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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> watch that arm. >> one of the things that could become a factor in this fight, per the show stats, more punches thrown by poart. he's thrown 445 to 355 for thurman. so he's been busy. >> good double jab by porter, getting on the inside, and there's the jab from thurman. >> step back! step back. full step back. there you go. >> saw steve farhood's scores. one of the reason he gave the point thurman was a big comeback. he came back very well in the second half of the round. it's a close round. that one surely could have gone either way. >> lead right hand by porter. >> and that's a couple of times porter has done that this round.
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>> counter left hand by thurman. just missed with that left hook. porter with the right upper cut. porter now swarming him. porter good defense. gooded had movement. avoiding the attack of thurman. muscling in with that left shoulder. >> again, that body-to-body contact. porter thrives on it. just missed with a left upper cut did porter. >> wants to push you around, push you out of the position and continue to punch and soak you. >> final 60 seconds of the night. >> is thurman cut, too? >> yes, he is, left eye as well. looks like a bad cut. >> we don't know if it came-- >> as i said, in this type of match-up, keith thurman cut for the first time in his career. bombs away in brooklyn!
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>> let it go! let it go! >> an incredible atmosphere for what has been an incredible fight. >> keith thurman, shawn porter, putting it all on the line in prime-time on cbs! ( bell ) >> keep working, keep working all the time. come on. you pox, you box, you box.
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you go back to your boxing. all right, go back to your boxing. relax. breathe, relax. take a swallow. >> well, the referee came over and told us it was a punch that caused the cut. and it is already cut there before shawn porter hits the head of keith thurman. so it will not be ruled a clash of heads, and we can see there that the cut was already there when their heads banged together. >> yeah, poarpt had landed a couple of sharp, hard right hands earlier this that round that might have done the job. >> and carlos vargas earning his money tonight, stemming the bleeding for the first cut in keith thurman's career. round 10, scheduled for 12, for thurman's welterweight
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thurman ducks underneath that sweeping left hook from porter. trying to feint porter. >> shawn porter, by the way, two and one in 12-round fights. thurman is undefeated in 12-round fight as we head very close now to the championship round. >> by process of elimination he's undefeated. he's undefeated overall. >> naturally. and again porter trying to smother thurman on the ropes. thurman with piston-like punches to fight off the attack. >> it would be a really news flash if i told you he lost the 12-rounder. >> and porter has a little problem in trying to turn this into a greco-roman wrestling match. there's the pawn jab of thurman. doesn't follow up, however. >> that last round have any impact on thurman in terms of
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overall taking something out of him? the cut, being pushed around by porter? we'll see. >> psychologically very-- >> nice right hand there connected oconnected on the jaw. >> those are the kind of thriewndz separate the men from the boys. >> counter left hook by thurman. >> thurman has had himself some good shots this round. >> both men have been cut in this fight. neither man has gone down. poart's knees have puckled. >> and now porter again has thurman on the ropes. thurman trying to hold on. porter keeping up the attack. porter mugs on the inside. and that's what he's doing. >> i got it. step back. >> porter treating thurman like an internet troll here with 45 seconds left in the tenth.
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>> and on this now thurman trying to turn it back into a boxing match. there's a double pump jab from poart. >> the best thing you can do to a jabber is keep jabbing with him. nice jab by poart there. some blood back on the cut of thurman. oh, porter walked right into that left hand! thurman has him cornered. >> i think he was off balance. and porter able to turn the tables again, an off-balance shot. bringing the fans to their feet. and, boy, they are throwing leather, punches and punches. what a fight! ( bell ) >> good job, good job. good round. keep working. what round? >> 11 coming up, all right, 11
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coming up. we need both these rounds. we want both these rounds. keep working. keep working. were. >> this is where the right hand created the cut. it starts to bleed. that's exactly where the cut was created. by that right hand of shawn porter. and you know, i was going to say, in-- in the last round, porter getting some more worked on, but there was where he was hit with that left hand that kind of knocks him off bbs. i agree now with pail. it was more of a balance issue. i think this porter wasn't hurt badly. already, thurman did land some big shots like that one. >> we have reached the championship rounds, both athletes championship caliber. thurman's undefeated record, and his welterweight crown at stake. has this been as good as advertised, guys? >> yes!
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and there are so many nuances to this fight. that's part of what's made it interesting. >> this fight is competitive. they told keith thurman in the corner, dan birmingham, the trainer did, they need both of these last rounds. and they maintain, but it's close. you want to make sure and win them just in case. >> yeah, you would have to assume, and steve farhood believes thurman is ahead. could be a lot of different ways. >> let's bring in our unofficial scorer, steve farhood. why do you have it the way you do? >> single shots in two or three of the rounds have been critical where the other guy, the guy that got hit, may have done the better work in the course of the round. it's going to be a real challenge for the judges how they score the two or three rounds. >> two of the best analysts to my left. al bernstein, what does thurman have to do in these round to ensure he goes home as champion. >> i think it's a very good fight. and i think he has to not get himself caught on the ropes. >> he has to mug him. as al said.
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porter needs to close the distance. on the outside, he's just not going to be as effective as thurman is going to be. and then get to work once he closes the distance. the thing is, it takes a lot of work to do that. does he have the energy here in the late rounds to do that and pull that off with that kind of work ethic. and psychologically-- oh, a counter right hand by thurman. and he stays standing! he's only been down once in his career. coming off his-- in his last fight against adrian broaner. he won the fight convincingly. but thurman tattooing porter with the shots. >> he just walked into two of those monster counters. >> it's going to take more than one time to drop portener this fight. >> shawn porter say tough cookie. >> i was saying, psychologically, when porter is fighting in the center of the ring and thurman is fighting like, this the judges feel like it's thurman's fight. if he gets pushed against the
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rope, they feel more like it's a porter round. >> the perception becomes the reality. a lot of times that's how you win rounds. >> you know that better than anybody. >> thurman-- >> a couple of left hooks to the head by thurman, and yet poart continues to navigate the minefield, coming forward. now using the stunner step. herky jerky head movement, but unable to cut off the ring. >> guys, that takes a lot of energy. all that herky jerky stuff, and then you have to get in and actually punch, too. >> keith thurman is landing some very good counter punches. >> he is. >> 12th and final round straight ahead! ( bell ) >> this was a round in which keith thurman was able to be very effective from the outside. they will trade right hands, but
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it's thurman's that gets there. and then he counters with that hook, and as paulie pointed out, those are the kind of punches you can thur normally knocks people out with. >> stay on the line. don't stay right here looking at him right here, okay? make sure you keep turning. don't just sit right there and look at him. as you keep turning pick your spot. go to work right there. it's the last round, the championship round. >> keep your hands up, keep your legs moving. good work, good work. come onow. come on. you're still the champion of the world. you got this fight. win this round, though. win this round. come on, baby. come on, baby, all yours. >> >> ladies and gentlemen, this is the 12th and final round. round 12! ( bell ). >> as they should be, the crowd in barclays on their feet. a few weeks ago varg expas sleeto, delivered a virtuoso
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action fight. tonight you are seeing keith thurman and shawn porter throw their hats in the ring for fight of the year! >> thurman being intelligent. >> oh, that right upper cut, and yet porter keeps coming forward like an extra from the "walking dead." >> if you're close with poart, he's going to keep punching. you've got to keep that distance and change range on him and thurman has done a good job of that the last few rounds. >> of course, we don't know what the official scoring says, but can shawn porter win this fight if he's not attacking a lot in this round? >> right hand by poart. >> thurman is straighter. porter's is wider.
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but both men have landed them. >> a counter left. >> that was clearly, as you pointed out, something in the game plan. and they've used it all night, thurman has. >> oh, good right hand from thurman. >> step back, step back. let's go. >> just past the midway point. of the 12th and final round. keith thurman's welterweight championship and his undefeated record hang in the bbs as porter mugs him on the ropes. >> and ironically, it's thurman coming forward, not porter. >> oh, and that left upper cut again on the inside by thurman. one minute remaining. >> that's where thurman doesn't want to be right now. porter pushing.
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you know, they're making it physical. this is what porter has been wanting. this is the 12th round. and yet these two warriors are going at it like it's the first. >> and give rivery willis credit. he's letting them fight on the inside. >> a close 12th round. >> more than 1100 punches have been thrown in this fight combined. more than 800 power punches thrown. and let's let the crowd take you through the final 10 seconds of what has been a terrific fight on cbs. ( bell )
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>> it took nearly 40 years for the sport of boxing to return to prime time here on cbs. after this fight we have just witnessed tonight, i don't think it's going to take 40 more. >> the numbers are fascinating because they will show that porter was busier. what ended up being landed was very similar, but i think we can say that thurman probably landed the bigger, more flashy shots. so we'll see how it all plays out in the judges' view. >> a bona fide fight of the year candidate. we will be back with the official decision right after this.
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legendary fight here on cbs. let's go to the legendary jimmy lennan jr. for the official decision. >> ladies and gentlemen, after 12 rounds of action, we have a close but unanimous decision. all three judges score about the same, 115 to 113. all three in favor of winner, and still the welterweight champion of the world, keith "one-time" >> well the crowd here at barclays may not agree, but how can anyone be a loser after a fight like that. keith thurman holds on to his undefeated exproard title with a close unanimous decision.
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>> shawn porter is not a loser, even though keith thurman won the fight, terrific performance. >> let's go to jim gray. >> all right, thank you very much. keith, this was an awfully tough fight. your thoughts and reaction to the decision agz the fans are booing. >> first off, i want to thank god. i give him all the glory. secondly, i want to thank showtime. the fans right here. i want to thank shawn porter for a tremendous fight. he's a great warrior. you know, shawn brought it today. he was on me. but i knew that defense would be the keys to victory. he smothers his punches a lot. it's very difficult for the judges to give a clear scoring. i was able to rock him at least once around with clear, effective blows and i believe that was the key to victory today. he was a tremendous shape. he's a tremendous athlete. and i would love to see him in the ring again, baby, if that's what he wanted, man. >> you would want a rematch. >> i would give a rematch, man. you know, it was a great fight. it was a great fight. man. he was a great opponent.
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everyone was saying was he going to be my toughest opponent today? i was unable to drop him. i did rock him. he's a get threed. >> how did you survive this onslaught and this constant dpraegz of him being right in front of and you throwing you on the ropes constantly? >> you know, i threw the throe back round two. i gave hip the rope-a-dope muhammad ali, man. defense, defense, defense. defense neglects his offense. he had a great office but i had a great defense today. >> shawn, it appears as though the fans feel as though you won this fight, shawn, according to the fans at least, not by the judges. what are your thoughts here on this decision? >> you know what? at the end of the day, i'm blessed. i'm blessed to have these fans right now. we worked hard. he's a great champion. my dad said keep your head up. >> do you think you won the fight? >> i do, i do. but let me say this. i'm satisfied because the competitor came out tonight. he ran a little bit.
11:21 pm
did what he had to do. he got the win tonight. but i feel good. i feel great. i feel blessed. i'm blessed to be on cbs. >> he said he'd want a rematch. >> i think we need that rematch. i think the fans want that rematch he got this one. if he gives me another chance, y'all know i'm going to work hard. i'm gog come in here, work hard in the ring, and we'll come back with that w.b.a. title. >> shawn thank you very much, god bless you, thank you. >> all right, jim, thank you very much. let's take a look at how the three judges scored it at ringside. all three of them saw it the same. 115-113 in favor am the champion. still undefeated, keith thurman. let's bring in our unofficial scorer steve farhood. >> interesting that the 12th round the judges disagreed. as a matter of fact they disagreed on four or five of the round. the 12th round was not pivotal. thurman had the fight won, regardless of how they scored
11:22 pm
that. my score matched the three judges. i think we all knot there in different ways. >> i thought the scoring in this fight was fair. it was a very close fight. >> yeah, i thought it was fair, too. i thought thurman slightly edged it. but a great fight by both guys. >> they say the sequel is never as good as the original. i think a rematch might be better. let's go to brian custer. >> all right, mo. thank you very much. i'll tell you what, this was championship boxing at its best. i wouldn't have been mad if this thing ended in a draw. by what a performance by keith thurman and shawn porter. stay with us. we'll recap our night of boxing as we continue from the barclays center here in brooklyn.
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showtime championship boxing on cbs presented by premiere boxing champions was sponsored by: >> let's recap our night of boxing here from barclays
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center. the w.b.a. welterweight title on the line, keith thurman, shawn porter, these guys came out slugging. you saw thurman there with the left hook, something he scored with a lot in this fight. some clean shots, but porter smothered him. his right hand. he did some body work. vicious shots by both of these guys, and they backed each other up. this fight went back and forth, very close. and in the end, keith thurman walks away with the unanimous decision, retaining his w.b.a. welterweight title. that will do it from barclays center here in brooklyn. from our entire showtime sports crew, i'm brian custer. good night from brooklyn.
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> didn't back down from a guy with a gun that was trying to kill him. he's not going to back down from the rehab and the surgeries that he needs to get himself back to being a police officer. >> one day after a delaware county police officer was shot seven times in the line duty, the officer's father opens up about his son's road to recovery and we're seeing the face of a brave man in blue, officer dorman from his hospital room smiling and waving not letting his pain get him town. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. his friends say they walk the thin blueline as one, not as friends but as family and tonight that family came together at a vigil in folcroft. that's where his father opened up about his son's recovery many "eyewitness news"
11:28 pm
reporter trang do was there. she is live with more now on the community's support for officer dorman and his family. trang. >> reporter: natasha, this was far more than a vigil. it was celebration of the life. officer dorman's father telling me he did some walking today, he also got out of his hospital bed on his own his doctors astonished at his progress a day after he was critically injured. george dorman got the phone call no parent of a and officer ever went to receive. friday morning his son chris a folcroft police officer was shot seven times including once in the face. miraculously he survived. >> he's doing well, you know, as well as can be expected. he's shot seven times. he's got some pretty extensive damage but he's pulling through pretty good. >> reporter: now george dorman's youngest child is being called a delco legend. hundreds of community members fellow officers and first responders came out to a vigil to pray for a swift recovery.
11:29 pm
>> this is the way the community comes together. they're police officers. they're brothers, they're sisters, they're family. >> reporter: thanks to face time chris saw the outpouring of love at the vigil right from his hospital bed. chris' close friends who call him dorman say they're grateful that their fun loving often goofy friend is still with us. >> ready to get back out ther there. >> he loves his job. like that's all he talks about. he has supported folcroft more than anybody here probably. >> reporter: now his family is asking that the community continue to support their hometown hero on his road to recovery and all who wear a badge. >> he's not backing down. he didn't back down from a guy with a gun that was trying to kill him. he's not going to back down from the rehabs or the surgeries that he needs to get himself back to being a police officer which he wants to do
11:30 pm
>> reporter: [inaudible] >> trang, thank you. firefighters meantime battled a house fire in haverford township delaware county tonight. "eyewitness news" on the 2700 block of delmont avenue. flames badly damaged the second story of the home. there were no injuries and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. also a fire in germantown sends one person to the hospital. iwitness cameras on the 5800 block of tacoma street just after 5 o'clock tonight. it took crews about an hour to place that fire under control. no other injuries were reported and it's not clear what caused this fire. in galloway township atlantic county, two people were killed when a car left the garden state parkway and plunged into the mullica river. the crash happened in the southbound lanes just before 1 o'clock this morning. police say driver darryl thomas an passenger zachary pierce died in the crash. they're both from new york
11:31 pm
city. two other passengers suffered minor injuries. the cause of this crash is under investigation at this hour. and a new civilian watch group it is keeping a very close eye now on the schuylkill river trail after a series of violent and very disturbing incidents recently. i object reporter anita oh was there as the first patrol began. >> reporter: 60 miles a scenic stretch spans the schuylkill river trail. >> we have like really so much to offer here and it sucks that some people are ruining it. >> reporter: recent crime has turned some regulars into rare visitors. >> when things started happening i stopped running on the trails so much because i didn't feel comfortable. >> every once in awhile you might run into some weirdoesism many called for a watch group concerned about crime on the trail including a random violent slashing and complaints of groping. >> as a public servant people will call me out. but rarely do i find people that step up to the plate and say how can i get involved, what can we do to make our
11:32 pm
city a safer city. >> reporter: so, after about a year of preparation the schuylkill river trail watch launched on saturday. >> you know, we're not just going to be this vigilante force. we're going to be out there helping people. >> reporter: it's a volunteer group and every member has been trained in. >> observation skills, giving a good description, how to understand the 911 system, how to make a good report. >> reporter: organizers are adamant they're not replacing the philadelphia police biking the trail, they're simply adding extra eyes and ears. today to date about 80 people have volunteered to be part of the trail watch but the city has made other improvements including installing mile markers and improving lighting. they're looking into installing cameras along the trail. >> it's really important that they have something or some group monitoring this place. >> reporter: anthony murphy who trains the volunteers says those who use the trail shouldn't worry about unfair treatment. >> association it is not going to degenerate to profiling. we're not looking at people as
11:33 pm
criminals. >> reporter: one that protects its own and the safety other philadelphia attractions. >> you hate to see something so wonderful become dangerous and people become scared. >> reporter: on the schuylkill river trail, anita oh "eyewitness news." >> a sunny and less humid start to the weekend. will the nice weather sick around? kate bilo is in with a first look at the forecast. >> what a beautiful saturday it was, nice summer weather with temperatures pretty seasonable and lots of sunshine. you can see a nice clear sky outside tonight as well. no problems on storm scan3. it's a big dome of high pressure in control of the weather all across the northeast and midatlantic region. you can picture it about here. showers and storms are staying on the periphery of that high. this is the front that will impact us on monday. the humidity will start creeping upward as we head into the work week. a quick look at temperatures outside shows we're still sitting pretty comfortably in philadelphia.
11:34 pm
72 degrees right now 70's trenton, still a very warm 75 in allentown. contrast that with how much cooler it is down the shore and in south jersey it's only 63 in atlantic city right now, 61 degrees in millville and it's 65 right now in wildwood. so, a light jacket may be necessary. we'll show you the boardwalk down the shower in just a bit but again, it is cool in south jersey but it's comfortable. we have dewpoints right now in the mid 50. this time last night dewpoints were about 10 degrees higher in the mid 60's. that puts us right in the pleasant range and looks like that's where we'll be tomorrow as well. quick look at our seven day spoiler, tomorrow is the day you want to look forward to. tuesday is the day to look out for. coming up with the full seven-day forecast we'll tell you why that is. natasha back to you. >> rescue operations in west virginia in the wake of raging flood water that is swept through the region. at least 23 people have died making these floods the deadliest in the united states since 2010. heavy rain battered much of the state earlier this week
11:35 pm
and today as the waters final receded some families are returning home to find everything is gone. >> figured there would be something left, you know, something standing but there's nothing. >> it's not over but we got out so that's all that matters. >> across the state at least a hundred homes have been seriously damaged or destroyed. west virginia's governor has activated the national guard and declared a state of emergency in 44 counties. also officials declare a state of emergency in california as nearly 5,000 firefighters are battling six massive wildfires. the largest fire in the state is burning out of control in central california. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham talked to the evacuated residents who returned to their neighborhoods today. >> reporter: debbie madore spent saturday desperately searching for her daughter's ashes in the rubble. >> it feels like death. feels like death. there's no other way to say


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