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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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ke you said, i... i was getting cut out. and then i figured, with him out of the way, i could take over the business for myself. what? would you be so kind as to remove your gloves? i'd like to see your hands. palms down. well, you haven't said a single true thing to us. that includes your confession. you didn't kill bennett. you just want us to think that you did. i don't understand. holmes: it's a simple enough question. do you pluck between your eyebrows? yeah. i have since junior high. mmm. you have synophrys. joined eyebrows. in addition, you lack hair on the middle segments of your fingers and on the backs of your hands.
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all three of those conditions are recessive hereditary traits. sharing one in common does not prove a genetic relation, but sharing all three strongly suggests kinship. what does this have to do with my husband's death? it has to do with the confession of one gordie kasdan. pilot. he said he sabotaged your husband's chute. but we think he was covering for someone. holmes: he, like you, has a unibrow, he lacks hair on the middle segments of his fingers and on the backs of his hands. he's your father. watson: we think he confessed to sabotaging bennett's chute to protect you. are we right? the other day, when you said bennett had been shot, part of me was relieved. i hadn't killed him. someone else had. why would you tamper with his chutes?
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my pregnancy hasn't been easy. lack of sleep, nausea, the hormones... that's not an excuse for trying to murder your husband. a couple weeks ago, i heard him talking on the phone with some woman, late at night. he thought i was asleep. i couldn't find any record of the call on his cell, so i did a little poking around. found one of those disposable phones hidden in his car. there were all these texts between him and someone named jaan. two a's. in one of his messages, he promised her he would leave me. so you decided to kill him. i was angry. i called my dad, told him everything. said i could solve the whole thing with a pair of scissors and a trip to bennett's storage shed. i'm guessing that's why he tried to take the blame. he realized i'd really done it. the night of the jump, something changed.
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i didn't want bennett to die. i tried to get him to call off the jump. but he wouldn't listen. (crying) he never did. well, that explains the sabotaged chute. but we're no closer to the sniper. i think we are. i think the sniper and mrs. nealy were both motivated by bennett's affair. and if i'm right about the sniper's identity, we need to catch him soon. 'cause i'm certain he's gonna strike again. aso we know how to cover almost aboualmoanything.hing,ntity, even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision.
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i-i don't understand. why are you showing us these? we found them on the ground where bennett nealy fell. in afghanistan, young lovers give each other tasbihs as a sign of affection, yes? (speaks pashto) (speaking pashto) he just asked you if you think that they're hers,
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and you said, "oh, i hope not." i'm assuming by "hers," you meant your daughter, zohala. you speak pashto? not fluently. are these your daughter's prayer beads? bennett nealy had a lover. he called her jaan. holmes: "jaan," as you're well aware, is the pashto for "beloved." bennett nealy was having an affair with your daughter. you didn't know? watson: we think the sniper knew. that's why he killed bennett. which brings us back to a question that you refused to answer earlier. where are your children? zohala ran away shortly after marjan and i arrived in new york. she left a letter saying that she wanted to... live her own life, as a modern woman. we thought that she was just being rebellious. so we sent marjan to find her. can we assume your son has military training? when my husband was with the taliban, my son fought for them.
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he learned to shoot, to hide, to stalk his target. and they poured their poison into his ears. what do you think your son would do if he knew that your daughter was sleeping with an american? the taliban preaches the old ways. in traditional culture, when a woman sleeps with a man outside of wedlock, she dishonors her entire family. the only way to restore that honor is through blood. if marjan thought that zohala and bennett were dishonoring our family... he would kill them both. holmes: so, if there's a way you could help us find marjan, his cell phone number, perhaps, be a good time to share it. (indistinct chatter)
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bell: police! don't move! lower the gun, marjan. man: target in sight. three o'clock. we have visual. bell: your parents sent us. they want you to live. they want you both to live. (sirens wailing) (wailing stops) man 2: inside! quick! this way, please. move! move! nobody here wants to hurt you. just put the gun down. (indistinct police transmission) (handcuffs clacking) (elevator dings) marjan.
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zohala. ♪ mmm... ♪ ♪ mmm... (phone chimes) ♪ a sigh went across my bones (knocking) ♪ didn't i tell you, shut the door? ♪ come in. been a while. it has. i heard you had a conversation with an old friend of mine. i did. he said that you reached out to him. is that true? say it was. okay, well, do you know what would happen to you if a parole officer knew that you were hanging out with tall boy? tall boy is not your problem.
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neither am i. not no more. okay, but you asked me for my help. and now i know better. you can't help me. really? you think you know everything. you don't. you just walked into a criminal's apartment in the middle of the night. a basement apartment. you can shoot a gun down here-- nobody'll hear it. it's not your world. it's mine. it's where i have to live, and it's where i have to survive. why are you saying this? because this world's not safe. not for me. and especially not for you. so get out. while you still can. (loud crashing) (exhales) it's now or never, doc. ♪ what did you wish on that storm? ♪ ♪ was it worth it ♪ selling your soul?
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> smack-down in seal with the opposing quarterback is catching touchdowns and you know things are seriously not going well. the birds were battered both sides of the ball. very tough loss out west. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us, eagles fans feeling a bit deflated. sports director don bell is here to break down the loss? >> yes, it was a smack down. all their losses have been close, this one was worse than what the final score. one day the eagles may be super bowl contenders, but today was not that day. today, they played a team that fits that profile to a t.
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carson wentz and the birds visiting seattle 39 and five since 2012, second quarter, eagles trailing. wentz to zach ertz. first touchdown catch of the season, the birds lead by one. russell wilson scrambling ad-libbing, a little flick of the wrist to jimmy graham, for the score. seattle with a 13-7 lead. third quarter, eagles trailing. wilson to doug baldwin back to wilson, 15 yard touchdown birds lose 26-15. doug pederson like his squad to bring their home attitude on the road. >> we have to, you know, as a team, as coaches, we, myself included got to learn how to tighten things up and when you go on the road, you got to keep that same mentality. whether you feed off the crowd,
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each other, just the guys in the locker room that travel on these trips, and it's just a good -- it's a good one to learn from >> speaking of the road, the struggle is real. eagles now one and five away from home. five and five overall, that's good for last place in the division. coming up later in the show, we will talk about a first round draft choice hurting this team big time. >> can't wait to hear that. thank you, don. guess what? the faces of the fans tell the story as you know. "eyewitness news" at chickie and pete's as the bird's faithful labored through and they were not at all shy about pointing fingers >> i blame agholor. he had the penalty on the zach ertz touchdown. he was a real killer today. overall, just we didn't have it >> trade him as soon as possible. out here. get him out. horrible. >> get him out. run the offense the way they should be run. they should be getting the runningback more and the coach should be calling the play as
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little bit different. >> never shy of an opinion there, again, much more on the game coming up in sports zone. stay with us for that. today's loss was a tough one if you like to talk to us about it, you know, voice your concerns, connect with us on facebook, twitter and instagram. you can use the #cbs3. turning to weather, it's been awhile weekend. we started with warm temperatures and end with wicked winds. "eyewitness news" in roxboro where the winds blew a tree on to the car on the 7900 block of henry remove. lauren casey is here to tell us what to expect. >> what transition, we went from 70's to sleet and snow in some areas, now dealing with whipping wounds across the delaware valley. check out the wind gustses in
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collegeville. 53 miles per hour, chester county airport, beach haven ven gusting to 50 and philadelphia international airport 45. put that in context, tropical storm force starts at 39 miles per hour, these are hardy winds. you know that to as soon as you step outside. the wind advisory remains in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning all across the delaware valley as whipping winds will continue throughout the overnight period. wind speeds elevated from 18, 22, 29, miles per hour of sustained winds and then one of the gusts on top gusting to 43 in mount pocono, 40 innings lancaster, 32 in philadelphia. unfortunately. as we're heading out the door on monday, we're so going to deal with the blustery conditions 7:00, 9:00 hour, temperatures only in the upper 30's to near 40. with those strong within speeds it's going to be feeling more like 20's and yes, we're getting a big old winter preview that isn't going to end tomorrow.
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i'll let you know if temperatures will turn around in time for thanksgiving in your full forecast coming up in a few. >> thank you so much. us marshals meantime have a american in custody now of interest in the fatal shooting of an officer in san antonio texas. police report that before, detective benjamin marconi was where ith writing a ticket when man parked behind him, he walked up to the window and shot him in the head. >> family will be celebrating the holidays, we'll be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardness >> marconi was 50. he was 20 year veteran to have the department. police say this man is a possible suspect in the case but they don't confirm it's same man now in custody. tonight one person is dead after a small plane crash in new jersey. officials say 75-year-old william lynnly was killed when the two passenger aircraft went
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down in bass river state forest just before 11:00 this morning. the ntsb investigators are trying to determine the cause. donald trump met with potential members of his administration including new jersey governor chris christie. joe holden has the story from the cbs3 stat center. >> reporter: good evening, it was a braced political figures now, chris christie appearing with donald trump was somewhat of a surprise, his future outside of new jersey still very much up in the air. now, his role in the trump transition team, of course, diminished after two convictions in the georgia washington bridge scandal. new jersey governor chris christie making an appearance as president-elect trump held a marathon session of meetings at his golf club in north jersey. christie's role if any is unclear. >> very talented man.
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great guy. >> christie was demoted as chair of the transition team earlier casting doubt about his future outside trenton politics. behind the scenes, mr. trump's cabinet appears to be taking shape. two months today, marks the beginning of a donald trump presidency. former new york mayor rudy giuliani a trump loyalty and long time friend had what's been described his final interview. giuliani is considered a top contender for secretary of state. and after two days of meetings in new jersey, mr. trump is expected to continue speaking with potential cabinet members on monday and tuesday at trump tower in new york city. mr. trump confirmed that first lady elect milania trump and barren will not be moving to the house on inauguration day. >> also taking shape, tighter
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security, secret service agents were at trump tower in manhattan swapping out the glass there for bulletproof glass. in the stat center, joe holden, cbs3 eyewitness news. police investigating a possible break in today inside of city hall. they say that around noontime, a worker at the christmas village reported seeing two men trying to climb through an open window on the first floor. the suspects were gone by the time police arrived. so far police have not reported any damages or theft inside the building. ten to say of thousands of runners flocked to aiken's oval along the ben franklin parkway today for the 23rd annual philadelphia marathon, the popular event boasts one of the most seenic courses in the country. but as cherri gregg from our sister station tells us, another competition today was the blustery wind. >> reporter: 30,000 runners hovered near the start line
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trying to stay warm. once they heard the signal. they pounded the pavement 26 miles down the parkway through the city to the delaware up to manayunk and then back to aik aiken's oval. he said the biggest challenge was the wind >> mentally overcoming so you're not getting frustrated but appreciating it's cool weather. >> reporter: the cold was no fun for spectators, kelly johnson was prepared. >> i got a blanket here, then my leggings, sweats, my sweater, my jacket and a scarf. >> she was nice enough to give me a blank at the time too. >> helped push kimutai cheruiyot to set up a new record two hours 15 minutes. >> i go to. >> reporter: taylor ward, the women's winner each gotten grand
11:57 pm
for their travels. >> i can't even describe it. something i've always hoped to do once in my lifetime to be able to do it today was huge. >> reporter: the winding roads and hills took its toll on some >> i got my time. the fact that i feel like i could pass out doesn't matter >> what matters is the effort >> something on my bucket list. >> check for the 30,000 who made the dream come true. this cold sunday morning. at ben franklin parkway, cherri gregg, kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news." congratulationses to everyone who ran today the marathon. as you shop for gifts this year, there's one toy you may not be able to find because it allegedly caught fire in the back of someone's pickup truck. stay with us, still ahead, what popular toy erupted in flames and has now been pulled from store shelves at toys are us. it's a holiday tradition in
11:58 pm
philadelphia. we're going to take to a parade some people travel more than an hour just to see. lauren? . we've been dealing with chilly conditions, coldest day of the season so far today and that chill is going to extend into the upcoming work week but will it interfere with our thanksgiving plans? i'll have the answer in your full forecast coming up next.
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. tragic accident with a savannah river. firefighter was killed saturday. at least 55 fell into the river, 30 injured, the firefighter suffered some sort of medical emergency and died at the hospital. toys are us now pulled a truck off its shelves after one allegedly caught fire causing a real truck to burst into flames. a washington state couple says the tonka dump truck was a
12:01 am
christmas gift for their grandson, they bought it at a toys are us store and put it in their pickup truck and they say the truck caught on fire on their way home, the officer said the flames appeared to be 15, 20 feet high. it was shocking >> i hear pop. then all this glass shattered in from the -- then there was smoke and dust inside. >> no one was injured. thankfully in the fire. toys are us gave the couple a refund and is investigating to see if the fire was an isolated incident. hundreds of philadelphia senior citizens get an early thanksgiving this year, the philadelphia corporation for the aging hosted the annual thanksgiving dinner yesterday. they actually said low income adults who might have no one to eat with on thursday on the holiday. the event was held at jefferson station in center city with food donated by vendors from reading terminal market. looks like everybody had a good
12:02 am
time if you go to northeast philadelphia the weekend before thanksgiving you're going to find a parade of people thankful for those around them. anita oh tells us about the milestone this philly celebration reached this year. ♪ . >> reporter: 40 year, this has been a tradition. it's annual mayfair holmesburg thanksgiving parade >> i've been here all 40 parades. it's a family tradition, we do it every year. >> reporter: joanne stoner started coming decades go >> before i was even married. my kids are here and my grandchildren >> one of them is 8-year-old julia who says this thanksgiving she's celebrating >> my family and friends >> many are celebrating the businesses along this strip of frankford avenue which many acknowledge is the if this backbone of this community >> i've can grown up with this strip. we take care of our people and they come and take care of us. >> want to give back to the community >> some drove more than an hour to attend the parade
12:03 am
>> we're from oxford, came to visit our family. we come every year. >> reporter: this year they had to bundle up high wind gusts and dropping temperatures. >> it's cold out here today, that's for sure. we're bundled up. >> reporter: they say anything to keep the tradition alive. >> happy thanksgiving. >> if it was snowing would you be here >> absolutely. >> in mayfair, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." starting to look a lot like christmas in northern new jersey. ground is covered in snow in west millford as much as for inches fell in that area and some folks took advantage of the weather to go outside and play, i think they're trying to build a snow man. i think they have enough >> i think they definitely do. >> there's a snow man coming together. >> it is a bit jarring. especially after 70 degrees and now we got snow men. >> strong cold front came through and parts of the poconos picking up oversix inches of snowfall throughout the weekend
12:04 am
and conditions there are down right blustery. quite the change from 70s to sleet and temperatures right now definitely need multiple layers and that winter coat, gloves, the whole works, 40 degrees right now as we get a live look at center city philadelphia, that west wind 26 miles per hour making it feel like 29 degrees. that's chilly. definitely getting a taste of winter. these snowfall totals showing you that mount pocono picking up 6.8 inches throughout the weekend. spring town picking up over an inch and in mt. holly a trace of snowfall. we still do have a weather authority advisory for about the next four hours as we are can'ting to see scattered snow showers moving on through in association with the big area of low pressure. notice that counter clockwise circulation, the snow shower spinning along with that. a lot of instagram nation.
12:05 am
that will keep a chance north and west of the city as we head into the overnight period. few flurries trying to sneak into the lehigh valley but most presip towards scranton but as we head into the overnight. couple of snow showers could bring us additional snowfall totals one particular model is saying we could pick up a little bit in the way of accumulation up toward allentown and mount pocono as we head through the monday and overnight. maybe a little flurry sneaking on by the city, otherwise would he say wind gusts possible to 40 miles an hour, 48 feeling much colder than that like 20's as we wake up monday, high temperature will struggling, 45 degrees, patchy clouds, sunshine mixed in there but blustery and downright cold. overnight we're dropping into the 20's in the poconos, near freezing in berks county, lehigh valley, we'll drop into the 30's even down the shore overnight tonight. we're getting close already. we're at


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