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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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lovely day. >> yes, beautiful day yesterday. thank you. >> you are welcome! >> so happy to provide. >> roads are looking good, guys, one accident out there, a lot of morning construction, overall things looking really good. and jan, so nice to have you here. >> with some of the nights he is ladies on tv, thank you. another beautiful day today in store. we'll turn little more humid as we head into the second half of the day, we'll keep conditions dry on your friday, and temperatures right now, starting offer little cool. once again. 69 degrees, is your current temperature in philadelphia, with more 50's, in the higher elevations, with 58 degrees right now in mount pocono, 63 degrees in allentown, and we are going to warm things up once again, right around average, as we head into the second half of the day today. but for the 9:00 hour, bright, sunny, 76 degrees, for your lunch hour, beautiful conditions out there, grab the sandwich, take little stroll, take a break from work, mostly
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sunny 83 degrees. still pretty comfortable, especially head into the second half of the day, afternoon, evening hours, notice the humidity starting to creep up little bit. 87 degrees, our high temperature, mostly sunny conditions, and do have steamy day in store for our saturday with a chance of storms, i'll break down the timing of the storms, meisha, in your full forecast coming up in just a few. >> lauren, thank you so much. happy friday, tgif. and we like to say. we made it to the end of our work week. looking outside ben franklin bridge looking good. looking really nice, quiet, as you head into center city. we like that shot, vine was the closer for the construction project but only in the eastbound side. eastbound side now open. so we look at the westbound eastbound side looking good, looking nice and quiet, boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction, at wissahickon, giving you a casino of bird eye shot what it looks like there, and looking good, looking how we would expect on a friday morning, see, just cracking out of the 5:00 hour. we do have this accident 202 between limekiln pike, county line road, have not had word
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on any lane blockages, but i'll let you know as soon as we do here. construction 95 southbound between route 141, delaware service area, two lanes blocked, blocked until around 6:00 a.m. pa turnpike eastbound between valley forge and ft. washington, two right lanes block because of construction, eastbound between downingtown, valley hill road, left lane block there, brooke, jan, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a today the criminal justice sent letter remain closed. >> that's after an elevator accident that sent a sheriff's sergeant to the hospital with serious injuries. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside the building in center city this morning, where an investigation into the cause of the accident will get underway today. good morning, justin. >> reporter: jan, brooke, good morning, despite the court closing now zombies also resume there today, as well as on monday, but for the most part the court will be closed for today. that's as the city and the state now investigate the cause of that elevator crash that left that sergeant critically injured.
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this morning, sergeant paul owens continues to recuperate, sheriff williams paid him visit at hahnemann hospital yesterday. >> well, he is in a lot of pain, his family is there with him, his mother, his wife. >> the 27 year veteran is apparently in a induced coma, recovering from surgery, head trauma, internal bleeding in what was chaotic thursday at the criminal justice zest center. >> all we heard was a big bang, and we just grabbed our stuff and just left. my supervisor said let's go. >> the mayor's office reports a staff elevator car crashing up and through a sealing. sergeant owens age 48 was inside. then debris from that collision smashed onto a second car below. the only court staffer inside, "eyewitness news" was there at the philadelphia police and fire department responded as evacuation happened at the
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cjc. >> what happened? >> i don't know, something, exploded inside the he will said or. >> whisk away in shock to hahnemann hospital for treatment. hours later our camera was outside hahnemann when smith was released and headed home, no doubt, relieved. >> good? you're okay? >> city records show all cjc elevators passed inspections back in june, the malfunction cause is now under state investigation. and looking live here at the cjc, which again is closed today, at the city's recommendation, the state department of industry and labor is investigating, and the department of lins cents and inspections mandate that the elevators here be re-certified as well as repaired before they reopen for business on monday, again, sergeant owens is recovering now, from surgery, at hahnemann hospital. live here in center city, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jan, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, justin. the elevator accident happened just after a hearing for more
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senior william lynn, retried on child endangerment charges in may of next year. lynn was released from prison on tuesday, he was convicted for the way i handled complaints that priests were molesting children. but, the state supreme court overturned that conviction last week. lynn is free on bail and living with relatives. convicted former former phie mob boss, joey merlino, among 46 people indicted in connection with alleged organized crime activities. he was arrested in palm beach county florida, and appeared before a federal judge. charges for the group include racketeering, conspiracy, r arson, and firearms trafficking. authority say mafia families operated in new york, pennsylvania, massachusetts, and florida, over the last six years. >> philadelphia police need help finding a man wanted for attacking a woman in kensington, and that's not the only crime he he is accused of committing. this is surround vale sense i had yo of the man they are looking for, police say he grabbed a woman last month, choke her, until she was unconscious.
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when she finally regained consciousness, she was naked, behind a building on jasper street. police say this same man is wanted for a murder and four rapes. >> republican presidential candidate, donald trump, and his runningmate, mike pence, will present an unified front today when they hit the campaign trail in iowa and wisconsin. correspondent brian web shows us it has been a rough week for the republican ticket, highlighted by declining pole numbers and controversial endorsements. >> ♪ >> donald trump struggles to move his campaign forward thursday, once again, splitting with runningmate mike pence, over support for two republicans up for re-election. >> of course i support john mccain, and all of our republican incumbent. >> high profile endorsement came one day after pence endorsed house speaker paul ryan, whom trump also snubbed. still, trump insisted he and pence are on the same page. >> he came to me, and he asked me would it be okay, and i gave him totally my blessing.
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>> a 11 year old put pence on the spot earlier in the day, at an event in raleigh. >> you've been kind of -- >> i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump, and we are shoulder to shoulder in this campaign, my friend. >> trump has struggled to refocus his campaign on hillary clinton a mid series every miss steps this week. the democratic nominee seized on the opportunity to chip away at trump's business records. >> everything he's made he's made somewhere else. he's not put americans to work. >> in a interview with cbs nora o'donnell, clinton's runningmate, tim kaine, stopped to put her e-mail scandal to bed. >> she said i made a mistake. i screwed up. i've learned something, and i'll do it differently. >> a pair of polls out yesterday shows clinton pulling ahead of trump nationally and topping him in three key state. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". newly re december $ data is suggesting donald trump's president a.m. campaign may be
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hurting his businesses. the people at forges wear say foot traffic to trump golf courses hotels and casinos has been steadily falling since he entered the presidential race. they say last month traffic fell 14% compared to the same time last year. trump's campaign has not commented on the report. >> now for a look at some of the headlines from across our region. >> daily times report chest america man has pleaded guilty in a deadly hit-and-run from earlier this year. thirty-six year old scott will be sentenced august 31st. the crash killed 24 year old mary ann bennett. >> the world family of westhampton, new jersey, are brazil-bound. the burlington county times report the family is heading to rio to see daughter kelce compete in two swimming events, and we're certainly hoping she bridges home the gold. >> on the cover in the spirit in delaware county girls rotc fitness school took the top spot in the national high
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school physical fitness championship. it is the second consecutive year they'll come home as national champions. event hosted by the united state marine's youth foundation in san diego. >> that's a look at our local headlines. a lot of good stuff there. >> still ahead this morning, disturbing discovery in north jersey. hear what investigators found hidden in a hiking trail. >> also this morning, experts say it is too many carseat not properly installed. see more on the high tech solution, plus this. >> the wind was so strong it was picking us up. >> severe weather broke naught louisianna leaving trail of destruction behind. we'll show you the major city cleaning up this morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> spree g of getting started, the summer games kick off later tonight in brazil. we'll go live to rio to see if
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is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> big names performing
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tonight in bethlehem. 350 performance cents, food, arts and crafts, also on sale it, starts tonight, and runs through the 14th, music fest. well, police are investigating this morning, after they say someone booby-trapped a hiking trail in northern new jersey. >> this all happened in high mountain park in wayne. police say they found broken bottles, wooden planning with nails sticking out of them anbarb wire. >> and something erie going on in st. louis. we found this on st. louis park facebook page. it shows the gateway arch, some serious life in the sky. take a look. it shows a strange bright light. do you see that right there? it was therefore about an hour. could it be a ufo? no, it couldn't. ufo's are not real, okay? park managers say they don't know what it is, but they admit it is weird. check this out. a comet speeding at more than 1 million miles an hour
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plunging toward the sun. the solar observatory captured it on camera. you can see the comet enter on the right, actually goes around the sun, but vaporize z from the heat. pretty inch steps stuff. >> it is crazy. >> incredible. >> and an ef1 tornado flips truck containers and creates a mess for trucking company near jacksonville, florida, and it is all caught on camera. take a look at this, the storm 's winds can be seen picking up the truck before it flips onto its side. the winds also ripped open a nearby building's doors, throwing things all across the floor, thankfully, no one hurt, but the damage is expected to cost thousands of dollars. wow. >> and another tornado to tell you about this morning, this one, in new orleans, a funnel cloud was spotted over the french quarter area yesterday afternoon. the severe weather brought down three buildings and left several people hurt, the national weather service says the tornado ef0, wind of 80-mile per hour. so, some wild weather out there, in other part of the country, but, fortunately --
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>> i mean it hurt my soul, like the people in new orleans don't need anything else. >> exactly. >> they don't. >> they need a break. >> you're right, they don't need anything else. still rebuilding. >> yes, you can see, even ef0, the lowest on our scale, enhanced scale, see what damage even that causes there. but quiet weather here in the delaware valley. conditions a little on the cool side certainly by august standards, once again as we wake up on a friday morning. feeling good, stepping outside, dry conditions, makes it feel even better getting live look at center city philadelphia, buildings lit up in green, 69 degrees your current temperature, win out of the south at around 3 miles per hour, so wind speeds are light, but southerly component to the winds flow will your nerve more moisture specially headed into the second half of the day today. but right now, feeling good in the lehigh valley, temperatures in the low 60s, at 66 degrees, currently in reading, down the shore, temperatures also on the cooler side by summer standards down into the low 60s, at 26 degrees in wildwood. dew point showing us pretty consistent over the last couple of days, been hanging
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around the 06 degrees mark, allowing us to feel pretty comfortable while stepping outside. big difference as we head into the day tomorrow. dew point will be up into that 70 degrees range, once again, so that oppressive humidity will return, and even by the end of the day today, bit more humid, start to in the the difference, i think, specially in the evening hours, otherwise, no problems though, mostly sunny, high temperature right around our average in philadelphia, 87 degrees, tonight increasing clouds, muggy conditions, not great sleeping weather tonight, as we've had over the last several nights, only falling back to 73 degrees, but storm scan3 showing us very quiet conditions. can leave that umbrella at home today. don't need to worry about that is correct but not the same can be said for tomorrow. do have cold front up wind still over portions of the midwest right now, bringing some strong storms to the st. louis area, cold front will be moving through the delaware valley as we head into the day tomorrow. so, future weather, we start out tomorrow morning, quiet conditions, haze around, clouds around, then as we head into midday, we start to see some storms firing off,
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specially in our western counties, and then, into the afternoon hours, as that prime heating of the day get going. that cold front makes approach. we'll see scattered storms developing across the delaware valley. so, everyone has a pretty good shot at seeing a storm tomorrow. again, they will be scattered in nature. need to keep eye to the sky. few of those could be on the stronger side, but by 11:00 tomorrow evening, storms have cleared on out, i think our symptom chances really start to wayne, as we head after sunset tomorrow. but, for today, dry conditions, do have chan of seeing stray thunderstorms, in the poconos, mix of sun and clouds, high temperature at 78 degrees. down the shore, looking beautiful. yes, saturday, meisha, a is the stormy day of the weekend, steamy, 09 degrees, but by sunday, beautiful conditions return. take us into the start of next week. >> yes, through the week we've had, lauren, i just cannot complain about the rain tomorrow. just can't do it. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. happy friday. we are happy it is friday. we are happy that the roadways are look being good. the blue route headlight moving in the northbound
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direction, past route one. so tail light moving in the southbound direction, looking good. we can see plenty of vehicles out there, overall things looking as they normally should on a friday morning, especially at about this time. then 95, tail light actually moving in the southbound direction, approaching woodhaven road. you can see all of the headlight moving in the northbound side. actually southbound side though that i am keeping my eye on. looking good, there, as well. fairly typical for interstate 95 we crack into the 9:00 hour. looking good there. 422 headlight moving in the eastbound direction approaching or at the pa turnpike rather, looking good both directions both eastbound and westbound on 422, so basically, anywhere on 422 and the blue route this is what you are looking at, not bad. i'm going have update on septa coming up in about 15 minute or so. jan, over to you. >> meisha, thanks. this morning, orlando investigators are looking for a man who punched george zimmerman in the face. you will recall zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin back in 2012. zimmerman was talking about the shooting with several people, at a restaurant, over the weekend. a man then came up to him, and
5:19 am
asked him if he was bragging before punching zimmerman in the face. that's when zimmerman called 911. >> what's going on there? >> man just punched me in the face. >> okay, is he still there? >> yep, he said he was going to kill me. >> does he have any wept flops. >> send like three, four cops. >> now, the man then left on a motorcycle. the restaurant has since said zimmerman is not welcome there. >> in georgia, twin, 15 month old girls, are dead after they were left in a hot car. when police got to the scene, neighbors and the girl's father were trying to cool the girls down with ice packs, and a shallow pool. sadly, it didn't work. investigators are questioning their father. safety advocate say more than 23 children not including these twins have died in hot cars this year. last year 37 children died. >> the carseat company says 80% of carseat are not installed correctly. >> so it invented one that
5:20 am
installs itself. they say the four-mom seat can adjust the seat level and tension automatically. a phone app helps parent with installation. >> press next to when you are red. >> i we actually have built a robot into the base of the carseat. so all of the mom has to do is place the base in the back seat of her car, click it into the latch anchors in the vehicle, push abut on, and the robot does everything else that needs to be done. >> that is helpful. makers say the self-installing carseat has passed federal crash standards. the cost is about $500. the first ones expected to ship in mid-september. >> wow, still ahead: women's basketball star and delaware native, elena deldon makes a big announcement. >> find out what she told bo magazine just ahead. plus this. >> i am kevin frazier, coming up will smith and margo robby tells us what it becomes to become the worse heroes ever as the bad guys save the day in suicide squad. [♪...]
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all right, welcome back, so get this, two eagles players are injured at training camp. >> here's lesley van arsdall, with eyewitness sports. the eagles participating in the second full contact training camp practice. the injuries starting to pile up including two players the team cannot afford to lose. tackle jason peters went down during rushing drill, safety malcolm jenkins suffers hamstring injury, he, too, had to leave practice the both of these injuries do not seem to be serious defensive
5:25 am
coordinator said the players need to adjust. >> we need those guys behind them to step up. we need to find out who will be on third and fourth and maybe even potential fifth with special teams and stuff like that. and, you know, when a guys goes down, great opportunity for those other guys to step up. but, the opportunity only if you take advantage of it, those guys need to do a better job of taking advantage of it. >> and the phillies lose the the day game against the giant yesterday. but the team has announced top pitching prospect, jake thompson, will be making his mlb debut this saturday in san diego against the padres. the 22 year old pitcher will replace aaron nola placed on the 15 day dl. phillies acquired thompson a year ago as part of the cole hamels trade, last 11 games, he is eight and zero, with 1.2era, wish him well. and eyewitness sport, pavilion, where nova fans got the chance to pose for pictures with the 2016 men's basketball championship trophy. this all took place during a
5:26 am
philadelphia freedoms match against the springfield lazers. the wildcats mascot also on hand to help the fans celebrate. >> that's all for sport, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> good stuff there. hey, the newest class of nfl hall every fame ers is getting some new gear just in time for the induction tomorrow. among the newest hall of famers, philly native marvin harrison. he, bread favre and the rest of the class got their gold jackets last night. tomorrow's ceremonies are at the pro-football hall of fame in canton, ohio. >> wnba star and former university of delaware stand out elena deldon is redeveloping she is gay and engaged to her long time partner. deldon in rio with team usa, she discusses the public revelation, and her engagement to long time partner, andrea clifton, in vogue magazine. the 26 year old said now that her sexual a at this and her relationship is public knowledge, she claims to keep her personal life private.
5:27 am
>> and it is a big weekend for philly favorite. >> it kick off with a star studded night in society hill. former sixer and basketball hall of famer allen iverson had his celebrity summer classic last night. tonight, it is a celebrity basketball game coming up at the liacouras sent, now, proceeds from the celebrity summer classic and last night's auction benefit the police athletic league. >> that could be fun. >> i know, i am a huge ai fan. very cool stuff. hey coming up in the next half hour of eye within news, it may be summer but for some reason we're ready to talk about pumpkin spice. >> already? really? >> i'm not red. >> i rushing it a little bit. wait until you hear the newest site with the fall flavor. >> jamie? pgh to what residents are living, i'm jail any rio de janeiro with two sides of the city. >> also ahead, how but this? the kindness after strange is her changing two students lives. you won't want to miss this inspirational story. lauren? >> and, it is another pleasant
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and quiet start to the day. but we will change things up as we head into the upcoming weekend, which day will feature humidity, and chance of storm, i'm meteorologist, lauren casey, i'll let you know in your grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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