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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  June 26, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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didn't back down from a guy with the the gun trying to kill him, he will in the back down on the rehab and surgeries that he needs, to get himself back took a police officer. >> after a delaware county police officer is hot in the line of duty, the father talks about his road to recovery. see outpouring of support from the folcroft community. death toll rises and devastating floods in west virginia, here's a move president obama made overnight to help victims. and today is sunday, june 26th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us on this sunday morning. lets turn it over to justin drabick. not a bad week toned close out june. >> rough weather last week, we got out for the weekend. >> perfect weekend. >> still warm though because this time of the year sunnies
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at its strongest,. >> yes. >> you will feel it beating but hugh you midty stays low that will change later this week and we will talk about more storm chances but we are getting through the week went in problems. if you missed out with yesterday's weather you will get your shot today. enjoy it. take advantage of it. we're waking up to comfortable temperatures. fifty's in the suburbs. we are up to 67 right now at the airport in philadelphia light breeze at the south at 3 l eventually get a slow up crease on the the humidity. you will start feeling the difference tomorrow though. sixty-seven at the airport. there we go to the mid 60's in the the lehigh valley. it is up to 61 in mount pocono. similar numbers at the shore. we're breaking in the 60's in doylestown and pottstown at this hour where earlier you guys were in the upper 50's. is there storm scan three. still very quiet, the mid-atlantic and northeast not much happening at all, good travel day across the region. we're protect by high pressure. eventually the cloud and showers you see over the great lakes they will move in here later on tomorrow and impact us on tuesday. so for today, generally mostly
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sunny skies, wrapped warm up, 9:00 o'clock temperatures in the 70's. we are approaching 80 by 11:00 . in the afternoon well in the 80's, if you are outside you'll feel that sun beating down but humidity on the lower even. 88 degrees above average for philadelphia this is what we had yesterday. nice sea breeze at 77. eighty up in the mountains. we will bring storm chances in with high humidity. we will time it out in a few minutes. >> thank you. we are hearing from the father of the folcroft police officer shot the in the line of duty friday morning. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do shows us the outpouring of the support from the delaware county community. >> reporter: george dorman dot the phone call no parent of the officer ever wants to receive. friday morning his son chris a folcroft police officer was shot several times, including once in the the face. miraculously he survived. >> he is doing well, you know, as well as can be expect, he
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was shot seven times. he is pulling through good. >> reporter: now george dorman's youngest child his baby was being called a delco legend. hundreds of the community members, fellow officers and first responders came out to a vigil to pray for a swift recovery. >> just the way the community comes together, that is their police officers, their brothers, sisters. >> reporter: thanks to face time chris saw outpouring of love at the vigil from his hospital bed. chris's close friend who call him dorman said they are grateful their fun loving goofy friend is still with us. >> i have to get back out there. that is all he talked about. he supported us, more than anybody. >> reporter: now his family is asking that the community continue to support their hometown hero on his road to recovery and all who wear a badge. >> just like everything else he is in the backing down.
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he didn't back down from a guy with the gun trying to kill him and he will in the back down from the rehabs or surgeries that he need to get himself back to being a police officers which he is what wants to do. >> reporter: doctor do not have a time line for when officer dorman will be released. he will return to the police force whether that is here in folcroft or elsewhere n folcroft delaware county, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fire investigators are searching for cause of the deadly fire in germantown. fire destroyed a home on the 200 block of price street just before 9:00 o'clock last night. fire fighters found body of the woman in the basement but so far her identity has not been released. one fire fighter suffered a minor injury. new this morning there are no injuries after a car fire on the 600 block of west wyoming avenue in the city's juniata park section. no details when it started. wild fires continue to raza cross the state of california and new near the
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town of lake isabela has claimed at least two lives. an elderly couple died when a a flame destroyed their mobile home. fire burn 56 square miles and destroyed more than 150 homes. sherry boil says she was one of the lucky ones. >> we have reports that our house is standing which is quite a miracle. i necessity there is a lot of people that have had a lot of devastation. >> reporter: california governor jerry run has declared a state of emergency, more than 2,000 homes are still threaten by the wild fire. president obama approved federal aid and offer conn column answer after devastating flood sweep through west virginia. twenty-four people died making it deadliest, flash flooding. thousands of people are still in the dark this morning. scott mcclean reports that communities now begin a lengthy clean up. >> the water levels have receded which has helped us a lot but there is still areas we have not gotten to. >> reporter: after two days of flash flooding, raging waters
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that caused widespread damage in parts of the west virginia they are finally receding. governor declared states of emergency for more than 40 counties and activated 200 national guard members to assist first responders with rescue efforts. >> we had over 300 storm related rescues. right now we have 153 going on. we have no pending calls, and we have our hopes up. >> reporter: since thursday rising waters has taken out bridges, dislodged barges and swept away homes. >> there is no way to our house, no other access to the property whatsoever, the only thing that we can do is cross the creek, upstream where it narrows and cut a path through rough mountain side. >> reporter: those lucky enough to return home are now trying to salvage what they can. >> biggest problem now is trying to find places to store stuff, it is dry. >> reporter: in west virginia i'm scott maclean. >> athletes are gathering at
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fairmount park this morning where 12th annual try rock, philadelphia triathlon, wraps up later this morning. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at the park for one of the top triathlons in the entire country. cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this is premiere triathlon, why? because it takes a scenic route and today, 3,000 athletes are putting their body to the ultimate test, around 6:30 this morning. they dove into the schuylkill river, and now, the first of those athletes are now arriving from the water after a 1 mile swim but that is just the beginning. after this they will transition just on their bike, and ride about 25 miles and then finally, finally they will take on a 6-mile run. this is one of the premiere triathlons in the country because it takes you around city of philadelphia. it is a way for very busy adults, moms, dads, grand
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moms, grand pops, students to force themselves to get in shape. here's lisa she says that couples that train together stay together and doing this race helps her and her husband change their lifestyle. >> i lost 16 and a half pound in four months which is pretty good. we also, you know, when we first started we could barely even swim 25-yard and new we can swim the full mile without stopping, which is great and the bike, same thing, we were doing spin classes together, riding outside to get up to that full 25 miles. >> as you can see there, there are a lot of safety precautions here. a few years ago someone did not come out of that water. last year because of the weather they suspended the swim portion of the race but today, the weather is absolutely perfect. as you can see, people have swam they are running out of the water transition time, counts in the race so they are
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rushing, they are getting themselves on their bike and getting ready for legs two, 25 . all this is also for a good cause, money is raised for leukemia, lymphoma society, also for chop, cancer research. johnson and johnson raised about $400,000, with their team today, so lots of racing being done. so we will continue to update what these athletes, taking on this challenge today, live from fairmount park cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a challenge. >> i love these stories from the different athletes, thank you. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" a surprising study about how much sleep americans get every day. there has been a series of violent incidents on the schuylkill trail. find out new plan to help keep you safe. plus... >> a new safety feature can tell if you you left your kid in the car.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ after a series of violent and disturbing incidents in the civilian watch group is keeping an eye on the schuylkill river trail. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh was there as the first patrol began. >> reporter: 60 miles, scenic stretch spans the schuylkill river trail. >> we have really so much to
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offer here and it sucks some people are ruining it. >> reporter: recent crime has turn some regulars into rare visitors. >> when things start happening i just stopped running on the trail so much. >> every once in a while you might run into weirdos. >> reporter: philadelphia city councilman kenyatta beyond son said many called for a watch group concerned about crime on the trail including a violent slashing and complaints of groping. >> as a public service, people will call me out but rarely do i fine people to step up to the plate to say how can i get involved? what can we do to make our city a safer city. >> reporter: after a year of preparation the schuylkill river trail watch, launch sad day. >> we will not be a a vigilante force but we will be out there helping people. >> reporter: volunteer group and every member has been train. >> observation skills, give a good description, how to understand the 911 system, how to make a good. >> reporter: report organizers are adamant they are in the replacing the philadelphia police biking the trail but they are adding extra eyes and
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ears. today 80 people volunteered to be part of the schuylkill river trail watch but city has made other improvement to the trail as well, including installing mile markers and improving lighting. they are also looking into installing cameras a wrong the trail. >> they have something or some group monitoring this place. >> reporter: anthony movie hoy trains the volunteers says those who use the trail shouldn't worry about unfair treatment. >> so it is not going to generate to profiling just because we are not looking at people that are criminals. what we are doggies saying on the trail we are a community. >> reporter: one that protects its own and safety of popular philadelphia attractions. >> you hate to see something so wonderful that gets dangerous. >> reporter: on the schuylkill river trail anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". probably a good day to get outside, justin. i know you like to get in your work out before the show on sunday. >> you make fun of me because of that. >> i cannot break up routine. >> i barely make the in the door.
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>> it helps wake me up, lot have of people could use the energy. like you said great day to head outside, now is the time i would be running on the beach if i was at the beach. good time to do that. still cool. temperatures in the 50's. we are looking in ocean city, ocean calming down a little bit. lower threat for rip currents but you have to remember always a chance for rip currents. make sure life guard on duty prosecute enter the water. ocean coming up in the upper 60's. good way to cool off. coastal temperatures in the 70's this afternoon, nice little sea breeze. so, in land spots though we will be dealing with poor air quality especially around philadelphia and some of the northwestern suburbs. so unhealthy for sensitive groups, if you suffer asthma, children may want to limit your time outside because we have light wind today, we will really heat ground up, so air quality goes down a bit. sixty-seven right now at the airport. sixty-four in allentown. still nice at the shore, atlantic city airport 61 degrees. upper 70's near 80 at st. louis. we have heat off to the west,
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well that needs to come through, next few days will be a couple degrees above average for this time of the year. humidity increases as well. maybe 85 is where we should this be time of the year but today above that same deal on monday and tuesday but then we will drop down below average for a couple of days, on wednesday and thursday. so is there something to look forward to. if you are not a big fan of the heat and humidity but hey we're heading in the heart of the summer over the next few weeks. we have to get used to it. a line of showers and thunderstorms that is just to the northwest in chicago, that is the cold front that will impact us, later monday night into tuesday. and then until then, it is nice and dry. high pressure is protecting the mid-atlantic and northeast and we will finish off the weekend dry. monday in good shape. the clouds will move in. monday night and tuesday is when we will see next chance for some showers, and a few thunderstorms. humidity still on the lower end today. we will call it pleasant. tomorrow it will feel more humid a and then somewhat on the steamy side on tuesday but then wednesday, we're back to pleasant conditions, so again, every few days, our patterns changing up and that is how it
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has been over the past couple of months, and we're not seeing any persistent hot spells coming at us anytime soon. at the shore today 77 degrees. the that is thankful to the northeast wind, 10 miles an hour, ocean in the upper 60's, at this hour. uv index is high. it may not feel as hot on the beach but sun very strong this time of the year. so throw on the sun block. so in good time today, mostly sunny skies, there is high pressure system that starts to exit the region. it will allow the cold front to push east tomorrow. most of the day is dry for monday, maybe a shower up in the poconos monday afternoon. not until really monday night into tuesday we will see decrease in the rain chances. lets zoom in closer here, today a few cloud popping up, this evening looks good if you are outside or maybe walking around town, we're in good shape. tomorrow morning's commute also no problems and then monday afternoon we may see a shower or two in the poconos, not in the overnight see a couple showers rolling through the delaware valley. another warm day to day. mid to upper 80's, nice flow
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off water, coastal new jersey delaware in the 70's. still pleasant tonight. keep windows opened for one more night in the 50's in the suburbs and then tomorrow once again 80's with the increasing humidity. today, warm 88 degrees, tonight another pleasant night 62 for city, cooler in the suburbs and extended forecast, hot a few days and cool back down for wednesday. friday saturday there is a scattered shower or storm as we head through holiday weekend, rahel. >> well, right now 7:18. time to see traffic moving. lets get to melony armstrong in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning melony. >> reporter: good morning. we have the schuylkill westbound at montgomery drive off ramp is closed here for the try rock, philadelphia triathlon this morning. we have a number of other closures going on falls bridge shut down between martin luther king drive and kelly drive, kelly drive closed between art museum circle and lincoln drive, spring garden shut down between pennsylvania avenue and the schuylkill. burlington bristol bridge also closed for a lift bridge opening just be patient there,
7:19 am
it will open up in a couple minutes. we also are looking at right now, vine street expressway at the schuylkill expressway. looking g traffic moving well. no delays on the major roads in philadelphia, i-95 moving well, schuylkill and vine street expressway as well as the boulevard. finally, we have, 95 at the airport, traffic is moving well through there right now, in delays, and after heading to the shore points all major roads in new jersey looking just fine. mass transit moving well as well. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, rahel, back to you. well, summer is just officially started but 15 children have already died this year after being found in hot vehicles. now that is triple number from this time last year. general motors is putting new technology in cars to remine drivers to check the back seat. cbs news correspondent edward lawrence shows us how it works. >> reporter: 3408 old riley mercer died earlier this month after being left in the hot car for two hours. her father told police he
7:20 am
forgot to drop the baby at day care and went straight to work. these five small chimes could prevent that from happening in the future. gmc a cade use is first vehicle to come equipped with the rear seat reminder. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> reporter: gm safety engineer tricia marrow's team came up with the system. >> it will if the your tension and say rear seat reminder look in your seat. >> right here. >> reporter: activate safety feature by opening up the back door and then car believes something is in the back seat. >> gym bag, child your lunch we want to you take a quick look back there. >> reporter: there are app is available to remine parents a baby is in the back seat and this send out an alert when a cara lives at destination. >> we are pleased. >> reporter: sue oriamo is glad to see a auto company integrate this into the vehicle. she says an average of 37 children die each year from heat stroke in the car. >> we have always been pushing for a technology fix so that
7:21 am
every car has this feature. >> reporter: gm plans to introduce this technology in more models next year and eventually in all of its cars. in queens new york, edward lawrence for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". families are on the move in camden, new jersey. city hosted let's move olympics, "eyewitness news" at hide point park for health and wellness event. residents were dancing, exercising and kid got the chance to run through an obstacle course with police officers. various agencies were on hand to offer free health screenings. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" an alarming surge in overdose death in dealing wear, drug that is taken so many lives and how they are trying to stop it right
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♪ did you ever wish you could get more sleep and work less? you might be surprised to hear that many people are sleeping more then they work. labor department survey says americans slept an average of eight hours and 50 minutes a day last year. that is a three minute increase compared to a decade ago. on the other hand people with full-time jobs spent about five more minutes at work per dale compared to that time ten years ago. also on the cbs-3 healthwatch delaware officials say there is an alarming increase in overdose deaths related to fentanyl. synthetic painkiller is 50 times more potent then heroin and reflective of a national trend now hitting close to home. stephanie stahl has more on
7:25 am
why officials are so concerned. >> reporter: seventy-eight americans die each day from opiate overdoses in delaware deaths from fentanyl a synthetic opiate are up 180 percent. they are related to both illegal and legal drugs. since 1999 number of prescriptions sold for opiates quadrupled and so has number of people died from them. >> many clinicians overestimated safety of these products and under estimated their risk. >> reporter: researchers philip alexander are studying whether doctors are more cautious when prescribing the drugs. >> all they there is some that evidence doctors are scaling back a little bit we have a long way to go. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people are treated in emergency rooms every day for misusing prescription drugs, the rock star prince, most recent high profile victim his autopsy revealed he died from an accidental fentanyl overdose, and opiate much more powerful then other painkillers. in delaware from the start of the year through mid-may there were 44 fentanyl overdose
7:26 am
deaths, in all of 2015, there were 42. >> fentanyl is one of the types of the prescription opioids that accounts for disproportion nate number of injuries and deaths. >> reporter: cdc released guidelines earlier this year discouraging prescribing of the opiates for chronic pain and encouraging patient toss try over the counter medicines instead along with other measures. >> things such asthma scaming, acupuncture, physical therapy. >> reporter: in releasing a new overdose numbers officials in delaware say it is a heart breaking trend adding that the fentanyl people are getting now is so toxic, chances for survival are low. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up this morning on "eyewitness news" days after celebrating one of the biggest moments in his life, tragedy strikes for sixers first draft pick ben simmons. good morning everyone we're enjoying a nice start and it stays comfortable for now, turn your air
7:27 am
conditioning off, we may have to turn it back on? i'll he explain in weather.
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today is sunday june 26th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. the lets send it tout justin drabick on the sky deck with eyewitness weather. justin, it looks beautiful behind you. we had a wild week in weather so this has been nice. >> take advantage of it. it is one of the days or mornings where you can roll down windows, enjoy refreshing air mass, maybe turn your air conditioning off last night. we got down to the 50's and staying pleasant for the most part today. it will be hot because we have full sunshine, you can see tough to find cloud. we are up to 67 at the airport but still comfortable and lehigh valley in the 60's, and in the lower 50's and, 61 in mount holly. and, we will look at dew point temperatures, watching weather cast, i showed this in summertime, dew points in the 50's in the summer. we're lucky. that is nice. feels if. that is what we have but tomorrow different story those numbers will be much higher
7:31 am
and you'll feel that difference. it will feel muggy. storm scan three quiet, a few fair weather cloud passing by but that is about it. this morning 50's and 60's. everybody in the 60's new but stays comfortable this afternoon wrapped warm up, still pleasant with the low humidity, temperatures in the mid to upper 80es a. eighty-eight for philadelphia, sunnies strong this time of the year a couple degrees above average. nice sea breeze. 77 degrees. will it hit 80 in the poconos. we will talk about that increase in humidity for next few days and also some shower and storm chances those full details in a few minutes. >> justin, thank you. >> good weather to be out. tremendous athletes are getting a good work out this morning. for the 12th annual try rock philadelphia triathlon. >> cherri gregg is live at the park and cherri, experts call this one of the best in the u.s.a. it is happening right here in philadelphia. >> this is one of the best ones because you get to take a scenic route of philadelphia a, plus when it is all over,
7:32 am
3,000 athletes put their bodies to the test this morning. leg one is complete, the swim. you can see they are currently coming out of the schuylkill river and they are running to the next leg. they go underneath a banner here and that is where they jump on their bikes for a 25-mile bike ride. once that is done they do a 6-mile run but they could not do this without the cheering squad, good morning, everybody. good morning. they are right here. another big part of what they do is because of their coach. i'm with teaming in training coach todd, you are from washington d.c. you started training when. >> we started in january. so they have been going about five months. >> reporter: wow. tell me is what the training schedule like, what do you do and what are the levels of athletism among people on the team. >> we get the athletes from all corners of the athletic scale, some just learning, to
7:33 am
do triathlon and others doing it for decade plus. schedule standpoint we have them out six days a week, sometimes more than one work out a day but we teach them basics. we get them all of the tools that they need to come out and have a successful race. >> reporter: what is odd is people lose tons of weight, they do all this and raising money. they raised over a hundred thousand dollars, for the leukemia and lymphoma society. so all this being done for a good cause and having a lot of fun. live, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, got to have a cheering squad. >> just days after becoming sixers first pick in the nba draft, ben simmons is america loss of his cousin, 21 year-old zachary simmons with ben at the draft was killed early saturday morning in the hit and run in hoboken, new jersey. ben simmons posted this on twitter saying i'm glad i could share this moment of my life with you.
7:34 am
two people were killed when a car left the garden state parkway and plunge in the mulika river. crash happened around 1:00 yesterday morning in the southbound lanes, police say driver darryl thomas and a passenger zachary pierce died in the crash. thisser both from new york city. two others suffered minor injuries and cause of the crash is under investigation. there is tentative agreement in place between new jersey transit and two remaining unions, looking to strike a deal. united transportation group beyond local 60 and brotherhood of local engineers were the last two to reach an agreement. not clear when they will vote. unions were part of the 11 member coalition that started in march. other unions have ratified their deals. president obama approves federal aid and offers his condolence after the devastating floods in west virginia. twenty-four people were killed in making this the deadliest in the you had since 2010. heavy rain battered much of the state last week. as water finally recede, some
7:35 am
families are returning home, but finding, everything is gone. >> i figured there would be something left, something standing but there is nothing. >> unaudible. >> across the state at least 100 homes have been destroyed or seriously damaged. west virginia's governor activated national guard and declared a state of emergency in 44 counties. officials also declare a state of emergency in california, right now nearly 5,000 fire fighters are battling six massive wild fires, largest fire burning out of control in central california. two are confirmed dead and authorities believe they have found human remains in the mobile home. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham talked to residents who returned home to survey the damage. >> reporter: debbie spent saturday desperately searching for her daughter's ashes in the ruble. >> this just looks like death. there is no other way to say
7:36 am
it. i'm kind of numb. >> reporter: she had to leave everything behind when fire quickly swept through late thursday and spread to neighboring communities. >> it happened so quick. we could in the get anything. we had to run. i have never seen anything so fast in all my life. >> reporter: the fire has burn more than 46 square miles, leveling whole blocks and forcing thousands to evacuate. thousands of fire fighters are battling hot dry conditions, high wind, and rugged terrain. at least 150 structures and home have been destroyed. officials expect that number to grow as they assess damage here in the fire zone and is there still hundreds of homes in the path of the blaze. fred and elaine roach are some lucky ones so far, their home survived. >> it is all new black all around us where both side of our town and we are very fortunate that our house
7:37 am
didn't burn. >> reporter: thinks largest fire burning in california right now, and fire officials say there is zero containment. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, still to come on "eyewitness news". >> tomorrow is national sun glass day and we are celebrating here on "eyewitness news". coming up we're talking about everything that you need to know to find the perfect pair, stay with us. thanks, brooke. we will see a sunny sunday perfect day to wear nice pair of shade, enjoy it while you can because justin is tracking
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summer is all about surf, sand and shade and when are aviators or cat eyes we can find the perfect style for you. among her satisfied customers and she's here this morning to talk about popular styles. good morning. who are some of the celebrities that have worked with you. >> pretty much from everyone from beyonce, brittany, local communities like bradley cooper, and boys two men. >> that is awesome. >> what should people look for when shopping for sunglasses. >> when looking for sunglasses you want to find something hip, cool, trendy. what we have here. >> yeah what do we have here. >> we have a lot of trending on and it is important because it is not sun glass day on money wanted to talk about kids sun glass protection and making sure those little eyes are well protect because they get three times as much sun uv rays into their eyes.
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>> awesome. >> terrific. >> we have lots of great trend if you go tour local eye doctor you just want to have them work with you. they are experts. they know how to check your face shape and make sure everything fits you perfectly making sure you fit the nose bridge. i like to do smile test with people which makes sure the glasses don't raise up off your nose bridge and we can confirm they fit you properly. >> that is a nation. tomorrow is not sunglasses day, thank you so much for being with us. i will see you tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" starting at 4:30. very good information there. >> very good. >> good day for sunglasses. >> yes, full sunshine. >> i got a new pair. >> you just got to be cute too. >> yes. >> i hear you. >> a lot of sunshine and sunnies its strongest right now. >> right now this time of the year, not in the morning but between ten and 2:00 is worst
7:44 am
of it. but summer solstice that is when it starts to rain and strongest, burn time really quick if you don't have sun block on. heading outside make sure you have protection on the eyes and skin. look at the that sun blaring in berks county right now 68 degrees. light breeze out of the south 4 miles an hour looking live from the kutztown a area middle school. the that is the trend today, plenty of sun but very comfortable right now, humidity staying low in the max daytime heat ago this sun will go to work. temperatures surging at or above average in a lot of location is today and then starting tomorrow we will feel difference in humidity. that unis strongest this time of the year. thinks a yearly grab from january, throughout the entire year. you can see peak of the sun's uv radiation here and that is peak is right now, you can look down to late june, that times out with the summer solstice when sunnies further to the northern hemisphere and sun's raise are maximum. even though we don't reach our highs until later july. it takes a good month or so to
7:45 am
really warm up the air. we have about a month lag time there. but temperatures comfortable from our weather watchers. andrew in medford, new jersey, hanging out at 59. peter plana themen te is in the 60's. feeling good in ocean city, james 63. jeff moore in hatfield mid 60's at this hour. very quiet, traveling today or hanging outside, showing at home, backyard, getting yard work done, mowing lawn, it looks g protect by high pressure. we have showers in the upper midwest impacting us late monday night into tuesday. shore forecast looks great. nice sea breeze. 77 degrees. tomorrow warmer, more humid, still a lot of sun close to 80. and then tuesday more cloud in here a few showers and a then are storm. tuesday not the best beach day but at this point it doesn't look like an all take wash out. maybe a sunday afternoon picnic plans or breaking out the grills this afternoon warm mid to upper 80's for locations in land, lots of sunshine outside, it will be
7:46 am
feeling hot outside cooking on the grill. wind speeds today still coming off the ocean, that why is new jersey, delaware feeling good. inland spots starting to warm up. watch what happens. we will change wind direction out of the south east tomorrow and south on tuesday. that pumps in the humidity. it will feel some showers and thunderstorms. here they come still well to the west of to us day. nothing but sunshine. and then tomorrow notice clouds stream from the west. the most of these showers should stay to the west over central pennsylvania and maybe a shower or two in the poconos late monday afternoon. overnight hours monday into tuesday, again scattered showers maybe a rumble of thunder around on tuesday afternoon as that cold front moves through. not a fan of the heat wait a few more days and that is trend past several weeks. we will get drops in the jet stream. we have another one coming starting on wednesday allowing cooler air to build in wednesday into thursday. not terribly cold but temperatures may be a few degrees below average for this
7:47 am
time of the year. today we are above. 88 degrees in the sunshine. still comfortable tonight. save a few bucks on the electric bill if you want keep windows open, pleasant. sixty-two for city. fifty's again in the suburbs. then tomorrow noticeably more humid 88 degrees, increasing cloud, tuesday we have a few showers maybe a thunderstorm at 88. and then that drop in temperatures 82 for high on wednesday and moving into july on wednesday in the upcoming holiday weekend there is scattered storm chance both friday and saturday. rahel, back to you. >> we have been warn, thanks, justin. 7:47. let check on the road and highways with melony armstrong in the cbs-3 traffic center. it looks like we have something going on there. >> we have not a good morning for this lady, disabled vehicle westbound on the schuylkill at 26th street. tow truck just pulled up there. be careful. it is not causing a delay. traffic is moving around it. we also have, 76 westbound off ramp closed at montgomery
7:48 am
drive because of the try rock philadelphia triathlon going on. ben franklin parkway shut down between spring garden street and art museum circle. kelly drive closed. falls bridge shut down formatter inn luther king drive to kelly and spring garden closed between pennsylvania avenue and schuylkill. burlington bristol bridge on stand by for lift bridge opening being be careful there. we also have 202 at a allendale moving well here our second shot heading to the mall looking good. and we have the art museum circle here, little quiet there because it is shut down for triathlon going on an we have the garden state parkway off ramp closed at pleasantville for construction. other road in new jersey moving well, heading to the shore points. that is latest from the traffic center, rahel, back to you. and still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" tips to keep your pets healthy and happy, also, you just might want to take home today,
7:49 am
cbs-3 pet
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport, she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air" to watch while she's... up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and downloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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pets are more than just animals but they are truly part of the families. one of the leading agencies that cares most about animals is pennsylvania spca. starting this morning we are partnering with them to launch the cbs-3 pet project. every week at this time you can get helpful information for your pet and might be able to help a pet in need of a new
7:52 am
home. with the start of summer, a new segment that may be a new friend for you and your family. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" and pennsylvania spca have partnered to bring you stories every week focusing on pets, their health, their safety and their adoption. you can expect animals of all sorts and a different fury friend every week looking for a family to love them as well as they always love us. the spca toss much more than just arranging adoptions. >> if you see an animal in trouble we are the ones to call. our officers would go out, do investigation not just into things like dog fighting but into any type of neglect. animals being kept in bad conditions, or they have in access to food or water we would want a call. >> reporter: pro they have low cost vaccine clinic, spay, newter services and behavior and training classes. they are just there to be a resource for pet openers. >> we want to be there and
7:53 am
help and make sure these animals are staying where they are meant to in their loving home. >> reporter: as you welcome news your home every sunday morning we will welcome new adorable faces and a very familiar one for the "eyewitness news" family. >> and, look who is back, when you think of an animal crusader you think of carroll erickson. she will join us every week to give you helpful tips for your fury family members. carroll so nice to have you back with us. >> this is home to me and the viewers and they are family to me. it is thrilling to be here to talk about what you know and they know after all of the weather reports i did over the years, protect are pets, protect your pets. i am part of the mission to do that now with the spca. i'm on the board there. as you know, i used to get and still get so many phone calls and e-mails and text and everything from people. i see this dog at up is and such an address and i'm desperate. this is pennsylvania spca that
7:54 am
goes out and handles these cruelty cases. it is such an important mission. >> you brought a friend. >> this is elsa. reason we wanted to start with her is because she came in as part of the cruelty investigation. there are so many of them. we have been able over the years, pennsylvania spca is almost 150 years old and we are the agency with the humane law enforcement police. so we are able to have officers go out and handle cruelty cases inn elsa who is up for adoption came in may. she was surrendered by the owner and court case on that will be this alleged abuse case will be this week. something to watch for. but they have been working, she's very strong. >> she's very playful. >> she's only about a year-old but she needs a family that would spend sometime with her and love perfect and treat her. we were playing with her back
7:55 am
in justin's weather office, all of the cookies on the floor, they are not for you. elsa had some too. she loves a belly rub and very sweet and loving, cool floor we are finding here. >> i see. >> but it is kind of the thing pennsylvania spca we partner with the high in take shelters. you can see dogs, a pit bull mix, some people like this breed and other breed. they are available for adoption. >> for people watching at home do you think elsa would be good with other pets in the home. >> one of the things good about pennsylvania spca we do behavior assessment of animals ape there is a real life room where they are able to get involved with furniture and other pets and that sort of thing. they will check them out. they will tell you, i'm in the referring to this dog right now but dog goodies for children, better with cats, not good with cats.
7:56 am
you'll get an idea. it is also a very good idea if you have a a dog to come down and bring a dog and meet the perspective family member. there is so much that the spca does and every week we will be able to tell you more and more about that. if you want to adopt this adoptable pet you can visit the pennsylvania spca on erie avenue 50 erie avenue and bring your photo id, proof of address and any kids underage of eight should come down and meet this pet as well and contact the spca, very convenient psp and tune in next week and we will bring a adoptable animals and facts and tips you need to know, rahel and every day keeping this city and animals safe. when we make their lives better we make everybody's lives. >> me and you animal lives. we will have some cats, dogs and different things. >> you will get to hold a cat.
7:57 am
>> you can see them. >> yes. >> that is right. >> carroll, thanks so much, it is so good to you, from one dog lover to another animal lover. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> all right, he will contact receive find elsa a home that would be lovely. elsa deserves it. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have at 8:00. one of the top triathlons in the country and philadelphia is hosting it. we will get live for the try rock triathlon. murder mystery, shocking secrets behind american gothic. and sunshines now over philly but changes are coming for the skies later this week. how this eyewitness weather is coming up in a few
7:58 am
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he will not back down from the rehab or surgeries that he needs. and back being a officer. >> after a police officer in delaware county is shot in the line of duty, the officer's father talks about his recovery. for the first time we have seen the officer smiling from the hospital room. a fire in the the germantown home, and then find a woman's body in the basement. disaster declaration president obama clears way for federal aid after floods devastate west virginia. well to day is sunday june u i'm rahel solomon. let's turn it over to just continue drabick. we have just launched our pet project.


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