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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> days after dozen girls were rescued from this feasterville house, neighbors speak out telling "eyewitness news" they tried to warn police about the situation. we're live with what authorities are saying. >> also, new this morning, a car accident sends three people to the hospital. we'll have the latest on this violent crash. >> and a live look at center city from our cbs-3 studios, it will be a steamy start to summer. katie has your forecast. >> today is monday, june 20th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. we are so glad to have jim donovan back in the house. >> are you really? >> yes, we are. also, getting your day start wad check on weather and traffic as always with katie and meisha. >> the roads clear for me. >> i did, you're welcome, all good for you, jim.
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waking to up real nice roadways, we know it will be hot, roadways nice and dry, just a lot of monday morning construction. >> as there always tends to be. weather conditions as you mentioned, cooperating, the coolest part of the day for those guys out there out there e hard hats, storm scan3, not much to see. high pressure to place for us but yes it will be a toast i beginning to the summer season here. and storm scan3 remains nice and empty at least, we can bank on full tub shine to help keep things nice and toasty, along with the good, sometimes take the bad, that will come in the form today of air quality a alert posted region wide. so if you fall into the category of sensitive, in other words, children, elderly, if you have any casino of respiratory illness, heart disease, that casino of thing, air quality today is less than ideal for you. so please keep that in mind, if you must be outside, try to limit that outdoor activity to the early morning or late in the day around us, because at the height of the day, say ten to 4:00 p.m., that sun will be awfully strong, and at the moment, off to pretty mild start anyway, as it is, so
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upper 60s up and down at least most of i-95, 71 dover, but under clear sky, we will likely drop at least another degree or two before we eventually see the sun come up, this is the longest day that we will get all year long, expecting just over 15 hours of daylight, but the daytime high spiking to 92 degrees, it will be a toast i one, oh, man is it ever. bip that water with you, katie, thank you so much. warm, warm day on top. looking outside, good news, vine open right now, open last night, no construction there, looking good, both moving in the westbound and eastbound direction, early risers, expect that even at the 4:30 hour on monday typically heats up pretty quickly. ninety-five south at girard, a loft early risers, expressly moving in the southbound direction, certainly have some moving in the northbound side too. schuylkill at girard, what you are looking at there, you can see both moving in the eastbound and weeks doctors cents, no delays. looking really good. shouldn't expect delays on the schuylkill until i would say starting heating up later in the 5:00, early 6:00 hour.
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car fire has been cleared, suing westbound the off ram top gulph mills, also construction 495 northbound, off ramp to edgemore, closed until thursday. take a look at this two, right lanes leading to up this, that will be blocked until right around 5:00 a.m. just at the height of 5:00 a.m. should be clearing, i'll confirm when it does so, brooke, over to you. >> new this morning, three people are hurt after car crash in the city's kingsessing section. two cars collided just before 2:00 a.m. at 47th and woodland avenue. the impact sent one car crashing through gaeton to the sidewalk. no detail on the victim's condition. and the cars at the accident is under investigation. >> the gloucester county prosecutor's offers is investigating a shooting in paulsboro. it happened late last night, at the corner of broad and pine street. no word on this victim, and no comment from officials. >> also, neighbors in bucks county say they called police repeatedly about the feasterville house where 12 girls were rescued last week. >> they want to know why authority didn't act sooner. "eyewitness news" reporter jan
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carabeo live in feasterville with the latest on the investigation. good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning, investigators continue their investigation here at this feasterville home over this weekend. they executed a search warrant here and went meticulously through every room of this house. you can see here on scene this morning, one police officer remains, that work that happened over the weekend, it happened right in front of still stunned neighbors, many who for a long time suspected something was wrong at this house, and even tell "eyewitness news" they contacted authorities years ago about their concerns. now, police have arrested 51 year old lee kaplan, and charged him with number of crimes including sexual assault. police say he fathered two children, a three year old and an infant, with now 18 year old woman living here. they say he first started having sex with the victim when she was just 14 years old. now, authority responded to this home in old street road after receiving anonymous tip about child abuse, inside police say they found 12 females hiding in a basement chicken coup. they range from six months to
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18 years old. police say the 18 year old may have been given to kaplan by her birth parent as some sort of business agreement for financial support. those parent have been arrested, as well. police say daniel and savila admitted to gifting their daughter and told police they thought the agreement was legal after researching on line there is mourn neighbors want to know why more wasn't done earlier when they say they contacted authority years ago. police had this to say. >> the neighbors that called two years ago, i don't know what you are referring to, what kind of call did they call, that they saw amish people? that's the calls that we got. i mean, we didn't get child abuse calls there. so if it was a child abuse call we would have responded naturally. >> this time a little bit different because they found out that this girl was 14 years old, had two children, so that gives you the probable cause to go in the house. >> now, police say the children found in this home appear to be amish. investigators say they're bringing in specialist to
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speak with them, and according to police, daniel and savila say the rest of the children are theirs, but police now work to go confirm, that since they have no birth certificates and none were end rolled in school. and at this time, it is unknown if any of the other children were subjected to abuse. now, kaplan and the girls' parents are all being held on $1 million bail. we'll have more on this, coming up at 5:00 have more on this story, including speaking with parents in this neighborhood who say they called police years ago, you'll hear from them at 5:00. reporting in feasterville, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks a lot, jan. >> you can stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of this story as new details emerge we'll bring them to you on tv and on line at gun control front and center on capitol hill. the senate is scheduled to vote on four measures to control the sale of guns. republicans and democrats are offering competing bills to address the so-called terror gap and expand backgrounds
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checks, the bills are not expected to pass. >> the feds are promise to go shed more light today on the orlando massacre, fbi plans to release partial transcript of the 911 conversations between negotiators and the gunmen, on cbs "face the nation", attorney general loretta lynch said she would head to orlando tomorrow to meet with investigators. yesterday marked one week since the worse mass shooting in modern us history. the gunman killed 49 people and hurt 53 other in the pulse night club. then died in a shoot-out with police. in orlando, as thousands gathered for community vigil, there was a rainbow in the sky. >> well, philadelphia's catholic archdioces remembered the victims of the tragedy in orlando. several hundred people attended a evening mats at the cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul, there were 49 candle, 49 roses, one for each victim. the archdioces says it was planning the mass since it
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learned of the shootings last week. >> i don't know how else we can cope and deal with something that's so senseless, and tragic, unless you can find a message of hope and healing in the lord. >> the tragedy hit close to home in philadelphia. kira murray who just graduated from high school was killed in the pulse night club. >> plunging into the delaware river. >> phillies diving team searched for hours yesterday, still no sign of the driver. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" take us to the scene in south philadelphia. >> it is unbelievable, unreal, you know, you don't see something like this every day. >> reporter: was waiting here at stop light at the intersection of south columbus boulevard and oregon avenue. just before 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> signature, at the light, at the intersection, so a light, i mean, a car comes flying by, silver, not sure of the model.
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>> reporter: moments later, a crash. >> i look over. i seen the gate missing, then i heard a splash. so i told my friends in the car, yo, somebody just went into the water. >> reporter: he says he ran to the water to help to no avail. >> i seen all of the debris, fender hanging off over there, everything, and nothing else, nothing in the water. >> reporter: he dialed 911. police, fire and marine unit soon arrived it, took divers just minutes to locate the silver buick suv. and an hour later when they hauled it out with twisted metal, busted windshield, police new the next step would be recovery. >> it is possible, possibly the body rejected in the crash? >> marine units with medics nearby searched for anyone who could have been inside. police divers spent hours searching for the driver of that suv, but low visibility, debris, and the morning's high tide, may searching conditions extremely difficult. a man who declined to speak on camera was interviewed by police, and says, the vehicle is believed to be his brothers.
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divers gave up the search around 9:00 a.m. police say it could be hours or even days before a body rises to the surface. in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, still ahead this morning, katie's forecast on the first day of summer. >> also ahead, labron james and the cavs win the nba title and bring cleveland their first title in 52 years. we'll so many you how they're celebrating this morning. >> and also this morning, a highway heavier. we will tell you where drivers were sharing the road with a kow. we'll be right back.
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>> drivers on interstate of new jersey had to share the road with a cow. take a look at this, from twitter video from rogers shot on i295 in greenwich township. police were able to escort the cow off the highway safely, we do not know yet where that cow
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came from. >> what did you call it, a highway heifer? >> yes, highway heifer, kind of interesting. the 116th us open is in the history books with johnson winning first major tournament. finished with three shot victory at oakmont near pittsburgh, he shot final rounds one under 69. west chester native, jim furyk, shot the lowest round of the day, and finished in a tie for second place. well, i am so happy about this. because i know bitter since golden state beat oklahoma sit so i am very happy the city of cleveland is celebrating major sports championship for the first time in nor than half century. last night's game seven we have the cavaliers, is one for the ages. irving hit three with just 532nd left in the game to break tie and sends the cavaliers to their first ever nba title. labron james, and the cavs, are the first team ever to come back from three games to one deficit to win it all, yes, i am still a hater, and i don't care.
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i don't care. fans filled the street of cleveland after the game, but one police officer was hit by a car and suffered a leg injury during the chaos, and police are actually still looking for that driver. a police car was also damaged during this party. the city plans a parade for the champs on wednesday, but take a look, i mean, the gala actually in california. it is crazy, that many fans, watching the game at home,. >> the time now is 44:44. >> katie here with another check on your forecast, kathy? >> guys, actually starting the summer season off on pretty tame note in terms of what you will find on storm scan, but it is heating up across the area throughout the day. with the clear sky, summer officially beginning today, we are going to see nothing but sunshine, humidity starting to ramp up for us here. so this is great, great pool and beach weather. meanwhile, way out to the west here, our next cold front starting to streak eastward, and we are going to see surface or trough rather nudge into the region follow it up
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by this cold front. that's what's going to spark the next round every showers and thunderstorms, could happen as later tonight, where we turn our focus here in future weather starting off at 10:00 p.m., this is just a guide, not gospel, but this is a model that does predict that we will see maybe spotty shower, thunderstorm bubble up by 10:00 p.m. generally through the overnight, then any activity rolling on through, very scattered, good shot that many of you stay dry, throughout the overnight, but into the early morning hours, we will have something to track here, about this same time tomorrow. and as that cold front nudges off to the south, may even still be some spots through the afternoon, but right now this model picking up at the southern tear of the area, picking up, showers or thunderstorms once again. so we should start to clear out through tomorrow night. meantime today, no worries, through the daylight hours, if anything, but just sunshine, no rain, no thunderstorms yet, hot and steamy, your high hits 92, crank up that ac. tonight we drop down to 70, only 70 degrees, through the overnight, so quite warm. there is a chance again for
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spotty shower or thunderstorm, look ahead to tomorrow expecting again fresh round of showers and/or thunderstorm. and we going to sit at least on the edge of the potential for some stronger storms, too. by wednesday, clearing it out, so we do as well with the humidity, looks like pretty nice day. meisha, over to you. >> katie, yes, very steamy today and tomorrow. good morning, everyone, happy monday, welcome back. admiral wilson boulevard, talking about this construction last week, moving in the eastbound direction. two right lanes are still blocked there. so, not going to cause too many slow downs right now, but as we were seeing later on specially last week, as we push into the 6:00 hour, specially into the 7:00 hour, our main hour of the rush, that's when it really starts to hang you up just little bit. give yourself couple of extra minutes there, that construction still out there. ben franklin bridge, looking grade -- great, moving in the westbound side. looking beautiful there. boulevard, headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching wissahickon avenue, giving you see what it look like, nice dry roadway, few early risers, overall things looking good. updates to mass transit,
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tweeting this out, as well, regional rails, bus, trolleys, starting new schedule. some are starting today, monday. media elwyn is the line bussing between elwyn and swarthmore, this will be going on through september 4th. and again, i will be tweeting this information out, as well. construction pa turn peak westbound, that left lane is blocked right now. not causing too many slow downs. and also, some construction 495 northbound, off ramp to edgemore, closed until next thursday, two lanes leading up to the two right lanes are closed until right around now. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, big changes coming to a popular whole sale store, details ahead in money watch. >> interesting story. also this morning, hollywood remembering arising young actor killed in a tragic accident over the weekend. in the power of we. a big belier we can tackle the tough challenges we face and
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build community through service and volunteering. it's time for you to raise your hand, go to and get involved in something you believe in. are you with me?
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back on "eyewitness news", if you are headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on sister station
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"kyw news radio 1060". also, the crucial test facing philadelphia's department of human services this week. the extraordinary lent rehabilitators have gone to make sure a baby red tail hawk stays wild, and a new dining app that helps solve an age-old problem. check in two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. this morning, hollywood is mourning the loss after rising star killed in a freak accident. antoine died in a car accident sunday. police say he was actually hit by his own car, as it rolled backward down his driveway, in studio city california. he had gotten out of the car momentarily, but police did not say why. he was just 27 years old. the time now 4:50, time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. we hear there is a big deal in the works between iran and an
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us company? >> reporter: that's right, reportedly buying 100 airplanes from boeing there is deal is potentially worth billions to the u.s. aircraft maker. it would mark the first major deal between iran and an american company since last year's nuclear deal, iranian airlines do have some airplanes from boeing, but most were purchased before the revolution, which is in 1979. jim, brooke? >> interesting. well, understanded some big changes are coming to cosco. what can you tell us about that? >> okay, cosco is switching credit card providers from american express to city visa. so city will be mailing new cards to cosco customers, cash back rewards and other perks will automatically transfer, but this all already happened as of yesterday. those american express cards, no longer taken. jim, brooke. >> interesting. thanks, jill. >> well, coming up after the break, we'll get another check on weather and traffic. >> hot and humid for the start of summer. katie will tell us when the next chance every rain will be this week.
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officially kick starting the summer season on hot and steamy note, with full sunshine, high humidity, great pool day, great beach day, if you are lucky enough to be joining us here, with the day ahead, not having to go into an office. so, if that is you, enjoy this while you have got t take care. we do have air quality alert posted region widement next frontal boundery already waiting in the wings, though, at this wide zoom on storm scan, you see it moving through primarily wisconsin. that will eventually be triggering a shower or thunderstorm even as early as late tonight. but specially into tomorrow. comfort index, we had talk about this, this time of year, humidity is key. the dew point is climbing, folks. throughout the day, about 60, is where we see it sort of hover. so it does mean it will feel muggy to you. when you the kind of heat we are talking about here, one of the rough days for folks that maybe have respiratory illness or asthma. take care today. ninety-two in the sunshine, ya, feels like summer, as we
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officially kick it off. still hitting 09 tomorrow. this is when the next cold front crosses, so watch for shower or thunderstorm, specially early in the day, but i can see one late in the day, as women. wednesday, starting to clear it out, all be it but briefly, thursday there is another area of low pressure scheduled across through. that will trigger mostly throughout any time during the day, since showers, some thunderstorms, one of those days you'll need the umbrella by friday though we do start to clear it out once more, meisha? >> sound good, good to know, katie. it will be very warm today, guys, just make sure to pack that water in your vehicles, you'll probably need it. thanks so much, good morning, everyone, happy monday, 95 south approaching academy, southbound direction, northbound side, mainly the southbound side. keep my eye on it, overall looking good. what we are seeing even over the past 30 minute, getting some of the early risers on the roadway already, jersey, 42 freeway northbound creek road, plenty every vehicles out, there on the schuylkill, headlights are actually moving in the eastbound direction at the conshohocken curve. see both moving in the eastbound and westbound side, particularly, is where i got
4:56 am
my eye right now on the schuylkill, so overall starting to heat up ever so slightly, being as though it is still very early, before 5:00 still. construction here 495 north, ramp closed until next thursday, also two lanes, right lanes, leading to up that is block until 5:00 a.m. jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", liver with the latest in the investigation in feasterville as neighbors speak out. >> also, ahead, after days of criticism, and speculation, donald trump has a message for the gop leadership. hear what he is saying now. >> and wild fires continue to burn across much of the west. we'll tell you what's making the flames even worse. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> this morning, neighbors are frustrated. they say they warned police about the situation inside this feasterville house. we're live with the latest on the investigation after 12 girls were rescued. thousands packed into the heart of downtown orlando, one week after the night club massacre. i'm weijia jiang with their tribute to the victims and the latest on the investigation coming up. >> and violent crash over night, sends three people to the hospital. we'll have the latest on the investigation into what happened before the impact. >> well, today is monday, june 29th, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan. it is the the 29th, is it? the 20th? >> i know i just came back from vacation, i thought have i lost a week?
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>> all right, all right, the nine is next to the zero in here. i'm brooke thomas, why did i have to actually check that? summer officially starts today. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, jim, welcome back. roads are looking good, nice and dry right now, but heating up this monday morning, so give yourself a couple of extra minutes. >> now the weather, just heating up, the weather is doing very much the same. first official day of the summer season guys. check it o so storm scan, nice and quiet, won't have to spends too much time throughout the day today. what you will find however is a nice long day, the summer solsus, after all, so you end up with over 15 hours every daylight, 15 hours and about 38 seconds to be exact. but, with storm scan empty, and full sunshine on our side here, throughout the day, these temperatures that may be starting off innocently enough into the 50's, even 60s right now, are going to soar and once the sun does come up, easily going to get you into the low 90s for yet another da


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