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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we will have more in a bit. >> i can prop my feet up to day, and so things will get crazy six months from now, but, yeah, i mean another great day, you will love today. very comfortable 50's and 60's, low humidity. tough to find a cloud. monthesly clear we are looking live there in center city, 68 degrees at the airport and right before sunrise probably dropping another degree or two after 6:00 o'clock this morning. so good start to our region. the southeasterly win at five, eventually that does push humidity back in the forecast, especially tomorrow afternoon. you will feel difference eventually. the it is warmer this morning compared to 24 hours ago. yesterday we were in the 40's in the poconos, lower 50's. we are about four to 7 degrees warmer but still 58 degrees is good stuff up in allentown. mid 60's wilmington delaware.
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interior south jersey in the 50's. cool spot quakertown at 55 degrees. storm scan three the clear skies, in threat of rain, it is not until friday we will have a shot of maybe a shower or then are storm just because of the cold front moving in but today looking perfect, sunny and nice, low humidity. light breeze. cool start this morning and it will be a warm afternoon. temperatures above average. so that sun will feel on the warm side 86 degrees. greet beach day. eighty's at the shore. we'll talk about 90's in the seven day forecast. we will let you know when that arrives in a few days. meisha. >> looking beautiful. looking outside in new jersey a live look at new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295. our first look in new jersey this morning is looking really nice. we will get more about that accident in a moment but first the vine was closed overnight for construction between schuylkill and broad, opened eastbound side just opening up, withes bound side has been opened for ten minutes. an accident investigation
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north wales road is closed at yost road, down pole and wires, and decal pike is your best bet. i'll let you know when that clears. also, we will talk about something else real quickly 422 eastbound is closed between route 29 and oaks. one vehicle went off the road. three of been transferred to the hospital. one of whom is in critical condition. also some construction out there, 95 south between route 58 church man's road, three lanes are block until 5:30 a.m. make note and construction between valley forge and downingtown the right lane is block there. jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. we have more on the breaking news we have been following there has been a deadly earthquake overseas. this is a look at devastation in the town central italy two hours east of rome. this town's mayor says and this is a quote, the town isn't here anymore. >> earthquake destroyed dozens of buildings and sent people running from their homes.
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tina krause reports at least 11 people are dead and the death toll is expect to rise report report rescue teams pulled quake victims from the ruble as day breaks again to show the devastation in amatrice, they used buckets, bulldozers and their hand to dig through the debris. u.s. geological survey says magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck at 3:30 in the morning while most were asleep. several after shocks followed. the hardest hit towns and villages are in the central italy about 100 miles north east of rome. mayor of the one hard hit town says a tamly of four was trapped under a collapsed building with no signs of life, while mesh of amatrice says quote the town isn't here anymore. he made a plea for more help to clear streets and rescue the injured. office of the it thely's prime minister, said heavy equipment is on the way. this family dog was pulled
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from a small space carved in one collapsed home. rescuers are still digging, hoping to find survivors. tina krause for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning a father is dead after a dispute inside a west philadelphia house. >> police say his children were home. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live from the scene where the investigation continues this morning, justin. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, calls came into police about midnight or so reports of three adults fighting in this west philadelphia house. when they arrived they found a man who was shot, they raced him to the hospital but he did die a short time later. looking now at video from overnight here, on the 800 block of north marco responding 16th district police officers found a manage 33 shot once in his chest. they drove him in their police cruiser to penn presbyterian where he died a short time later. this all began inside that north marco two story house,
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with a three three-year old man trying twice to get inside after getting push out a first level back window and made his way in the second floor bedroom. inside the house his ex-girlfriend, who is a mother, her boyfriend and two children, we are told the ex-boyfriend may be the father of at least one of those children who are both under the age of 15 say police. the officers were in route at that dispute intensified and they were called again, after that victim was shot but when police pulled up that woman's boyfriend had runaway. >> we're still looking for the male's location, he fled, we believe, on foot toward brown street. we're asking him to come forward and talk the two homicide division to determine exactly what happened here tonight. >> reporter: police looking for that boyfriend, this morning, as you can see the investigation continues here, on the scene and at that homicide investigation continues police are also working to see if this shooting was justified.
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they will need, of course that boyfriend to talk through that mother and those two children are talking to detectives and again, police say these children will likely need counseling, given what happened in this house overnight. we are live from west philadelphia i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim, back to you. police say an argument over groceries led to the murder of toddler in south jersey on saturday. twenty-four year-old zachary tricoche was a rained yesterday in camden. he is facing first degree murder charge in the death of jameil baskerville, junior. authorities say tricoche punched jameil for crying after he shoved the boy's mother during an argument. the force of the punches were so intense jameil's liver was crushed. the toddler bled to death. bail is set at one million-dollar. there is no word when jerry sandusky will be back in court for next step in his quest for a new trial. the haze peels hearing ended after three days in center county pennsylvania.
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the hearing focused on the problems in the 202 trial where sandusky was quick of molesting ten boys. attorneys for former penn state assistant football coach said they want to call more witnesses. reputed philadelphia mob boss joey more lean he pleads not guilty to racketeering charges in new york federal court. the 54 year-old is accused of taking part in the health care fraud scheme. merlino was one of four dozen a alleged members of an east coast crime syndicate, who are arrested and charged earlier this month. new to the latest on campaign 2016, donald trump continues his quest to court minority voters. at a rally in texas he reiterated the importance on securing the border. meanwhile hillary clinton continued to fund raise in california. the justin timberlake and jessica beal helped her raise more than three million-dollar. controversy though continues to mount, over the clinton foundation and the state department. republican presidential nominee mike pence spent time in our area yesterday, but
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that wasn't the only thing that he did. pence made a pit stop in norristown get a fresh haircut. he paid a visit to henry jones barber shop. haircut cost him $14 and gave jones a 20 and told him to keep the change. jones admitted he didn't even recognize the governor. yesterday we told you gabby goreds is endorsing republican date pat toomey. his opponent is picking up a big opponent, cease-fire pennsylvania, a group advocates for tougher gun restrictions decided to, endorse katie mcginty. cease-fire believe mcginty will make gun violence a corner stone of her work in washington. voters will have their final say in november. well, still ahead the family of a deaf man shot and killed by a state police trooper are demanding answers. >> we will hear from the man's brother plus tell but some of the groups showing their support. also ahead it looks like something out of the movie. gunfire broke out at a gas station. we will tell you what happened
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! back on "eyewitness news" with a live look at the devastation in amatrice, the central italian town leveled by a magnitude six earthquake. the death toll has now listen to 11, 30 minutes ago pope francis led a crowd in st. peters square in prayer. we will have more on this deadly quake all morning long, brooke. in a gas station shoot-out in atlanta was caught on camera. the driver of one carries seen getting into an argument with another man and then two pulled guns and starts shooting at each other. take a look, woman in the
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passenger ceta peers to have been hit in the shoulder. no word on how she's doing. this video is going viral as you can see why. northeastern pennsylvania man upset over neighbor's tree is now in jail and his neighbors are in the care of the red cross. the saturday afternoon ray took a chain saw to the tree, he says drifts sap on to his car. well, tree fell and crush right through an apartment house in luzerne county. that building is now condemned apartment dwellers forced from their home and he faces charges over the tree and for allegedly going after his neighbor with a baseball bat. welshing monmouth county beach really stinks these days thanks to thousands of dead fish. really gross on the waterfront. officials say fish were likely chased by predators not to the area where there isn't enough oxygen in the water. they dialed in piles up every where, and it smells really bad. >> oh, it is bad. it is enough to gag you.
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>> we kept tolls over our nose. >> just rotten fish. >> right behind us we cannot do much about it because it is a a massive clean up effort but on our beach where they washed up our department of public works is taking care of it. >> officials say they are scooping up what they can but for now the smell is lingering. it is swimming with the dolphins in hawaii is in your bucket list, you may never get a chance to do it. >> federal regulators want to ban the popular tourist activity. they say it is putting dolphins at risk because it is putting stress on the animals and deprives them of rest during the day. >> we're not harming them. they come to us, and not really scared of us. they want to play with us. >> overtime, their health may be impact. they may not nurture their young, they may abandon their young or habitat and they may suffer long term population level impacts. >> if the proposal becomes a
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rule it would be go in effect next year. have you ever swam with dolphins. >> no, i have not. >> snorkeling but never swam with the dolphins. >> i surf with them. one time took off on a wave and wave behind me and dolphin took off. >> i'm scared of everything. there is no way as cute as they are, there is no way. >> if it is a panda, she's not going. >> or a gold fish, that is about it. >> but not a bad day to swim in the ocean today ocean conditions calm, nice beach day that may change over the next couple days. we will talk about that in a bit. this morning we are waking up to pleasant weather, check it out live look from palmyra cove nature park across the delaware glassy conditions, sky line with clear skies, current temperature 62 degrees. in philadelphia airport we are in the upper 60's but still 50's showing up north and west of the city. not as cool as yesterday. we were in the mid 40's in the poconos. mount pocono at 62. that is in the bad for august.
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shore temperatures feeling good. stone harbor 61 degrees. fifty-seven in cape may. ocean water temperature at 47 degrees. how it will feel with the humidity levels. slyly higher then yesterday. today still pleasant. can't beat it for august. tomorrow, we will start to feel steamy. try we've press i have feeling, very high heat and humidity levels but then it backs off again for the weekend. even though temperatures are still on the warm side. it is one or two days of high humidity, not several days like we have been dealing with the past few weeks. storm scan three high pressure dominating mid-atlantic. it blocks any storm systems from moving in anytime soon and a cold front west of chicago right now, back on friday maybe bringing a shower or thunderstorm. we are moving in the prime time tropical season. we have one named storm right now this is tropical storm gaston, wind up to 7o close to hurricane the status. movement west north west at 17. forecast over next five days to the north and west toward
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bermuda and may turn to the north could be a category two storm as it head out over central atlanta but ocean conditions could go downhill second half of this weekend because of swells from gaston will reach the east coast. expect higher rip currents for our area beaches, probably second half of the weekend into next week even though that storm system is hundreds of miles off shore. back home today, more sunshine few clouds moving in tomorrow. maybe we will get a shower late thursday night and friday, that is bit. nice day today. 86 degrees v pleasant. low humidity. lots of sunshine. tonight still comfortable. clear skies. sixty-seven, cooler in the suburbs, there is that extended forecast, few more cloud tomorrow, warm though 88 , humid day on friday at 92. shower or storm. then we can even will be warm, sunny but humidity drops upper 80's and we could run into a shower or two on monday and temperatures on average. lets head backup to meisha for
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latest traffic. good morning. looking gorgeous in terms of the weather, in the so much in the traffic center, you guys. we are looking at a live shot. this is an accident that happened just before midnight 422 east is closed between route 29 and oaks. what happened here is one vehicle went off the road, three transported to the hospital, one of whom is in critical condition. i'm going to try to call your attention to the live shot outside on the road if you can, giving you a picture what it looks like right now. you can see crews out there just putting that fixed as quickly as possible to reopen 422 eastbound, again, 422 eastbound is closed, between route 29, and oaks. so again these crews they are working steadily to get this remedied for you, i'll update new five minutes and let you know if that does open up. ninety-five cottman, in the looking too bad on this wednesday morning. would i say in the early
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5:00 o'clock hour yesterday heating up quickly. we're looking okay on interstate i-95 moving in the southbound direction but as we head toward 6:00 o'clock give yourself some extra time. you will need it. we are seeing another accident involving a penndot truck that hit a pole, north wales road is closed a yost road. we have down pole and wires. use dekalb pike or whitehall road is your best bet. those are still best routes right now, we will have more coming up in a a bit. indeed we will talk about construction at that point as well, jim and brooke, back over to you. for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> in the delaware county daily times police are asking for help in solving shooting of the unarmed clifton heights man out identify his grandmother's apartment yesterday morning. officers found 27 year-old darryl curry on a porch on the 100 block of sixth sleet with multiple gunshots to his torso. on the front page of the bucks county courier times
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after months have of rumbling about potential lawsuits against a military over local drinking contamination a philadelphia law firm became first to take action tuesday. a complaint filed in montgomery county on behalf of the giovanni family of warrington alleged they were exposed to dangerous amounts of unregulated chemicals in their drinking water. from the front page of the times hurled ursinus college announced a $30,000 scholarship which cut the cost in half. gateway scholarship will be afford next year. that is a look at some news and headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead car maker that says their vehicle is now fastest in the world, we will show you. also ahead because local olympian took home goal these babies are taking home new shoes, hear from excited new parents when we come right back.
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hey there welcome back. the phils went to the south side of chicago and you might as well call them bad. >> don bell has highlights. >> game two tonight between phillies and white sox, jared eickoff on the bump and hopefully fairing better than rookie did last night jake thompson. he got rock on the south side of chicago, phils visiting white sox for first time since 2004. pete mackanin's hometown. third inning, sox up one to nothing. tim anderson fly ball, peter borges giving chase, one run in, goes down as a triple for anderson. two to nothing. jose abreau had himself a
5:25 am
ballgame. another run is in. it is three to nothing chisox. south ciders looking for more abreau again, giving back to the bleacher creatures in left field. two run shot. jake thompson allowed seven runs in five innings, his era over ten. phillies lose nine-one, your final score. that is all for sports i'm don bell, have a great day. a delaware daddies hoping a new set of sneakers propels his new born to the olympic stage one day. >> special green pair of nikes is giving new born to christiana hospital all because delaware native and wnba basketball star elainea delle donne was on the winning team at rio olympic. it is a tribute to the same hospital where she was born nearly 27 years ago. >> the story to tell is amazing to me, and especially with elainea being from delaware and i just think that we should, you know, keep them for him forever just to tell the story.
5:26 am
>> those sneakers aren't that little baby's only link to an olympic gold. he also shares a birthday with jamaican track and field icon usain bolt. coming up next on "eyewitness news" two remarkable health stories. >> that includes an update on the recipient of a face transplant, jan. jim, love always triumphs over hate that is what one havertown woman kept in mind after finding someone tagged their trash can with the swastika, coming how she turn the tables on their person and why her story is spread ago cross the country, justin. good morning everyone. if you like yesterday's weather you'll love today cool start, warm afternoon but humidity does make a return i'll let you know when coming up. and, of course, we are following breaking news out of italy, we will have a update on the deadly earthquake there when we come
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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utter devastation, an earthquake destroys a town this central italy, much of the towns homes and buildings are pile of rock. we are learning about the dead and many people hurt. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. deadly earthquake tops our morning minute. powerful earthquake in central italy. >> search for survivors is now
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underway with reports that some people still buried in buildings, that collapsed. that father is dead after a dispute inside of a west philadelphia house. >> police say his children were home at the time. >> still a very active crime scene in west philadelphia. detectives are now asking the boyfriend who pulled the trigger to please come forward. >> best feeling in the world. >> philadelphia man is free after spending, for a crime did he not commit. >> there was dna link to another man that exonerated wright in 2013. donald trump is accusing hillary clinton of being too ill, to frail to be commander in chief. >> rudy guiliani has a simple suggestion. go on line and put downhillry clinton's illness and take a look at video for yourself. >> on the internet you know it is true. i put in my symptoms in web m.d. and found out i have early menopause. stay


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