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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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fire burning dangerously close to a high school in our region. >> a multimillion dollar face lift only eyewitness news is given access high above on the walt whitman bridge. how much paint crews will use and why. >> first disturbing accusations against a church youth group leader. tonight authorities fear more victims may be out there. a bucks county man is accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls at his church. >> eye with it niece news reporter david spunt is live in middle town township where residents are concerned and outraged tonight. david? >> reporter: these allegations are sickening. in just a moment you're going to hear from the senior pastor of the dhoich and tonight police wanted to make sure we got this report out as soon as possible. take a good look at him.
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22-year-old former youth leader sexually assaulted or tried to sexually assault a 13 and 15-year-old girl inside the church. >> i'm in shock. i can't believe it. >> diane lives next door. she says she's known him since he was a little boy. >> just a great kid. never any problems or anything. i just can't believe i'm in total shock. >> authorities say the alleged incident happened on two separate occasions. the 13-year-old said the man bent her over a table and held her arms behind her back and pulled down her pants. the 15-year-old said he allegedly told her in her ear that she would one day call her a medicine file. she kicked him and escaped. the senior pastor at the church would only delivered his prepared statement. >> we are truly deeply saddened over these events. we are fully cooperating with the police and being an ongoing
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investigation can't really say anything more than that. we do ask for the prayers of fellow believers. >> reporter: we went to the home, no answer. according to a probable cause affidavit, he acknowledged the assault in a police interview. >> if it's true then i am glad the police have him. >> i reached out to his attorney. i did not hear back tonight. authorities are asking if you know anything about this case, have any questions or concerns, to give either bucks county authorities a call in the strict attorney's office or middle town township police. reporting live tonight from middle town township, david stent stunt, eyewitness news. >> a school bus crash killed six young children in tennessee. it was carrying 35 young children when it slammed into a tree. 23 students were taken to the hospital. the driver survived the crash and is cooperating with the investigation. >> we have suffered a great loss
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today. everyone in our community, this has been one of the worst days we've had in hamilton county school community. >> speed is thought to have played a role in this accident, but the cause is not known right now. police plan to examine video recorded on that bus along with the vehicle's black box. the national transportation safety board will also investigate. >> developing right now firefighters in berks county are battling a brush fire that's burning on moint pen. the fire started earlier tonight and high winds have been fanning those flames. >> reporter: we can tell you that crews are continuing to tirelessly battle this frost fire as we speak. we are here at the bottom of the mountain, the bottom of mount penn. we were trying to get up the mountain a short time ago and fire crews sent us back down.
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we know that it started behind reading high school earlier this evening. very vivid images that were taken by the reading eagle and a photographer with that newspaper here in the area. they've been able to get a much more up-close look at what's happening on the mountain. the fire started at 6:30 in evening. the fierce winds we're experiencing and also the terrain is making it very difficult to fight this fire as bell. crews at this point are calling for more manpower we understand on the side of the pagoda near the fire. the good news here is that no homes are in any jeopardy at this point and fire crews say they are not worried about the fire spreading anywhere near the city of reading. at this point reports are estimating at least 5 to 10 acres have been consumed so far. state forestry officials are on the scene. this is setting up to be an intense fire fight that will last well into the night and
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possibly into tomorrow as well. we're going to stay on top of this throughout the night on our website and also on the morning show as well. reporting live in reading, natasha brown, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> a 14-year-old girl is in stable condition after being shot in her great grand mother's home. they believed the shooting could be connected to another shooting that occurred earlier in the day. >> eyewitness news has learned police are expected to release surveillance video tomorrow connected to the hit and run crash that killed an 8-year-old girl. that happened friday at 63 street and landsdown avenue. they found the girl unconscious just after 3:00 p.m. she was pronounced dead 20 minutes later. detectives are searching for a silver nissan. police in texas have arrested a man for the killing
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of a police officer in san antonio. authorities believe otis tyrone mccain pulled up behind the detective as he sat in his patrol car. they say he got out of his car and shot the officer twice in the head. >> president-elect donald trump promises americans that his cabinet will be made up of patriots. trump lays out plans for the beginning of his presidency. policy plans in areas such as trade, reduced regulations and ethics reform. >> today i would like to provide the american people with an update on the white house transition and our policy plans for the first 100 days. our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and effectively. >> the president elect will take the oath of office in 60 days.
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the star of the broadway hit "hamilton" says he will not apologize following a performance this weekend. >> the cast says it was exercising free speech. but was it the appropriate time, the appropriate place and did the vice president elect know what he was in for? >> nicole brewer is here with the story a lot of people continue to talk about. >> a lot of theories about what went down in new york city. even the president and vice president elect had separate reactions to friday night's spectacle. >> when vice president elect mike pence was booed by the audience, he called it the sound of freedom. but did he know the cast was preparing to exercise their first amendment rides. >> we are thedy veers -- >> a prepared statement, they hoped the show will inspire pence to uphold american values,
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work on behalf of all people. a decision some cominded. >> i think it was appropriate for them to say something. >> freedom of speech is what makes america america. >> others were conflicted. >> i think the message that he made was necessary but it wasn't the time or place. >> if it was the best thing to do there. >> it was a little unfair. >> was the vp elect blind sided. >> it just seemed odd to choose that particular space. >> a pop culture expert and sociology professor at temple university says it's likely the administration used the conservative vp's theater action as a distraction from controversial appointments and the trump university settlement. >> that is a devicive space for particularly that politician to walk into and it seems to call attention to that division. >> they are good at the whole press thing. >> he could be a connoisseur of the theater. >> pence later said he wasn't
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offended. a contrast can message to that pf president-elect trump. >> they're not presenting a united front. >> now it's important to note that the theory is just that. one person's opinion about what may have actually happened here. and while vice president elect pence has not said why he chose to see hamilton, we do know the musical is the hottest ticket in town and plenty of folks would jump at the chance to see it, including myself. >> appreciate it. a tsunami is lifted after a 6.89 magnitude quake hit japan earlier today. at this point there are no immediate reports of injury or damage. this is the same area where a massive earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami five years ago that killed almost 16,000 people. >> an overnight fire destroys
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five homes in trenton, new jersey. new details surrounding kanye west's abrupt cancelation. >> also straight ahead at 11:00, you've never seen the bridge like this. eyewitness news is given rare access as crews refurbish the large suspension bridge. how many gallons of point will be used when it's all said and done? and why is it green? >> plus the danger of holiday travel. it's not just on the roads. why parking lots are tough driving hazard this time of year. >> it was a blustery cold day.
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z anyone with a ticket to the remain prognose shows will get a refund from ticketmaster. >> legal trouble for chipotle. three people are suing the restaurant chain claiming it lied about its calorie >> the nation's second largest
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commuter railroad is no longer allowing engineers to operate trains while they're being treated for a common sleep disorder. new jersey transit changed its policy after a crash this september. the engineer was found to have sleep apnea. federal regulators are targeting all railroads to streen engineers. as we head into the holiday season a word of warning about parking lots. this video shows the driver losing control in a parking lot slamming into nine cars. and this video captures the moment a woman was culled while pushing her baby in a stroller through a texas parking lot. at least 60,000 people are injured and 500 or more died in the 50,000 plus crashes in parking lots and garages every year. >> it's one of philadelphia's most visible landmarks and right now the walt whitman bridge is under going a multimillion face
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lift. only eye with it niece reporter joe holden was granted behind the scenes access to see what workers face every day. >> reporter: you've never seen this side of the walt whitman bridge. i think we're ready, cbs3 with the rare glips hundreds of feed up under the roadway. it is a massive project. >> 2.3 billion square >> $57 million. >> reporter: and since 1957, the refly two mile long bridge has connected south philly to gloucester city. the delaware river port authority approved the contract with a company named core con. you're wondering where do they begin? first they build a safety
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platform below the bridge deck. that alone took five months. people who are driving on this bridge have no idea what's going on under here. >> no. no. >> reporter: because workers were tasked with removing the bridge's original lead paint, that meant the construction of a massive containment system complete with an elaborate air filtration system, suited in protective gears the crews sand blast the point one section at a time. and we get a look inside the dusty containment area. from there it's on to priming and painting. 77 men and three women make up the crew. working from the highest reaches of the towers to below the road surface if you're wondering about rollers and brushes you won't find them here. workers use spray applicators. it will take 50,000 gallons of point. and unlike the ben franklin
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bridge, the walt whitman is just green. >> do you like that green? >> it's part of the bridge since its inception. it doesn't have anything to do with the eagles. >> as much as we would like to say, it was the original color the bridge back in the '50s. >> reporter: meanwhile parts of the bridge too corroded are marked with an x. >> you have to do the sand blasting to reveal to really show the deterioration. >> reporter: iron workers will remove them and install new supports and you can see the difference. the new paint job replaces an oemd, tired and rusty look. that crisp, greenish appearance is expected to last 20-25 years. when it's all said and done, every square inch of this bridge will be addressed and because of the scope and magnitude of this structure, that won't be until spring of 2018.
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>> what a >> leaves of grass green for walt whitman. >> you got the reference! >> let's start that petition. >> it didn't look too windy. >> the wind was whipping today. >> today has been just a wicked day wind-wise. it has started to back down a little bit. we're getting the wind but up in new york state, they are getting not only the wind but also the snow. upstate new york lake effect snow has it looking like a winder wonder land. that looks pretty but you see them out shoveling and the cars getting stuck in the roads and slipping and sliding. this is the scene in syracuse. parts of that area recorded 2 feet of snow. a white thanksgiving for folks in upstate new york. and again this is lake enhanced
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snowfall. we've got some snow of other own in the delaware valley or at least in the poconos. but it's not nature made. this is man made snow. the snow machines working overtight. cold enough to do so. they did get some mother nature made snow and they're adding to that fresh powder taking advantage of these cold temperatures to get the snow going and hopefully open the slopes as we head into the holiday weekend. here's snow continuing to fall up north along i-81 areas that technically and every year are in that lake effect snow belt and it just keeps on coming. it's still snowing, it will be winding down through the overnight hours tonight. the wind gradually winding down, but still lancaster the current gust 40 miles per hour. 28 miles per hour in millville. it's still quite windy outside tonight and temperatures are only in the 30s. this after a 72 degrees saturday
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it's only 39 right now. it feels a full 10 degrees colder. it feels like 29 in philly, it feels like a miserable 14 in mount pocono when you factor in the wind. even though the wind advisory has been allowed to expire, the wind is going to slowly diminish. even tomorrow afternoon we've still got gusts to 25 miles per hour. very blustery, very cold overnight. it does stay dry so travel plans tuesday, wednesday, no problems wednesday starts off with sunshine. clouds are going to thicken by late afternoon but it's not until thanksgiving day we start to see this front come through. it doesn't have a ton of moisture with it, scattered showers especially during the afternoon. hopefully by that time you'll be at yaur destination ready to tuck into your turkey. overnight partly cloudy windy, cold. mix of sun and clouds breezy chilly at 48 and here is your thanksgiving forecast.
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with your holiday planner it looks dry in the morning, maybe burning some calories before you eat your thanksgiving dinner but then in the afternoon that's when we've got some showers moving through. temperatures in the 50s. black friday looks good at 55 and saturday and sunday in the 50s with sunshine and i wish you could have seen the tail feathers >> bared his soul hear what doug pederson is saying. the sixers are on the rise. why tonight
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my gravy had an accidefollow me.
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i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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>> break up the baby sixers. back to back wins for the first time since march of 2015. the miami heat visiting south philadelphia. no more training wheels. they have lifted the minute restriction. the sixers back to back wins. and they've won four straight games at home for the first time since february of 2015. and when you take a bunch of young guys that have never played in the nba or with each other and you try to get it done with 2 mivrns left and you fought so hard up until then and you just can't deliver, you know, that's deflating. and i feel like the more that we
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can do things like this and what have we won four games in a row at home, is that right? i'm proud of that. >> confirmation four straight. in wrestling there's a move called the full nelson. i'll spare you the details. basically it's a choke hold that can make your opponent really uncomfortable. wide receiver nelson dominating headlines. he dropped a wide open pass which you'll see right here. with the struggles, the eagles have placed practice squad paul turner on the active roster. here's nelly after the game and doug pederson. >> i did it to myself. i started getting into my own head and trying to hard to think about being perfect and when the miscues were there, they were exposed i let it just eat at me.
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>> i've seen him do things a little out of character for him. and that's obviously a sign that maybe things are not going well for him. >> college hoops. st. joe's. paradise jam tournament in the virgin 73-63. make you think about the hang over? >> kind of. >> tiger in the b ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪
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>> the church of christian compassion and compassion community center hld its 14th great family gathering tonight. they served the buffet style dinner on 38 and market street. part of the church's mission has been able to eat in a loving environment. kate? >> well in our weekend watch we're talking about the holiday weekend and it looks like good news for travelers or for
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>> coming up next it's the late show followed by the late late show. our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. >> we're always on for you at cbs >> have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> on friday night, vice president elect mike pence went to see the musical "hamilton." the next day he saw "the lion king." ( applause ) >> stephen: we had a guest in the audience this evening. vice president elect mike pence. sir,, i have a message for you. we welcome you at the lion king. as scar, i want to say you being booed add "hamilton" does not represent all of broadway. you will always be welcomed here at the lion king because i believe, together, we can kill simba! hear me out! you will now have access to an army and nuclear weapons and we can kill the son of my brother m


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