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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we are just an hour away from this the start of the philadelphia marathon, tens of thousands of runners are expected to take part, what is ahead as they get led toy tackle 26.2-mile course. rain, sleet and even some snow showers, in part of the area last night, now big issue for those runners in the race will be the wind, justin is tracking this drastic drop in temperatures and we will also have this... >> president-elect donald trump is holding several meetings in bedminster, new jersey as he works to build his team. i'm here with the latest on his list of visitors coming up. and today is sunday november 20th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. let's send it over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. the it is not like we said we
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can't expect it the but it is chilly. >> that is right. >> down right cold. >> we are dropping s word here a little bit. >> i hear. >> snow in parts of the region last night north of the city and maybe a few flurries northwestern suburbs today and poconos. that cold air settling in and sticks around for a few days. >> isn't it too soon. >> no, we have had snow in october before. >> yes. >> you can get it. >> here you will not see anything but windy, battling strong wind throughout the day and runners will have it tough for the the marathon. wind chills down to the 20's and 30's today. break out that sweater, sweat shirt or heavier coat heading outside throughout the afternoon hours. all quiet now across the region center city we just have some clouds, 40 at the airport. the west wind sustained at 17. that the price wind chills down to the lower 30's around philadelphia but a lot of the suburbs feeling like 20's. wind will increase throughout the morning. the wind advisory all the way until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for the entire region,
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we have gusts to 50 miles an hour especially this afternoon. here are sustain wind, generally 15 to 20 miles an hour, increasing up to around 30, and then again possibly gusting to 45 or 50. so there could be down tree limbs and causing power outages later today. feeling like 28 degrees right now on exposed skin in reading. thirty in wilmington. twenty-nine in millville. these wind chills will be dropping throughout the morning hours. try right the now for most of the region. you cane snow showers, northern pennsylvania, some of those will get in the poconos over next few hours. other than that generally mostly cloudy day, cool, temperatures mid 40's at best for philadelphia. but with the wind it will feel colder. and a few peaks of the sun at the shore in the 40's. we have snow showers in the poconos with temperatures holding in the 30's today. got news for travel this week, it looks dry but we will talk about rain moving in the for the the thanksgiving holiday. we will break that down in a few more minutes.
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new this morning a man is recovering after an overnight shooting in north philadelphia. it happened near temple's health science campus at the 1300 west allegheny avenue. police say a 22-year old man was shot the in the leg and arm. so far no arrests. philadelphia police are looking into a stabbing in the cities society hill section. stabbing took place on south street overnight, police are looking for four suspects and the investigation is ongoing. tragic loss in philadelphia's overbrook section, family, friend grief after a eight year-old is struck and killed in the hit and run. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan talked to the victim's mother who is begging the driver to turn themselves in. >> she was so young. she was a young girl. >> reporter: suffering more pain then any mother should to have bear community is trying to hold up the mother. friday afternoon car fatally struck her daughter, jayana pound as she was walking home from school with her three siblings. >> that was my baby, my heart,
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she's gone. she's gone. >> reporter: speaking before a vigil pool says lack of of concern from the hit and run driver is the hardest part to accept. >> you just kept going, you didn't stop, you didn't say nothing, you just left her on the the street, innocent baby. >> reporter: incident happened at 63rd and land down police say suspect drove a silver nissan sedan, around 4:00 saturday afternoon the community held a vigil at the that spot, some signed a petition calling on the city to take a closer look at the safeness of the intersection. many called on the driver to turn themselves in. >> if you seen anything, speak up. you hit two children and took one life. my family will never be the same report report hoping to send their love as she rests up above they released her favorite colored balloons, pink and purple. >> that was my angel, i called her mommy's angel and now she really is an angel. >> reporter: families will start a movement just continue
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for j and printout flyers and walk around their neighborhood to get people to come forward with more information. i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police continue to look for suspects after an off-duty police officer is shot walking with his two-year old son. chopper three overhead at 11th and parish in north philadelphia just before 5:00 friday night. the officer angelo romero was heading in to his home when with his son we bullet were flying. the officer romeo shearedded his son if you he was struck by his thumb and hit by fragments in both drugs. owe was not the shooter's intended target. a train in india derails, killing 63 people and injuring more than 120 others. authorities are looking into what caused the passenger train to roll role off the track in northern indian, 14 of the train's coaches derailed. volunteers and police work together to save those tracks inside while medical teams administered first aid. busy weekend continues for president-elect trump and his transition team. he is meeting with rudy
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guiliani and new jersey governor chris christie who was demoted from chairman of the transition team. yesterday mr. trump met the with potential cabinet appointees and other visitors at his golf club in new jersey. roxanne has the latest from bedminster. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence appeared upbeat as they left trump's golf club in new jersey. for most of the the day mr. trump conduct interviews with potential cabinet members. >> we have seen tremendous talent, people that as i said would make america great again. >> reporter: mitt romney who once called trump a conn man and phony was among the invited guests. romney said they had a far reaching conversation about america's global interests. >> very thorough, in depth discussion in the time we had. >> reporter: mr. trump held sit downs with james mathis a candidate for secretary of defense, education advocate michelle reid and sacramento mayor kevin johnson.
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on friday the president-elect tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be his attorney general and congressman mike pompeo to head the cia. he reached a 25 million-dollar settlement in the trio of fraud lawsuits against trump university. he tweeted the only bad thing about winning the presidency is i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too bad. as the president-elect builds his team, hundreds gathered in washington to protest the new government. rocks ann, "fox news". twitter fall out after mike pence was booed at a performance for hit broadway musical ham ill ton. now, some people cheered, but loud boos were also heard while he was arriving and leaving the theater. at the end of the performance comments from the cast red a message directly addressed to
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pence. >> we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not the protect us. >> yesterday morning the president-elect tweeted out the theater must always be a safe, special place, the cast of hamilton was very rude last night the to a very good man mike pence. apologize. the creator lynn manual miranda tweeted proud of at hamilton musical, proud of them for leading with love and proud to remind thaw all are welcomed at the theater. still to come this morning, satisfaction your car craving without eating the carbs, a growing health trend to replace them in your diet. also ahead get ready for black friday shopping we will tell you stores where you can find a steep discount and the prices that are expect to hit rock bottom. plus, scientists are testing a pill that could extend the lives of our pet and get this it the might work for people too ahead in healthwatch. but first here's just to continue. >> good morning, everyone, big
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back on "eyewitness news" and black friday is five taste away and shoppers are planning a day full of bargain hunting you are not the alone. dianne lee shows us how to you get the best black friday deals. >> reporter: if avoiding the black friday frenzy has kept you from saving, this year you may have to join brian
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mcdonald's club. >> how much shopping have you done. >> zero. >> first time. >> there are deeper discounts this year then there have been in years past so pain threshold seems worth it. >> reporter: analyst agree and say it is not at least 40 percent off don't buy it. company scoured 8,000 deals from 35 top retailers and they found macy's has highest average discount of 63 percent. we also checked in with a few local stores. sears had half off major appliances and... >> we are giving tools away basically. >> reporter: best buy this 4k tv more than 50 percent off. >> 50-inch for 200 bucks is like, stupid crazy, like that is so much better. in computers i have never seen a computer that cheap for 99 bucks. >> reporter: where ever you shop, come armed with this and here's two great resources, black friday database allows you to search your item to see fit is cheaper elsewhere and amazon app lets do you that using a bar code scanner. you'll see most deals on toys, but they won't be rock bottom.
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jewelry will, but those deals, much more rare. >> are you pretty pumped. >> a little bit, yeah, yeah. i might self medicate before i come out but yes. >> reporter: and ahead in the 8:00 o'clock hour we will tell but credit cards you can use right now that will end up giving you the best black friday deals. stay tuned for that. switching gears, a lot of people going to be hitting the philadelphia marathon. >> yes. >> and 26.2 is no small accomplishment under any conditions but to today they will be dealing with some wind. >> they love cool temperatures. i get that. but not 20, 30 miles an hour winds. that can't be good. >> yes. >> it will be a west wind so if you are running west ward it will be right in your face, but on the flip side, going east you have the tail went, that may help you out. it is going to be rough. feeling like 20's for the wind chills. rough day for running. >> i have on my uggs. >> you those runners are tough. if you can do a marathon you can get through these windy conditions. getting ready for somewhat of
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a nice sunrise at the shore, a few breaks in the clouds but overall cloudy day. you can see a little bit of color in ocean city, windy conditions at the coast. temperatures may get in the upper 40's at the shore points. you guys still battling wind there as well. your wind chills will be in the 30's throughout the afternoon. check this out, yesterday, such an awesome day for november. we made it in the lower 70's, 72 was the official high temperature in philadelphia, at 2:00 in the afternoon. temperatures just, fell like a rock, 34 degrees in just eight hours by 10:00 o'clock last night temperature dropped to 38 degrees as that front moved through brought heavier rain through area and saw you some snow, covered some of the cars, north of the city but most of that moisture has now, left the region but still a couple of left over snow showers are possible especially north and west of the city and up in the poconos throughout the afternoon. these are temperatures generally sitting in the upper 30's to 40-degree mark. pretty much every where. we have wind all across the region, and it mixes up the
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air a little bit. you do not get the those typical cold spots where it settles in the surface and sheltered from the wind but problem is these wind chills values feeling like 16 right now in mount pocono. thirty-one in philadelphia. these numbers will go down over next few hours as wind increase and that colder air is just surging in. it stays windy for the next 24 hours, check it the out to day sustained wind 20 to 30, gusting to 45, maybe 50, that wind continues to howell tonight, 45 miles an hour gusts, even tomorrow, sustained wind back off a little bit the but still we could have gusts to 40 miles an hour the at least through first half of the day. you can see storm system kind of spinning over great lakes right now ushering in the cold air and we have snow showers, so typical this time of the year in western pennsylvania, and some of those could get into the poconos, maybe in the lehigh valley, later this morning in the early afternoon. this is a steady flow here in upstate new york heading towards vermont, new hampshire and that brought steadier snow and rain showers for parts of the delaware valley. we're going to be dry, a few
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flurries possible, not a whole lot of sun expected. we have cloud cover today and that will not help at all. the partly to mostly cloudy skies continue. we will see more sunshine around on monday but very cool for this time of the year. check out actual air temperatures this afternoon, we will struggle, to get into the middle 40's. we're battling this cold air mass, building in from can inadequacies, maybe stuck in the 30's to near 40 near allentown, low to mid 40's around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, areas in south jersey, the shore, probably the warmest today. we have west wind, you'll be able to warm it up as we don't get influence off the cold ocean but future wind chills, through the morning hours they will drop, mid to upper 20's. that is what it feels like. the afternoon, we're pretty much don't get these wind chills out of the mid 30's and then tonight, by 10:00 o'clock feeling like 20's. tomorrow morning will be rough. even monday afternoon it is still feeling like the 30's. so certainly heavy winter gear will be needed for the next few days. so cloudy, windy, colder, 46
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at best, for tonight, windy, cold, some cloud around 32 for city, colder in the suburbs, and that extended forecast we have got that chill through at least tuesday, into wednesday, cooler then average, but we are dry. good travel weather, thanksgiving day. a few showers around, so we will to have dodge that but back to black friday, it looks good for shopping, rahel, are you hitting it at 5:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. >> no, i have no patients. >> i think they are opened thursday night so might as well stay up. >> i just plan to be with family on thursday and at some point ill will's create a christmas list. i haven't even gotten there yet. >> i know, crazy justin, thank you. ever wish you could take carbs out of pasta? latest health trend. marlee hall shows us how to satisfy your carbs craving with veggies. >> reporter: allie lost 30-pound eating pasta and rice, made with vegetables. >> it wasn't difficult because i didn't feel like i was dieting. >> reporter: for three years she has been replacing starchy
6:18 am
foods with veggies made to look and taste like real carbs. just about every day she's cutting, spiral icing and chopping all kind of vegetables. this turnup roseto is one of her specialties. >> i have never eaten so healthy, i have never eaten so many different varieties of vegetables, i feel full of energy and focus. >> reporter: it is a healthy food trend that is picking up steam and big companies are cashing in by taking prep work out of veggie flopping. rice cauliflower made by trader joe's just can't stay on store shelves and green giant launched veggie versions of carbs classics like these tots. >> i could eat the whole bag. >> creamy mash and this veggie rice, all made from mostly cauliflower. >> rice cauliflower has 85 percent fewer calories. >> reporter: the company say consumer are literally eating them up.
6:19 am
>> sales so far are great thely exceeding expectations. >> reporter: allie is capitalizing on the tasty trend as well was blog and two best selling cookbooks. >> that is a testament to the fact that people expect healthier to be easier. >> reporter: and taste just as good. marlee hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, a unique thanksgiving celebration in olde city, three families are united but started with a terrible tragedy. six year ago linda and ron moyer lost their son ethan in the car accident but because he was an organ donor others got the gift of life. seven two-year old he will i got the his lungs and six year-old jozy kahn received his liver. they shared a thanksgiving meal at gift of life family house in philadelphia. >> it is extended family but they are family, his is close to us as brothers, sisters. we feel that they are our family and that is the gift to us that when ethan signed that
6:20 am
donor card for his license we would have never saw it coming but his gift became our gift. >> what a story. >> the gift of life family house provides a home away from home for patients receiving transplant related care in philadelphia. well, for many dog owners watching a pet can be heart breaking. on the cbs-3 healthwatch there may be a new way to stop time in its tracks. health reporter stephanie stahl has more that could help dogs, and people. >> reporter: the burch family's beloved lab at the age of 15 she's showing signs of old age. average life span for labs is 12 years. >> she takes an anti-inflammatory and a doggie ibuprofen. >> reporter: but now there is a drug called rapmyocin that is adding possibility of adding years to a dog's life. >> my lab has seen remarkable effects in terms of increasing life span and improving health during aging.
6:21 am
>> reporter: doctor matt kaplan is overseeing the study of the drug and its the effect on dogs. >> we didn't detect any significant side effects in the the dogs that were getting the drugs. that is great. >> reporter: it is used primarily as an anti rejection drug for kidney transplant in humans in, large doses there can be serious side effects but in lower dose is it the is showing promise as a drug that could suppress disease and extend life in animals and potentially people too. >> momo is 13 and has been on the drug for six months. >> he should be at the end of his life but he doesn't look like it. >> reporter: powell anderson said momo had been lethargic before taking the the drug and now she plays like a puppy again. >> if we can slow the process down and get two or three more years the with the good quality of life then that would be something. question is it preventing cancer and that is why they are living longer or somehow reversing aging and so they are younger for longer.
6:22 am
>> reporter: studies focusing on this drug are preliminary but promising, it can be prescribed by a veterinarian now but not recommended until there is more information. the dog aging project is starting the next phase of that research. we will have information the at cbs, click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". up next on "eyewitness news" new star at trump towers, all eyes on the elevator, how they are stealing the spotlight when we come right back. plus this, in the next half april hour. >> reporter: are your insurance premiums driving you in the poor house, they don't have to, we found ways to save big. >> i'm talking about hundreds of dollars and for some families if they have a teenage driver or you have had an accident or tickets maybe a thousand dollars or more. >> that is right we will show you simple things to make your car insurance more
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new varies taking a spotlight ape it is not president-elect or any of the officials looking for jobs in his administration. as jeanie moos reports this past week it was the elevator. >> reporter: when donald trump announced for president it was trump towers escalate or that became a star replicated on the simpson's, a selfie magnet the but now it is the l straightors turn to shine, and shine, they do in all of their golden glory. in their mirror splender and closing doors, the document
6:26 am
the job seekers and dignitaries. >> going up and down, to visit the president-elect. >> what ising on upstairs. >> like so many, ceo of fedex preferred playing with his phone to answering questions. those about to a send, tend to wave, or smile. or give a thumbs up in lieu of words. sometimes the waiting journalist have to settle for a picture. of the people above like south carolina governor nicki haley and four elevators require camera people to develop strategy. >> it is kind of like elevator version of the shell game where you don't know which one they will come out of. >> reporter: heaven help the shooter. >> two at the same time and number one and four which way do you go. >> reporter: even when it was only one and two arriving simultaneously the crews almost missed rudy guiliani,
6:27 am
cspan is streaming the elevator cam live. and no, it is not as cuddling as the panda cam you do get variety, from trump's ex-wife marla maples to the pizza delivery guy these superstar elevators shine some bright, no wonder judge pero is wearing sunglasses. may her golden glow bathe the ceo who elected to use them before meeting the president-elect. jeanie moos, new york. ahead in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news", a special thanksgiving meal. >> it is very sweet. it is amazing. >> why the holiday is so special for dozens who gathered in center city. okay harry potter fans this new movie is for you, our ukee washington takes you in the world before potter, a preview of fantastic beasts and where to find them is coming up. and chilly change, settles
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in the region, justin's back with the latest on the whipping wind when "eyewitness news" zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select
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because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. good morning i'm rahel solomon. we are a few days from thanksgiving and it feels like fall. lets get out to justin drabick on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. it almost feels like december
6:31 am
it is so chilly. >> you are lucky, you you are in the warm studio taking selfies while i'm out here battling winds. >> well, a little jealous of you in the studio but i'm protect by wind by the building here but it is down right windy. those wind will increase throughout the afternoon. story today will be wind and wind chills. even though temperatures will be in the 40's, which is cooler than average, it will feel like the 20's and 30's especially earlier this morning. wind advisory stays in effect until 6:00 a.m. monday morning, get gusts up to 50 miles an hour. that could lead to some power outages today with any down trees or limbs. sustained wind right now not too bad, generally 15 to 20 miles an hour but they will increase to 30 miles an hour throughout the afternoon into tonight. so those wind will be whipping throughout the overnight hours through the at least the first half of monday. wind chills right now on exposed skin feels like 30 degrees. least high valley 31 in philadelphia. upper 20's in the colder spots
6:32 am
but feeling like mid teens up in mount pocono at this hour. generally just clouds over us right now. there is snow showers, to our north and west, and they may get in the poconos over the next few hours, maybe even lehigh valley seeing a few flurries but you other than that just a cloudy, windy, chilly day and feeling more like, december, but we have had this november chill sticking around. temperatures running 10 degrees below average. gusts to 50 miles an hour. those wind chills will be down in the teens and maybe a few snow flakes north of the city. high temperature, 46, upper 40's at the shore. mid 30's that is it for poconos. it does stay cool really for the next few days leading up to thanksgiving, and then we will talk about another storm system moving through thanksgiving day but at least travel, it is going to be okay. we will talk about that forecast in a few more minutes. rahel, back to you. >> justin, get back inside. we know you want to. runners will to have battle the wind today for 23rd annual philadelphia marathon. the race will get underway in 30 minutes from now.
6:33 am
30,000 runners are expected to take on the 26.2-mile race and thousands of spectators are on hand to cheer those runners on. we will have a live report coming up. marathon weekend started on saturday with the half marathon then rothman 8k, organizers moved up those races to reduce congestion and allow runners to have their own unique racing experience. thousands of family and friends cheered them on. >> awesome. great day. beautiful. the crowd is amazing. the race is fun. >> it is wonderful. i went to school here. city of brotherly love. >> those two events yesterday were followed by a kid fun run, and all leading up to today's main event. well, mummers are giving back and giving thanks this holiday season as they help out a special group. mummers from 38 different mummers brigades came together at shooting stars clubhouse in south philadelphia yesterday morning. the mummers began collecting food and clothing back on
6:34 am
november 1st and packed donations up in boxes for homeless and veterans in need. >> no vet should go hungry during thanksgiving or cold in the winter. without veterans doing what they do and sacrifice, we don't get to strut our stuff on new years day. they protect our freedom. they risk life and limb for us, so we can combo back and living our daily lives and there is no better way to thank america for what it has given me then thanking a veteran. >> well said. >> the volunteers later delivered the donations to the philadelphia veterans comfort house yesterday have afternoon. well, thanksgiving is just days away but some celebrated a bit early this year. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan hinge out with a special group of people where dozens of people enjoyed a meal together in the spirit of the holidays. >> reporter: this week charities will be dishing out thanksgiving meals to different communities and different people and the arch street united methodist church was certainly diverse, but
6:35 am
almost all of them had one thing in common: this is their first thanksgiving ever. >> i'm waiting and i like it. >> reporter: this is the nationalities service center annual thanksgiving day celebration. their philadelphia's largest refugee settlement agency and this year alone they helped 500 displaced people make a home in the u.s. and beginning with the pilgrims what says welcome to america better than thanksgiving. >> we are all thankful for what we can and these individuals have struggled just to gain safety. >> reporter: as soon as four year-old hasan was born his parents fled from syria. after four years on the mom, the mom is in college and has a full-time job. >> what are you thankful for this thanksgiving. >> actually i'm thankful for being here, in america. >> reporter: he lost his sight to a bomb and said he is thankful to survive to leaving
6:36 am
his war torn country in africa. >> everything is nice well and fine. >> reporter: since the act in 1980 they have settled more u.s. foreign then all nations combine. they go through a 18 to 24 month training process. refugee advocates donald trump hopes he will refresh the program. >> we just hope and ask that the new administration take a look at resettlement and that they continue to be a big part in refugee resettlement. >> reporter: food to consider this thanksgiving. speaking of which, what do you think of serving these thanksgiving day food. >> it is very delicious. great to eat. >> sweet potato, pumpkin pie, i like it. >> reporter: in center city, cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". get this, 50,000 gallons of, 2 million square feet of surface and close to 400 feet. it is dangerous paint. we are talking about the 57 million-dollar paint project on the walt whitman bridge, and only cbs-3's joe holden
6:37 am
was granted behind the scenes access to see what workers faced. >> reporter: it is not something we have been doing for years. guys are used to it. they are paid well. >> reporter: don't miss our special look at one of the philadelphia's most visible landmarks and one question we were wondering what is the story behind the green paint. we will tell you tomorrow night on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still to come, looking out for you and your wallet, jim donovan has three ways to save big money on your car insurance. three simple things to do to lower your bills. and inside the world of harry potter, a preview of the new movie when we come right
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welcome back. is the high cost of auto insurance driving you into the poor house? it doesn't have to. three on your side jim donovan shows us three ways to save on your car insurance.
6:41 am
>> reporter: well, when was the last time you shopped around for auto insurance? >> twenty plus years ago. >> about one in four drivers have been with the same auto insurance company for more than 16 years. >> most people don't shop around because they don't think that the cost vary as much as they do. they vary tremendously. >> reporter: taylor business delaware valley consumers checkbook. >> we find thaw can save 40, 50 percent by just shopping and i'm talking about hundreds have of dollars and for some families if they have a teenage driver, or has had an accident or ticket maybe a thousand dollars or more just from making a different choice. >> reporter: which switch or not he offers this helpful advice to save. number one, raise your deductible. >> take a high deductible as you can stomach, by that i mean for auto insurance if you can afford a thousand dollar hit make it the a thousand dollars. the reason is the discount you get for having a high deductible are really large. we're talking about
6:42 am
20 percent, sometimes up to 30 . >> reporter: hit number two think twice about extras. >> a lot of agents, companies really are ridiculous about pushing these little extra like coverage for your rental car if your car is in the shop, towing and labor coverage, these are extra that are high profit items for the companies and they are just in general fairly bad deals for consumers. finally tip number three, check your credit. >> dirty secret about insurance these days is that your credit history has much more to say about the rate you will pay then your driving record or whether you have had claims. people with low or fair credit scores are paying twice as much as those with excellent credit scores for the same coverage. these are people with the exact same driving history. >> reporter: do you want to see how your insurance carrier stacks up with the others and check out what drivers like you are paying with other companies? for next week check out checkbooks auto insurance survey for free, on cbs
6:43 am own a my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. justin, anyone taking a ride may want to crank up the heat. it is cold out there. >> seat warmers, he had that on this morning. big difference from yesterday. we were dealing with temperatures, probably felt more like september in some areas as we cracked in the 70's, across parts of the delaware valley. check out high temperatures yesterday, 72 at the airport. philadelphia, d.c., coming in the lower 70's. norfolk, 77 degrees. salisbury maryland in the lower 70's all comes to an end. we are not seeing any 70's for the rest of the year but who knows, anything can happen. strong front came through last night, you heard it with the heavy rain, snow, in parts of the region and now wind cranking it up. ushering in cold air. we will struggles to get in the mid 40's for afternoon temperatures. it will feel like 20's and 30's. we're moving in the cold pattern for a few days. we will warm it up by end of the week but until at least wednesday or so jet stream to our south that allows colder
6:44 am
air to spill down southward. we have pocket of cold air, over us next 72 hours. we're talking about high temperatures below average. mid 50's for this time of the year is not happening anytime soon by thanksgiving, probably close to average. air temperatures right now, not terribly cold. we have been colder. thirty-eight in allentown. forty in philadelphia. twenty-nine in mount pocono. you can see where the source is coming there. buffalo, cleveland, low to mid 30's. southern canada, all southward, so we are fighting this cold air with the strong wind. wind chill values feel like upper 20's to lower 30's on exposed skin. they will stay like this throughout the morning in the afternoon tonight, even tomorrow morning, we're feeling this november chill, lots of snow showers flying outside in the western pennsylvania, very common for this time of the year. we have had steady snow that moved through parts of the northwestern suburbs of philadelphia and northern new jersey last night. that has moved northward. couple other snow showers possible, lehigh valley, poconos through the morning and afternoon. storms really energizing moving us across new england
6:45 am
over next 24 hours but it doesn't move much. check it out, little bit the to the north by monday afternoon. so we will be still stuck with a lot of wind energy tomorrow. difference between high pressure and low pressure which causes the wind right in the middle. strong wind, continue through at least the first half of monday and then eventually this high pressure will move over us on tuesday, now this locks us in the dry pattern, great news if you are traveling for the holiday over next few days. this will be dry. just a little bit the on the breezy side. our next storm will impact us on thanksgiving day. wind speeds, they are at least the gusts exceeding 40 miles an hour in the afternoon, may get close to 50, that wind will be cranking through the overnight hours and again those wind chill values down to the the 20's in a lot of spots early on monday morning and still strong wind gusts continuing into monday afternoon. the lets talk about what it feels like, it the is, these numbers that are dropping over the next few hours, as wind increases, so everybody will feel like the 209's through the at least late morning today and into the afternoon. we will struggle to get feeling like mid 30's.
6:46 am
tonight the same deal, 20's, maybe even single digits what it the feels like up in the mountains with that cold air in place. so, today, 46 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. it is windy. and then tonight the wind will continue. partly to mostly cloudy, 32 for the low for the city, 20's in the suburbs. here's that extended forecast, still below average for monday, tuesday, wednesday. it is dry though. thanksgiving a few showers, nothing heavy, should not impact any travel, shopping conditions, on friday look good, temperatures back in the mid 50's, rahel, back to you. this is price we pay for warmer weather we have had. >> i know, i know. >> it happens. >> i know. >> thank you. time right now is 6:46. let's check in on those roads with amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. hi there, amanda. >> hi there rahel. roads are looking good this morning. there are no major incidents to report right now. taking a lot the at roosevelt boulevard here we have got some building volume but as you can see traffic is running smoothly so there is nothing unexpected there. checking out speeds on the majors, looking clear and moving along in the normal
6:47 am
pace. everything is pretty much running right at speed right now, and the big story this morning is the philadelphia marathon, everybody is lacing up their sneakers. main event kicks off in 15 minutes. right now we are looking at the 676 ramp to the ben franklin parkway, you can see police lights there because they have closed both ramps to the race. parkway itself will also be close add long with the bunch of other streets throughout the city as runners make their way downtown. this is including part of the south street, main street, manayunk, belmont have avenue, martin luther king drive and many others, it is a licensing list. your alternate, and, for a full list of closures, visit our web site at cbs i'm amanda muhler, back to you. amanda, thank you you. fantastic beasts and where to find them is opened in the theaters. it is the same name as one of the books as harry potter used in school. plot unfold during a different time and place and as eddie redmayne tells our ukee
6:48 am
washington wizardry is just as impossible. >> it is all of the things that we loved about those potter films. >> hey, mr. english guy. >> reporter: eddie redmayne plays newt commander unregistered wizard his suitcase is a safe haven for magical beasts but some escape in 1926 new york. >> so here you have a case full of wizards, um. >> reporter: so does the success of author jk row lens whose seven harry potter books were adapted in the top grossing film franchise of all time. this film project is also expected to be a monstrous success her screen writing debut. >> this stands alone as its own movie. >> i don't know how you can be a human being and in the know anything about harry potter. would it stand alone. it will all make sense. you don't need to know that history to understand and connect. >> something is lost in our
6:49 am
city. wreaking destruction and then disappearing without a trace. which is it. >> reporter: potter director david gates and many others from the successful series to help guide four outsiders in their quest to keep wizardry from the community. >> we have a plan, right, guys. >> what came out of the case. >> this particular film, it is this wizard and witches, who are, who don't fit in, and when they meet each other it brings out, elements of each other that they have worked, that they kind of flourish in each other company. >> but things take a ominous turn when the director of magical security, played by colin ferrell, begins to cast his suspicion about it all. >> catherine, please, give our audience an idea of what happens. >> i never want to tell them
6:50 am
because it is so much fun. well, still to come this morning the eagles look to avoid their four game road losing streak, and one of the hardest places to play, leslie will have more on their game in seattle when we come right
6:51 am
6:52 am
eagles were six-point under dog to the seahawks this afternoon, seattle won last four out of the five games with the bird. so what eagles team will show up at century link field, the one that is unbeaten at home
6:53 am
giving up under ten points a game or squad that is one-four on the road surrendering over 24 points a game. seahawks are 31-five at home since 2012, they have second best scoring defense in the entire league. >> been able to win at home which is really important. now you can go get some games on the road. it is one of the hardest layses to win, and it is a great challenge for us as a team. it would be a big win for us. >> i think we're right there. obviously we have figured that out, at home, and it is a better way to kind of correct those mistakes by, you know, going into one of the toughest placeness this league and get a win. >> can eagles hand seahawks their first home loss of the season. find out today at 4:25 right here on cbs-3, our coverage begins with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30. now at center flyers took on the lightening. orange and black won two out of three, tampa riding three
6:54 am
game winning streak. tampa on the power play steve mason in goal for flyers. tie letter johnson, mason had to chance on that shot. one to nothing tampa. second period, flyers still trailing, andre, gets the pass, his shot beats mason. the flyers in a two goal deficit. it does not get any better. to the third period, jonathan skates in and mason just cannot make that save. flyers out shot them 32-18 but they are shut out for first time this season, three to nothing the final. after the flyers were done they removed ice and put down hardwood for sixers looking for their third straight home win with the suns. joel embiid played despite injuring his ankle on thursday in minute so the a suns wished he sat this out. he had it going on. here in the first quarter incomes down the three. he scored 17 points in the quarter. and sixers led by 13. third quarter, embiid down low, nice base line spin, reverse lay up. he had a career high 26 points, in just 20 minutes of
6:55 am
action. later in the third. sixers on the break, nick stauskus, throws it down and that fans love it. nick scores 26 points. nick had 26, made three pointers and beat suns 120-105. to college football, penn state one of the hottest teams in the country. they have won six in a row. eighth yanked lions took on rutgers. scarlet knights have not the beaten penn state the in three decade. james franklin locked arm and arm with his team before they took the field. third quarter penn state up nine to nothing. rutgers punting. blocked by johnson. recovered by garrett taylor. penn state took over, rutgers territory and three plays later, barkley busts through rutgers defense and scores, and the lions with a 16 to nothing lead. and then later on in the third, the sweep to andre robinson who goes into the end son untouched for the score. penn state wins their seventh game in the road, 39 nothing the final. temple on the road with tulane, owls need to win final
6:56 am
two games to advance to the conference championship game no score in the first. hand off to jihad thomas, diving in the end zone. owls with a 207 nothing lead. third quarter owls up 17 to nothing. philip walker with the the screen pass, to thomas, jihad follows his blocker and gone 54-yard to the house. temple with a 31 to nothing win over green wave. second straight shut out for owls. blue hens taking onville know of, andy tally's final regular season game, big game for cats quarterback, zach, he went 13 for 17, 195-yard and tie his career high of four touchdowns including that nice juggling catch right there by hodge for the score. team carries tally off the field. he is retiring after 32 years on the main line. villanova with a 41-ten victory and advanced to the playoffs. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal and have a great day, go bird. >> go bird. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. born to run, the start of the
6:57 am
philadelphia marathon is just minutes away, we will take you to the starting line. things you need to know to make it easier for both of you and your pets. and a chill moves in the philadelphia area, but will it spoil your plans for thanksgiving? justin drabick's eyewitness weather is coming up this sunday
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
time to hit the ground running philadelphia marathon getting ready to start. philadelphia region is waking up to a big chill, what is making it worse is this how strong the wind will gust. busy weekend for trump transition team find out who is meeting and how soon he may announce more cabinet choices. today is sunday november 20th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. eyewitness weather is coming up shortly but runners from across the country are taking part in the 23rd annual philadelphia marathon. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live along ben franklin parkway where race is set to start any moment now, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. race just started. as you can see runners are off to their start. they were standing at the starting line here right off ben franklin parkway just a moment ago jumping trying to stay warm. it is very windy, cold out here but they kicked off a lot of those layers and they


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