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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> a police involved shooting on the streets in kensington. one suspect and an innocent bystander are injured. >> and shoppers didn't get deal they wanted on "black friday" now have another chance today. we're liver with the small mom and pop shops who want your support this small business saturday. >> today is saturday, november the 26th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather. i woke up, saw little bit of rainout, there i hear it is not enough that we need a lot more. >> a lot more, yes, down six and a half inches of rain on the year, won't get that back, you know, in a day or two. but we do have some steady rain in the forecast next week, this weekend? >> looking good. >> kind of boring. that's good thing. >> that's a good thing. >> this weekend, especially it time of year. holiday travel. >> don't jinx us. >> exactly. enjoy t take advantage of this nice late november weather, temperatures right where they should be this time of year. we'll have some clouds around the region, should see sunshine later this afternoon,
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and specially tomorrow, skies feel mostly sunny. not that cold out either. temperatures generally in the had's, from the it i on south and east, 45 right now at the airport, wind less than 10 miles per hour, so, it is pretty comfortable outside. no harsh windchills this morning, coldest spots to the north, above freezing, could be a stray sprinkle, or flurry up there, early this morning, that's about it, everybody else dealing with some clouds, some upper 40's still near the jersey shore it high, freezing earlier this morning, 40 in doylestown. the clouds, over most parts of the region, few breaks right now, then you get the poconos, see little bit of rain, light snow, trying to break out across northern pennsylvania, that will last maybe another hour or two as it moves to the north and east. for, pretty seasonable, partly sunny skies, a three on our way up to this afternoon for philadelphia, near ooh at the shore, mix every sunday and clouds, and cool day in the poconos, low 40's, at best, skies should stay mostly
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cloudy but like i said no big storms to talk about this weekend, changes next week, going to be warm up as we head into december. talk about that in a few more minutes, jan, back to you. >> thanks, justin. >> now 6:02, and time to get a check on those roads. let's go right over to amanda at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, roadways looking pretty clear not most part throughout the area this morning, all majors clear, including the vine, taking a look at right now, schuylkill east and westbound, the blue route, route 30 and route 442 in new jersey, and of course this view, route 202 in king of prussia all looking clear right now. fifteenth street in center city between jfk boulevard and market market street closed from 1:00 to 7:30 for the tree lighting, alternate market street. keep in mind that will be limit today two lanes. and of course, tonight at 73 the owls take on east carolina at the linc so be ready for delays in the area. at the cbs-3 traffic center, a.m. aoun did a mueller, back to you. >> thank you. following breaking news this
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morning. former cuban president, fidel castro, has died. he was the longest serving leader in the western hemisphere, running the only communist state in this part of the world for 50 years. cat tow overthrew the cuban government, back in 1959, claiming he would restore democracy, but instead, embraced socialism. he survived many attempts to be over thrown, notably the nine -- 1961, by rebels, ill health forced him to step down back in 2008. he hands picked his brother, raw oil, to replace him, fidel castro was 90 years old. >> meantime, in miami's little half anarchs where many settled after fleeing castro's cuba, cuban americans took to the streets after castro's death. crowds are cheering, dancing, waiving cuban and american flags. many people in the crowd have waited tore this day from a very long time. more on the live and death of
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fidel castro in our next hour. >> in cherry hill, before 2:00 this morning, route 70 eastbound, in kings stone drive. no word on the injuries here, the cause of the crash under investigation. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting involving officers in kensington, it ended with a suspect and an innocent bystander, wounded, and now it is unclear who injured the woman, police say, they spot add man with a gun on the 1900 block of clementine street in kensington late last night. he ran, but that chase ended in a 2900 block of amber street. >> at that point in time actually engaged the male, five officers engaged the mail at that point in time. discharging their weapons, striking the male multiple times in the torso area of the body as well as the leg. >> the suspect is now in critical condition. the woman is out of the hospital after she was treated for a shot to the leg.
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>> well, between "black friday", and cyber monday, small business saturday encourages shoppers to support small local retailers when holiday shopping. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live in manayunk to tell us about the small businesses in philadelphia, that are participating. and eat, a i just love main street manayunk. so many great little businesses down there. >> reporter: absolutely, jan. i love it too this is one of my favorite assignment, so many cute items i would be shopping for anyway. check out these hyper local items you can seaman young and this is awesome, a candle that's made out of recycled beer bottles made specifically in the united states. this is really the benefit of shopping small, shopping local. so here today with the owner of latitudes and lodge tied here in meredith youtube they have business five years ago. and what has being a small business owner meant for you? >> it is ac part of the community, being having to
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deal where day things, it is great. >> knowing each face that comes in, and you actually shop next-door for your wedding dress. so today what do you hope that shoppers get out of this experience and shopping in the small businesses as opposed to the big box retailers. >> i hope they get out of the community, the small community feeling. usually you know everybody who comes in. i've seen them grow up, their children grow up, from babies, in the womb, all the way up to like four, five now. so i just hope that they get great experience by shopping with us. >> and you started offer as an engineer for ten years. now you have made a completely amazing career change. so, tell us about the past five years. in terms of this small business saturday specifically, and sales and how this day helps you? >> this is the kick off to the season. this is definitely when people are out there shopping, of course, it is "black friday",
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but small business saturday is for the small businesses, obviously, to start shopping, to know that we're here usually one of the best days. >> i'm having fun looking at these items, so many local items, local artist, jewelry makers have been local business owners, as well, so, what else can people finds here the most exciting items in your opinion? >> i would say the hand made glasses that i customize with my, one of my designers, you won't get that anywhere he will it, has manayunk on it, it is where we r the jewelry, i hand pick out every single piece, that's to me really exciting, everything. >> that's real excite to go me, too, so excited to be here, jan, i'm become g out the items as we speak from both of us. if you want to come on down, you can, this shop, and many of the other ones will open today at 10:00. small business saturday
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started back in 2010. and every year it just continues to grow in popularity. so you can be a part of it, as well. for now live in manayunk, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i really love those local items, that have things like the love statue, and mention other little landmarks around philly, they're always a great little gift. >> they are beautiful, got you,. >> hint hint. shoppers looking for bargains around philadelphia will be able to save a little bit of money, starting 11:00 this morning, all meal ers parking meters are across the city will be if he for the day, free parking comes back every saturday too through new years day. >> now, some wonder if "black friday", wouldn't you know, retailers try to turn a profit, should now be called cyber friday. you wouldn't believe it by looking at the parking lots in our mall, in our area, but more people than ever are buying holiday gift on line. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff more on the shift in the day after thanksgiving sales.
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>> a little drizzle didn't dampen the deals. >> i got some tv, i got an iphone seven. >> like sabina, many of the shoppers we spoke with have been going strong for the past 24 hours. >> i went out last night at like 5:30. and got what i needed. then got some sleep. i took off of work today. and then i was out about 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> by the time the week send through, the national retail federation predict that over 137 million americans will take veining of holiday discounts, and for the first time ever, more than half of "black friday" shoppers are expected to have done so on line. that's good news for on line retailers, amazon, and has led to on line push by giants, like wal-mart, target, as well. >> i shop on line sometimes. but i want to see the product that i'm purchasing. specially if it is a product that's pricy. >> last year, shoppers spent an average of $300 over the thanksgiving holiday weekends.
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on line sales have cut back just a bit on the physical door bussing, but for those who thrive off of that adrenyline, on line shopping takes place? >> only whether people tell me they need something that i can't finds in a store. otherwise, i'm out shopping for it. >> with all of this on line shopping, don't be surprised if you experience some website jamming up. macy's. com got overloaded, due to what a company spokesperson calls high volume. reporting in south philadelphia, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". i know some overloaded, waiting to get my purchasing on thanksgiving evening. did thanksgiving dinner make you sleepy? the turkey that makes you want to nap. also, ahead, wife and mother missing for more than three weeks, found alive. but authorities say the investigation is far from over. and we will tell you what the woman ace sister is now saying. plus: more on the e-cigarette
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explode in the his pocket. hoped to spends thanksgiving with his mother but instead ended up spending thanksgiving in the hospital. >> i was very thankful. i did not think i would be seeing another day. i really didn't think that. >> a woman comes face-to-face with a bear and lives to tell the terrifying story. hear how she describes those frightening moments. that almost killed her.
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>> back here now on "eyewitness news", the parent of two year old boy shot on
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thanksgiving allegedly by his four year old cousin are facing child endangerment charges. police say both racial santiago and omar investigate a were inside the family's ninth street home in north philadelphia when the shooting happened. the two year old boy is in critical but stable condition. police say gunshot wounds to his chest and hand, the four year old was not hurt. >> a motorcyclist is dead after crashing into a jeep in northeast philadelphia last night. police tell us the motorcycle hit the jeep on the 3300 block of grant avenue, near academy road the man driving the motorcycle was killed, and no one in the jeep was hurt. >> a california mother has been reunited with her family, after her kidnapping for three weeks, police say 34 year old sherri papini released by her alleged captors thursday, she was about 100 miles from her reading california home. police say she had minor injuries. her sister thanked the public for helping find her.
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>> your helping in keeping this alive through social media and national news was an intricate part in bringing her home to us, we cannot thank you enough. >> so far, no arrests. and officials say there are sensitive pieces of this story, sensitive information, they're not able to release. >> earlier this week, we showed you an e-cigarette explode nag man's pocket in a new york shop that caused serious burns, now his family and his attorney are talking to tony of our sister station, wcbs tv. >> in terrible shape, awaiting surgery, for graph injuries to his right leg, the burns, but more seriously, very worried about his right hand, because that was severely burned, and is concerned with the use of his right hand. >> attorney sanford rubenstein with the brother of burn victim otis gooding, on thanksgiving, visiting gooding
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in the burn unit at presbyterian hospital. >> it is really nerve wracking for me, because of the pain he's going through. >> i'm wondering what i can do to to help him. >> gooding, store clerk, seriously injured when the vaping unit in his pocket commonly known as e-cigarette, errupted in sparks and flames. >> gooding told his attorney, he bought the explosive device from store here on canal street, but he doesn't remember which one. the attorneys trying to figure out who made the thing, the fragments are in the custody of the fdny. us fire administration said reported more than two dozen incidents of explosions and fires caused by e-cigarettes between 2009 and 2014. many are linked to the vaporize err's lithium ion battery, over charging, manufacturing defect, and punctures and cause the battery to over heat triggers an explosion, earlier this week the department of transportation finalized ban on e-cigarettes being stored
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in checked baggage. it was a growing number of incidents like this, some are pushing for further regulation, or even a outright ban on certain vaping products. tony iello, cbs2 news. >> now the tobacco electronics cigarette association says it regrets such accidents, but it also adds they are rare. >> well, maryland grandmother sharing her story of survival after being mauled by a bear outside of her home, suffered broken arm, broken pelvis, needed 08 stitches the attacker earlier this month, the bear familiar to the people in the neighborhood. maryland wildlife officials had shoulder injury and looking for easy food. >> i turned to look at it, through me to the grounds. then came around, behind me, and grabbed my arm, and bit it in half, literally.
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hit me to the ground. no way i was going anywhere. had me down. wasn't going to let me go. >> terrifying. now, karen had her cell phone, managed to call 911, the female bear was euthanized, karen does not have health insurance, friends are raising money for more than $200,000 in medical bills. incredible story there. >> switching gears now to weather. justin, how are we looking for the weekend? >> typical late november stuff coming at us, temperatures near average. low 50's, we keep things nice and dry, with the great news, if you're traveling, maybe doing some of the small business saturday shopping today across the delaware valley. and temperature wise, not bad. we check in from the weather watch they are morning, everybody reporting above freezing, numbers pretty good for this time of year. to the north, up into the lehigh valley, northampton county where charles is checking in at 41 degrees, mostly cloudy skies up in bath at this hour. may be few sprinkles poconos earl think morning, still some clouds to deal with, but we should break out sunshine for the afternoon. and really depending on where
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you are, temperatures are varying little bit, delran, 46 agrees at this hour, partly cloudy skies, and slightly cooler here, at jenny jensen's house in cherry hill, in urge new jersey, partly cloudy coming in at 37. but, pretty boring forecast. that's a good thing on this holiday weekends. we take you outside, across the across the delaware, where we have pretty glassy calm conditions out on the water with the light wind out of the northwest. 43 degrees at this hour, you can see the city skyline. getting nice visibility, no fog to deal with this morning. and then again, holiday travels, today, no problems. give you the green light, partly cloudy skies today into tonight. no issues. keeping it nice and dry. more sunshine returns on sunday, big travel day across the entire country. all is good here across the east coast. few sprinkles, maybe few flurries, up in the poconos right now. next hour, real life stuff. not even reaching the grounds in most locations, but that moves off to the north and east, which is left with some
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clouds this morning, clouds trying to thin out south and west. but we can see sunshine into the afternoon. storm system exits the region. we go back to mostly sunny skies for our day on sunday. high pressure just locked in control across the mid-atlantic. great news if you have travel plans, if you have friends, family, leaving town, hitting the airwaves. no problems pretty much across the eastern half of the united states, real now delays expected across the northeast, even the entire east coast. high pressure stays in charge on monday, so good start to the work week. dry, then warmer air returns next week. but it will come out little with some rain returns to the forecast, this is good thing, we need some rain down over 6 inches on the year. and we could have couple every days of some offer and on showers for the middle of next week. today's highs right where they should be low 50's, some 40's to the north of us. tonight cool, evening dinner plans throughout the region, heavier coat, temperatures down to the 30's specially outside the city by late evening, and then tomorrow. slightly cooler than today, up
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around 50 for the afternoon temperature. here's what happens next week, starting tuesday, wednesday, we see shift in the jet stream t moves back to the north. it bridges some warmer air in here, temperatures return above average starting next tuesday. we have potential tell tuesday mid 50's, maybe even upper 60s, if the jet stream moves far enough to the north. today though seasonable, partly sunny, 53 for the afternoon temperature tonight, cool, 38 for the low for the city, little colder in the suburbs, skies partly cloudy. a look ahead to the monday night eagles forecast. good football weather. it is dry, some clouds, on the cool side, 46 degrees at kick off. greenbay in town again 8:30 start there. and temperatures should remain in the who's, throughout the entire game. a lot of sunshine for sunday, high near 50 degrees. lower 50's on monday. then we bring in the warmth, starting tuesday, high near 60. the showers should arrive by tuesday afternoon. and again, wednesday, thursday, still got to bring some rain chances in here. not going to be raining the entire period but off and on
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periods of rain, temperatures warmer than average as we head into december, jan, back over to you. >> justin, thanks. many of us indulge in turk which all of the trim this is week, and on the cbs-3 health watch, more on another thanksgiving tradition, napping after the big meal. health reporter, stephanie stahl, of pouring little gravy over popular dish what makes people sleepy after thanksgiving. >> turkey, stuffing, pie, you know the deal, thanksgiving and all of the trimming. >> oh, pumpkin pie. love pumpkin pie. with wiped cream. oh, man. >> and then? the couch is calling. a little nap after the big meal. >> what gets me tired is just dealing with all of the family. >> besides the emotional fatigue, turkey, it amino get blame for making many sleepy. >> i love the turkey. >> so flavor full and good. delicious. >> the triptophane in turkey is only part of the thanksgiving snooze. >> it is the combination of i'm sure tryptophan, with the
6:23 am
high amount of foods that we're eating and specially the excessive amount of cash over hydrates. >> potatoes, stuffing, carbohydrate, trigger release of insulin, which allows more more triptophane to enter the brain and ultimately meletonin, which bridges sleepiness. >> and the carbs. they'll fill you up, make you tired. >> try not to do a lot of carbs any more. >> third component to the turkey day tired necessary, alcohol. that and picking out on the food, will crash your blood sugar. here's one solution. >> the small frequent smacks throughout the day, so that you're a, not eating as much, but also getting beth err -- regulation. >> another way to avoid the post meal crash, eat fewer carbs more veggies and the turkey without the gravy which is a great source of low-fat protein, also, triptophane isn't just in turkey. it is in many other protein sources including yogurt, fish, and eggs. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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>> yes, but where is the fun in that? got to have that gravy everywhere, right? justin says yes. still ahead here on "eyewitness news". chilling role in new movie shining spotlight on political lobbiestsment back with a preview. zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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>> miss sloan, shines the light, on the behind the scenes cut-throat world of political lobbiest. >> while you're out there hustling, i'll shall working
6:27 am
with senators -- >> jessica stars as elizabeth sloan, hired gun willing to blur legal annette call lines for her clients. >> the pulls of the film, the adrenaline, always moving, always talking, doing five things at once. >> you can't possibly win this. >> who is with me? >> when she turns down the powerful gun lobby, miss sloan finds both her personal and professional future at risk. for the first time in her life really, felt responsible for another person's feelings, and see someone that's more than just collateral damage. >> playing fellow lobbiest, tries to stay true to her convictions. >> i think what's real interesting is whether the issue present in the this film on the surface, you know, is an exploration of ambition, and female ambition, and the drive to win, and pour, and at what cost. >> the cast says the film is part civics lesson about how government really works, but it is first and for most entertainment. suzanne marquez, cbs
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo, a lot of people now waking up and getting ready to head out the door to do some more shopping on this small business saturday. meteorologist, justin day brick, are they going to have good weather. >> they are waking up to
6:31 am
little clouds, little deceiving, don't expect to get any rain. exception may be the poconos, few sprinkles, next hour, that's it, rest of the weekends looking dry. good travel conditions. good shopping weather. temperatures right on target for late november. so take advantage of it. everybody above freezing at this hour, 36 in mount pocono, our coldest temperature there, 38 in allentown, and reading, mid 40's here in philadelphia. so nothing terribly cold. winds speeds are generally 10 miles per hour or less. so no harsh windchills. lower 40's, mt. holly, new jersey, 37 in pottstown, at this hour. and there you go, wind speeds, up around 10 miles per hour for philadelphia, and wilmington, 12 in the capitol city of delaware. and these wind speeds pretty much stay on the light side. over the next 24 hours. couple of light sprinkles showing up on radar to the poconos, again, a lot of this having tough time reaching the grounds. real life stuff. not causing any problems. elsewhere, just some clouds, really this morning, those clouds should break up, into the afternoon, so, eventually we call it partly sunny. so cool, 30's, four's there is morning, into the 40's, and
6:32 am
low 50's, this afternoon. so on our way up to 53 for the high, that's right near averagement tomorrow, slightly cooler but we have a loft sunshine high near ooh degrees. if you like it warm, you will like the end of november, into december. but also, going to talk about some rain. that seven day forecast coming up in a few minute, jan, back over you. >> what, warm in december? i take it. thanks, justin. now 6:32. and time to check the roads. let guess to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, jan, roadways still clear all throughout the area this morning. everything looking similar to this view on roosevelt boulevard. all majors clear, including the vine, the schuylkill east and westbound, blue route route 30, route four # two in new jersey, and if your headed in or out every pennsylvania this morning, by the ben franklin bridge, your way is clear as well. just quick remind tow pason, patco running on special schedule today from 7:49 this morning until 6:09 train this evening. make sure to check the website for more information. and if you are headed downtown later this afternoon, one closure, 15th street in gender
6:33 am
city between jfk boulevard and market street, closed from 1:00 to 7:30, for tree lighting. alternate there is market street. please keep in mind that's limit today two lanes, at the cbs-3 traffic center. and and did a mueller, back to you. >> thank you. breaking news now, in to "eyewitness news", philadelphia police have ordered residents in eye roxborough neighborhood to stay inside of their homes near the unit block of river road. about an hour ago, police responded to gunfire. there are no report of injuries. officers are searching the woods and the schuylkill river, septa traffic has cents been shutdown in the area, of course we will continue to follow this story and bring you any update and on air at he led rebel arm to overthrow dick or or ship that embraced communism, ran cuba with a iron grip for 50 years. fidel castro has died, 909 years old, been in failing health for years. in miami's little havana where many cubans fled after castro, there was joy in the streets. crowds waived both cuban and
6:34 am
american flags, kenneth craig looks back at castro's impact on the island country. >> reporter: for supporters, revolutionary hero, critics, he was a ruthless dictator. but for better or for worse, fidel castro was cuba for nearly 50 years. he was born in 1926, the illegitimate son of wealthy farmer, in the 19 50's, castro along with rebels, began gorilla campaign that ultimately toppled cuban strong man bass tis that. >> i was happier here, you know? >> everything was still ahead of us. >> under castro, cuba became a communist country, just 09 miles from the united state. the island nation established close ties with the soviet union and seized nearly all us-owned property.
6:35 am
the united states responds wad long running trade embargo, us also tried numerous times to us a him from power. >> i have directed -- >> in the 1961, president kennedy authorized a force of cia trained rebels to storm the country. castro's forces crushed the rebels in three days, in what became known as the bay of pigs. >> we interrupt this program. good evening. >> then the us found evidence of so far yet miss nils cuba and the world held it breath as the cuban missile crisis escalated hour by hour, until the soviets finally blinked, agreeing to remove the missiles. through the year, he survived count list assassination attempts. in 1980, he embarrased the us when he included thousands of prisoners and mental health patients in a mass exodus of cuban exile. nearly 20 years later, he turned a custody battle for a young cuban boy named elian
6:36 am
gonzalez into a public relations against the united state. castro introduced free medical care and universal education to cubans, but he also maintained his power abolishing multi party elections, sensoring the media, making most immigration illegal. he was married twice, and fathered nine children from five different mother. just before his 80 birthday, he shocked his people, when before undergoing major surgery he turns the rains of power over to his brother. after that, he made only occasional public appearances, to rail against capitalism. having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama, agree to normalize relations between cuba, and the united state. kenneth craig, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back here at home now, president-elect, donald trump, has filled two more jobs in his administration. he picked kathleen mcfarland
6:37 am
as his deputy national security advisor, and donald trump magan as his white house council. mcfarland most recently searched as fox news analyst and previously worked under former president nixon, ford and reagan, she is atlantic city native, was mr. trump campaign attorney. >> there will be a recount in wisconsin. after former green party presidential nominee, jill stein, filed the formal paperwork in the battleground state. stein voiced concerns over reports indicating counties could have been the target of hackers of the has also said it intends to file for recounts in pennsylvania, and michigan. president-elect trump won all three state. >> well, the start of the holiday shopping season in atlantic county was marched by deadly shooting on "black friday". as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan report, some shoppers had no idea what happened until they arrived at the south jersey mall. >> dozens of casings, bullet
6:38 am
riddled mall, not what they expected to find in the parking lot of macy's on the busiest shopping day of the year. >> never had episodes every violence. >> hamilton township police received a call after 1:00 a.m. for the shooting. they arrived to find 21 year old damon cotton of atlantic city shot multiple times, his brother with a gunshot wounds in the leg. damon was pronounced dead at the scene. >> i don't know what to say. it is like i come here, very excited, for my "black friday" shopping, and i saw all of those cars and cops. >> hamilton mall itself was not open during the shooting, just the department stores, while police have not released any information about possible motive for the shootings, a source acknowledged to the police department they thought other people were in danger there would be much more police presence throughout the day. >> i'm thinking it is a tragedy. and i'm thinking it is really sad. it is very scary, you know, you're starting offer the holiday season, and, you know, you're excited about the upcoming times, with family,
6:39 am
now there is going to be a family who are missing people. >> some shoppers say regardless of why the shooting happened, that makes them cringe to think how many more people zero could have been hurt. >> i mean, it is pretty scary. i don't know, still feels unreal. >> still many shoppers say the shootings didn't make them afraid to do "black friday" shopping at the mall. >> we are already on our way. just came down. if there was a problem we would have left. >> hamilton mall said in a statement their thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family who did not want to comment to us today. and anyone with information should contact hamilton township police or the atlantic county prosecutor's offers which is handling this investigation. in hamilton township, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meantime during this holiday season, some are wondered if "black friday" should really be called cyber friday instead. more than half of "black friday" shoppers were expected to do their shopping on line this year. still, some say, they would rather shop in the store. >> shop on line sometimes. but i want to see the product that i'm purchasing,
6:40 am
especially if it is a product that's pricy. >> that makes sense. yesterday, some website were jammed. macy's. com went on overload, because whatever a company spokesperson calls high volume. well, today is small business saturday. a day that encourages shoppers to support mall local retailers being while holiday shopping. "eyewitness news" spoke one of the local businesses in philadelphia participating, latitude and longitudes, there in manayunk. the gift shop features hands crafted jewelry, greeting cards, and other gift featuring local philadelphia artists. small business saturday started back in 2010, to remind consumers to support their local businesses during the holiday season. >> you may still have some "black friday" shopping to do, now on saturday, but next up is cyber monday. there is just a day for everything these days. the on-line retailers, amazon, will roll out more than 75,000 sales on monday. electronics tends to be the big sellers, but amazon says so far this holiday, the most
6:41 am
watched deal is, get this, the mermaid tail blanket. thanksgiving day is also becoming one of the biggest days for shopping using amazon's mobile app. >> if you are looking to book your next tropical or european get away, cyber monday is the best time toll do it. several hotel chains, including marriott, star wood, as well as smaller hotels and resort, over cyber deals, some up to 06% off for the room rate. >> and all aboard the santa express. it is a popular tradition, in the city. that's when "eyewitness news" continues. plus this. >> are you model train entheusiasts don't set up for the holiday until you come here first. it is the schuylkill valley mod ill railroad club. we're going through these many towns coming up. >> and a runner on a mission. the inspiration for this woman's record attempt at the art museum steps. and some much needed rain on the way in the seven day forecast. justin is back when you'll
6:42 am
need that umbrella next. stay with us.
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>> helene neville started her run in havertown at her child's home, run to the art museum stems, then ran up and down the steps until she broke the records of 7 miles, she just reached her ultimate goal, 16.2 miles, on those
6:45 am
steps. as she ran helene carried her brother's ashes in her back pack, he died back in 2013. this was her way of bringing him home to be laid to rest. >> may be closure, now he can be with our mom, and coming home before the next chapter, whatever that may be. >> the 55 year old already made headline for running the perimeter of the united state, more than 9700 miles. neville said she want people to re-think the impossible. i would say so. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner join us live now, from new york, with a preview. good morning. >> good morning, jan, coming up, the days headlines including the latest on the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. plus will the trump administration shutdown, some say legalization of march juan? take look at this controversial issue. >> also, they house the decorations for dozens of cities across america,
6:46 am
including new york. we go inside the company responsible for bringing spirits to the season. >> and want to be up to speed when the ray ward season comes around? we'll break down the best films with the best odds, for oscar nominations. >> all of that and more just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> looks good, thank you, guys. septa helps kick off the holiday season with a special appearance from a jolly old elf. >> santa trade in the his slay for the day to bring christmas cheer along septa's mark frankford line. he and mrs. clause took part in the 26th annual santa express, trip started at frankford transportation center and ended at dilworth park with a festive parade. >> it is a wonderful thing. everybody who put this on did such a great job organizing, we got on the train at 69th street station. and have had nothing but fun since we got on. so it has been a blast, really appreciate this has all come
6:47 am
together. >> so many cute kids out there. santa's elves also handed out good ' bags, to all of the kids, all along the wait and the holiday season has officially arrived in pennsauken camden county. "eyewitness news" there as they flipped the switch on christmas tree at the winter fest ice skating rink at cooper river park. cbs-3 and the cw are proud sponsors. you can lays up your skate every day now through valentine day. i think this weekend might be good time to get out on the ice. >> great skating weather, outdoor conditions cents looking good, maybe putting up the holiday decorations, temperatures where they should be this time of year. no big storm systems coming at us, as least for the next 72 hours or so, will change next week, we will talk about that, this morning waking to up temperature generally above freezing, mid and upper 30's for the coldest spots, seeing mid 40's, showing up across the region, john up in perkasie, got 40 degrees in his backyard at this hour. phil in philadelphia coming in
6:48 am
at 42, low 40's, both in cherry hill and mt. laurel, new jersey. and then similar numbers in lawrenceville, peter got 39 degrees, 37 in chesterfield, and upper 30's, also, in cherry hill at lynn's house, depend where you are, temperatures are fluctuating just little little bit. good shopping weather for small business saturday. take you down to the shore. live look right now, not going to have the best sunrise coming at us at around 7:00 just because of the cloud cover. but again, this is not producing any rain shower. so, dry forecast for south jersey all of delaware, prep much most of delaware valley. shopping forecast, good one. temperatures in the mid 40's by around 9:00 still. so you will need the heavier coat. by noontime close to 50 degrees, should break into the lower 50's, for mid afternoon. that's going to be the high temperature. right on average this time of year, then into the evening hours, staying dry, temperatures start dropping back to the 40's, and eventually the 30's. couple of light rain, maybe few snow showers poconos, very
6:49 am
early this morning, a lot of this not reaching the grounds, showing up on radar, but the air pretty dry. but making few sprinkles. that moves to the north and east. clouds starting to break up just to the west. we will get some sunshine in here, then nice and dry mid-atlantic, into next week, could use some rain. >> we will get some rain coming at us through the middle of next week, could be soaking rain for parts of the time period, still not enough to get us out of the deficit. today, though, we have those clouds really starting to thin out. call it partly sunny for the afternoon, tonight dry, should go mostly sunny sunday. so good day on tap for sunday afternoon, temperatures maybe little colder than what we had today. then monday, here comes the next storm. still dry. sunshine to start. clouds will thicken up throughout the day. we got the eagles game monday night. stays dry, just cloudy skies, temperatures during the game in the 40's.
6:50 am
today, on our way up to the low 50's, main lip from the city on south and east, average this time of year. little cooler in the lehigh valley. mid 40's for cut town and allentown, upper 30's, in the poconos. lower 50's philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, warmest spots south jersey and delaware as well. should make it into the 50's. little cool pocket of air over us right now, jet stream taking little bit of dive through the south them the jet on the move. when that happens, you get the warmer air, so starting tuesday there will be big jump in our temperatures being probably, breaking into the 60s, maybe even mid to upper 60s, the middle of next week warmer air expending northward. more cooler air starting to build in for the second half of next week. until then, seasonable this weekend, partly sunny, 53 for the high today. then tonight, chilly, 38 degrees, for the city, little colder out in the suburbs. then the extended forecast nice looking day sunday, ooh for the high temperature, a lot of sunshine, into the low 50's monday.
6:51 am
still dry. clouds on the increase. then we bring some showers in here, by tuesday afternoon, high near 60. wednesday going to be our warmest day, mid 60s, again some off and on showers. some of the showers could extend into thursday. and then temperatures holding into the 50's, but heading into december, jan, going above average. we'll see what happens next. >> pretty nice, thanks, justin. it will be good weather to decorate for the holidays if you haven't done so yet. it is time to get out all of that gear and that includes the model train set many families set up every year. our pat gallen recently found the ultimate train set right here in our area. >> if you're model train entheusiast, or just someone who sets theirs up for the holiday season, them you must find the schuylkill valley railroad clubs in phoenixville founding member of the club, been in the region for many years, but gearing up for great annual event. >> we moved in this base until the 1972. and we have had open houses every year since 1975.
6:52 am
that annual event runs this saturday, sunday, one to 5:00 p.m. again for throw weekend in january. and it celebrates all that model railroading has to offer. >> i think it has to do with all of the disciplines that are involved in making something like this work. there is a lot of detail, people have to have in modeling, there has to be interest in actually operating trains, the way a railroad would run. it is a lot to learn down here. model railroading one of the greatest hobbies that there is. there is bench work, electric dall work, not only electric work for running the trains. >> when you visit you'll see four different railroads set on over 1,000 square feet of scale modeling. there are towns, hundreds of buildings, thousands of trees, and even little people. the detail is spectacular. and it is truly been a labor of love. >> how long would it take to set something like this up behind you?
6:53 am
>> since 1972.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> how is it looking out there? >> shopping, holiday decorations, good werth. get it all done this weekend, looks pretty i good. cool, typical for late november. forty ace, 50's. some clouds around today, still partly sunny, 53 the high temperature, more sunshine tomorrow, slightly cooler behind you, monday, still looking good add 52. it is warmer the middle of next week, we will talk about 60s returning for the end of the month into december potentially it, will come little price of rain but could use that rain, so that's a good thing, it will be wet, not white, as we head into december. >> all right, justin, thank
6:56 am
you. >> that's cbs-3 news for now. but before we sign off here, we will get to breaking news out of roxborough this morning. anita oh, live there on the scene where police have responded to report of gunfire. what do you know, anita? >> reporter: well, good morning, jan. this is obviously very developing fluid situation, but there is an extremely heavy police presence here down this street. there is a lot of police activity. they are searching for a man who reportedly fired shots at authority. we just saw a marine unit pulling a boat go by. the man reportedly has 29 guns in his name, if you take a look behind me on this other side, you can see, a ton of other police units, and cruisers, the seconds alarm ers are here, the fire department is here. they responds today this area on river road near salmon road around 5:30 this morning, neighbors have been ordered to shelter in place. we also know that the septa service in this area has been shutdown. so, again, this is a very
6:57 am
fluid developing situation. as authorities are responding to reports of shots fired, and searching for this man now he may be in the woods or near the water. so that is what we know at this time. and we will bring you all of the latest on the air and on for now live in roxborough, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> still developing story throughout with and eat an in roxborough. of course we'll follow that on we may be signing off on tv right now but always on line cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great day everyone.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is november 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." breaking news overnight. the denial of former cuban president fidel castro. we look back at his defiant life and crowds take to the streets in miami. we will have worldwide reaction to the news of castro's death. choosing his eyes and ears. donald trump makes two more key appointments to his white house team. and putting pot out of business. how the new administration may crack down on the legalization of marijuana.


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