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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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trying to kill him, and through rehab and surgery that he needs to get himself back to being a police officer good delaware county police officer is hot in the line of duty and now officers father is talking recovery. for the first time we will see officer himself smiling from his help tell room. and fire fighters battled a fire in the germantown home, then they find a woman's body in the basement, and disaster declaration, president obama clears way for federal aid after floods devastate west virginia. today is sunday june 26th good morning i'm's rahel solomon. let's start off with justin drabick with eyewitness
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weather. yesterday i saw you at manayunk arts festival but it was hot. it is summer. >> it is summertime. when you are out identify in the a whole lot of breeze to deal with as well. it gets hot. >> yes, still nice. >> it will stay low but does get hot this afternoon. like a repeat of yesterday. can't complain. it is the weekend. we're dry. we are not talking about any rainfall. comfortable for now but that will change, take advantage of it if you can. this morning it is nice outside and a lot of the suburbs were down in the 50's in many locations. the nice sunrise a few high cloud, that is about it. sixty-five at the airport. south breeze at 3 miles an hour here in philadelphia. but around the region 54 in mount pocono. sixty in the allentown area. upper 50's in wildwood. fifty-five in millville at this hour. quakertown, doylestown, even pottstown hanging out in the upper 50's this morning. pleasant start to the sunday. wind 5 miles an hour or less.
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they will kick up this afternoon at 10 miles an hour out of the east or south east so that on shore flow keeps us from getting too hot even though our high temperatures will return to above average this afternoon. storm scan three is quiet just a few fair weather cloud from time to time. pretty much full sunshine today. check out the numbers. we're up to 88 for the high, couple degrees above average in the sunshine. still a nice breeze off the shore, upper 70's to near 80 in the poconos. that humidity is on the rise, we will talk about that in the full forecast in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. folcroft police officer continues his recovery this morning after he was shot, seven times friday morning. our trang do shows us how the community is now supporting officer chris dorman and his family. >> reporter: george dorman got the phone call no parent of an officer ever want to receive. friday morning his son chris, a folcroft police officer, was shot seven times including once in the the face.
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miraculously he survived. >> he is doing well, you know, as well as can he expect. he was shot seven times. he has extensive tam age but he is pulling through good. >> reporter: now george dorman's youngest child his baby is being called a delco legend. >> hundreds of community members, fellow officers and first responders came out to a vigil to pray for his recovery. >> this is the way the community comes together. that is our police officers, our brothers, our sisters. >> reporter: thanks to face time chris saw outpouring of the love at the vigil right from his hospital bed. chris's close friend who call him dorman say they are grateful that they are fun loving often goofy friend is still with us. >> time to get back out there. that is what he talks about. he support folcroft more than anybody. >> reporter: now his family is asking that the community continue to support their
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hometown hero on his road to recovery and wear a badge. >> he is not backing down. he didn't back down for a guy with the gun who was trying to kill him, he will in the back down from this the rehabs or surgeries that he need to get himself back to being a police officer which he loves to do. >> doctor do not have a time line for when officer dorman will be released but as his father says he will return to the police force whether in folcroft or elsewhere n folcroft delaware county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search is on for cause of the house fire in germantown, for the identity of the woman found dead inside. fire broke out just before 9:00 has night on the 200 block of police street. now fire fighters had fire under control in minutes, but that is when they found woman's body in the basement. it is not clear if she died in the fire but fire fighter did suffer minor injuries fighting the flames. >> we brought apparatus a and
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more than 50 fire fighters to the scene. we have one fire fighter injured in the hospital but we expect to be treated and released. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. there are no injuries after a car fire on the 600 block of west wyoming avenue not far from roosevelt boulevard in north philadelphia. in word on how it all started. another fire in germantown has sent one person to the hospital, it happened on the 5800 block of tacoma a street around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. it took crews an hour to control the fire. it is not clear what caused this one. fire fighters are investigating what caused a house fire in delaware county. flames caused serious damage to the home in the 2700 block of belmont avenue in haverford township. much of the damage was on the second floor, no one was hurt. a wild fire in central california has claimed the live of at least two people. elderly couple was found in the charred remains of the mobile home in the community of lake isabela. fire has scorched 56 square
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miles and destroyed 150 homes. governor brown has declared a state of emergency. officials say 2500 more homes remain in the path of the flames. president obama has approved federal aid for west virginia in some of the worst flooding the state has even in decade. twenty-four people have died and many more are now homeless. as wendy gilette reports, tens of thousands are in the dark as communities began a lengthy clean up. >> reporter: police and fire crews are going door to door looking for survivors after flood roared through green briar county, west virginia. >> water has over taken many roads, dozens of streets are closed, the flood began thursday following heavier rain at least 9 inches in some area. steve le montes back in his aunt's home to pick up her very frightened pets. the thursday night he saw victims as he helped rescue relatives and his neighbors.
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>> there was a elderly laid anyone of the houses holdinger husband up. 118-pound soaking wet and she was holding her husband up out of the water. he was deceased. >> reporter: survivors are beginning to pick up pieces of their devastated homes. at least 100 houses were damaged or destroyed. >> we never thought it would be this bad. >> reporter: floods are starting to recede but memories will be long to fade. the high waters here killed more people then all of those who died from tornadoes or lightening strikes across the entire country this year. wendy gilette for cbs news. >> tough images there. switching gears, 12th annual philadelphia a triathlon wraps up today in fairmount park. chere greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live. cherri, one magazine calls this course one of the top five triathlons in the whole
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country. >> reporter: that is correct, good morning. 3,000 athletes are going to participate, today. they are putting their bodies to the ultimate test. they are lining upright now for swim portion of the race, it is swim, it is bike, it is running and why would you do something like this. i'll bring in ann, the raza announcer, you have done this a lot of times. so tell me what are they going to be doing. tell me the whole course. >> this is transition area. it is organized play for adults but in order to play you have to have all your gear. as a transition we drop their gear here. we walk up to the swim start. 1500 meters down the schuylkill and the water is beautiful this year. it is really nice. philadelphia sky line as they are approaching, transitioning out of the river, head out on the bike course, swim gear, it takes them around the city, they will come back and go on a run. run takes them around rocky steps which for our athletes they traveled to our events is
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a awesome experience to get up close and personal shot of that and come back here and they get a beer party and we have free breakfast and friend are here cheering for them. >> i spoke to some of the people about why would you do something like this, put your body to the test and it is organize play. it is fun. >> no audio. >> reporter: way everybody comes together on a park on a sunday or saturday and whole weekend really and it is just a way to get out keep yourself motivated, energetic and inspired. you are inspired by 79 year old running by you, inspired by kid racing yesterday and maybe if you are on the side line saying this is cool, dad doing this i want to stay athletic and healthy for my life too. >> reporter: i went to a couple who where they train together and brought them closer month. manny interviewed lost
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16-pound doing this then you hear about people who are cancer survivors they do to get back in shape. is there so many compelling stories. >> seventy-nine yesterday, not loan in his division. there were six different guys in the 70 plus age group f that is not motivating i don't know what that is. but then they are grand kid are doing a mile race for kid race and their daughters say i saw you last year at 70, i'm 30. i should give this a shot. they train together. then they celebrate together. >> reporter: so the race begins at 6:30 this morning. there will be a stopping for a few hours because it is back to back to back and it is fun. all this will be going on here at fairmount park. you can hear music playing. there is chatter, activities and spectators will be here rooting their loved ones on. so we will be here this morning as these athletes put their bodies to the ultimate test and rahel, you do ohio, i do spin, i don't know if i can
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do this but maybe within day live in fairmount park cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i have complete faith in you, i don't know if i could do it but certainly rooting them on from here as well. thank. >> switching gears after a series of violent and disturbing incident a civilian watch group is keeping an eye on the schuylkill river trail. "eyewitness news" report are anita oh was there as first patrols began. >> reporter: 60 miles, scenic stretch spans the schuylkill river trail. >> we have so much to offer here and it suck that is some people are ruining it. >> reporter: recent crime has turn some regulars into rare visitors. >> when things started happening i just stopped running i didn't feel comfortable. >> every once in a while you might run into some weirdos. >> philadelphia a councilman kenyatta beyond son said many called for a watch group concerned about crime on the trail including a violent slashing and complaints of the groping. >> as a public servant people
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would call me out but rarely do i fine people to step up to the plate and say what can we do to make our city a safer city. >> reporter: after a year of preparation schuylkill river trail watch launched on saturday. >> we will not be a vigilante force but we will be out there helping people report report volunteer group an every member has been complain. >> observation skills, give a good description, how to understand 911 system how to make a good. >> reporter: report organizers are adamant they are in the replacing philadelphia police biking the trail but they are adding extra eyes and ears. today 80 people volunteered to be part of the schuylkill river trail watch but city made other improvements as well including installing mile markers and improving lighting. they are looking at installing cameras on the trail as well. >> it is important that they have something or some group monitoring this place. >> reporter: anthony movie hoy trains the volunteers say those who use trail shouldn't worry about unfair treatment.
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>> it will not generate the to profiling because we are not looking at people that are criminals. what we're saying is on the trail we are a community. >> reporter: one that protects its own and safety of popular philadelphia attractions. >> you hate to see something become dangerous. >> reporter: on the schuylkill river trail, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" millions of britain's want a do over of the vote of the leading to the uk decision to leave the eu. hear more about the plan and what parliament is saying bit. where is there a will is there a way, how this conservative columnist is shocking predominantly followers, justin. waking up to some comfortable conditions, it will be comfortable for now but we are talking about increasing humidity. we will talk about it in the
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just days after uk voted to brexit many britains are having second thought. a, on like petition is demanding a do over on referendum of leaving the eu it has 2 million signature on the parliament web site now by law british lawmakers will to have debate the issue parliament will look into it on tuesday. donald trump as presumptive republican nominee is too much for george will. conservative columnist is parting ways with the g.o.p. he said he change his voter
6:17 am
registration to unaffiliated because of the support of trump. he made the change several weeks ago. all right. justin joining us now, justin it was a nice day yesterday. a little hot. >> a lit warm. >> but no rain, no cloud. >> huge for the weekend. repeat today. if you missed out yesterday, you get your shot today. humidity will stay on the low side. >> we get to enjoy those days these days because as we move into summer. >> yes, july, this week alreadifully, time is flying by already but here we go. >> yes, heading in the summer season. nice sunrise in ocean city, live look, sunshine, another good beach day just like yesterday, we will get wind off water, still so that is a lot of cooling effect. ocean water temperatures still hanging out in the 60's and 70's, so overall make sure you wear sun block if you are planning to hit the shore points. headlines, sunny and warm sunday, running out of the things to say, pretty much
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down right comfortable for this time of the year, enjoy it. changes come tomorrow. feel difference that sticks around a few days and we will talk about our next storm chance which will occur for workweek as well. until then nice and pleasant. wildwood 59 degrees. dover, delaware is at 62. sixty-one in newark. numbers around philadelphia surrounding suburbs, upper 50's to lower 60's. 57 degrees in woodstown. sixty-one in malvern. fifty-seven, 58 quakertown and doylestown and mid 50's up in the poconos. storm scan three just like yesterday nice and quiet, high pressure over the northeast. the that locks us in the dry pattern. all of the storminess stays well to the west today. we are in the full sunshine. eventually this frontal boundary to the north and west of chicago will track east and ahead of it we will switch out of the south tomorrow. so that will bring increase in humidity. most area stay dry, and that is monday night, tuesday we will bring those rain chances
6:19 am
in our forecast. today is pleasant when we talk about the humidity for most people and on the humid side. you will feel that difference. steamy on tuesday that will fuel those heavier showers and maybe a few thunderstorms but then back to pleasant conditions by wednesday. if you can wait a few more days we will get back to comfortable conditions for late june. all and all a good looking seven day forecast we will show you in a bit. hanging out at the pool to beat the heat 88 degrees. uv index running very high, sunnies at its strongest point, so burn time is less than ten minutes or so, most skin types if you don't have sun block on. at the shore 77 degrees for the air temperature, ocean up to 67. current risk will be lower due to the lighter win at 10 miles an hour but you can always get rip currents no matter what the conditions are so make sure life guard are on duty. lets see what is happening. high pressure over to us day, notice clear skies. no problems. tomorrow for the most part we are looking good. you will notice increase in
6:20 am
cloud from the front to the west. most of the showers stayed to the west, it is possible one gets in the poconos up toward berks county late in the day, and really monday night into tuesday, scattered showers, thunderstorms not a all day wash out. it doesn't look like a big severe weather threat either. that is good news. threat is there for a couple thunderstorms on tuesday. today enjoy it, nice and quiet, few fair weather cloud, looks good if you have dinner plans outside breaking out barbecue and then for tomorrow morning we are back to work. commute will be good in the sunshine coming home we will have to deal with some cloud, shower, in the poconos later on during the day. inland spots, the warmest area mid to upper 80's, mid to upper 70's and then tonight still comfortable, 50's to lower 60's like we are having this morning and then tomorrow once again we are in the 80's and notice that increase in
6:21 am
humidity because it feels uncomfortable. warm today at 88. tonight still night 62, clear. here's the extended forecast, string of upper 80's for showers and storms and then cooling back down on wednesday, below average, heading in the holiday weekend there is storm chance for friday and saturday, back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning your small suv might have a good crash test rating but new crash tests show passengers might not wear as well as drivers in some collisions. many parents up for flu mist vaccine spray in the nose for children but why credits are saying it they do not like the shot.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. passengers may not be getting the same safety protection as other drivers. jim donovan discovers insurance institute for highway safety shows new trash results show there may be a big gap in safety. >> reporter: madeline bought her honda crv based on its safety record. she had in idea there might be an issue for passengers. >> i take people shopping, women, my friends. >> reporter: new crash tests conduct by insurance institute for highway safety show number of small suv's including honda doctor rv may not offer same protection to passengers as drivers. in certain types of the frontal crashes. only one the 2016 hyundai tucson passed with the grade of good in crash tests involving the right corner of the vehicle.
6:25 am
the 2015 toyota rav4 received only poor rating, institute says safety structures on the drivers side are not always same on the passenger side. >> we want them to provide the same protection for passenger side as they did the driver. >> reporter: he hopes auto makers makes the necessary changes. >> i'm a very careful driver and now i'm very conscious of that which is not a good way to drive. >> reporter: institute crash tested seven times of small suv's. others tested were 2015 buick encore and mazda cx5 and 2014 nissan rou ge and brew forrester. this is first time institute conduct passenger side testing and results has engineers rethinking their tests. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. coming up, on "eyewitness news", on the move, camden gets fit. find out how this event also provided some inspirational health services. it may be time to get back
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in the game, jackpot gets larger for next mega millions drawing. and it promises to be a stunning sunday but humidity is coming back and some of the rain. justin drabick's forecast is coming up this sunday morning.
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today is sunday june 26th i'm rahel solomon. lets get out to justin drabick outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather and justin, it is beautiful behind you, it has been a beautiful weekend, nice. >> yeah, take advantage of it, this is how it should be on a week even, sunshine, you can see it is hard to find any clouds out the here in center city and feels nice, it is comfortable, low humidity, kind of cool but wrapped warm up once again. we will make it to the upper 80's but humidity levels stay on the low side. sixty-five at a the airport. sixty in allentown. still suburbs down to the 50's. fifty-five in millville. new jersey 64 now in wilmington delaware and to the north and western suburbs where we are finding our cool spots, 57 degrees in quakertown, 58 in pottstown and doylestown so again through the morning hours we will see pretty much full sunshine and that will help warm temperatures up wrappedly all across the delaware valley. storm scan three does stay on
6:30 am
the quiet side. dew points are in the 50's in locations, indicating a dry air mass and humidity levels stay low. that will change as we head towards tomorrow and certainly on tuesday. storm scan three just like yesterday very quiet, so no threat of any rain today, outdoor plans are a go, sunny, comfortable, 50's and 60's in the afternoon. good warm up. still pleasant with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. we will get up to 88 degrees in philadelphia still a nice sea breeze in the shore keeping temperatures in the 70's in the the poconos. we will talk about rain chance these week. we will break it down in a few minutes. well, sad news for one of the new sixers just days after becoming sixers first pick in the nba draft, ben simmons is america loss of his cousin, 21 year-old zachary simmons, was with ben at the draft was killed early saturday morning in the hit and run in hoboken, new jersey. ben simmons posted this picture on twitter saying i'm's glad i can share this
6:31 am
moment of my life with you. new jersey state police continue their investigation into a fatal crash on the garden state parkway in atlantic county. early yesterday southbound car left the parkway and plunge in the mulika river in galloway township. the driver, darryl thomas, and a passenger zachary pierce died from the crash. both from new york city. two others suffered minor injuries. coastguard has suspended a search and rescue mission for miss flag family whose boat was apparently destroyed in the gulf of mexico. forty-five year-old ace kimberly and his three children were sailing from sarasota to fort myers beach when something went wrong last week. search teams found bodies of the eight of his 17 year-old daughter rebecca, and his two sons are still missing. crews recovered debris from the vessel including the m a ast. it is in the clear what destroyed the birth. >> president obama a proved federal aid and offered condolences following the flood ago this swept through west virginia 24 people are
6:32 am
dead making this these flood the deadliest in the united states since 2010. heavy rain battered much of the state last week even. as the water starts to recede, some families are returning home to find everything is gone. >> i figured there would be something left, something standing but there is nothing. >> unaudible. >> across the mountain state at least 100 homes have been destroyed, seriously damage, west virginia's governor has activated the national guard and declared a state of emergency in 44 counties. there is also a state of emergency in california where thousands of fire fighters are battling six wild fires, the largest is in central california where authorities believe, that they may have found humane remains in the mobile home. two others are confirmed dead. danielle nottingham talk to some residents forced to leave their homes. >> reporter: debbie spent saturday desperately searching for her daughter's ashes in
6:33 am
the ruble. >> it feels like death. there is no other way to say it. i'm kind of numb. >> reporter: she had to leave everything behind when fire swept through thursday and spread to neighboring communities. >> it happened so quick, we just could not get anything. we just had to run. i have never seen anything so fast in all my life. >> reporter: the fire has burned more than 46 square miles, leveling whole blocks and forcing thousands to evacuate. the thousands of fire fighters are battling the hot dry conditions high wind and rugged terrain at least 150 structures and homes have been destroyed. officials expect that number to grow as they a zest damage here in the fire zone and there is still hundreds of homes in the path of the blaze. fred and elaine roach are some lucky ones so far their home survived. >> it is all black around us
6:34 am
where it went on both side of the town and we are very fortunate that our house didn't burn. >> reporter: this is largest fire burning in california right now, and fire officials say there is zero containment. danielle nottingham for cbs one "eyewitness news". the philadelphia try at license comes to a close after three days of racing, running, swimming. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live with the athletes. cherri, i necessity it starts at 6:30. has it started. what are we seeing. >> reporter: yes, it started at 6:30, you 3,000 athletes dove in the schuylkill river about a mile down the way. this is where they will end up. it is a mile swim. as you can see there are life guards in boats all a long the route and markers to help guide the swimmers, all along the race. this is where they will end up. it takes about 45 minutes for
6:35 am
most of the participants to swim that 1 mile but that is just the beginning of the race. they are also going to be biking for 25 miles after they get done with the swim and then they will run 6 miles after that. many of the folks that i spoke to, they had been training for months for this day, and this is their opportunity, to put their body to the test. i'll let you hear from one participant who has been training for months and he will tell you what he did. >> a lot of running, done some swimming, play with the bike once in a while just trying to get ready for this today. >> reporter: what goes through your mind to keep you going. >> got to finish, got to finish. >> reporter: this is not easiest thing to do, you can see medical emergency response boats are on stand bias these participants begin their journey.
6:36 am
you cannot see them from here they are all under water but they are beginning that 1 mile race here. this is exactly like what some of the tree athletes will do in the olympics later this summer. this is sort of giving them that feeling of being tree athletes and putting their body to the ultimate tetz. the lots of safety precautions here. i should mention there is a lot of money raised for good causes, one of the johnson and johnson is raising money for chop cancer research center and they raise over 400 you this dollars from the participants in today's triathlon and rahel, as i mentioned they are inspiring me. i love to ride my bike and i love doing spinning. maybe one day i'll add a swim or you know, the running, i got to work on that but it is a lot of adults keeping themselves in shape raising money for a good cause. live, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> certainly inspiring and
6:37 am
cherri, i think you can do it. well, the two remaining rail union negotiating with new jersey transit have reached a tentative agreement but it is in the clear whether the union will vote on the deal: united transportation local six and brother of local engineers hammered out the agreement yesterday. nine others reached deals with new jersey transit last march. new jersey transit is country's third largest commuter railroad. local veterans who served in the korean war were honored in penns landing. it took place at korean war memorial. war began 56 years ago saturday when forces from the the communist north invaded the south. war took the lives have of close to 37,000 american soldiers, and both side signed a truce in july 1953. religious leaders are calling for an even to gun violence in philadelphia they gathered to protest the gun range's plan to open up a new retail gun store in the neighborhood. "eyewitness news" at green and percy. religious leaders say company
6:38 am
is seeking to seek a zoning variance and they believe the city does not need another gun store. >> the zoning does ant how him to do this. he says that it does. the zoning board has said that it does not allow him. they are not going to give the variance. we are confident that the court of common pleas will deny his appeal. >> it is 50 states to choose from they made their choice to be here but pennsylvania lah supports my position. >> owner of the gun range also says he has tried to work with his critics to resolve the issue. today marks first anniversary of the supreme court decision legalizing same sex marriage in the you had. since then the ruling has inspired tens of thousands of couples to marry, but as we gentleman jiang reports opponents say it is fueling their plans to overturn the decision. >> absolutely. >> reporter: jim feels overwhelmed standing the on the steps of the supreme court. >> i think about the last time i was really hear when the
6:39 am
plaza was filled with thousands of people and incredible sense of joy. >> reporter: one year ago he was the plaintiff in a, landmark supreme court decision legalizing same sex marriage. >> it takes it all back to the reason john and i started this fight to live up to our promises and i owe this to him to see this through to the end. >> reporter: his husband john arthur died of als in 2013, three months after their wedding, which was not recognized by their home state of ohio. arthur's death certificate listed him as single until supreme court ruling. >> love does win. >> reporter: gallup pole estimate 123,000 same sex couples were married in the year since it became law, today, nearly half of the same sex couples living together are married. that is up from 38 percent from a year ago. but not everyone is celebrating. several groups are working to overturn the ruling calling the fight for five-four
6:40 am
decision unconstitutional. >> the decision i believe will be overturn. >> reporter: brian brownies president of the national organization for marriage. >> the united states supreme court did not have any jurisdiction or right to redefine the nature of marriage and to steel from the people their right to vote on such questions. >> reporter: a weekend march in washington is part of the group's strategy to protest the ruling but he says he is confident it will stand. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> families are on the move in camden. city hosted lets move olympics. "eyewitness news" at hide hide point park. the residents were dancing, exercising. kid got the chance to run through an obstacle course with police officers. the various agencies were on hand to offer free health screening. the streets of the manayunk were a live for start of the 27th annual arts
6:41 am
festival. hundreds of the artists showcased their work on historic main street this years show featured 300 different local, nationally known artists and crafters. for the fifth year it included a tent for emerging art. >> good time. do not be surprised if the lines get longer for mega millions lottery. no one friday friday night's drawing so that means the jackpot is at 390 million-dollar. the next drawing is tuesday night, so if you play, good luck. still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning sleep or work? we know what you would choose but find out how how many are getting more of one then the other. stick with the shot. why doctors say even though it is easier parents might want to opt for the regular old flu vaccine instead of the spray mist. it is a good day to cool off the shore. meteorologist justin drabick has the forecast when we come
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did you ever wish you could get more sleep then work less? well, you have to see privacy here but many people are actually sleeping more then they work. labor department survey released said americans slept an average of eight hours, 50 minutes a day last year, three minute increase compared to the decade ago. on the other hand people with full-time jobs spent about
6:45 am
five less minutes at work per day. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, the flu mist is a popular alternative to inject flu vaccines but may not offer you enough protection for your children. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl tells us why something that is so easy to give to the kid may in the work for them. >> reporter: back to shots to protect them from the flu. cdc advisory committee voted that the nasal spray vaccine flu mist should not be used in the upcoming flu season. >> two of the last three seasons it had has not work at all. we have not seen any data that indicates vaccine has been effective. on the other hand the flu shot has been effective. >> reporter: it is estimated a third of the children get nasal spray vaccine each year. earlier the nasal spray was more protective then shots for children. not anymore. health officials don't know why spray isn't as effective now. many hospitals and doctors have already placed order for flu vaccine, experts say that may be a challenge this fall.
6:46 am
>> i think it may be that a doctor has to call one or two places to make sure that they get the vaccine they need but overall there won't be any shortage. >> reporter: makers say the cdc effectiveness data conflicts with as extra send contact and other findings. companies working with the cdc, federal health officials hope that parents won't be discouraged and continue to have their children vaccinated. reminding that it is better to get the flu shot, then the flu itself. >> and estimates show the nasal spray account for less than 10 percent of the flu vaccine supply every year, most people get flu shots instead. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. very important information, there. justin joining us now you, people probably think a little bit more about allergies this weekend, then the flu. >> it is a nice weekend. >> beautiful at manayunk arts festival. >> warm but this humidity is on the low side for late june,
6:47 am
get used to the change in the forecast but a perfect way to finish off the weekend whether you are spending your time at home or maybe hitting the shore points. we are looking live at beach patrol at margate, nice shot, great sunrise, lieutenant of sunshine. we will have that sea breeze develop that afternoon. keeping temperatures along the shore in the 70's. that is one spot to go and beats the heat we will be dealing w we're not even in the heart of the summer just yet as far as temperatures go, and we do average 85 degrees for the high temperature, and as we head toward mid to late july our hottest time of the year in the average up on upper 80's and by august we will drop down to the mid 80's. we are on the uphill climb. now daylight time is getting shorter as we already reached the summer solstice. 66 degrees at the airport in philadelphia still in the suburbs, 50's. millville is at 58 degrees. the like yesterday morning, pretty pleasant to start off sunday morning time frame. then at the shore we have a northeasterly breeze.
6:48 am
pretty light though. the that is keeping temperatures in the 50's to mid 60's at this hour. 65 degrees in ocean city. ocean water up to 67 degrees. so a lot of sunshine day if you are outside make sure your sunglasses. nothing but mainly clear skies, you will have a fair weather cloud from time to time passing through. we do see showers and storms up across the up are great lakes and that ill with impact us later this week. mainly on monday night and into tuesday. shore forecast, it looks great the next couple of days. today, we have that sea breeze developing, with the sunshine, 77 degrees. tomorrow, more humid. still mostly sun which a high getting close to 80 degrees and then tuesday, things will question downhill a little bit. not the best beach day. we will see cloud and showers and maybe even a thunderstorm and not a all day wash out but if you have beach plans keep your eye to the sky just in case for some of those showers and storms. we will get a check of the current water temperatures. slowly increasing with that on shore flow and that helps warm water up a little bit. near 70 off the coast of cape may. seventy for ocean city
6:49 am
maryland and loues beach, delaware. at home, breaking out the grill later this evening or maybe for some lunch it looks good. just hot but a lot of sunshine. no threat of any afternoon thunderstorms. the as we go through time that will change though. through today mostly sunny skies, here's that front, we are watching, we will get cloud increase for monday. the mostly dry. there could be a shower or two in the poconos monday afternoon and then monday night, a couple of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder through the delaware valley and tuesday the front kind of hangs up over us and a couple of on and off showers and storm chance is possible as well. once that front is through we will see another drop in the jet stream. we have been getting throughs every few days. we have a brief warm up's then cools down. later this week starting wednesday we will see cooler canadian air, not cold. we may be a few degrees below average. today it is warm, at 88 degrees. humidity. and, and 50's in the suburbs. extended forecast, upper eight
6:50 am
owe's through tuesday, and the chance to see a couple of showers and thunderstorms. is there wednesday that cool down 82 degrees for the high. as we head into july 4th the weekend, friday, saturday, we will see a chance for scattered shower or thunderstorm but i wouldn't cancel plans for weekend just yet. comfortable in the mid 80's? thanks, justin. time is 6:50. time to check on the road. lets go to medical any armstrong in the cbs-3 traffic center. we have cherri at triathlon, is that affecting the roads today. >> it absolutely is. we have a beautiful shot here of the art museum circle. try rockies this morning and ben franklin parkway closed between spring garden street and art museum circle. kelly drive shut down, falls bridge shut down between martin luther king drive and kelly drive. spring garden street closed from pennsylvania avenue to the schuylkill. all because of the try rock, philadelphia triathlon. lets take a look at i-95, the at penns landing. ben franklin bridge in the background.
6:51 am
major roads in philadelphia looking fine. in problems on i-95, schuylkill, vine street expressway, boulevard all moving well. no delays reported on pennsylvania turnpike or northeast extension. finally here's ben franklin bridge lag from the new jersey side, into philadelphia, beautiful there, and, also, the roads in new jersey are moving well, in delays to report, on the 42 freeway, 295 or 55, new jersey turnpike ac expressway and garden state parkway all looking fine if you are heading to the shore points. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, rahel, back to you. >> melony, thank you. philadelphia police officers connecting with the community. the 17 police district hosted a summer block party in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" along the 1200 block of point breeze avenue. it looks like fun. fun games and activities for children plus plenty of food we can the not have block party without the food and about promoting importance of reading. all of the children attended, received free books. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news",
6:52 am
philadelphia's slugger cameron rupp put one out of the reach for the giants but find outfit is enough to get them out of
6:53 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
6:54 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. union looking to extend the zero game undefeated streak at home against vancouver and check out this guy, our own pat gallen at the bend been. to the game, match tied at one, vancouver, slips through defenders and fired off a shot to make it in. that makes it two-one. white caps won three-two. streak is over but the union is still in first place.
6:55 am
the green briar classic scheduled next month in west virginia has been cancelled due to flooding. pga officials say source sustain significant damage and cannot be repaired in time. more than 150 players committed to playing in that tournament scheduled to play july 11th. on friday sixers introduced the future of the franchise and number one pick in the draft ben simmons. simmons met with the media over sixers practice facility and brian colangelo says while he is thrilled to have simmons on the team that roster is far from set. he says sixers didn't make any trade at this point because right deal just didn't present itself. as for simmons, he says the wait is not all on ben's shoulders. >> you know as much as we want to make things happen overnight, you know, there has to be patients in the process. i think any young player will feel that. but we will try to spread that as much as we can across the entire team so that it is not just on ben's shoulders to
6:56 am
bear that weight. >> it sure looks like simmons is already loving philadelphia. he tweeted this, amazing city, amazing people. we think so too. day two of the nhl draft and flyers came into that draft searching for forwards, they have succeeded. they have added two defenseman and a goalie. they selected german, gm ron hextall moved one of the late picks with the islanders. hextall is very happy with how things went. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. the phillies, were on the west coast in the three run seventh inning. cameron rupp's two run home run, game winning hit, as phillies beat madison baumgartner and san francisco giants three-two. phillies by the way have won two of their last ten games and wrap up their series with the giants this afternoon, first pitch 4:05.
6:57 am
>> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. major auto maker hopes to help parents. way gm is trying to prevent children from being left in the back seat of the cars. just to get your pets healthy and happy and you just might want to take home today, we will introduce to you our very new segment the cbs-3 pet project. it is going to be sunny and warm, meteorologist justin it is going to be sunny and warm, meteorologist justin drabick has your weekly alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
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didn't back down from a guy with the the gun trying to kill him, he will in the back down on the rehab and surgeries that he needs, to get himself back took a police officer. >> after a delaware county police officer is hot in the line of duty, the father talks about his road to recovery. see outpouring of support from the folcroft community. death toll rises and devastating floods in west virginia, here's a move president obama made overnight to help victims. and today is sunday, june 26th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us on this sunday morning. lets turn it over to justin drabick. not a bad week toned close out june. >> rough weather last week, we got out for the weekend. >> perfect weeke


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