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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> remarkable recovery, delaware county police officer shot seven times on friday, is set to leave the hospital. officer christopher dorman is expected to head home sometime this afternoon. hello, i'm jim donovan. >> thanks for joining us, i'm brooke thomas. officer is at penn presbyterian hospital where he's been defying the odds. our own justin finch picks up the story from university city. >> a remarkable recovery at penn presbyterian, folcroft police saying officer christopher dorman could
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return sometime today. fellow offers verse been by his side over the weekend, as he heals from several gunshot wounds. >> he's doing great, his spirits are up, getting little better every day, he's getting a little rest, which he needs. >> i appreciate it. >> in his hospital room, a cell phone camera captured a phonecall between dorman and one every his favorite artists country star kenny chesney. chesney calling with well wishes, and to clear up that slip of the tongue he made at lincoln financial field miss aikenly telling dor man he died. >> so he want today come tonight so bad, and please don't forget me. >> some of our officers were at the concert, and we new that he didn't, it was just a mishap. >> folcroft police sergeant william bear reporting no hard feelings, and that chesney and doorman are planning to get together soon for an eagles game and beer. twenty-five year old officer set to be in good spirit. >> getting back to what is normal with him, with his
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cracking jokes. >> about 10:00 a.m. friday, dor man on the folcroft force about a year was shot seven times, in a dug bus behind elmwood avenue apartment complex suffering wounds to his face and neck. police later caught suspected shooter dante brooks island now facing charges of attempted murder, assault after law enforcement officer and related charges, he's being held on a million dollars bail. and islands due before a delaware county judge, in july. outside pen presbyterian, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". in other news, torresdale man in police custody accused of shooting and killing his girlfriends last night, with a crossbow. it happened just after 9:00 last night in the 3100 block of willits road. investigators say the 42 year old woman was shot in the chest and died a short time later at the hospital, so far, police have no motive for the shooting. victory for abortion rights supporters, the supreme court has struck down a texas abortion law. >> it is a court's biggest abortion case in nearly 25
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years. paula read shows us how the vote broke down among the justices. >> reporter: tears errupted among a portion rights, after supreme court decision came down. that will five-three ruling, justices decided texas abortion clinic regulations are medically unnecessary, and placed undue burden on woman's right to abortion. the texas law requires doctors who performed the proceeding to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, also similars similar to outpatient surgical centers. claim the law protected woman's safety, but argue the real intent was to force clinics to close. justice anthony kennedy was the swing vote, siding with court's liberal block, while justices roberts and thomas descent dollars. outside the court, short ers shout down opponent disappointed with a ruling. >> sold out women. >> the ruling doesn't only affect texas, other states have similar or considering
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similar legislation. paula read, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, after wonderful weekends our monday is turning muggy. meteorologist, justin drabick live in the cbs-3 skydeck tracking hot and humid day. justin? >> good afternoon, jim, typical late june weather coming at us, we had break from the humidity over the weekends, nice morning, we woke up with temperatures in the 50's, that's now coming to an end, and already feel the difference outside right now, especially to the south of the city but look at the temperatures, warming up nicely, sunshine behind me, up to 79 at the airport, 83 up in the lehigh valley, little more cloud cover in south jersey, keeping temperatures there, in the upper 70s, but still warm day, if you are headed toward the jersey shore, and delaware beaches, and the good news ocean water temperature starting to warm up also in the low 70s, already 82 degrees, in willow grove. so, a typical late june afternoon with temperatures surging into the mid 80s, here's the difference now, dew point temperatures on the rise, compared to 24 hours
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ago, 4 degrees warm nerve philadelphia, 13 in wildwood, so that means, more humid air mass continues to build in. and these number will continue to rise, so right now, current dew point numbers 61, that tells us how much humidity is in the air. that put us in the humid category here, in philadelphia. and once they start climbing in the mid and upper 60s, then it starts to become very steamy. that's what we are dealing with later on tonight, and surge tomorrow, and with that humidity, comes the risk for some showers, some thunderstorms, right now storm scan3, quiet across the region, but seeing showers move from from the west, few more minute, jim, brooke, back to you. >> thanks, justin. people living in 20 west virginia counties on the watch for more flooding today, just as last week's flood waters begin to recede. more rain is forecasted across the state where flood watt verse killed at least 25 people in the past week. in one community, high water swept into every single building and wiped out entire neighborhoods. authorities haven't even started calculating flood damage.
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>> the death toll in central california stands at two, from wild fire burning in the lake isabella region. 2,000 firefighters are working to beat the blaze. cadaver dogs searching for other victims, officials say the 68 square mile fire has destroyed some 200 homes, governor jerry brown declared state of emergency. >> philadelphia firefighters work to put out highs fire this morning, chopper three was over the scene in the 1500 block of church street. that's in the frankford section of the city. flames could be seen burning through the roof of the rowhouse, no one was injured, and no word on how the fire started. secretary of state, john kerry; in europe to calm fears after britain's vote today leave the european union. meanwhile, international financial markets are facing another rough day. here in the u.s., stocks are lower on wall street today, with dow losing more than 200 points in the opening minutes of trading. following bigger losts in europe. tina krause is in london to bring us up to date on the eu break-up. >> reporter: prime minister david cameron addressed parliament for the first time
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since brit end and's historic vote to leave the european union. >> i am clear and the cabinet agrees the decision must be accepted. >> cameron announced his resignation friday, he says, he will not begin the formal exit from the eu before he leaves office. >> before we do that we need to determine the casino of relationship we want with the eu. and that is rightly something for the next prime minister and their cabinet to decide. >> more than three and a half million people have signed a petition urging the british government no a null the vote. that's enough signatures to get a debate in parliament. >> i think that's irrelevant. we've made our decision, the people have voted. >> this man is worried about the unrest, brexit is bringing to the uk. >> young against old, deprived areas against privileged areas. >> it was another rough economic day in the market. the british pound plunged 3% against the dollar, that's after losing 10% friday. us secretary of state, john kerry, is in europe helping to
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manage the fall-out. >> the most important thing is that all of us as leaders, work together, to provide as much continuity, as much stability, as much certainty as possible. >> european leaders are divided on how to negotiate this brexit. britain is the first country to leave the european union in the eu's 60 year history. tina krause for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> nominees donald trump and hillary clinton are talking about brexit, and not surprisingly each one has a different view. clinton who is campaigning in ohio today with elizabeth warren calls out trump for supporting the british vote. >> within 24 hours, americans lost $100 billion from our 401k's. >> they wanted independence, they didn't want to go by decisions that were being made for them, they want to make their own decision, i fully under stands. >> trump praised the vote during visit to his golf
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courses in scotland this past weekends saying the british took back their country. well, a stunning announcement by the man many people believe is the best soccer player in the world. >> argentina's lie net messi is ending his international career. messi made the announcement after last night's disappointing lost in the copa america final. the game went to penalty kicks, and sailed his shot over the cross bar. and jen dina lost to chill he for the second straight year. four title games, lost all four. the 29 year old is expected to continue playing for his other team, barcelona, for now. >> coming up: pope francis is speaking out in support of the gay and lesbian community, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" why he says the catholic church needs to apologize. >> plus this is not what you want to see from inside an airplane. a jet catches fire on the runway. stay with us.
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>> imagine looking out window of your airplane and seeing flames? a passenger shot this video from singapore airlines flight. the plane was on it way to milan, isly, when the crew gotten gin oil warning four hours into the trip. the jetliner actually caught fire after it returned to singapore, more than 200 people were aboard, but the good news is no one was hurt. pope francis is speaking out in support of gay people. >> threat don't shows us the pope wants the catholic church to apologize to gay people and
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others. >> saying the gay community should quote not be discriminated against and they should be respected in pastorly accompanied. >> i think is significant. >> reverend an american theologies. >> this has been standard catholic doctrine for a long time. to distinguish between persons and acts. but what the pope is saying, no, we have to do more than that. we have to actually apologize, as catholic christians, we have to apologize to groups of people, homosexuals being one of them, whom our language and behavior has hurt. >> following the mass shooting at that gay night club in orlando, the vatican had released a written statement, about the dreadfully high number of innocent victims, which has caused the deepest feelings of horror and condemnation. but the holy sheet criticized for not specifically noting that so many of the orlando victims were gay. while the pope's comments have
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set a different tone, the church has not changed its official stance on gay issues. teaching homosexual acts are sinful. >> the pope often gets credit for being a reform earn, but church doctrine doesn't change here. >> it doesn't change. but what changes is tone. antone is very important. it may be as important as doctrine. >> so then is this all public relations? >> if it were only public relations, though, would that be such a bad place to start? in addition to apologizing to the gay community, the pope also extended an apology to the poor, to exploited women, and to child laborers. seth don't, cbs news, rome. >> minnesota judge holds hearing today to determine who stands to inherit prince's estate, the rock star died in april of an accidental drug overdose, and no will has been found. he had a sister, leads to half five siblings, two other
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people have come forward claiming to be an h eir to the late new significant, dna test already ruled out colorado inmate claiming to be prince's son. >> remembered attributes at last night's bet awards. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's mo'ne right there, couple of philly artists in on this, too, the roots, stevie wonder, a lot more people gave a multifaceted reflection on the late artist's musical gift. bet promise add great tribute, they've been saying it for about a month now, and the cable network lived to up that challenge by honoring prince throughout the entire show. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> also there is was huge surprise, beyonce hit the stage with rapper kendrick lamar to get the party started. she performed her song freedom, then won in five categories including video of the year for formation, beyonce wasn't able to stay to except her awards, but
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instead, her mom, tina lawson, did. turns out beyonce had to leave early to start the next leg of her formation world tour in london. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", cuteness overload. not one, but two baby panda's are born. oh, this is going to make your day, brooke. >> oh, my goodness, coming up why one cub is getting extra special care. i can't breathe. >> so cute. yes, we're in the sunshine right now, but we will be tracking some storm chances returning, i'll let you know when you will need the umbrella coming up next in the eyewitness weather forecast.
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>> a record 43 million americans, are expected to travel this coming july 4th weekend. triple a says most of them will be driving, they say, a healthy economy is encouraging families to take summer trips. gas prices also help. drivers have saved about 20 billion on gas so far this year, compared to the same period last year. >> justin driving today in a convertible. >> windows down, still feeling good, you need the air-conditioning probably next week. look at him complaining already. >> summertime. >> i understands that, but i would rather warm, not a big fan of the humidity, but i don't blame you, justin, just merely the messenger. >> exactly. >> we can't make him happy. >> we can't. what are you going to do, we'll just move on. summertime weather typical, this morning actually pretty pleasant, temperatures in the 50's, starting to feel the increase in humidity, still a lot of sunshine out there, will help bring in showers, storms, especially over the next 12-24 hours, still decent
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beach day. ocean city people out on the board walk had clouds rolled in earlier, look like starting to dissipate again, so breaking out sunshine, if you are headed to the shore, the delaware beaches, today certainly need the sun block that uv index very high, sun angle strong this time of year, the strongest out of the season as just coming off the summer solstice, so really main headlines are humidity on the rise, feeling that difference, especially, south jersey, delaware right now, and it will track northward, and little bit muggy certainly tonight. fresh round of some showers, storms, arrive in our forecast starting tonight. overall typical summer heat, for the ends of june. really no big signs every any long-term substantial heat. cools down again, that's really been the pattern for the past month or so. eight old's to the north and west, reading, allentown, more sunshine, get away from the water near 80 in philadelphia, nice upper 70s, in parts of south jersey, but there is some heat, just off to the west, you go out to the midwest 09 in st. louis, eight
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an in chicago, minneapolis coming in at 68. so you notice some kinds of colds front coming by tracking eastward, eventually get cooler air, moving in for the second half of this upcoming week, dew point temperatures, huge, this tells the story, always showing this during the summer month, because really what you need to know. if you're in the 50's, pretty good. once you hit the 06 ace it starts feeling humid. look at the shore already upper 60s indicating muggy air pass, once they hit 70, when you want to stay inside, and complain like jim. >> tomorrow more steamy, but then wednesday, thursday, the humidity starts to back off little bit. so there is something to look forward to right there if you don't like the typical summertime stuff. thunderstorm running ahead of the cold front, a lot should diminish as it tracks eastwards, maybe stray shower in the poconos far northwest berks county later this afternoon, most areas just stay dry, see a lot of sunshine around, eventually we get the cold front approaching
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us tomorrow, slow mover, better chance for scattered showers, storms, tomorrow afternoon, into the evening hours. could produce some heavier downpours, then by wednesday the front moves off shore. we will see more sunshine, then humidity starts to push taught sea thursday setting up to see nice day temperatures right on average mid 80s, so we time it out, just clouds filtering in from the west maybe stray shower coming in through the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, better chance every scattered shower, same deal, could be rumble every thunder spots, not everybody sees these showers, they move out of here by tuesday night. there is marginal risk, but the threat will be there, mainly just for some strong gusty winds. but we do see another cool down like i said, every few days, jet stream on the move ahead, cooler air tries to move in in from canada, drop little below average by wednesday. today, just more humid, partly sunny, 85, tonight, 69, muggy, shower possible overnight, there is the extended forecast keeping you in the 80s,
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pleasant again, maybe shower or storm saturday and sunday, jim, brooke? >> thanks, justin. >> i'll take that. >> well, look at this rock. >> i'll take this too. >> diamond engagement ring that donald trump gave to his second wife, marla maples, set to be auctioned in new york city on wednesday. this 7.45 karat, are you all right, you look like you're going to pass out, harry winston emerald cut ring estimate today catch about $300,000. >> it's pretty. i don't want marla maple's old ring, though. >> i think she sold it since, i think it was like right after the divorce she had sold it for like 110. >> that's cool. i mean, if it is free, like we can sell it? >> coming up: sole real cute baby p
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>> it is a special day for animal lovers as two more giant panda cubs are born. >> the moments after the birth were caught on camera. lucky for us. >> that is mama who gave birth to two cubs at the panda pavilion in macau. one cub taken to the zoo's intensive care unit because it is under weight. the other appears to be fine. the two were the very first panda births at the pavilion. >> i think that's awesome. >> i know, panda's are our favorite. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, bye
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>> dylan: adam, you want to explain to me how this vial was found in a storage unit you forgot you rented -- the very unit we opened with the key that we found inside of your house? >> michael: ah. we don't know what's in that vial, detective. >> dylan: no, we don't, but it's going to be tested, michael. adam, any idea how it got there? >> michael: my client respectfully declines... >> dylan: any idea how it got there? >> adam: i'll give you an explanation. >> michael: uh, no. no. no more talking. >> adam: victor newman. >> michael: ah. >> adam: not only wants me convicted, but he's obviously planted enough evidence... that i'll wind up rotting and dying in a prison cell. >> nick: i came here to ask you for your help. you think that was easy for me? >> victor: clearly. did you have to wait about five minutes at security? must have been a hell of a hardship. >> nick: you know what i'm talking about -- sitting here in front of you, asking you, begging you. >> victor: this is where your


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