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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tonight fbi is asking for your help. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is outside a wells fargo bank in plymouth meeting hit by this serial robber, joe. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, good evening. this guy has been operating the fbi says for four years. they call him a smooth operator. get this in one day, just a couple years ago they say he robbed a bank, and dye pack exploded, so he robbed a second bank. he studies locations a and that has allowed him to get away without making too many mistakes. and, pillowcase over his face, baseball caps, and, back robber, fbi describes is a professional was first known as straw hat bandit when he struck at colonial american bank in horsham. >> always wearing some type of a hat, mask, range between suits, sweat pants. it seems like he is trying to blend in the environment.
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>> reporter: since that first robbery agents say same guy has rob nine other banks across bucks and montgomery counties as far west as limerick. he answered wearing surgical gloves and small black semiautomatic handgun drawn. fbi says he operates very carefully, they believe he watches bank locations and does research before pulling off a robbery. once inside allegedly tells bank workers to be quiet and if they give him money they won't hurt him. whitpain township police drew this sketch after a witness saw him removing his mask after a robbery in january 2014. agents caution while nobody was hurt. he is armed, dangerous. >> he could be violent but most of the things are very professional, very calm, and quiet, give me money, i just want the money that kind of thing. never i will kill you. but the gun has been out and brandished a few times. >> reporter: now again, fbi says that over the last four years there have been ten bank hits. he usually strikes late on a
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friday right before the bank closes. he was seen a few years ago driving a tiehl bmw and in the time since they believe he has switched cars and is now driving a volvo. of course if you have any information, as insignificant as you may think it is, the fbi would like to hear from you. live from plymouth meeting, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police investigating a sexual assault in wilmington are asking for public's help to identify a person of interest. detectives say that the man in this surveillance picture is wanted for questioning. the victim says that she was grabbed by a gunman in brandywine park yesterday and told police she was forced in the secluded area and assaulted. if you can identify the man in this picture you are asked to contact the police. bright sunshine and lower humidity, this is close to being a perfect summer day and with the long holiday weekend a approaching the weather is top of mind for people out there meteorologist kate bilo is live on our sky deck with the first look at the forecast, kate.
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>> jessica, it is a beautiful evening outside, in fact this morning was more steamy then it is right now, dew points dropping through the day, dew points in the 50's, and it feels really nice outside if you get a chance get outside and enjoy it. if not tomorrow looks great too. lets start with our weather headlines, humidity dropping all day long and it keeps on tanking as we head in the day tomorrow, low humidity, lots of sunshine, great summer weather. but we have another blip on the radar before we can get in the holiday weekend tracking some showers and storms and i will have latest on that holiday weekend with a few changes to tell but from where we were yesterday getting a clearer picture of fourth of july monday. storm scan three is completely clear just a few showers across new york state and new england. comfortable 83 at the airport. eighty-two millville. seventy-nine in allentown. most important part take a look at this dew point current dew point in philadelphia 55 degrees. that puts us right in the pleasant range. yesterday dew point was around
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71, you can see difference how much dryer the air is and how much nicer it feels outside. coming up we will tell you whether toe time out showers and storms foreign of the week and what to expect for full holiday weekend coming up, now, back over to you. airport in istanbul, turkey reopens one day after suicide bombers killed 41 people there. today turkey's government blamed that terror attack on isis, although islamic state group has not claim responsibility. more than 200 people were wounded in the blast at the airport and president obama a expressed condolences to the turkish people. he pledged to dismantle organization was hate. "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will have latest developments from turkey, coming up at 6:30 immediately following "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are getting a look at the suspect accused of stabbing a cabdriver in camden overnight. please take a a look at this surveillance video. police say victim intentionally slams his cab in the park car to stop the
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attack. it happened around midnight on state and north front street. victim identified by family as juan fortunea, remains hospitalized with multiple stab wound to his shoulder. philadelphia police are looking for two people caught on camera vandal icing several commercial trucks. it happened monday night in the rear lot of the market on east erie avenue in juniata park. male suspects tagged the trucks in black, white and blue spray paint. surveillance cameras then caught them running away. if you have any information, police want to hear from you you. governor chris christie says he has agreed to a plan with the state assembly to raise gas tax by 23 sent a gallon. the at agreement includes lowering the state's sales tax, from seven to 6 percent over the next 18 months. the governor claims drivers would spend an extra $100 per year in gas taxes but that the average household would save $400 a year in sales tax. the measure would also lower income tax honorary tired people. >> i never signed a tax
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increase in the seven years as governor, i'm's not particularly thrilled to have to sign this one but i said all a long that if that represented tax fairness, that i would do that. >> the measure now goes to the senate where it convenes thursday. majority leader loretta weinberg strongly criticized the deal saying it is a far different deal then the one the senate passed through committee last week. on the cbs-3 healthwatch fox chase cancer center in philadelphia was part of the first cancer moon shot summit hell at cancer centers all across the country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on this mission to save lives. >> this was a big mission today, thousands of cancer experts and patient from his all 50 states took part in this moon shot summit, and the mission is to speed up cancer research to find better treatments. well that could not come soon enough for a philadelphia mom who is fighting for her life. >> reporter: forty-one year-old melissa has gotten used to walking halls the of the fox chase cancer
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certainty. she has recurrent pancreatic cancer and is in a clinical trial. >> this time i lost my hair, the medicine is just strong inner general. >> reporter: chemo makes her sick and takes strength so melissa isn't able to get out as much with her nine year-old daughter. >> it makes me sad i cannot do things with her sometimes but i do the best i can. >> reporter: melissa was on a panel with the cancer moon shot summit hosted locally by fox chase, vice-president joe biden is leading mission to advanced cancer research. >> the work you are doggies mine blowing. >> reporter: biden spoke from washington with the sum that it happened simultaneously at cancer centers around the country. >> it is great, i'm excite forward research. we need research to be able to do more things with cancer especially pancreatic cancer where the only cancer with a single digit survival rate of 8 percent for five years. >> reporter: this summit was focused honorary search and finding better ways to share information and get more people involved with clinical trials. >> we can make a break
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through, we will destined to do that as long as we move faster and eliminate barriers that slow down progress. >> reporter: the vice-president threatened to pull federal funding for cancer stud that is failed to publishly disclose their results and he also called out drug companies for unnecessary price increases, issues that the moon shot project aims to fix. also, they want moon shot to make progress in five years, a decade's worth of progress in five years. >> they are really pushing here. >> reporter: they are, big time. >> saving lives. it was a big day at m.d. anderson cancer center in cooper. "eyewitness news" in camden where facility is celebrating a new in patient oncology unit at coupe are university hospital. the new, 30 bed all private room unit in the roberts pennsylvania willville beyond will accept patients on the seventh of july. a major accomplishment announced in the eco friendly renovation office two homes in the nicetown neighborhood. >> the homes on west winning
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hawking street are set to achieve the lead platinum certification. that is the highest rate nothing green construction. more than 180 youth build philadelphia students along with the saint gobains corporation worked on those properties. it took three years to transform the once dilapidated homes into the sustainable living. >> way to go. down the shore they are getting ready for fourth of july weekend in this atlantic city think years holiday could be marred by striking casino workers. what they want and what they say they will walk off the job if they don't get it. plus this. this will be a perfect location for remake of the creature from the black lagoon, no monsters here but in a invasive species i'm john mcdevitt in south philadelphia. we will tell you what it is and what the concerns are coming up. interesting. we have a holiday weekend coming up and if only it could be like today that could be perfect. it is beautiful outside. will this weather stick around for fourth of july?
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i'll have your full forecast including that holiday weekend coming up, don. find out who just sign the richest contract in nfl history and phillies look to do something for the first time in nearly two months, sports up next.
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well, it is a strike of casino workers could be looming in atlantic city just
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ahead of the fourth of july weekend. local 54 of the unite here union says that it will go on strike, this friday, if it cannot reach new contracts with five atlantic city casinos. workers in bally's, caesars, harrah's tropicana and taj mahal are all set to hit the picket line. union says it is only seeing salary go up 80 cents since 2004 and they are due you for a raise. preparations are underway in philadelphia ahead of the cities big fourth of july celebrations, the stage at the art museum is starting to take stage and barges have been loaded up for fire works show on the delaware friday and saturday. on independent mall, crews were getting ready for tomorrow's free hoagie day event, and block party. it should be a good time. invasive species is lurking in philadelphia's waterways. >> officials are on the look out for northern snake head fish and reporter john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio has details on the ecological concerns and is what being
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done. >> reporter: fdr park in south philadelphia air popular place to fish on a beautiful day. angelo martinez of south philadelphia fishes here almost every day catching everything from bass, cat fish, to burch, northern snake cat fish. >> they are vicious, probably about anywhere from a couple pounds to 11 pounds but they are in here killing off everything they said. it was a pound and a half. >> we need to get them out of here. >> they are destroying, they eat everything, man. i mean destroy where ever they go. >> they are top predators. >> reporter: david keller works in the fishery department in the academy of natural sciences in drexel university and said they are native of korea, russia and can grow up to 2 feet. they are protects threat to the eco system this he were first located in these parts about ten years ago. >> you start introducing a a non-native fish it will out compete your native fish. so other predators, that are native to the area that are top predators have another
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fish to compete with, when you interest tuesday a fish like the northern snake head. >> reporter: is there a misconception that these are the fish that can walk on land. >> this is not that species. so northern snake head cannot walk across land. if you were to lay it on the ground, it flops on the ground just like a normal fish. >> reporter: july 18th there will be a fishing effort here at fdr park. officials are hoping to learn more about the snake head fish. they want to find out what they are eating and how intrusive they really are. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, not the cutest looking fish. >> not at all. >> not a good look for that fish. >> no, not pretty at all. >> let's move on to something else, how about that. >> how about it. >> keep that in the rear view. >> talking about the fightin phillies. >> how are they. >> much cuter. opportunity knocks in the desert, phillies taking on arizona and looking for their first sweep since may 1st.
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fight wins day baseball with the diamond backs, first inning, no score, peter borges. >> deep to left field. >> getting hot ovulate. how about that, two run bleacher reach tore left feel. fightins taking a two to nothing lead. bottom of the first zach e flynn taking jake lamb. he likes what he sees. it is gone. three run shot. the development backs retaking the lead. how about nice defense from the fightin phillies, fly ball, freddie galvis giving chase, still giving chase and freddie galvis, nice grab on the warning track. pretty, pretty good. phillies down four-three, in the seventh codey asche ground their got through, he will score. the game tied at four. arizona though coming right back. they income town to right field side and just like that, it is now seven-four arizona in the eighth inning. full highlights at 11:00. sixers exercised their
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team option on holis thompson. over the course of his career he shot 39 percent from three, they need outside shooting. dario is coming, 2014 lottery pick dario saric is saying he plans to join sixthers this season. right now he is playing in turkey. dario said he promised sixers he would make his way to the u.s. after two years. if you are not a man of the word it doesn't matter what is written on a piece of paper. how about that, ukee. >> my man good andrew luck just got paid. >> colts quarterback just sign, richest contract in history. are you ready for this, six years, 140 million-dollar, 87 million guarantied. previous high, for guarantied check was 65 for eli manning, who plays up the turnpike and philip rivers in san diego. 87 million, guarantied. >> that is serious? play the power ball. >> thanks, buddy. >> as you said, lottery and
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weather today. >> we did. you don't to have work for power ball. >> no. >> but let's be honest. looking to give me a quarterback contract. beautiful weather outside. it could happen. stranger things have happened. maybe not. beautiful today. beautiful tomorrow. question is, will it stay this nice for upcoming holiday weekend? i hope so. most of the weekend is going to be freight. we have had hit or miss fourth of julys in the past, generally speaking we have had hot, humid fourth of july holidays in the past but this one looks pretty nice. most of the weekend especially saturday and sunday. heading down the shore it is crowded down there. ocean city just after 6:00 a lot of people on the beach, ocean water temperatures on their way up in the lower 70's, but comfortable. nice sea breeze in the afternoon and people do not want this day to end. it hasn't been a great beach week so far, today though made up for that and tomorrow as well. storm scan three showing clear
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skies across the region as we zoom outing in to see here, everything looking good as high pressure buildness to take a foot hold into tomorrow. our next system is off to the north and to the west. this will sweep through as we head in the take on friday bringing chance for showers and storms. i got to say if there is any day of the four day weekend that i want showers and storms to pop up it would be friday. for most people a travel day saturday, sunday looking great and fourth of july monday looking mostly great. i'll explain in a moment. see difference from yesterday we had humid air overhead and humid air out to sea. we have dry air from the north and west, down sloping west wind, higher terrain off to the west and when we get west wind in philadelphia, it tends to try out as it down slopes and dew points have dropped today and we will stay comfortable tomorrow. tomorrow 3:00 p.m. dew points in the 50's across vast majority, just higher down the shore and in delaware. watch what happens into friday, dew points surge and by friday midday we are looking at dew points back to
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the 70's. the as that high moves away we have our next system diving from the north and it is going to drag a warm front through here friday morning and that will bring heat, humidity and scattered showers. cold front then follows that friday evening. friday has two front, good news we will get them both done on one day and get that system out in time for weekend. overnight clear, comfortable with the star lit sky, 64 our low. tomorrow sunny and nice, 87 degrees for your thursday. machine fourth of july looks beautiful down the shore and philadelphia certainly by night fall, i think a few showers could creep in. i'm trying to push them back, using all my weather power to push them back to see fire works without a hitch but plan for a couple showers late on monday, even if they do get in we still have all day saturday, all day sunday, most of monday looking great and it is not too humid, eat they are weekend. i don't think we could get a better fourth of july weekend. >> you have power we can do it. >> saturday sunday beautiful. >> still ahead on "eyewitness
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news" at 6:00 perfect for your warrior one pose, on the water though. >> exploding yoga, latest work out craze where you can find balance and inner peace with the cool you when we come
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they celebrated a milestone today. >> "eyewitness news" at ribbon cutting ceremony and the this company. the company unveiled a new state of the art high speed production line that will allow it the to triple sales over the next year. they supply hospitals, worldwide with products that deal with medical waste. the company is, veteran owned and works with local non-profit to hire veterans. up next, yoga, [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh!
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if you are looking to take your yoga session toss a new level then head down to the spruce street harbor park on penns landing. >> you won't be needing a yoga math but instead doing your downward dog on paddle board in the delaware river as part of the park's floating booth camp program. pat gallen, man he does it all caught up with an instructor this morning to talk about the the benefit of yoga on the
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water. >> we start off bringing people on the board, we start by getting people acclimated to the board, by the nature of the the water, and stability and ballies one when people start to challenge. >> yes. >> so, we really want people to recognize that so much of this work out is, creating your body as one unit. >> core work. >> wow. >> you don't have to be a yoga pro to do this. beginning yoga students have a lot of success with the boards, and pat did great. >> getting his planning on. >> i know. >> for more forgo to cbs >> he is always doing something. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". another olympic sized problem in rio why did the world anti doping agency shut down it labs, also dramatic new video of airport attack in turkey. in tonight for scott pelley is josh elliott. take care family. we will see you tonight.
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>> elliott: airport terror. travelers ran for their lives. >> mott being able to get out is a frightening feeling. it's a feeling of terror. >> elliott: the attackers were caught on camera. did isis send them to istanbul? and what's being done to tighten security outside airport terminals? >> there's no price we can put on our security. >> elliott: also tonight, our special series "in the shadow of death." an addict is desperate for help but feendz the door shut. >> please leave your name, number, and a brief message. >> elliott: and, a reluctant star turns a national monument into her stage. ♪ home of the


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