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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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day morning we start at captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, july 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fbi director james comey slams hillary clinton for being extremely careless with classified information. republicans protest the fbi's decision not to recommend charges. a senior navy official is under investigation after video shows him pointing go agun and threatening young man outside of his home. reon faces. rio face a security krcrisi. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> she lied to the country when she said she did not send
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classified information on her server. she lied! >> clinton's adversaries lash out after the fbi's recommendation. >> why did she do thes things and why did bill clinton get on that plane with loretta lynch? the fbi decision came hours before president obama joined hillary clinton for their first joint campaign stop. >> there has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office. >> in baton rouge, louisiana, cell phone video is raiseing. >> a judge sentenced paralympic golg gold medalist oscar pistorious. >> a navy officer pulls a gun outside of his home. >> get in the car! >> storms are slamming minnesota
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with torrential rain and gusting wind and flooding. >> a woman ranting as she is going off in handcuffs. >> a chance meeting with steph curry. >> what is going on, man? how are you doing? >> and all that matters. >> the clinton campaign avoided a big one. >> cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> because in this cycle, great things just below the bare minimum for criminality counts as likeable. >> on "cbs this morning." >> no charges? nothing? you're not even going to tase her? nothing? wow! wow. that's a little. i know how hillary must have felt. >> hillary clinton, you are not indicted! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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with him to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and norah o'donnell and gayle king are off. i'm jeff glor with kristine johnson of wcbs tv in new york and jamie yuccas of cbs news. republicans outramed in looking for answers after the fbi said hillary clinton shoopt be charged for middle handling classified information on her private e-mail servers. investigators find clinton was careless but not criminal. fbi director james comey blasted the secretary of state's judgment but said her errors were not serious enough for prosecution. >> how speaker paul ryan says it defied explanation and people have been convicted for far less. the presumptive democratic nominee did not mention the case yesterday as she received a full endorsement from president obama at their joint campaign event of the year. nancy cordes is at the justice department where the attorney general is expected to follow the fbi recommendation. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi director is already
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going to have to testify on capitol hill according to paul ryan. he says there will be hearings. he wants the director of national intelligence to revoke hillary clinton's access to classified information. one of many republicans who is furious with the fbi's decision. >> our system is absolutely, totally rigged. it's rigged. >> reporter: donald trump called the fbi director's announcement a miscarriage of judgment. other top republicans followed suit. >> he is saying that there is nothing to prosecute and i'm telling you that there is. >> i think it's clearly gross negligence. i don't know how it's not gross negligence. >> reporter: fbi director james comey himself a republican said clinton's use of a private server as secretary was extremely careless but investigators did not find proof she intended to break the law. >> although there are
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allegations of mishandling classified information, our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: which he said put top secret information at risk of being obtained by foreign hackers. >> any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. >> reporter: and he refuted clinton's long time resurgence that she never sent or received any sensitive documents. >> the state department has said there was no transmission of any classified information. >> reporter: comey's announcement came just a couple of hours before clinton's first campaign appearance with president obama who was unstinting in his praise of her. >> there was never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than hillary clinton.
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>> reporter: the white house made a point of insisting that clinton and the president did not discuss the investigation as they flew aboard air force one to north carolina and that is because the attorney general here at the doj was appointed by the president and technical hasly has the final say to accept or reject the fbi's recommendations. >> we will see what happens. nancy, thank you. also in washington, our chief legal correspondent jan crawford has a closer look at why the fbi decided to recommend no criminal charges. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so, okay. here is what we know. the law has said it's a felony to mishandle classified information intentionally or in a grossly negligent way. what fbi director comey said because you're extremely careless that doesn't mean you're going to be prosecuted for a crime. he said that he looked at past prosecutions and said there was no precedent to support bringing charges. historically, prosecutors have needed something more like
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deliberately or deliberate mishandling of classified information and what we saw with form david petraeus who gave out information to his biographer. there are still questions whether hillary clinton got special treatment and a lot of things about this investigation even the fbi interviewing somebody on a holiday weekend and say she should not be prosecuted three days later and watching the director make such a detailed statement on why he is not recommending prosecution. but i think the bottom line here is you could not indict the leading democratic candidate for president months before the election without a very strong case. jeff? >> jan, thank you very much. hours after the fbi director spoke, the president defended his former secretary of state during their joint appearance in north carolina. clinton has struggled to gain the trust of many voters. chip reid is in atlantic city, new jersey, where the president
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is expected to speak today. >> reporter: hillary clinton will argue that donald trump engaged in widespread fraudulent business dealings here in atlantic city and that that makes him unfit to be president. but it was a fired-up president obama who tore into trump yesterday in charlotte. >> this is not a reality show. this is reality. >> reporter: president obama teamed up with hillary clinton tuesday in her battle against donald trump. >> when a crisis hits, you can't be reckless. you don't have the luxury of just saying whatever pops into your head. you've actually got to know what you're talking about. >> reporter: clinton also took aim at her republican rival, mocking trump's history of questioning the president's birth place. >> donald, if you're out there tweeting, it's hawaii. >> reporter: democrats are looking to president obama to boost clinton's support. but a recent "the washington post"/abc news poll suggests a majority of registered voters
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want a president to put the nation in a different direction and the presidential candidate to do that is donald trump. >> thank you. >> reporter: clinton got a taste of her aspirations speaking behind a podium with a presidential seal and hitching a ride aboard air force one. >> when i look at president obama, i see a leader with heart, depth, and humility. >> reporter: and while clinton and the president heaped praise on each other during their first joint appearance, it was a dramatic change from their rivalry eight years ago. >> you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of walmart. >> when you were practicing law and representing your contributor in his column landlord business in inner city chicago. >> reporter: president obama is hoping that he can help convince skeptical bernie sanders supporters to support clinton but many of those sander' supporters are waiting to see just how enthusiastic sanders is
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in endorsing her. >> chip, thank you. republicans today are expected to unveil the full slate of speakers for the party's national convention which is less than two weeks away now. trump spoke to a rally of nearly 3,000 people yesterday in raleigh, north carolina. he bashed hillary clinton's judgment and accused her of an enron style purge of her e-mail. major garrett is following the trump campaign. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has said the system is rigged and in his mind the events of the last few days proved it in big, bold letters from former president clinton's tarmac meeting with the attorney general and for hillary clinton mishandling classified information while the entire e-mail saga for trump is anti-clinton cat nip. >> the law is very explicit. stupidity not a reason that you're going to be innocent. >> reporter: donald trump warned hillary clinton that dodging a felony indictment will not end the political debate over national security and her
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judgment. >> and this is where they said that she was extremely careless and, frankly, i say grossly incompetent. >> reporter: trump also mocked the official version of bill clinton's tarmac meeting with attorney general loretta lynch, where the two reportedly chatted for about 30 minutes about grandchildren and golf. >> isn't she beautiful? i would say that would take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. giving the grandchildren two minutes and give the golf three and a half minutes. what else are we talking about? let's talk about hillary! >> reporter: trump said the fix was in. >> hillary! hillary! >> they take a pass. they announced they are not going to press charges. lo and behold a few hours later, let's have a press conference and do a speech together and he should be at home working on
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isis. >> reporter: trump traded stray terrorism and offer sideways praise to saddam hussein. >> saddam hussein was a bad guy, right? he was a bad guy. really bad guy. you know what he did as well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. >> reporter: regime according to human rights watched also killed nearly 300 iraqis and trump's comments made saddam executed ten years ago. he has praised the iraqi dictator before but in clinton's woe is another unwelcome distraction. "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is also in washington this morning and joining us. >> good morning. >> reporter: we saw these clips brought back up again yesterday and this morning. hillary clinton saying after the investigation started i did not send classified information, i did not send classified information. it turns out she did. there is the reaction the day after and then there is the longer term impact on her campaign and this race in general. what is that?
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>> the longer term impact is for those voters who are going to put trust at the center of their decision when they look at hillary clinton and donald trump, they are going to ask who can we trust when no one is looking and when everyone is looking at something you've done, can we trust what you're going to tell us and that is the long-term damage of what that fbi doctor did which is that he -- sure, he didn't indict but he undermined a lot of of what hillary clinton has said about her private server. she said she didn't send the classified e-mails, she did. she said she and her staff were careful what they did and he said they were careless. she said she had been transparent and ed not so. a number of work e-mails were deleted and not turned over. ed the security system was weaker than g-mail. so he poked a number of holes and other holes poked by the inspector general of the state department saying what she did was not within in setting up the private server as nobody else had done before was not within
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the spirit and letter of the law. the clinton campaign said they were good to see that things were resolved by this decision by the fbi director. a lot of these issues are not resolved. >> i want to talk to you about a january interview you did with her where clinton called the situation, quote, an effort by people looking for something to throw against the wall. how do you think that argument works now? >> well, it doesn't work so well. it doesn't work at all because you have the fbi director making the very strong rebuke he made yesterday and you have the inspector general of the state department. these are not people who work for the republican national committee. these are serious inquiries and what the fbi director hinted at yesterday was all of the time and painstaking effort it took to figure out what exactly was going on here with her private server as opposed to she had done it the normal way which is important to do for keeping records and documents and so forth and so on. so there was a lot of -- there is a lot of that and part of this investigation as well and
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that investigation was caused by the fact that she created a system outside the normal boundaries. >> i want to get your a take on the tweet by trump saying the system is rigged. >> well, that is his larger message about everything, about the economy, about the politicians who go to washington and don't serve the people that elected them but serve their own interests. that is in keeping with his larger argument. what will be interesting to see is those republicans and others who back the fbi director, think he is a straight shooter and think the fbi does good work. and so on the one hand, they all think that hillary clinton did something wrong. on the other hand, they have faith in director comey. so donald trump is essentially attacking the fbi there. and we will have to see how that shakes out. but it's, obviously, been his standard message and this fits into it. >> the president is not going to touch this but when and how and if will hillary clinton address this further in person? >> well, she will have to do it with an interview to answer some
7:16 am
of those claims and questions because this is not just about something that happened back when she was secretary of state. this is about the answer she gave and the explanation she gave about an ongoing event and whether those matchup with the reality. that is kind of a central part of the presidency and so that is something she will have to address in some kind of interview to speak about it on the stump or if she were to choose to and fall in the realm of public relations again so she will have to find some point to address this before the election is over. >> john dickerson, thank you. in the next half hour, we will hear hillary clinton's own word explaining her e-mail use and the fbi evidence showing her statements were wrong. police in louisiana, this morning, are investigating the deadly police shooting of a black man. video appears to capture the confrontation between 37-year-old alton sterling and two officers. protesters in baton rouge rallied overnight to demand justice. michelle miller shows us what led to the deadly encounter.
7:17 am
>> reporter: good morning. cbs news has not been able to independently verify the video that alleges to show police shooting a man at point blank range. we warn you what you're about to see is disturbing. the video apparently shows police confronting 37-year-old alton sterling on tuesday morning after multiple commands to get down. he is tackled by one of the officers. seconds later an officer seems to yell out, "sterling is holding a weapon." sterling was pronounced dead at the scene. a preliminary autopsy reports cites multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back as the cause of death. >> we got to be clear what happened. we are going to be precise. we are going to be sure that the community knows what happened and what transpired here at this location. >> reporter: police say they are were respond to go a report of a man selling cds outside of a
7:18 am
convenience store who had threatened somebody with a gun. the shooting has sparked protests in baton rouge. hundreds of demonstrators are demanding answers what they see as unnecessary use of deadly police force. >> i was maybe two or three feet away when it happened. >> reporter: this man says he witnessed the shooting outside of his store and fliee says sterling regularly sold movies there without issue. >> it could have been handled differently. much differently. on both sides, it could have been handled differently. >> reporter: alton's sister mignon chambers. >> we need to see better than open fire. that is not the answer. that was a life you took away. that was a family member you took away. >> reporter: sterling does have a criminal history, including arrests for battery and drug possession. the two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.
7:19 am
a state official says they were wearing body cameras, but they fell off and did not capture the shooting but police say there is surveillance and dash cam footage available. >> michelle, thank you. olympic blade runner oscar pistorious will spend the next six years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend. a judge handed down the new sentence overnight after the 2014 appeal. he was found of culpable homicide in the death of reeva steenkamp. the top military official is confusing to threaten to shoot a group of people walking home from a barbecue. ahead, the armed confrontation caught on video has now prompted
7:20 am
only weeks to go before rio's big test in front of the world. >> at the summer olympics in brazil, crime is a big concern. i'm ben tracy in rio de janeiro.
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we will take you inside the city' security command center and show you their plans to keep athletes in tour safe coming up on "cbs this morning." the news is back in the morning. we will be right back.
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replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. ♪ ahead, hillary clinton's own words about her private e-mail server. the comments that fbi
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investigators found to be good morning i'm brooke thomas. some say today could be worse than yesterday when it comes to delays and crowded conditions on septa's regional rails. today is workday number two, since septa pulled more than 100 railcars, off the tracks because of structural defect. officials say they are looking to lease equipment from other states until the situation is resolved. lets get a check of the eyewitness forecast meteorologist katie fehlinger, katie, it is hot. >> it will turn steamy this afternoon. we are expecting temperatures that easily will get in the 90's but more importantly heat index values could even top off around 100 degrees here today. excessive heat warning scheduled to take effect as of 11:00 in counties in the hot pink there. so basically i-95 and urban area that will be most affect
7:27 am
by this but next four days we expect to top off in the low to mid 90's. couple the scattered showers or thunderstorms to help briefly cool you down but bottom line is it remains hot for majority of the forecast. >> it sure does. looking outside, we still have this accident schuylkill eastbound near gladwynn moving in the ease bun direction pulled off to that very thin right shoulder causing slow downs for sure. congestion and gaper delay. boulevard very slow moving as well 95 south at girard same story there. i will have more in 20. back over to you. our next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning a real spike in crime just before the summer olympics.
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i'm jerry seinfeld. to celebrate the new season of "comedians in cars getting coffee." here is an exclusive look at comedians in cars, the lost episode. i go out again with larry david. this is a show. so what? we just drive around? >> yeah, that's the show. we drive around and we get coffee and have fun. we have done it before. >> please. for eight seasons, this is one rich guy driving around another rich guy in a fancy car? where is your self-respect? you might as well be handing out dvds in times square. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> oh, no! no! >> no! >> yuck! >> these lost episodes also include a 15-year-old youtube star. >> that was martin short playing a very convincing larry david in
7:31 am
the nya and marty show. this half hour, a pentagon official is under investigation because of this video. he is pointing a gun at young men in front of his home. we are at the pentagon with the navy's response. >> these are the images rio is racing to change. the summer olympics is less than a month away, ben tracy hits the streets with bristazilian polics they battle a crisis in their own ranks. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the independent in london reports on new questions about the arguments used to justify britain's participation in the iraq war. an exhaustive study released today is critical of former prime minister tony blair and says he exaggerated the danger posed by iraq. blair, this morning, said he believes he acted in britain's best interests. "usa today" reports that the pope consoled the parents of an
7:32 am
american student who was found dead in rome. the vatican confirms that francis met this morning with the parents of beau solomon. police recovered his body money from a river. investigators did make an arrest yesterday. "the dallas morning news" reports on american airlines installing new technology in the fall to speed up security lines. american will have automated screening lanes that use cameras and a belt that automatically craw luggage into an x-ray machine. they are expected to be open to dallas/ft. worth and chicago, los angeles, and miami. american will also install ct technology to screen carry-ons in phoenix by the end of the year. "the washington post" says pfizer is expected to announce today that it is revising its marketing of opioids to curve abuse. pfizer is the world's second largest drug company. it agreed to disclose promotional material that narcotic painkillers carry serious risk of addiction and
7:33 am
the drugmaker will also acknowledge no good research on opioids effectiveness beyond 12 weeks. hillary clinton says using a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state was a mistake but insisted more than a year nothing was wrong with it. jan crawford looks at clinton's own statements that the fbi investigation found to be untrue. jan, good morning once again to you. >> reporter: good morning. the clinton campaign is now saying the e-mail case, that is closed. but the fbi director is flat-out rejecting many of the arguments she has made as she tried to reassure voters she did nothing wrong. >> there is no classified material. there was no transmission of any classified information. >> reporter: from the beginning, hillary clinton has been adamant about what was not on her private server. >> the facts are pretty clear. i did not send, nor receive, anything that was classified at the time. >> reporter: but what is now clear is that according to the fbi, those actually weren't the facts. >> 110 e-mails.
7:34 am
>> reporter: fbi director james comey said yesterday more than 100 of clinton's e-mails contained classified information. >> i never sent or received any classified material. they are retroactively classifying it. >> reporter: despite clinton's claim to the contrary. >> seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified as top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. >> reporter: comecomi said clinton from the outset should have known better. >> none of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system. >> reporter: that is despite clinton's repeated -- >> it was on property guarded by the secret service and there were no security breaches. >> reporter: comey said the server in her home was less secure than g-mail. >> it is possible for people to gain access to secretary clinton's e-mail account. >> reporter: and then there was
7:35 am
there. >> i turned over everything i could imagine. >> reporter: when, in fact, c e comey said she missed quite a few. >> the fbi discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not among the group of 30,000 e-mails returned by secretary clinton. >> reporter: clinton has staunchly defended herself. on "face the nation" earlier this year she insisted it was absolutely permitted and it turned out to be a mistake. kristine? >> jan, thank you. top navy official is under investigation this morning after being caught on video threatening a group of young men with a gun. the heated confrontation took place in front of the official's home in fairfax county, virginia, near washington. david martin is at the pentagon with a look at this incident. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of the men involved told us he had just left a barbecue with two friend when the gunman appeared. they didn't know it at the time. but that gunman turn out to be a senior executive at the
7:36 am
pentagon. >> get in the car! >> reporter: the man pointing the gun in this cell phone video is a senior navy official. >> get in the car! >> pointing a gun at my friend is a criminal offense. >> get in the house! >> reporter: a group of three young men claim the armed man threatened them at gun point after they left a barbecue in suburban, virginia. they have confirmed the gunman to be karnig ohannessian. he is also the recipient of two meritorious civilian award. the episode lasted under 90 seconds and ended when a woman believed to be ohannessian's wife convinced him to back down. >> on my property! >> reporter: days later, the mother of one of the young men filed a complaint after seeing the video. >> it's horrifying to see someone pointing a gun at your child. we were pretty shocked. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, the u.s. navy responded mr. ohannessian's
7:37 am
supervisor is taking the appropriate action to include working to understand the full details of what occurred. >> i do hope his employer, now that we know who that is, takes really strong action because it seems like the navy is sending a terrible message if one of their people is so freely abusive to members of the public. >> reporter: owe hohannessian ws taken into custody and released shortly after that. the investigation continues. reon likely won't clean up its water in time for the olympics and had to close its anti-doping lab. will the fight against crime be any more successful? ben tracy goes on patrol with rio police next. if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. you will not want to miss our discussion on so-called work martyrs. we have a couple of those at the table?
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♪ ♪ ♪ this morning, we are less than one month away from the summer olympics. rio says all of the venues are complete. the brazilian government yesterday brought out its military to guard the olympic sites. rio expects more than 10,000 athletes and 500,000 tourists but keeping them safe in a city plagued by violent crime is already proving difficult. ben tracy traveled to rio where he sees the city is battling a crime wave ahead of the games. >> this doesn't feel unsafe here. >> 90% safe here. >> safety here? >> reporter: we went on patrol with rio's police in one of the poorer neighborhoods n. the upp units have tried to reclaim dozens of violent areas controlled by drug traffickers.
7:43 am
where daily gun battles are common. tourists hear that there is a lot of crime here and that crime is rising. do you think that people coming here for the olympics have anything to worry about? this upp commander says there will be more police on the street during the olympics, but more tourists means more opportunity for crime. the videos from last december show just how brazen street theft is in rio. children ripping jewelry off people's necks in broad daylight. and now the police are angry because they haven't been paid on time. rio is broke due a massive recession. police stations are taking public donations, including toilet paper because the government can't afford to supply them with anything from printer paper to fuel for their squad cars. rio's march lashed out at the state government saying it is completely failing at its work of policing and taking care of people. >> now we have this sort of
7:44 am
security krcrisis right before e olympics. >> reporter: robert is a security expert based in rio. he is concerned about new figures that show 27% of jump in the muggings and 14% increased in homicide compared to last year. >> more than 550 million dollars was shaved off the security public budget in 2016 at prec e precisely the moment when we need to amp up the security. >> reporter: human body parts recently reached up on copacabana beach next to this volleyball arena. a drug trafficker killed a patient. some olympic athletes have been mugged on the street. but during the games, the brazilian government says 47,000 police officers and 38,000 soldiers will be on patrol in rio, that is twice the size of the security force at the 2012 london olympics.
7:45 am
rio state security secretary says the city's security apparatus, including command centers such as this one, was successful during the 2014 world cup held in rio and the pope's visit in 2013. there have been significant budget cuts lately. have those impacted your ability to provide the kind of security you would like to provide? he says there is enough money to secure the games but the security of the city before and after the olympics will be worse. that is true with in some of the poorest areas where the police are not always quite this friendly. the police brought us to this area because they want to show off a success story. but in many of the nearly 1,000 other areas in rio, the police have become the enemy. in the past year there has been a stunning 135% increase in the number of people killed by rio's police officers. >> really, we have some of the most ruthless police on the
7:46 am
planet. >> reporter: robert mugga thinks tourists will be safe during the game because police are being taken from the poor neighborhoods to protect them. >> the people living in rio de janeiro, i think the situation will get worse. >> an unwelcome part of leo's legacy. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, rio de janeiro. >> rio's mayor yesterday said don't expect perfection. >> they certainly set the expectations low, i would say, beyond the security. >> which they often do. >> a lot of concerns to cover a number of olympic games. athens and vancouver and various reasons whether it will work or not. >> you wonder if a fan would abstain from wearing their country's colors to blend in a little bit with the crowd. i don't know. have to think about it. >> definitely. cab driver passes up on an unintentional tip of nearly $200,000. ahead the unique story behind the money and why the cabbie says returning it was the right thing to do. first, it's time to check your local weather.
7:47 am
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check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. it is one passenger that raymond won't forget. the boss cab driver had somebody leave behind a backpack with 187,000 dollars cash inside. it turns out the man was homeless. he said the money was his inheritan inheritance. the passenger gave the driver a tip for his good deed. >> one little dollar bill out. one little one. he gave it to me. >> that might be a low percentage ratio. >> no kidding! >> despite the temptation, mccass land says returning the money was the right thing. >> don't carry around $200,000
7:52 am
in a backpack! >> if he was, in fact, homeless, though, money is tight. critics say hillary clinton's e-mail put national security to risk. we will talk to tom cotton about the fbi's recommendations not to file charges. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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well, good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. campaign 2016 is in our area hillary clinton will be down the shore. clinton is expect to give noon time speech on rival donald trump's business record in atlantic city. donald trump will be campaigning in cincinnati, ohio. lets send it over to katie for a look the at forecast. >> it continues to be astomia one, jim, it will mark day that our excessive heat warning takes effect and it will stay in effect, until friday. because this is going to be a strong of very hot humid weather. lets take a quick people what this will mean for your area and our area, up and down i-95 in the counties is where we have that excessive heat warning for the next several days and heat index values will sore to near or exceed
7:57 am
100 degrees in these spots. use very common sense tactics to beat this heat. seek out air conditioning if you need to in the height of the day but low to mid 90's continue to be running theme even in the weekend. we will see some relief come sunday. meisha. >> great tips, thanks very much katie. good morning. looking outside right now we have this disable vehicle 202 north at 401 pulled off to that left shoulder. it is busy as well. the accident here pa turnpike westbound at willow grove that left rapist block and visit for alternate routes. this is a new feature. i will tweet that out as well. next update 8:25. coming up new rules for home sharing services, and short term rentals, i'm jim donovan,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ it is wednesday, july 6th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the latest political fallout over james comey's stinging words for hillary clinton. we will talk to republican senator tom cotton about the fbi director's decision not to recommend prosecution. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the fbi director is already going to have to testify on capitol hill according to paul ryan. comey said because you are extremely careless, that doesn't mean you're going to be prosecuted for a crime. donald trump has said the system is rigged and to his mind, the events of the last few days proved it in big, bold letters. what the fbi director did, he didn't indict but he
8:01 am
undermined a lot of what hillary clinton has said about her private server. >> the two officers have been placed on leave. a state official says they were wearing body cameras but they fell off. police brought us to this area because they want to show off a success story but in many of the nearly 1,000 other areas in rio, the police have become the enemy. >> i looked at my watch and said i'm going to give her one minute to get away because she can't get away because she is polite. so i turned my back. >> during a prechat show with the crowd, stephen colbert describes how he knew his wife was the one. >> the most harrowing moment of my life. what if she is not there after i turn around? and there she was, smiling at me. and now we are married. >> very nice. very nice. i'm jeff glor with kristine johnson of wcbs-tv of new york
8:02 am
and jamie yuccas. hillary clinton's fbi investigation of her private e-mail server is over but she is still under a cloud this morning. fbi director james comey says the bureau recommends filing no criminal charges but called clinton and her staff extremely careless in handling of highly classified information and clinton's claim about the use of her servers. >> the investigation finds that clinton received and sent classified information and hostile hackers could have gained access to her e-mails. comey said the call not to prosecute was influenced by other cases that did go to court. >> all of the cases prosecuted involved some combination of clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information, or vast quantities of information, exposed in such a way to support an inference of intentional misconduct or indications of disloyalty to the united states, or efforts to obstruct justice. we do not see those things here.
8:03 am
to be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances a person who engaged this activity would not face no consequences. to the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security and administrative sanctions but not what we are deciding now. >> now, republicans say there is enough evidence to prosecute. house speaker paul ryan said comey's decision defies explanation and damage is being done to the rule of law. clinton's likely november rival donald trump is also furious. >> our enemies may have a blackmail file on crooked hillary and this, alone, means that she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. we now know that she lied to the country when she said she did not send classified information on her server. she lied! >> trump said the decision is evidence that the system is,
8:04 am
quote, rigged. >> fbi director james comey has taken on other controversial matters in the past and he has been outspoken on security issues like wiretappinging and encryption and the use of police force. paula reid is in washington looking at how comey's track record prepared him for yesterday's ruling. >> reporter: good morning. well, not many people were surprised by comey's decision on tuesday. what did catch a lot of people off guard was his detailed explanation during that announcement. >> i'm going to include more detail about our process than i ordinarily would. >> reporter: standing alone on his podium on tuesday, fbi director james comey explained why he is not recommending charges against hillary clinton. >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> it was very unusual and unique that he also outlined the investigative findings that the fbi team made. >> reporter: comey served in the bush administration as deputy
8:05 am
attorney general. president obama tapped him to run the fbi in 2013. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: he is taking heat from tuesday's announcement including from the presumptive nominee. >> it turned out that we are not going press charges. it's really amazing. >> reporter: comey has collected battle scars from both sides of the aisle. he clashed with the obama administration on police use of force. >> remember, our political leadership has no tolerance for any of you being involved in the next viral video. >> reporter: as dispute attorney general under bush, comey took on the republican house over a top secret warrantless surveillance targeting foreign terrorists. he talked about the encounter during a 2014 interview on "60 minutes." >> wasn't it your responsibility to support the president? >> no. and my responsibility, i took an oath to support and defend the
8:06 am
execution of the united states. >> reporter: co. >> the degree of transparency he offered will serve to insulate him or the fbi from criticism. >> reporter: attorney general loretta lynch has already said that she will accept director comey's recommendation. sources inside the justice department expect her to make good on that process. >> republican senator tom cotton sits on the senate intelligence committee and says hillary clinton should face the consequences of any federal employ who behaved similarly would face. he has be he joins us from california this morning. senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: congressman mike turner has called for an independent investigation, a special prosecutor to be appointed here. is that something you agree with? >> i've long ago stated that we
8:07 am
should have an independent voice, particularly after loretta lynch met with bill clinton, the spouse of the target and the target himself of the fbi investigation in the clinton foundation. i think she should pass on decision making authority to the next person in the chain of command. >> do you think that could happen here? from a legal perspective, do you think this is over now? >> there is -- well, there is no reason why attorney general can't step aside and give the final decision making authority to her deputy. i would say more damming than what the fbi director recommended as a legal matter yesterday is the facts of the case that he laid out. we now know that hillary clinton told repeated lies about her use of an unsecured server, including national -- or sensitive national security secrets. this is a long pattern with hillary clinton going back to the 1990s and investigations into her husband's administration, into the lies she told to the faces of the families of the benghazi fallen. i just don't think the american people are going to trust her after yesterday to handle our nation's most sensitive secrets and to be the commander in chief. >> donald trump called the
8:08 am
decision by the fbi supporting that the system is rigged. do you agree with that? >> well, director comey made a point in his speech, i would say that suggests the system is rigged if hillary clinton face no consequences whatsoever. ed that even though he did not believe criminal charges were warranted, which is very different from saying no crime was committed, that any other person would face serious security or administrative consequences. let me say what that means in plain english. it means they would lose their job and lose their security clearance. the only job that hillary clinton could get is the president of the united states and after yesterday i don't think the american people will give her that job. >> hillary clinton went to criticize trump saying he is unqualified and temperamentally unfit to be our president. what do you think makes donald trump more qualified to be our president? >> donald trump mae occasionally say things that are controversial or objectionable to some but these thoes are
8:09 am
words. these are actions from hillary clinton. hillary clinton exposed our nation's most sensitive national security secrets to foreign a adversarie adversaries. we know she took her unsecured personal e-mail devices to the territories of hostile powers. to give you a sense of how amazing that is, i as a mere junior senator never take my personal trng devices to any country, not even to canada and much less to adversaryial countries. she is nowqualified. >> you are said to be a vice presidential trip to donald trump. you said you have not been vetted. do you think you're open to be changed? >> i'm not being vetted and not believe i would be selected. i'm proud and happy to be serving the people of arkansas
8:10 am
in the senate and i look forward to continue to serve them and make our country more safer and prosperous and have the time to be a good husband and good dad for my 14-month-old son. >> if donald trump asked you, would you say yes? >> i'm not going to speculate hypotheticals. i don't believe that will happen, though. >> who should donald trump pick as a vp? >> that is a choice for him to make. >> senator cotton, thank you very much for joining us from washington. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, are you losing money by spending more time at the office? tony schwartz of the energy project is in our toyota green room this morning. in
8:11 am
air bnb can't get a rest from critics.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
♪ airbnb is taking san francisco to federal court. the on-demand lodging giant is seeing over an ordinance that would require airbnb host to register with the city. if they don't, airbnb would be fined up to a thousand dollars a day for each unauthorized listing and have to remove unregistered hosts from the site. that is not the only battle the company is fighting right now. lee gallagher has researched and written about airbnn and assistant tor of "fortune" magazine. how big of an issue is this for airbnb? >> they have been fighting a long time in san francisco and a
8:17 am
lot of empthe forces fighting against san francisco. airbnb is around the register. this law went into effect last year requiring hosts to register but no enforcement mechanism and that changed. it sort of shifted the finding to airbnb instead of to the hosts and that is where they are really fighting back and they are using a clause that basically says that internet companies are not responsible for the content that their users put on the site. >> that is a 20-year-old law, though. >> but it's worked and it's come into play in a lot of other instances of the new economy as well, but the thing is are airbnb content. this could be a precedent the company wants to set to prevent other cities from doing this but it faces other issues in different cities. it's really a patchwork of regulatory pushback. >> the statement says we have attempted to work with the city on sensible lawful alternatives
8:18 am
to the flawed new ordinance. we are regret we are forced to ask a federal court to intervene in this matter and believe it's the best way to protect our community. new york is also trying to ban term rentals. are certain states and cities against airbnb. in is that? >> it's a regulatory issue in a lot of places. the heated fights have taken place in san francisco and new york which are the biggest markets here in the u.s. and not a coincide. the reason people are up in arms about it there is so much more at stake. the stakes are higher. but most of the companies businesses is overseas. this is a lot -- the company's business is a lot less focused on these two markets than it pwas, you know, six years ago. >> to set a precedent? >> it could but in each city, it's different. in new york, the issue with the recent law that now is awaiting significant by governor cuomo is more about finding the tenants instead of the building owners. but the interesting thing about all of this is the opponents of airbnb are this odd collection
8:19 am
of the hotel industry, unions, affordable housing activists and politicians funded by all of those groups. in no other universe would you have some of these people gathering together and they are really trying, but, you know, what many people say is the momentum is great. the consumer wants this and it's hard to stop. >> isn't it like internet compani companies, they want a piece of the action and don't want it all to go to airbnb. >> but airbn bnchs wab wants toh cities to pay taxes. they want to work with cities and want to cooperate. they would love to work with cities to rewrite the laws but that is what complicating it and the conversations are happening all over the place. >> definitely demand for it, for sure. >> huge demand for it. growing like a weed. >> lee gallagher, thank you. the heroes who saved two sick americans from antarctica
8:20 am
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:23 am
we planned for approximately
8:24 am
ten hours to get it and try to get our minimum rest and ten hours and get back in ten hours. we figured we had 48 hours to do the 30 hours worth of work in. >> the chief pilot wally obubuk was part of a crew that went to the north pole to make a rescue. >> when we got there it was about minus 60 secelsius below. to get the heaters going and it would be easy in the morning to get everything set up and that was the important part. >> negative 60 secelsius is negative 60 fahrenheit. they say they sang songs to pass time on the journey home. i know it's cold in canada. >> it's a mixture. >> i like it when with you do
8:25 am
it good morning i'm brooke thomas. manhunt is underway for a driver and a gunman who opened fire on a group of young people in hunting park last night. police found eight spent shell casings on the 4300 block of darien street. a 13 year-old boy was hit in the leg. investigators say a woman who got in the argument at that scene return later with the armed man who opened fire on the crowd of people. police are investigating those eyewitnesses. now for the eyewitness weather forecast meteorologist katie fehlinger is live in the weather center. >> it is heating up in the delaware valley as we go out to the nature parks across the region. at palmyra cove specifically, 87 degrees, already your temperature and looking a little hazy but clear. that is an excessive heat warning scheduled to take
8:26 am
effect in two hours. we have less than ideal air quality across much of the delaware valley here today. if you fall in the category of children, elderly or respiratory illness, take it easy out there. we are in for a string of 90 plus degree days right through saturday. thursday, friday, a saturday could produce scattered shower or storm to briefly cool you down but big weather head line continues to be the heat and humidity making it feel so oppressive next few days. >> eighty plus, already this morning. all right katie, thanks very much. looking outside, taking a look at how gorgeous this sky is. thinks ben franklin bridge moving from new jersey and center city, look at how low moving this is in the westbound direction. for those taking ben franklin bridge very busy. same story on the boulevard, very, very slow until we get on the schuylkill and slow once we're on the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction. construction route 13, is closed between naamans road and this will be going on until saturday. we saw this accident, pa turnpike westbound at willow grove that left rapist still block. brooke, over to you.
8:27 am
our next update is at 8:55. ahead this morning, experts tell us why we should take, all of our vacation time. i'm brooke thomas good morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ >> dr. cooper, the department chair tells me you're refuse to go your vacation. >> i don't need a vacation. >> you're obligated to take one. the most often suggestion in my suggestion box is could dr. cooper take a vacation. settle in and i'll see you all on monday, except for you. >> if i don't come into work, what am i supposed to do with myself? >> i get it. sheldon on the big fame theory showses us why all americans do not take their vacation. coming up, what you are taking what you're entitled to. tony schwartz is in our toyota green room. we will explain how less is more when it comes to productivity. >> his socks are not on vacation. chefs like mario are mixing
8:31 am
up the recipe for food courts and could redefine the way we eat out. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports on fda proofing a heart extent. blocked arteries dissolve within two to three years and hope it will reduce the risk. our dr. tara procedure so doctors don't have to work around existing extents. a driver told police his 2016 tesla model crashed on its roof after hitting a guardrail at a pennsylvania turnpike. it came one day after officials
8:32 am
had a report on a deadly tesla crash. the megajackpot has jumped again. friday's jackpot will be worth an estimated $508 million. that is the third largest leg jackpot ever. odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 259 million. new york's "daily news" says the government is investigating the parent company of hookup site ashley madison. they don't know the focus of the probe. the extramarital dating site was hit last year by hackers who posted users' personal information online. the site is being used by users to impersonate women in online chats. "the washington post" reports on prestigious honor for
8:33 am
motown singer smokey >> songs will be archived in national registry. >> you can dance. >> no, i cannot! trust me! i'm horrible. the williams sister could meet in the wimbledon finals. serena williams is the defending champion. 36-year-old sister venus reached the semis with a victory. she is slowed the last few years by an auto immune season. they have met three times in the final with serena winning all three. a one-two punch that killed off a dinosaurs. the study says it was climate change followed by a massive asteroid strike. the huge volcanic eruptions
8:34 am
destroyed the species. the others died in a way that wiped out nearly half of life on earth. over the past 15 years, american workers have taken less and less vacation. in 2015, 55% of americans surveyed didn't use all of their vacation time, leaving 658 million days unused and 222 million days lost. but workers refuse to take their time off maybe viewed as work martyrs. tony schwartz is founder and ceo of the energy project which advises companies how to become more productive. welcome to studio 57. >> thank you. >> so can we become more productive by taking more time off? >> the research is pretty clear that you can. it's like a bank account. you keep taking money out of your bank account and eventually you're bankrupt and that is essentially what we do when you don't take vacation. you got to keep refueling the tank and when you do that you're
8:35 am
productive when you are working. >> what exactly is a martyr? >> a martyr is the person who self-righteously tells you how they pulled an all-nighter or how overwhelmed they are, or how crazed they are. it's a humble brag. >> or not to humble in this case. >> since 1978, americans vacation steadily declined. americans now take nearly a week less. why aren't americans taking their vacation time? >> i think there are several reasons. i think, number one, putting everything else aside, people feel scared if they do take vacation they will come back to no job. that is a legacy of the recession. but i think the other -- the second reason is people actually don't feel as this little clip showed as if they have value if
8:36 am
they are not working. we are so focused on what we do that we lose connection to the idea that we have any value if we are not working. >> from the health and wellness and productivity perspective, is it better from what you've seen, if you're taking a vacation to do the shorter ones three or four days or a longer one, two weeks? what is the most effective thing to do? >> first of all, you're in some sense conditioned by whatever your employer allows you to do. from my perspective as someone who three weeks from now will begin my fourth summer of a >> wow!vacation. >> i ran a company that goes and tells employers to give more vacation, not less. we give five weeks to people in their first year. six weeks after that. so what we have learned is that it really helps to take a more extended vacation. i'm not suggesting that most people are able to take four weeks. the problem is it takes time to wind down and you're more anxious in the early days than you would be if you took a
8:37 am
little bit longer. >> it could take five or six days to get there? >> there is no question. if you're taking a week's vacation on the last day, you're starting to feel relaxed and before the day end, you're on your way home. >> you say you offer five weeks vacation. start-up companies that offer unlimited vacation. why do you think it's a terrible idea? >> i do think it's a terrible idea because what it does it imposes on people's guilt about any vacation they take. if somebody says to you you have three weeks' vacation, you feel more comfortable taking that. if somebody says take as much as you want but we will be noticing, the odds you're not going to take as much. really poor idea. we need boundaries. >> how do companies encourage emplo employees to take vacation? >> they very surely don't in most companies. the number one way is role model it. what i'm trying to do is not only take vacation for myself
8:38 am
but as another reason to take it, i want other people to feel comfortable taking it. >> and not feel guilty about it, right? >> no. in fact, i think, as we started, it actually increases your likelihood of being productive and there is good research saying that there is a study of 50,000 people, ernst & young found that people's performance reviews increase the quality of the performance review with every additional vacation day they took. that is a pretty counterintuitive, but powerful idea. >> one study says employees who took 11 or more vacation days a year were more likely to receive a recent raise or a bonus than employees who took less time. why is that? >> very much the same idea. the question is is not how many hours you work. the question is what do you accomplish during the hours you work? i think of it kind of like an interval life. this is operating not of a marathoner where you're constantly holding back on spending more of your energy, but you're fully investing and you're refueling and that is a different way of working.
8:39 am
i think it's the way the only way in a world of relentlessly rising demand, companies are going to be able to get the best from their employees. >> i think the families benefit too. >> well, i mean, clearly. although there is no small number of people that don't like to take vacations because they know being with their families is harder than working! a secret nobody will fess up to. >> a vacation from your vacation? never heard of such a thing. >> you know there is an end, right? you get back to work. tony schwartz, thanks. >> thank you. >> interesting perspective to look at it. appetite for change. up next the cutting edge world of gourmet food halls.
8:40 am
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♪ selling girl scout cookies. what is going on, man? how are you doing? >> golden state warrior steph curry decided to surprise some basketball campers and knocked on their door posing as a girl scout. the first camera as you can see has this reaction. the kids were attending a four-day camp in hawaii. how cool is that? what do you do? >> whoa! >> clearly, he was floored.
8:44 am
>> my son would fall down. >> very cool thing to do. >> you didn't get that, did you? he was "floored"? >> they are telling us to move along. >> when you go out to eat with friend you might face a dilemma. someone wants chinese and somebody else wants pizza and you want to chow down. in the past the only way to solve that problem is maybe a trip to the food court at the local mall. jamie wax shows us there is a hot new trend in dining. >> it should come as no surprise that mario batali makes a mean sandwich. he is cher and owner of two dozen restaurants. it may surprise you one of his latest spots is more than a stall nestled in five booths at a food hall. >> when i was growing up you might go to the mall and get an orange julius or ice cream place but never a serious place.
8:45 am
>> you mentioned orange julius. that is what people think of when they think of a food hall, they think of a food court and come to a place like this and they are blown away. >> we hope so. the idea here is make delicious and authentic and handmade. this is not machine-made food. there are cooks in the station. >> reporter: stations manned by famous chefs and those just getting started and all trying to get in on a part of the action that is happening throughout the country. ♪ >> local beef marinated. >> reporter: chefs like hanna chung who cooks this up at simply seoul. >> it's really a big deal for me because i'm such a little business and i'm very new in my career and so this is mighty big break. >> reporter: are we on the verge of a food hall explosion in this country? >> we are not on the verge.
8:46 am
we are in the middle of it a food hall explosion. >> reporter: he says food halls reflect the new way americans eat. >> if a celebrity chef is not exploring food markets or doing food on a much casual level, you're probably not going to know who they are in 20 years. >> that big of a move? >> i think it's a huge deal. you have to figure out a way to get your product in the hands of people who want it and a lot of people don't want to go to fancy restaurants and spend a lot of money and this is a way to get the same great taste from the same great chef at 100th of the price. >> reporter: food halls are leading the way in another trend, reclaiming underused urban space. this is formally a condemned building? >> yes. >> reporter: ponce city market was once a sears store and then taken over by the city in 1991. >> how important is this the food aspect they are taking old buildings and underutilized areas and reclaiming them? >> right, right. i think that in atlanta in particular, there is a
8:47 am
resurgence of culture and a renaissance that is happening in art, music, and food. i think it actually brings more depth and meaning and authenticity to the movement. >> reporter: for us, this is a different step. this is away from the real bricks and mortar. for us to plan a different field. >> reporter: what is in it for the customer that the food halls are expanding? >> the customer doesn't have to go to the greasy pizza shop across the way. >> reporter: the point of food halls is shared overhead for restaurant restaurants. >> you think you're looking for one thing but you discover a whole new thing. maybe we finally have solved the age-old question -- where do you want to eat tonight? >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jamie wax, new york. >>. >> was he exaggerating on the greasy pizza shop? >> no.
8:48 am
you have choices. >> serious gastronomic experience, i did like that like. >> go the green room. tremendous stuff is available. new year's day is more than five months away but one brave woman recently found herself in the middle of a rose repairpara. that story is next on "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
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what muscle pain?l ask what headache? what arthritis pain? what bad wrist? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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holy molle! >> the final round of chemotherapy brought a big beautiful surprise for a nebraska woman. elise had 500 rows delivered to a omaha skaerns center. people asked everyone to chip in for each rose with the money left over going to the susan b. komen foundation. 102 families donated raise nearly $5,000 to the charity. brad says the most touching part for him and his wife was watching his daughters then share the roses with other patients that were there. sharing the love. spreading the love. >> flowers make you feel so good, too, right? >> so colorful. >> we wish them well. >> ill see you guys again tomorrow morning. >> i think i can show up. >> thank you for coming along,
8:53 am
jamie. appreciate it. that does it for
8:54 am
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good morning i'm jim donovan. a 14 year-old girl is in critical condition right now after she was shot while she and her friend were playing with the gun. it happened on lloyd street in ease germantown at 3:00 this morning. police recovered a handgun and rifle from the roof nearby where they were apparently thrown thereafter the shooting. investigators want to talk to the other people, young people involved, and they are tracking them down right now. lets go over to katie for a look at the forecast. >> looking hot, steamy, summer like over the next couple of days. good morning everyone. we have a excessive heat warning that has yet to take effect but it will in two hours and change from now. all those counties in the hot pink you are going to be most prone to seeing these temperatures spike, very, very easily in the hid 90's and factor in the humidity that is
8:56 am
palpable that will lead to the heat index of a hundred for next three days. it does not expire until friday. right now completely clear as a bell on storm scan one for next few days could trigger a shower or then are storm as we see disturbances push through but that would help cool you down briefly. you might be hoping for that. regardless we do break this worst of this stretch come sunday, and that is when humidity drops behind latest cold front which comes on saturday with the sure or storm but we will at least get the relief to wrap up the weekend. >> little bit of relief, anything we can get, thank you. good morning everyone. ben franklin bridge take a look at this is very busy moving in the westbound direction. traffic lights short cycling the westbound side of the bridge at eighth street. make note. it is slowing you down or at least helping you you to attribute to that slow down. schuylkill westbound at city avenue once you get off the boulevard moving in the southbound direction jump on schuylkill at westbound looking slow there. we have an accident here pa turnpike westbound at willow
8:57 am
grove that left lane, is blocked and construction route the 13 philly pike closed between naamans road anal cot avenue until saturday. jim, over to you. that is "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. make it a great
8:58 am
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