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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". holiday down the shore, you're looking live at the ocean city boardwalk, bustling with activity. everyone is gearing up for fourth of july weekend fun. holiday events are underway all across the area. good afternoon, i'm brooke thomas. >> and i'm jim donovan. for many the holiday weaken starts today, plenty to keep everyone entertained. so will this great weather stick around? meteorologist, katie fehlinger, enjoying the sunshine on the cb. three skydeck, has a peak at the holiday weekend forecast. katy? >> and jim, overall, really
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looks like the weather is going to cooperate for most of our outdoor plans here, looking ahead to the holiday weekends, and as you said, get being started when this weekend, already today nice long weaken but a great way to kick it off. it feels so comfortable outside, very warm, obviously very bright, as well, we are going to keep sunshine in this forecast for the majority of the holiday. i say majority because we do have glitch on the way. looking at storm scan is doo void of any storms, pretty much clear as a bell, couple of patchy white clouds in any given location and that's it, looking at the area temperatures, region by region up in the mountains real comfortable temperatures around 07 degrees, into the low 80s already, at the airport, and atlantic city airport checking in at 18 degrees, as well, on the immediate coast, how much, you'll see those temperatures just a tad cooler and maybe little bit more comfortable. not too much wind to speak of, but we've got full sunshine
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region wide here this afternoon. it is such a beautiful day, enjoy it. meanwhile as we take you through the next couple of days, did i mention glitch on the way, it comes along tomorrow, so we will track this next system and gave you a sense of what i what the impat will be. also update to the holiday weekend in general, calling for sunshine but it may not be all that we see for the holiday weekends, all of the details later in the show, guys, we send it back into you. >> katie, lunch is served all 6 tons of it in the form after giant hoagie. >> it is free, all part of the welcome america celebration, for the holiday weekends, and "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live at the independence visitor center wherever one is digging in. >> all turns out to be nod so little, crowd of hundreds of people all just now lining up to dig in to 6 tons, yes, that's right, that's what you
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said, 6 tons of hoagies. now, this is a free event, it kicked off this morning, with a count-down. >> workers assembling this massive official sandwich by ed rendell back in 1992 when this event first kick off. it is all part of the welcome america fourth of july celebration, which began monday. celebrity chef robert irvine of the tv show a in the assembly along with mayor jim kenney. it goes beyond great food, just couple of moments ago, we saw military heroes, usher in all of this hoagie for everybody to enjoy, part of the liberty uso7 ' anniversary so great event. once again goes beyond just great food. but people turned out early and they had to, the people have been waiting in line all morning, look there she goes, got her hoagie, that's good. yes, everyone super excited
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out here. and if you haven't had a lunch already, dow apologize, because you're definitely hungry right now once again here at independence center, where wawa is getting back free hoagies. reporting live for now. thanks, alex. the welcome america celebration continues at philadelphia international airport, new photo exhibit at the airport was unveiled today, the pictures on display at terminal a-e, allows passengers walking through to travel back through philadelphia's presidential convention history from 1848 through now, 2016. well, in other news, confusing this morning, at joint base andrews after what started as active shooter drill, turned into reports of an actual shooter on the base. the area was put on lockdown and first responders returned to the scene, cbs correspondent weijia jiang has the latest. >> active shooter on site, first responders returned to
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the scene which was thought to be un bolting at the medical facility, when the situation got confusing. >> additional shots being fired, or actually any shots being fired? >> it turned out the base had a drill, scheduled for this morning, a training exercise, for dealing with an active shooter situation. for more responders evacuated the facility while trying to figure out whether there was a real life situation or someone had had mistaken for actual emergency. >> even after the all-clear, several trouble questions remain here, like how could communications fail in such a big way? >> homelands security chief jay johnson apparently in the dark. he was at a hearing on capitol hill, when he referred to unfolding situation, and said he might have to leave the session. and vice president joe biden had been scheduled to leave from andrews for a campaign event and had to delay his departure. >> people who were involved in the exercise are going to have
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to take a hard look at themselves. >> the all-clear was a relief here at andrews, but now comes the investigation, into how a routine drill got out of control. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> main workers union reached three of the five casinos targeted for strike this fourth every july weekend. the three casinos working agreements are all owned by ceasar's, including ballist and harrah's, talks continue at this hour, with the trump taj mahal and the tropicana. local 54 of the united union says the union made concessions when casinos needed money. now they want those concessions returned. >> people in atlantic city and the rest of new jersey could soon be paying more for their gas, but less in state sales tax. our jan carabeo shows us the legal battle playing out in trenton today, and, how soon attacks increase could take effect. >> the thought of paying more at the pump isn't sitting well with new jersey drivers. >> people are real upset.
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>> they'll always come up with a reason why. >> to raise prices. >> it is not fair. >> but 23 cents per gallon tax increase could soon become reality, taking new jersey's gas tax, from the second lowest in the country, to the seventh highest. on wednesday, governor chris christie backed a state assembly plan, and voiced confidence, the senate would pass the measure, as well. >> the fact is that it will help to improve mass transit, in our state, it will help to improve the roadways in our state, and it will help to improve bridges in our state, all good things. and that's what compromise is all about. >> here's the deal. while the gas tax would increase, the state sales tax would decrease from seven to 6% over the next 18 months. the deal would also lower the income tax on retirees. but democratic state senate majority leader loretta weinberg said leaders in her chamber are united against the measure saying the deal is completely different from the senate version. >> this is the worse government.
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>> i think they'll call it a victory for bipartisanship going to be a lost. >> now this isn't a done deal, but it is the last voting day for the set and before the end of the fiscal year, governor christie says if this passes, the increase, at the pump, would go into effect as early as tomorrow. reporting in pennsauken, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, philadelphia's counting down the days until the democratic national convention begins. now, just 25 days away, and the images of the dnc are starting to pop up around town. starting today convention host committee begins placing 57 fiberglass donkeys around town. hand painted symbol of the democratic party will be played in place for the fourth of july weekends, and will remain on display until september 9th. >> there will be a vigil tonight, near the home where a 13 year old boy was shot and killed.
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while playing with friends. authorities say, the teenager shot in the backyard of home on east walnut lane, germantown, he later died at einstein hospital. police say they found the gun in the backyard, and they're trying to figure out who owns it. so far, no charges have been filed. turkish authorities have rounded up several suspect, with possible ties to terror, and, possible links to tuesday's deadly attack in istanbul's main airport. the sweep targeted isis hide outs, even though isis has not claimed responsibility. a cab driver, who took the suspects to the airport, told investigators, he didn't recognize their language. coordinated bombings killed more than 40 people. >> attorney general, lore eight lynch, denies any wrong-doing during a private meeting she had with former president, bill clinton this week, in phoenix, now, clinton's wife hillary is under federal investigation for her use after private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. cbs correspondent craig boswell with the latest from the white house on this developing story. >> well, did i see the president. >> attorney general, lore
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eight lynch, says she met with former president bill clinton monday aboard her plane at the phoenix airport. >> he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself, talk about his grandchildren, and his travels, and things like that. so that was the extent that far. >> lynch says the unplanned meeting was the former president's idea, and their discussion was small talk. >> no discussions were held in any cases or anything of. that will and he didn't raise anything. >> the meeting happened a mid the fbi's investigation, in hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> bloomberg politics managing editor john hileman told cbs this morning, voidable distraction for her campaign. >> for perception ... just going and having the conversation, it just him and his wife no good. so what's the point? >> republicans have called for a special prosecutor to lead the investigation into mrs. clinton's e-mail, including during lynch's confirmation hearing. lynch says, it is being handled by career
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investigators, and will be fair. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news", a bear hunt is underway, after a deadly attack. >> a mountain biker pulled offer his bike by a bear and killed. coming up: we'll show i where this horrible attack happened. >> plus, warning for those every how love the taste of cookie dough, why you're being warned not to eat the raw stuff or
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>> official in montana looking for the bear responsible for the state's first deadly bear attack in 15 years. authorities say two mountain bikers were riding in a flat head national forest, that is just outside glacier national park when they surprised the bear. the bear snatched a 38 year old rider off his bike, the other biker was able to get away. meanwhile, disney is removing any references to alligators and statues of geathers in its theme parks. the change comes after two year old lane graves was killed in a alligator attack earlier this month. disney is now installed barriers and warning signs at the resort where the family had been vacationing. hotel beaches are being staffed by employees, and closed at night, disney has beaches at eight of its properties, no fishing signs have been posted at several other area resorts. >> this afternoon, the city of philadelphia honors the late and greatest of them all, muhammad ali. city council will present members of ali's family with resolution recognizing the heavy weight champ. ali not only won world
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championship in the boxing ring but also a he will want champion for civil right, passed away june 3rd after 32 years dealing with parkinson's disease. country singer brad pacely coming to the aid of the people in his home state, devastated by floods. >> people magazine is reporting, pacely has started a fun raising campaign to help west virginia flood victims. more than 20 people died in the flood that hit the state last week, three count advice been declared federal disasters. so far, pacely has raised more than $220,000 donating 100,000 himself. on the health watch this noon, bad news for everyone who likes the taste of cookie dough. the food and drug administration says you shouldn't eat raw dough or batter of any kind because of an outbreak of illnesses related to a strain of e.coli found in batches of flower flour. general mills recalled 10 million pounds of flour sold under the golds bread al brand name and other brands. >> on the hell watch, but the is her shaking off its bad
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reputation. researchers at tuft university found eating butter has little or no association with chronic disease. the study says butter may be better for you than the starch foods it is spread on like white bread or potatoes, but fats like olive oil, canola, still a healthier choice. coming up: finding door a hit on the big screen. >> and a hit in the pets stores, as well. still ahead on "eyewitness news", popularity of the real life dorey fish, and why experts say they're not a good choice for a pet. katie? >> jim, we look ahead to the holiday weekends, it is looking good right now. for the most part, we can expect sunshine but there will be wet weather to dodge, i'll tell when you you might need the umbrella coming up.
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>> we have the perfect announcement headed into the weaken, new jersey's favorite overall beach is, drum roll, ocean city. >> nice. >> live look at ocean city where pole results were just announced from the new jersey grand consortium, coming in second is wildwood kless, ocean city made the top of the list last year. >> i remember that, beautiful. >> any beach is nice around the holidays, as far as i'm concerned. >> i'm with you, and really we have so many beach towns up and down the jersey shore, hard to pick one that you love that much, right? actually, we take you back in time here. i want to show you the sunrise, you guys, with us this morning, obviously, what a beautiful sunrise it was, take a look at this time lapse. oh, if you're not by your tv, come over, look at this. gorgeous outside ocean city this morning. and, yes, as we saw that sunrise over the horizon, just one of those, one of those times, where, you really are grateful that you can wake up, as early as we do here, and watch this sunday rise, i mean, you see the sunrise every day, whether it is as beautiful as this, it makes it
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worth it. that said, we have beautiful skies out there across the board, whether hitting the shore or maybe headed up to the mountains, here is a view of them, out in the live neighborhood network, barely a breeze, you barely even notice it, it is more out of the west to the northwest here, right now, and that means it is a nice dry air mass, 78 degrees is the current temperature outside pleasant valley middle and high school. blue mountain off in the distance, nothing more than patchy clouds overhead, will the way it will stay. weak cell in place right now, so enjoy this. you know, one of those perfect summer days, the problem is, this doesn't last very long. we are going to see another system cross through, it comes tomorrow, you can see, it starting to get its act together right now across the central planes, and eventually, a dough owe of fronts will move through, that happens tomorrow, with a warmfront first followed up by a cold front, and eventually we even see the potential for some locally stronger thunderstorms, so there is a severe weather threat that gets posted, as of tomorrow, this isn't for today, this is tomorrow. marginal risk, and, we say marginal, basically the lowest on the totem pole, but there
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is still the possibility that when storms start to fire up specially through the second half of the day, they could turn locally strong, bringing heavy downpours, gusty wind, possibly some small size hail. so northern half of the region we have to watch for. that will let's take you forward in future weather. taking you all the way into the overnight hours headed into early tomorrow morning, already, some moisture starting to speckle the area radar, possibility of just quick shower, that will continue to lift in, with cloud cover, building, as well as the potential for a shower. really, guys, i would say any time is fair game for shower or under this earl storm, but looks like mainly just showers, in the first half of the day, as the warmfront lifts in, and then, a better shot, later toward evening, for some heavier thunderstorms, and at this point, our future weather model is initializing very well, that that region that would sit in the marginal risk is, in fact, see some stronger thunderstorms. so again, we have to keep close watch on the radar, certainly we will do that for you, 7:00 tail ends of typical evening rush, finding that maybe moving through philadelphia, 7:30, 8:00 p.m., slowly creeping hour by hour,
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closer and closer to the shore. by the time you hit the overnight though things will be clearing out nicely. now that said, comfort index, you know, still feeling very, very comfortable here at the local level. recurring dew .54 degrees, lower that number, the drier the air mass, and so it is very comfortable, for late june standards, to have dew points this low, pretty awesome. enjoy it while you have got it t to does not last forever, once we see the next front lift in, it will help bring an up tick in humidity. i jump you past the weekends to the fourth of july. here's where things have been updated, warmfront that starts to lift north. depending on it timing, we may see a shower for the fireworks that night. overall, the day as a whole looks gorgeous. but it really depends on how quickly that front can lift in. and at this point, i'm going to keep it optimist being and say that generally we expect a dry fourth of july. best shot for showers will be south of the city, at night, and then tuesday, it is pretty much sure bet with timing that will see some rain. so as things start to evolve and change, of course we'll keep you updated.
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we mention more than anything, just because very popular outdoor event kind of a time frame there, so we want to keep everybody a breast of it, but the weekends as a whole looks pretty awesome. >> all right. thanks so much, katie. disney's finding dorey is a smashing box office records, but there is a down side to its popularity. now, more and more people want to have their own dorey. demand for the blue tank fish has gone up, but animal activists are urging, against getting the fish, as a pet, the blue needs more space, constant monitoring, and experts say they can't be treated like your average goldfish. >> didn't know. >> that's interesting. >> well, coming up: more changes ahead for your facebook feed.
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>> not everybody likes it when facebook tweaks your news feed, at it again,. >> but this time it is personalment company updating its new speed so people will now see more post frost their family and friends, and, fewer from businesses and media outlets. facebook says, you know, it is affecting the way you interact with the post, and they're going to hopefully influence the ones you see more often. i would click like for that. >> i would, too. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas for katie all every us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at a . we're always on line at the young and the rest electric -- restless is next.
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