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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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police say olympic swimmer and three teammates made the whole thing up. what surveillance video from that night showed. new cases of zika virus confirmed in the delaware valley, where they are being reported and how the patients contracted the illness. and donald trump changing his tune, the republican presidential nominee tells people he regrets some of the things he has said but we will begin with u.s. swimmers in hot water including ryan lochte. >> i'm guess a dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington has the night off. brazilian authorities say lochte and three other swimmers lied about being robbed at gunpoint. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live with the latest on the investigation, that still leaves a lot of questions, david. >> reporter: a lot of questions this story changes every half an hour. twenty-four hours ago ryan lochte's fans were convinced he was a victim, and how things can change and fast. tonight there are conflicting international reports that he had been indicted. the story constantly changes even if he is not charged i
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spoke with the local attorney who says lochte and his teammates, ruined their careers. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is in the hottest water of his career after authorities in brazil said he lied about being robbed at gunpoint. >> the civil police in rio say ryan lochte gunner bentz and jimmy feigen vandalized a gas station bathroom breaking a mirror and door this surveillance video shows four at the gas station but it is not clear if there are missing parts of the tape. authorities say that a local security guard, did have a gun, and pointed it at the swimmers. someone called police but swimmers were gone before they a arrived according to reports. earlier this week, lochte told a very different tail. >> a guy pulls out his gun, he cocked it, pointed it to my forehead and said get down and i was putting my hand up, whatever. >> reporter: that move according to philadelphia attorney fred teasey. >> when you are under those issuing ises come home and
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keep your mouth shut and don't say a word to anybody and get on with your life. >> reporter: teasey is a former federal prosecutor who specialize these international the law and extraditions. lochte got out of brazil and made it back to the you had. jack conger and gunner bentz were reportedly checked in the flight back to the united states thursday night. >> when you deal with criminal authorities, particularly criminal authorities in another country and u.s. late you will in the win. >> reporter: we caught up with former fans at earlton swim club in cherry hill. they are not happy. >> i don't like what he did. >> i think it is crazy. i don't understand why wow lie about anything. i mean it is something not right to rye about. >> reporter: fred teasey says it is not likely ryan lochte would be extradited back to brazil. state department ape fbi are both involved. reporting live david spunt for cbs-3 eyewitness news. eagles were back in preseason action. they have traveled across state to take on the pitberg steelers. >> sports director don bell joins us now. we saw a lot of sam bradford tonight.
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>> we d always good to see eagles, first of all. >> yes. >> miss them, every time we play they are excited. sam bradford and first team offense played entire first half, coming in the game bradford wanted the guys to get in the flow and find some rhythm. and all right, so the eagles visiting the pittsburgh steelers, bradford and first unit had issues moving the ball, 14 for 19, 150-yard. penalties killed a couple of big drives. eagles just could not make enough big plays. and here's a nice toss to nelson agholor who has been mostly absent during his brief career. they have scored on offense but it was second queen it, ken yan barner. they win seven to nothing. but the first unit had some improving to do. >> you know, we probably didn't move the ball as much as we wanted to today but it is preseason. we have a lot of things to work on. we will get it next week. >> so the real star, guys, of this game, was that defense. they forced four turnovers.
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they looked really good tonight. we will show you those highlights in sports. >> always good to see them in action and hopefully, the momentum will continue to build. >> got to get better don, thank you. emergency repairs, philly relocating fans below right and below right field scoreboard tonight. officials tell us a weld partially separated from a steel bracket that supports the net nothing front of the scoreboard. the phillies say there was no danger of the scoreboard falling and structural engineers will correct that problem tomorrow. tonight, we are hearing exclusively from an elderly man who nearly died after being shot in his own home by new jersey state troopers. that shooting happened just before midnight on july 29th in upper dearfield township. authorities say two troopers were investigating a 911 hang up call when they arrived at gerald sykes house by mistake. well, what happened next, remains under investigation but there was an exchange of gunfire. one trooper suffered a grazed wound and the 76 year-old home
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owner was shot three times. i had a collapsed lung, two fractured ribs, ripped diaphragm, destroyed spleen, perforated bowl, i'm live and beginning to feel better. a lot of pain has subsided now. >> authorities won't say who fired first. a former teacher and school custodian are among 40 men arrested to take in the massive crackdown on the distribution of child pornography in new jersey. officials dubbed the six month investigation operation statewide, and investigators tracked child porn images and video circulating on internet file sharing networks to individual ip addresses this led police to home address is in each of the states 21 counties. child pornography bust in chester county end in two arrests and more than 50,000 images seized. lawrence jamison and john brown, face a number of charges. police say that they searched jamison's residents in malvern
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earlier this month and they discover the pair were creating child pornography, as well. and they are both, behind bars. a bucks county woman has been arrested following allegation that is she was involved in rigging horse races. authorities say that maryann vega was charged with illegally administering a performance enhancing drug to horses while employed at parx casino ape horse racing venue. that drug is prescribed for horse west respiratory disease but when used outside of the guidelines it has the effects of a ped. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton charitable family foundation is about to undergo some major changes. speaking to a crowd in north carolina tonight donald trump says he has some regrets. donald trump made an admission to a crowd in charlotte north carolina on thursday night. >> sometimes, in the heat of the debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you
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say the wrong things. i have done. believe it or not, i regret it. >> trump campaign chairman is under added scrutiny one day after a staff shake up diminish his responsibilities. the associated press says that it obtained e-mails that revealed paul manafort worked operations to sway american public opinion in favor of the pro russian ukraine government between 202 and 2014. major changes are coming for hillary clinton's family foundation, persistent questions about the level office noon foundation donors had while clinton was secretary of state has followed her on the campaign trail. former president bill clinton announced thursday he has resigned from the board of the foundation will no longer accept corporate and foreign donations if his wife is elect president. democratic nominee talked law and order during the meeting with law enforcement leaders in new york. >> we have to be clear eyed about the challenges that we face, we need to work together
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to bridge our divide, not stoke even more divisiveness. >> reporter: she acknowledged it will be a difficult has took repair bond of trust and respect between police officers and communities. a spokesperson for bill clinton confirms to cbs news that the former president will no longer make paid speech fess hillary clinton is elect. bill clinton has not made a paid speech since november 2015 and will not make any between now and election day. tonight the state department confirmed it held on to a plane filled were 400 million-dollar in cash, owed to iran as leverage to help gain release of four american hostages. spokesmen john kirby provide details about january's hostage release today. he insisted that money was not ransom because it was owed to iran as a settlement in a long disputed arms deal, from the 1970's. officials who testified begins former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has been nominate todd complete her term. kane's former top deputy bruce
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beamer will fill attorney general position if governor tom wolf can get a travel from 23rd of the senate. former montgomery county district attorney and another of kane's top deputy, bruce castor is currently the acting ag, and kane stepped down this week after a jury quick her of illegally sharing grand jury information. some controversy in lehigh county tonight. religious group and four residents a announced that they are suing the county over the emblem on their flag and seal. now that lawsuit alleged that the latin cross that you see here at the center of that seal, violates the first and 14th amendments and excludes those who are not religious. >> anytime you raise an issue where the government seems to be imposing or endorsing one religion to the exclusion of others, even those who do not have any religion it can be interpreted as infringing on their right. >> the county responded by saying in part that the presence of the cross has the secular purpose of recognizing the history of the county, as
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a result, they do not plan to remove the cross from that seal. well, new cases of the zika virus are confirmed in pennsylvania we will tell you where straight ahead. plus has zika spread to a popular florida tourist destination? where the virus has been reportedly detect and how health officials are responding to those reports, kate. well to day started with wet weather and it is ending with the same, we have got showers moving through the philadelphia area right now and another threat for storms this coming weekend, as humidity rises, yet again, i'll tell you how warm it will get and when we can expect a noticeable cool down and stretch of nice heather coming up when we come right back. also, stepping inside a montgomery county bakery is like taking a trip to france, one person who has inspired each recipe the owner dishes out in tonight's taste with tori. sea of white outside the art museum, we will tell you about the surprise at this years diner en blanc.
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well, we have learn tonight that there are now four determined cases of the zika virus in montgomery county. officials say that all have of them are travel-related. in the meantime in south florida the number of locally transmitted zika infections has listen to 35. the florida department of health says two new cases were added today in miami dade county. officials in miami beach were quick to dismiss reports that zika has spread to the resort city. after two years of construction, the court and plaza at king of prussia now one mall. instead of the traditional ribbon cutting mall officials and local leaders held a ribbon joining. new expansion adds 155,000 square feet to what is already considered the largest mall in the east coast. more than 50 new stores and restaurants are going in and new eating area, has casual dining choices like shake
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shack. stores will be opening into early 2017. well, sharpen your skills. >> a new app, is chopping its way in philadelphia urban axes gave us a tour of the new home in kensington. it is first, only, indoor ax throwing league in the nation. urban axes often happens to be a byob and that means you can drink a few beers and throw axes but co-owners say, don't worry. >> some people, you know, not surprisingly are intimidated by idea but once they come in here and try it and see how safe, supervised, it is really fun. i mean people love it. >> ax throwing has three round of five throws, each determine the winner. urban axes officially opens next month. is there a bakery in montgomery county that is professing sweet, saferry recipes in the spot reminiscent of the french cafe. >> tonight's taste with tori, variety for use woodill head to ambler where love is the secret ingredient.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: at this bakery in ambler the doors are opened for family ape friend to gather and gush over fresh bread, sweets and saferry dishes leaving some the taste of a foreign land. >> everything is so fresh. it is just like, i have never been in paris but i think, that is what it would be like. >> reporter: we're following the memory lane. >> we do everything from scratch. >> is that how your grand mom used to do things. >> yes, my grandmother would bake a pie just about every other day and that is kind of what inspired me into the whole world of cooking. >> reporter: for love of baking in his heart, dennis, the owner, knew one person to dedicate his throughout shop too. even in 15 years was all he had with her. >> i was really close with my grandmother. my parents both worked hard. my grandmother lived with us. she kind of helped raise me. we cooked a lot. it was great. >> reporter: to celebrate his grand mom's spirit she's not
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only passing family traditions down to his two children but honoring grand mom alice with classic crust just as she made. >> my goodness, it is delicious. >> reporter: that perfect his dishes and more. >> can you feel the love. >> can i feel it. yes. >> reporter: but he added a flare that is all his own, like flying spinach atop a greek salad, serving scoops of chicken salad with butterry croissant. >> the dill. >> it is excellent. >> wow. >> sandwiches that go boom. >> can you pick me up off the floor. thank you. >> sweet, carmelized, hot. wow. i think we should, give this a sweetening. >> totally agree. >> after 30 minutes of trying to decide on the most dream i cup cake you will be thanking alice for her influence too. >> she doesn't mess around at all. you have to get everything all
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at ones. >> with icing on that, carmel, fresh apple on top. thank you. amazing experience at alice. >> well, city hall's courtyard transformed into a festive beer garden. the seasonal event was free ape featured performances by philadelphia artist including jack people who performed some classic, and people could also enjoy food, drink from a craft beer truck with local crafts, city hall will be transform one last time, on september 20th. as sunset on the city of philadelphia tonight a big party popped up on the parkway, check it out, chopper three over the art museum where thousands of people showed up in their best, all white a tire, for diner en blanc. participants bring their own tables, chairs, food and wine. one couple, marked the evening in a very special way. they got engaged. the night ended with live music, and dancing under the
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stars. >> now kate, did it get damp out there. >> i think it ended before the rain. rape just got here ten or 15 minutes f there is anyone still carrying their cable downtown in a white dress not the best place to be. hopefully they got home before the rain got here. but rain is here now. and when we leave work tonight and heading out this evening maybe taking the dog for one last walk before bedtime you will need umbrella in parts of the area and line of scattered showers moves through. not lightening with these just mainly rain. look at what is happening in the city. we will go outside to the roof cam. it looks different then it did an hour ago. streets are wet, we will go down 16th street and everything is glistening as rain moves through. these storms aren't strong but storms that are further south down into delaware are packing a bit more of a punch this evening. storm scan three shows us where storms are extending from philadelphia, right down through northern delaware, little bit more lightening, thunder reported along eastern
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maryland and kent, cuss section counties. in the city we have steady rain over university city, west philadelphia, down threw upper darby, right along i-95 through chester and heading in to northern delaware pretty steady rain there at the moment. not a lot of lightening on storm scan three. that is some good news, just a little rain and means we will not need to water flowers tomorrow morning. so look at the bright side of that. as we zoom out not a whole lot more expect through rest of tonight. most of the showers have died out off to the north and west and a few strong storms over delaware but then it does die down and throughout rest of the overnight hours everything looks quiet. thanks to the rain we have cooled it down at 84 degrees last hour. we are down to 76. you can see how quickly the rain shower will bring temperatures down. seventy-six in the city. eighty in wilmington. seventy-three millville. seventy-five in wildwood. that shower or thunderstorm will drift to the south through next couple hours and it will fizzle out and clip cape may county before moving out. tomorrow looks like a generally dry day, i do think
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maybe a little cell could pop up down the shore, stray shower in the afternoon mainly east of philadelphia a. many of us may not see anything at all but much like tonight a stray shower could pop up and bring rain to your area saturday also just the off chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. your rain chances next few days not high, tomorrow about a 10 percent chance of the shower mainly east. saturday up to 20 percent. sunday is day you'll have better chance for rain 60 percent chance here. i add $5 percent chance for hon what that means is early monday morning probably before today break it will be sunday night into monday morning that the rain comes through but we will clear it out. monday will be mostly sunny. then we will tap in the cooler dryer air. that will start on monday, and humidity drops and then next week a big change, humidity cut in half and temperatures dropping as well as coolest weather we have felt all month. we will climb that humidity right through weekend back to oppressive by sunday and that front comes through sunday night. we will cut it down. monday sun comes back in the afternoon and it will feel
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awesome out there with dew points right around 50 degrees. overnight partly cloudy still that isolated shower or thunder shower outside. tomorrow mostly sunny, hot, dry. 90 degrees your daytime high. we are right back to 90. definition we use around here for a heat wave consecutive three and consecutive days in the 90's. we did not get it. heat wave is over. down the shore stray shower tomorrow at 84 degrees. back to 90 tomorrow. weekend upper 80's. each day could feature an afternoon thunderstorm. best chance for rain is sunday tonight the but once we get that out of here next week is beautiful. we could be down in the 50's in some spots overnight, in the suburbs, wake up to a little crispness in the air feeling nice. >> a hint of fall here. >> really. >> really. >> tell me how did that happen. >> after what we have happened, 88 will feel cool. >> don you are talking more pregame. >> yes, that is right. more about the eagles. we have talk about sam
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during the break i had to ask don, about what happened. >> how did this happen. >> because it is just like, you just can't make this up. >> you cannot make this up. it is odd. he was in the wearing a helmet. okay. let's start with absurd, caleb surgeones suffered a concussion before the game even started. he was warming up on the field and he was popped in the head by a punt.
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so, of course, did he not play. all right. now to the action, between the lines, when they actual difficult play the game. steelers and eagles, and as you know recapping our top stories, it was all about the defense. noland carroll returning from the broken ankle and he is ready to go. pick six. eagles on the board seven to nothing. now malcolm jenkins pro bowl safety did not play in preseason game number one nursing an injury, comes up with a pick, right there in the back of the end zone. sam bradford, told but him early on, 14 for 19, passing, 115-yard, nelson agholor had two catches for 30. nice to see him show up, somewhat. defense, like i said they were ridiculous. aaron grimes back in the end zone, great catch, ended up leaving the game with the injury. eagles win 17- 106789 brandon graham says this years d is much better then last year. >> we just go to get them this
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year. we are tackling the way we are right now. we are going after them this year. we stay in the backfield. >> next preseason game is next saturday, at indianapolis. lets talk baseball, phillies trying to avoid a sweep at the bank. they have allowed 22 runs in two games heading in to tonight's series finally. so to the bank we will go pick it up in the top of the first, dodgers not wasting anytime at all justin turner, and into the bleachers it goes. three run shot. dodgers on top. bottom of the fourth phillies down four-one. ryan howard is starting to feel it. coming on, send it long. straight center it goes. it is four-two phillies down. miguel franco had a great game, it is a two run the shot his 22nd of the season, and the phillies take a five-four lead. they avoid being swept, final score five-four. not pictured in the highlights chase utley who was one for
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four. a void the sweep. void the sweep. >> yes. >> thanks, don. the drama up next on cbs soap stars make a stop in iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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well, the ladies loved them. >> they certainly do. >> doug davidson and steve burton of the young and restless visited cbs-3 studios today. many collogue where is on hand to give them a big welcome. they sign autographs and took a lot of pictures. the young and restless is
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approaching its 11,000th episode. two actors were in town to make dreams come true during a special casting call, thousands of aspiring local actors got a chance to be featured in one of the two cbs soap operas, y and r and bold and beautiful. don't forget watch soaps on cbs right here after "eyewitness news" at noon. we will be right back.
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morning team is back at 4:30 to 1:00 for kate, don, ukee hoist off and everyone here i'm jessica dean. aim nicole brewer. we are always on cbs late show with stephen colbert is next. >> for all of us here thanks for watching. have a great night. we will see you tomorrow.
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>> stephen: good evening. before we begin the show tonight, i need to address a controversy. last night's republican national convention keynote speaker melania trump has been accused of plagiarizing portions of her speech from michelle obama's appearance at the 2008 democratic convention. now, personally, i don't think this is mrs. trump's to fault at all. i think her speechwriters are to blame, and yet no one has lost their jobs. if only there was someone in the trump campaign who enjoyed firing people. ( laughter ) ( applause ) now, i don't talk about this a i don't talk about this a lot, but donald and melania and i are friends. which is why tonight, "the late show" has secured the first exclusive


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