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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well take a look he, an active weather day. storm scan3 shows storms headed our way this noon, looking at the potential for some locally strong ones today. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, so what areas could be in the bulls eye for rough weather let's get right over to the person who knows best. meteorologist, katie fehlinger tracking the storm from the cbs-3 weather center. what's going snob. >> guys, thankfully, locally
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not too much happening here in the delaware vale. but you just saw on storm scan, the storms are starting to ignite just off to the west, and as this front drifts through our region, we will eventually see the potential for some locally strong if not severe thunderstorms here, as well. more than anything, a sense of the timing here. we breakdown more of the meat and potatoes of the system as gee throughout the show. we look forward here, rather, back in time, i should say, i'm going to take you all the way back on the radar, take you back now to the overnight hours, we on the air this morning on "eyewitness news" this morning when two separate rounds of very heavy thunderstorms rumbled through. so there is the lead willing edge of this cold front. at the moment, though, here's the current radar. we are basically looking at not heck of a lot. you have some heavy thunderstorms off to the west, but all essentially clear here, locally, and that could be our demise, unfortunately, because when you get full sunshine like that, it is heating up the atmosphere, we get that instability, necessary, to help some pretty nasty thunderstorms to evolve.
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so, it is tough sometime to pinpoint. >> this here is the general timing, greater philadelphia region including wilmington, up until 3:00 p.m., when things will likely spark for you, little later the further south and east you travel, and then after, say, early dinnertime, the severe weather threat draws to a close. here's where we stand right now, a toast i afternoon, my friends, 86 degrees the current temperature at philadelphia international airport. we're only at 73 up at mount pocono, for you folks in the higher terrain, this system has since cleared. so, that's the spot to go, basically, if you are looking for dry weather at this point, but pretty much everyone else from philadelphia on south, especially, you are still going to be remaining in that potential for strong to locally severe thunderstorms here, coming up a bit later in the broadcast, i'll give you the meat and potatoes, track the system, a sense of when it will pan out, all of the impact you need to know, another threat for severe weather waits in the wings down the road, details coming up, as well, back over to you. >> thanks so much, katie. these high temperatures can be particularly hard on the elderly. and the very young. and if you're in delaware
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county there is available help for you. "eyewitness news" reporter jill hold send live from eddie stone with information on what delaware county officials are doing, to help residents stay cool. joe? >> reporter: hey, jim, good afternoon, they had thermometer sitting here in the grass in the direct sunlight. by the time they took it into the shade it was reading 120 degrees. as we just heard katie say, it is about 86 degrees, at the philadelphia international airport. it is warm out here. i can tell you that much. and the county on day two of the summer heat here, is responding with a program they have, they say, has potential to save lives, what's it all about? they rolled out about 300 fans from the counties officer of services for the aging. they're shipping those fans around distribution points in the county, and now they want the elderly to knows the fans are available for free to help them stay cooler on hot days like yesterday, and today. the county also extended hours at its air-conditioned senior centers, work to go identify those people in those areas, who are most vulnerable. now, we spoke to some of the
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county workers who hand deliver the fans to the elderly, we're told many of them are on fixed incomes, and often believe they don't need a fan. >> they say oh, i don't need a fan, i'm cold, when you are older your blood changes, and you're cold all the time. so they figure, you know using a fan, i'm not getting a colds. >> so if they're out there they'll take a fan? >> oh, they'll take a fan from me. >> now, for many people associated with this program like you just saw there, they do this because it is a personal connection, she had a good friends die from heat stroke a few years ago, so she said she is very happy to hand off that fan. might not seem like much, but she says, and other people here, say it has the potential to save lives. all of those fans, 300 of them, available for free, at the county's senior centers. live in eddie stone this noon, joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, joe. there is a potential break through this noon in the battle of the zika virus with
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a company in local times, pharmaceuticals based in plymouth meeting developed experimental vaccine. they just got approval to start testing the vaccine on people in a few weeks. researchers though will help boost the immune system to fight the mosquito born virus, which is linked to birth defects. >> and police in west philadelphia hope you can help them finds the two armed men who targeted the walnut food market in west philadelphia. it happened last tuesday, about 3:00 in the afternoon. one of the suspects used a pink handgun to hold up a employee while another suspect grabbed about $500 from around the counter. if you recognize these suspects, call police right away. police continue their search for five men wanted for a vicious beating of a south philadelphia man. the attack tap eude on surveillance video, but investigators say it is too violent to show. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo has the latest on the investigation. >> patrick cane's cuts and bruises are just about healed now but ten days ago he looked like this. a black eye, and cuts to his
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face. after police say he was attacked outside geno's steaks in south philadelphia. >> we got punched in the nose, i got punched in the back of the head, when i was bent over, couple of uppercuts into my face. >> now philadelphia police are looking for this group of five men, surveillance video caught the whole thing. but police were only releasing this video, seeing the fight is too brutal. kane spoke with "eyewitness news" about the encounter, it was saturday, june 11, kane from jenkintown was with his wife and some friends, they all wanted a steak after attending a wedding so they stopped by geno's. >> my wife's girlfriends, one of them asked guy at the table, does anybody have a cigarette i can bumm? off they went. guy lost his mind, got real angry yelling at him, you don't know who. >> i am violence escalated quickly, kane said one of the men claimed he was member of isis. >> he just got angry, got in her face, shoved her and then my wife said don't put your hands on a girl, they hit her. so the guy i was with, he and i are like all right, that's. >> kane was outnumbered five to one. he turned down medical
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treatment afterward, and broke what happened off as a bad fight. >> it is ridiculous, like this is what happens in the city any more. like everything just escalate right to violence and anger and people blow up for no reason. like there is no reason for it. it is just stupid. >> reporter: now police say this group of five men left the scene in two separate vehicles, one, dark colored pick-up truck, the other an s.u.v. but both with new jersey license plates. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting in south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> laid he is polls show presumptive nominee hillary clinton in the lead nationally. and clinton is in ohio today for a speech on the economy. presumptive republican nominee donald trump is meeting with evangelical christian leaders day after firing his long time campaign manager. brian web reports from times square where that meet something taking place. >> ♪ >> donald trump says it is time for a different kind of campaign, as he shifts to the general election. the presumptive republican
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nominee is meeting with evangelical christian leaders a day after dumping his long time campaign manager, cory louendownski. >> he did great job, but we will go different route. >> denies clashing with trump's children, especially daughter ivan a, said he still sports the billionaire businessman. >> in donald trump wins, that's good for cory louendownski. >> group of religious leaders opposed to donald trump, held protest in times scare, ahead of his meeting with evangelical leader. >> he consistently is scapegoating the religious minorities of this country and blaming them for all of our problems. >> this is a moment at which we have to preach the message of faith, over fear. >> the meeting comes, as trump's pole numbers slide specially in swing stayed, the latest quinnipiac pole shows hillary clinton with a eight-point lead in florida. trump's small lead in ohio has disappeared, and pennsylvania is too close to call.
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>> clinton is in ohio where she will speak about the economy, and go after trump on what many say is his biggest strength: his business skills. brian web, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". in other news, u.s. attorney general loretta lynn such head today orlando today, will meet with teams working on the orlando shooting rampage investigation, k9 crisis response team base in the cherry hill is also headed to orlando, six therapy dogs and their handlers are specially trained to help people deal with stress and shock of events, like the orlando shootings. our main goal is to provide service to emergency responds earls, that were down there, hospital staff, city workers, so on, that were so busy and focused on taking care of the victims, sometimes the emergency responders get left out. >> group raised money for their trip through a donation drive. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": arriving in style. the last day of school means
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more than just the start of summer vacation for this area teacher. and fielding fly balls, jet skis, fly boards. the big hits hitting these balls over
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judge police made arrest in the body after woman whose body was found in the park. sharon armstrong charged over the weekends, hemmed orchestrate the death of
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bryant over 800-dollar debt. investigators don't believe armstrong killed bryant herself, and are now questioning a second person. bryant was strangled, stabbed, shot and then left in the park. her body was found last tuesday. >> just or decide g the fate of congressman chaka fattah back at work today, now the thirds day of deliberations after juror was dismissed last week. the 11-term democrat accused of arranging illegal $1 million campaign loan, then paying back part of it with a federal grant money, and charitable donations. four other people are also on trial, fattah's lawyers have blamed two political consultants, who already pled guilt. >> i teachers, student, celebrating the ends of the school year, but today is a special last day of school for one philadelphia school teacher, marking the ends of her career. >> betty gram arrived in style this morning, at mitchell elementary school in southwest philadelphia. student and staff thereto greet her on the final day of her 30 year teaching career, one which she says has been
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very fulfilling. >> when you see the little ones that you taught, it is worth every minute. to see the growth and development in those children, and when they're coming book see you at the age of i won't say that, someone tell me age, but when they're coming bark, still keep in touch with you, that's a miracle within itself. >> she also said she will miss the friends and staff she has work with and miss seeing the little ones, but looking forward to not having to get up for work every day. >> she doesn't look like she is ready for retirement. >> at all. >> she looks like she is starting her career. >> good teachers are where it is at, i'll tell you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", the fire fight goes on in more than dozen states out west. find out why officials fear the battle could get even more dangerous. katie? >> and meanwhile, here at home, in the delaware vale, the potential for some dangerous thunderstorms looms today, and another day, in the next few, so coming up, we will track everything for you, give you sense of how this pattern will unfold in your full forecast right after the
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>> we have breaking news to report right now, there is a fire in burlington county. chopper three is over a townhouse fire on sassafrass drive where the flames broke out just before noon. the fire has now reached two alarms, you can still see the smoke there. there are no reports of injuries, but have more information as it comes into our news room any time at triple digit temperatures are helping to fuel at least 16 wild fires, burning in the western united states, and now there are fears that two fires outside of los angeles could merge. >> cbs news reporter carter
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evans in the foot hills of angeles national forest with the latest. >> these are huge flames. >> flames, from the fish fire, and reservoir fire, ate away at tinder drive vegetation monday. firefighters mounted strong offense, in punishing 100 degrees heat in order to keep the fires from emergency g -- merging into one massive inch fern glow look at the amount that is just pouring out of the aircraft right there, and just goes, it goes. >> smoke choked the air, and became an erie backdrop to the downtown los angeles skyline. drivers could see the towering plume from the freeway. >> more than 600 homes are now under mandatory evacuations, some had little more than ten minutes notice, before they had to get out. >> this is devastating, unbelievable, how fast it hams, and it was actually burning against the wind downhill. >> if this burns, i mean, we know the next thing will be mudslides. >> debbie crawford watched anxiously as the fire flirted with her property line.
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>> whether you live in someplace like this, you got to know there is a danger, so there is a trade off. >> as night fell, the flames crept closer. >> with the field being so dry, we could have another spark up couple of miles away. >> as soon as the sun rose, started getting warm again out here, specking another day of triple digit temperatures, and that of course could mean more wild fires. >> these things really mover quickly, too. >> they really do. and then wind obviously not helping matters. >> rough. >> it really is. now, we could be seeing some wind of our own here today, awe embedded within some thunderstorms already starting to erupt out there. so we will walk you through everything. not just today, actually another disturbance moves our way on thursday, could trailer -- trigger additional
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rounds of severe weather, for now focus on here and now, sense every what's going on, take you outside, to storm scan3, where else, you have active weather always great place to start. you can make out the area. see this? just this line that is swarming itself here in our area, and at this point the storm re diction center which is responsible, and the national weather service for issuing any thunderstorm watches it, just put out the discussion that they're not putting one out yet but likely within the next hour or two severe thunderstorm watch will be issued, for essentially the i95 corridor, points just surrounding it, so see heavy thunderstorms already, moving their way right now through south central portions every pennsylvania look like they may bypass philadelphia, but this isn't it, not out of the woods when this crosses through, so here is severe prognosis for the day. slight risk, actually, somewhat modified from earlier
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onto now include all of delaware count my philadelphia county portions of chester county cut right across the board err here into burlington, ocean county so the further north go less likely it is that you see worse of the thunder storms, i can't say i'm terribly excited about the way this initialize z but regardless always a good guide, never gospel certainly when talking future weather but good way to sort of give it a sense how things play out. look ahead to one or 2:00 p.m., we may have few speckles of localized storm cells to track, than will continue to bubble up near scattered fashion granted, but where these storms form, we've got a loft sunshine, got building heat right now, they could mean business. anything that lingers by five or 6:00 is very likely to start fizzling with time, in the thick every things, two, three, 4:00 p.m. or so, then see the front drop off to the south, maybe some lingering moisture, over maryland through the overnight. and really headed into
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tomorrow bet area n better. the reason i look at this, look at the vast difference, so much drier in mount pocono, than it is in dover or wildwood. you have dew point in the 70s here, and that's oppressive humidity where it feels incredibly comfortable. so basically right in line with where the front is crossing through as we speak. meanwhile storm threats, okay, heavy rain, that's a given with anything that bulbs up. but pretty decent shot for some very gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour, frequent lightning, definately seen a lot of storm sells produce that already. hail is lower threat, but still threat, tornado activity pretty slim chance, so keeping fingers crossed so we don't see anything in that regard, kutztown area middle school gorgeous, gorgeous looking day, don't get used to that storms will bubble up. ever hear thunder head inside. thankfully catch break from this tomorrow. but, we already have new system moving in on thursday, and that too could produce
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strong to severe thunderstorms, so we have to keep an eye on that one, that one emerge, but the here and now, scattered granted, but it does look like we will be facing some nasty weather as the day goes on. >> busy weather day. >> indeed. >> thanks, katie. we will
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>> welcome back everyone, "eyewitness news" has learned gush ores have reached averred if the case against pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. we are at the courthouse, and will be bringing you the latest information as soon as
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we get it into our news room. the phillies have lost seven in a row, and nine of their last ten. >> but now we may have some help for their struggling offense. a homerun derby at the uss mid-way aircraft carrier museum in san diego, the minor league california carolina all-star game is tonight, and players tuned up with some swings on the deck of the aircraft carrier, balls landing in the water are track down by volunteers on jet skis, paddle boards and kayaks. it isn't the first sporting event on the mid-way in 2012. syracuse beat san diego state, in a college basketball game. who knew? >> who knew. >> well, that's "eyewitness news" at noon for now. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line for you at and of course the young and the restless is next.
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