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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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would think there would be a bunch of power outages. it turns out, you can thank powerful new technology for keeping power on. that is your level of protection for when the next big storm hits. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the as we face another winter season peak he says it is installing more power protection to keep the lights on for its customers. joe holden is joining us live from narberth montgomery count which more on thousand this whole system works, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. there are still scattered power outages but peco has been busy, bulking up that power grid day two of the strong how long wind, but for peco, the power grid is becoming increasingly resilient. you may be advised to necessity there are fewer outages on days like today and here's y power companies has been installing what are called reclosers, or smart switches. >> when a tree falls on a branch or when an animal comes
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in contact with a equipment or when a car hits a pole, this is damage on our system. these reclosers are able to identify where that damage has occurred, isolate that damage and restore customers. >> reporter: another goal, unlike years ago single dedicated line to a neighborhood, the company has invested millions in power delivery, through multiple wires, and substations. >> just last year in 2015 our customers experienced the second best year for system reliability overall, which means they had the second fewest number of outages. >> reporter: peco says customer's power is out for shorter period of time and less frequently. another tool along the grid, installation of super strong cable, that can withstand a heavy tree fall. >> this new wire allows it for the wire to continue to remain in place, intact, and prevent outage from occurring. >> reporter: additionally peco has also installed smart meters so when power does go
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out the company gets a message indicate ago this there is a disruption, however, the company still dozen courage customers, to reach out and lets them know, when the power, is out. we are live tonight in narberth i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and the wind is still whipping around tonight, how much longer are we going to have to hold ton our hats? kate bilo has very latest on wind advisory, kate. >> reporter: here's the system responsible for all this wind, yesterday and today, big storm system centered over eastern canada and new england and it is not moving anywhere very quickly. that cold front went through saturday night and sitting and spinning delivering these strong gusty winds in the back edge. even though wind will die down it will this is just die off. it will be slow diminishing overnight tonight and tomorrow. wind advisory goes until 7:00 o'clock. that does not mean that the wind will shut off but strongest wind over 40 miles an hour gusts, probably not past 7:00 o'clock this evening. but there can be isolated
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40 miles an hour gusts after that. you can see camden, gloucester, burlington counties and points northwest still in that wind advisory for the next hour or so. current sustained wind, still at 20 to 25 miles an hour, right now at the airport 24 miles an hour. 23 miles an hour wind in wilmington. making it feel like no better than 20's out there. and still isolated gusts to 40. coming up we will talk about today's peak wind gusts and we will take a peak at that thanksgiving day forecast and we will let you know as we head back to temperatures in the mid 50's, jessica. in trenton the homes on a single city block burned down all destroyed by a wind driven fire. fire broke out on weinberg place around 3:00 monday morning, it eventually reached six alarms, injuring two people. fire crews had to dodge live electrical wires and heavy wind. fire fighters battled several problems in woodbury gloucester county. fire tore through a group home on court boulevard just before 4:00. the wind blew down power lines there flames spread to two
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adjacent homes and also, went through some cars. seven people were hurt, four of them critically. this weekend's deadly police shootings are a frightening reminder how much danger police officers face every single day. the ambush style attack in texas is reminiscent of the shooting of a philadelphia police officer earlier this year. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us now from police headquarters to see how these are impacting officers here, greg. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. after these attacks and those different cities like you mentioned the philadelphia police department say they are not doubling up on patrols, but they are requiring all of their officers to of course remain extra vigilant. san antonio texas, santa bell, florida, st. louis, missouri and glad stone, missouri, four different cities in less than 24 hours. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: the attack anotherly similar to what happened here nearly 11 months ago, edward archer running toward officer jesse
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hartnett's patrol car and shooting him multiple times in the arm before fleeing. >> i don't know whether it is reckless disregard for authorities, today or whether it is climate that is out there in the political scene. you know, if we had that answer we would be better off hitting the lottery. >> reporter: fraternal order of police president john mcnesby knows all too well dangers of the job. he is raring these baskets for holiday memorial breakfast for families of officers killed in philadelphia in the line of duty. >> when the officers put the uniform on every day and get out on the street they are out there to protect the community. yet they are a moving target for eight hours a day, right here in the city of philadelphia and throughout the country. >> reporter: with governor tom wolf vetoing the delay that would release 30 days of the officers named involved in the police shooting mcnesby worries more attackses like these could happen. >> the investigation, the ink isn't even dry and complete and they are quick to release an officer's name. look around the country. we have officers getting gunned down, ambushed, killed, in the line of duty.
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it gives them a little bit and their families a sense of security. >> reporter: now mcnesby also says due to these ambush style attacks throughout the city as well as political climate surrounding law enforcement, it is very difficult, to find new recruits for the philadelphia police department. we're live here at police headquarters, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. >> thanks, greg. mothers against drunk driving also known as madd is celebrating 30 years of its tie one for safety campaign. it enlists people to tie red ribbons to their cars as a reminder to think before drinking and driving. philadelphia's police and fire kept and nationwide insurance, joined madd members today in the syringe garden section of the city. the reminder to drive safely, comes before one of the most dangerous driving times of the year, for thanksgiving, to new years eve. eagles and most likely their fans out there, both want to forget about yesterday's game, as seahawks remain unbeaten at home
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winning 26-15. >> sports director don bell, the talk after the game was about nelson agholor, his post game comments. >> it was a forgettable performance during the game and after the game as well. honesty may not be the best policy for nelson agholor, 20,151st round pick had a horrible game with the seahawks and after the game his handed comments had eagles reconsidering his standing with the team. in the second quarter agholor lined up wrong on this play, right here, and eventually turned out to be a 57-yard touchdown catch by zach ertz. but it was nullified because of agholor's penalty. he got a mouthful from the coaching staff on the side line. after, he dropped a wide open pass from carson wentz. here's agholor from last night and doug pederson from today. >> i did it to myself, you know. i started getting in my own head, you know, trying so hard to think about being perfect and when miss cues were there, they were exposed. i let it just eat at me. >> my concern is for him as an individual, as a person, and i
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want to make sure he is in a good spot, you know, to put football aside, we all know about that. i want to make sure him as a person is doing good. we will that have conversation. >> now with agholor struggling eagles made a move, preseason fan favorite will get a chance to prove himself in the line up, that story coming up later on in sports. >> really. >> yes. >> okay. >> looking forward to that. >> yes. >> i will wait, i will not ask. >> we will see new a bit. in kensington, flyers alumni rolled in with a truckload of fresh food to donate to a shelter. "eyewitness news" at st. francis inn where they dropped off turkies and fresh produce that will be used to serve the more than 350 daily meals prepared at the inn. this is the 11th consecutive year, that flyers alum thigh has given this gift. nicely done, always involve in the community. well, phillies fan may deserve a spot on the team. he is good. he doesn't even neat a pitch.
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we will show you catch that received a national award but helping other fans getting hit in the head by a fly ball. it is a magic wand that makes wrinkles disappear. see before and after photos, that seems too good to be true but as you will see they are real. and daring rescue in delaware, watch as a duck hunter and his dog are scooped up, to safety.
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we have some breaking, news, the arrest of the leader of the a church, group who suspicion of sexually assaulting two teenage girls. they say there might be. michael attacked the girls on separate occasions inside oxford valley chap until middletown township. they were 13 and 15. anyone with any information is asked to contact the middletown police. federal regulators want railroad across the country to test train operators for a sleep disorder, that is following the hoboken deadly train crash. safety advisory being issued this week by federal railroad administration, comes have after the engineer in september's deadly new jersey commuter train crash was found to have sleep apnea which can cause fatigue. on the cbs-3 healthwatch
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we are seeing a magic wand for looking younger, without surgery. >> and health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on new less invasive therapy. >> reporter: that is right magic want they are calling it. this is new way to tighten skin, turn back, the signs of aging and with this there are no scars and no downtime. >> it looks like, we have extra skin here. >> reporter: something that has always bothered 57 year-old lisa cloud a double chin that she says runs in the family. >> my skinnies starting to sag, and i was just like, you know that is bothering me. >> reporter: lisa lives in new hope is active with her family and she wants to look as young as she feels. plus she has a big high school reunion to tighten up. >> would i like to tighten it up. >> reporter: that is exactly what this is designed to do, minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency energy. >> this is our magic want. >> reporter: doylestown plastic surgeon brian says robe delivers heat just under skin which damages tissue.
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>> your body sees injury, collegeon has been damage. the it gets rid of the damaged one, butts more healthier one done. >> reporter: lisa was injected with local anesthetic and then the robe was inserted with tiny punctures. a infrared scan monitors temperatures displayed on the screen. >> you have an injectable energy type probe in order to tighten things. that is it. >> reporter: it takes four to six weeks to see final results. the procedure can be also used on the arms, and belly. thinks dramatic results for linda kissel. >> no matter how much exercise, or dieting, i still had those wrinkles. >> reporter: for breasts, it can provide a modest lift which is what samantha pena wants. >> they were sagging and they were not as perky can i was 26. >> reporter: lisa said procedure was quick and easy. >> it could not tell what you had done. >> now there can be minor swelling, and bruising with it, but results develop
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overtime after just one treatment, which cost between three to $5,000. and at least a she said she's really looking forward to her high school reunion coming up. >> i bet she is. >> no doubt. >> good job. >> good stuff. >> thanks, appreciate it. at that time of the year, they are safe thanks to the u.s. coastguard. hunter and his dog became stranded in this marsh near indian river bay delaware and when local fire department could not get to their boats, the coastguard brought in the helicopter from atlantic city station and hoisted 29 out of the frigid water, within two hours of being caught. and another high flying adventure with heights close to 400 feet. 50,000 gallons of green paint and 2 million square million of surface. >> is there also dangerous lead paint involved in all this. we're talk about ongoing 57 million-dollar paint project on the walt whitman bridge. only "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden was granted behind the scenes access to see what workers face. >> it is not height, it is something we have been doing
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for years. guys are used to it. they are paid very well. >> don't miss our special look at one of the philadelphia's most visible landmarks and one question a lot of people are wondering what is the story with the green paint. we will tell you tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. when i was a kiddy think it was gray. >> joe will let us know. >> wow. >> i bet when those guys are up there, they have to be worried about that wind. >> can you imagine how cold. >> it will be swaying. >> yeah. >> i can't not even think about that. we looked at our poconos cameras and they are bouncing like this because wind are gusting to 40 miles an hour out there it has been wicked wind yesterday, today didn't get any better. today almost worse then yesterday. we have had, wind gusts in the the 40 to 45 miles an hour range and it is just a gradual diminishing of the wind. it will not shut off completely anytime soon. lets look outside, we will take you to the poconos where at least we're looking on the bright side, at jack toes big
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boulder, cold, blustery lets make some snow. snow machines going, definitely cold enough for that. mother nature deposited her own snow in the poconos this weekend. some spots picking up four or five or 6 inches of snow up that way and now we have got some manmade snow as well, slopes getting primed for ski season. storm scan three shows we have good snow, speaking of fresh powder off to the north from binghamton new york to syracuse and up through lake country as well, lake effect snow really turned on. this storm system as well that you can see as the cold wind pass over waters of the lake ontario we are seeing lake enhancements. while we have snow in eastern canada strongest purple shading here comes down wind of lake ontario and it continues to fall this evening. we're missing out for now. not a white thanksgiving for us as it will be for some in the northeast. it is going to be a little bit of a gray thanksgiving. we will talk about that in a moment. lets start with current temperatures. thirty-seven in allentown and wilmington. forty in philadelphia. 39 degrees down in dover.
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and so it is well below average. our peak wind gusts today look at these numbers 48 miles an hour win was reported in lancaster today. 41 miles an hour at the airport. 45 miles an hour winds in mount pocono. the these certainly strong enough to bring down tree branches, causing power outages and really blowing those leaves around as well. so, low visibility on the road. big leaf piles get pick up we will to have drive through that and it can get dangerous. still windy overnight. wind advisory will expire at 7:00 unless they extend it. wind will die down just below advisory level to 35 overnight. and gusts to 30 tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, even wind could still gusts to 25 miles an hour. so, tomorrow is still blustery still chilly but slightly better. that will be the case through the rest of the week. each day gets better. wednesday looks like a great day, start day with sun, clouds arrive in the afternoon and evening but no problems for travelers. thanksgiving day starts with just some cloud, should be dry doing a dirty trot early in
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the morning but in the afternoon around one or 2:00 is when a few showers will roll through in time to sit down and event their turkey comb a overnight partly cloudy windy, cold, 34. tomorrow sun and cloud, breezy, 48 degrees, and thanksgiving thursday looks good, temperatures in the mid 50's. it will be mostly cloudy. will will be a shower here or there. fifty-three. not too bad. that is where we should be, but again, little gray day for thanksgiving. sun comes back try, it looks like it will stick around through weekend. good news for black friday shoppers. that is nicest day of the week mid 50's with some sun and, we will see a nice weekend. >> football games too. >> that is right. >> don's back with more sports. >> life's good if you are jay wright. >> yes. >> it is not exactly breaking news. villanova wildcats are moving up in the world and so is the priest season fan favorite, why an undrafted free agent is about to get an opportunity to shine. those stories coming up in
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what do we want our kids how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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matt klentak are you watching. this grab has been made the best fan catch of the year by major league baseball. it was in the bottom of the fourth inning on may 15th when freddie galvis foul ball came through the stand, and dennis pollack made a bear handed grab, catching the ball, before it could hit his wife. >> nicely done. >> he protect his wife. instincts just took over. >> good for him. >> yes, very nice. >> ugly. >> don bell's joining us again. >> yes. >> we're talking more birds. >> yes, we are. >> there is more. >> there is more. >> always more. recapping our top stories head coach doug pederson said he will meet with nelson agholor, first round pick says he is in his own head after botching a couple of plays yesterday. meanwhile with agholor struggling team has pluck wide out paul turner from the practice squad and placed him on the october i have roster. 5-foot ten, 185 pounder may make his pro debut monday, if
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all is well this week in florida. he have is an undrafted free agent. >> we gave him some work last week in practice and feel like this is a good opportunity not only for him but for us to see where he is at, what he can do and give him an opportunity to lay. we will give him some work this week and we will make a decision whether he will be up or not later in the week. >> eagles lost to the seahawks by nine points. they also loss half dozen players to injuries. most are expect to play monday night, however, tackle halapoulivaati vaitai is listed as we can to week with an mcl vein you see him lying on the turf right there. switching gears, joel embiid is averaging 19 points per game at home. tonight joe/joe and sixers host miami heat, highlights at is 11:00. villanova is moving up, we will cats jumped from number three in the country to number two. they are five and zero, and three of their next four games are in the big five.
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that is the sound guy right there. >> yes. can you hear me now. poor dude gets blasted as vikings coming out of the tunnel. he would be okay, by the way, don't be too concerned. tough guy. stayed this is game. stayed in the game, did his job. >> who is 98. he just kept rolling. >> wow. >> did he look back. >> my bad. >> sorry. >> yes. >> you have to apologize. >> turkey's all around how many frozen turning writes handed out today and who got them for free, that and more
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spirit of giving this holiday. >> council president vera clark and bill greenly are donating, turkies to seniors for tenth year in the row. they have partnered with wal-mart to dish out, 500 turkey dinners bringing their zero year total to 5,000 turkies. thinks the first year that the philadelphia police department is, getting in on the tradition. well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". tonight a holiday storm, holiday travel, white out hits part of the northeast creating a hazard and as thanksgiving travel begins. also a top cabinet hopeful commits a fopa what his
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immigration plant accidentally reveal. here's scott pelley in new york. we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news: children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. also tonight, a contender for secretary of homeland security failed to secure his plan to enforce a major trump campaign promise. >> i've got an officer down in from the of headquarters. >> pelley: the manhunt for a cop killer. and one of the most dangerous places to be this holiday season. >> how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not very well at all. i think it's cut-throat. >> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. scott pelley is reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona. >> pelley: we begin tonight with breaking news from


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