmond are waking to up big troubles, several parked cars were damaged, when they were hit by another car. those cars were dented and side-swiped near venango and
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edgemont early this morning. police wore were able to track down the driver. neighbors tell us, they were just surprised by the car, which just kept hitting car after car. >> every car coming down the block, on to the next block, and almost hit one, two more. >> and the accidents are still under investigation. so far this morning, no charges have been filed. police and the philadelphia 35th district, were forced to evacuate their station, after a suspicious device was found. broad street was also closed near champ plows avenue. inside the backpack after man brought into the station for an undisclosed reason. once they spotted it, police called the bomb squad. >> during that period of time, that they were doing this, the police station was evacuated for safety, which is routine protocol. and that's it. the device is no longer at the police station, the bomb disposal unit. >> and the evacuation and the
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closure of broad street lasted about 30 minute, but this morning, everything is back to normal. now, to the latest on the massacre in florida, orlando's professional soccer team gave touch and tribute to the victims at last night's game. community meantime is determined to stay strong as the victims family did their final farewell during funeral services, weijia jiang reports now from orlando. >> ♪ >> the crowd at orlando's camping world stadium sent powerful message, by wearing the colors of the rainbow. >> hopefully shows unity, and that we're therefore the families and the victims, that we stands with them. >> the sit ace professional soccer team hosed the first major sporting event, since the massacre at a gay night club last weekend. katie bradley brought her two little boys, with a message in minds. >> it means that we're at a city that, you know, we won't give into terrorism. stowe means a lot. >> the tribute here at the soccer stadium cents was just one of many event scheduled
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throughout the weekend, offering support to victims' families, as they lay their loved ones to rest. >> everyone coming together, when there was people that new them or not. >> hundreds stood outside the funeral for christopher, the 32 year old and his partner were both killed. volunteers wore massive angel wings to shield mourners from protesters. >> to say that love wins, that angels win. >> grief rippled across puerto rico, too. nearly half of the 49 victims were puerto rican, including 28 year old angel pedro, his father says now god has a new angel. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". later this morning, the african episcopal church of saint thomas will remember the orlando massacre, will hon or the victims beginning 10:30 this morning, on the 6300 block of lancaster avenue. the archdioces every philadelphia also remembering the victims of the massacre with a mass tonight.
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that begins at 6:30, at the basilica of saints peter and paul in center city. >> well, the family of nebraska toddler killed by an alligator at a disney resort are speaking out again. in a statement, released yesterday, matt and melissa graves say they're overwelmed with support and love. they continue: we under stands the public's interest but at weighs move forward this weekend, we ask for and appreciate the privacy we need to lay our son to rest. autopsy results say two year old lane graves died from drowning and traumatic injuries. disney now adding warning signs and temporary barriers to their beach areas. well, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", wild fires continue to grow out west. but, finds out how firefighters got some unexpected help battling the flames. plus: as school let out for the summer many parents enrolling their kids in self-defense classes, i'm chris martinez in los angeles, what are the critical skills your kids should learn to stay safe coming up. >> well, it is going to be a
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made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. >> fire shifted yesterday allowing firefighters get 40% of the fire contained. fire fight remembers spilled concerned about the threat of high wind returning, and extreme heatwave in
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california. 7,000 ache verse burned, and hundreds of homes are still at risk. now, to campaign 2016, presumptive republican nominee donald trump says it is time for republicans to rally around him. during appearance in las vegas, he addressed rumors that the gop will try to deny him the nomination at next month's convention. trump says despite the reports, he's not concerned. he'll be on john dickerson's show "face the nation" this morning, that airs at 10:30, of course, right here on cbs-3. >> and, democrats meantime, also took aim at trump. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren blasted the businessman yesterday. at the new hampshire democratic state convention, warren who has endorsed presumptive nominee, hillary clinton, and is now actively campaigning for her, did not hold back. >> every day it becomes clearer, that he is a thin-skinned racist bully. and every day it becomes clearer, he will never be president of the united
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states. >> warren has met with clinton in recent days, fueling speculation, that clinton will tap her for vice president. and recent bloomberg pole, more than third every clinton supporters say warren should be her vp. >> former president, bill clinton, gets an early fathers day gift. he and hillary are grandparent again. chelsey clinton gave birth to their first grandson yesterday. she and husband, mark, already have 20 month olds daughter. the former first daughter tweeted, quote, mark and i are overwelmed with gratitude and love, as we celebrate the birth of our son, aiden clinton mets vin ski. and justin joining us, a lot of people probably going out for lunch, brunch, dinner, celebrate g the dads? little warm but that's okay. >> dry, no threat of rain, don't need the umbrella, just short sleeves and maybe some shorts. today temperatures make a run at 09 degrees, especially around philadelphia, and find relief specially along the shore point, so there is some cool temperatures around.
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just got to search for t heat, humidity, on the rise over the next couple of days, summer officially arrives monday, right on schedule. we are talking about highs once again around 90 degrees are higher humidity levels, and we bring chance for shower or storm coming in for the work week, i'll time it out for in you just a bit. but still, comfortable this morning. here we, are low 60s up in the poconos, mid 60s around trenton, philadelphia, and wilmington, upper 60s toward the shore, a lot of warmth out to the wells, already mid seven's, at this hour in st. louis. so that will track eastward. that's why we bring in warmer air mass, starting today, and certainly on monday, into tuesday. but still, very quiet over much of the eastern half of the united state, high pressure dominating the mid-atlantic. every now and then mid to high level clouds roll in, overall lots of sunshine and the sun very strong this time of year as we approach the summer solsus tomorrow. little area of showers, storms, across minnesota right now, that's cold front, we will eventually track our way and pass through the region on tuesday, that's going to bring actually some cooler air for the ends of the week. i'll show you that in the
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seven day forecast, but still even though hot, humid i had at this levels not bad. current dew .58 degrees, that's actually pretty pleasant for the middle, second half of june. but eventually we start to climb into the humid and steamy levels over the next 48 hours. air quality going downhill little bit. just like yesterday. with not a loft winds today. and the heat building, it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as children, and people with asthma, so may want to limit your time outdoors if you have problems with that. now, as we approach summer solsus tomorrow, you may think that will be our hottest time of year. not really. yes we peak in solar radiation, that's when the sun is the strongest this time of year but takes good month to warm the air up. so we peak for average high temperatures in the month every july. and the ocean, actually, takes little bit longer. couple of months to really warm up. water holds a lot more heat. you know it if you go into the ocean right now, pretty chilly. but go to the shore august and september, that's whether we find the water temperatures at its warmest usually mid 70s, there is a little tip there on the summer season.
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today's high at the shore, 78 degrees. pretty comfortable with sea breeze developing this afternoon, water temperature now up to 68 degrees. rip countries being, little bit on the lower threat today. still make sure the lifeguards are on duty. so very quiet weather today. and certainly tomorrow with this area of high pressure dominating the mid-atlantic. then we go into monday night, clouds stream on in. there is the front i was talking about, not a loft moisture with it, it will pass through probably late morning, early afternoon on tuesday. maybe bringing scattered shower to perhaps even thunderstorm, not a big chance, don't cancel the outdoor plans. until then pretty hot. upper 80s, near 90s, temperatures at the shore, tonight more muggy, be in the 60s for overnight low temperatures, then tomorrow kind of same deal repeat of today. just little bit more humid. highs once again around 90 degrees. so near 909 this afternoon, for philadelphia, slightly cooler, and some of the outer suburbs, then more humid tonight, we drop to 66 degrees, and here is the extended forecast, many hit heatwave here just barely at
7:19 am
09 degrees for today, tomorrow, tuesday, then drop back to the low 80s on wednesday with lowering humidity, really the trends rahel, a warm up, then cool right back down again, that's a trends pretty much through the end of the month. >> little bit for everybody, justin, thank you the right now it is 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving. let's go over to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> good morning rahel. traffic finally moving better on the pa turnpike. you're looking at the mid-county tolls, no delays or problems here. and construction has been pick up both eastbound and westbound, between downingtown and valley forge and we're good to go also an accident, cleared, on the northeast text end sean northbound, north of quakertown, and that area is in fine shape, as well. and headed up to the poconos, no delays or problems, we move the traffic cam here to the art museum circle, art museum circle shutdown for event preparation. other than that the ben franklin parkway still open. moving the traffic cam one more time, to i-95, between broad street and the walt whitman bridge, no delays or
7:20 am
problems here. but, if you are on the walt whitman bridge expressway between packer avenue and brought street, out of camera range or we would show you but delays in that particular area. that's the latest from cbs-3 traffic center, now, rahel, back to you. thank you while many parents are sending their kids to summer camp, some parents are signing them up for classes. but we're not talking about reading, writing or arithmetic. correspondent chris martinez shows us skills every child needs to know. >> for self-defense teacher jared, her youngest students are some of her best. >> you can teach confidence to five year old. you can teach using your words, and setting boundaries to five year old, and they totally get it. >> she is seeing more parents enroll their kids at very early age. >> excellent. >> arthur believes it is critical for children to learn how to defends themselves, and teaching them to speak up if something is wrong is
7:21 am
paramount. >> what's really important is for kids to learn how to communicate effectively, how to set effective boundaries, how to stands up for themselves. >> here's why. the national center for missing and exploited children say more than 11,000 attempted abductions reported in the past decades, girls are targeted more often than boys. >> arthur says cell phones and the internet are making it easier for on line preditors to reach kids. she urges parents to encourage their children to speak up when they feel uncomfortable, with strangers, or even people they know. >> lilt sensation in your stomach, then you know something is wrong. >> mom kathy card wants her daughters know what to do if they run into trouble. >> i think if you're not teaching your children about it, you are doing them a disservice. >> a couple of simple tools could be the key to keeping kids safe. chris martinez, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". never too young. up next on "eyewitness news": a tv that keeps mosquitos away. finds out how it works, and
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where it will be on sale first. stay with us.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ the centers for disease control, zika is spreading quickly through puerto rico, doctors say new blood tests indicate within a year, hundreds every babies there, could be born, with a condition that causes abnormally small brains. meanwhile, one electronics company has unveiled a tv they say will keep mosquitos away, technology uses tall sonic waves that humans can't hear, to repel the insect. they say it also works when the tv is off.
7:25 am
says it is hoping to help protect against mosquito born diseases, the tv's are expected to go on sale in india first. on the cbs-3 health watch, this fathers day has a special meaning for one dad. he's celebrating with his young son, who is here, thanks to life saving operation. health reporter stephanie stahl has the story after dad who gave his young son the gift of life twice. >> jacob ortiz and his dad are now regulars on the playground, but just six months ago, the two year old was deathly ill. >> we were very scared. , it was a very dark time in our lives. >> jacob diagnosed with a rare liver disease. >> the bile ducts don't form properly. there is no way for bile to get out of the liver, and the liver becomes diseased and ultimately fails. >> after several unsuccessful treatments, doctors said jacob urgently needed a new liver, but an organ his own size rarely becomes available. so jacob's dad gave his son a piece of his own liver. >> when you see your child in need, you want to do what you
7:26 am
can to help out as much as possible. >> doctors removed about 25% of jose's liver and gave it to jacob. that piece of liver will regenerate and grow along with jacob for the rest every his life. >> we need an artery, a vein, we need a bile duct, but we can split the liver in a way that we can actually use part of the liver to transplant to the child. >> so this fathers day, jose is being celebrated forgiving jab okay life twice. >> i'm just grateful to see that i was able to do this. >> i wish i could give him a parade. he deserves just everything. >> they say it will be a special fathers day with jacob well now, but he'll have to stay on medication so his body doesn't reject his new liver. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> fathers love. well, still to come this morning, on "eyewitness news", crisis in rio. why the 2016 olympics has declared an emergency, less than two months before the
7:27 am
start of the summer games. >> plus, a boater speaks out after a plane crashes into the water, to speed away. >> all right, good morning, everyone, another pleasant start on this fathers day. but get ready. temperatures will be heating up as we move into the summer season. all break it down for you, coming up in eyewitness weather.
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>> good morning, happy fathers day, rahel solomon, let's get out to justin dray brick out on the cbs-3 skydeck. justin, happy fathers day to you. >> thank you. >> fortunately for us, you're also a pretty good meteorologist, so what's the weather looking like? >> thank you, all right, i try. >> i'm being nice today. >> it will be nice, yes, comfortable right now, not quite as comfortable as yesterday, woke up in the 50's, 60s, humidity, not high just yet. now, that changes little bit over the next 24 hours, so enjoy this nice father day shaping up, we're in the sunshine right now, all across the region, mid and upper 60s, but it will be a fast warm up today. so we woke up low 60s in the coolest spots, on our way into the upper 80s, maybe even
7:31 am
09 degrees some locations, coolest spot still quakertown recalling doylestown, checking in, 64 degrees, mt. holly, still coming in 61. they are the dew point temperatures, tells the story with the humidity levels, still in the 50's, pretty much where they'll be today. pretty pleasant for this time of year in june. but that changes later tonight, certainly tomorrow. storm scan3, no threat of rain today, fair weather clouds from time to time. so take dad outside, enjoy, the nice day, sunny, nice this morning, 60s this afternoon, does get hot, upper 80s. talk about we got to up 90 degrees this fathers day, around philadelphia, plenty of sunshine, hot but not humid. and then tonight, that's when things change. we bring back the humidity levels, stays hot, into the work week, i'll let you know how long it lasts coming up in the full forecast into few minute. back to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning, the search continues for the people who may have been inside a mini-van, that went into the
7:32 am
delaware river, early this morning. cherri gregg from sister station, "kyw news radio", has been following this all morning, and joins us now live along columbus boulevard, with the details, cherry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. medical units just arrived here, at the corner of oregon avenue, and south columbus boulevard. medics, marine units, have been working the past couple of hours to try to recover the personal persons that had been inside of that vehicle, that was pulled from the river, around 5:00 this morning. a buick rendezvous suv silver colored was pulled from the river. philadelphia police captain, mark overwise, spoke to reporters just before 6:00 this morning. he told us, police got the calls just before 3:00 a.m., about a car, that had sped down oregon avenue, cross columbus boulevard, ripped through the gate, here at the packer avenue shipyard terminal, and crashed into the
7:33 am
delaware river, with a huge splash. police, fire and marine units, arrived on the scene, and immediately they sent in divers to search the merky waters. they found the vehicle within minutes and by 5:00 a.m. used a tow truck to pull the silver suv from the water. the vehicle literally broke apart, as rescue workers pulled it from the delaware river. the front of the vehicle is severely damaged, the front bumper ripped off windshield smashed. and here's what they learned from witnesses. >> i told the officers, they were stopped at the light on christopher columbus boulevard, saw vehicle traveling high rate of speed eastbound on oregon, crashed through the gate and didn't see the vehicle after that. they exit dollars the vehicle, the witnesses did, look for the vehicle, could not see it
7:34 am
so they called 911. >> police and marine aoun rid still working, rescue workers, found, keys inside of the vehicle, and again, that windshield had been smashed. so captain overwise said it was very likely that someone had been ejected from that suv. and again, a medical unit, as you can probably see over there, arrived, just a few moments ago. they went to the edge of the river, look in, they communicated with the divers there, in that boat, and they went back and they brought the medical unit around, so we haven't had any update at this point, about whether or not a body has been located, but again, captain overwise says that it is likely that someone or some had been ejected from the vehicle. we'll keep you updated as the morning continues as i mention again a medical unit has arrived here to the scene where a car had been -- suv --
7:35 am
had been pulled from the del delaware river just couple of hours ago. in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that update. one man is dead and another is fighting for his life this morning, after a shooting in overbrook. we say the victims both 26 years old shot yesterday afternoon, on the 1,000 block of edgemore road. man killed was pronounced dead at the hospital, the other victim is in critical condition. no details on any arrests. a violent assault happened in broad daylight in the city's feltonville section, police say a man in his 30's, was slashed in the face yesterday at mascher street and wyoming avenue. he's now in critical condition. police have a suspect in custody. a woman is found beat tone death inside her chester county home, police say 62 year old denise is recent widow and was found dead friday in tredyffrin township. relative of the victim made the horrifying discovery in the 900 block of heather stone drive. authorities are investigating
7:36 am
the this case as a homicide. they ask if you have any information to please give them a call. >> scary moment for pilot after his small plane crashes off the coast of rhode island. pilot was the only person on board and thanks to several lifeguards was rescued. one eyewitness boating at the time, describes the moment he saw the plane which almost hit his boat. >> i noticed up ahead of me there was a plane, the plane was kind of coming at me. i looked and i said oh, that must and remote control plane. he ended up crashing maybe a hundred feet off the beach. >> and then incredibly this happened just one day before the pilot may not have been as lucky, first day of the season that lifeguards were on duty and that pilot is now expected to be okay. >> team usa prepares for the summer olympics, host city has declared financial emergency. government of rio dejaniero brazil says he needs money the governor rather says he needs money from the country's federal government to avoid a,
7:37 am
quote, total collapse of public services during the game. the oil price haves plunged rio into worse recession since the 1930's. meanwhile, also grappling with nationwide political crisis. president was suspended last month a mid a corruption investigation. rio, how much says everything will be ready to go on august 5th, when the games begin. well, thousands came out in philadelphia for juneteenth, commemorating the ends every savory in the u.s. >> ♪ >> # ♪ >> ♪ #. >> and, "eyewitness news" was at the parade, hosted by music producer and songwriter kenny gamble and the philadelphia community of leaders. mayor jim kenney was also there, and he says this event was important to show the true history of our country and our city. >> wasn't just what european males made in this country, it was many of us, many people made this country, and i think that we need to acknowledge
7:38 am
the fact they were there, and they contributed and they were heroic, without them this country wouldn't be as far along as it is now. >> and the event celebrates african-american freedom and achievement. and the struggles of enslaved africans in american, juneteenth dates back to 1865. well, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", in this week's dream drive segment, meisha trades in her car for a canoe. she'll show you the relaxing river ride where you, too, can see two states on the same trip. >> plus curious pup gets into a sticky situation. common household item he ate that sent him to the emergency room. and, it is going to be a hot start to the summer. we could be headed for a heatwave. justin has your fathers day forecast after the break.
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[crowd cheering over phone] >> dream driver: once the home of henry dupont, horticulturalist and farmer. >> we come here often to enjoy nature. >> dupont created a 60-acre
7:42 am
naturalistic garden. >> we mean you look around it, looks like all of these trees and flowers and everything just grew here. >> yes. >> but really, they didn't. >> each of these, hands selected by mr. dupont. >> kind of fun to see a garden that's more natural. >> inside the mansion, 175 rooms, filled with 90,000 pieces of early american art. >> this is a 66 piece set of dinner wear that belonged to george and martha washington. there is also very famous painting, of george washington, by gilbert stewart, that just about everybody recognizes. >> i'm sure. >> right now, they're taking us to a place called enchanted woods. i don't know but, but it sounds fascinating. >> this is so darling. it reminds me almost when i was a kid and i played with all of the little miniatures. >> everything is designed for children to use their imagination. >> i got to say like the fairy
7:43 am
cottage, just kind of fun to believe that you're living there. >> one of the things that's really neat, also, is this bird's nest. >> oh? >> giant nest. >> that's cool. >> that has three giant wooden eggs from birds. >> hey, i found some more. they're green. >> you can real i go on adventures, do anything. >> they can also relax yourself, just really enjoy the outdoor setting. >> thousand that we're in the summer months, there is nothing better than hitting the river. >> wilderness canoe trips of wilmington has a lot of options. >> we do canoes, kayaking, tandem kayaking and tubes. >> we're in the water shed class. and today we're canoeing on the brandywine river. >> they'll be paddling back down into delaware, and taking out at our state park location, at brandywine creek state park. >> sometimes you'll bumm noop traffic when things flow smoothly, the brandywine creek is a dream ride. >> i would say everybody should get on the brandywine. great experience.
7:44 am
>> with or without a canoe. meisha johnson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and justin joining us now, what a perfect day to hit the water. so, warm out? >> exactly, hit the water, hit the golf course, hit the shore, the lake, whatever. i mean, we got the sunshine going for us, today, still humidity levels on the lower side. that increases little bit later, this afternoon, certainly, tonight. but hey, it is mid-june. summer officially arrives tomorrow. so you're going to have to get used to the hot and humid conditions. still pleasant this morning all across the region from the weather watch ers checking in with temperatures in the 60s at this hour. so, let's check some of the backyards, 61 degrees still comfort affordable medford, new jersey, levittown up to 67. wilmington, delaware, broke 70s, 71 degrees, up in gilbertsville, eileen at 66, jen any cherry hill mid 60s, as well, head up to willie grove up to 68 degrees. pete nerve william town coming in at 64. so rapid warm up today, woke up in the 60s, we climb well
7:45 am
into the upper 80s, close to eight -- 90 degrees for some of the inland spots. so we take you down to the shore. good place to be if you don't like the hot weather, temperatures there will be generally upper 70s today. develop nice sea breeze little later this afternoon, but nice start to the day. had nice sunrise, and still little bit of waves to deal with this morning, but starting to lower, so little safer, for swimming witness -- conditions, but always make sure the lifeguards are on duty before you enter the ocean. we will be heating up. going back to last wednesday, high of 08 degrees, and thursday cool day, only 70. and then back to friday, saturday, mid 80s, and then today making run for 90 degrees. so this could be day one of the low grade heatwave for philadelphia. just barely making it to 90 degrees over the next new days, storm scan3, quiet, just few passing clouds from time to time. this morning, that's the trends. just like yesterday. so no threat of any rain today, or tomorrow, tuesday, we have shot at some showers. so here's your grilling forecast, maybe cooking dad
7:46 am
some lunch or dinner this afternoon outside into the evening hours, it will be hot, though, 90 degrees, in the sunshine. maybe headed to the shore, looks pretty good. really the next few days, nice breeze off the water this afternoon, up to 78 degrees in the sunshine. tomorrow, still mostly sunny skies, little more humid, we make it to about 80 degrees. now watch out for few clouds around on tuesday, could be shower, perhaps, even thunderstorm, and i won't cancel your beach plans at this point, chances are pretty low, and they'll be scattered, highs tuesday up to about 82 degrees along the shore, ocean water still chilly typical this time of year. we talk about a half hour ago or so, takes about two months, to really warm the water up. so, temperatures currently off the coast of new jersey, delaware, maryland, mid and upper 60s, so 68 off atlantic city, 68 degrees off ocean sit, maryland. so we are getting there. magic number of 07 degrees, which everybody looks forward to. so, through the day today, lots of sunshine, few fair weather clouds from time to time. tonight, again, mostly clear,
7:47 am
tomorrow, same deal. mostly sunny. then we have cool front approaches us tuesday, perhaps tuesday morning, we get couple of scattered showers in here as the front rolls on through, not a loft moisture with it, so this front comes through early in the day, weaver less chance of seeing thunderstorm, so again, no need to cancel the outdoor plans at this point for tuesday. so, again, weaver warm weekends, going on, but then see another shot of some cooler air, but returning, upcoming week, that will be the trends, into next weekends. so, still, we get these brief warm ups, and we just drop back to average. still no signs every any long-term sustained warmth in our forecast, we head through the rest of the month every june. so today, sunny, hot, not quite humid. 90 degrees, little more muggy tonight, mostly clear at 66. here's the extended forecast, each day, 90 for sunday, monday, and tuesday, that will make it a heatwave barely. then tuesday, there is the chance for the shower or thunderstorm, if you don't like the heat and humidity, wait until wednesday, more comfortable, low 80s, perhaps some showers thursday, we keep
7:48 am
it in the lower 80s through the rest of the work week, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. right now, 7:48. lot probably out on the roads today, fathers day, let's get a check on the roads and highways with ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, ann. >> hi, rahel, happy fathers day everyone, looking at the schuylkill expressway, between girard avenue and spring garden street. if you look to your left, that's martin luther king drive. some runners running down that, we have event going on, at martin luther king drive. along with it always being closed for recreational activities, but the stuck itself looks fine, out for fathers day brunn every, breakfast, where ever you are taking dad, schuylkill looks fine and through philadelphia and its suburbs. we move the traffic cam to the art museum circle. and the ben franklin parkway. now, ben franklin parkway, the inner drive, closed between logan square and the art museum circle for event preparation. we move the traffic cam one more time to the ben franklin bridge mid-span. no delays or problems on the ben franklin bridge. if you are taking your dad down the shore, both the
7:49 am
brennan walt whitman bridge look good, no problems 42, 55, a.c. expressway or the garden state parkway. have a good time where ever you are going this fathers day, drive safely. that's the latest cbs-3 # traffic center. i'm ann evans, rahel, back to you. >> thank you very much, ann. >> well, it is enough to gave you a lump in your throat. an oklahoma city dog swallowed gorilla glue and ended up with a lump in his stomach. jeannie moos has the sticky story. >> reporter: you never know where they've stuck their noses like the sign says, i eat everything, including the sign. from the lovable goof ball who swallowed golf balls. >> seven, eight, nine -- >> to the golden retrieve here managed to pass a light bulb to the dog who ate his owner's bra. >> that's the metal clasp. to the pooch who swallowed five rub i duckies. >> rubber duckies are child's play compared to gorilla glue. just ask this six month old
7:50 am
named lake, imagine this in your stomach? >> seriously. >> gorilla glue said it is for the tough he is jaws on earth, and getting it out after dog is tough, too. oklahoma city resident, crystal wilson, says a family member left the you. >> where the dog could get it. patches seem to like the taste. but gorilla glue expands, when it comes into contact with water. so when it meets stomach juices -- >> just small amount swollen up into like the size after turkey leg, huge. >> pretty much filled up a dog's entire stomach, said the vet to surgery removed it. >> see here the perfect shape of the stomach. so you get a mold. >> dogs ingest gorilla glue so often, one group posted simulation what happens in the stomach as the glue hardens. this can be deadly, go to a vet immediately, if you suspect your dog has eaten the polyurethane glue. though it bonds virtually everything, the lump doesn't
7:51 am
stick to the stomach lining and lake is recovering nicely. >> but at least lake didn't ruin 43 and a half socks. they had to be surgically removed from this great dane back in 2014. and you think you have trouble finding matched pairs when you do your laundry? jeannie moos. new york. >> love them but they can be little rascals. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", less than week for the nhl draft. what position will the flyers take? and the phillies have a new line up, but are they producing the same results? leslie has all of the highlight in sports, when we come back. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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flows into one incredibleh water experienceld now be sure to tag your mother you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes.
7:54 am
did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. >> herrera batted at this, took the pitch over the wall, left field, and gave jared the lead in the first inning. then, in the fifth, phillies still had the lead. and until nick crushed this pitch in left field stands, and the game tied up at one. still, in the fifth, more trouble, paul goldschmidt joined the homerun derby, two run jack to left, phillies trailing three-one, gave up three runs on nine hits. to the seventh we go. sack reno gonzalez on the lamb, solo shot to right. the 20th homer in five games, allowed by the phils, that's a
7:55 am
franchise record. they lost four-one, they've been out scored 45 to ten, during the five game losing streak. >> not scoring enough runs obviously, that's what it boiles down to. we needed more offense. i've been saying it all year. with these guys have to turn it around. >> a big week ahead for the flyers, as the nnl draft starts friday night at buffalo, surprised everyone by making the playoffs last season, losing to the caps in the first rounds, they have the 18th pick until the first rounds, ron hextall's team is loaded with defensive prospects, so will he pick another blue liner or go with the forward? >> we've got more defense pros peck than we do forward prospect, no different last year. we, you know, didn't have a lot goal ills. so we loaded up last year, little more than i anticipated, and this year, there is a little bit after focus on forwards, for sure. now that doesn't mean we won't pick defense men. >> now, to the nba, the season
7:56 am
comes to ends tonight, game seven, between the cavs anwar years, in oakland. cleveland could be the first team in nba history to come back from a three to one deaf set knit final, then win the championship. labron james scored 82 points in the last two games to force game seven, meanwhile the warriors look to cap off his took i can season after winning 73 regular season games. steph curry hopes it rebounds after getting thrown out thursday night. asked about his wife's tweet after game six where she said the series was rigged for money. >> between me and iesha the conversations about what happened, that's going to be handled. but other than that, that doesn't take any spotlight off of what my job is on the floor. and what the next 48 minutes will look like in game seven. that's all i'm worried b i might have to cut the wifi off at my house, though.
7:57 am
>> check out sports zone tonight. round table on the sixers draft, joined by sunday i hill, phil martelli, who should the sixers pick thursday night, lsu ben simmons, or duke's brandon ingram. that's tonight right here on cbs-3. now, to golf. the us open, shane lowry two shot lead over qualify andrew landry, thirds rounds play stopped by darkness, will finish up that round in the morning, then play final rounds. >> that's all for sports, happy fathers day. >> here's what's coming up at eight. driver turns parked cars into his own demolition derby. harsh words for donald trump. aiming them at his fellow republicans, get ready for hot fathers day, meteorologist justin drabick tells us if it is a sign to come, this sunday morning. to grow up.
7:58 am
but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
7:59 am
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>> pulls a mini-van from the delaware river, what eyewitnesses saw and heard. >> after dozen girls are coast cued from a home in bucks county we learn what life was like inside the house. >> a time to heal. one week after the worse mass shooting in modern us history. paying tribute to the victims, so philadelphia. >> goodor


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