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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hot out here, still about an hour and a half away from the official start to the summer season. marking the summer solstice at 6:34 this evening. we will bring in the new season and temperatures surely are acting accordingly. check this out 6:34 is your summertime start time, and as we head in the next couple of hours. our first evening of summer ahead, 91 degrees is your current temperature ahead in philadelphia. 89 degrees in allentown. mid 80's down the shore. warm one. ocean temperature up to 71 degrees. dew points they are on the rise, about a couple of degrees at most reporting sites meaning that sticky factor is starting to increase and that will impact our heat index as we head into the day tomorrow but a storm is possible overnight tonight and we will let you know when to expect. that a couple stronger storms tomorrow and then some relief from the summertime heat is on the way. we will let you know when to expect that in the full tore cast in just a few. >> see you then. now in the news tonight
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new information is revealed about the couple facing charges in connection to the rescue of 12 girls from a bucks county home. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is in feasterville more on this story, whiz is attracting national attention, a neat a. >> reporter: these court records found daniel and seeville stoltzfus followed $300,000 and that is where it began. one hours, 151 year-old home owner, 12 young girls living in the basement, it is discovery rocking this small neighborhood after someone alerted authorities that lee kaplan fathered two children with the girl who was only 14 when she first became pregnant. >> this could have gonna lot further. it is a shame. >> reporter: monday investigators removed some musical instruments from the home to bring to the girls being interviewed by authorities. daniel and mrs. stoltzfus, the parents of the eldest girl now 18 admitted to police they gifted their daughter to kaplan for helping them out of
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financial ruin. >> even if they know them who would do that report are the court record show stoltzfus family operated a metal business on their kirk wood farm which grew to ten employees in 2003. in a former lawsuit against old order amish amish program, amish leaders, forced employees to resign and threatened that they would be should from the amish community otherwise. that is when the stoltzfus family claim it cut ties with the faith, lawsuit also alleged that the non-profit then cancelled the couple's required insurance policy on the mortgage claiming it ways only for amish members. without insurance, amish leaders reportedly claimed the mortgage was in default. although court documents show the couple paid a monthly mortgage they stopped when amish lead's allegedly raised the interest rate on only the couple's mortgage which increased the payment by $400 a month. the stoltzfus family tried multiple times to block the sheriff a's sale of their property and later in an eviction but they failed.
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i reached out to lawyers who previously represented both parties but i have not heard back yet. lee kaplan as well as daniel and mrs. stoltzfus remain in county jail on one million-dollar each, they are expect in court on august 2nd, for a preliminary hearing. live from feasterville, a knee a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fbi released transcripts of the orlando nightclub sheeter omar mateen's conversations with authorities during his deadly rampage. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is live in our sat center with more on this chilling work. >> reporter: more than a week after a gunman killed 49 people and wounded 50 others in orlando, florida, fbi released new details about what he told police during that rampage. first report of it this morning redack some information but following heavy criticism, a complete transcript of the three calls was released this afternoon. identifying himself as islamic solder orlando gunman omar
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mateen told a crisis negotiator to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq, and that is yes was out here right now. on monday, fbi released, a printed transcript of the three calls between mateen and hostage negotiators during the rampage and a 911 call. >> while we're not releasing the audio what i can tell you is why the killer made these murder us statements, he did so in a chilling, calm, and deliberate manner. >> reporter: mateen also said there was a car with bombs outside the scene at the pulse nightclub, warning you people are going to get it and i'm going to ignite it if they try to do anything stupid. orlando police say they are deeven ifing themselves from criticism for how they responded to the shooting. chief is not ruling out possibility some of the victims were shot by officers, during the frantic search for mateen. >> that is all part of the investigation but here's what i will tell you those killings are on the suspect. and the suspect alone in my mind. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general loretta lynch plans to
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meet win investigators and survivors in orlando on tuesday. now mateen's body has been released by the medical examiner but there is no word on who it went to. meantime funeral arrangements have been set for 18 year-old akyra murray, west catholic graduate killed in the a tack. viewing will be held friday between eight and 10:00 a.m. with her funeral scheduled for 10:00 a.m. at monumental baptist church. recent graduate of the star basketball player and planned to attend mercyhurst on a full scholarship in the fall. live from the satellite center, nicole brewer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. tonight we are hearing from two philadelphia woman injured during the orlando shooting rampage. patients carter and tiara parker are back home and they are sharing their stories. >> he tried to push on as i have been, continuing and encouraging other people as i have been and encouraging myself like i have been. >> i had people tell me tell you you have been through things that people in the
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military don't even see. you are right about that. >> we will hear more from the two brave young woman coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. four gun bills are up for a vote in the senate. lawmakers on both side of the aisle are discussing these bills, two come from republicans, other two from democrats. republicans support one plan that would let a judge deciding whether a suspect terrorist can purchase a gun. democrats say though it is not strong enough. >> democratic alternative would not ensure due process, protect constitutional rights or required the government to review its procedures to be sure it is investigating the right people. >> keeping terrorist from buying guns, that should be something upon which every member of the senate agree. >> reporter: none of the proposals is expected to pass, earlier today the supreme court upheld, state bans on assault weapons. maker of the semiautomatic rifle used in the sandy hook shooting asked a why to throw out a lawsuit brought by families of the victims.
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both sides were in a connecticut courtroom for a hearing. lawyers for families are arguing that gun was too dangerous to sell to civilians. attorneys for gun makers say they have followed the law. >> congress decided you cannot go back to the manufacturer, because a criminal used a gun. >> we will have to pursue with everything that we have, accountability. >> the judge in the case has yet to make a ruling. philadelphia a mayor jim kenney signed the cities new sugary drink tax into law earlier today. the new legislation levees and 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sweetened beverages like regular and diet sewed, sports drinks and bottled coffees. opponents say it is unconstitutional and vowed to fight it in court. the mayor says that the city is prepared to take on those critics. >> we have been talking with our law department which is extremely capable offhandeddeling this situation going forward, nothing has been filed yet so it is hard to comment on something that
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has not happened but we are prepared to fight i >> taxis expected to raise 90 million-dollar in revenue annually that would go toward expanding universal prek, sparks and recollect centers and other things. it will go in effect in january 2017. jury deciding fate of chaka fattah wraps up a second full day of deliberations without a verdict. jury originally began deliberations last wednesday but were forced to start over after a why dismissed a juror. that person has been replaced. fattah is accused of arranging an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan in paying back part of it with federal grand money and charitable donations. he denies the charges. a drug bust in the northeast, land two heroin dealers behind bars. thirty-eight year-old santos javier ruiz and philipberg oz were charged in the month long investigation by attorney general's office. authorities seized roughly
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half pound of heroin with a street value of $85,000 and also drug packaging materials. the attorney general admitted that the agency usually prefers to go after bigger players. >> we had to make that decision do we take it off street or allow to it continue to go back out on to the street so we can build a bigger investigation. we determined that it was more important to take it off the streets when we could, and hopefully save some lives. >> both men are doing to court for a preliminary hearing next tuesday. vehicle involved in the accident that killed actor anton yelchin was under a voluntary recall. >> the gear shift in those vehicles is getting a closer look as chris van cleve reports there have been other roll away complaints about the similar models of jeep cherokee. >> reporter: twenty-seven year-old anton yelchin was found pinned between his 2015 jeep grand cherokee and fence at his home in los angeles. lapd says suv was on and
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rolled in the star trek star because he may not have put it into park properly. it ties early in the investigation to know if an issue with the vehicle's computerized shifter played in the deadly accident. monostable electric tronic gear shift or e shift lacks typical grooves and sensation of moving the car in park drive and reverse and there have been 600 complaint about the vehicles not properly going in to park and in some cases rolling away n april fia at chrysler voluntarily recalled 1.1 million vehicles including 2014 and 2015 jeep grand cherokee. company documents show the fix was not expected to be offered until at least july. cbs news first reported about this in march, gary titus told us about issues about his 2014 jeep grand cherokee. >> i got out, thought it was in park and it was in reverse still. >> reporter: we drove a similar vehicle at consumer reports test track in connecticut. >> here, and it is because, i pushed all the way forward it
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doesn't mean i end up in park. >> reporter: in a statement fiat chrysler says f.d.a., u.s. extend sin see condolence on the to the the family and friend of mr. yelchin. company is in contact with the authorities and conducting a thorough investigation. chris van cleve, channel three "eyewitness news". ticket master settles a lawsuit and you might be eligible for free tickets. how to check when we come back. summer is here and that means jersey fresh produce is hitting the market. i'm cleve bryan. coming up why farmers are hoping that the summer of 2016 is full of long hot days. likely, never want to see a police car trailing you with the the lights flashing? we will tell but one officer's alterior motive that has the driver praising him on social media. and a plan crash lands on the roof after disappearing from radar. the roof after disappearing from radar. how rescue workers tracked the alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing
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and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ here's something you don't see every day a small plane crashed on top of the warehouse in south east houston when the plane disappeared from radar the fire department used emergency beacons to track the wreckage to the roof. the pilot was the only one, in the plane, he was hurt but it is expected to be okay.
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summer season doesn't just mean rising temperatures out there but it is time for new jersey's most popular, produce. >> sweet corn and blueberries are in season. new jersey report are cleve bryan got an up close look at the produce process. >> reporter: in south jersey the first day of summer marks start of the most tasty season of the year. many types of jersey fresh produce are hitting local markets, from squash, green veggies, to the garden state's famous jersey sweet corn. washington township farmer david did you havefield says to him beginning of the summer means raising the benefits of the months of hard work this sweet corn was planted at the end of march, this particular sweet corn here so it gets exciting as a long period of time for that to be in the ground before you start, you know, harvesting benefits. >> reporter: sweet corn accounts for 17 million-dollar annually in new jersey's billion dollar agricultural industry. farmers say that a cooler then usual spring has caused most
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of the corn crop to be a little slower hitting the market this summer, but you they do expect to see just about everything ready for your fourth of july picnics. >> a little bit behind from other previous years but we're excited about the quality we have. >> reporter: blueberry growers are operate nothing full swing and in hamilton the red, white and blueberry festival are just weeks a way. the stand are loaded with fresh berries. >> it is getting busier. soon it will be raspberries and stuff like that but blueberries is the main thing here in hamilton. >> reporter: this family has been farming information 80 years and fun to hear how far people come to buy blueberries at their stand. >> it is nice, it is nice living on a farm and being able to have it right there if you want to run out and get blueberries or what not. >> reporter: always fresh blueberry pancakes. >> yep. >> reporter: cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that makes me hungry. >> hopefully they don't dry up with all of the heat we have. >> it is warm out there. >> mother nature is like it is summer, we will ramp things
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up. >> why not. >> tis the season. temperatures are toasty, humidity levels, they are increasing but still tolerable at this point but tonight will be a muggy one and humid day tomorrow. we have a storm chance as early as tonight but no storms in the scene right now. we will get a live look right there, can't find a better place then down the shore. margate, beautiful conditions. blue skies, waves crashing, but only a few souls out there on this monday, but some lucky souls, indeed, getting a live look in center city philadelphia just a couple high clouds and low clouds on the scene, combined with some sunshine and some serious heat, our current temperature right now 91 degrees. southeasterly wind at 14 miles an hour, to help give us a cool breeze but still feels like a hot fan. temperatures we're feeling heat all across the delaware valley, even down the shore right now we have had westerly wind, land breeze, all day long so keeping temperatures elevated at 90 degrees and in
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cape may. 86 degrees in stone harbor. sea breeze just developed over the last hour or so-so helping things out in ocean city, so these temperatures will start to go down over next couple of hours but right now, steamy especially on our southern shore points and dew point they are a bit in the 50's. we will feel that muggy factor. sixty's down the shore. they could be worse. they will climb in the 60's as we head in tonight and through the day tomorrow. we will start to feel that humidity factor especially if combination with another round of heat. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions but we have a cold front upper wind, not looking impressive at this point but isolated thunderstorms starting to break out across western pennsylvania, and back into the midwest and that cold front will be approaching as we head into the night tonight. we could see a few pop up showers and thunderstorms especially late tonight, well past midnight, otherwise ac will be running 71 degrees. south/southeasterly winds at 10 miles an hour. another hot even more humid day tomorrow, high temperature
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of 90 degrees. partly sunny conditions with a scattered storm both early in the morning and i think in the afternoon as well, not everyone is going to see storm activity. they will be hit and miss in nature but the storms that do develop we could see a few strong ones and much of the areas under a marginal risk of severe weather through the day which entails down powers, strong damaging wind and hail as well. future weather showing us into tonight we will see storms popping up but again not a wash out for anyone. as we head throughout the day we will see sun period but that will destabilize the a atmosphere. if that front stalls especially over southern portion of the area we could see another round of storms firing up. i think especially in philadelphia and points south as we head in the afternoon hours again a few could be on the stronger side but not everyone will see storms tomorrow. some will be staying dry and then everyone dries out as we head late into tomorrow evening. in your three day forecast tomorrow is definitely humid day. we will get relief from that
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humidity as we head into wednesday. not quite as hot at 86 degrees. sun toy partly sunny conditions, on wednesday and then another chance of storms arrives as we head into thursday with high temperatures in the middle 80's. that is a definitely summery looking forecast. >> yes, it is. >> true that. >> thanks, lauren appreciate it. nevada woman wants the world to know about a police officer's small act of kindness. >> dorothy ortiz was driving in rush hour traffic, and an officer caught up to her and her cruiser and said her tire was flat. he did one better, he change it for her. she took a photo and posted it to facebook. >> it was like shares after shares after shares, i realize like wow, they are good people out there. >> the officer declined an interview saying he was just doing his job. >> nicely done. >> very nicely done. still ahead on "eyewitness news" vandals strike in bucks county. it doesens of tires slashed but it is not neighborhood residents falling victim this time we will show you who is
5:21 pm
dealing with the damage, don. on a smoldering hot day we have shades of 1964 why phillies needed more than a sister act on their side against diamond b
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don's talking about our friend the phillies and we're searching for a positive spin here. but we're -- >> how dig do we have to keep. >> how dig do we have to dig, right now. >> it will take a lot of digging. they're going through it right now, guys. i don't know what else to say. phillies played arizona this afternoon no need for suspense, they lost. here's a stat they need to remember for first time since 1964, phillies were swept in the home stand of at least six games. wow. it is bad right now. to the bank we will go, cast members of the sister act from walnut street theater, yeah, that is right, sister taking a selfie. that is good stuff. enjoy it. first inning no divine intervention, that is roger,
5:25 pm
and one to nothing diamond backs. next batter, jake lamb. for the two run shot. jeremy hellickson only allowed three runs but as you know phillies don't score a whole bunch, they fall three-one. they have lost ten out of 12. >> we still have plenty of games left and it is either that or give up. these guys, there is a lot of good, they can do some things. we have proved that in the first two months of the season. i'm just going to keep pushing them to get back where they were and to improve. >> all right. on to the ice now set your reminder, in your phone, got it, flyers home opener is on october 20th, they will host anaheim ducks they are four-zero western conference against home opener, rest of the schedule will be released tomorrow. go to the ballgame, you never get a souvenir. now you hand it over to your kid, here's the ball, what do you do. >> no. >> that is what i would like to do.
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>> that happened at white socks indian game yesterday. here's the ball for you. take that home. >> mom, i got this. >> thanks for coming. >> he was not playing. >> i'm out. >> yes. >> how about that. >> the kiddies shocked. >> they have to work on that. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next, vehicle vandals in bucks county. >> costens of tires slashed destroyed in warminster. i'm greg argos with the video that could lead police to the suspect. we're dealing with hot weather here but nothing compared to out west, they are dealing with deadly and dangerous heat, when will they see relief. then new at 6:00 o'clock planning for a cause why this group of senior citizens is spending the afternoon, working on their core muscles. doing a great job. wow.
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parking lot puts will, who slashed dozens of tires, across a bucks county community. the war minister police are trying to track down the tire slasher. >> greg argos thinks why they have a good shot of catching the culprit. >> reporter: monday technicians at lafferty chevy in warminster spent hours replacing brand new tires. >> you can see, them right here. >> reporter: after this man caught on camera, going through parking lot early saturday morning. >> when he came through he was kind of crawling. >> armed with something sharp and slicing his way through 99 tires. >> he worked his way up through, and then came through here and then ended up actually two or three more in the back that are damaged.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: sales manager joe tabor say motion sensor cameras pick up the suspect and security company was able to scar him away. >> they got on the loud speaker and he went right across the way there. >> reporter: any clue who this guy is. >> no, not yet but they will fine him though. >> reporter: quarter mile away bill primrosies wishing the same thing. >> came in at 6:30 in the morning. every car had flat tires. >> reporter: six cars were vandalized and he paid four grand out of pocket to fix his customers tires. >> they dropped the cars on to be work on. i cannot tell them by the way your bill is $300, for the tires. >> right now we are still taking reports in from various victims and witness that he is may have seen things in the area. >> reporter: jim donnelly says his detective are working hard on the case and with at least four other businesses, also hit, it is a top priority to find the man responsible. >> we will put all of our resources behind to it find out who this individual is. >> i hope they find his
5:32 pm
fingerprints or his blood, and they can get this guy. i do. i would be curious to find out why. i would like to have a talk with him. >> reporter: of course, cost to replace all these tires very expensive. at this business alone, more than $22,000. reporting here from warminster, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". several significant wild fires are burning out of control in southern california, arizona and new mexico. the so-called sirpa fire near santa barbara is biggest of them all burning 7800 acres since it started last wednesday. right now, that fire is only about 54 percent contained, and fire fighters there are not only battling dry conditions, but also contending with extreme heat that has consumed parts of the west. baby-sitter hicks is getting kid outside before the heat forced them to find something to do indoors. >> games, facebook.
5:33 pm
>> anything but outside. >> yes. >> anything but outside. >> reporter: for second day in a row temperatures, in parts of the los angeles are forecasted to sore well in the triple digits. >> it is really hot and it is only 9:00. >> reporter: extreme heat is blame for four deaths in air zone, two hikers in tucson and another two in phoenix. on monday rescuers in phoenix brought another hiker down to safety. >> i think a lot of them want to hike when it is that hot, to say we dit. >> reporter: excessive heat warnings include santa barbara county. fire fighters are making headway battling this so-called fire that has burned 12 square miles. >> if we had a week without wind we would be great but unfortunately that is not predict. >> reporter: near mexican border dry brush and extreme temperatures are fueling 1500-acre wild fire. fire fighters should get a break soon, cooler temperatures are speculate they are week. the heat wave that began sunday has shattered temperature record throughout
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the southwest. some sad news to report tonight horse found covered in what appeared to be paint ball shots has died. dudley was about 35 years old and in poor health when it was found seemingly abandoned and abused in march. after being nursed back to health at new bolton center in chester county lily was adopted by former comedian and talk show host jon stewart and his wife. stewart's wife tracie posted on facebook that the horse died at their new jersey farm on sunday. closing arguments began in the trial of the caesar goodson. he is facing most serious charges in the death of freddie gray. he was the driver of the police van gray was transported in. goodson drove so erratically that gray was tossed around in the van. the 25 year-old died have after suffering a devastating spinal injury. gray's death ignited street protestness baltimore. now on the campaign trail cbs news has confirmed that donald trump has parted ways with his campaign manager corry lewandowski, presumptive
5:35 pm
g.o.p. nominee's campaign confirmed the move in the statement today. earlier this year lewandowski was charged with battery of a reporter in florida, but he was never prosecuted. the move comes as polling numbers for trump in the general election has slid, while his unfavorable numbers have listen. meanwhile presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton has no public events scheduled for today as she takes a break from the campaign trail. new monmouth university poll shows clinton leading nationally over trump by seven points among registered voters and eight points among likely voters. she hold a 47 percent to 39 percent lead in swing states. meanwhile we're getting our first look at newest clinton. >> mom dad and all of the grandparents thrilled with this this is aidan clinton mezvinsky, chelsea clinton and mark mezvinsky's second child and clinton's second grandchild. charlotte was born in june of 2014. well, some changes are
5:36 pm
coming to broad street ahead of the democratic national convention next month. >> that is right host committee announced new beautification projects that will enhance the street scape along north and south broad street. mural arts broad street will paint need yan on south broad, special plantings and garden walk are coming to north broad and south side of city hall will temporarily glow with colors of the patriotic lighting display. by the way we're just 35 days away from the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. and for more on the preparations leading up to the convention, you can go to cbs aspiring chemists gathered at the kimmel center for national competition. >> students were on stage for contest called you be the chemist national challenge. sixth through eighth grade's cross the country and our area competing in quiz bowlment the competition wraps up later today. welcome to the area, good luck to you all. wow, big stuff. still to come a bizarre
5:37 pm
discovery in new england, a swarm of bees buzzing around the trunk of the car but it is how they got there that has police getting involved. if you use ticket master you could be in for a big surprise, the reason you might want to log on tour account, lauren. we will get a break from the heat and humidity but first we will deal with storms and called it could be on the stronger side. i'll let you know in the full forecast coming up.
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starting to day millions of ticket master customers are eligible to receive free tickets. >> um-hmm, new is there a little fine print. you will need to pay attention to free tickets come as part of the multi million-dollar settlement over ticket fees. customers must have purchased tickets between october of 1999 and february of 2013 to be eligible, and the free seats are only for select shows. the customers can log on ticket master web site and click on vouchers. you have to be patient, there are web site crashes and missing redemption code. from spain, a line that is not red or white but blue. blue color of their wine comes in part from the grape skin and right now blue wine is only sold in europe. it cost equivalent of $11. i have never seen that before. >> that is blue wine. >> yes. >> never seen that. >> i know. >> all right. taking a little will sip. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", it will have you look
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twice, a moving water fountain, where this living statue, has people taking a second
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a story that is creating a buzz in massachusetts. an investigation is underway, after a bizarre find, in the trunk of the car this little bit unusual. official where is call to the scene after a swarm of bees started to pour from the trunk opening of this car. bee keepers were called and they found hives inside and apparently they were put there on purpose, only one person was stung and not seriously hurt but bees did put residents on edge. >> being allergic i was kind of worried but i mean we went across the street they were in that area. i was watching them closely, but safe distance. >> i was going around the house, around back to avoid bees. >> police are trying to figure out why the hive were put in the trunk in the first place. what is oldies new again, in louisiana and quite a sight for sore eyes. >> take a look at this moving statue, it is called living fountain and it is back in
5:46 pm
action after five years. the attraction a 30 minute show, returned this weekend, in celebration, in celebration of the restoration of the maiden statue damaged two years ago during a tornado. look at that. look at the hair. that is unreal. solar power airplane on an around the world flight started transatlantic leg of the history making trip. solar impulse left jfk airport in new york and expected to land in spain in three days. 17,000 solar cells power its propellers and charged its batteries. solar impulse spent sometime in the lehigh valley and its trip started in abu dhabi in 2515. one invoice age. lauren is back with the look at your workweek forecast. mother nature right on time, spot on. >> what time is it almost summer solstice. >> 6:34. >> yes. >> good memory, ukee washington. >> thank you. >> so close to the official
5:47 pm
start of the summer season when summer solstice occurs, sun's most direct rays hitting on the northern hemisphere and temperatures, moth are nature is act ago cordingly. it is a hot one. weather watchers are definitely noticing that. we will have some relief from the heat and humidity as well. you can see getting a live look at center city philadelphia, all that sunshine, couple high clouds on the scene. very few how clouds in the scene as well but mostly we are sweating it out then heat. we will check in with our weather watchers right now. we will head up to yardley. 86 degrees our current temperature from our weather watcher john, reporting bright sunshine in yardley. he says yes, sums it up, hot, steamy. nice day for the pool or for ac, do have a pool john? if so i'll stop bite later. we can cool things off. everyone would like to be by the pool or the beach but down the shore, in the mountains even getting a cool breeze but as we head down the shore temperatures are cooler.
5:48 pm
81 degrees, sunshine in ocean city as report by weather watcher james. by far the best day of the year for a long bike ride who doesn't mind heat fine with sweating and as we head until the next couple days we will have that heat especially in effect into the day tomorrow with high temperatures rising backup to the 90-degree mark. the right now at 91 in philadelphia. 89 degrees in allentown. 90 degrees in trenton. temperatures even warm down the shore right the now compliments of the land breeze as opposed to a sea breeze which has just developed over last hour and two, starting to get cooler air moving into ocean city, barnegat light house at 71. we're still up in the upper 80's in cape may but your temperature will tumble head in the next couple hours because of southerly win. dew points are elevated, they are in the brutal but we are in the 50's and 60's as far as dew points are concerned. we will definitely have muggy feeling to the atmosphere, overnight tonight, warm, muggy only down to 71 degrees. storm is possible late tonight, and early tomorrow
5:49 pm
morning and then we could see secondary round of a few hit or miss showers or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. another hot one up to 90 degrees for our high temperature but right the now all quiet, sunshine and heat, storm scan three showing us cloud in the western counties right now but not as quiet as we pan down to the gulf of mexico where we have latest tropical storm, danielle, that will continue to move westbound into eastern mexico. as a weak tropical storm wind at 45 miles an hour. issue with this system, parts of the mexico will see copious amounts of rainfall, up to 15 inches. closer to home we will have a cold front moving through tonight. that will pop off a few storms late tonight early tomorrow morning. a few hit or miss storms possible again in the afternoon and early evening hours tomorrow, and on the back side of the cold front on wednesday, less humid but temperatures still warm, up into the 80's and we will keep it in the 80's heading in to thursday. another weather system approaches from up wind giving us a chance of showers and
5:50 pm
thunderstorms. what to expect specifically for tomorrow? cloud around, a few spotty showers and thunderstorms, we will see a period of sunshine into the afternoon but then we will see hit or miss storms developing and during this time frame afternoon, early evening, we could see a few storms on the stronger side, again we are not going to see widespread strong weather but keep an eye to the sky, even down the shore that storm chance tomorrow 8 degrees the high. wednesday looking like a good beach day, sunshine less humid at 81 degrees as we head into thursday breaking out umbrella once again 84 degrees the high temperature. we will have a nice end to the workweek with sunshine, and 48 . back to you at the desk. >> thanks, lauren. still ahead, you can say they are swimming in money. >> you swim beautifully. >> beautiful. >> the makers of the finding dori, has a lot to be thankful for, we will go inside their record breaking performance and recipe for success when we record breaking performance and recipe for success when we come right
5:51 pm
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finding dori found box office gold this weekend swimming its way to the 136 million-dollar opening. making it the highest grossing animated debut of all time. >> lou agear joins us now from the story. >> finding dori blew box office competition out of the water. so tonight we will dive deep inside dori's secret form lah. >> when life gets you down you know what you got to do. >> just keep swing. >> just keep swimming. >> how dori is swimming in the history books and when i talk to the cast they have predict her staying power. >> i'm not ashamed to admit it, i was watching it and i thought my goodness i will start crying and i did. it was like really powerful, you know. >> i was blown away by it. kid were loving it. >> reporter: movie insider tara mcnamara shows us why audiences love dori and has right formula for box office secret success. >> the secret is that dori is
5:56 pm
the most liked character in disney pixar history swimming right past previous record holder shrek the third which earned 121 million. >> how long will it to take the next installment. >> i'm sure they are talking right now about a third film in this franchise, it does take four to six years for a pixar movie to come out so we will to have wait, but i think that they left a lot of room for a third story for hank the octopus and how he lost that eighth ten particular california. >> nothing to be a shame of. >> so much more tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. i was wondering about that. >> yes. >> coming on, with terms like that, just keep cranking them out. get all your hollywood news tonight and every week night at 7:30 on the insider on cbs three i'm sure nemo is still pulling in a nice piece of cash from 13 years ago. and she's on the screen set says but some people hope
5:57 pm
they steer clear of buying fish that looks like dori. that did not do well in captivity and they have a difficult time breeding. is there concern of over fishing which could deplete the population in the wild. after the original once again in 2003 there was a boom in business for clown fish. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> well, tonight a new episode of the cbs series, brain dead. >> yes, enjoy for a drink. >> why not. >> 4:00 o'clock somewhere. >> yes. >> do you think they are even talking about the budget. >> i think it may not matter. >> in the shadow of the budget showdown, laurel continues continue on investigate strange happeningness d.c. and we spoke with danny pinon and others about the show. >> in the second episode we tart to see these characters really getting more and more flushed out and we become more
5:58 pm
invested in their issues, and you find people to root for and people that you want to see go down. >> i love a new summer show. you can see the new show brain dead monday nights at ten right here on cbs-3. >> big fan of danny, he used to be cold case that shot here from time to time. great show. back the at it. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 local victims of the orlando nightclub shooting return home. they are still emotion that is still raw. >> i cry and everything, all i want but people will never understand what it was like. >> tiara parker and patients carter were both wounded in the mass shooting. coming up they will share their terrifying ordeal with "eyewitness news". they detail their recovery process and pain they face on the daily basis. plus new developments after a gruesome discovery of a woman's body in fairmount park why police say this case is so unusual, lauren.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: toasty start to the summer season we will let you know when we can see relief from the heat and strong storm in the full forecast coming up. line up is set, big names that will be head lining the made in america music festival on the parkway, "eyewitness news" starts right now. we went to an orlando nightclub to have fun but instead they endured a nightmare. tonight they are back home sharing their stories, and starting the process, of healing. the account of have what happened that night are just chilling, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. patients carter and tiara parker are both recovering from gunshot wound but they say pain goes far beyond the physical. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do spoke to the women and joins us now from the satellite center, trang. >> reporter: along with her mother these three of the strongest women i have ever
6:00 pm
met. they have return home from florida friday and working to adjust to a completely new reality. >> i keep hearing i'm one of the only few people that made it out, of there alive and looking at that. >> to think i died with my eyes wide open. >> reporter: tea ara parker and her bows friend patients carter were in the presence of the mad man inside pulse nightclub in orlando and lived to tell the story. >> i was shot in my leg, right here. >> reporter: scars both physical and emotional remain as they work to return back to their lives back in philadelphia forever changed. one part of the trio missing, akyra murray who died from her injuries. >> it isn't even real. this is real pain. really motions. i was really hurt. my cousin was really killed. like i had to witness that with my own eyes. hade to witness people die in front of me. >> reporter: her mother celest


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