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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in some spots there, north of us, but we're getting in on the wind around back edge of the system. here's your wind advisory for vast majority of the area not including the shore, extreme southern delaware, but from philadelphia point on north, burlington county, this goes until 7:00 p.m. next two hours. that doesn't mean we shut off wind machine in two hours. the it means it will gradually die down overnight and into tomorrow. looking at peak wind gusts to day look at this corridor of wind south of philadelphia, and, 44 miles an hour in reading. lancaster to 48 miles an hour today. it feels like 16 and sub freezing in philadelphia, and, even though temperatures are
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in the low 40's. we will tell you when wind machine do shut off, we will talk about why it has been so windy and what the weather looks like for your thanksgiving holiday. for now, back to you. high wind and freezing temperatures made it tough for emergency crews fighting a fire in trenton. a row home caught fire around 4:00ah and spread quickly, and authorities did what they could to control the flames as the fire quickly reached six alarms. and it all started on weinberg place and authorities are still trying to figure out what happened. anita oh joins trust trenton, with who authorities are investigating, anita. >> reporter: crew where is able to turn the power back on for homes and businessness this area not too long as. although gas lines are still cut off, we do know that two people were hurt in this fire but that instead of their injuries, it is not known at this time. you can see behind me is there a sense of damage to these, row homes, 15 hours after this blaze began, crews remaining here hosing down what is left,
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of these row homes, but we're told it is all a complete loss. >> and it is a bond fire. >> and at three monday morning, just a clothes on their back. >> i went through the back door and started screaming. >> reporter: tossens of neighbors on weinberg place scrambled to escape the six alarm fire that would consume, and gut their homes, beyond recognition. >> i lost everything. >> reporter: just days before the thanksgiving day holiday three cars and all nine row homes on this block are torched. five fully collapsed, other are so damage they will have to be torn down. >> everything is gone, everything. >> reporter: the frigid temperatures and whipping wind made bat telling blaze a four hour task, but the bigger challenge that have gating live down wires. >> they continued the fire fighting efforts the because of the down wires, because it was compromising fire fighter safety. >> reporter: fire fighters hosed town charred remains of the whole city block, some
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neighbors carried plastic bags of donated clothe to go stay with friend and family. >> we have to start all over again. >> reporter: now again you can see just how charred this building is, and, although it is still standing right now this is going to have to be demolished. i just spoke with a red cross, and they say they helped 29 people so far hoff been displaced by this fire. we're also told by several neighbors, that there were multiple squatters at the end of this block who often smoked cigarettes but fire crews say it is in the yet clear what sparked this blaze. live from trenton, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". let's go to the south, fire fighters battled same high wind in woodbury gloucester county when a fire ter through a group home injuring seven people, four critically. fire broke out on the boulevard, just before four or 5:00 this morning. home collapsed about five minutes after fire fighters got there. the flames, spread through two adjacent homes and jumped through a couple cars. wind also moved out power
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lines slowing down response, and frustrating woodbury fire chief. >> real problem, and could not get out here to shut problem off. typical problem in this area. >> authorities tell eye witt the necessary news victims were transported to the medical center and coupe are hospital. in delaware county mayor of the up land has been charged with driving under the influence. authorities say that michael ciach rear ended a car in chester and then struck one other vehicles before fleeing on foot. authorities say they arrested ciach after he was found, wondering the streets of chester, they say a gun was found in his car. mayor size ago has not commented but he has been released on his own recognizance. president-elect donald trump is back in new york city meeting with more potential candidates for his cabinet. trump hosted several contenders over the weekend in new jersey, including 2012 republican nominee mitt romney. >> the gold elevator doors at trump tower opened to a steady stream of high profile candidates, being considered for president-elect donald
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trump's administration. among them, former massachusetts senator, and army national guard members, scott brown, and potential choice for secretary of veterans affairs. >> he is obviously going to take my application, or interest, under consideration, i'm glad that he called, and he will obviously meet other folks and we should know, probably after thanksgiving. >> reporter: republican oklahoma governor mary fallon also met with president-elect trump as a possible pick for interior secretary. >> we discussed a wide range of issues and his plan, agenda for america and how i might be able to help. >> reporter: mr. trump is considering former texas governor rick perry for the same position. over the weekend mr. trump hosted other high profile republicans at his golf course in new jersey. he met with new jersey governor chris christie, and, 2012 g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney, a contender for secretary of state. the transition team has about 4,000 federal jobs to fill, before inauguration day, and trump takes the oath of office
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in 60 days. the president-elect also met today with anchors and executives from major media outlets. tomorrow he will head to florida for a thanksgiving holiday. one of the president-elect trump's latest war of words is focused on the cast of the hit musical hamilton. he called the show's statement to vice-president elect mike pence a harassment and deand manning an apology after victor dixon delivered message during a weekend production appeared on cbs this morning and said cast and crew agreed they needed to send a message and there is nothing to apologize for. >> the resonant nature of the show demands that we make statements when there are important issues i think facing us as a community. we wanted to stand up, and spread message of love, and of unity considering all of the emotional outbursts since the election. >> pence responded object face the nation and said he was not offended by what was said and in the meantime dixon invited president and vice-president elect backstage to meet with the cast. he said, their goal, to bring people together. good news traveling for
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thanksgiving, gas prices are down. average price of regular gas, has fallen national thely, to 2.20 per gallon a drop of six cents over past two weeks. the industry analyst predict prices will continue to fall until a meeting of oil producing nations later this month leads to a critical agreement to freeze or reduce production. now, according to triple a in pennsylvania the gas average is at 2.37, down three cents in the last week. and in new jersey, it is 2.21 dallas per gallon and down four cents since last week. and in the state of delaware average price is 2.11, down one cent in the last week. if you are flying to chicago's o'hare international airport over the holidays a strike will not disrupt your travel. 500 o'hare workers will wait until next tuesday to begin striking. those workers and thousands of workers nationwide are demanding a $15 minimum wage. >> my aunt, grandmother also work at o'hare, all three of us make minimum wage and we are tired of making ends meet
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and no health benefits. i was injured on the job and i have to pay most of my treatment out of my pocket. united and other airlines need to take responsibility, and give us new wage to raise our families and our neighborhood. >> o'hare is nation's second busiest airport. it was a tough day for the eagles in the seattle. the seahawks showed the bird why they are really one of the elite teams in the league. >> sports director don bell joins us now. one of the stories was the loss was the play of nelson agholor. >> story we will be watching until they play a week from tonight, monday night football against green bay at the link. two reasons why nelson ago hall horace all of the talk he is hurting more than helping and it is painfully honest comments after their loss to seattle. let's recap last 24 hours. in the second quarter, wide receiver coach, greg lewis gave agholor a mouthful after former first round pick lined up wrong and cost the team a touchdown. here it is, talk right there,
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after that play you got wide open pass from carson wentz. first, lets hear from agholor after the game and then hear from head coach doug pederson what he had to say today. >> i am resting so much, worried about so much, i go out there and catch the ball, because i'm thinking too much. >> those are definitely concerns that i have, now that obviously he has come out and said that publicly. my concern is for him as an individual, you know, and i want to make sure he is in a good spot. >> now pederson plans to speak with agholor this week. after that conversation head coach will decide how he will move forward. agholor could face reduced time or even worse, he could be benched. the guy, top prospect from 2015a lot of expectation for him. he has not reached that level of expectation, not enclose. >> only thing he is catching
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now. >> the fans are, beyond upset, at his play right now. >> we will see what happens. >> thanks, don, appreciate it. man who served 48 years behind bars has been trying to change his life. the prison officials have been trying to get his sentence commuted. >> now he finally gets his chance at freedom, that story at 5:30. and a manhunt for the suspect who police say ambushed one of their own, you'll be shock at what the alleged gunman is doing in this video. and disturbing surveillance video out of control police car goes crashing in the kids on the street corner, we will tell what you led to that scene. and not too far away, there it is, snow, find out areas that are getting a wake up call from mother nature, we will
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four people on the island in the mid of the night. two men and women were found stranded around 2:40 a.m.,
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and, and, authorities could not reach them by choppers, and, more than 100 rescue personnel help get them to safety. before they were transients they were cold, and in their condition. southwestern michigan, several truck drivers, stopped to rescue a fellow driver after his gasoline tanker, truck, crashed and burned, authorities say that this happened around 3:15 this morning, in the south haven michigan area on i196. emergency crews took those photos, and rescue driver was taken to a hospital, his condition was unknown. well, know is the northeast, as we gear up for busiest travel season of the year. after a beautiful, warm saturday, a winter storm swept this to the eastern states. by this morning, parts of the upstate, new york and new england had more than 15 inches of snow, even though northern new jersey had over 6 . 40 million americans are expected to hit the roads, thanksgiving weekend. oh, boy. >> look at that.
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>> yes. >> kate bilo joins us and everybody is going, we have weather whiplash. >> yes, how warm it is. >> yes, boom. >> yes, cold. >> nothing like being outside from saturday afternoon to late saturday night. >> i saw sleet and snow. >> i saw snow in my yard. >> crazy wind too. >> after the snow moved out, certainly the wind has been a issue since saturday night. all day sunday and all day to day. it is just like winter just flipped a switch, and it is here. just like winter just it will start to go back more towards seasonal. we should be in the 50's this time of the year and that is where we will head for thanksgiving holiday. a gradual improvement, we will call it, as we head through the next couple of days. here's a look outside right now. poconos loving this weather. the lights are on, jack frost big boulder and they are making snow. mother nature made its own snow, this weekend, parts of the poconos did pretty well, some spots over 6 inches of snow. you can see snow machines are going, temperatures are sub freezing, and the resorts are really using this to get some fresh powder on the slopes, maybe for thanksgiving skiers
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and into the month of december. we have had so much warm weather, early in the winter season last year that the struggled to make the snow. now, enjoying it while it is here. a beautiful shot from our live neighborhood network at palmyra cove nature park, the sunnies down and for next month or so, the days continue to get shorter as we head toward that winter, solstice, but you can see we have got some beautiful light in the sky still, and it is 38 degrees. wind at 11 miles an hour sustained in palmyra. good news we're missing out on the heavy snow. that ace cross i81, new york state throughway very heavy snow from the watertown to syracuse. that corridor we are seeing snow wrapping around back edge of the storm system but it is getting enhancement from lake ontario where it the is dumping down wind of the lakes here some spots with over a foot of snow. this will gradually move out and as it does pressure gradient will weaken and it will start to see it diminishing of the winds as storm gradually pull is a way. temperatures right now very cold for this time of the year.
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it is only 41 in philadelphia. thirty-seven in reading. thirty in mount pocono. thirty-eight in allentown. wind, gusting right now, still over 40 miles an hour in lancaster. the current wind gusts, 36 miles an hour, and 33 miles an hour wind in mount pocono, blowing those, snow flakes around, up in the poconos, ski resorts. why sit so windy? that storm off to the north. you can see look at how tightly packed these bars are, very tight pressure gradient, that is what you look for high pressure building in behind the low creating that tunnel, almost, and winds kind of narrowly passing through that tunnel that causes wind speeds to really accelerate and that is what is causing the wind and still windy tonight the with gusts to 35 miles an hour. tomorrow morning gusts to 30 miles an hour, tomorrow afternoon the gusts finally back off a little bit but still windy, 25 miles an hour gusts. it is dry, tomorrow, it is dry on wednesday, as well. good news for travelers, you can see a few clouds increasing by the afternoon. coming up we will talk about thanksgiving and these showers approached, you will sees a
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little bit of wet weather for your thanksgiving holiday. tonight, temperatures partly cloudy, windy, cold, 34 degrees for the low. tomorrow, breezy, chilly, not as windy or as cold as today. it is an improvement. still blustery, still chilly, 48 degrees. we should be in the the 50's and then it starts to moderate a little bit g news for travelers on wednesday, not as windy, we won't see major flight delays. thanksgiving day, we will see some cloud, building in, still cool, and the chance for a couple of showers, will time those out more precisely next half an hour. >> all right, we will see you then. >> kate, thank you. the police department and williamstown middle school students held the 30th annual, builder's club turkey drive, "eyewitness news" was there as they honored teacher patricia gramble who ill retire at the end of the school year. she started builders club three decades ago as a way to complete community projects for those in need. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney is joining on the thanksgiving celebration, at tilt on middle school in southwest philadelphia today. he joined in on the the first
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annual community thanks forgiving day. it is one of the cities first community schools. well, they want to talk the talk they want to walk to walk. >> eagles practicing what they preach wye teaching kids about exercise and nutrition, and what they learned, and, how are vittoria woodill was in that work out in the next half an hour, don. man lives out his dream, why is this guy being celebrated, it is the ultimate senior is day, we will explain, coming up
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. is it is tonight at 6:00 the magic wand, that makes wrinkles disappear, you have seen the before and after photos. at 6:00 see the fast and easy procedure, that is helping one another. and the philadelphia eagles, teamed up, with a local donor and manna. >> they delivered pies to mastery charter school and our photographer tommy gardener followed along.
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>> thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. we're just out here at elementary school passing out a few pies. is there a won much of classrooms. >> we're a firm believer in what manna does for people. >> pie or cake. >> cake. >> okay. >> kids are going crazy, going wild. >> when you see what manna does for people our it is very heart warming. >> just out here, the time of giving, and we're out here, and just out in the community, giving back. >> fly eagles fly. >> you can just feel it. their spirits, you know, it is high. watching a lot of eagles football. >> really makes you aware of how lucky you are, when you do this. >> fly eagles fly. >> for a god to put me in this position today and able to use
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my platform in many ways, and to help out, many people in need. >> fly eagles fly. fly eagles fly. >> they got the cheer down. >> they did. >> fly eagles down. >> tommy g, thank you. >> rodney mccloud, late night for those guys flying out, getting out in the community and doing some good work in the community. >> that is what it is all about. >> you are back, and now we're talking about this, because this is interesting. a lot of people say i could never do, you know, whatever. >> like me, i say that all the time. >> yes, yes. >> talk about playing sports but it takes it to another level. >> it is never too late to go back to school. we have heard that cliche before. we may want to admit it though. never too late to go back to school and play football. five five-year old joe thomas senior is studying for an engineering degree at south carolina state. while they walked oath football team and on saturday he fulfilled a life long dream when they allowed him to play in the teams 32 to nothing win
5:25 pm
over the opponent on senior day. very appropriate. he had four cares for negative 1 yard. he became oldest player in division one history. >> i could in the explain it. it it was a happy day. it is something i always wanted to do was to play college football. at least i got to play today. thanks to south carolina state. i have been waiting on this dream for 36 years. thank god it happened today. >> they didn't take it easy on them, did they. >> no, they didn't. >> sixers hosting miami tonight, joel embiid is listed as probable. sixers haven't beaten the heat since 204. and check out this story, a charity golf event in sidney, australia, snow boarding, olympic gold medalist, tora bright off the tea, took out a cameraman.
5:26 pm
she says oops, my bad. >> look at this shot. >> yes. >> not enclose. >> cameraman, he is okay. happy to report. >> maybe should stick to snow boarding. >> maybe always get behind the ball. >> if you are shooting it. >> funny, ukee, you play a lot of golf. normally when people line up with the t shot in the professional set ising, they line the t. >> they are a little crozer but you get behind it. >> by the way, did you get brett brown to give me a shot. >> yes. >> let me see what i can do. >> try it. >> they play tonight. not too late. >> no, not the that soon. >> i need ten years to train. coming up in the next half an hour, alarming new information about just how many accidents, happen in parking lots. it is a report you need to hear before you go holiday shopping. also this... >> that day is his brother
5:27 pm
getting a chance at freedom after 48 years behind bars. what he ago established in jalen had prison officials working for his release. we will tell thaw story next. disturbing video as police cruiser flies out of control nearly hitting children on a corner. what the officer was doing right before this
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he saved my life. >> goinggoing to bat for one ofe inmates he used to supervise and that inmate has a chance to be freed. it is all happening because u.s. supreme court ruled juveniles cannot be sentenced to life without parole. news continues at 5:30. good afternoon, i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. ruling effects 300 philadelphians, cherri gregg of kyw news radio talked to one family whose loved one is finally getting a second chance. >> god's grace, mercy that this has happened. >> reporter: heywood jackson
5:31 pm
and his wife, sister, uncles and cousins were overjoyed after a judge vacated life without the parole sentence of heywood fennell, his new sentence is 35 years to life which means, he is immediately eligible for parole. >> he raised me, behind walls. >> reporter: jackson was just two months old when his 17 year-old tatter went to prison. for his part in the 1968 robbery and murder of joseph heyes on this north philadelphia block but after 48 years behind bars, he made amends. >> pray is a lot for the victim first and foremost. >> reporter: young hey wood had tears in his eyes as he listened to how red dog as his father is dog saved lives on the inside. >> he saved my life, yes. saved my life. >> reporter: william covington was a corrections officer at graterford prison who was thrown off a tear and stabbed during an attempted escape during 70's. fennell kept him alive. >> what type of man is he.
5:32 pm
>> astronomical. >> reporter: fennell did everything from fix broken pipes to measure inmates and was so loved that prison officials petitioned harrisburg, nine times, to get his sentence commuted. >> he he saved his life, and now he is saving the family's life, and i'm just grateful i'm there to be for my father after these 48 years. >> reporter: heywood fennell is one of the 300 inmates sentenced to life without parole for crimes they have committed as juveniles. his next step is to go before the state parole board and his hearing is likely to be scheduled within 60 days. in the sat center, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pope francis now says that catholic priests can continue, to forgive abortions without taking the matter to a bishop. the pontiff made that announcement in a letter on monday, in 2015 pope francis declared year of mercy and gave priests special permission to ab solve abortion, this new announcement extend that permission definitely. pope francis says church still
5:33 pm
maintains abortion ace grave sin. a bombing in the afghanistan has claimed lives of more than 30 people. a suicide bomber entered a crowded mosque on the foot and once inside he detonated explosives during the prayer services. after that video from that attack, doesn't fully show the extent of the damage. the reports say, that they are among the dead. at least four police officers were ambushed this weekend in a wave of unrelate add tax, around the country, and in san antonio texas police released surveillance video of the suspect, in the fatal shooting. >> i've got an officer down at headquarters. i need help right the now. >> reporter: that urgent call for help came moments after san antonio detective benjamin marconi was shot and police released video of this man being buzzed in at police headquarters, hours before the incident, and left a short time later. they believe that he is behind the attack.
5:34 pm
>> i think that the uniform, was the target, and anyone who happened, first person to belong, was the person that he targeted. >> reporter: william mcmanus say detective marconi pulled over a driver in front of the police headquarters just before noon when suspect parked his vehicle behind marconi's patrol car and approached driver side window where marconi was sitting. suspect allegedly shot marconi twice in the head before running back to his vehicle and driving off through headquarters, south parking lot. police say surveillance footage captured this black sedan speed ago way from the scene. >> i state here, working with us to progressively investigate this case. and we will continue that, without stop, without fail until this suspect is in custody. >> our officers are on the look out use extreme caution. >> reporter: police do not believe that the suspect had any relationship to the original driver to was pulled over.
5:35 pm
at this point police have not released any information about a possible motive, in the street shooting of the detective. three other officers shot in the line of duty are expected to survive including a st. louis missouri police sergeant shot while sitting in traffic when another car pulled up next to him and shot him twice in the face. and in glad stone missouri another officer was shot during a traffic stop last night. officer is expected to survive, also in santa bell island florida outside fort myers, officer jared chicone was shot in the shoulder while sitting in his car at a traffic stop. allegheny county pennsylvania a close call for a group of children who were nearly hit by an out of control police cruiser and captured on surveillance video. authorities say officer was chasing a suspect when his cruiser was hit the by another vehicle. impact sent the cruiser spinning out of control toward that group of children on the sidewalk. the cruiser just missed it before crashing into a parked van. the officer suffered minor injuries. and still to come on "eyewitness news" holiday
5:36 pm
season means shopping and at packed parking lots. >> we have new information about how many accidents happened, at the shocking things that drivers think they can getaway with behind the wheel in the parking lot. and behind the scenes of the vittoria secret fashion show, one angel show us how she gets in shape and one thing that is never on the menu before the show. kate? well, weekend is almost upon us, nice long weekend, hopefully for you and it looks like great weather saturday and sunday, seasonally cool both days with temperatures in the 50's and it stays dry through the weekend meaning good shopping, and travel weather, we have got black friday sales and travel back from your thanksgiving destination, it looks like heather will be typical for this part of the november and nice with sunshine both days. we will be right
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apple is taking action to help remedy some battery problems, if your apple iphone 6s shuts down, with no warning, apple is, offering free replacement batteries for some phones made between september and october 2015. this just a week after a consumer watch group in china started investigating the issue. apple says it will replace batteries worldwide and that the defunct devices are not a safety issue. salvation army philadelphia's chapter is gearing up for thanksgiving, by cooking as part of the thanksgiving to go event it will prepare meals for about a thousand families. that includes, 2500-pound of turkey and thousands of pound an inside dishes. they will receive their meals thanksgiving day. >> isn't that great. >> that looks good. >> we have turkey. >> come on. >> up next, a movie that is totally philly turns 40. be right
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as we head in the holiday season more than 137 million americans, plan to go shopping between wednesday, and monday, accord together national retail federation. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on how dangerous crowded mall parking lots can be dangerous this time of the year. >> it is crazy. >> crazy out there. >> people are nuts, really. >> reporter: doctors say holiday season can be hazardous in parking lots, one report said up to two thirds of drivers may be distract as they look for a parking place and insurance industry says that one out of every five accidents, happen, in a parking lot. video captured the moment that a speeding driver struck a mother pushing her 15 month-old baby stroll inner dallas back in october. twenty-four year-old maria cruz gonzales cortez died, her baby survived. wisconsin police released this video of the driver who lost control of his vehicle slamming into nine cars, before coming to a stop, amazingly, in one was seriously injured. but the national safety
5:45 pm
council found that on average 60,000 people are injured and 500 or more die in the 50,000 plus crashes in parking lots and garages, every year. >> it is just as dangerous to be distracted in a parking lot, going 5 miles an hour, as it is to be going 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: deborah hersman runs the national safety council. >> people have their head down, they are in their phones whether they are behind the wheel or pedestrians, there is just a lot of inattention out there. >> reporter: recent survey found 66 percent felt uncomfortable making calls driving in the parking lot, more than half would text, roughly half were okay with sending e-mails, using social media, taking pictures or watching videos. 42 percent said, they would video chat. on average every year, 51 people die in accidents where a carries backing up in the parking lot. so experts say it is really important to take a few extra seconds as the driver to
5:46 pm
double-check behind you, or use that backup camera if you have would be in your car before you you start moving. doctors say that advice is more important then ever, during this busy, gift buying season and it certainly could save a life. warning going to drivers. in parking lot walking around. >> pay attention. >> do be mindful, don't be looking at your phone or talking on the phone. >> asking for a open spot too, wow, sometimes. >> good stuff. >> be careful out there. rocky turns 40, and it has never looked better. sylvester stallone's owed to philadelphia hit the big screen, september 21st, 1976. it cost a million-dollar to make and it went onto gross 225 million-dollar. it won three oscars including best picture and probably best men for stallone's memorable run up art museum steps. perfect way for our morning team to celebrate. >> i got this. >> i got this. >> got this. >> got this. >> i don't sweat it, i'm
5:47 pm
eating a cheese stake. >> some morning crew did better up the steps then others but some are better shape then others. >> wow. >> donovan down. donovan down. >> some are probably younger then others but that is it, great job. it looks like a tie between katie and rahel. >> meisha lost her shoes. >> meisha running in flats. >> yes. >> we have to find her sneakers. >> jim, oxygen, oxygen. >> eating a cheese stake instead of stretching. >> cramp and you fall. >> no pain, no gain, but come on, jill. >> exactly. >> wind was not blowing too much out there but it was blowing. >> i felt it, yes. >> i talked to a friend of mine who ran a philadelphia marathon yesterday and she said the wind just in your face was like today i could barely walk down the sidewalk in the city. you got that strong wind coming through buildings. if the wind is in your face you will in the go any where any time soon. very slow go out the side.
5:48 pm
at least we're not dealing with the snow they are seeing off to the north of us and good news we have got temperatures maryland rating through thanksgiving day holiday. here's outside right now, out to the roof cam, it is pitch dark outside, and we are not even toward the shortest day of the year, about a month away but we have earlier sunrise. so we have got that working for us. if you are up early to enjoy the day, nice looking day, and just blustery and cold. i love to see leaves swirl as long as i'm looking outside window of a heated work place or house. you definitely felt the chill. it gets in every crack have of your clothing. so wear gloves, hat, scarves, if you are out tonight. eyewitness weather watchers checking in on this blustery day. 38 degrees. in willingboro. thirty-eight, and he says baby, it is cold. sure is. we have the first line of that christmas tune all ready to go. 36 degrees out toward the main line. checking with christopher, in saint david, 36 degrees there. now the cloud, moon, windy,
5:49 pm
cold. real feel temperature of 26 degrees at his location. heading down toward the border here with delaware we will check with wabe hunter in landingberg at 37 and wayne says looks nice but wind chillies 25. that is 31 miles an hour at his home today. what a beautiful sunset it was. the red sky at night. i hope this red sunset means an end to the wind. we have an end to the wind but it will be a slow progression, wind will die down, very slowly. our wind speed right now in ocean city 20 miles an hour. orland joseph crane at 20. steve johnson in west chester has wind from the west at 16. here's time lapse from today in broadheadsville, i was wand fairing we could catch any snow showers in the pocono region. it doesn't look like they have any today. a few flurries perhaps. it has been cold all day. look at that peak gusts, 39 miles an hour in broadheadsville where it is only 36 degrees. snow missing us to the north. up around mount pocono and points north, up toward
5:50 pm
scranton wilkes barre we have light snow and flurries but as you widen out the worst of it is off to the north in binghamton, syracuse, i81, up toward water town, that is crux of your lake effect area. that is getting to it day lake enhancement really continuing to dumb that snow. your future feels like temperatures overnight at 1:00 s in philadelphia feels like 22 in reading. twenty-one lancaster. twenty-seven in wildwood. tomorrow morning it feels about the same. may even feel warmer, that is by virtue of the wind diminishing slightly overnight but to still wake up tomorrow morning, sending kid to the bus stop, it will feel like the 20's, and not much better in the afternoon feeling like the 30's. the plus to territory conditions continue. we will have ridge of the jet stream coming in as we get into the middle of the week. that is good news for thanksgiving plans. overnight 34 degrees, partly cloudy, windy, cold, 48 tomorrow. dry day. the breezy, chilly and quick look at your thanksgiving planner, i have my turkey walking by window. should be dry in the morning.
5:51 pm
late afternoon two or 3:00 when some showers could roll on through. we will talk about that more at 6:00. chance for a shower thursday but looks great through rest of the holiday weekend, friday, saturday and sunday. new back to you at the desk. vittoria secret angels are spreading their wings and flying to paris for their annual fashion show airing on cbs-3 three insider louie agear joins us from los angeles with more, louie. >> reporter: og angel adrian a lima is taking us inside her runway prep by the numbers. she threw more than 306 punches during her work out a she for our cameras, that made the statement, i am fierce. >> boxing helped me as a woman, how i strong i can be and it is very empowering, in learning like the different combinations, you you know, punches, and every day it is
5:52 pm
something new. >> to get through rough work out adriana eats six meals of day consuming 1800 calories. >> it sound like a lot but after going to the gym, food is energy. >> i knew, it is energy here. no kidding. >> reporter: this will be the 16th victoria secret fashion show she will walk in but who is counting. >> i want to do 20, okay. >> reporter: in just nine days she joins 11 other angels making two outfit changes but there is one thing off the menu. in matter how nervous she gets. >> alcohol is definitely not food but alcohol is definitely off the limits before the show, you don't want to have any of. that after to celebrate yes, but not before. >> thank you. >> and we will have more on this story tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> louie, thanks. watch victoria secret fashion show, on monday, december 5th at 10:00 p.m. here cbs-3 followed by "eyewitness news"
5:53 pm
at 11:00. up next, philadelphia eagles, help kid learn about fitness, nutrition, and the games got a little competitive. >> was that a challenge? what is your name. >> um-hmm, find out if tori accepted the challenge and learn more about the nfl's play 60 campaign
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
5:56 pm
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. day of fit and fun for 150 students and teachers at lincoln financial field. kid had a chance to toss the ball around but they also tossed around a few ideas about helping habits with members of the eagles. >> "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill was there to join in on the the fun. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> lincoln financial field was bus welling kid, ready to win in the game of health. more than 150 middle school students from our area teamed up with the philadelphia eagles, for the fuel up to
5:57 pm
play 60 ram, which featured a lay book of activities throughout the day to i am roof nutrition and exercise awareness, in and out of the classroom. >> do you play softball. >> where did you get that. >> i don't know. >> i did martial arts. >> boom. >> look at that, physical activity, yes. >> it is a mix of thrills and drills, sponsored by nfl and american dare i association of the northeast. >> what, yes. >> on hand to lead the team of students to a healthy victory was a dairy farmer to talk about the importance of milk, registered dietition, and philadelphia eagles safety chris maragos to talk about healthy fueling before school or the big game. >> i do eat a lot of fruits, different things like that, pine apples, strawberries. >> reporter: some kids were already on the right track. >> that is our future right there. >> reporter: like mccain who necessary how to kick my tail in push-ups. it takes healthy eating and a
5:58 pm
great coach. what is trick to doing what you did just there. >> my dad. >> reporter: you must have crazy abs. >> yes. >> wow. >> all right. >> i got a lot of work to do before beach season. >> it was clear before these kids were pumped to learn healthy habits to apply their skills in healthy competition. >> nice job. >> you must drink a lot of milk. >> go. >> i said to him hold on let me smoke this girl and then i will smoke you. then he smoke me. so, fuel up to play 60 is active in american 70,000 schools nationwide, to create healthy school environments. it also encouraging students to raise their hand and say hey, can we get a minor two of activity like stretching, yum pink tracks all to boost their energy which is a great idea. sometimes in the the afternoon you get sleepy after lunch. >> we know how it is. >> yes, indeed. >> yes, plant the seed and watch it grow. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 wind storms
5:59 pm
leave thousands of people in the dark typically but why are we not reporting any power outages tonight? well, what one company is doing to protect when big storms hit, katie. >> it has been a windy, blustery day, wind advisory remains in effect. we will tell you how long that will last? when wind machine shuts down and we will look at that holiday weekend forecast, when we come back. four different police officers in four different cities over weekend ambushed and shot. i'm greg argos at police headquarters with what this means for our cities rank and file. and it is a magic wand, for wrinkles, see the new device that erases wrinkles without surgery, see the before and after pictures, just might blow your mind. "eyewitness news" at 6:00, starts right now. now at 6:00 power protection, what the big burst of wind, we're getting you
6:00 pm
would think there would be a bunch of power outages. it turns out, you can thank powerful new technology for keeping power on. that is your level of protection for when the next big storm hits. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the as we face another winter season peak he says it is installing more power protection to keep the lights on for its customers. joe holden is joining us live from narberth montgomery count which more on thousand this whole system works, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. there are still scattered power outages but peco has been busy, bulking up that power grid day two of the strong how long wind, but for peco, the power grid is becoming increasingly resilient. you may be advised to necessity there are fewer outages on days like today and here's y power companies has been installing what are called reclosers, or smart switches. >> when a tree falls on a branch or when an


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