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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a grandmother hit and killed by a septa bus. new information tonight about the accident and the bus driver. >> dinner with the president elect. mitt romney joins donald trump at an exclusive new york city restaurant. how it's fueling speculation about a top cabinet post. a soggy night across the region. don't put the rain gear away. a second dose of wet weather is on the horizon. there could be a rumble of thunder in late november. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. let's get over to kate tracking the next system as it moves closer. >> and guys it almost feels like we're out of the woods. we had the heaviest rain through midday hours today, that has now shifted offshore. you can see skies have started to clear a bit behind that but what's clearing skies, i am concerned about fog development he through overnight. pockets of dense fog expected before round two gets here. here is round two. producing some heavy rain and even nasty thunderstorms overportions of tennessee into alabama.
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and this stretches to the gulf coast. where it's drawing moisture. a lot of moisture. this will produce two rounds of wet weather tomorrow. as far as today is concerned, we picked up 1.02 inches in philadelphia. most daily rainfall we've gotten since sent 19th. we haven't had a wash-out of a day like this in quite some time. you can how warm it is as we wait for round two, still in the 60's in south jersey, and central delaware. it's 58 in philadelphia right now. and 55 in allentown. coming up we'll time out those two rounds of showers and storms tomorrow. i'll tell you about a near record temperature, and when it cools down behind that. ukee, back over to you. >> thanks. tonight there are new details in the investigation of how a septa bus struck and killed a grandmother in center city. she was walking with her young grandson who survived the accident. "eyewitness news" david spunt is at children's hospital right now with the latest on the little boy's condition. >> reporter: hi, ukee, that
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little boy continues to recover. authorities rushed him here to chop shortly after that accident. last night, right now, we are learning more information about the victim, his grandmother we're learning that she did have the right-of-way on the street. authorities say 64-year-old lid dia of cherry hill was visiting a family member when she went out for a walk with her infant grandson, hit and killed by the septa bus making a left on chester. the nine month old survived >> i'm sorry for her family >> steve lives across the street from her in cherry hill. he found out about the accident earlier this afternoon. >> she was in an accident. i said is she ok? no, she was killed by a bus. >> reporter: investigators say she had the right-of-way as she made her way south. the bus driver had a green light and was supposed to yield. authorities investigating tell "eyewitness news" the septa driver is cooperating with the investigation but she has not been interviewed by the accident investigation division.
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she is currently no longer driving during the investigation. according to employees, the bus was full at the time of the accident. no one on board was injured. >> it's a horrible. it's horrible. at least the baby is ok. >> reporter: authorities are looking at bus surveillance video, no charges at this time. septa spokes woman told me a little bit earlier this evening, the agency's thoughts and prayers are with lid dia's family. at chop, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you we're learning details about four new cabinet picks made by president-elect trump tonight, some of the biggest jobs in his cabinet yet to be filled. >> he's financed some of hollywood's biggest films and made a fortune as goldman sacks executive. now, cbs3 news has confirmed steve manuchin is donald trump's pick for treasury secretary. also wilbert roth for commerce
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secretary. earlier in the day, trump transition team confirmed the president-elect tapped congressman tom price of georgia to lead the department of health and human services. he's a fierce critic of boom care >> this is a system not working >> his team also announced elaine chow is mr. trump choice as transportation secretary. she served under george w. bush and married to image mcconnell. the president-elect not announced some of the more significant cabinet posts. formal rival mitt romney is still in the run, he joined the president-elect for a dinner along with incoming white house chief of staff, priebus. it's their second meeting. >> i had a meeting with president-elect trump. we have another discussion about affairs throughout the world. these have been enlightening and
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interesting, and engaging. >> another contender to serve as the nation's top diplomat. bob corker of tennessee. he met with trump earlier. >> trump makes good on a campaign promise. air conditionings carrier are going to keep 1,000 jobs in america, jobs were supposed to ship to mexico >> isis is claiming responsibility. the school held a memorial for the 11 people injured. several news arkansases report the islamic state is calling abdul razak ali artan a soldier. the somali student. an engineering professor was hit by the car >> i am fortunate he hit this concrete planter because if that had not been there, he would have been plowed into 40, 50 people. >> the fbi believes he was self
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radicalized online and sprayered by isis >> we're hearing from the family of a boy who was shot and killed in mayfair. his family and community are struggling to come to grips with his loss as police search for a killer. "eyewitness news" greg argos is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation tonight. greg? >> reporter: jessica, right now, police are reviewing surveillance video in the hopes of tracking down this killer. the shooting happened around 9:00 monday night. investigators tell me the key is to track down eyewitnesses who may have seen the shooting. >> all i know is the kids are supposed to bury their parents. parents are not supposed to bury their kids. and it's a real stunner, a real shocker to us. >> reporter: that shock slamming the family. 14-year-old iain wisely, shot to death in mayfair monday night.
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>> senseless. it's all i can say about the whole they don't know. >> reporter: his step grand father is says the teen was out going and loved playing football. his life snuffed out. shot once in the chest as he walked to a corner store to buy chips and soda around 9:00 p.m. monday. >> it was a possibility it was an attempted robbery but maybe there was a prior conflict between these two groups. >> reporter: more than 24 hours after the killing, still no arrests, as police continue to track down leads. >> they're working around the clock, knocking door ands, checking video and hopefully we'll get a lead in this very sad and tragic murder. >> turn yourself in. this was a senseless killing of a 14-year-old boy. >> he's a baby. >> regardless of what really went on. 14-year-old boy. senseless. >> reporter: once again, no set motive in this murder. police meanwhile offering a $20,000 reward for any
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information leading to the arrest of the shooter of the killer. if you happen to know any information, pick up the phone, call police. 215-686-tips. 215-686-8477. i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." the search is on foreman wanted for sexually assaulting a woman in camden. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. the woman says he assaulted her in an empty lot on the 900 block of south 3rd street on sunday night. a surveillance camera captured this white van that the suspect was driving. if you have any tips, please call camden county police. former wal-mart truck driver could avoid jail time for a crash that seriously injured tracy morgan and killed another comedian. he pleaded guilty today to causing the crash on the new jersey turnpike in 2014. roper had not slept for 28 hours before the crash. if he performance community service and meets several other conditions, roper will not have to go to jail or have a criminal
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robber. a 25,000 reward is now being offered to solve a hit-and-run that killed a young girl in overbrook. trying to track down the driver who struck and killed 8-year-old jayanna powell hit on november 18th at 63rd and lansdowne. the fraternal order of police have pledged $15,000 in reward money on top of $10,000 from the mayor's office. earlier today, jayanna's mother pleaded for the driver to surrender. >> it may have been an accident. i don't know. i just ask you to turn yourself in. i had to lay my baby to rest yesterday. the hardest thing in my life. >> police believe the driver was behind the wheel of a silver nissan ultima three people died in wildfires in the eastern part of the state. three brothers escaped with only the clothes on their back. this is cell phone video of the wall of flames. so far, the fire destroyed more
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than 100 homes, businesses and cabins. authorities say drought and hurricane force winds are fueling the flames. the cause of the fire is under investigation. officials now say 71 people died when a plane slammed into a mountain in columbia, not 75 as first thought. four people thought to be on the plane did not board the flight. six others survived the crash. the charter a plane was en route from brazil to columbia when it crashed. a brazilian soccer team and journalists were on the plane. the aircraft was just five minutes away from its final destination when the crew declared an electrical emergency. radar imagey shows the final moments as it circled before disappearing. chris christie says work will begin right away on a complete renovation of the state house in trenton. the governor says staff will be moved into other office space by july in order to accommodate the four-year, $300 million project. current condition of the state house is quote, shameful and
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notes the state house has not had a major upgrade since 1958 >> i've been urging this to be done for years. but i'm not going to leave here without it being done. to leave the state house in this condition is an embarrassment to the people of the state. >> the governor reiterated he plans to finish his terms. ends in 2018 but the governor did not rule out serving in the trump administration. in just a little more than a month, the mummers will strut through the streets of philly for their new year's day parade >> there's a new type of training going on that some hope will bring about change. at 11:00 nicole brewer tells you what it is and what is being done. now you see it. now you don't. police are looking for the thief who got away with hundreds of dollars from a local liquor store. find out how they say he tricked the cashier >> there's a fight over this home in delaware county. why some are unhappy about who may be moving in. >> keep the rain gear close.
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kate is tracking more rain for tomorrow. when will the sun retur
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. a scam at a south jersey
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liquor store from the wine warehouse in mantua. the suspect used hand and traction to make off with more than $700. the suspect asked to break seven $100 bills into 20's and changed his mind back and forth over whether he wanted american or canadian money. if you recognize the man, contact mantua police. the new year is right around the corner, believe it or not, and that means the return of a philly tradition, the mummers' parade >> there's another type of training going on as well. nicole brewer joins us to tell us more about that >> nothing says philly like new year's day and mummers' parade. before they march to the beat of their own drum, organizers want mummers to see what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. the idea here is to create an atmosphere more culturely aware and a parade that's less likely to offend.
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from the sound of the string band, the parade requires months of preparation. for the first time training in cultural sensitivity. >> george beatty chairman of love the mummers says their hope is to grow the organization in way that reflects the diverse culture of philadelphia. >> the parade is going to survive and thrive through the 21 it's century and beyond. we need to be more inclusive and that's our goal and our aim. >> reporter: that's why the organization is encouraging its members to watch training videos posted to its website covering culture what will appropriation, lgbt issues and satire >> i think education is the first step >> they she don't have the go through training but it shouldn't limit the ability for somebody to express >> mummers want to do the right thing, they're out there to do the right thing. it's family oriented >> a philadelphia tradition slightly tainted last year.
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after taking part in a par di of caitlin jen in her of gender transition. >> some person, drunken person on the street said some stupid things, that's not reflective of mummers and is completely unfair to broad brush mummers >> while there's only so much they can control, parade organizers and city officials will prescreen the program, skits and costumes. >> i think that could definitely be deemed a censor ship >> before anything gets in the newspaper >> they're nipping it in the but before it gets >> suggested changes will not be eligible to compete. if someone decides to go rogue, even harsher punishment. they're cracking down because they want to set up a good example and they want to have a positive image. >> that's the way to do it. >> be here before they do it.
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>> there's a fight over the use of a house as a temporary residence out of town cancer patients. it's located on 200 chester road,boro counsel had to approve for at least seven patients and a caregiver. put neighbors say not so fast. they filed an appeal >> the whole arrangement doesn't sound well thought-out to me. additional traffic here won't be welcome >> many people are looking forward to volunteering here at the house, and welcoming it as part of the community. >> we're hoping for a favorable ruling to uphold the decision prison harry is getting support from older brother.
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now prince william is weighing in. kensington palace released a statement saying the duke of cambridge understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for prince harry to support those closest to him. kate bilo joins us and we just saw rain all day long. but it's not that really cold rain yet. >> we haven't gotten to that. >> that part of the year, true. >> sometimes i'd rather have snow than rain. it's just that cold raw stuff. it wasn't as bad today. we got to around 60. tomorrow going to be heading to near 70 >> with rain? >> with rain. we're not going to have a lot of time to get out. it's going to be a little more off and on than today we also have increased risk for thunderstorm activity. let's take a look. start out right now, you can see ceelo clouds and fog.
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not too bad. the rain moved out but we're dealing with patchy fog across the area and we will continue to see that through the overthe night hours tonight and into tomorrow morning. here's a quick look at a time laps video from earlier today. this from the kutztown area middle school. sums up what today looked like. gray, dreary. the fog that begins to form the ground as the sun begins to set. i'm concerned about pockets of dense fog tonight and early tomorrow, as we clear out showers moved on a stray shower or sprinkle but by early morning looks like this will be moving on out. we've got our next batch of rain over kentucky and tennessee right now. moving quickly and this will get in mid late morning tomorrow, bringing the risk for another round of potentially steady rain. the pattern is as follows. there's a big parent storm over the great lakes, that's pumping in this warmth and moisture. today was a warm day, tomorrow a
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very warm day, 68 degrees. close to the record of 73 set back in 1933. the threat for thunderstorms will increase tomorrow. let's time it out hour by hour. still a stray shower early through the overnight and into early tomorrow morning, it's about 10:00 a.m. much like today, late morning into early afternoon that the heaviest rain will come through. pockets of heavy downpours here until about noon. that lifts to the north, there's a chance that the late afternoon hours around the evening commute will be pretty quiet. but look what loads up to the west. a squall line of thunderstorms, this will roll through around this time tomorrow night. it could impact the shore points after midnight tomorrow night. we're looking at at least an additional half inch of rain possibly up to an inch of rain with this next batch of moisture moving through tomorrow. again, it's in two waves. last morning and at night. marginal risk for severe weather, south and east of
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philadelphia, enough warmth to lend strength to the thunderstorms. showers here and there next couple hours, areas of fog, scattered showers at times, heavier rain is possibly look how warm it is. 68 and make sure you're with us tomorrow at this time as we track some pretty strong thunderstorms. we don't see that much in the final days of november. but tomorrow, we might and we clear it out. turns much cooler but drier into the weekend. >> kate, thanks so much >> don up next with sports >> still talking about the birds, fletcher cox says the revs got it wrong.
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requires that a ten, ten and three, the model of inconsistency. they try to win back the games
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if 26 days span of 11 games. go to the highlights, orange and black taking on the bruins. mason for the fly guys, third period flies up one. brad marshano, knocking home the rebound, the bruins score twice in less than a minute. claude giroux with a chance to win it. but the big save. we have a shoot-out. gostisbehere, he -- beats -- steve mason need to stop, back us, denied and the flyers with a big-time win at home. 3-2. eagles gave fletcher cox a $100 million contract for a reason. one of the best in the biz. got to pay the cost to be the boss. right now, fletcher is facing the wrath of the fans because of his play, cox through roughing passer penalty in last night's loss to greenbay.
11:26 pm
that penalty kept the drive alive and they scored a touchdown. that's the third time this season that cox has extended a drive in which the other team scored. it happened in detroit. also happened in washington, dc. cox not a fan of last night's call. >> like i said, it's hard to really stop, you know, when you get going. i wrapped my hand around his shoulder and told the referee, we got >> we got to be careful and we got to be smart about how we hit quarterbacks. at the same time, i want our defensive line to hit quarterbacks. the big five is legendary. about rivalries and competitive games, but the villanova wildcats turned the league into their own personal playground, 14 straight win, jay wright and the second, cats taking on penn and looking to set up a record. first half inbound, jackson
11:27 pm
donahue, three of his team 12 points, penn down by four, later on, josh hart,'tis the season. sharing is caring after all. a present for darrell reynolds, nova up 19. in the second, hart, the steal going the other way. he deals for big smooth. kris jenkins, 22 points, villanova wins 82-57. a big five record with 15 straight wins in league play. 15 straight. >> that's tough to do taking on teams in your area. >> win or lose, playing in that building is the best. that's the best. thank you, buddy. special celebration for philadelphia students who are
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. celebrate good times come on. it was a grill bration >> they were treated at a hot dog party to help philadelphia find a secure for philadelphia. they collected nearly $17,000 during fund-raisers. meisha hosted in spring guard. weekend watch looking a lot drier today.
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it's the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning team is next from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don, everybody i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on for you at >> thanks for watching.
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have a good night family and sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> has this ever happened to you? donald trump has been elected president! you're understandably upset, but now there's a way to get through the day. >> hi, i'm patton oswalt, and you're probably feeling some uncontrollable rage. well, now you can swallow the bitter results with "choke it down." "choke it down's" patented fiber bundled technology absorbs your screams of anguish and locks them away, so you can live a normal life. at work-- at home-- and perfect for thanksgiving-- sorry. i'm sorry. ( bleep ) the ( bleep ) beacon for rationality and intelligence ( bleep ) this, all of it!


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