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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> former eagles head coach buddy ryan has pass i'd way at the age every 28, now ryan coved of covered in the fl for 26 season, good afternoon, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. ryan diagnosed when cancer in 201 is suffered a stroke four years later but his cause of death has not yet been announced. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live at lincoln financial field with reaction. good afternoon, alex.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, you know, buddy ryan always had a way with words. it wasn't always exactly poetic, but certainly endearing, at one point saying i think with me what you see is what you get. what some people don't like what they see. i will add that here in philadelphia, they did. most liely regard recalled for assembly the 46 defense that propelled the chicago bears into dominating superbowl win over the new england patriots, it was during the days when he wore green, that philadelphia fans became ' nam order with buddy ryan. his big and bolstering personality and eye for talent curated eagles grates like randall cunningham, reggie white, as head coach ryan never secured playoff win but he has been credited for creating franchise that fans wanted to stand with. >> he raised the interest in eagles in our city, way beyond anything that had ever been before. and ultimately even though he never won a playoff game here, i think most people feel of sense of mourning today because he meant a lot to this
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city and the five years that he coached the eagles. >> reporter: this photo just into cbs-3, shows, clyde simmons along with buddy's agent, joe salono and seth joyner, group met up just last week for faiths day, joiner tweeted out i celebrate today the lyft of james "buddy" ryan, thank you coach for believing in me when others didn't. malcolm jenkins tweeted rest in peace, buddy ryan, may we ever celebrate the stamp that you put on this game and on the lives of the players who coached. ryan's wife passed away three years ago, he is survived by three sons, it two of those of course being nfl coaches rob and rex ryan. reporting live from lincoln financial field, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> eagles chairman and ceo jeffrey lurie released this statement moments ago, buddy ryan was arguably one of the greatest defensive master mines in the nfl in history and forever left his mark on the eagles organization and the city of philadelphia.
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another giant in the world of sports has also sadly passed. pat summit, the winningest basketball coach in division one basketball history died early this morning. coached for 38 years making the national tournament every season and winning eight national championships. it is the only team she ever coached, and sum sit remembered for bringing out the best in her players. >> pat was the very best at what she did. she saw things in her ladies that they didn't see in themselves. >> she gives you chills when you talk about everything she did in 2012, president obama awarded summit the presidential medal of freedom. she passed away with her family by her side of early onset dementia. she was 64 years old. >> well, quiet for now, but some summer storms could pop up later today. meteorologist, katie fehlinger live with the threat of weather for us, and the cbs-3 weather center, i'm all tongue tide, because i'm thinking am i getting out of here without
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getting wet? >> have to bring in the deck furniture, all of that stuff, wouldn't be the worse idea, definately suggest having the umbrella on stand by jim today. even though not everyone getting hit right now, have been couple of spots where the rainfall end, briefly, certainly happened here in center city philadelphia at our own station headquarters as we start thing off by tacking you out here to a snapshot view of storm scan3, what you will notice most of the region is in the clear. so to speak right now. now we do expect you will see the clouds eventually lift for some sun. see how that is happening off to the west and north. but we do still have some very heavy rain, some heavy pockets along the marylander border between delaware and maryland there. prompted flood advisory until 3:00 p.m. for sussex county so if that's where your travels take you you may end up with some possibility of flooding out there in the next couple of hours, generally speaking, though, we take a look at some of the area dew points, walk out the door and it is a saturated air mass, so muggy outside, dover, you're just sweltering at 77 degrees.
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and you know with these high dew points, that is leading to, you know, any time we see wet weather fire it up could douse you briefly. currently the area temperatures mid 70s, expect to add close to 10 degrees onto this here today. mid 80s in the city, the expectation, we do think a lot of the clouds will have a chance to lift specially further inland go. but with the sun comes the threat for some stronger thunderstorms. so coming up a bit later, talk about the severe threat, when the storms most likely to strike and where specially. then also, have a nice little preview for your holiday weekends all straight ahead, jim? >> thanks, katie. frightening more for family in the tioga section of philadelphia when pregnant mother and her child run from their home as the ceiling crashes down. it happened about 10:30 on the 2300 block of west atlantic street. moisture from last night's rain may have been a factor in the collapse there. were no injuries. four adult and one child are now in the care of the red cross. >> police in bucks county investigating a car crash, that claimed the life of a 60
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year old man. >> another driver returned to the hospital in critical condition, cars collided around 11:30 as frosty hollande road, middletown township. so far, police have not determined the cause of the crash. >> law firm associated with consumer advocate aaron brockvery much will hold a meeting tonight in willow grove over water safety concerns. brockvithch herself will join via skype. they want to know what's being done over water contamination. now, that contamination could be the result of frightening fire fighting materials used at nearby military bases, meeting at 6:00 tonight at upper moreland high school. >> in other news the king of prussia mall holds its final hard hat tour of its new 155,000 square foot expansion corridor. corridor is expected to open in august, and will connect the court and the plaza we'll also get a look at the retail that's will occupy the new space. the expansion is expected to bring more than 700 jobs to
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the mall. which already employs about 7,000 people. the atlantic city recovery committee wants to hear your ideas on how to save the famous resort town. officials will update the community on what it calls quote necessary strategies unquote to avoid state take over, recovery committee meets tonight at 6:00 in council chambers at city hall. >> if you live in new jersey could you soon pay more at the gas pump. but less at the check out counter, the state assembly has passed a plan to raise the state gas tax in exchange for lowering the state sales tax. a 23 cents hike in the gas tax would pay for road repairs and improves, meanwhile, the state sales tax would drop from seven to 6% over the next two years. the state senate votes on the plan thursday, governor christie is expected to sign it. no bombshells were released in the republican report on the 2012 attacks in benghazi libya that killed four americans. gop members of the panel blame the military for responding too slowly to send help
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despite clear orders from president obama, and the pentagon. the report slammed the state department for ignoring subpoenas, and withholding information, but it did not uncover any conclusion i have evidence of wrong-doing by then secretary of state, hillary clinton s. >> no us military asset was ever deployed in benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense, at 7:00 that night. >> democrats on the panel released their own report on monday it, said the state department security measures were, quote, woefully inadequate. but that the military could not have done anything differently. >> leaders from 28eu countries are meeting in brussels, belgium. outgoing prime minister, david cameron, says exit talks could start in october. german chancellor, american he will, said it is still important to view britain as
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an ally. immigrants rights groups here in philadelphia are demonstrating this noon. >> more than 100 families protested. this morning at the philadelphia immigration and customs enforcement office. they want an immediate moritorium on deportation. the supreme court decision yesterday is allowing 26 republican governors to block the obama administrations deferred deportation program. well, coming up: ikea issues huge recall after the death of six children. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", safety information about a dangerous dress their can tip over. one of the young victims was from our area. >> and storm scan3 is quiet over our area right now. but there is a threat of strong storms later today. katie tells us when we need to be on the look-out. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, west virginia finally getting a chance to dry out following days of downpours and historic flooding. >> at least 20 people died in the severe weather and several others are still missing. correspondent kris van cleave is in hard hit clinton, and with a look at the damage there. >> help is on the way to part of west virginia, hit hard by last week's flooding. from the air, you can see communities still underwater,
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and the destruction left behind where the water receded. lou ten and colonel todd herald flew with us on national guard blackhawk helicopter. >> for a lot of people the national guard has been their life line. >> this very personal response here in our own backyard. >> that includes delivering boxes of cleaning supplies, baby wipes, food and water to firehouses, and tetanus shots and other medicines to where they are in short supply. massive clean up effort is going on state-wide. 99% of the town's businesses are gone, and at least 80% of homes flooded. >> until you really live something like there is you don't realize how devastating it is. >> this was sherrie kohl's 100 year old house, during the storm, full of water, then full of mud, and now, full of strangers helping her clean up. >> we didn't ask these people to come. people are just coming. and it is people we don't know, they are bringing food, water, cleaning supplies, shovels and, you know, we know we're going to be okay.
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>> resident like sherrie have been taking all of the stuff that was ruined by the flood, debris centers like this, and if you look at that pile, it is all the things that used to make up people's lives before this flood. some good news for the region, the forecast has them drying out for the next several days. kris van cleave, cbs news, west virginia. >> ikea is recalling 29 million dressers that are linked to deaths of children including a boy from west chester. the mom dressers can tip over if they're not fastened to the wall. three children died in the past two years, including two year old curren collies of west chester in 2014. last year, ikea distributed repair kits advising owners to attach the dressers to the wall. right now, customers can also ask ikea for a refund. >> vokes weighing on a gross to $15.3 billion settlement over its emissions cheating scandal. the german auto make letter pay about 10 billion of that money to fix or buy back about
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475,000 vehicles, some owners will also be compensated up to $10,000. last year, volkswagon admitted legally installed software in 11 million vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. the company still faces billions in fines, as well as other possible criminal charges. well, coming up: caitlin jenner marks a milestone with another appearance on another magazine cover. we'll show it to you next. >> plus, another alligator on another beach. find out where warnings are in effect for swimmers to be careful, katy? >> and brooke, we are once again tracking thunderstorms here in the delaware valley. but there is a nice trade off that come our way from mid to late week. and we have got your holiday forecast coming up. a lot of outdoor plans tone joy, we'll let you know if the alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing
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>> check out this 5-foot alligator that ended up on a south carolina beach yesterday. say the geathers get swept up in current, and when the tide goes out, they are stranded. they are also weak ends by exposure to salt water. this is the third alligator found on that beach this summer. >> well, rescue efforts are underway for a blue whalen tangled in fishing equipment off the coast of southern california. witnesses first spotted the 70 to 80-foot whale yesterday, it was apparently drugging a fishing line, and crab traps within its tail. crews are working to remove those obstructions the whale can swim freely. >> part of texas are drying out from flashflooding after 3 inches of rain fell in about two hours. not everyone was sad to see the rain. check out this video showing woman tubing down seventh street in fort worth. the person who shot it said shortly after the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared. >> rainbow? >> i don't expect to go tubing down market street today. >> no. no. >> you don't know.
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>> what a mental image you just created for everyone watching right now, that's awesome. what i can tell you we have a flood advisory issued for sussex county delaware, seeing pretty heavy rain a least approaching over the maryland border, could be heavy downpours that come with any thunderstorms that fire up, as the day goes on, radar still pretty quiet. if you stepped outside at all yet today, you know how muggy it is, this is very moisture laden air mass, once we see the thunderstorms start to ignite, any additional showers, they could drench you, so even though, as we take you on outside here to first and for most some of the rain and the that we've seen thus far, what you are going to find here is that eventually when the wet weather dots bubble back up again, again it, could be very drenching, we look back though, just very short list, some of the rain and the being reported so far, out in woodbine, pick up just shy of inch and a half of rain from the rounds of really heavy rain that rolled through earlier on this morning, absecon, pick up just over an inch, millville, you know, just shy of it, even over half inch to haddonfield.
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at philadelphia international airport, as well, we pick up over half inch thus far. now, looking once more at the radar, storm scan, nice wide zoom here showing the heaviest of the rain actually through the southern most delmarva, because it is about ready to cross over that border, into sussex county, the national weather service says you know what about time we should just issue flood advisory, smart move, with all of the moisture out there to work with you can see it now, some of the clouds starting to bubble up. even if you're seeing these clouds break right now for some sunshine, as you are in the far north and west counties, here, you are likely to see the clouds rebuild, with time here today, and eventually severe weather threat is going to become little more prominent. slight risk has been issued, essentially north and western corridor of our area, as far southeast as upper portions of chester, western montgomery and then upper bucks. base already on northwest of that you run the best risk here for any casino every strong to severe weather. now, in terms of what kind of threats we're talking about here, i don't think tornados are an issue, heavy rain absolutely with all of the
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moisture we've been discussing, wind probability, as well, and frequent lightning with any thunderstorms corks see small size hail in some of the thunderstorm cells, something we have to watch out for, notice in future weather by 1:00 p.m. again things will start to bubble up here across central pennsylvanian eventually migrate east. so will anyone fair game for scattered shower or thunderstorm? mainly southeastern pennsylvania, and specially those northwestern counties, outside of the city that run the biggest risk for the heaviest thunderstorms and the most menace g thunderstorms. look at the line that may set up. that's your cold front. once that get through, we will be in the clear, but it will take the rest of the day and even the better part of the my. not until the early morning hours that we really see start to see things clear out of the atmosphere, outside to pleasant valley middle and high school in the distance, cloudy up at this direction, but, regardless, you will likely start to see some of the sun breaking through, as the day goes on, that's going to help get the instability going, for us to see the thunderstorms, now, here's your holiday preview, all-in-all, guys, not bad.
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other than an isolated shower or thunderstorm saturday, we are looking at sunshine and granted some typical july warmth here, but, sunny skies, and warmth for sunday and monday, basically a guarantee right now, and by tomorrow, not only are the clouds breaking, but the humidity is starting to drop. so couple germs along the way in the forecast for sure. >> you good? thunks up? >> i'm fine. >> as long as you're good. >> thanks, katie. >> caitlin jen is her on the cover of sports you will said dollars and celebrating 40th anniversary of her gode medal in the de cat long, back in 1976. she is wearing her gold medal, inside jenner talks about her life today, and the life of bruce jenner, four decades ago. looking fabulous, i have to say. >> that's going to sell out. >> oh, easily. >> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 former football star tim tebow is the talk of social media after what did he mid flight for a family in crisis. we will tell you about it at 5:00. up next return to the zoo. see the summer hit
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>> summer series zoo, by james patterson, is back. >> second season premiers tonight. take a look. >> ♪ >> man, get us out of here. >> the story line picks up, right where it left off, of course, and there will be
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plenty of the same edge of your seat moments, but, the show's star actor james wolf talked to us what would be different this season. >> bad chest out to new story, gone past where the book goes, and so, there is new characters, new events that occur, but for those people that i think red the book, and appreciate james' work, you know, essex he can tiff producer on our show, definitely that spirit, definitely that world that he created that is alive and well in the show. >> you can catch second premiere season of zoo tonight at 9:00 on cbs-3, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> over already? i'm brooke thomas. katie and all every us here thanks for watching. >> time fries when you're having this much fun. the young and the restless is next. >> ♪
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>> phyllis: i see you've hit the ground running. >> ashley: hi! yeah. it's my first day back. i don't want anybody to accuse me of being a slacker. >> phyllis: that you have never been. >> ashley: so, phyllis... i know about billy. i know... that he asked you to talk to jack on my behalf about coming back to jabot. >> phyllis: yes. he did. and here you are, burning the midnight oil. >> ashley: [ chuckles ] yeah, well, i wasn't sure how you'd feel about that, frankly. i was a little harsh on you and billy when you went after victor the way you did, and i wasn't sure you'd want to work with me again, let alone pitch me to jack, so thank you very much for getting past all the drama. >> phyllis: jabot needs all the


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