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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 23, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 inside the mind of a killer. we now learned the man who murdered christina grimmie had dangerous obsession with the singer. what a local doctor says may have pushed him over the edge. and forced from their homes, a forest fire prompts evacuations near a new jersey military base. what's causing the flames to spread. but first pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah hands over a resignation letter just one day after his conviction. the letter comes a mid calls for
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fattah to step down right away. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. fattah offered his resignation from the house effective october 3rd. that is one day before he's scheduled to be sentenced in his racketeering case. yesterday a jury convicted fattah in racketeering case that centered on efforts to repay illegal $1 million campaign loan. the 59-year-old democrat has been in congress since 1995 but in april he lost his primary bid for another term. republicans want fattah out of office immediately. speaker of the house paul ryan released this statement tonight quote mr. fattah has be trade the trust this institution and the people of pennsylvania and for that he should resign immediately from the house of representatives. we must hold members to the highest ethical standard and i hope that democratic leaders will join me in seeking his immediate resignation ". late tonight fattah issued a statement reading in part quote in further consultation with house leadership, we are working
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to identify angriable time frame which will relieve the house of any distractions in carrying out the people's business ". if at a if a at a does not leave office until october 3rd there will be no time for special leck. his staff will handle day to day operations until the end of his term. fattah says despite hess resignation he will appeal his convict. >> in wads the gundy bait rolled into unchartered territory. democrats are staging a sit-in on the house floor refusing to leave. house speaker paul ryan trying unsuccessful to regain order in the chamber only to recess the session twice due to the protests. democrats want a vote on new control measures that expand background checks and block suspected terrorists from buying guns. speaker says the house won't vote on gun control legislation. right now, the house is back in recess but democrats pledge to
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stick it out until they can secure a vote. also tonight firefighters in south jersey have their hands full battling a large forest fire that forced some residents from their homes. the fire has burned more than 40-acre on the front of joint base mcguire dix lakehurst in pemberton township. white news reporter natasha brown has more from the scene of the fire fight. >> reporter: you can see and smell the smoke before getting close to the forest fire at pemberton and browns mills road. >> there's smoke everywhere. ash is falling. >> reporter: fire started just after 2:00 p.m. at joint base mcguire dix lakehurst. >> it's on range troopers use for training. >> reporter: they're not sure if practices were underway on the range when the fire started. but it quickly spread consuming 40 acres so far. dry humid conditions fueling the flames. >> our folks and the joint base fire department firefighters are using bulldozers to make a containment line around the
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fire. one the contain many lines are done we'll use a back fire to burn out the rest of the area that hasn't burned. >> reporter: helicopters continue to drop 300 gallons buckets of water dousing the flames helping the fire fight from the air. >> shelter in place. get those windows closed. if you have a respiratory problem don't go outside. >> reporter: on the ground air quality forced the evacuation of at least 20 people from a nearby mobile home park. >> they said we can come back but it's definitely worse than what it was before. the smoke is way worse than what it was when i came four hours ago. >> i never went that was this before. >> seemed like it's been getting smokey eighty three and stuff. i don't know if they would have a water drop on the sight or what. >> i don't want to lose all my stuff. >> reporter: at this point the fire is 25% contained. meantime fire officials are hoping that nightfall and the onslaught of humidity that's said to be on the way will help to contain the spread of the fire. in pemberton township, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha thank you. we now know it was a micro
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burst of 70 to 80 miles per hour winds that caused the storm damage in parts of cape may county. the national weather service made that determination while surveying the damage in middle township today. downed trees and power lines kept homeowners and utility crews busy trying to get that mess cleaned up. in lower township yesterday storms knocked down trees on to more than two dozen homes. >> glad i wasn't here for this one much that's where i sleep. and it's amazing. little 10 minute fast storm right over the bay come over and bang. >> hundreds of homes and businesses in that area are still without power tonight. ac electric hopes to have everyone restored by tomorrow afternoon. new tonight a new jersey state trooper is injured in a crash in buena vista township atlantic county. the trooper's cruiser collided with a vehicle at route 54 and route 40 tonight. chopper three over the scene around 8:00 their. investigators tell "eyewitness news" the trooper suffered a leg injury. the other driver was not hurt. the investigation into the cause of that crash continues.
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disturbing new details emerging tonight about the man who shot and killed singer christina grimmie earlier that month. police were told the gunman became obsessed with the new jersey native and even changed his appearance for her. >> nicole brewer joins us now. nicole you talk with doctor about how an infatuation can lead to murder. >> yeah, it's so so sad, ukee and jess. so many questions that come along with this kind of tragedy. what was he thinking? why did he do it? could it have been prevented? of course, these are tough questions with answers that are even more difficult to pin down. ♪ >> at 22 christina grimmie was arising star. >> yo, what's up guys. >> hi. i'm going to sing. >> having placed third on the televise the sinking competition the voice back in 2014, grimmie developed a dedicated following with three and half million youtube subscribers. >> my fans are literally the biggest part of why i'm this
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far. >> her life and career were tragically cut short by a did he ranged fan who shot and killed her as she signed autographs then turned the gun on himself. >> we look at those people as stars something we want to aspire to. but there is a reverse side to that coin. good doctor eric filmer a psychology professor at drexel university believes the gunman 27-year-old kevin james loibl became obsessed with grimmie and a police report released today cites conversations with loibl's gross friend who says he spent most of his time watching her videos and monitoring her social media. >> when we watch tv, we feel like we have a personal relationship with the person we watch f they were to meet him and ask him about it he would probably tell us that this relationship was very close, very special. >> one sided relationship was likely fostered online. something he says makes stars more vulnerable now than ever. >> because they're more accessible electronically. >> while he no criminal history
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and was never diagnosed with mental illness his friend told police he lost 50 pounds, had laser ate surgery and got hair plugs to improve his appearance. it took his object stowing a new and dangerous level. >> these are real behaviors. they're measurable. they exist. that's where you turn the corner. >> why did dough it? >> it is ill logic crime committed by a person who is thinking ill logically. so if we're trying to figure out logically what the answer is to the crime, we won't succeed. >> now dr. says we need to focus instead on identifying would be perp straighters by looking for red flags and reporting them. he also says it's important for public figures to protect themselves whether that means cutting up an electronic or physical wall between them and their fans. >> it's such a shame. >> it's a sad reality. >> and she was just a bright spirit. >> that's the worst part of all of this. >> nicole, thanks. >> thanks nicole torments night the search is on for suspect accused of a assaulting and
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carjacking a grandmother in hainesport, burlington county. police say this suspect slapped the 82-year-old woman across the face in a supermarket parking lot forced her out of a car and took off in it. this happened on the 11th of june. the victim says she was waiting in the car with the keys while her daughter was shopping. police say the crime is very disturbing. >> considering the age of the victim. i think people would agree that it's a little more heinous. >> the victim refused medical treatment at the time and went home. if you recognize the suspect you are urged to contact the police. in campaign 2016 donald trump and and hillary clinton attacked each other in scathing speeches today. trump blasted clinton in new york city. presumptive republican nominee says clinton does not the judgment or term permit to president. she responded in raleigh north carolina while outlining her own plans to fix the economy. >> every american willing to work hard should be able to find
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a job that pays enough to support a family. >> donald trump offers no real solutions for the economic challenges we face. >> she gets rich making you poor. her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. >> clinton also met with house democrats today while trump met with evangelical leader. >> the city of philadelphia is getting ready to host the 2016 democratic national convention next month. it's being held at the wells fargo center and transformation of the facility is well underw underway. construction crews are reconfiguring wiring for television news coverage they are also ripping out seats to make room for new seating. the stage and podium are under construction. convention ceo lea caught tree says it will all be ready in time. >> philadelphia counts down to the dnc late show host steven colbert is preparing for the cop vince. colbert will be broadcasting live from new york during the
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dnc and the republican convention in cleveland. the rnc is july 18th through the 21st. the dnc 25th through the 28th. late show will have a presence here in philadelphia. we'll have much more on that in the coming days. maybe you noticed when you got your bill car insurance rates are spiking but it has nothing to do with your driving record. >> still ahead tonight at 11:2 of the of the biggest reasons your insurance premium might be going up. kate. >> it was beautiful day but things are changing now. these storms you see in the midwest, they are headed our way. and coming up we'll track them and time them out and tell you how they could impact your thursday and also what's in store for the weekend. plus, a black bear takes up residence in a tree. we'll tell you which new jersey neighborhood had to call in some backup to get the animal to leave. and we know by mike crow chip implants for pets but what about for people? why folks are getting the chips implanted in their hands and who is performing the procedures. be right b
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ buckle up. auto insurance rates are soari soaring. >> some of you are already feeling the sticker shock. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us there are a collision course of factors and why we're now paying more. >> reporter: it's the busy yesterday of the time to hit the roads. everyone has summer on the mind and insurance companies are well aware of that. >> it's not good news. jenna tidwell with aaa mid atlantic and tells "eyewitness news" there are several reasons insurance companies are bulking up prices. the first, low prices at the pump. >> we've enjoyed relatively low gas prices over the past year. that means we have more people out there on the roadways.
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>> reporter: new data shows u.s. automobile drivers drove more miles in 2015 than the previous record in 2007. more cars mean more crashes. another reason insurance is going up. the companies just simi don't want to take big risks. car parts like this backup camera are more expensive. 20 years ago you hit a bumper it might cost i was few hundred dollars now you might spend more than thousand dollars just for a few small taps. >> your rates go up it's inevitable. >> reporter: driver christina bruno feeling the financial pain after she and another driver recently backed into each other in a store parking lot. >> two cars are reversing revere same time exact time although i have 360-degree mirror at all times not just when i'm in reverse but the option of seeing it when i'm in drive and when i'm in park, somehow we still hit each other. >> she had to pay her deductible which was high because of her expensive car parts. remember that camera. >> any reputable mechanic is going to use brand new parts, you know, not the refurbished or
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rebuilt parts and those parts are much more expensive now than they ever were. report roar tidwell says auto insurance rates for the average middle-aged maryland mail will increase 10% this year. and that's if he has a clean record. tidwell says risky behavior like texting while driving every more pop flash only dangerous, it's another reason companies are raising rates. david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". this next story sounds like something out of a science fiction movie but it's for real for real. more and more people are getting mike crow chip implants. devices are helping some people simplify tasks in their daily lives. a minnesota man uses a low frequency chip implanted in his finger to open his front door and do a few things on his smart phone. >> dallas woman uses her implanted device instead of a key card at work. tattoo shops are performing the procedure. >> we're doing the procedure just to finish just like we would do app earring, knows ring, belly button ring a little
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piece of glass. >> the online company sells the device and injection kit for $57. but buyer beware the company warns on its website the device has not been tested or certified for human use by any regulatory agency and add advises to use it at your own risk. a delaware man bitten by a shark while on vacation in south carolina is recovering in the hospital. 42-year-old jeff scott of wilmington was bitten on the foot while floating on his back in the ocean on mart tell beach. he felt a tug but was able to shake loose from the shark and then swim to the shore. scott says the shark was between three to feet feet long. he is expected to be okay. >> black bear took up residence in tree in northern new jersey. the animal was first spotted last night. then when it re-emerged this morning fish and wildlife officers came to get it they shot the one-year-old bear with tranquilizer gun and safely removed it from the property. he did look comfy on that
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branch. i don't think he'll feel very comfy when he wakes. >> no, no, no. >> he'll be sore. ouch. >> when we wake up we may see some rain maybe. >> tomorrow looks like the kind of day you have to be ready for showers and thunderstorms at any time. a little rain in the morning. that could help stabilize things enough that we may not get the severe storm in the afternoon we still do have the chance for those. definitely a day to just be on guard it all depends what the storms do overnight noon tomorrow morning that will determine what we could see in the afternoon as far as tonight is concerned it's really nice outside. it's been a great afternoon. today the humidity was down. temperatures still warm we got to the mid to upper 80s today. but with dew points in the 40s and 50s it didn't feel too bad. nice night in center city as well. we've got clear skies and comfortable conditions at least for now. look at a time lapse video shows beautiful thai down the shore in margate at the beach patrol headquarters beach was packed today. the water still a little chilly but a few people are dipping their toes in. and then everybody packs up, heads home for dinner and beautiful sunset across the
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region as well just perfect day from start to finish. nice summer day things are changing as these storms head our way. 78 right now in philly. it's 67 in millville. 71 in allentown ocean water temperature 63. so again you have to be a little brave to take a dip in the ocean at least for now but it should start warming up as we head toward july. clear conditions at the moment but notice here comes the showers and thunderstorms over portions of ohio and we still are in the risk zone for tomorrow. but i do want to zoom back toward portions of the chicago area. portions of illinois, back into indiana that's where we saw the strongest thunderstorms earlier today and these storms are continuing to push south and eastward. there you can see they're lining up. instead of being discreet super cell style storms we saw earlier over chicago we're starting to see more avenue defined line of storms and this will be surviving through the overnight hours. tornado watches following this line of storms throughout the midwest. indiana into ohio and these may
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survive as we head into tomorr tomorrow. our severe risk for tomorrow has just barely the philadelphia area in a slight risk it does look like the best threat for severe weather is off to our south and west. certainly can't rule out a strong thunderstorm here. so timing this out for you you can see 3:00 a.m., that line of storms over portions of ohio into west virginia. most of this tracks by to our south but could clip us tomorrow morning with clouds perhaps few showers. mid morning and and possible physical you're over delaware some steady rain through the morning hours. showers continue on and off through the afternoon and could redevelop later tomorrow evening as well. we're not out of the woods even overnight tomorrow night. so again what to expect for your thursday. we could see that morning rain mainly south and west. then the threat for isolated severe storms in the afternoon. damaging wind downpours with any storm. for us it mate end up being more of scattered showers through the day but you definitely have to be on guard for strong thunderstorm at any time. pleasant night, 68 degrees but tomorrow showers and storms around. 80 degrees will be your thursday new high not as warm as today but the will be more humid day.
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steamy today, tonight into tomorrow and down the shore as well. showers and storms especially late friday and saturday look a whole lot better down the shore. temperatures back to the upper 70s with sunshine even witness weather seven day forecast looks pretty great. friday the clouds may hang on in few spots depends if that front gets hang up the weekend looks beautiful. >> bingo. >> all right. don what's coming up next in sports. >> we're talking some hoops. you think the sixers have too many big men? ben simmons doesn't. why the likely number one pick is fine with a crowd front court. phillies just can't get out of their own way. yes, it's true. highlights from minnesota coming
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all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. welcome back. sixers are expected to take big big ben simmons first overall in tomorrow's inform ba draft he's 6-foot fenn 240 pounds power forward but he passes like a point guard. when he met with the media today in new york he showed little concern about joining a sixers team that has a bunch of biggs. >> not really i'm a point
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forward. completely different to most of the guys. jahlil and joe well the bigger guys. i know i can really play any position. me and joe well have known each other since high school we had that for while. talking about everything going on. i think we definitely play well together. we're hoping ben can lead us to one of these for the first time in 52 years the city of cleveland hosting a may your championship parade. lebron and the cavs march into the streets with their brand new trophy. thousands of fans came out to celebrate. some stood on rooftops. some on top of port o potties. do what you gotta i suppose all to get a glimpse of the king and all the king's men. since starting the season with 24-17 record the phillies have the worst winning percentage in baseball just .200 the struggle is real and, well, wee keep waiting for them to snap out of it. minnesota we go. the phils taking on the twins. game 23 game series adam morgan
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on the hill trying to pick off move right there. it was, um, how you say unsuccessful. buxton advanced to second he would later score. go to the fifth inning. game tied at two. two men on more andres blank company singles to right but the ball gets passed keffeler in right neither team playing solid baseball here. two runners score. the game is tied at five. they are now in the sixth inni inning. vegas what happens there stays there. unless you're professional hockey player. in that case what happens there ends up on the scoreboard and on the stat sheet. today the nhl officially approved las vegas for its 31st franchise the league will begin play in 2017-18 season. all right. chicago fire visiting the union in chester tonight. second minute look at david mccann. turning on the jets. gets behind defenders one to nothing fire. not to worry, though. we have roland all berg on a tear picks up the goal in the
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15th minute and scored two more. that's the second three goal game in union history. they go on to one this thing tonight four-three your final score. the 2016 wanamaker's award ceremony today i had blast emceeing that event pretty good stuff. jay wright and the national champion wildcats winning this year's award always shout out to thompson and the chosen league along with the philadelphia city rowing both taking home awards as well. good times hanging out with them mayor kenny there as well. >> they invited to you row. >> that's right, that's right. i said it's not long 5:00 in the morning i'll be there. >> we'll see. >> we'll get you up at 4:30. >> thanks ukee. in it was perfect night for an outdoor concert. up
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new tonight local band kicking sunrise kicked off their summer concert tore with show in their hometown and it was for a good cause. ♪
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>> the band performed before a packed lawn tonight "eyewitness news" at washington lake park in washington township, new jersey. people of all ages came out to show support for the local guys and proceeds from tonight's show benefited the washington township police department's k9 unit. we'll be right back. ♪
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is coming your way neck. >> thanks so much for watching. have a good night, family and sleep >> male announcer: the following is paid for and furnished by hair club for men and women. this station is not responsible for claims made in the following program. >> female announcer: when it comes to hair loss in women, the reasons why can be as varied as the women themselves. but there is one proven hair solution that has taken these women from this to this in as little as six weeks. it's not a wig and it's not a weave. it's their own hair, only better, thanks to the only nationwide company that specializes in female hair loss -- hair club for women. >> it's a life-changer. forever. >> eternally grateful to hair club. >> be bald for the rest of my
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