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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this noon, huge fires destroy several homes in two new jersey communities, and firefighters battle more than just flames. frigid temperatures, high winds, made it tough night for emergency crews, good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim con van. our anita oh, live in trenton where firefighters battled a huge fire for several hours. good afternoon, anita.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, jim, rahel. we know three people including a firefighter were hurt in this blaze, although we don't know what the extent of the injuries are, at this time, as you can see behind me, there is extensive damage to these row homes. you can smell the smoke still lingering in the air. and fire officials say all nine row homes here are a complete lost. >> i woke up, and i'm like i went to my window, then i saw the fire, and there was explosion. >> days before the thanksgiving holiday, dozen of people in trenton lost their homes to a six alarm fire. >> i lost everything. >> trenton firefighters continued to hose down the charred remains weinberg place around 3:00 monday morning. >> downed wires, and whipping winds, complicated fire fighting effort. more than four hours to get the flames under control. >> they should not continue the fire fighting efforts, because of the downed wires, compromising firefighters
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safety. >> blaze caused five homes to completely collapse. four more are so damaged that no one will be able to live inside. three cars also complete lost. >> nothing to go back to. nothing. >> again, extensive damage to these row homes, here, although, the four across the street are okay. displaced neighbors have been taken elsewhere by public transit buses, the red cross is helping them, at this time, no word on what sparked this blaze. live in trenton, this afternoon, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. another 50 in the hospital after another fire this one in woodbury gloucester county was also driven by high winds. the flames went through group home before 4:00 this morning, the home collapsed from the damage and fire spread to two adjacent homes and two cars, wind also blew down wires, and the winds did not make it easy fight. >> it was a wind driven fire, worried about the houses east side of the street, heavy
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embers blowing, no additional exposure involved on that side. very dangerous. >> right now the conditions of the six people injured in the fire are unknown. >> well, as we mentioned, winds played a big role, complicating the fire fighting efforts in both woodbury and trenton, but whether will it ease up? meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the skydeck where it is a cold and blustery start to the week, katy? >> very much so, jim, right on cue, that winds picks up. but we are going to have to deal with it looks like at least through tonight and into tomorrow, as well. the good news, along with that, is that at least it will be easing up little bit. but, it is far from total relief here. even through the entirety of tomorrow. so, with that said, let me show you very quickly what's going on on storm scan. now, we did have very substantial storm system, that has continued to rotate away from our area. but, you know, even though for the most part the precipitation is done and long gone from our area, still left with this very tight pressure gradient, that has set up, and in short allows for the wind tunnel effect to pick up. so even see light lake effect snow falling across portions
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of the northeastern pa. as far as delaware valley is concerned, though, basically out of the woods. left with lingering clouds, also mentioned that winds advisory, jim, here it is, posted until 7:00 this evening, not just for delaware valley but really even far exceeding all the way into central pa, northeastern pa, long island, up toward new england. so this is a far reaching wind advisory, and at the moment, we have seen winds speeds generally just sustained into the 20's, almost region wide. higher gusts with, that but making it feel a heck of a lot colder, than the thermometer reads. so you see that a lot of mid 30's, how it feels at best right now, and that's the gauge i would rather have you use when you walk out the door. basically could you just knock 10 degrees off the actual air temperature at any point the rest of the day, but technically we expect to hit 45 degrees in philadelphia, slightly better down the shore, but, even though it is not the completely the most atypical thing for us to see this time of year, it certainly has been awhile. so it will hit you that much harder, guys, back into you. >> katie, thank you. >> and delaware county the
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mayor of upland has been charged with driving under the influence. authorities say michael rearended a car in chester, then struck two other vehicles before running off on foot. authorities say they arrested him after he was found wandering the streets of chester, they also say they found a gun in his car. he has not commented and has been released on his own recognisance. >> four police officers and three states were shot in a wave of unrelated attacks around the country targeting law enforcement. most of the suspects were killed, or are in custody. but as omar villafranca reports, massive manhunt is underway in san antonio, texas. >> i've got officer down, going to headquarters. >> i need ems right now. >> that called for help, moments after san antonio detectives benjamin marconi was shot. police have released a photo of this man, entering a building, who they believe may have more information about the shooting. >> we consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous. and clear threat to law
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enforcement officers and the public. >> police chief william mcmannus says detective marconi pulled over a driver in front of police headquarters just before noon. that's when the suspect parked his vehicles behind marconi's patrol car, and approached the driver side window where marconi was sitting. the suspect allegedly shot marconi twice in the head, before running back to his vehicle driving off through the headquarters south parking lot. >> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer, the police officer sitting in his cartels me that he's the ultimate coward. >> mark cone i was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> nobody has a bad word to say about ed marconi. >> police say surveillance footage captured this black sedan speeding away from the scene. >> all officers be on the look-out. use extreme caution. >> police don't believe the suspect had any relationship to the original driver who was pulled over. so far, no motive has been identified.
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omar villafranca, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". pope francis says catholic priests can continue to forgive abortions without taking the matter to a bishop. pontiff made the announcement in a letter on monday, in 2015, you may recall, pope francis declared a year of mercer and gave priests special permission to on solve abortions there is new a knowledgesment extends that permission indefinately. pope francis said the church still maintains that abortion is a grave sin. and afghanistan suicide bomber has killed at least 28 people inside a shiite mossing in kobul. video just into "eyewitness news", after began police say the bomber walked in and detonated explosives during a prayer ceremony, no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. president-elect donald trump is back in new york city today to meet with more potential members every his cabinet. trump hosed several contenders over the weekends including 2012 republican nominee mitt romney. correspondent kenneth craig has the latest on the transition team from outside
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trump tower. >> former massachusetts senator, scott brown, was among the latest potential job seekers to meet with president-elect donald trump in trump tower today. former texas governor, and one time gop rival, rick kerry, is also expected to meet with mr. trump. over the weekends, mr. trump posted other high profile republicans at his golf course in new jersey. among them, new jersey governor, chris christie, and 2012gop nominee, mitt romney, who is also being considered for secretary every state. >> there was a mutual respect, and i said a productive conversation. >> among the top contender, billionaire investor wilbur ross for secretary of commerce, former goldman sachs executive steve for secretary of the treasury. aids believe these highly publicized meetings here at trump tower and in new jersey proof the president-elect is trying to be transparent during this process. but some critics say transparency isn't the problem with mr. trump's announcement,
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differ ers at this. >> mom americans have concerns about the administration, from the get go, the way it was prosecuted, and looking at the current err ray of choices, it is a very mono crow malt i can group. >> trump spokeswoman says trump administration will be filled with people of all backgrounds, including women. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meantime, president obama is now back in the u.s. after his last trip before leaving overs. the president use ooh dollars his trip to encourage allies to give president-elect donald trump a stance. it is customary for out goes presidents to step aside to let you knew administration govern, but the outgoing president said he reserves the right to speak out if he sees violations of american ideals. >> well, a sign of the seasons coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> some new york, woke up this morning to find, yes, that stuff, snow covering the roads, where they are dealing with more than a foot. >> and why you should always look both ways when you are on an nfl football field.
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see what happens whether we push the play button just
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welcome back everyone, the eagles have a couple of extra days this week, to figure out what's going wrong with their season. >> a loft issues, jim, they have a lot of issues, including, drop passes and penalties, both of which contributed to another lost on the road. the back page of the daily news summed it upper expectly. after wide receiver nelson agholor had another miserable game, eagles fan say they've had it. now the eagles did actually have the lead after carson wentz touchdown to zach ertz.
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after that, seahawks took control. russell wilson through for one touchdown then actually caught a touchdown pass himself. seahawks beat the eagles, 26 to 15. >> we'll gather chance to evaluate this game, and make the necessary adjustments, we've got some time coming up this week. and you know we just got to, myself included, just got to get better. >> it is frustrating at the same time it is the game of football. there will be mistakes, but we have got to learn from them. >> some of those mistakes, touchdown pass from carson wentz to zach ertz was called because receiver nelson agholor was lined up off the line of village. nelson got tearful from coach graying lewis, agholor also dropped a pass right in his hands, fans whim him held accountable. i got to blaming a already. a lot of drops. he has a penalty on the zach ertz touchdown. so, he was a real killer today. >> trade him as soon as possible. out of here, get him out of here, he's horrible.
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>> oh, always a nice bun. coach pederson and the staff will see what's up with darren sproles and ryan mathews both injured in yesterday's game. now live look at the nova care complex in south philly, for coach peterson is meeting the media for his day after press conference. let's listen. >> whether they are drafted or un drafted, you know, the pressure to play, i guess; right now. you know? back when i played, it was more let's develop these players, you know? and you got time. where now, okay, you know, what have you done for me lately men al at this. -- mentality. we expect a lot from neice young players. and it is probably dis justice on our part. maybe we need to take a step back as coaches and say hey, look, let's keep developing these guys, let's keep working. let's try to figure outweighs to use them, number one, and to help them be successful on the football field. how much like our young quarterback. >> by the way the birds play the greenbay packers a week from tonight in prime time.
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well, man from the sports crew waking up little bruised today. >> he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. take a look. yesterday minnesota the vikings down the tunnel, ran the poor man right over. bernie was run over by six-four, 330-pound defensive lineman, benny is okay, this morning, he stayed on duty until the end of the game. >> i still think he gets wacked, and then he just looks behind him and goes oh, i just hit that guy. but i got to keep ongoing, i got a game to play. >> stay out of the way. >> well, 50,000 gallons evergreen paint, 2 million square miles of surface, and heights close to 400 feet. >> and there is dangerous lead paint involved. talking about the ongoing $57 million paint project on the walt whitman bridge. only cbs-3 joe holden was granted the behind the scenes access to see what workers face. >> it is not -- it is something that we've been doing for years, the guys are used to it, they're paid well.
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>> don't miss our special look at one of philadelphia's most visible landmarks, and one question many of us were wondering, what's the story behind the green paint? we'll tell you tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this noon: celebrating rocky's big anniversary. >> see what happens when the "eyewitness news" team races each other to the top of the art museum steps to mark the movie's 40th year. it is not pretty, katie, i'm say so myself. what do you say? >> i wouldn't say it is beautiful either. folks, we wait on that gem of video right there, we've got your weekend outlook here, it is seasonably cool. looking all the way ahead to this upcoming weekends, good shopping weather overall, watching at least the potential after shower, especially on saturday, but up until that point got a holiday forecast to get to you. we'll make sure we bring that to you on the other side. stick around.
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>> frab or in syracuse woke up to snow covered roads, dump up to 18 inches of snow there, and in other parts of up-state new york many schools in central new york and western massachusetts had to cancel classes today. >> ann just don't feel like 18 inches of snow that part of new york, yes. >> that's a flurry. >> pretty much. i mean, that is your typical snow belt if i ever saw it, right there. >> we were saying, though, too, you know, the fact it got so cold here, not like we've never experience philadelphia before. remember the polar vortex winter? >> but we were teased with the 07 degrees days. >> but do you have deal with
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the reality of the situation, granted cooler than average, but not like we've never seen this before. so, tis the season. >> couple of extra winter weather accessories, scarf at minimum, i would say, hole onto your heart, because that win it means business. now let me take you out to snowy scene of my own here, out to the pocono camera there is one specifically, up at camelback. yes, they are starting to make some snow up this way. so ski lovers are rejoicing in this. it looks like we are going to keep the chill in place at least for the next couple every days for them to continue to make some snow. no real storm systems headed our way in the next few days, to hinder those operations. outside palmyra coat nature pack, in and out of the cloud cover, throughout the last couple of minutes, i've seen this camera, shaking around, when the gusts come up. now, right now, it is pretty light wind. trust me that's not how it will stay through the rest of the day actual air temperature at 42 at the location, factor
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in the wind, not 10 degrees -- knock 10 degrees off, that's how it feels. storm system in question. more than anything, this is lake enhanced snowfall. obviously coming in very well off the lake ontario, especially, but we had pretty good lake effect snow off lake erie, as women. that's going to continue to pull away. high pressure takes place, i show you the wide zoom, worth a mention, the combination of storm system out west. that's going to pull across the us, cause some travel delays, i would think, tuesday, wednesday, for anyone traveling toward the center of the country for upcoming things giving zero giving plans, but we are going to see some of the wet weather come thanksgiving itself. here is the area of low pressure we were talking about, why is it still so windy? because you get that pressure gradient. even though the storm itself is pulling away, you're doing battle between high and low pressure, it sets up what i like call the winds tunnel effect. because you have the very tight iso bars helping you kick the winds up. kinds of like walking between the sky scrape nerves center city philadelphia, just always ends up being more winds any those spots. that's the effect going on herement look at the current
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winds speeds, up to the 20's with ease in atlantic city, 43 currently in philadelphia with west-northwest wind flow, and gusts currently flirting with 40 miles per hour, so, very, very blustery. that's the bottom line. ever so slightly begins to ease up tonight into tomorrow. but i still think you can see some gusts into the two's with no problems tomorrow. so justin to bundle up. just kind of the bottom line here. meanwhile every passing day starts to tack few additional degrees on for high. wednesday, busy travel day. we know looks pretty good high thursday, other than some spotty showers, not look too long bad for thanksgiving, just little damp, "black friday", not bad at all. fifty-five, with some sunshine. guys, back to you. >> all right, katie, thank you. coming up: the "eyewitness news" team re creates movie classic. coming up next.
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>> holiday slopping is about to go into overdrive, that means parked parking lots, people racing to find spaces. coming up at 5:00 alarming new information about how many accidents happen in parking lots and the shocking things that drivers think they can get away with behind the wheel while at a parking lot. well, everyone knows that rocky is synonymous with philadelphia. >> and the first movie featuring the philly icon is turning 40 years old today. >> i got this. >> i got this. got this. got this. >> i don't -- cheese steak? >> so naturally, seemed like a great idea to celebrate the
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rocky run, after all, the move did i win the oscars, now i have to say, some of us did better going up the steps than others, but then again, jim donovan, some of us are in better shape. >> well, not only that, meisha is running and her shoe falls offer. i mean it was like the lands every miss fit to its, even the tourists looking at us, who are these people. >> to be clear, in case you cannot absolutely find that video, i won. >> it was a tie. >> ya. >> twice me misjudged where it ended. >> we did it twice, both misjudged. >> not like any of us are from here. >> yes, should totally know better. >> oh, well, 40 years, we'll do it another 40 years from now, we will be 90. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, thanks for watching. >> i'm only going to be 30, i don't know about you, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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>> mariah: what was that? >> sharon: mariah, you don't understand. >> mariah: i'm pretty sure i do. you just unloaded on dylan for taking faith to nick's. and i'm trying to figure out when you decided that your husband, faith's stepfather, was the enemy. >> sharon: faith belongs here with me. it is not her decision where she gets to stay, nor is it dylan's. that's up to me, and it's up to nicholas. >> mariah: dylan was just trying to give faith what she asked for, which i feel the need to point out at this particular moment he was able to do because he was here -- with you. he hasn't run off and bailed like most people would after what you did. >> sharon: well, i'm sure he had the best of intentions, but he still had no right. >> mariah: he always has the best of intentions because he would do anything for you and


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