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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news this morning a huge, earthquake destroyed an entire town, in italy. we will she you the race to dig people from the ruble right now. and new this morning an argument in west philadelphia home turns into a deadly shooting, what happened moment before a man was shot and kill this is home with his children inside. she conquered the world maybe some day that could be you. >> such a cool story, babies at the a local hospital are going home sporting new exclusive kicks. we will tell you why it is all thanks to an olympian from our area. it the is wednesday august . i'm brooke thomas. we have a lot the to get to including a job fair very important there and, reason a
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local community will see emergency crews and gas workers in a few hours but first up justin is in for katie and meisha here watching the road, good morning. >> good morning. >> justin, great to have you. i've got to say we are starting off with serious accident on the roadways, some just cleared but 422 eastbound i have serious incident coming up. great day of weather. if you liked yesterday, cool in the morning, in the afternoon still gets warm but comfortable. low humidity in the the forecast for another day. we will get used to it. it is still august. we have time to go with heat and humidity. it does make a return the two forecast. right the now we are looking at clear skies, good start to the morning. 69 degrees currently at the airport, probably dropping another degree or two over next few hours before sunrise, southwest breeze coming in at 6 miles an hour. there is temperatures around the region at six in allentown, 62 in reading, some 50's in the suburbs once again, 55 in quakertown.
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fifty-nine in willow grove and pottstown and key thing here is dew point temperatures we have been monitoring all summer long. when it is nasty we have dew points in the 70's, 50's, very dry for late august. take advantage, get outside if you can. storm san three dead quiet, staying like that through the next 48 hours or so, high of 86 degrees. couple degrees a would have average but still comfortable with the low humidity. great beach day. full sunshine. 80 degrees at the shore. near 80's in the poconos. we will talk about that humidity returning for rest of the week and we have nine's in the forecast as well in a few more minutes. meisha, what is latest on the roads. >> loving that weather but this morning as we come in the traffic center we have serious news. look at this video we have. this is an accident that happened before midnight 422 eastbound right now is closed, you guys between route 29 in the back you cane this and oaks. one vehicle went off the road. three people have been transported to the hospital. one is in critical condition.
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crews are still out there again, 422 eastbound is still closed, between route 29, and then oaks. you will absolutely have to avoid that area and i'll let you know when it clears but right the now investigation and clean up is still underway. this is where we had another serious accident involving a heat or ike will schuylkill, at girard was blocking all eastbound lanes, first was westbound and then eastbound lanes, that is now all since been cleared but this is what we are looking at. the vine closed, west and eastbound make note of that. we have construction at fox street. that right lane compromised and that has moved out of the way. this is another accident investigation underway. take a look a truck hit a pole north wales road is closed at yost road down pole and wires. use an alternate. dekalb pike or white hall road is your best bet and we have more when i come back in ten minutes. brooke, over to you. we will begin with breaking international news this morning. a powerful earthquake in
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central it thely. this is a live picture of searchers scouring ruble for survivors. officials a ten people are dead but they fear the number will sky rocket. the u.s. geological survey says the earthquake measured at a magnitude 6.2 when hit early this morning near the town of norcia. tremors were felt as far away as rome, about a hundred miles away. after shock of 5.5 followed and significant casualties are expect because many build initial that part of the country are extremely old and vulnerable. new this morning a father is dead, after a dispute inside of a west philadelphia house. >> police say his children were home at the time. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live where the investigation continues this morning, justin. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning. still a very active crime scene here in west philadelphia. detective are now asking the boyfriend who pulled the trying tore please come forward. he is described as the boyfriend who was home at this
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house here in west philadelphia, with that mother and her two children when those shots were fired. after her x tried getting inside this house. lets go to video just after midnight 16th district police were called to the 800 block of north marco where a domestic dispute was unfolding. police report a three three-year old man trying at least twice to get inside this two story house. first he was pushed out a first level back window but then somehow hade his way in the bedroom inside the house a panicked mother her boyfriend and two children. we are told the x may be the father of those children as heated fight broke out the police were already in route but at some point a gun was pulled and that shot was fired. >> as they were responding to the location, a second call came into our 911 system at 12:23 saying someone was shot inside. office's arrived and they found a three three-year old male on the second floor of
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this property suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest. they placed him in the back of the patrol car and transferred him to penn presbyterian where he was pronounced dead at 12:44 in the a.m. and back live you can see the investigation is continuing here, 16th district police remaining here, homicide detective are also, again, looking for that boyfriend. he is out there somewhere. they know who he is, detectives also speaking with that mother and her two children we are told those children will likely need counseling. we are live from west philadelphia, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", brooke and jim, back inside to you. the philadelphia man is set free after spending decade behind bars for a crime he did not even commit. anthony wright sat in prison for 25 years after being quick of raping and killing an elderly woman back in 1991. thanks to dna evidence in 2013 another man was linked to the crime. therefore, exonerating wright.
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prosecutors tried the case again but this time a jury rendered a not guilty verdict. "eyewitness news" was there as wright walked free. he said he cannot put the kneeling to word. >> i can the not put it into word right now, man, i'm numb, this is best day of my life and to share it with these guys my attorneys who advocated for me for over a decade, my family, right here, to support me, everything for 25 years it is unbelievable. you cannot put it into word. it is unbelievable. >> wright walked through prison gates and went to dinner with his family. a spokesmen for d.a.'s office released a statement thanking the jury and assistant district attorneys for their services. jerry a sandusky's appeal hearing is over for now, it will continue but there is no date set for the next step in the appeals process. sandusky is seeking a new trial, attorneys for former penn state assistant football coach say they want to call more witnesses. for the past three days the
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appeal hearing focused on problems during 202 trial in which sandusky was convicted of molesting ten boys. happening today attorneys for 15 people all hurt when a railing collapsed at snoop dune and wiz khalifa concert were provided updates on the investigation. it was back on august 5th when the railing gave way at camden's bb and t pavilion. forty-two people were hurt. attorney robert monk glues i wanted concert to stop until a investigation is completed. live nation operates the build and future concerts went on as planned. one new jersey community will find out just how ready they are, to handle a serious accident. at 10:00 o'clock this morning pse&g will simulate construction damage to i gas line in hamilton township. police, fire, e ms crews will be on the scene to assist with coordinated response. how about this, due need a job? well, caesars entertainment is
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hiring. the company representatives say they are holding a a hiring event so they can fill 500 position as cross three different states. locations including are caesars, harrah and bally's in at atlantic city. harrah's in philadelphia and horseshoe in baltimore. candidates must wear white shirt, black pant and you must have a valid new jersey casino license. now this is all happening this morning at 10:00 o'clock this morning at bally's in at plant city. number of people looking for jobs in atlantic city is on the rise. report from stockton university find 2400 jobs were lost in the the first half of this year while 2100 new ones were created. report says more job losses are expect, this fall, with the closure of the trump taj mahal casino. move in season continues at universities in our area. students at temple and university of pennsylvania will be moving in today, and this was the scene at temple yesterday for new student early arrivals. temple leaders say a record 5100 freshman and transfer students are living on campus
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this year. move in at widener university started yesterday and it starts at drexel next month. a former patient turned author returned to a local hospital. >> he was treat decade ago for life altering injury and now he is back for a different purpose. "eyewitness news" at magee rehab yesterday where former patient glenn beck returned after 21 years. return to promote his new book and speak to patients about parenting, with disabilities. the 1995 man suffered a spinal cord injury and remains paralyzed as a result. glenn's six year-old daughter's lanea was inspiration for the book. well, a medal winning olympian from delaware celebrated team u.s.a. win's in rio with a special gift to the athletes of tomorrow. every new born at a local hospital just got brand new nikes, thanks to elaine dell done, we will tell you why this specific happies close to her heart. an unbelievable scene in san francisco when a taxi
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drives in a busy sidewalk, what witnesses say the driver may have been doing just moments before. stay with
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police say three people are in the hospital after a taxi jumped a curve and crashed in the busy sidewalk in downingtown san francisco. this was the aftermath, investigators say taxi driver ended up slamming in the newspaper kiosk and shoe shine stand on the corner. police say two people at that stand plus the driver were all taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. witnesses say that the driver, was on the phone, and when the crash happened. well, babies born in delaware are going home from the hospital with something extra special. >> since the u.s. women's basketball team took home gold in rio new borns at christiana hospital are getting special green sneakers from nike. it is all because delaware olympian and wnba basketball star elaine delle donne was on
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the winning team. it is a tribute to the same hospital where delle donne was born nearly 27 years ago. >> the story to tell is amazing to me, and especially obviously with elainea being from delaware and i just think that we should, you know, keep them in forever just to tell the story. >> and, those sneakers aren't that little baby's only link to gold. how about he also shares a birthday with jamaican track and field icon usane bolt, fastest man in the world. time is 4:44. >> we like what katie has had to tell us the last couple days and i know you are coming with us with more of the same. >> we have today, and another 24 hours, things change for the rest of the week. if you like low humidity you'll love the forecast. try to enjoy it. nice start, parts of the south jersey dropping in the 50's normally a cool spot millville, 58 degrees. wildwood 62. dover delaware in the mid
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60's. not bad in the city 69 at the airport with low humidity. fifty-nine in wood town. northwestern suburbs noticeably cooler mid 50's in quakertown. fifty-nine pottstown. the not quite as cool as yesterday as we had low 50's even 40's up in the poconos and that was coolest morning since june but still not bad for late august, enjoy it. nothing happening on storm scan three just locked in the dry comfortable weather pattern for one more day and we will feel that return in humidity levels tomorrow and temperatures bump up as well. comfort index looking good, 59 t temperature in philadelphia feeling not bad. tomorrow these dew points in the mid 60's, close to 70 so we will feel oppressive on friday. beach forecast looks great, a lot of sunshine, upper 70's around 80 degrees. ocean water very nice in the mid 70's. high pressure moves off shore starting later tomorrow afternoon that allows that humidity to return. we have a cold front later thursday into friday, not a
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strong front. could bring a shower or storm coming in friday, very isolated chance and really doesn't drop temperatures much but does push out humidity a bit. lots of sunshine today. 86 degrees. sixty-seven. tomorrow more humid we are up to 88. ninety-two for a high friday hot and humid but slightly less humid for weekend, still warm in the upper 80's. what is the latest on the roads. >> all right, justin, beautiful forecast. it is not looking too great on the roadways. take a look at this video just waking up with us good morning. we had a very serious accident that happened before midnight 422 eastbound right now is closed, between route 29 and oaks. you can see crews investigating this and clearing this out of our way. one vehicle off the road. three people have been transferred to the hospital. one of those is in serious condition. critical condition right now. i want to switch to a live shot of this so you can see crews out there. this live shot picture you are seeing right now you they are just getting that car towed
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out, people clearly outside there, crews clearly outside walking around which is why the road is still closed. i will let you know when it cheers but they are working hard to get that moved out before 5:00 o'clock hour. i will let you know when that clears. the vine, westbound was closed overnight. same with the eastbound side. westbound side is first to open. you can see westbound side looking good. eastbound side is still closed for those taking the vine take note in the eastbound direction hold on for five minutes. more in ten. jim, over to you. speaking as a commuter you are about to spend time in traffic. >> you can be damaging your health. we will show you why a licensing commute could add inches, to your waist line, stay
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welcome back how long does it take to you get to work every day. new study says a long commute can add inch inch toes your waist line. researchers found people who
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had a commute time of an hour actually added almost 800 calories to their weekly diet because of what they consumed, during the commute. the study also found that surprisingly commuting is a highly stressful experience and, of course, less time for healthy eating, physical activity, being social and sleeping. that is why i live five minutes away. time is 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, the markets are mostly quiet the but best buy had its best day in years. >> reporter: that is right, shares jumped nearly 20 percent on stronger than expect sales in the last quarter. the best buy's latest earnings proved americans still want to test out and see home entertainment centers and other electronics in person, before they make an actual purchase, all they best buy on line sales froze as well, brooke and jim. >> i'm one of those people. jill, this may sound ridiculous but i understand
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there may be too much cheese in the you had. >> reporter: hard to believe, right? but the cheese surplus is at a 30 year high because of factors like higher milk production, more european imports and less demand. the government is to stepping in. the government is going to buy 20 million-dollar worth of excess cheese from food banks and pantries so something good comes out of this excess cheese situation, brooke and jim. >> that is something greaty bought my fair share, i'm taking my part. >> yes. >> well, it has been a great few days outside. >> justin, more of the same today. >> got that right, brooke. we are waking up with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. warm afternoon but there is a return of the typical summertime heat and h
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate,
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i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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good morning everybody. waking up to another pleasant start in the delaware valley. looking live from our roof camera clear skies, comfortable temperatures and another nice day across the region. it will be warm. at least humidity stays on the low end. if you liked yesterday you will like today once again and suburbs out in the 50's already this morning with waking up to 58 degrees in allentown to mid 50's up around quakertown 59 degrees in philadelphia at the airport. there is storm scan three nice and quiet. if you have outdoor travel plans it is a a go nothing but full sunshine, forecast high temperature up around 86 degrees, couple degrees above average with plenty of sunshine and then tonight, still comfortable 67 for city, cooler out the in the suburbs. different story tomorrow, we will feel difference with higher humidity levels. we are up to 88. hot and humid friday on 92. only chance for shower or storm over next few days because you weekend dries out again, still warm but humidity
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levels drop again for saturday and sunday. warm stretch of weather continues in other forecast. what is the latest on the road. >> it has been busy in the traffic side, still in the 4:00 he clock hour and take a look at a video of an accident that happened early just after midnight. 422 is close between route 29 and oaks. you can see crews and flashing lights. one vehicle went off the road, three people transported to the hospital, one of which is in critical condition this morning. i want to switch gears and show you live shot what is going on right now. crews are still out there and they are just now towing that vehicle off to the side of the road. hopefully this red opens up within the next half an hour. we don't necessity for sure. but again this is live shot of that very serious accident. then moving toward vine it was closed for construction, westbound side we were just seeing that, has since opened but eastbound side is still closed. if you have to movies bound
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give it a couple minutes. another serious accident, investigation truck hit a pole in whether it pain north wales road is closed at yost road. you will to have use an alternate dekalb pike or whitehall, whitehall road. so this is alternate you will want to take, and also construction this delaware 95 south and route 58 ape church man's road, three lanes block, that will be blocked until 5:30 a.m. and also more construction on the pennsylvania turnpike. i will get to this and more in 15 minutes. jim, over to you. still early in the morning. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" latest on the deadly earthquake in italy. also ahead we will tell you what caused a massive fish kill in monmouth county new jersey. this is a popular tourist attraction swimming with dolphins in had hawaii but why is the federal government trying to stop it? we will tell you when we come right
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rescued from the ruble a woman and her dog pulled to safety in italy where a deadly earthquake caused massive destruction. we are following breaking news and will have details on the damage coming up. new this morning someone shot and killed a man in front of his two children. authorities are now investigating the shooting and we are live with the latest. hillary goes to hollywood, democratic presidential nominee gets support from big names while republican nominee donald trump focuses on immigration. today is wednesday august 24th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. justin and meisha are keeping an eye on things. katie is out this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. happy hump day. i can tell you in the traffic center we are keeping busy very serious accidents, one in which has 422 closed.
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we will have more in a bit. >> i can prop my feet up to day, and so things will get crazy six months from now, but, yeah, i mean another great day, you will love today. very comfortable 50's and 60's, low humidity. tough to find a cloud. monthesly clear we are looking live there in center city, 68 degrees at the airport and right before sunrise probably dropping another degree or two after 6:00 o'clock this morning. so good start to our region. the southeasterly win at five, eventually that does push humidity back in the forecast, especially tomorrow afternoon. you will feel difference eventually. the it is warmer this morning compared to 24 hours ago. yesterday we were in the 40's in the poconos, lower 50's. we are about four to 7 degrees warmer but still 58 degrees is good stuff up in allentown. mid 60's


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