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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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on things this morning, maybe miserable shall -- >> you guys are bringing owl starts of good news, thanks. >> today was not worthy of this suit, not worthy. >> aren't we all better for it? >> we better not laugh. we know they won't be happy today. good morning, happen monday. right now because of the windy conditions that came, we have a lot going on on the roadways, couple of downed trees, we'll get to that in a little bit. >> not shock by. that will wind gusts in the 30's, 40's in some spots, yes, enough obviously to blow your hat off your held, but certainly can bring down couple of tree limbs. where we came from. this is where we ended up. we're looking bat at -- back at saturday, that's when the cold front then dollars up bringing this in the first place, really crossed through. and man did we see a turn around. so quickly. seventy-two, that afternoon, 72 degrees, well above average obviously, ended up flirting with record territory. by ten p.m. down at 38 degrees. so, a huge drop off in just
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eight hours time so, i mean, just was such a turn around for us, now we're stuck in this wintery chill here. storm scan at the moment showing lake enhanced snowflakes out there. specially across northeastern pennsylvania, then across into the up-state new york region there, you might see flurry here and there across north-central new jersey real at this. but the wind is a bigger story region wide here and the chill. we have wind advisory until 7:00 this evening, winds currently speaking -- spiking into the 20's many spots, to up 18 miles per hour sustained, but higher gusts, keep in mind with temperatures already off to chilly start and wind out of the west northwest it, will feel that much colder, guys, i don't think it feels much better than about the freezing mark if we're lucky for most of the day here, really have to bundle up for this, rude awakening if i ever saw one, meisha. >> funny, i was just thinking well i'll put on the thin leather jacket again. yes, big mistake, i need that full winter jacket, it is chilly out there. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy monday, so brand new week together, we know that today is windy and because that far
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just talking about, that because of the winds seeing problems on the roadway, fortunately for us schuylkill eastbound before gladwynn where we had downed tree. crews out there moving out of the way. starting to slow us down ever so slightly, now the crews have moved that out of the way, completely gone. but you can see right now, this is what you are dealing with in terms of level. so, just know, it is windy. you certainly want to give yourself couple of extra minutes, whenever we have report of downed tree to trees, basically anywhere we want to know about it but also heads up it, could be other things blowing in our direction, as well, that could affect our drive. so this is where we have another downed tree still out there, route 611, barrett road. one lane blocked here. for those every in you that neck of the woods, it could peak at the ben bridge, gorgeous shot, looking very nice on the ben. jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. "eyewitness news" is on the scene of a fire overnight. this is in woodbury gloucester county, firefighters were called to the 700 block of porter boulevard around 3:45
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and the fire quickly grew to two alarms, so far, hearing as many as seven people were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. we'll stay on top of this for you and bring you an update as soon as we learn more. >> and new this morning, suspect is in police custody following a barricade situation in philadelphia port richmond section. "eyewitness news" in the 300 block of aramingo avenue, where police declared the barricade around 2:00 this morning, police tell thus was a domestic dispute that involved a gun, there were no injuries. police arrested the suspect about an hour ago. >> juvenile is shot in millville, new jersey, it happened around 7:30 last night at the oak view apartment, on the 1700 block every east broad street. the victim is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. so far police have not released the victim's age or gender. >> new overnight, police tell it is the man shot during robbery in the city brewerytown neighborhood. investigators say he was walking on north dover street when someone tried to rob him. they say he was shot in the hand and leg. was able to run to his home near 29th and turner street,
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so details this morning on his condition or what was taken. >> well, weaver breaking news in trenton new jersey crews are battling a huge five alarm fire. >> as we've been hearing from katie all morning, wind real problem with the fire spreading through several homes. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" trang do, we know it is early but what do you know? >> well, rahel, jim, still very active scene as you mentioned, just went up to five alarms, what we're being told there are eight homes involved, take a look, we are just off of brunswick avenue here, and weinberg place is where these homes are located, eight homes, one of them we're told already collapsed. firefighters are trying to salvage the rest of those seven homes. now, even more so than the winds, we're being told, is the power lines that were coming down, caused huge problem for firefighters fighting this fire. on top of that, several cars on the street also on fire. so that made it very difficult for firefighters really tackle the fire and really get in there. that caused bit of a delay.
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now, because of those power lines went down, the electrical company had to come out here and turnoff power for several blocks, around here, we're also being told that many of the residents in this area were evacuated, obviously, those people living on that particular block where those eight homes are, they have all been evacuated. we're told several people were transported to the hospital. but the numbers, we do not have those exact figures, as every yet. but, this is a very massive scene, we're dealing with here, major intersection in trenton. the deputy fire commissioner just told me that there were 30, at least, 30 firetrucks on scene here. five alarms is as high as they can go at this point. the entire firefighter in the city of trenton are here as well as mutual aid from outside count its. so, still an extremely active scene out here. we will continue to update you guys throughout the morning.
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as soon as we find out but we do know people were transported to the hospital. we're work to go finds out those numbers for you. we'll bring you another report coming up. for now live from trenton, trang do, eyewitness news. >> okay, frank, thank you. in other news, philadelphia police investigating possible break-in as city hall around noon yesterday, a worker at the christmas village reported seeing two men trying to climb to open window on the build cents's first floor, workers told vest erring he yelled at them and returned for help, but the suspect gone when he returned. so far police have not reported any damages or thefts. okay, eagles fans, we new it would be tough. we new it would be tough to get a win out in seattle. >> but they are still waking up frustrated after the live also lost, front page of this morning's daily news says it all. dull and void. birds show off their west coast afence. >> had to play a team like
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that in front of the loudest fans in the league. >> carson wentz and where the seahawks are 31 and five since 2012. second quarter eagles down six-nothing, win fights tide-end for ertz's first touchdown of the year. buy tying, finds jimmy gram who shakes off watkins to go in for the score. thirteen-seven. after the half, birds down 16 to seven when the seahawks pour on trick play. wilson flips the ball to wide receiver doug baldwin who find wilson for the touchdown. seahawks win, 26 to 15. eagles head coach doug pederson says the eagles have to play on the road the way they do at the linc. >> we have to, you know, as a team, as coaches, we, myself included, we have to learn how to tighten things up, i guess, and when you go on the road, you have to have this mentality that you have at home, and whether you feed off the crowd, feed off each other, those guys in the
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lockerroom that travel on these trips, you know, and just a good one to learn from. >> well, the eagles are now five and five on the season, and in last place in the nfc east, later this hour, pat gallen shows us the mistakes that cost the eagles the game. well, eagles nation is ejected -- dejected again after the latest defeat. >> the faces of the fans tell the story, oh, it hurts, it hurts. at chickie's and pete's', labored through this one, never shy by pointing fingers, and hold back this time either. >> i got to blaming a already. a lot of drops. he had the penalty on the zach ertz touchdown. he was real chiller today. overall we just didn't have it. >> trade him. as soon as possible. out of here. get him out of here. horrible. >> they're not running the offense dollars washier thud be running. they should be getting a lot more, the coach should be calling the plays little differently than what he is calling. >> next week for the eagles team slightly worse than them, the greenbay packers come to the link for monday night
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football. so, do you want to get the eagles lost out of ooh system? here is a idea, connect with us, just use the #cbs3. >> this could be dangerous. >> much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", if you are going somewhere for thanksgiving, know when to go. when the one stop you may want to avoid, where a strike could disrupt your plans. >> and, on the run, quite literally, thousands set their course through center city philadelphia andres for the owe killing, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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san antonio police continue their manhunt for suspect in the fatal shooting everyone of their officers. yesterday morning detectives benjamin marconi pulled over a vehicle and was riding a ticketed car, that's when police say a man in another car pulled up behind them, walked up to marconi's window and shot him in the head. >> most families would be celebrating the holidays. will be burying one of its own because of ultimate act of cowardice. >> marconi was 50 years old, he was 20 year veteran in the san antonio police department. this man that you see on your screen is a possible suspect. all out manhunt is underway in st. louis. police are searching for gunman who got away after seriously wounds ago police officer there sunday night. investigators say the veteran officer was sitting in traffic
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when unknown suspect pulled up and fired at least two shots. the officer remains hospitalized, in critical condition, but is expected to survive. >> intense confrontation as police and protesters face-off on the site of the dakota access pipeline. >> this happened in north dakota not far from a protest cam. the morton county sheriff offers has roughly 400 anti-pipeline protesters, trying to block a bridge. police stepped in to stop the group. and has made at least one arrest. >> well, in just a day or so, if now the hosting a thank giving dinner chances are you're going to see someone who is, whether it is by road, rail, air, you will be in good company. jamie yuccas has some advice on when to go, how to get there, and one place to avoid. >> pack your patience, especially if your holiday travel prince you through chicago. travel site orbitz. com predict o'hare international airport will be the busiest airport this thanksgiving holiday. about 500 workers, including aircraft cabin cleaners, and
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janitors, could walk off the job. workers vote the to takings over wages, and working conditions there, last week. almost 4 million people will travel wednesday through sunday. jim and his son are already on their way. what do you anticipate moving forward? >> you know what, today really is easier, a lot lighter than i expected, but come tuesday, wednesday, it is going to be massive. >> nearly 90% of thanks giving travelers will drive this year. drivers will see savings at the pump, but gas prices expected to be the second steepest since 2008. when the national average was just a dollar 85. today, it is 2.14 per gallon. google checks travel times. if you opportunity avoid grit lock coming home the search engine says to leave on "black friday", at 6:00 a.m. if you're hitting the rales, remember, the tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving and the sunday after, are the busiest days to travel.
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nearly 750,000 people will take amtrak to and from their destination. in new york, jamie yuccas, cbs news. >> back here at home 30,000 runners battle blustery wind and cold to compete in the 23rd annual philadelphia marathon. and, once the horns sounded runners pounded the pavement for 26.2 miles down the parkway through the city to the delaware river, up to manayunk, then back to eakin's oval. family, friends, cheered them on from the side lines, happily from the side lines, but whipping winds almost too much for one runner. >> i got my time. so the fact i feel like i tapped out doesn't matter, because i'm super happy. it was like a terrible day. i feel like the winds was blowing against me in both directions. >> understand that. and the brutal wind however did not stop. setting course records at two hours 15 minutes, the top male and female runners won ten grand each. and they certainly de is her
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of it after that run. >> i had a whole bunch of friends and they showed up to my house wearing those little mylar little, i don't know what the heck that thing was. >> space suit. >> yes. >> trapping the heat and understand bridge so colds. and did anybody else feel freezing colds just watching that run run across the finish line? ahh. my hat is absolutely off to you. because my goodness, was it cold yesterday. and it still is. cold enough that the ski resorts are loving this. take a look, outside we go to one of the cameras up in the poconos, they are making snow, as fast as they can up at blue mountain, cool shot for you there, ski lovers rejoice, you have the opportunity, probably relatively soon, to actually hit the slopes here. so fresh powder blue mountain and most of the rest of the ski resorts will be using that advantage, as well. outside "skycam 3" locally, you have what looks like very calm, collected view. you cannot go by the view necessarily, take into
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consideration your temperatures, which are cold enough at 38, but a wind out of the west at 18 miles per hour making it feel 10 degrees colder. so, factor that in, my advice to go by the feels-like obviously, the winds will below pretty much any time today. i don't think it will feel more than the freezing marge, and look at the future wind gusts from now up until say 3:00 p.m., there may not be much change or much easing up even of the wind gusts, 30's, even 40's, are still very possible, even toward 10:00 p.m., not much change going on. so, while we are running the loop here, you don't really see too much difference in that wind speed any time during the day. it starts to ease up tomorrow. come, say, 5:00 p.m., you're only talking gusts in the two's opposed to the 40's, regardless, it is still quite breezy, little less harsh, but it will need little more time for the storm to completely pull away, and for things just to settle. so, give it some time here. make sure you're bundling up adequately. even finding specially towards the poconos lake enhanced snowflakes, but this storm
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does pull away, high pressure eventually will rebuild in here, and we ends one pretty decent, especially wednesday, but, even through the day tomorrow, yes, still be bit after breeze, but easing up on us. then this guy comes along, what at least promises to be pretty schedule storm system if you plan to travel maybe out toward chicago o'hare, go visit family for the holiday, but fizzling by the time it reaches us. while we might see evening shower wednesday, overall good travel day. thursday, probably a few spotty showers, but that's really it. and "black friday" right now meisha looking good if you want to go shopping. >> i'll be there, katie, i don't miss "black friday", i'll tell you that much right now. i'm deal steeler. i tell you. i go out there all day. guys, looking outside right now, so katie thanks so much for bringing up the flights, we will be talking about the airport, keeping an eye on the airports because of how the kinds i conditions are, speaking of, authorities see this camera kind of blowing around. what we've been seeing in effect of this, had couple every downed trees this morning, one of which was really starting to slow us down, now cleared out of the
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way. looking at 95, before girard, pushing in the southbound direction looking good. maybe starting to pick up just ever so slightly on this monday morning, still early in the 5:00 hour, we know interstate 95 will get very busy specially because of the conditions today. so, i would advise to just give couple of extra minutes on your commute because it is still windy. new jersey 42 northbound creek road, if you take this approaching 295, what you are looking at, sea of headlights at this point, than is where we had another downed tree, schuylkill, now since cleared, we are starting to pick up little bit right now. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. and now, for look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> the news journal, new castle county employees, 1400 of them, are in line for pay raises, each of the next three years. that includes police officers, workers, salaries, will rise by nearly 6%, costing the county about $5.5 million. that's in addition to improved holiday pay and time off. >> from the burlington county tomes, medford township
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council has receipted an agreement with affordable housing advocate, several developers, that satisfied the municipality low income housing requirement for most of the next decade. the plan which is subject to superior court approval calls for 298 affordable units by 2025. >> from the intelligence ers, holiday shopping season kick offer sunday in downtown hatboro annual parade, for the business stick zero district. annual all traction attract hundreds, and marks the official beginning to the winter and christmas holiday season. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. all right, brace yourselves. pat gallen back to shows you how the eagles zero or at least one every them dropped the ball in their makes against the seahawks. >> their is one who had a worse day, technician in the wrong place at the wrong time. oh. stick around.
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>> i'm sorry the eagles didn't win, but i will cash in on that bet. anyway, this goes without saying, the eagles have taught condition done the mistakes and penalties. i'm not the only one saying that of the quarterback carson wentz thinks the same thing, one of the most aggregious mistakes yesterday's game cost the birds a touchdown. birds down 13-seven, wentz, hits tight heads zach ertz, he's got blockers, and he's gone. that's 57-yard, no, it is not. because the they are a bringing it back. flag on the play. wide receiver nelson agholor called for lining up in an illegal formation. receivers coach greg lewis, not happy. egg eagles fans on social media not happy either. agholor who had another huge drop, right there, has been
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dot right awful. he said he's trying too hard. >> in my own head, you know, trying so hard to think about being perfect, and when missed cues were there, and they were exposed and i let it just eat at me. i need to continue to work better, you know, let things go, just play hard, practicing hard for one, you know, and let what i practice and investments i make in practice translates to sundays. >> to minnesota, vikings storm the tunnel and run over fox sports sounds man. bernie, who with a blast bid defensive tackle joseph, six-four, 330 pounds, fortunately, bernie was okay. >> that's like getting hit by a truck. >> just brutal. >> our cameraman was run over by matthews in week one, he's okay, as well, in case you're wondering, the vikings beat the cardinals. that's brutal. that poor guy. >> i feel like we're always
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remember kyle, that will always be his claim to fame. >> carson wentz's. >> stay out of the way of 300-pound men. >> that's true. >> thanks, patrick. >> breaking news will talk the next half hour of "eyewitness news", several houses on fire in woodbury, new jersey, we'll bring you up-to-date on what happened. >> new jersey governor chris christie meets with president-elect donald trump. will he be part of the next administration? we'll tell you. katie? >> and, jim, it is the weekends watch on a monday morning. looking ahead already, to the weekends, what promises at least at this point to be no where near as windy, nor as cold, but, we are expecting to see some sunshine for the most part. and seasonable chill in the air. so, coming up after the break, we will walk you through the very blustery forecast, what promises to be pretty bad hair day. stay there, coming right back.
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good morning, here is the morning minute. you are looking live at a wind fueled fire in woodbury gloucester county. at this point we know at least three people were make end to the hospital. >> barricade situation just in
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port richmond. police called to the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue. just after 12:00 this morning over a man possibly armed with a gun. >> most family would be celebrating the holidays. will be burying one of its own. >> manhunt is underway in texas. >> that's after san antonio police officer shot and killed in a ambush. sparks and smoke coming from inside of the box. >> toys "r" us is pulling a tonka truck off the shelves after washington state couple says one of them caught fire. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's bruno mars of course bringing some magic to the 2016 american music awards. >> we'll have more highlights from the ama's coming up later on in the show. first, let's get out to katie.


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