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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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thousands of people take to the skies today on one of the busiest travel days of the year, this is a live look at philadelphia international airport and we will tell you what you need to know before you go. if you are traveling by road, storm scan three has good news, all clear, katie has your travel forecast. today is wednesday, november 23rd good morning i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. triple a says 500,000 people will be traveling in our area today, this is a live look at how traffic is moving at the this hour. we will have complete coverage of the busy travel day, jan carabao is at philadelphia international and tells us how busy things are this morning. meisha is tracking conditions on the highways throughout the delaware valley and katie has your travel forecast today and
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we will begin with katie. >> good morning, everyone. one of the the busiest travel days as we well know of the year. we will take you to the graphic, storm scan three is empty at least locally but if you are traveling and it will take you perhaps off to the west, take a look, pretty, strong storm system with lots of moisture with good organization moving in the midwest. if you are flying out, that way, perhaps this has an impact on you. you are keeping it locally don't think you have too many worries, lets go out to the who will take travel forecast for the delaware valley. it is cool and dry today. tonight we are seeing clouds building with the warm front lifting in. traveling to the poconos i wouldn't be shocked to see a couple snow flakes up that way, late tonight, but generally, the whole region, it is staying dry here right through overnight hours. now tomorrow, a little different story. we are tracking showers here and we will walk you through that transition as that storm does make its arrival tomorrow. but for now as we are getting outside on the roads 35 is current temperature at the airport.
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chilly but this wind has eased up, thank goodness, best time, you can expect you will see sunshine, a couple clouds, a i am lar overhead forecast like we have seen in recent days here but at least a tad milder. we should crack 50 in the city and shore. chillier in the mountains as is typical but there is a storm brewing off to the west here and we will track how it effects us later on. >> all right, yes, someone flying out later today, katie, i'm all ears. i know a lot of people where me on. that who out there is flying with me? >> we see you. >> good morning, everybody. looking at route one northbound in oxford valley an area we have been talking about for that construction and it looks like it is now, clearing. that is good. we have all lanes blocked, having to reenter at oxford valley on ramp. we are talking about this yesterday. talked about it again today. we're getting pretty good. it is clearing, early and it clears in the the 4:00 o'clock hour it is good news. one area not clear is vine,
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moving west and eastbound overnight construction between schuylkill and broad. if you do take the vine. something you want to factor in early this morning. the in the world of the mass transit there we go new jersey river line we have got tracking conditions here. it is awe suspending here between boarden tone an robeling. check construction. route 37 southbound right lane block until around 6:00 a.m. we have some construction in delaware 59 north between delaware service area and route 141, that right lane is blocked until 5:30 a.m. jim and rahel, back to you. if you are going somewhere, go early. >> you will have plenty of company as you head to your thanksgiving destination whether it is by road, rail or air. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at philadelphia international airport and jan, still very early but how are crowds looking right now. >> well, rahel and jim, good morning, early but people out here getting a jump start on their holiday and when it comes to thanksgiving holiday travel today is the busiest
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day if you are taking a flight, that is easy to see at philadelphia international airport this morning a lot of people getting up, out, very early, hopefully going to grand mom's for nice dibber tomorrow. it looks like they will have great weather if you they are traveling on the ease companies. on the boards no delays at all. so good news for these early morning travelers. i want to talk to kathleen miller from triple a mid-atlantic just about the holiday rush. what are we experiencing this year, kathleen. >> thinks eighth consecutive year we are seeing an increase in thanksgiving travel, so, trust me, folks you are not a roane when you get outside on the road when you come to the airport taking the train, so pack your patients, and build in some extra time. don't stress out. this is not time of the year to be stressed out. >> reporter: holiday travel increasing on the roads, air, rails, all of the above, why are we seeing that. >> one of the things we think is causing this is we're seeing good gas prices and might be the determining factor when you deciding whether to take that for
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thanksgiving. >> reporter: absolutely. what is last minute advice as people wake up and move out this morning, kathleen. >> heading here to the airport check your flight status before you get out the door. if you're taking that road trip, check a few things over with your car. make sure all of your lights are working, hop windshield washer fluid. make sure you can be safe and be safe and we want have been to be safe. please, please put the phone away while driving. no distracted driving, folks. the it is time for food, family and friend, triple a does not want to see fatalities as part of the mix. >> reporter: kathleen miller, thanks for waking up with us this morning a lot of people already here to this morning. we can only expect bigger and bigger crowds. rahel and jim, back inside to you. >> we will check with you later on. people who are not traveling, by plane or car may are taking a car. amtrak is expect to go move 750,000 people this thanksgiving holiday.
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anticipating the increase in passengers rail line has all passenger cars on the track and amtrak officials say while many trains are already sold out there are still a few seats still opened from last minute travelers. today, and unday are expect to be the years busiest days force amtrak. speaking of amtrak here's a live look at 30th street station. we will take through in our next hour. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do will show us how busy it is this morning and what you can expect if you are heading the rails. we have got video back from north philadelphia where an overnight fire has injured two people. the lets take a look. the response to the 3,000 block of north swanson street around 3:00 this morning. the fire fighters had the blaze knocked down at 30 minutes. two people suffered minor burns, no word on a cause. in other news this morning police are looking for one of two suspects, from a home invasion in south philadelphia. the other suspect, they found handcuffed to a fence. this has happened last night at 9:30 on the 200 block of west ritner street. two men broke in the second
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floor apartment and pistol whipped a 25 year-old male. the suspects ransacked the apartment and, got away with a duffle bag full of items but the other suspect was in the so lucky. >> there was somebody coming back to the house from the store, who happened to be in an off-duty security guard and apprehended this male, prior to police arrival and handcuffed the male to the fence. >> well, the suspect also took prescription drugs from the apartment, the victim who was not seriously injured is being interviewed right now by detectives. more charges in the connection with the robbery of a bucks county pizza shop. cassidy ramos and robin soto are charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. police say soto is mother of the two suspects in the robbery and ramos is pregnant girlfriend of one of them. authorities say they served as look outs during robbery at the pizza shop, in levittown last week. the customer shot both suspects killing one.
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other remains in critical condition. philadelphia's runaway bull got lots of attention yesterday on social media after commuters spotted it on i-95 and 676. that bull, charged out of the loading truck at 2:00 p.m. truck was heading to a nearby slaughter house. he was spotted, peering into kensington high school and again, on the northbound side of i-95. unfortunately the game commission shot and killed the bull under 676 overpass. president-elect trump is spending the thanksgiving holiday at his estate in palm beach. mr. trump is tweeting he is seriously considering former rival ben carson as secretary of the housing and urban development. he calls doctor carson a greatly talented person who loves people, doctor carson is thinking it over. during a meeting with the editors and reporters with the new york times, the president-elect also backed away from pursuing an investigation against democratic nominee hillary clinton over her private e-mail server. he also disa vowed and condemn the alt right movement and
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white supremacist who claimed trump's election as a boom for their agenda. we're learning more about vice-president elect mike pence campaign plane that over ran a runway. this happened at new york's laguardia airport last month and ntsb report says the plane floated nearly halfway down the landing strip before touching down. the pilot hit the brakes about four seconds after touchdown and thrust reversers were deployed about seven seconds after touchdown. fortunately no one was injured in that incident. well, an accused robber gets arrested after police say he robbed a car dealership. you have to believe that the surprising way police say the man was caught soon after the crime. and a burning car wreck, fueled a police officer's incredible effort to pull an unconscious driver from the car moments before it became covered in flames, stay with
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♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ well, back on "eyewitness news" if you are up you may be ready to hit the road, mobile
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three is on i-95 south showing us conditions we may expect. meisha has a closer look at the roads in a few minutes but first a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot on the college campus in michigan. officer colin rose was on patrol at wayne state university when he was shot in the head last night. he stopped a person on bicycle right before the shooting, later police arrested a man linked to the bike found at the scene. officer rosies first officer to be shot in the history of wayne state university police department. dramatic video shows a police officer saving a driver moments before a car goes up in flames. >> get out of the car. get out. >> this all happened in clay burn, texas outside of fort worth. officer arrived and quickly used a fire extinguish tore put out part of the fire and then pulled out the driver that was unconscious. minutes later the car burst into flames. the officer and that driver
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this morning are okay. listen to this, police in cleveland say a man robbed a car dealership and then had guts to come back for an oil change. >> take a look 21 year-old joseph toews lor allegedly stole $6,000 in cash, even holding the finance manager and customer at gunpoint. well, five days later police say taylor was returning for an oil change, yes, only to be arrested. >> i feel like the judge says my life is worth $3,500 on this guy out on bail. >> reporter: he is now out, on bail, facing aggravated robbery charges. the that is unbelievable. >> not very bright. >> not bright but would i say bold at minimum, my goodness. >> what do they say criminals do the stupid things. katie what do we look forward to. >> the travel weather is pretty good. >> okay. >> if you are traveling along the east coast, no problems. you go for it, we have a pretty heavy duty storm system
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out there and, you know, it will impact us here, less by the time it reaches us but if you are staying close to home within this area, no worries for to us day. thankfully the wind has finally eased up. >> thank goodness. >> no kidding, you you said it. we have to zoom out far here obviously but we have good organization to it. the classic comma shape lots of moisture, heavy rain, even severe weather potential across deep south. there is snow, as well but this is going to be far, a far different animal by the time it reaches us because it the is losing its steam by the time it hits delaware valley. we will see warm front and cold front and future weather is showing us accurately. so today full sunshine 10:00 a.m. right through early afternoon, after seeing more sun then anything. telltale signs that the clouds lift in here by the time sunnies dropping over the horizon, more clouds overnight and i would say that warm front could clip you up towards say monroe county
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area, i80, interchange that is where your travel is taking you, don't be shocked to see a couple snow flakes or sleet, freezing rain out of that but it doesn't look like rest of us had to deal with anything at all until thursday. maybe up nice, early putting turkey in the oven. nothing just yet. as day progresses here showers move in, they should be scattered in nature, but if you are going to be like me traveling to your destination throughout the day tomorrow you may end up with a couple damp roads on your travels here but doesn't look like a deluge all they we could use it. it will not mess with your travel on the actual holiday. high clouds, certainly less wind high of 50, cool but better then it has been on the thermometer. thirty-seven tonight under a generally cloudy sky for most of us and tomorrow is the day that everyone can expect at least a shower or two. we will continue to rebun right through friday, maybe even still a chance of a shower on try but weekend is also looking good whether we're traveling back from thanksgiving or maybe like me and meisha doing on shopping,
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right. >> yes, ma'am especially on a friday. katie, are you with me out there. >> yeah. >> okay. >> good morning everyone. looking at i-95 south over here, we will see this even more clearly. we are looking good and quiet here, still dark as you can see still early, we know, this area is really progressing throughout the morning. the just a heads up, we necessity it will be busy like yesterday and like it is every single day. vine closed for construction, moving westbound we are just opening up now eastbound side we are just now opening to the vine, it is clearing, and also the world of the mass transit, make sure to check your schedules on line but new jersey river line is suspended because of track conditions between bordentown and robeling, just make sure to check schedules out on line. we have some construction out there route 130 in new jersey southbound at route 47 that right lane block holding out there until 6:00 a.m. we have some more construction in delaware 95 north between delaware service area and route the 141, right lane
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block, lingering until 5:30 a.m. we have closures coming up because of the thanksgiving parade, coming up, jim, over to you. well, thanksgiving tradition is happening go to day, annual presidential turkey pardon. this is file video of the previous one, president obama will be pardoning two turkies today, tatter and tot. they are four month-old from iowa. according to the white house tater favorite song is megan trainer's song me to and tots is can't stop the feeling. >> how you do they get the so lucky. how did they both get so lucky and pardoned. >> maybe they won criteria. >> is there a criteria you have to meet. turning to turkies who are not so lucky. >> we will tell you three things fire fighters say you need to do while preparing your thanksgiving meal. >> avoid a fire. oh, my, you don't want the house burning down on thanksgiving. >> we will be right back.
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time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. so the post election rally continued on wall street, what is behind that. >> reporter: dow jones passed the 19,000 mark for the first time ever, yesterday in its 120 year history, traders, may be down, so that is aware yesterday they made them on friday with those looking like market was getting close. there was a cheer here when the dough jones hit the milestone. investors think president-elect trump will cut taxes and ease regulation on the financial industry and that is why we are seeing these markets go higher, jim and rahel. >> my 401k did well yesterday. jill, we're nearing the official start of the holiday shopping season. we hear google wants to help people avoid the crowds, hoe so. >> reporter: google rolled out a new tool similar to the traffic app waze but for
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pedestrians. live crowd feature will take data from peoples phones and it will tell you when a stories at its busiest. so it goodies for people who want to do some real shopping in stores but don't want to deal with the crowds. >> that is probably me, jill, i don't like shopping on the line, i like to experience the decorations and the music. >> people are crazy on friday. >> exactly. >> you need body arm or. >> reporter: mini go in the store i'm like you, i'm thinking maybe i'll shop on line. maybe this isn't for me. >> we will check with you next hour, jill, thanks very much. and before the holidays, some tips about a tasty culinary trend that can set your house on fire. yes, on fire jim donovan. fire fighters, show what can happen if you do not follow directions when deep frying a turkey. experts say make sure oil level isn't too high and your turkey is complete thely that you had and before you fry it because frozen turkey will cause an explosion. also have a foam extinguisher handy not water a wrong with
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someone ready to dial 911 just in case. >> if you deep fry, don't stick it in your garage, can you imagine how many fires i have covered of peoples garages on thanksgiving. planning thanksgiving dinner it is looking like a good day to travel. >> apparently katie, drivers and flyers won't to have deal with much rain in our area. >> not in our area. entire eastern seaboard looks good right now, not the case if you are flying west, which we will talk about, the same system affect ago this region will eventually come here and i will walk you through timing and impact right aft
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nice, clear roads right the now as we take mobile three out for a spin trying to see how roads are looking at the moment. it looks good. where are we, are we on i-95 in this shot? can you tell me? we're on i-95, hey, that is
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awesome i-95, on the busiest travel day of the year, hey we will take that. maybe heading out for a nice sweetest scape. i'm hoping to have a nice sweet slice of pumpkin pie maybe two. we will see how we do. we are looking ahead to a nice quiet travel day as long as you are keeping it local. if you plan to fly, however and you are flying into over my left shoulder that could cause you slow downs or delays out of philly international or other area airports if you are stopping over. that is what will eventually reach us tomorrow, if you it is losing its moisture by the time it does. for now all clear. today looks basically fantastic. by comparison, especially because even though we are off to a chilly start we will see temperatures rebound nicely to where they were yesterday, about 50 for a high here but we eventually will see clouds build in, watch for showers tomorrow, they are scattered in nature but they will be out there and we might have a shower as well on black friday. so we have left overs as well as eating left overs from the
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upcoming, festivities, meisha. >> i was just thinking now you got me thinking of that pumpkin pie. so funny because you when i look at my plate it is all whipped cream. the slice of pie is like this. >> compliments are key, right. >> no, they are everything, especially for me. one of our producers vince says i don't like mustard, this and i always think, you are not living, you are in the living. you are in the living at all, that is right. moving in the eastbound direction at montgomery drive looking good, in both directions. roads are empty, looking great which we know this will change in a little bit today buzz big travel day. we are talking about this a lot. we are also talking about thanksgiving day parade and closures it will bring with it. stay with me, we will talk about this in the next ten minutes. jim and rahel, back over on you. in the next hour of cbs-3 eye witt the necessary news we have you covered whether traveling bay planes, trains, automobiles this thanksgiving holiday. we have other news including this wild fire burning down south, it is
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getting dangerously close to home. we will tell you how new york city is planning to keep parade goers safe tomorrow,er back at the top of the
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because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. tis the season more than half million people from our area are expect to travel for the holiday. this is a live look at the packed airport, actually, it isn't. good news things are moving along nicely, trust us, it is. >> yes. >> and this is absolutely a live look at mobile three outside this morning checking area road. meisha is here tracking any accidents or delays. katie's tracking showers, storm scan three is showing our system out to the west, big question will it rain on our parade. it is wednesday, november 23rd, good morning
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i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. busy day for weather and traffic. lets keep an eye on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> do you know the song don't rain on my parade. >> absolutely. >> am i right. >> barbara streisand. >> yes. >> i need to hear it. >> i feel like when i heard that. >> the clouds are raining on my parade. >> wow, katie. >> wow. >> we are allowed to go off the tracks a little bit. we will tell you that the roads are looking good, for now, right now, enjoy if you can get out early, enjoy now. it will be busy. >> it will be. weather will cooperate. this looks like an easy day traveling. probably sun glare hitting road early and eastbound perhaps that is an issue but for now storm scan is totally quiet. still under cover of the darkness. we do not have to worry about wet weather today. later tonighttive rent story which we will get to later in the show b


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