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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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photos, seeing evidence, just look at that, in the parking lot there, all of those shell casings, dozen every shell casings in this parking lot here. as we mentioned, you know there is "black friday", many people out and about in the area, just trying to rack up some deals. we spoke to a woman who did not want to be identified, but she said she pulled up here to the macy's and start today shop. she came upon this. >> trying to make sense here, you know, don't know if it was an argument in the parking lot over something that happened possibly in the store, i mean, nobody knows. it is just sad, we've been doing this me and my girls for ten years now, just for the fun of going out, a girls night, trying to get some special sales, you know, it is getting scary now. >> and when our photographer arrived on scene, he tells me that there were many distraut family members, clearly
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distraut, emotional, about what had happened. those folks have since left the scene here. the mall is expected to open up at 6:00 a.m. we're not sure if that is going to continue to happen. however, the macy's was open since 5:00 on thanksgiving, and surprisingly the mall, the macy's here, is still open. so, that's the story here for now. i send is back to you guys in the studio. >> trang, we'll check back in with you, thank you. >> we want to get a check on the weather right now. >> hey, guys, looking at least ahead to pretty quiet day, wet weather left over, disturbance that moved through yesterday, very lackluster, couple of showers, sitting at the parade , no big deal. very time specific, too. yesterday was kind of any time. this time mainly p.m. hours. actually very specific to southern new jersey too. i say most of you, you won't see anything out of. >> this so let's walk you through it, outside, start it off with a view on storm scan3, which at the moment is still pretty tame, nice and
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quiet, when we throw the satelite composite over the top of this, finds that's definitely more notable feature of what is going on out there. you do have the cloud cover, pretty much blanketing the entire region, and that's what's good. it means it is not as chilly when you walk out the door here this morning, under nice clear sky. any heat that you would have managed to builds up from the day before, tip i can lick right back up to the atmosphere, not happening this time t isn't anywhere near as chilly. currently into the 40's, almost every location on this map, mount pocono, what else is new, 36 degrees up that way, at 38 though by comparison in atlantic city. then we go outside of the city limit, and you're talking 47 right now in palmyra, not bad at all, and even the mid 40's, low 40's's out in quakertown, little more remote. hour by hour we take you here into some relatively milder territory, won't see heck of a lot of sun, should see few breaks, 55 daytime high, smidge at least above average by couple of degrees. come 7:00 p.m., at least in
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the city, generally dry, but this evening, do watch for shower around, especially, into southern new jersey, so coming up a little later in the show, i'm track that for you, give you better sense when it all rolls through here, also talk about another chance for rain that's in our seven day forecast. jan, back over to you. >> thanks, katie. let's get a check on the traffic now for all of the early bird shoppers. >> pal gallen joins us live with a check of the roads. hi, pat. >> reporter: good morning, greg and jan, hope you're doing well. out here at the franklin institute for jurassic worlds exhibition which we will tell but little later this morning, but it is "black friday", that's when people are going to be out and about. let's take a look at some of the local roadways, start with the camera first, this is a shot of route 101. commerce drive, near the exton square mall. still looking pretty good on "black friday", but we do expect this area to be filled a little later on as shoppers will be making their way on to the roads. our next camera look at the beautiful ben franklin bridge this morning, no delays from new jersey, headed into
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philadelphia, and most people are off this morning, but the shoppers will be headed into the city both sides are open and free flowing. and we will finish off with a map. we do still have downed pole blocking all lanes of traffic this morning, out in mays landing, new jersey. this is at route 40 westbound near ladies avenue. you'll want to take tuckahoe road as your alternate to get around this incident. that's a look at the local roadways this "black friday", we know it will heat up little later on, as the shoppers do head out. but jan, greg, little later on in the 5:00 hour, we will find out about this place. jurassic world, cool here at the franklin institute. we send it back to you guys in the studio. >> looking forward to it, pat, thanks so much. see you soon. >> bargain hunt remembers already flooding the blocks for premium outlets in new jersey. it seems everywhere you look, 6%, or even 75% off, that's my kind of deal. many shoppers throughout this morning say shopping on "black friday" has become their new holiday tradition.
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>> and shoppers got head start on "black friday" deals last night at the cherry hill mall. the doors opening at 6:00 with some department stores opening up even earlier. some folks left the dinner table early, hoping to catch that bargain. more importantly, hoping to catch up on some sleep. >> we once got up really early like four a.m. and we said we would never do that again. >> i tried to say let's get up early in the morning but she didn't want to do that. >> retailers like tj max, home depo, chose not to open on thanksgiving, and the reason, giving some employees more time with their families. >> now, if you are headed out shopping today, you can find local mall hours today and the entire holiday season, at our website >> well, fans are mourning the loss of one of tv's all time greatest moms this morning. florence henderson was known as mrs. brady to generations of americans. henderson's publicist said the broadway and tv star died last
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night at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles, hospitalized since wednesday. henderson played the mom to tv's brady bunch for five seasons, from 1969 to 1970, her manager blamed heart failure, florence henderson was 83 years old. >> police are investigating how a four year old boy got his hands on a gun and shot his two year old cousin. david spunt has the latest on this investigation. >> chaos describes the scene at this north ninth street home in kensington. after police say a four year old boy shot his two year old cousin, with a 40 caliber automatic handgun. >> we also found a bullet hole in the wall. >> chief inspector scott small with philadelphia police tells "eyewitness news" the bullet went through the toddler's hand and into his torso. mr. is were on scene in minutes, and put the two year old in a cruiser, before rushing him down the street to temple university hospital. the two year old's mother and her boyfriend were also on
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scene. >> our main concern of course is for the two year old, of course we want to know how this four year old was able to get ahold of this gun that was loaded. >> police say preliminary information reveals the gun belonged to the boy's mother. neighbors watched the commotion from a few doors down. >> two # year old in the house, found a weapon. >> authorities say the four year old was taken into protective custody. >> i don't believe the four year old realized what happened, because i saw the four year old, the four year old was fine. >> at last check the little boy in critical condition. no word yet on any charges. reporting from temple university hospital this morning, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> police continue to investigate after a package bomb explodes, injuring a man in his center city apartment. the victim's 60 year old jim aldan spoke to "eyewitness news" over the phone saying he's lucky to be alive. he was opening a package
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inside his apartment on 18th street and pine tuesday when a bomb went off. police say the padded manila envelope was designed to look like medication, aldan often receives in the mail. he said itself erred his left ring finger and left cuts and bruises on his face and chest; so far no arrest haves been made. >> still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": found alive, a mother missing for weeks now is safe and reunited with her family. >> the but the mystery surrounding his disappearance still has not been solved. how she was found and the major question police still have. >> and the latest buzz on the high profile job still up for grabs, and president-elect trump cabinet.
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recapping top story still active scene in the middle of macy's parking lot at hamilton mall in atlantic county new jersey, department store has been open since last night at 5:00 p.m. many investigators on the scene of this deadly shooting, police have not released many more details, about what happened, but at least one person has been shot. >> police sass california mother abducted three weeks ago has been found bound, but alive. >> correspondent steve large shows us how police are now searching for her captors. >> remaining evidence marker lays at the scene where investigators were trying to piece together any details into the disappearance and thanksgiving day discovery, of
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missing mother, sherrie, found alive in this tiny community of seoule owe. >> big news for all around here, then we found out it was good news, so always good to hear on thanksgiving. >> police dispatch recordings of her discovery included initial reports she was chained to something, and heavily battered. the driver who stopped to help her called. >> her husband keith was immediately notified, i believe it was california highway patrol was able to use their cell phone and connect sherrie in cell phone communication with her husband. >> sheriffs office says he doesn't know why she was released now or why here or where she has been held for the past three weeks. >> she was not able to provide specific information, not able to release all of the information that she was able to provide us at this time. >> witnesses say investigators meticulously examined the shoulders of interstate five in the lands surrounding this search near where she was
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found. a mother, missing for three weeks, found alive. released by her alleged captors, now reunited with her husband and children who had been praying for this day. >> that was steve large reporting. >> investigators are offering more than $100,000 in reward information for information about her abductors. >> switching gears now, let's head over to katie out there in the weather center, not out on the skydeck. at least in the yet. katie, there is always time. >> oh, there; yes. four more times, four more opportunities for me to be out there, you know, thankfully not as cold this morning, though, that's always when it is not the best, freezing cold, but likely we do have the blanket of cloud cover out there, so it will at least limit how cold it will get, and, at the moment, it is pretty quiet all things considered on storm scan, couple of breaks in the clouds, as women, and eventually actually going to see, but, it is more cloudy
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than it is sunny, and eventually, we also have enough left over moisture that clips us specially into southern new jersey to bring us the shower. when you look at the wide zoom, energy, bolt of moisture all basically across the border, and in the wake of the disturbance that brought in the whimpy showers yesterday, left with basically a smooth sale for the next couple of days, now, eventually into next week, a better chance that we end up with steadier rain on the horizon, that looks like it comes specifically headed into wednesday. so, you know, actually going to keep our fingers crossed for. that will now in pretty significant deficit. not just for the whole year, but for this month. we could use the rain, only been couple every days with measurable and very wimpy i'll add rainfall totals. so we will take what we can get, at this point, it is not on the horizon just yet. we turn and focus on the tropics, the end of hurricane season comes along with this upcoming wednesday, and, we do have one more storm system that's out there, i think, to wrap up the season, this is
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otto. actually now pulling away, thankfully, from central america, so head out to satisfy ' and stay out to sea, but regardless certainly worth a mention since right now again it is a tropical storm, but it is still a named storm system as it continues to wind down our hurricane season in the atlantic. mainly cloudy skies, the story for us, we look forward in the rest of the day, high hits 55, later on tonight we drop down to 40, with a shower primarily southern new new jersey and maye central delaware. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, expect these temperatures to rebound very nicely into next week. so trade off, though, the approach of the stormy mentioned, watch for some rain, by wednesday. guys, back to you. >> katie, thank you. the holiday salvation army making it easier for families in need to get a good meal. 1,000 families registered with the salvation army, west philadelphia, to collect a free thanksgiving dinner to bring home dinner included turkey and gravy, green beans, and pie for dessert, and it was all volunteer-led. one volunteer shared what it meant for her to be there.
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>> it is my first season doing it, i love it, kind of overwelmed, because i'm like my gratitude. >> it is just helping out for the season. >> job well done. in total day expected to send about 5,000 people home with turkey and all of the trump action. >> thousands of americans are spending this thanksgiving holiday a long way from home. a long standing military tradition continued in iraq as senior officers there help rang and file soldiers with their holiday meals. president obama made several telephone calls to service members over sees, wishing them safe and happy holiday. the president also sent his well wishes to the american people in his presidential address. >> thanksgiving reminds us no matter our differences, we're still one people. there is something bigger than ourselves. we are communities that move forward together. we're neighbors. we look out for one another. specially those among us with,
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always simply america. >> the president added that following the contentious nature of the recent election, unity has never been more important. >> meanwhile, president-elect donald trump a spending thanksgiving at his home in florida took to twitter to deliver a message to america. the president-elect said he is working hard even on thanksgiving with the hope of keeping an indianna manufacturing company in the united state. trump advisor kelly ann conway also tweeted today she weighed in on mitt romney saying the potential secretary of state pick has led to a flood of warnings from other republicans. posted a list of three at buttes believes would make a good candidate. she said loyalty is one of them. >> still ahead here on "eyewitness news", a philly favorite back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> of course we're talking about the grammy winning group, boyz ii men, we'll hear more from them about their new
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holiday special. that's ahead in our next half hour. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> more than 500 people yesterday, event took place at limerick, with partnership with crossroads presbyterian church. could play in the bowling alley arcade, too. >> from the delaware county, disable vet from chester, spent his thanksgiving afternoon serving up pop up thanksgiving buffer a, wanted to provide those for the less fortunate on the holiday. >> from the reading eagle,
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volunteers took part in operation, started by two couples who wanted to prepare meals, those lonely or alone for the holiday. that's a look at newspaper headlines from across the delaware valley. >> for a lot of people, thanksgiving means turkey, and football. last night late game, the steelers beat the colts, 28 to seven. >> our lesley van lesley van arl halls the rest of your football news, including the e-a-g-l-e-s holes play in prime time. >> the eagles get back to work today. playing for the greenbay packers monday night. now, so far rough year for the packers, lost four straight games, allowing 30 or more points in each one. but the eagles know they can't count out the packers and aaron rogers. >> make plays, still make those throws, you know, make you go wow, still with the ball on the run. likes to mix it up, do different pressures, different things, so it will be interesting to see what type of -- really what guys will be
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out there monday night. >> we have to the cowboys looking to extend their winning streak to ten taking on washington, fourth quarter down, kurt cousin, connect with old friend, desean jackson, and he's on a 67-yard touchdown. and with the extra point, five-point game. later in the fourth, dallas 1 yard line. prescott, to elliot. goes through for the touchdown. dallas wins 31 to 26. >> earlier vikings and lions go head-to-head here on cbs-3. first quarter no score. matthew fines bolden in the end zone. with this, lions take seven to nothing lead. later in the first, vikings rush in for 5-yard touchdown. minnesota tying the game at seven. late in the fourth quarter, it all comes down to this. matt braid err, with a 40-yard field goal for detroit. the lions win this 116-13.
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>> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> all right, women, looks like some light clouds in the sky yesterday. in match for the beauty of the philadelphia 97th annual thanksgiving day parade. >> floats, balloons, on display along the ben franklin parkway, for what is the longest running thanksgiving day parade in the country. families and friends gathered to celebrate this nearly century old tradition. >> oh, it is a trace, i come down for this and the mummers day parade. two most important parade of the year. >> see everyone enjoying each other. i would nef err give it up. i wouldn't go any place else. >> parade route almost mile and a half long stretching from jfk boulevard to the art museum steps. >> and another parade you may have heard b i don't know, heart of manhattan of course, estimated three-point a million spectators were on hand for the macy thanksgiving day parade. they were joined by charlie
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brown, thomas the tank engine and many more. with terrorism a concern of course more than 3,000 police officers lined the streets, ensuring the safety of all. >> live on breaking news for the next half hour of "eyewitness news", a night of shopping turns terrifying at a local mall. trang? >> reporter: that's right, greg, fatal shooting outside a new jersey mall on "black friday". i'll have the latest on the investigation, as it continues. >> it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. i'm roxanne an in new york. coming up the forecast for "black friday" sales in stores and on line. >> and the weekend watch is here, as well. the forecast for your weekends is looking pretty good for small business saturday. very likely just a few additional clouds overhead for you. cool day though coming up on sunday, despite full sunshine. we will only be in the 30's in the poconos, at best, only flirting with 50, in philadelphia. so you will need to bundle up. but, tis the season. stay there, coming right back
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good morning, i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm greg argos. jim donovan is off today. here is more of what you need to start your day on the morning minute.
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hamilton township police remaining very tight-lipped at this point. >> police are now confirming details yet, but our photo journalist on the scene appears one person has been shot. >> holiday shopping season is now underway. with customers headed out there to get those "black friday" deals. >> it is currently 1:00 a.m. in the morning and i got here around 9:00. >> ♪ here ' a story after lovely lady ♪ >> florence henderson died last night at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles, had been hospitalized on wednesday. >> it is time for septa's 26th annual santa express, boarding at frankford transportation center right at 10:23 this morning headed to the 15th street station. >> we're getting the loose ball. he want it. and he's got it. really quickly -- >> it is up. it is off the rim.
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>> a lot of people tweet being that yesterday. >> the buzzer beater just missed it. let's get over to katie on our skydeck torah look at the weather, katie, is it getting pretty nice out there right now for morning shopping this "black friday". >> yep, for the standards, not too bad, nice blanket of cloud cover overhead it, really does act like a blanket to trap in the heat here. you know, we didn't build upton of heat yesterday obviously, but for the fact that it is late november, and you are finding temperatures right now into the mid 40's, at this early hour, and that's about where we bottom out. nod too bad. look, storm scan empty when it comes to radar. throw the satelite over top, yes, majority of the region again under shroud of clouds. so you will find that you will not see heck of a lot of sunshine here today. actually still renmant moisture that could even trigger shower with time here later on today. but we back it up, just talk about this, because you're at 43 degrees currently at the


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