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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news a police officer is shot in the line of duty in folcroft, delaware county. officer has been air lifted to a hospital and manhunt is underway for the gun man. good afternoon i'm brooke thomas. i'm's jim donovan. the officer was shot just before 10:00 o'clock this morning and now at penn presbyterian medical center where our greg argos is live with the very latest on the officer as condition, greg? >> reporter: and jim, good afternoon. that 25 year-old folcroft boro police department officer was rush here to penn presbyterian hospital as you mentioned via helicopter around 11:05 this morning. i want to give you an idea of the scene right here. we have officers from many
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different departments, including of course, many from the delaware county area. here's what we know so far about the officer and incident that led up to this. at 10:00 o'clock this morning at 1500 block in elmwood street in folcroft that 25 year-old male officer was responding to some type of drug related incident. where he was shot at least, six times, in the face, in the arms, in the legs, and in the groin. he was stabilized at mercy fitzgerald hospital before being transported once again, by hell cooperate tore penn presbyterian hospital. this happened, it began around 10:00 o'clock this morning as you heard, but he was not transported here until 11:00. we are hearing family members, friend transported here to penn presbyterian hospital, to be with that officer as you can imagine, surgeons and doctors here rushed to save his life. we also are hearing from the officer himself as well. as those shots rang out he called for help, take a listen
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but you might find this sound difficulties turning. >> unaudible. >> shots fired, shots fired. i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm shot. >> that is the officer, right there calling for help once again, transported to penn presbyterian hospital as we heard at last check in critical condition, we will have much more on his condition, as soon as we get it, we will pass it to you. we are live here at penn presbyterian medical center i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now lets get to alex hoff live at the scene in folcroft where the shooting happened. alex, what can you you tell us. >> reporter: this scene is still very active right now. if you look behind me i will put this in perspective. the police chief is right by the scene of this shooting right next to the boro hall which is on lock down. about an hour ago this search was focused on the septa rail
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lines, as it runs right through, this area, right here, so those, that septa line and amtrak in this area are shut down right now but the focus right now has been on a apartment building across the street. as you can see we have a stretcher going nothing there increased number of officers arriving intact particularral gear, they have been staking out an apartment complex. the just a few moments ago i spoke with the woman who told me that she lives in this building and noticed suspicious activity for a long time now. she said she ran when she heard at least seven shots fired. >> drug activity happening the night before and night before that. they are coming down the fire escape in the back of the apartment, two or 3:00 o'clock in the morning. the dog was out there. the guy that shot the cop was out there the other day he has a beard. next thing you know i was standing by the back door and i heard the shots, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: some other people i spoke with said it happened
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so fast they thought it was firecrackers because they are not used to sound like that coming from this neighborhood especially not right next to a police department. once again we are getting a live look. they have police dogs out there. they are patrolling and staking out an apartment building, where we're seeing more and more crew is a live at this hour and we will certainly give you an update on the situation as soon as we can. reporting live, i'm sal and hoff, back to you for now. >> as you heard as police hunt for gunman rail services throughout folcroft has been suspended on amtrak, from wilmington to philadelphia. also septa wilmington newark line is suspended as the investigation continues. we are continuing to follow this breaking story throughout this newscast. a police officer shot in folcroft delaware county. stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage. when we're not on tv catch the very latest anytime on line at cbs making international headlines people in the united kingdom and around the world may talk about this day for a long time. voters have spoken in great
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britain's four three-year partnership with the european union is ending. tina krause has more from the stunning developments from london that forced the prime minister to step down. the supporters celebrated when the shocking word came down that great britain was leaving the 28 nation, european union. >> the sound has listen on a independent united kingdom. >> reporter: vote was a massive defeat for prime minister david cameron who announced he would leave office in october. >> i do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination. >> reporter: british pound crashed to a 30 year low and stock markets around the world plumeted. voters who backed leaving the eu believe great britain will have more control over immigration, trade and host of or economic issues. >> there is simply no need in the 21st century to be part of a federal system of government, based in brussels that is imitated, no where
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else on earth. >> reporter: president obama said the united states respects the voters decision and our partnership with britain will endure. leaders a cross europe are expressing concern french president fran is some holland called it a painful church. eu is losing western europe's top military power with nuclear weapons and world's fifth largest economy. analyst say it could take a few years for the separation to be finalized. in london, tina krause for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile stocks are plunging worldwide after a britain voted to leave the european union. british pound plumet todd a 31 year low. u.s. markets have reacted to the desituation. just after the opening bell dow jones industrial average fell sharply while u.s. stocks haven't fallen as much as those in europe and asia. dow jones did lose 500 points before recovering some it is now a at 450.
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villanova's driscoll hall college of nursing has been evacuated after fumes sickened self student. chopper three over the school in lancaster avenue in bryn mawr. students smelled a strange odor and many started to feel sick. so far in one has been taken to the hospital but students are evaluated by emergency medical teams at the scene. also there is no word on the source of that smell. we are waiting for a forecast with katie fehlinger live from the sky deck and katie. >> we will transition away from a storm system and high pressure settling in. even some wet weather to track. we have at the moment very, very scattered, and generally speaking rest of the day we will find any weather activity
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in terms of the radar activity off to the south of the city. some is picking up that western most suburbs outside philadelphia, pick up on showers at some point today but regardless this system is retreating, so at time we will not only brighten up but we will see worst of humidity start to dip out of here. at the moment we are off to a mild start here for the afternoon lower 80's from philadelphia to trenton on i-95. 73 degrees at ac airport. cooler down near the exact shore towns in ocean city, we are at 7o barnegat light at 68. more on shore flow, we have moisture to work with, some cloud cover but as day progresses and we will start to brighten up on the sky deck. intermittent cloud cover. we will see cloud, sun, some showers here and there, all left over as this system continues to make a full retreat. one spot that we can bank on sunshine is further to the north. further are north you go more sun we will see, more comfortable it will be rest of the day but i come bearing fantastic, weather news, for
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the upcoming weekend. so you will want to stick with me for that really nice weather news and also we will talk about how down the road the heat and humidity start to creep backup on us, guys, back to you. thanks, katie. in other news loved ones, friend, community members said final good bye to akyra mur toy day. many tears were shed as mourners gathered at monumental baptist church at 50th and locust this morning. young west catholic graduate was youngest victim of the shooting. following church services she will be laid to rest at mount peace cemetery. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will have more on the shooting of the folcroft police officer. >> also information that you need to get around town. philadelphia police road closings for next month democratic national convention. and ambulances race to the scene of a motivational seminar, how a fire walking exercise backfired on the well
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here's than update on the breaking news 25 year-old police officer is in critical but stable condition. he was shot six times, during a drug investigation. it happened on elmwood avenue at folcroft just before ten this morning. the officer was air lifted to penn presbyterian medical center after being stabilized at mercy fitzgerald. a manhunt is underway as a suspect is still at large. well, philadelphia has released more plans for next month's democratic national convention. >> as expected there will be road closures and some of which begin july 23rd, 2 days before the convention starts.
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roads around fdr park which is across the street from the wells fargo where dnc will be held will be shut down. and broad street from packer to terminal will close but, broad street line will stay opened. commercial vehicles heavier than 5 tons will be banned from parts of the i-95. there are many other closures and restrictions as well along with new plans for protesters, head over to cbs for more information. how about this, donkeys will be decorating the city of philadelphia as dnc convention comes to town 306789 local artists are putting finishing touches on 56, fiberglass donkey is a the tioga a marine terminal in port richmond. one whim represent each delegation. the fire officials say more than 30 people attending tony robbins event in dallas has been burned after robbins encourage them to walk over hot kohl's. five people were taken to the hospital last night. emergency personnel treated others at the scene for burns to their feet and lower
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extremities. the walk on hot coals was part of the seminar called unleash power within. twenty people were treated for burns after a similar tony robbins event in 2012. you wouldn't have me doing that. still a head on "eyewitness news". >> what a sight, fire and water in west virginia where flames and debris is swept along flood waters, we will tell you what is on fire, katie. same system that brought that flooding is still trying to retreat from our area but as it does so we have got what looks to be a pretty stellar weekend forecast ahead, then eventually heat and humidity rebuild, we will have the full forecast on the other side, stick around. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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or visit devastating flood in west virginia killed a at least two people including an eight year-old boy. torrential rains sent cars careening down water log street and knock out power to some 40,000 people and emergency crews rescued dozens from the rising waters. a flood warning for the area remains in effect until tonight. and take a look at this video showing blazing home
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being swept away from rushing flood waters, it is awful this happened in white sulphur springs west virginia. amanda carper and her family were stranded as flood waters rose. she posted this on facebook. carper says home broke apart before plowing into the road. >> that is a mess down there. >> horrible. >> awful video. >> so scary, thankfully the storms that came through yesterday, they basically just bypassed us, i mean that was only a state or two away from frustrates. we have gotten lucky glancing blow from that same system which is trying to retreat right now. >> really. >> yes, get it out of here. >> we're off the clock in a few hours and i want a nice weekend. >> transition is taking place. it will feel more comfortable and wet weather and clouds will get out of here. >> yes. >> well, it is looking good for upcoming weekend for just planted, everybody else as well. the lets take you outside and show you a view where it is looking nice and bright at this hour up near, in bethlehem in the lehigh valley. we have nothing more than a couple puffy cloud at this
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point. basically rule of thumb today is the further are north you go more likely you will see more sunshine and also that you will notice it feels a little bit more comfortable. this being taken from high atop hotel bethlehem with moravian college in the foreground and mountains off in the distance. i just love this shot. lets go down to the shore where you can tell it is gray outside. we have got darker cloud off in the distance, not stopping folks, obviously still out for the beach, beach weather but it is going to be nicer beach weather as days progress. still as we track this disturbance and retreat of it, there may still be left over showers as we discussed earlier in the broadcast but this is what will be moving away, and allowing for high pressure to essentially take it place. the as that happens we will start to see the cloud, scour out, humidity do the same and then we are back in the sunshine and weekend looks awesome back in the 80's for both tomorrow and as well as sunday. we're talking mid to upper 80es a. nice summer weekend where pool weather is a go, beach
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weather, perfect to take a dip in other word. by the time we hit monday humidity will go on a up tic, next frontal boundary will advance at that point so we will start to see potential for showers and or thunderstorms make a return to the forecast. we will talk more about that in the seven day but for now lets go around the resorts and give you a sense how it shapes up if you are lucky enough to make a little get the away here this weekend. sunnies out of the poconos and today right through weekend looks phenomenal and we will warm it up, to at least peak of the warmth for upcoming weekend on sunday. lets get down the shore where water temperatures are getting there in the upper 60's generally speaking out in lieu is, delaware we are at 70 degrees with that water temperature. even that is too cool for my personal taste i can get ankle deep at 70. we're getting there give us another month or two and we should get in the mid 70's or higher. with that said, all right, we have seen a.m. showers. there may be another shower out there, see rest of our friday but saturday and sunday looking fantastic as skies stay to clear out nicely
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sunday. peeking with the warmth in the shore towns, that is where your travels take you. you picked a good weekend. union as we bring it back home in the philadelphia region down in chester saturday evening, 7:00 o'clock for that kick off on saturday, 77 is the temperature and we can expect these temperatures up at least in philadelphia will get easily in the mid 80es a. that is where seven day comes in, ram pink up with every passing day with the heat and basically peak with it on monday and tuesday, before this next cold front crosses. that is also when you'll notice humidity really starting to ramp up. at that point we will show you a frontal boundary making it's a approach. we have to allow a chance of the shower or storm monday, tuesday looks like more of the shore thing and we will see modest, drop on thermometer by wednesday, in the wake of that front. >> awesome. >> thanks, katie. >> stamp of approval from jim donovan. when we come back we will update the our breaking news. the shooting after a police officer in
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let's get a live update on our breaking news a folcroft delaware county police officer is in critical but stable condition after being shot during a drug investigation. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at penn presbyterian medical center with the latest. >> and, we heard from the university of pennsylvania police officer, department in charge of penn presbyterian hospital and they tell thaws 25 year-old folcroft boro
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police department officer is in critical but stable condition. i want to show you the scene right here. we are awaiting the folcroft chief of police he is expected to arrive here via an escort by the pennsylvania state police department any minute to see the officer and get an update on his condition. the once again this all taking place around 10:00 o'clock in the 1500 block of elmwood street in folcroft. that officer shot some six times. shot in the face, arms, leg, groin area. he was responding to some type of drug-related incident and that officer was transported via helicopter, here to penn presbyterian medical center just a short while ago. right now we do believe there might be a pennsylvania state police helicopter landing here at penn medicine, that might be the chief of police. we believe it is landing right now here at presbyterian medical center but once again this officer is inside, multiple surgeons, multiple
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doctors are working to get him back into tip-top shape. he is in critical but stable condition so he has a long road ahead. details surrounding this shooting are ill unclear but officers a at the scene we heard from alexandria hoff about the search for the suspect. once again this officer a 25 year-old member of the folcroft boro police department in critical but stable condition after being shot six times, as soon as we hear from the chief or anyone from the hospital about his condition we will pass that to you. for new we are live i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" us. >> thanks very much, greg. we are continuing to follow this breaking story. police officer shot the in folcroft delaware county. stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage throughout the afternoon and when we're not on tv you can get the latest anytime on line at cbs katie, good weather for weekend. >> we are off and on every other day we have had a storm system and still waiting to
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get out of here. it looks good, even though there are at this point storm scan very briefly and take a quick peak couple locally scattered but even heavier showers picking upright on the tail end of the raid are, see in cumberland county a few lightening strikes, there may be a left over thunderstorm here, if you do get stuck underneath one of these cells you could get doused briefly. keep that in mind it will be taking place to the southwestern half of our region, before the day is all said and do. this will be clearing out. quick check of those temperatures flirting with 80 or above in most locations, and what is good about the way this pattern is unfold ago this with time, the comfort level starts to become nicer and nicer. weekend will be warm, sunny but thankfully comfortable too in terms of the dew points. >> that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> eyewitness nice continues at
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>> travis: forget what luca filled your head with and think about what you know is real. victoria, it wasn't me. >> victoria: i don't know what to believe. >> travis: then i'm sorry for you. >> nick: do not try and work her. >> travis: i'm here with the truth. that's all i've got. i'm not responsible for the oil spills. now, if you can't see that... >> nick: wouldn't be the first time a guy you cared about has looked you in the eyes and swore he was telling the truth. and it's not like this one has a merit badge for honesty. >> travis: you think santori does? i've worked with guys like him before. he will say or do anything to get what he wants. >> nick: yeah, well, we know what luca's about. you, not so much. >> travis: is that how you feel? un victoria: there are too many


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