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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> i just want to know what to make of that. >> you always blame me for this. >> i do. >> come january? >> you will be the first to complain it is too cold, once again, it is my fault. >> i own that. >> i'll hear that one. but yes, you have that right there is weekend, just down right hot. obviously, weekend, you want to get outside, just take it easy if you do. try to stay cool. obviously you know the deal, common sense, drink water, if you are already feeling dehydrated or thirsty, just too late. already dehydrated so just try to continuously just drink water throughout the day if you k ex session i have heat warning in effect throughout the entire delaware valley the exception is the poconos, heat advisory going into effect until noon, so really everywhere across the region dealing with high heat, humidity. temperatures, actual air temperature, mid 90s. but factor in tropical humidity, it will feel like 105-110 today. same deal tomorrow. slow your roll when you head outside. eighty-two is the current temperature right now at philadelphia. and that's the probably going to break the new record for
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the warmest low temperature for the day. we're still in the 80s, pretty impressive at this hour. 76 degrees in allentown, suburbs same deal, quakertown, feeling the best at 73. that dew point tells us how much moisture is in the air. humidity very high, 77. i don't think i've seen it that high. that might be the highest so far this summer for philly t makes it feel insufferable. that will be the trends throughout the day today and tomorrow. humid index values up to 90. it feels like 90 degrees outside in philadelphia already at 6:00 a.m. ninety-one, in dover. actual air temperature, mid 90s today, maybe we get some brief relief later today with the scattered shower or storm, that's about it. the shore stays dry. that's probably the best place to be as well as poconos, upper 80s to 09 degrees. we will get rid of the 90s coming un in the seven day forecast. >> rahel, back to you. >> thank you, justin. trying stay cool when it is so hot and humid. it is easier said than done. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio", is live on logan square, kelly drive, and kelly the heat
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apparently not stopping joggers, but they are taking some precautions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, no, the heat is not stopping them. hydration, hydration, hydration. that seems to be the theme of this morning, to about half dozen joggers that i spoke with, and as you can probably tell, i'm already glistening, getting pretty sticky out here, as that mercury continues to climb. but people have been very creative staying cool in this excessive heat. take a look at the video of what philadelphians have been doing over the past couple of days. like that big plastic pool on the block, they're also using some old favorite, like ice cream, popsicles, others are just staying inside the air-conditioning. some quick advice, wear loose fitting clothing, don't just rely on fans to stay cool, find the air-conditioning, if you can, and take a look at those joggers, if you have to be outside, do like they are, get here early. they've been out here since
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just after 5:00 this morning. trying to get those runs in, before it becomes unbearable. some began their hydration yesterday. other, like this woman, brought their water with them. take a look. >> reporter: yes, hydration pack, here is my straw, my pack. >> it is frozen? >> yes, by the time i get where i need to go, it will be un froze. >> how long are you running today? >> 17 miles. >> oh, wow, big training day, longrun training day. >> exactly, yes. >> nothing going to stop you? >> yes, have a great day. >> reporter: the hydration pack is a wonderful, wonderful invention, but we cannot stress hydration enough. according to the red cross, heat has been the cause of more deaths, more deaths than all other weather event combined. soap, please, take the heat advisories extremely seriously, hydrate and try to stay cool today.
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i know i'll be at the pool rahel, live on kelly drive, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank up, we heards it from cherri gregg, we third from justin, got to stay hydrated. thank you. the philadelphia corporation for heat line is taking phonecalls this weekend. if you or someone you know needs help beating the heat call (215)765-9040. the heat line will be open today and tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to midnight. >> and new this morning, a stabbing in south philadelphia sends a man to the hospital. this unclear what led to the stabbing which happened just outside geno's steaks on south ninth street. twenty year old man is undergoing treatment for stab wounds to the shoulder. so far, no arrests, as police continue their investigation. police are also investigating an assault in northeast philadelphia. investigators say, a 34 year old plan was attacked, at the corner of bustleton avenue and red lion road. there is no word on the extent of his injuries, or whether
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police have made any arrests. >> philadelphia police identify two suspect and frightening robberies targeting asian business owners, and now, police want the public's help to track them down. here are the suspect police are trying to find. norman bowen, and anthony campbell. both men are known to them. we also have some surveillance individual for you. take a look. suspect have been targeting asian owned business that is have homes above the shops. they've struck 12 times since may, and police say the suspect threaten their victims at gunpoint, tie them up, and then rob them. >> both males currently have warrant, eight warrants against them, for 12 of these incidents, still working the others to gather mower information, but considered armed and dangerous, not quite sure of their whereabouts at this point, but hoping the public who has helped cents us i am mensly in this investigation can come forward with information on where these individuals may be. >> and here is another look at the suspects for you. if you know where they are, philadelphia police want to hear from you. and, this woman is wanted
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for a disturbing confrontation at a target store in wilmington. police say she poured bleach on another customer after getting into a fight at the store on brandywine parkway. some of the bleach also landed on a one year old child, in the victim's cart. the woman last seen getting into a small white car. philadelphia police hope you can help them track down the man accused of assaulting a septa driver. it happened on the route 37 bus, on south broad, august 3rd, police say the suspect, caught on surveillance video, as you can see there, punch their driver, then slammed the drivers head on to the dashboard, and bit him in the face. if you recognize this suspect, contact police. >> and there is now a $10,000 reward for information in the shooting of a six year old boy in germantown of the the child continues to fight for his life this morning. investigators say, mahaj brown sitting in a car with his godfather thursday night, when a gun battle broke out on the 500 block of ashmead street. police say the boy was shot several times with assault rifle.
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three other men also wounded. "eyewitness news" spoke to brown's grandmother. >> just took a lot, his little body was riddled with bullet, and i just, i just can't believe it. they have no regard for anybody's life, let alone a child's life. >> and police believe two rival groups were shooting at each other. this violence comes just days after another six year old, little girl, was shot just a mile away. police are also offering a $10,000 reward in that case. former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky, has taken the stands as he tries to clear his name. sandusky testified at an appeal hearing for the first time, he and insisted he did not sexually abuse ten boys. he want his conviction thrown out or new trial because he said his lawyer was ineffective. he is currently serving a 30, to 60 year sentence. and, the fate of pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, will soon be in the hands of a jury.
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yesterday, kane's defense tried to have the whole case thrown out for what they say was a lack of evidence. montgomery county judge denied the request. >> friday's testimony started with a reporter whose news article is at the heart of the perjury and obstruction case against pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. on the stand, chris brennan would not say who sent him secret grand jury document, siting, pennsylvania shield law that protect journalist frost revealing their sources. those grand jury documents led to a june 2014 article, about an investigation into the finances of prominent former philadelphia naacp president, jerry montdesire, saying it damaged his reputation, and saying the stress took a toll, definitely. passed away in october of 2015, and he was never charged. after three and a half days of testimony, the prosecution rested, after the judge denied the gee fence ' reese questions to throw out the case for lack of direct evidence, defense also rested
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without calling a single witness. the defense only had this to say after court was dismissed. >> now scheduled for the next stage, i don't want to comment on this. it is particularly sensitive point at this time. we'll wait and see what happens. >> kane has insisted that anything released was done out of transparency, rather than an attempt to get back at a prosecute nerve her office, she apparently leaked information about her. the question, how much, then looming throughout the week, if the woman at the center of the case would speak in her own defense, when asked by the judge kane responded i don't feel like i need to testify. and before sending the jurors home for the weekends the judge thanked them all, and noted they've been extremely attentive during the last five days of trial. those jurors, prosecution and defense all return monday morning at 8:30 for closing arguments. campaign 2016, donald trump will be campaigning today in connecticut. yesterday trump made couple of
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stops in pennsylvania including erie. now, polls show close race between trump and hillary clinton, in the keystone state of ours. trump blamed the media for not understanding his reference to clinton and president obama as the founders of isis was just sarcasm. >> so i said the founder of isis, obviously a bit sarcastic, then, then, but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. and they all said he should not say that. >> trump campaigned in altoona last night. meanwhile, hillary clinton is stepping up pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns by releasing her own. the democratic nominee 2015 returns reveal $3.6 million tax bill, two and a half million dollars on income. roughly 34% tax rate. the clinton's also paid about 10% to charity, the vast majority of which went to her husband's foundation. clinton will make campaign stop tuesday at west philadelphia high school.
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>> dangerous heat and storms, justin is back with information on whether the worse of it will impact your weekend. >> also, ahead, it is not the heat but the rain that is causing severe flooding down south. coming up next, a major problem from a slow moving storm this weekend. >> plus: it is a danger that could be lurking in your backyard. in the campgrounds where you vacation, and places your kids play, how to avoid ticks that could be caring lyme disease, coming up., and my sweethearts handsome,gone sayonara.rance... this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago!
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>> fair ride operator has permission to continue, except for ferris wheel involved in a accident. say worn out riff on the ferris wheel had come loose, gondolla caring girls plummeted to the ground. six year old girl in critical condition. two other girls treated and released. louisianna has declared state of emergency, as heavy downpours drench the area, and more than 3 inches of rain an hour. as omar villafranca reports, the rain expected to keep falling, all weekend. >> in louisianna rain flooded out businesses and entire neighborhoods, motorist as ban donned their vehicles, and homeowners were forced to evacuate. >> emergency crews went after those who couldn't get out on their own. using boats, and high water vehicles, to take stranded neighbors, and pets, to higher
6:15 am
grounds. resident chipped in. >> where is all of this water supposed snowing. >> but in baton rouge, the rising flood waters proved deadly. sixty-eight year old man was killed, after he was swept away while trying to escape. vernon drummond was his friends. >> he got over, he went under, didn't come back up. >> several drivers teamed up to help an elderly man to safety who was trapped in his car. >> jordan temple got to him first. >> i just toll him don't panic, i'm here for you, i'll get you out of these waters and rescue you. >> nearly 07 roads closed, officials warning drivers to stay off the road. twenty-four people were evacuated, from this apartment complex. the water is receding, at one point, it was waist high. but, there is more rain in the forecast. omar frank a. >> good morning, everyone, hopefully take things nice and east think afternoon, not a whole lot of rain chances for
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our region, might get few chances and storms obviously, no widespread flooding like that, but any showers and storms that develop could bring some brief relief from this high heat and humidity we're dealing with all weekend long, impressive temperatures already this morning, from our weather watchers. waking up upper 70s, even some 80s when you factor in the humidity, feels as high as already 90 degrees, this hour, and check out these current numbers from some of the backyards out in chesterfield, ed connor eight a degrees at this hour, eagle have i lou at 78, upper 70s, phil here in philadelphia, lawrenceville, peter has 76 degrees, upper 70s in cardington. and kerry higgins, mt. laurel, new jersey, 80 degrees. impressive low temperatures overnight, we made it only through the upper 70s up in eagleville, philadelphia, phil had low of 76 degrees, 80 in cherry hill at jenny's house in mt. laurel. also coming in at 80 degrees, so far the low temperatures for philadelphia, 82, that was set new record for the warmest
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low temperature for this date. let's take you down to the shore, where that will be good place to be, find the coolest temperatures there ocean will feel, mid to high level clouds, looks like we'll see plenty of sunshine, at the shore today. looks like storm chances will be very low. but, a better chance coming in later, tomorrow evening, we will talk about that in just a bit. but speaking of the sunshine, you know, just reminder here with the hot hot car thing, use common sense. only takes few minutes to heat things up with the windows up. if you have 75 degrees air temperature it, will reach 94 within ten minutes, 109 in a half hour, but we will be dealing with mid 09 degrees temperatures today, so just in a matter every minute be up around 114, 115, half hour close to 130 degrees, inside your car with the windows up. even with the windows down, still going to get very hot. generally, car's temperature will increase 40 degrees, per hour, with the windows up. 80% of that, increase occurs within the first half hour.
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use common sense. feeling unsufferable today and tomorrow. it will feel more like 105 to 110, in a lot of locations across the delaware vale. start see some relief as far as humidity. it is still going to be humid, but not as bad as what we're dealing with this weekend. like i said, the shore the best place to be today. 90 degrees, air temperature, so still hot. atlantic city, 56 degrees, few days ago we set new record, at 83 degrees. so, big drop there. so that will actually feel pretty good. nice southwest win ten to 15, depending which beach you're at you might find cool temperatures. typically do see this with this weather pattern set up. you get it when you have persistent southwest winds, runs parallel to the shore, because of the way the earth rotate and, the actual top surface water which is the warmest heads off shore. out to sea. so the only way to replace that water that's moving away is bring the colder water from
6:19 am
beneath. that's why you're going to find some cool spots in some of the area beaches along the shore. even delaware, most areas still pretty warm. again atlantic city coming in with ocean water of 65. some spots still hanging around 80 degrees. quiet storm scan3 for now, showers storms north and west, the colds front. later today just because it is so much heat and humidity around could see pop up shower or storm. but well into the 90's for air temperatures, because it will feel like 110. then the front heads closer to us tomorrow. so i think tomorrow afternoon, evening, better chance to see some scattered showers and storms. still very hot, humid, once this front passes, we see slight decrease in humidity monday. temperature right around 90 degrees. so this afternoon, not much happening, clouds build up, maybe stray shower or two have your eyes to the sky, things do quiet down this evening, tomorrow afternoon late in the day better chance for some scattered showers and storms, could contain some heavy rainfall. heat index values: up around 110, this afternoon, midnight tonight it, could still feel as hot as 100 degrees. tomorrow, slightly better, at
6:20 am
105. but today, 96 for the high temperature, hot, humid, muggy tonight, lows' again 80 degrees, the extended forecast, the best week can do, had a well, upper 80s starting next tuesday, still kind of humid, though, but will feel much better than the weekend, we'll take. >> looking pretty good about now, justin, 80s. >> pennsylvania has reported the most cases of lyme disease in the nation for the past five years. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new research. >> first infect in the 2010. >> notice i was getting dizzy, very quickly fatigued. so i was like bedridden, and then they finally diagnosed me. >> his wife and two children were diagnosed years later. >> been a really long road for us. >> new cdc study reveals decades of research how to control the black legged tick that transmits the disease and prevent bites. >> very difficult. ticks are very small. >> research shows people need
6:21 am
to be vigilant about wearing long sleeves, socks, shoes, and insect repellent. >> taking showers after being outdoors, and checking ourselves, ourselves, our children, our pets, for the presence of ticks. >> researchers recommend homeowners take steps to keep ticks out of their yards, getting rid of leaves, and sprague insecticides, can lower the number of ticks by about 80%. the they live in a wooded area and are well aware whatever they need to do. >> not in the woods and just going home and going to bed. you have to, you know, take a shower, wash your clothes, you know, be cautious. >> watch out for symptoms, including pain, fatigue, headaches. because the earlier lyme is treated the better. >> limb disease affect more than 300,000 people each year, and that's just a fraction of how many people may have it. the cdc estimates that only one out of ten cases of lyme disease is reported. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". look to go beat the heat?
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how about a movie? coming up next: ukee washington has a preview of the new movie laurence foster jenkins. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently.
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we've learned that produce verse now fired actor thomas gibson, from cbs criminal minds, following an altercation with one of the show's writers. news comes one day after we learn gibson was suspended two weeks ago. he has played agent aaron on
6:25 am
the series for 11 years. gibson was reprimand dollars for kicking one of the show's writer after the two apparently got into a disagreement over a script. gibson's character thousand will exit the show will be announced at later date. >> this weekend at the movies, beloved children's story, a flying dragon, also about a story about talking cold cuts. but if it is singing you want or the lack thereof, florence is your film. actor simon hell berg was in town to help over ukee washington preview the movie. >> i don't see why, that seemed perfect to me. >> meryl streep stars in the inspiring story of the world's worse singer. people seem to be very moved by it. simon, who actually plays piano, won the role of costme.
6:26 am
>> i don't -- i play jazz. >> i was a very different, different still set, i mean, than anything that i have done. >> talented young manny was telling you about. >> then let's get started. >> ♪ >> very talented when it comes to music,. >> her excellence in being awful. it was amazing. >> yes, it is so graceful, so ernest, with merle, in this move. >> i director steven helps tell the story of the 1940's socialite, who gained cult following, but the jest of it all was the main draw, playing cash gee hall in front after real audience was the dream. for her husband and manager
6:27 am
played by hugh grant, does his very best to protect her from the critics. >> the lady is a latin in courage, and we love her. >> she must never see. >> this i would like every copy of the poster that you have. >> when the steaks are so high, there is something admirable, even in failing, you know with that casino every passion. >> music is my life. >> really no one like florence good match. >> they need music. >> i'm afraid. >> must go on. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", live with how some people are still getting in their weekend workouts before the worse of the heat sets in later today. >> plus, we visit the number one a attraction for those advice visiting. we'll also show you how the
6:28 am
statue has mother nature's wrath. >> and the stage is set for parrot hands, get a behind the scenes look for preparations for concert by jimmy buffet on the beach. stay with us.
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>> today eight wet kerr leave you a little hot and bothered, and not in a good way. coming up, some advice on what you can do, to beat the heat. >> this famous statue takes six lightning strikes a year, i'm jamie yuccas, to show you how they protect it. >> and, philadelphia uber driver is headed to re tow watch his son compete in the summer games. how a chance ride and the generosity every strangers are making the trip possible. >> good morning, i am a rahel solomon, let's get out to justin drabick swweating out on the cbs-3 skydeck. very good advice earlier, slow your role. >> exactly. i feel bad for you because you have to sit next to me now at the desk. >> i didn't want to mention shah. >> i expect couple of ice water when i come back. >> oh, you expect it? >> demand it now!
6:32 am
>> oh,. >> all right, yes, stay hydrated today, all weekend long, obviously if you are thirsty, already too late, already dehydrated so water your best choice, fluid, throughout the day today. already, feeling like 09 degrees around philadelphia, we have the excessive heat warning in effect, pretty much through everywhere across the region, exception the poconos heat indexes up over 100 degrees throughout the day and tomorrow, probably as high as 110 later this afternoon, because we have air temperatures up into the mid 90s, not records though, record high today is 99. get controls, probably 96 degrees, tropical light humidity levels, high dew point, you can feel it very stuck i outside, judges slow it down, take it he is eye, slow your role throughout the teen tire weekends, north and west, find coolest spot, mid 70s lehigh valley and berks county, lower 70s in mount pocono, quakertown feeling pretty good, and 79 in mt. holly, new jersey.
6:33 am
wildwood, feels like 91, dover, delaware. >> could be late day shower or storm in and around philadelphia. one. best place be to be around 90, nice breeze offer the water, upper 80s in the poconos. talk about better chances and storms, let you know when things cool down. >> back to you. >> justin, thank you. even as the sunrises it is already as hot this morning, as it usually get during the day you can expect it to stay this way for a few days. >> "kyw news radio" live along kelly drive, apparently this heat not stopping the runners. >> not stopping us, of corpse, from doing our job, my photographer, have been hot, bothered all morning, not in a good way. i keep throwing it out there because it has been very
6:34 am
sticky cage of authorities breathe because of the humidity, good news when the sunrise, it feels wonderful before you get smack in the face, and what i call the effect when the heat comes back right after the sunrises so folks have been using all sort of creative wait >> the big plastic pool, in the middle of the block, they've been using some old favorites, like ice cream popsicles and just staying inside quick advice, light colored clothing, loose fitting, air-conditioning, other advice if you have to be outside do that part of your day early, look at the joggers, they came out exceptionally early this morning, started around 5:00 in the morning, to get those runs in before it gets
6:35 am
unbearable. biggest vice, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. officiating this bayada regatta this morning. >> we'll stay hydrated, and we'll try to keep an eye on the obviously the competitors, to make sure they're okay. and we'll hopefully rotate the officials on and off the water so that nobody is out there for a long extended periods of time. >> yes, and as you can see behind me, folks are running, they're biking, they're not letting this excessive heat stop them from their day. but, take it extremely seriously, according to the red cross, heat has caused more deaths than all other weather-related event combined. live in kelly drive, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you, and important words there. as the philadelphia public schools slated to close for the summer season this weekend, are now staying open,
6:36 am
because of the heat. thirteen of the 21 neighborhood pools, that were supposed to close, well, they will now be open from noon to 5:00 today and tomorrow. eight pools will be closed due to staffing issues. some of these locations at our website >> speaking of the pool, we'll get another chance today to see simone manuel at the olympics in rio de janeiro. swim letter likely compete in the four by 100 medically relay, on thursday manuel became the first african-american woman to win a gold when she set olympic record in 100-meter freestyle. katie ledecky set word roled by setting the women's 800-meter freestyle by astounding 11.38 seconds. and second woman to sweep the three longest freestyle races at the olympics. and the first to do it since the 1968, mexico city games. >> and the final day of swimming at the games will likely give us our last look at all time record medalist, michael phelps, in a olympic competition. most decorated athlete in
6:37 am
olympic history, finished in a three-way tie for second in the 100-meter butterfly. singapore's joseph schooling, won it in 50.39 seconds. phelps made it in 51st. he still, however, has a chance to win his 23rd gold medal in his final race of the olympics, four by 100 medically relay. great athletes. >> one of the new seven wonders of the world, the number one attraction for those visiting the olympic games in re e dee dee. as jamie yuccas shows us, even a statue of jesus is prone to mother nature's wrath. >> the picture statue every christ the redeemer sits atop rio's mountain, considered the largest art deck owe style sculpture in the world. >> where ever you are, looking over you, you can never forget about the christ, the redeemer. >> every year, nearly 2 million people get up close, and take pictures, from every angle.
6:38 am
it is brazil's national icon, and protecting it to be a challenge. >> 2,000 feet up, because it sit between mountain and the atlantic ocean, target for lightning. >> workers say it has hit about six times a year, the catholic church now works with weather monitoring center so the busy area can be evacuated during a storm. >> there are some people that see the lightning, don't hit the same place twice, but it has already been hit more than ten times. >> christina ventura architect, she said it is her privilege to literally care for christ. ventura says lightning rods have been placed to send lightning to the grounds. >> on the tip of the finger, shoulders, and crown on the top of his head. this is all system of preventing lightning. >> lightning strikes in 2013 and 2014 did major damage to the statue. breaking off part of the middle finger and thumb. repairing the statue is quite an undertaking. architect must go through a
6:39 am
rigorous approval process because the stone used in the original is now hard to find, and can sometimes be the wrong color. but, it is worth it to keep the statue looking like a masterpiece for generations to come. in rio de janeiro, jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, a philadelphia uber driver will soon be at rio to watch his son compete in the olympics, all thanks to the kindness every stranger. the retired bus driver ellis hill didn't have the money for the trip to watch his son throw the shot person in person. enters win this woman. she had an uber ride during the democratic national convention, when she learned about his predicament, she set up a go fund me padge, at last, he's head today rio. >> whether he told me he couldn't go to the olympics in rio, i wondered how would i feel as a parent of athletes. >> my god, called the family, the family calls me, you know,
6:40 am
everybody is hollering and screaming, you know, i mean, sister, mother, everybody is going nut, man, because like this is the greatest thing since tastykake. >> and good luck to darryl. meantime he leaves for rio monday. it is his first trip abroad. still ahead, taking over philly. finds out where you can see all different types every insect this weekend if that's your thing. also have this. >> i'm pat gallen, and i am on the official tall ship of new jersey, the aj, coming back, tell you all there is to know about this tall ship. how you can get involved. just like me. >> if you build it, the parrot heads will come. i'm cleve bryan, coming up we'll take you behind the scenes as they get ready for the jimmy buffet concert this weekend and the rest of the beach concert series. >> and dealing with this dangerous heat, it is hot and humid, throughout the region, and i hate to tell you about it will only get hotter. justin back with when we might see a little bit of relief when we come back.
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new jersey this month, a tall ship is making big waves with the kids. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen takes you on boards the aj for a unique learning experience. >> new jersey's official tall ship, usually sits in a small town in commercial township, but right now it is locate in the atlantic city, as it makes its way up and down the coast.
6:44 am
the aj merewall, built as oyster dredging schooner, today used for another purpose, as an educational vessel. >> our public education, might sit out a plankton net, talk about plankton, or talk about the life of an oyster, or one of our trips, might talk about water shed issues. >> during the summer months, brings and his crew lead youth camps along the water. >> we do more expanded educational opportunities. they're on board from 9:00 to 4:00. they half the day spent doing marine science, we have a net that we set that out, see what we catch, last wednesday we caught some squid. >> sometimes we talk about fish, their importance, and other creatures that we may catch in the net. and then the other half of the day the kids get a chance to sale the boat, spends some time behind the helm here steering. >> teaching those children about what goes on above and below the water is pen collins, one of several
6:45 am
members of the ajmeerwald who lives on the boat. >> right now nine, volunteers common and off, captain, two mates, deck hands, a cook. >> as captain said, each members bridges different perspective to the 70 tall foot ship. each willing to show me the ropes when it comes to caring for and sailing the ship. >> ready. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> if your child is interested in becoming a sailor for the day, like me, camps run through august 31. pat gallen, on "eyewitness news". well, are the kids bugging to you do something indoors? well, take them to bug fest, with roach races, yes, roach race, bug walks, specialist from the academy of natural
6:46 am
sciences and drexel university here this week to show us some of the insects, at bug fest this weekend you can even taste a few, if your stomach can handle that. the exhibit is today and tomorrow, at the academy of natural sciences at drexel university. it is from 10:00 to 5:00. and, there is still a lot more coming up on cbs this morning saturday. joining us live for a preview, good morning to you both. >> who is eating these bugs? >> not me. >> not me. >> no. >> but try to sell them well. >> good morning, guys. i did eat them in china actually. >> and? >> yes, fried bugs when i was therefore the olympics eight years ago. anyway, we'll have the days headlines this morning, plus did america inadvertently create a heroin crisis? we'll take a look how the legalization of marijuana pushed mexican drug cartels into a different business. >> meet the organization trying to curb light pollution. see the latest location to be certified as spectacular.
6:47 am
>> and it was perhaps the largest personal collection every miniature cars ever. we will tell you how one man's passing gift is transforming the the lives of stranglers all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, music from philly's own amos lee in our saturday session, just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. what a voice this guy has, also. >> absolutely, so much talent in philly. we will be looking forward to seeing that. all right, guys, thank you. hopefully our neighbors p north are keeping cool. what a week it has been and still hot the next couple every days? >> excessive heat across the region, under the warning until 9:00 tomorrow night. poconos will be under heat advisory later on today. but, you know, just want to take it easy, drink plenty of water throughout the day today if you are headed outside, even inside, you know, we are dealing with temperatures very warm already. upper 70s to some low 80s from some of the backyards from the weather watchers, do have few cooler spots, one lucky spot north and west of the city. eileen, normally one of the
6:48 am
cooler spots in gilbertsville, sitting at 72 degrees, partly sunny skies at this hour, still humid no matter where you are, closer to the city we warm up to the upper 70s to near 80. jerry's blue bell, then we have to, the river no new jersey, 80 already at kerry's house, mt. laurel, new jersey, partly sunny skies, down into delaware, really starting to feel that heat, right now, we go to middletown, jason, at 81 degrees, have some clouds at this hour, very high dew points high humidity the trends all day long up to berks county, cut town, nice shot here, see the sunshine mix with high to mid level clouds. light breeze, 1 mile per hour out of the northwest, not going to get much relief from the wind today. maybe stray storm, could brief us brief relief. forecast high today, 96 for the actual air temperature, so getting close to records, i
6:49 am
don't think we'll break any, 99 is the records for philadelphia, that was setback in 2,002. but, overall, our pattern, classic for the middle of summer, high pressure just anchored off mid-atlantic. jet stream moving to the north, hot and humid conditions, heat index up to 110 this afternoon, and maybe ten a tomorrow. but that's just down right hot. all feels the same. look at these dew point temperatures, the tropical air mass highest all summer long, upper 70s, eight is degrees dew point in dover, delaware, just nasty, just opportunity stay inside in the air-conditioning shore is the best place to be, as well as poconos, nice breeze off the water today? a lot of sunshine, hot, humid, same deal tomorrow. depending on which beach you're at, finding cooler spots, records for the warmest weather atlantic city 83 degrees, now at 65 we get that whether we have persistent southerly winds, why is the ocean cooling down?
6:50 am
>> back out to sea left with colder water, so depending where you are, might finds some cool areas in the ocean, but hey it, will feel good with air temperatures into the 90's. storm scan3, quiet right now, we do have showers, storms, well to the north and west, there is cold front near chicago, takes its time to get here, until it arrives sitting in hot and humid conditions, because of all of the humidity around could help fuel a stray shower, storm, mainly later today, so go from about four to 6:00 p.m. chance for shower. storm, then things quiet down tonight. tomorrow, kind of the same deal, but i think tomorrow afternoon, evening, better chance, to see widespread scattered showers and storms. and it could contain heavy rain as well, cold front clears us for monday. pushes out the humidity little bit. we will get relief monday. look at the heat indexes up around 110 this afternoon, over 100 near the shore. tonight, this is clearance at 10:00. still could feel like 100 degrees. here in philadelphia, 90's everywhere else. and then tomorrow, still hot. feeling like 105, in a lot of
6:51 am
locations, and today, actual air temperature 96, ignore that, heat indexes what it is all about. watch out for the late day showers, storms, and another muggy night tonight, 80 for the low temperature for the city but still heat indexes stay in the 90s, overnight. rough day to the ballpark, imagine playing in the heat? 92 degrees, hot humid conditions feeling like 105 at the start of the game tonight with rockies in town. >> next week, still chance, for stray shower, storm, rahel? >> we've been warned, thank you, atlantic city becomes margaritaville for the day. jimmy buffet attracting parrot heads, atlantic city summer concert series kicks off this season. new jersey reporter, cleve bryan, there, with a preview. >> mr. margaritaville, jimmy buffet set to perform in atlantic city saturday.
6:52 am
jimmy buffet the first of four artists perform during the 2016 atlantic city beach concert series. we got behind the scenes look construction at the 125-foot wide stage. that took thousands of man hours to assemble. >> i would say average of 06 men per day, and that's a good ten, 12-hour day for about ten days to erect what you see here. >> the summer concert series along with the atlantic city air show some of the biggest non-casino draws for atlantic city which has been trying for years to build reputation as the entertainment capitol of the east coast. great thing for the sit i have avalon particular city i. any time we can showcase from there, as far as win-win-win. kicks off at time when atlantic city bracing for the expected closure of the taj, which will layoff about 3,000 workers. >> good noose for town that has had hard luck.
6:53 am
>> for them to be here see a somehow of show on the beach pretty good. >> says ticket sales for the remaining shows are strong, bling 182, zach brown band, florida georgia line, all expected 20 to 30,000 people. >> visitors, to atlantic sit, in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness
6:54 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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it is the start of an unusual friendship between a dog and a duck, in tennessee. two years ago george the dog lost his best friends black i the lab. his owner said he became very depressed. well, then last monday, his owner noticed the duck on her back porch. george spent his days by the duck, he even lets the duck sleep on his bed, and even
6:56 am
allows the duck to rest his bill on his leg. >> george lets him use his bedding. he's been really happy with him. he doesn't eat my food and he sleeps with me. since the duck has showed up, he's been fine. he's not wanted in the house. he's not crying, not meeting you at the car, looking sad. >> and there is some adjusting in the home, they've upgraded the bird bath to a bigger tub. that ought to include the dog. on the topic of pets, coming up tomorrow morning, carol erickson will be here with helpful information from the pennsylvania spca. this week, giving you advice for adoping a older cat or dog, also, senior pet, might be perfect edition to your lap. tune in for. that will coming up tomorrow morning on cbs-3, and in our 7:00 hour. we've been talking all morning about staying hydrated except for your pet you have to keep them hydrated, too.
6:57 am
>> keep us nice and cool, stay inside if you can, but yes, it will be hot, humid today, 96 for the actual high temperature, could be late day shower or storm, will feel more like 105 to 110, kind of the same deal tomorrow. heat continues, humidity drops monday, really some relief, but it will be hot, height near 90, but keep it upper 80s, so no big relief coming at us any time soon. >> i think it is important what you said, if you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated. >> cbs-3 eyewitness noose for now, signing off on tv but always on line cbs saturday morning is next, have a great weekend.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is august 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." state of emergency. deadly floods take out homes and roads down south with a forecast calling for more trouble. if i lose, she cheated. donald trump with new claims about voter fraud in a key swing state. did america's legalization of pot create the current heroin crisis? a dark side of the debate. alex rodriguez's final game includes a flood of cheers, emotions, and some bizarre weather.


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