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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  June 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> right now at eyewitness news country music star kenny chest knee reaching out to a cop in delaware county after a mishap at last night's concert in philadelphia. good evening i'm natasha brown thank you so much for joining us. chest knee gave doorman and a shout out during his show. mistakenly said the officer had
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died. well today he made amend for that officer doorman was shot seven times on friday and is being treated at helped center in university city that's where we find trang do with the very latest. >> reporter: well officer doorman was a sloop up his hospital bed but reaction on social media, kenny chest knee made sure to write his wrong. into: the man now known as the delco legend got a phone call from a country legend. christopher doorman taking a call from chest knee while he recovers at penn presbyterian. sergeant doorman is a big fan of the singer. >> i am sure it brought his spirits up by him calling him. >> reporter: the 25 year old officer was one year and o the force shot seven times friday and survived. he was planning to attend the conference on saturday before the shooting happened. chest knee called to apologize
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after mistakenly telling a stadium of h full of concert goers that officer doorman died from his injuries. >> before he passed away he did a video because he wanted to come tonight so bad. he said, kenny please don't forget me so philadelphia right near the eagles football stadium. >> sounds good to me. thank you have a good one. >> reporter: doorman and his fellow officer say it was an understandable mistake all is forgiven. >> it was nice of had chest knee do that. this had happened it's not a big deal folcroft police and every police officer could make take it in stride we totally understand. he called and made it right. >> reporter: and chest knee tweeted earlier today that he'd like to watch an eagles game and get beers with the officer once eases reeled from the hospital he used the hashtag doorman the
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delco alleged. i'm trang do cbs3 eyewitness news. >> that is awesome. mourning loss of his cousin days after becoming the sixers first pick 21 year old simmons who was with ben at the draft was killed early saturday morning in a hitter and run in hoe bow ken new jersey same sons posted this picture on twitter on saturday night. he said quote i'm glad i could share this moment of my life with jew 82 returning to whether after a beautiful weekend we're looking ahead to the start of the workweek check in with kelly who is in for lauren with a look for the forecast. >> great to be with you. two extra can you please of coffee in order to make it through the night. you totally understand that. graveyard shift. let's go ahead and see how things are looking. what a gorgeous summer day. with the low humidity plus the sunday plus the nice summer time heat.
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pretty much was perfection. it will continue into tonight. the only thing that didn't make a march on the forecast was the air quality not being ideal. we'll talk about that during the show. we've got our next starting to advance, don't have to worry about wet weather that's going to ramp the weather up. already starting to see a southerly wind flow. temperatures you're degrees -- 84 philly international. breeze a little more noticeable. tomorrow you can anticipate that you'll start to notice humidity ramping up. we should hit mid y seasonal here in the city of philadelphia. mid upper 70s generally speaking. up in the poconos that's a spot where you may already start to see a bit of wet weather coming up later we are going to track the next frontal boundary give i was sense of a timing expect humidity becomes a little bit more noticeable.
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the storms are on deck we'll keep up with this seasonal summer heat i'll have more later in the broadcast. >> firefighters near santa brash are california the fire made have a third victim. the fire wiped attain tire block of homes. the fire is only 10% contained. nearly 2000 firefighters are currently battling the inferno. it has devoured more than 36 thousand acres for massive evacuations. five people stabbed at a rally in sacramento california a fight broke out between a white national group and a group of counter protesters. some of the victims were critically injured. it's not clear whether any arrest have been made yet. it has been one year since the supreme court legalized same sex marriage here in the us.
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the gallon pole estimates 123 thousand same sex williams were married since it became law. nearly half of same sex is couples are married up from 38 will up 38%. not everyone is celebrating self groups are working to overturn the ruling saying the 4-4 decision was unconstitutional. >> the united states supreme court does not have any jurisdiction or right to redefining the nature of marriage and to steal from the people their right to vote on such questions. >> for me it takes it back to the reason john and i started this fight. >> both sides expect the next legal battle will grow out of the current debate transgender rights. 82 communities are are holding gay pride. also remembering the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting.
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>> reporter: hound of thousands came to be loud and proud at new york city's annual gay pride parade there were somber moments team 49 people in white veils walked in silence representing those killed in the shooting at the gay nightclub pulse in orlando, 49 flabs kicked off the parade one seld with. the owner and entertainment manager of the club road on the lead float. they were followed by a sea or orange. the color that represents the gun control movement. parade volunteer amy marched this year with a different purpose. she's friend with a man who escaped the shooting unhurt. >> it was a very traumatic experience for him. i was so thankful that he was all right, but in that same breath he lost so many friends that night. >> heightend security including thousands of uniform police
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officers. there are also counter terrorism plain clothes officers in the crowd. >> reporter: security at other celebrations across the country. >> we can't have fear it. >> reporter: parade in manhattan drew a larger crowd wendy jill let cbs3 eyewitness news. >> it has retain city from the islamic state after a military option lasting more than a month. they have entered northwestern part of the city last area still under isis control. its siege was backed by coalition air strikes and local militias they still have work to do to clear bombs bs left behind by fleeing isis fighters. 11 people including nine children injured in scotland when a roller coaster goes flying off the rails at an amusement park. the tsunami ride malfunctioned earlier.
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the ride can reach speeds of 40 miles an hour. it was unclear housers it was going at the time of the accident. a number of people were trapped inside the derailed car. the park is now closed until further notice. an american airlines flight was what was vac d at heathrow airport in london. this shows passengerrer injuries sliding down emergency ramp on to the runway. there are no reports of any injuries it is not yet clear what caused the incident. stay with us, everyone still to come tonight on eyewitness news some of the regions best athletes turn out in f to put their endurance to the test. katie. such an awesome weekend eventually we start to see the humidity ramp up and the forecast a little bit downhill here. more storms on the way we'll tell you when there set to arrive. >> thank you straight ahead in sports phillies go for first series win in more than a one.
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leslie van arsdall has the details stay with us everyone. back in a moment.
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snow snow athletes flock to terry craig from our sister station has the story from fairmount park. >> reporter: it was the ultimate
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test. a one mile swim and in the schuykill river a quick change then a 25 mile scene nick bike ride followed up with a six mile run to the finish. >> organized play for adult you have to have all your gear. >> reporter: the 12th annual trirock triathlon is very organized with lifeguards and medical personnel near by so that the three thousand athletes can stay safe while focussing on the challenge. >> we could barely even swim 25 yards. and now we can swim the full mile. >> reporter: lisa and brian spent four months swimming bribinging and running they lost weight strengthening their bodies and their bond. >> we've been able to spend time together training otherwise we wouldn't have. >> reporter: what is clear the swim, bike, run challenge takes heart. >> what goes through your mind to keep you going. >> got to finish p got to
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finish. >> reporter: got to finish attitude and a little help. in addition to giving participants opportunity to train and have fun, this event raises money for a number of great causes including more than a half million dollars for cancer research. >> it's amazing to see all the people come and do something like this the energy and fitness. >> reporter: testing their bodies while helping other in fairmount park cherri gregg eyewitness news. >> all right a. congratulations to everybody that competed. these folks opted for more relax ing, first yoga day in south philly a big turn out on the out field grass all participants for the session very nice. i did not know that. into. >> who makes the best burger thousands bought their appetite to infinity life.
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eyewitness news at the six annual burger brawl 40 restaurants competing. also testing the best taco. proceeds from the burger brawl help fund educational programs throughout the city. lots going on we got yoga, burgers. >> really. feel like you can get away with it because you you recalled did an hour of yoga sounds like a plan p beautiful weekend. anything anybody had going on outside was perfection. it was so beautiful. it continue to be so. its really, the day is somewhat young. eventually we'll see the sun droop over the horizon it is still looking. bethlehem, taking a stroll and enjoying it. down here shore down this was
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packed earlier people packing it up for the rest of the evening. margate things are nice and quiet at this point. waves loping on the shore point. we talked earlier about the threat of not building humidity also thunderstorms. couple states away. we've got time before this is going to become an issue for us. we stay under influence of high pressure even into tomorrow this is going to continue. and as it does so we'll get in on more showers and thunderstorms. moisture getting drawn more, that's where humidity start to become more noticeable. we'll jump to tomorrow afternoon that's when we start to see the clouds rebuild. some nodding, some of our pick up a shower a little sooner than this. i think generally we're going to hold off on the wet weather until late in the day shower thunderstorms is likely toward night fall tomorrow scattered in nature. it will be something to track on radar. tuesday really is the next day where most of us end up with wet weather as of five am i95 could
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be lit up some of that rain could be heavy. 10 am, very substantial rain could be falling across, and that will be the story off and on throughout the day. that will be something we have to keep a close watch on. air quality today has been a little un healthy for sensitive groups. it continues to be so until 11:00 tonight that air quality, basically philadelphia immediate vicinity off to the north and west here. so if you fall opt the category of kids, elderly you have any respiratory reoilness take it easy the rest of the evening. we passed the worse of the heating of the day. so as, it should become a bit comfortable for you. meantime take a look dewpoints are nice and low. benchmark for humidity where it starts to feel humid about 65. so, we're sitting pretty here. trenton you are only into the
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50s. good such feels good outside. still that typical summer warmth is with us. philadelphia even in reading you are at 84 degrees sun starting to drop over the horizon. bit more of a sourly southerly wind flow. for tomorrow's forecast under the sunshine it does become more humid. as the day progresses there will likely be a shower pretty much every where else especially at night. looks like it will be low. for now though even back in the city it's quite comfortable if you want the windows open save on the energy bill feel free to do so 62 degrees overnight low with modest wind. you will have to crank the air conditioner tomorrow as the sun gives way to more and more cloud cover and the humidity begins to creep us on us. sign of things to come. it is starting early as
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tomorrow, tuesday looks like it will be the day. stars clearly potentially left over shower on wednesday. keep, there are a couple of days where it as little warmer than average we are in the window of 85 six degrees for late june. and july. >> thank you appreciate it. phillies in action. >> yes. the phillies taking the giants, they have not won a series in over a no. they send nola to the mound he allowed 20 runs era of 15.83. pose see will score phillies trailing, nola hits third batter flongs in the inning. giving up five runs on 10 hits.
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phillies did fight back. down five to three in the fifth. joseph score. phillies able to tie the game. fills down a run. her rare are crushes this pitch, right now, unit are leading in the 8th. temple university and philadelphia basketball legend hal lear passed away. all american he became part of the greatest back cotter in philadelphia basketball history he hold temples single season record helped owls advance for time in program history he was 81 year old. we'll get our first look at the flyers rookies july 6th when they hold a development camp nhl draft. selected forwards first run pick german, who was looking for
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players with skills. >> we wanted speed, size and we wanted skill. obviously its not in every player but we feel like we have all three elements we had enough picks excited about the draft i'll probably say that every year. >> coming up in the sports zone we'll be talking more. also big week for the sixers take ben simmons with the first over all night in brooklyn, keith pom pay also will be joining us tonight. late news on cbs3. >> last night houston jose needed a triple to hit for the cycle in the fifth he hit a ball, with his speed he could get it but he trips there goes his chance, got a big laugh. remember that one. >> road rage on the racetrack after crash, he throws him to
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into welcome back finding cory is rideing a wave of success at the box office right knew. >> about going home. home. >> the movie, only 46% from record setting opening word of strong strong. earned 73.2 million independence
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dairy surgeons, central intelligence and free state of, round out the top five. back in
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>> that's it for us at least for now.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> bill whitaker: the mexican marines had been planning for months to capture el chapo when an intelligence brief led them to the world's most dangerous drug lord's final party. >> for an incredibly savvy, clever almost a criminal genius that el chapo guzman was, he ultimately was done in by very simple tastes. >> whitaker: what do you mean? >> tacos, tequila and chicas. >> turn someone to your right and left, remind them i love you! >> "i love you!" >> scott pelley: the day begins with a chant they call "the affirmation." >> you can be -- >> pelley: you can be any good thing you want to be. go and conquer.


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